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Amazon Launches Chinese Solar Energy Facility (Ind. Report)
Date: 2020-05-22
On-line retail juggernaut Amazon is reporting the opening of its first solar energy facility in China. The 100-MW solar project in Shandong is expected to generate 128,000 MWh of power annually.

The company plans to construct similar facilities in Australia and the U.S. -- Ohio and Virginia -- as part of its Climate Pledge and commitment to be powered by 100 pct renewable energy by 2030.

Amazon presently has 31 renewable energy facilities and uses power from solar panels on rooftops at 60 fulfillment centers around the world. (Source: Amazon, GeekWire, 21 May, 2020)

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Hanwha Q Cells Largest PV Cell Manufacturer in U.S. (Ind Report)
Date: 2020-04-27
Following up on our 21 August, 2019 coversage, global energy consultancy group Wood Mackenzie is reporting Hanwha Solutions' Hanwha Q Cells became the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial solar cells in the U.S. in 2019 claiming 25.2 pct of the residential PV market and 13.3 pct in the commercial market.

The last time a company held the largest market share in both markets was 2013. (Source: Hanwha Q Cells , Dong-A Ilbo, 27 April, 2020)Contact: Hanwha Q CELLS Co., Ltd.,,

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MingYang Plans Typhoon-Resistant Floating Wind Turbine (Int'l Report)
MingYang Smart Energy
Date: 2020-04-15
Chinese wind turbine manufacturer MingYang Smart Energy Group reports plans to invest roughly CNY 725 million ($102.5 million) to develop a 10 MW typhoon-resistant floating wind turbine at the company's business site in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province.

The funding for the project will raised with a private placement of A shares. A portion of the share proceeds will be used to construct an offshore wind turbine manufacturing base in Shanwei city. (Source: Ming Yang, PR, April, 2020) Contact: MingYang Smart Energy Group,

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KEPCO Planning S. Korean Offshore Wind Project (Int'l Report)
Korea Electric Power Corporation
Date: 2019-12-23
South Korea's largest electric utility, Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) reports it will invest 11 trillion won (15 won = $1,00 US) to build an offshore wind power plant complex in Sinan County, South Jeolla Province, starting in 2020.

The total project cost stands at around 48.5 trillion won and if constructed, the 8.2 GW project would be Korea's largest offshore wind farm. (Source: KEPKO, Dong-A Ilbo, 19 Dec., 2019) Contact: KEPCO,

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HZ Windpower Touts New Giant Offshore Wind Turbine (Int'l. Report)
HZ Windpower,
Date: 2019-11-08
In China, the science and technology bureau of southwest China's Chongqing Municipality is reporting the development of a 10-MW offshore wind turbine with a 210-meter rotor diameter. The new H210-10MW turbine could generate about 40 million kWh of electricity per year, according to the release.

The new wind turbine, which was developed by CSIC Haizhuang Wind Power (HZ Windpower) a subsidiary of the Beijing-based state-owned China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, will be installed at wind farms in the coastal provinces of Fujian and Guangdong.

HZ Wind was established in 2004 and has $1.1 billion in assets and more than 1,000 employees globally. The company has three business segments includes wind farm investment, turbine supply and O&M engineering service globally. The company owns an operating wind farm in Iowa (US), HZ Wind USA, Inc. based in Iowa, and an R&D center in Denmark, according to its website. (Source: HZ Windpower, Xinhua, Nov., 2019) Contact: HZ Windpower,,

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GE Plans Chinese Offshore Wind Manufacturing, R&D Centers (Int'l)
GE Renewable Energy
Date: 2019-07-15
GE Renewable Energy is reporting it will open a new offshore wind manufacturing facility in Jieyang , Guangdong province as well as an Operation and Research and Development Center in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

Construction on the manufacturing plant is expected to break ground before the year end for startup in Q2, 2021. GE's new Operation and Development Center in Guangzhou will be the regional Sales and Project Management office for GE Renewable Energy's Offshore Wind business. GE's offices in Nantes, France will remain the company's global offshore wind headquarter. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, offshoreWIND 12 July, 2019) Contact: GE Renewable Energy, John Lavelle, CEO of Offshore Wind,

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EDF Announces Hydrogen Fuel Subsidiary Hynamics B.V. (Int'l)
Date: 2019-04-08
Paris-headquartered French energy supplier Electricite de France (EDF) is reporting the establishment of Hynamics B.V., a new subsidiary headquartered in Dongen, the Netherlands. The new company will develop a range of hydrogen solutions for industrial and mobility customers through ivestments in hydrogen production plants and infrastructure solutions such as filling stations for commercial vehicle fleets, and has identified around 40 target projects in Europe, according to a press release.

Hynamics plans to generate hydrogen through water electrolysis, which would reduce CO2 emissions to zero. The prerequisite for this is that the electricity used for production also comes from renewable sources, the releases motes. (Source: EDF, PR, 6 April, 2019) Contact: EDF Group, Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO,; Hynamics BV, +31 162 323 286,;

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EDF to Develop 500MW Chinese Offshore Wind Projects (Int'l)
EDF Group,China Energy Investment Corporation
Date: 2019-03-27
French energy giant EDF Group and Chinese utility China Energy Investment Corporation (CEI) are reporting an agreement under which EDF will develop two offshore wind projects totaling 500MW -- Dongtai 4 and 5 -- off the coast of Jiangsu province. The projects are expected to be commissioned in phases by 2021 and will be the EDF's first offshore projects in China.

EDF Group subsidiary EDF Renouvelables has 5.3GW of offshore wind either in operation or in development, and maintains 500MW of this capacity, according to EDF. (Source: EDF Group. Various Media,, 26 Mar., 2019) Contact: EDF Group, Jean-Bernard Levy, CEO,; China Energy Investment Corporation,

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St.James Methanol Plant Construction Underway (Ind Report)
Date: 2019-03-04
Following up on our June 13, 2016 coverage, YCI Methanol One LLC, Yuhuang Chemical's $1.85-billion methanol production facility in St. James Parish, Louisiana, reports construction is well underway on the largest greenfield investment in methanol by a Chinese company in the southern U.S.

YCI, a fully owned subsidiary of Yuhuang Chemical Company in east China's Shandong Province, broke ground in in St. James in January, 2017. (Source: Yuhuang Chemical, MENAFN, 2 Mar., 2019) Contact: Yuhuang, YCI Methanol One, LLC, (225) 412-9068,

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Lignocellulose Conversion Bio-Saccharification Technology Touted (New Prod & Tech, Int'l)
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Date: 2019-02-27
In China, the Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology (QIBEBT), Chinese Academy of Sciences, is touting "consolidated bio-saccharification (CBS)" a novel strategy for cost-efficient lignocellulose conversion. CBS combines cellulase production and hydrolysis while separating fermentation from the integrated process by taking fermentable sugar as the target product to couple various downstream fermentation processes. Construction of a pilot-scale CBS demonstration is now underway.

The industrial conversion of biomass to high-value biofuels and biochemicals is mainly restricted by lignocellulose solubilization. Previously, three strategies had been reported for lignocellulose bioconversion -- separate enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation (SHF), simultaneous saccharification and fermentation (SSF), and consolidated bioprocessing (CBP).

Using the newly developed biocatalyst and optimal conditions, the CBS process was shortened by half using pretreated wheat straw as the substrate. Under such conditions, the sugar yield reached 0.795 g/g and the saccharification level was 89.3 pct .

The QIBEBT study was published in Biotechnology for Biofuels on Feb 18th and was supported by the Transformational Technologies for Clean Energy and Demonstration program of the Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Key Technology Research and Development Program of Shandong, and the Major Program of the Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation. (Source: Chinese Academy of Sciences , Public Release, Feb., 2019) Contact: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Prof. CUI Qiu, QIBEBT, Chinese Academy of Sciences, +86-532-80662622, +86-532-80662778-fax,,

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Orsted Reconsidering Taiwan Offshore Wind Project (Int'l Report)
Date: 2019-02-01
Danish wind energy major Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- reports it is reconsidering its commitment to a major offshore wind project in Taiwan, following a government announced 6 pct cut in the feed-in-tariffs (FITs) that would apply to it.

Orsted was awarded the 900MW development known as Changhua 1 & 2a last April after a competitive auction process -- part of Taiwan's first major offshore wind auction.

Siemens Gamesa was to provide the wind turbines for the Changhua project. (Source: Orsted, Financial Times, 31 Jan., 2019)Contact: Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,

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Sahara NOOR CSP Solar Projects Now Online (Int'l Report)
Power Construction Corporation of China
Date: 2019-01-21
Shandong Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd (SEPCO III), a subsidiary of Beijing-based Power Construction Corporation of China, is reporting construction of the NOOR II and NOOR III Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) projects in Ouarzazate, the gateway city to the Sahara Desert, has been completed and both facilities are now online.

The two power stations have achieved stable full-load operation with hundreds of millions of kWh of electricity already delivered to the Moroccan grid. The 200-MW Noor II project reportedly has the world's largest installed capacity as a parabolic trough power plant, while the 160-MW installed capacity of the NOOR III is the largest among the world's tower power plants, according to a release. (Source: Power Construction Corporation of China, Xinhua, 29 Jan., 2019) Contact: Shandong Electric Power Construction Corporation of China, +86 1 058381999, +86 1 058381621 - fax.,

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Chinese Utility Planning 6 GW of Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (Int'l)
State Grid Corporation of China
Date: 2019-01-18
In Beijing, China's State Grid Corporation of China reports it plans to invest $5.67 billion to construct five pumped-storage hydropower plants totaling 6 GW by 2026. The facilities are slated for the provinces of Jilin, Hebei, Shandong and Zhejiang, as well as in the Xinjiang region. The state-controlled utility adds that China intends to add some 40 GW of pumped storage capacity by 2020. (Source: State Grid Corporation of China, Various Media, Jan., 2019) Contact: State Grid Corporation of China,

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Orsted's UK Standalone Battery Storage System Online (Int'l)
Date: 2019-01-02
Danish energy major Orsted, fka DONG Energy, reports its first standalone 20 Mw battery energy storage system in Liverpool, UK, is now online. The facilitiy's three-battery units and power conversion system will help balance the UK's electric power grid by ensuring consumption matches the amount of power generated at any given moment. (Source: Orsted, Energy Live, Jan., 2019) Contact: Orsted, Matthew Wright, UK Managing Director, +45 99 55 97 22,

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Orsted Sets Ambitious Offshore Wind Target (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2018-11-30
Danish energy major Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- is reporting a new offshore wind target as part of a its updated strategic plan. By 2025, the Copenhagen headquartered company wants to increase its offshore wind capacity from 11GW to 15GW.

Orsted's portfolio currently includes 11.9GW of offshore and onshore wind farms and biomass-fired combined heat and power plants that are either in production, under construction or have been given final investment decision (FID). It also has projects with a capacity of 4.7GW awaiting FID.

From 2019-2025, the company expects total gross investments of approximately DKK 200 billion ($30 billion)75-85 pct of which will be in the offshore wind sector. (Source: Orsted, MarEx,Other, Dec., 2018) Contact: Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,

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China's Carbon Market Trades Exceed $863Mn (Int'l Report)
Ministry of Ecology and Environment
Date: 2018-11-30
China's Ministry of Ecology and Environment is reporting the country's seven fledgling pilot carbon trading schemes reached $863.9 million as total of 250Mt of CO2 changed hands on the exchanges by the end of October.

China's pilot CO2 trading schemes cover the cities of Beijing, Tianjan, Shanghai, Chongqing and Shenzhen, and the provinces of Guangdong and Hebei. In 2017, the cities-regional schemes were replaced by a national scheme which has to date made limited progress, according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment. (Source: China Ministry of Ecology and Environment, CemNet, Others, 26 Nov., 2018) Contact: China Ministry of Ecology and Environment,

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Offshore Wind Giant Orsted Snares Deepwater Wind (Int'l, M&A)
Orsted,Deepwater Wind
Date: 2018-10-10
Danish wind energy giant Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- is reporting the acquisition of Providence, Rhode Island-headquartered Deepwater Wind from the hedge fund D.E. Shaw Group for a reported $510 million. Deepwater Wind will be renamed Orsted US Offshore Wind, according to a NY Times report.

Deepwater Wind's 30 MW Block Island, Rhode Island pilot project is the only US Atlantic coast offshore wind operation. Deepwater also has a project off the coast of Long Island and a second project off the coast of Rhode Island is in development. (Source: Orsted, ARS Technica, NY Times, 8 Oct., 2018) Contact: Deepwater Wind, Jeffrey Grybowski, CEO, (401) 274-2000,; Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,

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Orsted Completes Lincoln Clean Energy Acquisition (M&A, Ind. Report)
Orsted,Linclon Clean Energy
Date: 2018-10-05
Following up on our 8th August coverage, Danish wind energy developer Orsted A/S -- fka DONG Energy -- is reporting completion of its previously announced acquisition of Chicago-based US onshore wind developer Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE) from I Squared Capital. LCE has more than 1.5 GW of development projects that are expected to be completed by 2022.

Orsted will set up a new business division, called Onshore Wind, and LCE will be its only activity. It will also change the names of its existing business units to reflect its decision to expand into onshore wind. (Source: Orsted, Oct, 2018) Contact: Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,; Lincoln Clean Energy, Declan Flanagan, CEO, (512) 215-4452,,

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Orsted Offloads Half of UK Hornsea 1 Offshore Wind Farm (M&A)
Orsted,Global Infrastructure Partners
Date: 2018-09-21
Danish wind power company Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- reports it will divest 50 pct of its stake in the 1,218 MW Hornsea 1 Offshore Wind Farm off the coast of Yorkshire, in the UK, to New York City-based investment fund Global Infrastructure Partners for approximately £4.46 billion ($5.85 billion. The purchase price will be paid out between 2018 and 2020.

The sale follows Orsted's normal business practice to construct a project and sell a portion of the project to an investor at some point during construction or operation. Orsted will continue construction of the project under a EPC contract that includes long-term operations and maintenance services. When fully online in 2020, Hornsea I will be the world's largest offshore wind farm. (Source: Orsted, Various Media, CleanTechnica, 19 Sept., 2018) Contact: Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,; Global Infrastructure Partners,

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Moroccan NOOR III CSP Solar Project Well Underway (Int'l)
Date: 2018-09-10
From the Moroccan capital city of Rabat, the Chinese new agency Xinhua is reporting China's Shandong Electric Power Construction Co. is constructing the world's tallest CSP solar tower near the city of Ouarzazate. The tower is part of Morocco's Noor III Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) project.

The Moroccan government is planning to have renewable energy -- primarily solar -- generate 42 pct of the North African country's energy by 2020.

Since 2015, Shandong Electric Power Construction Co., Ltd (SEPCO III), a subsidiary of Power Construction Corporation of China, has undertaken the construction of NOOR II and NOOR III CSP projects in Ouarzazate. The NOOR Solar Complex, a four-phase project, is the world's largest CSP station under construction. The NOOR II project has already been put into commercial operation, while the NOOR III project recently achieved its first grid connection target. Upon completion of all four phases of projects, the NOOR station will generate sufficient power for 1 million or more homes and export surplus electricity to Europe. (Source: Xinhua, 9 Sept., 2018) Contact: Shandong Electric Power Construction,

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Orsted's Walney Extension UK Offshore Wind Farm Now Online (Int'l)
Date: 2018-09-10
In the UK, Danish energy company Orsted -- fka DONG ENERGY -- reports its 87 turbine Walney Extension offshore wind farm north of Blackpool in the Irish Sea is now online. The project, which officially went into service last Thursday, generates 659 mw of power.

Nearly half of the Walney Extension wind farm incorporates 8.25-mw MHI Vestas turbines. The rest of the installation is composed of slightly smaller 7-mw models from Siemens. The wind farm covers an area of water measuring 55.9 square miles, or 35,830 acres. (Source: Orsted, NPR, 7 Sept., 2018) Contact: Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,

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China Establishing Large-Scale CCS Facilities (Int'l)
China CCS
Date: 2018-08-15
The Global CCS Institute reports there are now 18 large-scale carbon capture and storage (CCS) facilities around the world, with China deploying CCS as a vital climate change technology.

China's recently commissioned CCS facility in Jilin has reached a storage capacity of 0.6 million tpy of CO2, ranking it 18th major commercial CCS facilities in the U.S., Canada, Norway, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

China's National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation is developing two additional large-scale CCS facilities -- the Sinopec Qilu Petrochemical CCS facility in Zibo, Shangdong Province, and the Yanchang CCS facility in Xi-an, Shaanxi Province. These facilities will capture 400,000 tonnes, and 410,000 tpy of CO2 respectively. (Source: Global CCS Institute, Gas World, 13 Aug., 2018)Contact: Global CCS Institute, Brad Page, CEO,; China National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation, Dr. Liu Qiang, Director of Strategy and Planning,

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Orsted Snares Onshore Wind Developer Lincoln Clean Energy (M&A)
Orsted,Lincoln Clean Energy
Date: 2018-08-10
Danish wind energy giant Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- is reporting the acquisition of onshore US wind developer Lincoln Clean Energy (LCE) for $80 million.

LCE operates 513 MW of onshore wind power production in the US and has another 300 MW under construction and more than 1.5 GW in the pipeline for completion by 2022, Orsted said in a statement on Thursday. (Source: Orsted, reve, 9 Aug., 2018) Contact: Orsted, Henrik Poulsen, CEO, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,; Lincoln Clean Energy, Declan Flanagan, CEO, (512) 215-4452,,

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Dominion Seeks Experimental Offshore Wind Turbine Approval (Ind. Report, New Prod & Tech)
Dominion Energy,
Date: 2018-08-06
Reporting from Norfolk in the Old Dominion State, Dominion Energy Virginia reports it has submitted a proposal to the State Corporation Commission to construct two wind turbines 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach, at the state's expense. Dominion is working with the Danish wind industry giant Orstad -- fka DONG Energy -- on the project.

The experimental turbines will provide data that could pave the way for a vast wind farm at a future date.

The project will test new designs to anchor the turbines in seabed conditions found off the Virginia coast and to withstand hurricane-force winds.

The Commission previously rejects the project as too risky and expensive. (Source: Dominion Energy Virginia, Bacon's Rebellion, Blog, 4 Aug., 2018)Contact: Dominion Energy Virginia,,

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LiDAR Launched for Orsted Offshore Wind Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-07-18
Global offshore wind developer Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- is reporting deployment of a AXYS FLiDAR (Floating LiDAR) WindSentinel systems specialized buoy designed to measure wind and wave conditions at its Ocean Wind project currently planned for about 10 miles off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey. The New Jersey lease area could potentially incorporate more than 1,000 MW of offshore wind -- sufficient power for as many as 500,000 New Jersey homes.

The AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel floating LiDAR device operates autonomously and is powered by its own renewable energy system , is mounted on a moored buoy and measures wind speed and direction to help determine optimum turbine locations and positions. (Source: Orsted, PR, Windpower, 16 July, 2018) Contact: Orsted North America, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,; AXYS Technologies, P.S. Reilly, Pres., CEO,

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ABB Announces Hornsea 2 Connection Contract (Int'l Report)
Date: 2018-07-13
Further to our 31 Jan. coverage, Zurich-headquartered Swiss power and automation giant ABB reports receipt of more than $150 million (€128 million) in orders from Denmark's Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- to help integrate the Danish energy group's 1.4-GW Hornsea Project Two offshore wind farm to the UK grid.

ABB's scope on Hornsea Project Two, which is set to become the world's largest offshore wind farm, includes the engineering, supply, project management and commissioning of the digital control and protection systems for the onshore substation and the two offshore platform substations. The Hornsea Project Two power flow will be protected and controlled by the largest Static Compensation (STATCOM) system ever built in the offshore wind space and the ABB Ability MACH control, protection and monitoring system is the brain of the STATCOM, according to an ABB release. (Source: ABB, Renewables, 12 July, 2018) Contact: ABB,; Orsted, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,

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Orsted Unloading Danish Power Distribution, Residential Customer Businesses (Int'l, Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-06-27
Danish offshore wind major Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- reports it plans to divest its power distribution and residential businesses in favour of increased emphisise on "green" energy and offshore wind opportunities in existing and new markets. The company invests DKK 15-20 billion per, 85 pct of which is dedicated to offshore wind.

Proceeds from the potential divestment will be included in the company's overall capital planning where the priorities are to maintain the company's BBB+/Baa1 rating, maintain the current dividend policy and complete value-creating investments in renewables. Excess capital will be returned to the shareholders. (Source: Orsted, PR, 26 June, 2018) Contact: Orsted, Daniel Lerup, Inv. Relations, +45 99 55 97 22,

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Borkum Riffgrund 2 Offshore Installs First Turbine (Int'l)
Borkum Riffgrund
Date: 2018-05-11
Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- is reporting the first of 56 MHI Vestas V164-8.0 MW turbines has been erected at the 450-MW Borkum Riffgrund 2 offshore wind project by Norway-based offshore wind services company Fred. Olsen Windcarrier AS. in German waters. Borkum Riffgrund 2, which is owned by Danish offshore wind developer Orsted A/S -- fka DONG Energy -- and a fund managed by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP), is expected to be commissioned and operational in 2019. (Source: Orsted, Renewables, Others, Various Media, 8 May, 2018) Contact: Orsted, +45 99 55 11 11,,

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200Mw Connecticut Offshore Wind Farm Announced (Ind. Report)
Orsted,Eversource,Bay State Wind
Date: 2018-04-04
Global offshore wind leader Orsted -- fka DONG -- and New England's largest energy provider Eversource are touting plans to construct the 200 MW Constitution Wind project approximately 65 miles off the coast of New London, Connecticut.

The Constitution Wind proposal was made by Bay State Wind, the JV created between Ørsted and Eversource to build the 800 MW Bay State Wind offshore wind farm. According to the proposal, the Constitution Wind project would:

  • deliver $80 million in savings per year in lower winter power costs;
  • commit $4 million to support the state's cornerstone programs for low-income families
  • 1nvest $600,000 in scholarships for energy-focused educational programs;
  • commit $500,000 to local environmental partnerships;
  • provide $2 million to a newly created Connecticut Economic Development Fund to spur growth in the local economy;
  • generate $16.1 million in state, local and federal taxes that will support local government functions over the operational lifespan; and
  • make $93 million in direct value-add to the Connecticut economy. (Source: Orsted, Eversource, CleanTechnica, 3 April, 2018)Contact: Orsted Wind Power, +45 99 55 11 11,; Eversource,

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  • Green Investment Group Takes Westermost Rough Stake (Int'l, M&A)
    Green Investment Group, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy
    Date: 2018-03-28
    In the UK, London-headquartered Green Investment Group (GIG), a Macquarie Group unit, reports the acquisition of a 25-pct interest in the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm from Marubeni Corporation. Terms of the acquisition have not been released.

    Denmark's Orsted -- formerly DONG Energy -- hold a 50-pct interest in the 210 MW project, situated off the north-east coast of England. Westermost Rough utilizes Siemens Gamesa 6 MW direct-drive turbines and has been online since June 2015. (Source: Macquarie Group, Green Investment Group, PR, Mar., 2018) Contact: Macquarie Group,; Marubeni,; SiemensGamesa Renewable Energy,; Green Investment Group, +44 (0)203 037 2000,

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    Orsted Launches $33m Biomass Plant Optimization Project (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-03-05
    In Denmark, Orsted A/S -- fka DONG Energy -- reports work is underway on its $33 million (€26.7 million) project aimed at optimizing a biomass-based co-generation plant in Denmark.

    The plan is to build a flue gas condensation facility at the 88-MW Herning Power Station in order to exploit the residual heat in the flue and reduce the consumption of wood chips and wood pellets by about 20 pct. The project is expected to be completed during the fall of 2019. (Source: Orsted, Various Media, 3 Mar, 2018) Contact: Orsted, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    Orsted, Oxford Ink Offshore Wind Foundation R&D Agreement (Int'l)
    Orsted, University of Oxford
    Date: 2018-02-16
    Danish renewable energy giant Orsted -- fka DONG Energy -- reports it and the UK's Oxford University have sealed a five-year research agreement to optimize the design of foundation structures used for offshore wind turbines. Orsted is also working with Durham University, also in the UK, on other offshore wind research pand envelopment projects.

    The research agreement between Orsted and Oxford will focus on cyclic loading -- the repeated loading that occurs from the action of both wind and waves on the structure and operation of the turbine. (Source: Orsted, CNBC, 15 Feb., 2018) Contact: Orsted Wind Power, Christina Aabo, Dir. R&D, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    Taiwan EPA OK's Orsted Offshore Wind Projects (Int'l Report)
    Orsted,DONG Energy
    Date: 2018-02-12
    In Taipei, the Taiwanese Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) reports it has approved Orsted's -- formerly DONG Energy -- proposed four offshore wind energy projects for construction off Changhua County in Taiwan.

    With the approval, construction of the first of the four projects could get underway as early as 2019. Upon completion, the four offshore wind farms could generate sufficient green electricity for approximately 2.8 million Taiwanese households. (Source: Orsted, Wind Power Engineering, Others, 9 Feb., 2018) Contact: Orsted, Martin Neubert, CEO Wind Power, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    World Largest Offshore Wind Farm Construction Underway (Int'l)
    Orsted,DONG Energy
    Date: 2018-01-31
    Danish offshore wind developer Orsted -- formerly known as DONG Energy -- reports construction is underway on the 1.2 gigawatt Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm 120 kilometers off the coast of Yorkshire, England. As previously reported, the first of the projects 174 monopiles have been installed by offshore marine engineering company GeoSea.

    When complete in 2020, the Hornsea Project One offshore wind farm will amount to 1.2 GW (gigawatts) and will generate sufficient power for the equivalent of 1 million UK homes. (Source: Orsted, CleanTechnica, Others, 29 Jan., 2018) Contact: ORSTED, DONG Energy, Henrik Poulson, CEO, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    ORSTED Launches Danish Woody Biomass CHP Plant (Int'l)
    ORSTED,DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-11-06
    ORSTED, formerly known as DONG Energy, reports the launch of its Skærbæk Power Station, a new waste woody biomass burning combined heat and power (CHP) plant in Fredericia, Denmark.

    Originally constructed as a coal-fired facility in 1951, the power station was converted to burn natural gas in 1997. The current move to woody biomass is in keeping with the compay's plan to reduce its carbon emissions from its heat and electricity generation by 96 pct by 2023 compared to 2006. (Source: Orsted, PR Nov., 2017) Contact: ORSTED, DONG Energy, Henrik Poulson, CEO, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    Danish Coal to Woody Biomass Power Conversion Underway (Int'l)
    DONG Energy,Orsted
    Date: 2017-11-01
    Orsted , formerly known as DONG Energy, reports the $190 million conversion of the coal-fired Avedore Power Station in Denmark to burn wood biomass pellets as fuel is underway. Work includes construction of a biomass-fired plant in new buildings, conveyors and wood chip-pellet storage facilities.

    The new unit will be connected to the existing district heating and process steam networks and the electricity grid. The conversion project is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019. The company plans to phase out all of its coal powered operations by 2023, it said. (Source: DONG Energy, CTBR, Nov., 2017)Contact: DONG Energy, Henrik Poulson, CEO, Thomas Dalsgaard, Bioenergy & Thermal Power VP, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    DONG Commits to 100 pct Danish Woody-Biomass by 2023 (Int'l)
    DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-10-30
    In Denmark, DONG Energy reports its 1951 vintage coal-burning Skaerbaek Power Station Skaerbaek Power Station has been given a new and greener life, which will benefit residents in the Danish Triangle Region and contribute to the country’s green transformation.

    The Skaerbaek Power Station was converted from coal burning to burn gas in 1997 and has now been converted to using locally-sourced wood waste from sustainable forestry. The switch from gas to woody biomass chips is expected to cut the facility’s carbon emissions by about 250,000 tpy.

    The company plans to switch all of its power generation facilities from coal to woody biomass by 2023. (Source: DONG Energy, 27 Oct., 2017) Executive Vice President and CEO of Bioenergy & Thermal Power, Thomas Dalsgaard.

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    DONG Values UK Post-Brexit Wind Industry at £7Bn (Int'l)
    DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-10-04
    Copenhagen-headquartered energy giant DONG Energy, soon to be known as ORSTED, is projecting that the export value of wind energy could be as much as £7 billion to the UK economy after Brexit. According to Benj Sykes, head of programme asset management at DONG Energy, the UK and the wind industry must seize the export opportunities presented by Brexit.

    DONG is currently building the first phase of the Hornsea project, which has a capacity for 1.2 GW and was guaranteed a price of £140 per MWh. (Source: DONG Energy, Oct., 2017) Contact: DONG Energy , Samuel Leupold, CEO, Wind Power, Benj Sykes, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    DONG Energy Changing Focus and Name to Orsted (Int'l Report)
    DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-10-02
    Danish energy giant DONG Energy reports it is changing its name to Orsted and refocusing it business on "green" renewable energy. The company is also divesting its upstream oil and gas business, the company and halting all use of coal.

    "Our focus going forward will be on green growth based on our existing business platforms in offshore wind, biomass, green customer solutions and advanced waste-to-energy solutions" , CEO Henrik Poulsen said in a release.

    The name change is expected to formally approved and adopted at a corporate shareholders general meeting on Oct. 30th. (Source: DONG Energy, 2 Oct., 2017) Contact: DONG Energy, Henrik Poulson, CEO, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    UK Offshore Wind Farm Costs Plunging Sharply (Int'l. Report)
    Offshore Wind
    Date: 2017-09-20
    According to the Financial Review (Iran) the cost of generating electricity from offshore wind farms fell sharply in the UK to the point where it one of the cheapest ways to supply the grid. Wholesale power prices in the UK have averaged about $62 per MWh over the past year.

    In a recent UK government auction that handed out power-purchase contracts worth $232 million a year, all of the bids to build offshore wind farms and other renewable technologies were below the $122 per MWh. Auction winners included DONG Energy A/S, with an offer of $76 per MWh for power from its Hornsea 2 offshore wind farm, followed by EDP Renovaveis SA and Engie SA.

    The contracts-for-difference auction was for "less-established technologies" such as offshore wind, tidal and anaerobic digestion. The power-purchase agreements are fixed for 15 years.

    The offshore wind industry has seen its costs plunge as the capacity of its turbines doubled since 2007. It’s set to double again by 2020, driving down costs further, according to Greenpeace. (Source: Financial Review (Iran), 12 Sept., 2017)

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    DONG Wins World's Biggest Offshore Wind Contract (Int'l)
    DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-09-15
    In the UK, the BBC is reporting DONG Energy has been awarded a contract for Hornsea Project Two, the world's largest offshore wind farm located in the North Sea 55 miles off the coast of Bridlington, East Yorkshire. At 1,386 megawatts, Hornsea Two, which is slated for completion in 2022, could generate sufficient power for more than 1.3 million UK homes.

    According to DONG Energy, the contract guaranteed "strike" price was £57.50 per mWh, the lowest ever price for UK offshore wind. (Source: BBC, 12 Sept., 2017) Contact: DONG Energy , Samuel Leupold, CEO, Wind Power, +45 99 55 11 11,

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    Irish Utility ESB Seeks Offshore Wind Power Partners (Int'l)
    Date: 2017-09-11
    In Cork, the Irsh state-owned utility ESB Networks reports it has issued a tender seeking "the provision of renewable energy marine services related to its planned offshore wind farms" in the Irish Sea beginning in 2018. Individual projects are expected to range from 200 - 500 MW or larger. ESB is likely to partner with DONG Energy or other firms presently active in the offshore wind industry. (Source: ESB Networks, 6 Sept., 2017) Contact: ESB Networks, +353 21 238 2410,

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    DONG Dismantling First Offshore Wind Farm (Int'l. Report)
    DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-09-08
    DONG Energy is reporting the dismantling of its first offshore wind farm. All salvageable turbine components and parts will be reused when possible while the blades will be reused in an innovative noise barrier concept. Prior to this, however, some of the blades will become part of a research project at DTU Riso. Components that are not immediately reusable have been transported to a certified recovery company.

    "This is the first time we're dismantling an offshore wind farm, but luckily, we've been able to draw on our vast experience from constructing offshore wind farms and working offshore," says Leif Winther, Senior Lead Business Developer in DONG Energy. "In cooperation with the winning contractors, we developed the dismantling method and entered a long process with the authorities to obtain all necessary permits." (Source: DONG Energy, PR, 5 Sept., 2017) Contact: Leif Winther, Senior Lead Business Developer,

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    Dong Energy's Walney Offshore Wind Extension Installs First Turbine (Int'l. Report)
    Vestas,Siemens Gamesa,DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-09-06
    MHI Vestas Offshore Wind is reporting the installation and commissioning of the first turbine at Dong Energy's 659MW Walney Extension offshore wind farm located in The offshore wind farm will incorporate 87 turbines, 40 of which are being supplied by MHI Vestas and the remaining 47 SWT-7.0-154 turbines will be supplied by Siemens Gamesa.

    . When fully operational, the offshore wind farm is expected to generate sufficient power for 500,000 households and offset around 940,000 tpy of CO2 and around 22,000 tpy of SO2 over a 25 year life span. (Source: DONG Energy, CTBR, 4 Sept., 2017) Contact: Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy, Michael Hannibal, CEO, Offshore Wind,; DONG Energy, Samuel Leupold, CEO, Wind Power, +45 99 55 11 11,; Vestas, +45 97 30 00 00,

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    Amec Foster Wheeler Scores $604Mn Methanol Plant Contract (Ind. Report)
    Amec Foster Wheeler
    Date: 2017-09-06
    London, UK-headquartered Amec Foster Wheeler reports it has been awarded a $604 million engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) fixed price contract for part of a $1.85 billion methanol plant being developed by Yuhuang Chemical, a US-based subsidiary of China's Shandong Yuhuang Chemical Company.

    The project, which includes the construction of a 1.8 million-tpy methanol plant, is being built at YCI's 1,300-acre site in St. James Parish, Louisiana. (Source: Amec Foster Wheeler, Digital Look, 6 Sept., 2017) Contact: Amec Foster Wheeler, Jonathan Lewis, CEO, +44 (0)20 7429 7500,

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    Taiwan's 1st Offshore Wind Farm Now Online (Int'l. Report)
    Swancor Renewable,DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-08-09
    Taipei-based wind energy developer Swancor Renewable Energy Co. Ltd. is reporting that Taiwan's Formosa I offshore wind farm off the coast of Miaoli County has generated 6.5MW pf electric power since its commissioning and launch in April. The installation's capacity is expected to grow 1,500 pct to 120MW by 2019.

    Formosa I is one of the three projects supervised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs' Bureau of Energy as part of its goal to install 1,000 offshore wind turbines by 2030. Taiwan's most promising areas for wind energy are along the island's western coast where DONG Energy is developing offshore wind sites. (Source: Swancor Renewable, Focus Taiwan, 6 Aug., 2017) Contact: Swancor Renewable,

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    DONG Dumps 50 pct of Borkum Riffgrund Offshore Wind (Int'l)
    DONG Energy
    Date: 2017-08-09
    DONG Energy reports it has inked an agreement to sell 50 pct of Borkum Riffgrund 2, a 450 MW German offshore wind farm project, to Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP). Borkum Riffgrund 2 is currently under construction and is expected to be fully commissioned in 2019. The total sale price amounts to approx. €1,170 million payable over a period from 2017 until 2019, subject to regulatory and other approvals. The transaction is expected to be completed before the year end.

    The wind farm will utilize 56 MHI Vestas V164-8.0MW wind turbines and generate sufficient power for 460,000 German households every year. The wind farm is expected to be fully commissioned in 2019. (Source: DONG Energy, 8 Aug., 2017) Contact: DONG Energy,

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