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UK Carbon Credit Scheme to Incentivize Tree Planting (Int'l)
Date: 2019-11-06
In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is launching a new £50 million Woodland Carbon Guarantee scheme to boost tree-planting rates to combat climate change. The scheme promises landowners and farmers a long-term income stream to encourage them to create new woodlands.

The government is committed to planting 11 million trees by 2022, as part of its effort to hit net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 to tackle climate change.

Under the new scheme, farmers can sell the carbon dioxide they capture by growing trees in the form of Woodland Carbon Units (verified carbon credits) to the government for a guaranteed price every five or 10 years up to 2055/56. (Source: DEFRA, Farmers Weekly, 5 Nov., 2019) Contact: Woodland Carbon Guarantee,; DEFRA,

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NY Law Suit Claims ExxonMobil Misled Shareholders on Climate Change (Ind. Report)
Climate Change,ExxonMobil
Date: 2018-10-29
It is being widely reported by the New York Times and others that New York is suing the Houston-headquartered oil and gas giant Exxon Mobil, claiming that the company defrauded shareholders by downplaying the risks posed by climate change, according to the New York Times and other publications.

The legal action does not charge ExxonMobil with playing a role in causing climate change, but rather accuses the company of telling investors that it was using theoretical prices for carbon in evaluating projects, ranging from $20 to $80 a ton depending on the country, when in fact it often used a lower price or no price at all, according to the Washington Post. The action also alleges ExxonMobil's senior management was aware of these activities.

BBC News reports that an ExxonMobil spokesperson claimed the oil giant "looks forward to refuting these claims as soon as possible and getting this meritless civil lawsuit dismissed." (Source: NY TIMES, BBC, Standard, Various Other Media, 24 Oct., 2018)

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DEFRA OKs £2Mn for UK Peatland Restoration (Int'l Funding)
Date: 2018-05-21
In the UK, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) reports it has approved a £2 million funding application from a partnership of regional organizations for funding the restoration of 1,680 hectares of peatland on Bodmin Moor, Dartmoor and Exmoor.

According to the restoration project leader Morag Angus, of South West Water, "The peatlands of South West England are very important for water quality, carbon storage, biodiversity, cultural history, recreation and farming but they are the most vulnerable in the UK to the impacts of climate change, due to their southerly position. For this reason, they need to be prioritized nationally and restored for the benefit of all and future generations."

Peatlands store vast amounts of carbon in their soils -- about 60-times the amount of carbon that is released annually from fossil fuel burning. One-third of all the soil carbon in the world is in peatland ecosystems even though they cover only 3 pct of the terrestrial land surface, according to a 2015 joint study from Chapman University in California, University of Oregon and Purdue University . (Source: DEFRA, Cornish Times, 20 May, 2018)Contact: DEFRA,

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Grants for peatland restoration awarded
Date: 2018-05-15
Defra has given £10m to help restore more than 6,500ha of England's peatlands. The new funding will help deliver commitments in the Government’s 25 Year Environment Plan to create a framework for peat restoration in England. The total area of 6,580 hectares of upland and lowland peatlands that these grants will support work on is equivalent to 10,613 football pitches. The work will be delivered through four local partnership projects.. This work will abate and store an estimated 23,000 tonnes of carbon per year. A panel of experts and Defra officials assessed the projects and awarded the funding based on the potential for carbon abatement. Defra has allocated a total of £10 million between the four projects. The North of England Peat Partnership led by the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust will restore 394 ha of lowland raised bog and 1679 ha of blanket bog across 21 peatland sites in the north of England. Dr Tim Thom, Peat Programme Manager at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, (Source: Horticulture Week, May, 2018)

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UK Carbon Footprint Shrinking, says DEFRA (Int'l Report)
Date: 2017-07-21
Following-up on our August 3rd, 2016 report -- UK Goods &Services Carbon Footprint Rising -- a recent report from the UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) claims the UK's carbon footprint fell by 1 pct between 2013 and 2014 across both emissions associated with UK produced goods and household emissions. Overall, it means the UK's carbon footprint has shrunk by 20 pct between its 2007 peak of 1,296 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent and 2014, the latest year for which data is available.

The report identifies the UK's greenhouse gas -- carbon footprint as: CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and three fluorinated compounds.

Critics have argued that while the UK's domestic emissions have fallen sharply in recent years as the power system has shifted away from coal and energy efficiency has improved, the country's overall carbon footprint has changed less due to global supply chain emissions.

Today's statistics confirm emissions relating to the consumption of goods and services produced in the UK have fallen sharply, dropping 27 per cent on 1997, the first year for which these annual statistics were collected. Meanwhile, the proportion of the total GHG footprint generated directly by UK households has remained at around 17 per cent between 1997 and 2014, according to Defra.

On the other hand, emissions related to imports used by businesses and directly by consumers have risen by 19 pct over the same period, reflecting the country's shift towards a service-based, import-reliant economy.

The latest estimates follow a report in April which found the UK's per capita greenhouse gas emissions fell 33 pct between 1992 and 2014, while GDP grew by 130 pct over the same period. (Source: DEFRA, July 17, 2017) Contact: DEFRA,

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KiOR Biofuel Investors Settle for $4.5Mn (Ind. Report)
KiOR,Vinod Khosla
Date: 2017-06-12
Following on our January 30th, 2015 coverage, a federal court in Houston has approved a $4.5 million settlement for the 23,000 private shareholders of the bankrupt, Mississippi woody biomass-to-biofuel maker KiOR, and a lawsuit by the state of Mississippi seeking to recover a much larger amount continues.

Former KiOR CEO Fred Cannon, lead investor Vinod Khosla and former Chief Financial Officer John Karnes are to pay the money under the settlement. Lawyers are to receive $1.5 million of the $4.5 million, plus expenses. The state claims KiOR Khosla and others knew KiOR had limited chances for success but defrauded Mississippi into loaning $75 million. Components from the $230 million plant to two other renewable fuel companies for a paltry $2.7 million.

Separately, Mississippi Attorney General is suing Cannon, Khosla and others in state court in Jackson, demanding repayment of $77 million, plus interest. Mississippi loaned $75 money to KiOR, which built a biofuel plant in Columbus. (Source: Clarion Ledger, AP, Others, 10 June, 2017) Contact: Khosla Ventures, (650) 376-8500,

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