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Cyclone Power Seeks Thermal Storage System Patents (Ind. Report)
Cyclone Power Technologies
Date: 2018-02-09
Pompano Beach, Florida-headquartered Cyclone Power Technologies reports it has filed for patents for the Cyclone Thermal Storage Unit and the Cyclone Thermal Medium. The Cyclone Thermal Storage Unit (TSU) propriety technology uses salt water to produce a water proof and mold proof cement system developed by Genesis. That can be built on site in areas that have no or limited access to fresh water. Our recently announced new subsidiary, Cyclone Thermal Storage Genesis LLC, has the exclusive rights to this method for the Thermal Storage Unit and the exclusive rights to produce the Thermal Storage Unit .

The Cyclone Thermal Medium (CTM), also a proprietary technology, is a benign storage agent that does not solidify and can retain high temperatures. It will flow thru the Cyclone trough system and gather heat from the sun and move it to the Cyclone Thermal Storage Unit. The TSU can also be used to store energy from bio-mass and other heat sources to be used to heat water, heat homes, or produce electricity or a combination of all three. (Source: Cyclone Power Technologies, 7 Feb., 2018) Contact: Cyclone Power Technologies, (954) 943-8721,

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