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Univ. of Iowa Ups Miscanthus Bioenergy Use (Ind. Report)
Convergen Energy, University of Iowa
Date: 2021-09-22
In the Hawkeye State, the University of Iowa reports its met its goal of a 40 pct renewable energy mix by 2020 on its way to going coal free by 2025, with the use miscanthus grass pellet fuel. The university presently sources 42 pct or more of its power from renewable sources and one boiler exclusively fed biomass fuels.

The University initially grew and dried miscanthus and combined it with coal which was burned for power production. But this year the University sent its harvested miscanthus crop to Green Bay, Wisconsin-based Convergen Energy which incorporates miscanthus and non-recyclable paper as ingredients in fuel pellets to be burned for power production. The pellets are EPA-designated as a non-waste alternative fuel with reduced emissions over traditional fuels.

Fast-growing giant miscanthus can grow in marginal soil and produces twice the biomass of switch grass, according the USDA. (Source: University of Iowa, Gazette, 21 Sept., 2021] Contact: University of Iowa, Convergen Energy, 920 432 3200,,

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