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Community Renewables Launched in Rochester (Ind. Report)
City of Rochester
Date: 2021-09-17
In the Empire State, the City of Rochester reports activation of its Rochester Community Power clean energy program to provide as many as 57,000 city residents and small businesses with locally sourced 100 pct wind and hydro renewable energy.

The program is the default electricity supply choice so eligible residents and businesses are automatically enrolled. The program will supply more than 300 million kWh per year of renewable energy and roughly 225,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide over the next two years. Joule Assets, as the program administrator (Source: City of Rochester, Rochester Community Power, Website PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Rochester Community Power,,; Joule Assets,

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New Energy Equity Closes on $50Mn for Community Solar (Funding)
New Energy Equity
Date: 2021-09-15
Annapolis, Maryland-headquartered solar energy developer New Energy Equity reports closing on a $50 million facility, with $41 million led by Silicon Valley Bank and joined by SVB Capital, two innovative financial partners in the renewable energy and technology sector. The facility will be used for the construction of community solar projects in New York State and other markets, expected to total more than 60MW of installed capacity.

New Energy Equity develops and finances solar power generation assets for commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility customers under long-term contracts totaling more than 250MW since 2013.

The company was ranked as the 7th Top Solar Developer and the 8th Top Solar Contractor on Solar Power World's "2021 Top Solar Contractors" list and was voted one of the fastest-growing energy companies in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia by Inc. Magazine in 2020, according to the company release. (Source: New Energy Equity, Website PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: New Energy Equity, Matthew Hankey, Pres., CEO, 443-267-5012,

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Greenbacker Acquires 41-MW Michigan Solar Asset (M&A Report)
Greenbacker,Prism Power Partners
Date: 2021-09-10
NYC-based Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company LLC reports a wholly owned subsidiary has purchased Heathlands, a 41-MW utility-scale solar pre-construction solar project in Manistee County, Michigan, from Prism Power Partners LLC. The Heathlands solar facility was designed with the option to add co-located battery energy storage systems onsite.

The Heathlands project has a long-term PPA with an investment-grade offtaker and is slated to enters commercial operations in Q4, 2022.

With the acquisition -- Greenbacker's third from Prism -- Greenbacker will own approximately 2.18 GW of generating capacity (including assets that are to be constructed), comprising 1.82 GW of utility-scale and distributed solar facilities, 330.1 MW of wind facilities, 16.0 MW of battery storage, and 12.0 MW of biomass facilities Prism Power Partners is an experienced renewable energy project developer focused on leveraging strong relationships with host communities and electric load-serving entities throughout the Midwest, including Michigan. Prism's team has developed over 250 solar projects and over 100 MW of energy storage across North America. (Source: Greenbacker, PR., Sept., 2021) Contact: Greebacker Capital,; Prism Power Partners, Randall Wood Managing Director, (312) 330-5014,,

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SolarEdge Touts 6.2 MW Rhode Island Solar Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-09-10
SolarEdge Technologies reports it has provided a DC-optimized PV system for a 12-acre, 6.2 MW solar farm in Foster, Rhode Island. The site incorporates a mix of 15,800 bi-facial and mono-facial solar modules equipped with SolarEdge Power Optimizers to maximize energy production and reduce operating and maintenance (O&M) costs over the system lifetime.

Administered on behalf of New York-based Sunlight General Capital by renewable energy provider Arcadia, the community solar portion of the project is expected to produce around 4,384,800 kWh of solar energy in its first year has attracted over 700 subscribers. (Source: Solar Edge, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: SunLight General Capital, James Pochez, Dir. of Project Development, 212-286-1801,; SolarEdge Technologies, Guy Sella, CEO, (510) 498-3200,,

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Standard Solar Snares 35 MW Maine Solar Portfolio (M&A)
Standard Solar
Date: 2021-08-23
Rockville, Maryland-based Standard Solar Inc. is reporting acquisition of 35 MW of solar projects in Maine being developed under the state's Net Energy Billing (NEB) program. The program allows customers to benefit from clean energy savings by offsetting their electrical bills with either owned or shared energy projects, like community solar, which, in turn, spurs further development of these assets within the state.

The 35 MW acquisition includes five ground-mount projects all of which are expected to commence construction within the next 12 months. Standard Solar's generation portfolio is currently around 200 MW. (Standard Solar, PR, Aug., 2021) Contact: Standard Solar, 301-944-1200,

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NJBPU OK's 3,750 MW Solar Incentive Program (Ind. Report)
New Jersey Board of Public Utilities
Date: 2021-07-30
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) has approved implementation of the Successor Solar Incentive Program that will pave the way for up to 3,750 MW of new solar generation by 2026, doubling the state's solar capacity. Solar energy is expected to generate approximately 10 pct of the Garden State's total electricity needs once the program is fully implemented.

The Program contains two sub-programs designed to uplift solar market segments through long-term, tailored incentives for a variety of project types, allowing NJBPU to contain program costs and provide financial certainty for market participants:

  • The Administratively Determined Incentive (ADI) -- a fixed incentive payment for net metered solar projects of 5 MW or less -- including all residential customers and most commercial and industrial buildings and all community solar installations. The incentive value will vary based on project type and size, and will be guaranteed for a term of 15 years.

  • The Competitive Solar Incentive (CSI) -- a competitive solicitation designed to incentivize the lowest financial contribution from ratepayers for grid supply projects and net metered commercial and industrial projects larger than 5 MW. The first competitive process is anticipated to launch in early-to-mid 2022, following additional stakeholder engagement throughout this summer and fall.

    The program will provide one New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Certificate-II (SREC-II) for every MWh of solar electricity produced by a qualifying facility, with an additional $20/MWh added for public entities -- school districts, municipalities, etc. -- as well as a temporary incentive for projects built on contaminated lands.

    Incentives range from $70-$120/SREC-II, providing continued support for solar development in New Jersey while also offering significant savings over the prior SREC value of approximately $220. (Source: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, PR, 28 July, 2021) Contact: New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, 800-624-0241,

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  • Generate Raises $2Bn for Sustainable Infrastructure (Ind. Report)
    Generate Capital
    Date: 2021-07-19
    In the Golden State, San Francisco-based sustainable infrastructure specialist Generate Capital reports it has raised $2 billion in corporate equity to accelerate the deployment of sustainable infrastructure.

    Generate builds, owns, operates and finances sustainable infrastructure that delivers affordable and reliable resource solutions for companies, governments and communities. Over the last seven years, Generate has built a portfolio of about $2 billion in sustainable infrastructure assets across the energy, waste, water and transport markets, deploying proven solutions that can have an immediate impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving resource efficiency.

    Generate offers sustainability project developers and technology companies a comprehensive and flexible range of financial and operational solutions, establishing itself as the only "one-stop-shop" for sustainable infrastructure pioneers. The asset base the company owns, operates and finances includes renewable power, community solar, energy efficiency, microgrids, energy storage, electric mobility, hydrogen, wastewater, and waste management. (Source: Generate Capital, PR, 19 July, 2021) Contact: Generate Capital, Scott Jacobs, CEO, (415) 480-2914,

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    Altus Power, CBRE Announce Business Combination (Ind. Report)
    Altus Power
    Date: 2021-07-14
    Greenwich, Ct.-headquartered Altus Power, Inc. and Dallas-based CBRE Acquisition Holdings, Inc. -- the world's largest commercial real estate firm -- have announced an agreement for a business combination that would result in Altus Power becoming a public company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the new ticker symbol AMPS.

    Altus Power offers locally-sited solar generation, energy storage, and EV-charging stations across the U.S. and has since 2009 constructed or acquired more than 200 distributed generation solar facilities totaling more than 265 MW from Vermont to Hawaii and expects to end 2021 with a solar asset portfolio of more than 400MW.

    Altus Power is currently wholly-owned by its management team and Blackstone Credit, and delivers savings and sustainability benefits to its rapidly growing pool of commercial, public sector, and community solar customers, according to the release. (Source: Altus Power Inc., Website PR, 12 July, 2021) Contact: Altus Power Inc., Gregg Felton, Co-CEO ,(203) 698 0090, Fax: (203) 661 2797,,; CBRE Acquisition Holdings,

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    sonnenCommunity N.Y. Solar+Storage Project Launched (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-07-14
    Stone Mountain, Georgia-based sonnen, a global market leader in smart residential energy storage today announced the launch of sonnenCommunity New York Virtual Power Plant, a pioneering solar plus battery program for homeowners in New York State.

    sonnen will be the exclusive hardware and software provider for the program, offering locally generated clean energy at a discounted rate to 200 homes in Westchester County, NY in an initial pilot phase. Sustainable Westchester, a non-profit administering Westchester Power Program and the largest community choice aggregator (CCA) in NY, will act as a premier partner for this project, working with sonnen and local solar contractors to build a dispatchable grid asset to provide resilient backup power, carbon-neutral living and generate revenue for participating in the New York energy market. (Source: sonnen, Pr, 14 July, 2021) Contact: sonnen,

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    IGP Snares Community Solar+Storage Developer Dimension (M&A)
    Dimension Renewable Energy
    Date: 2021-06-30
    Zug, Switzerland-headquartered private investment firm Investment Partners Group (IGP) reports it has agreed to acquire a controlling stake in Atlanta-based community solar and battery storage specialist Dimension Renewable Energy.

    Dimension develops, finances and operates community solar and battery energy storage facilities across the US, and has a pipeline of more than 180 projects in eight states with a combined solar capacity of over 800MW as well as 800MWh of battery storage. (Source: Dimension Renewable Energy, Website PR, 28 June, 2021) Contact: Investor Partners Group, +41 41 784 60 00, Fax + 41 41 784 60 01, 212 908 260 – NYC Office,; Dimension Renewable Energy,

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    HECO CER Strategy Calls for Rooftop Solar Ramp-up (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric
    Date: 2021-05-12
    In the Aloha State, Hawaiian Electric (HECO) reports it has filed its Customer Energy Resources for Hawaii: A Customer-First CER Strategy for a 100 pct Clean Energy Future with the state Public Utilities Commission. The strategy aims to increase energy efficiency, rooftop solar and similar customer energy resources (CERs) to the scale needed to reach the state's clean energy benchmarks.

    Release of the CER strategy follows consultation and cooperation with the rooftop solar industry that has further smoothed and hastened the interconnection process during the COVID-19 pandemic and removed barriers to customers quickly getting rooftop solar and energy storage benefits. As a result of this continuing process, in 2020 nearly 6,000 new rooftop solar systems were installed across Hawaiian Electric's service territory -- 55 pct increase from 2019.

    The CER strategy details the "Equity Principle" that expansion of CERs benefit all customers, including those with moderate or fixed incomes and must fairly allocate utility costs among customers based on benefits they receive or provide the grid. Customer energy resources are technologies and devices on the customer-side of the meter that can alter energy use.

    The Strategy envisions a modern grid with about half of all customers' electricity needs coming from the "edge of the grid" (that is, from customers) not the "center of the grid" (large power plants that push power out to customers.)

    The strategy also notes that energy efficiency and conservation are essential to customer involvement. Hawaiian Electric continues to collaborate with Hawaii Energy, the Public Utilities Commission's independent entity that administers the state's energy efficiency programs. Energy efficiency is incorporated in resource planning, including the state's Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard, which targets a continuing 30 pct electricity sales reduction by 2030.

    Download the Customer Energy Resources for Hawaii strategy HERE. (Source: Hawaiian Electric, PR, 10 May, 2021) Contact: Hawaiian Electric, Scott Seu, Pres., CEO, Shannon Tangonan, 808.351.4978,,

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    Pivot Energy, Standard Solar Developing Community Solar (Ind. Report)
    Pivot Energy, Standard Solar
    Date: 2021-05-12
    Denver-based commercial and community solar developer Pivot Energy and Rockville, Maryland-headquartered Standard Solar Inc report they are developing three new community solar projects in Colorado with a total capacity of 4 MW.

    Of the total 4 MW portfolio, 1 MW will serve low-income subscribers and 3 MW have been subscribed to by Colorado municipalities and organizations. Pivot Energy developed and built the solar gardens while Standard Solar will finance, own, and maintain the systems. (Source: Pivot Energy, PR, May, 2021) Contact: Pivot Energy,, 1.888.734.3033,; Standard Solar, 301-944-1200,

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    Ithaca Energy Code Requires Net-Zero Const. by 2026 (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2021-05-10
    In the Empire State, the City of Ithaca has adopted the Ithaca Energy Code Supplement (IECS) code requirements for new buildings and major renovations that will substantially reduce greenhouse gas emissions while emphasizing affordability.

    The rules, which will go into effect on August 4, 2021, require all new buildings be constructed to produce 40 pct fewer greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions than those built to NY State code. The IECS will become more stringent in 2023, requiring an 80 pct reduction in emissions. Starting in 2026, net-zero buildings that do not use fossil fuels will be required (with exceptions for cooking and process energy).

    Partly due to broad community support and the increasing urgency of global climate change, Ithaca Common Council voted to accelerate the implementation timeline from the originally proposed step-up dates of 2025 and 2030.

    The IECS offers flexibility for builders to comply using the prescriptive Easy Path, a customized point-based system, or the performance-based Whole Building Path. Using the Easy Path, GHG reductions are achieved from electrification of space and water heating (e.g., heat pumps), renewable energy (e.g., community solar), and affordability improvements which reduce construction costs (e.g., efficient building shape).

    The IECS is an overlay to the state energy code, not a replacement, and is All other applicable code requirements must still be met. The Ithaca Energy Code Supplement is a major piece of the City's Green New Deal (GND) which aims to achieve an equitable transition to carbon-neutrality community-wide by 2030.

    Download Ithaca Energy Code Supplement at (Source: City of Ithaca, PR, 7 May, 2021) Contact: City of Ithaca, JoAnn Cornish, Director Planning & Development, 607-274-6565,; Nick Goldsmith, Sustainability Coordinator, 607-274-6550, www.cityof

    First 3 MW of 60-MW Ill. Comm. Solar Project Activated (Ind. Report)
    Clearway Energy Group
    Date: 2021-04-21
    San Francisco-headquartered Clearway Energy Group is reporting completion of the first 3-MW of the 60 MW (dc), $160 million Southland community solar project composed of 19 separate solar farms near Kankakee, Illinois.

    The projects are supported by the Illinois Shines Programme, the brand name for the Adjustable Block Program -- a state-administered incentive program supporting the development of new solar energy generation in Illinois. (Source: Clearway Energy Group, Website PR, 19 Apr., 2021) Contact: Clearway Energy Group,; Illinois Shines,

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