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Columbia Seeks Higher Energy Efficiency Prog. Profile (Ind. Report)
Columbia Water & Light
Date: 2018-09-21
In the Show Me State, the municipal utility in Columbia, Missouri, reports its voluntary home energy rating program has evaluated the energy efficiency and potential energy savings for about 3,500 homes in recent years, despite struggling to raise home owner and real estate industry awareness of the program.

The utility developed the voluntary Columbia Efficiency Score scoring system in 2012 and is now calling for real estate agents to promote the program to home sellers and purchasers. The program is based on the US DOE Home Energy Score. The analysis provides two numbers. One reflects how a building is performing at the moment; the other estimates how it could score if an owner made all efficiency improvements likely to pay off within 10 years. (Source: Columbia Water & Light, Energy News, Sept., 2018) Contact: Columbia Water & Light, Brandon Renaud, Home Performance Mgr., (573) 874-2489,

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Columbia, Missouri Exceeding Renewable Energy Goals (Ind. Report)
Columbia Water & Light
Date: 2018-02-12
In the Show Me State, the city of Columbia's 2018 Renewable Energy Report notes the city of 120,600 residents now sources almost 16 pct of its energy from renewable sources, easily exceeding the city's 5 pct renewable energy goal throughout 2017. The draft report notes the city's renewable energy goal is pegged at 30 pct by the end of 2028. The report also noted a 91 pct increase in the capacity of customer-installed photovoltaic systems between 2016 and 2017. (Source: Columbia Water & Light, Columbia Daily Tribune, 9 Feb., 2018)Contact: Columbia Water & Light, Tad Johnsen, (573) 874-2489,

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