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Mississauga Setting Private Bldg. Efficiency Standards (Funding)
City of Mississauga
Date: 2021-07-07
In Ontario, the metropolitan Toronto area City of Mississauga (pop. 669,000 +-) is reporting receipt of $175,000 from the Government of Canada's $1.65 billion Green Municipal Fund (GMF) to create a comprehensive set of Green Development Standards for all new private buildings. The GMF was established in 2000 to fund works on developing environmental initiatives including energy efficiency and addressing climate change.

Aligned with Mississauga's Climate Change Action Plan, the new Green Development Standards aim to improve energy efficiency and sustainability for private developments. It will target greenhouse gas emissions and include performance metrics that are "obtainable, quantifiable and enforceable." City staff will engage with residents and stakeholders for input later this year as work on the new standards begin. (Source: City of Mississauga, PR, Website, 2 July, 2021) Contact: City of Mississauga, 905-615-4311,

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