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Beijing Reportedly Ending Renewable Energy Support (Int'l Report)
China Renewable Energy
Date: 2020-01-10
Shanghai Securities News is reporting Beijing is considering scaling back or even abolishing subsidies to the offshore wind power sector in 2022. Beijing would, however, still encourage regional-level governments to subsidize construction of local offshore wind farms. In 2019, the central government cancelled subsidies for the solar power industry.

The cut backs are being viewed as a sign of the government's intention to completely eliminate financial support to renewable energy firms as their technology becomes more commercially competitive. (Source: Shanghai Securities News, CX Tech, 9 Jan., 2020)

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Chinese Solar Energy Prices Hit Grid Parity (Int'l. Report)
China Solar Energy
Date: 2019-08-16
China has reportedly reached a "tipping point" where home-generated solar is cheaper than electricity generated from the national grid.

In March, a Chinese report noted that in 74 pct of cases, building new solar and wind capacity in a given area was cheaper than maintaining an existing coal-powered plant. Where levelized costs for wind reach $15 per MWh and $28 per MWh for solar, marginal costs for existing plants can jump as high as $104 per MWh.

China is aiming to consume 20 pct of its energy from non-fossil fuels by 2030. (Source: Xinhua, Inverse, 14 Aug., 2019)

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Renewables Power Northwestern Chinase Province (Int'l Report)
Qinghai Electric Power Company.
Date: 2019-02-13
China's State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company reports clean energy is powering the economy of northwest China's Qinghai Province with a total installed power generating capacity of nearly 28 million kilowatts, or 86 pct of the province's energy consumption. The province's installed solar power capacity reached 9.6 million KW, wind power hit 2.7 million KW while hydropower capacity reached 11.9 million KW, according to the company release. Additionall, Qinghai province has two, 10 million kilowatts renewable power generating bases under construction. (Source: Qinghai Electric Power Company,, Xinhua, February 10, 2019) Contact: Qinghai Electric Power Company,

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China Aims to Optimize PV Power Development (Int'l Report)
Date: 2018-06-08
In Beijing, China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Finance and the National Energy Administration have announced that although there are no plans for new distributed PV projects for the remainder of 2018, a quota of around 10 million kilowatts will be maintained.

China cut the national feed-in-tariff by 0.05 yuan (approximately $0.008 U.S.) per kWh at the beginning of June, but there was no change to the subsidy for county-level poverty alleviation PV projects.

China is taking the lead in PV development globally, with an internationally competitive and complete industrial chain. By the end of 2020, renewable energy will supply 1.9 trillion kilowatt-hours of electricity, 27 pct of total power generation, according to the NDRC 2016-2020 plan for renewable energy, according to the NDRC. (Source: NDRC,, June, 2018) )Contact: China National Development and Reform Commission,

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China Slashes Solar Subsidies (Int'l Ind. Report)
National Development and Reform Commission
Date: 2018-06-04
In Beijing, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), the Ministry of Finance and the National Energy Administration sre reporting a cut in the national feed-in-tariff by 0.05 yuan ($0.008) per kWh and a similar reduction in subsidies for power generated by distributed PV projects. The move is intended to slowdown PV related production and overheating in the pv sector.

An article on the public WeChat account of the China Photovoltaic Industry Association said Friday that while the sector's growth momentum might not be sustained, PV power will remain a key force in the nation's energy revolution and will still receive State support. The association said the fact that PV installations can generate power at a lower cost than other power sources in many countries is the Chinese PV industry's greatest strength.

According to a report by the Xinhua News Agency, China is taking the lead in PV development globally, with an internationally competitive and complete industrial chain. The central government is aiming for 27 pct of total power generation to come from renewable energy sources by the end of 2020, according to the 2016-20 plan for renewable energy. (Source: China National Development and Reform Commission,, Global Times, 3 June, 2018) Contact: National Development and Reform Commission,

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China Doubles 2017 Investments in Clean Energy (Ind. Report)
China National Energy Administration
Date: 2018-01-22
Bloomberg New Energy Finance is reporting China increased its clean energy spending in 2017 by 24 pct to a total of $132.6 billion -- $86.5 billion of which went to solar. BNEF estimates China installed a 53 gigawatts of PV capacity in 2017, almost a third more than originally projected. China's solar energy investments accounted for half the world's $160.8 billion total. Global solar investment grew 18 percent in 2017, accounting for 48 percent of total global clean energy investment. GTM Research estimates the country’s total installs just under that number, at 52 gigawatts.

(Source: Bloomberg NEF, GTM, 16 Jan., 2019) Contact: China National Energy Administration,

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EU Lowering Imported Chinese Solar Panel Minimum Prices (Int'l)
Date: 2017-09-22
The EU announced on Sept. 16 that it would progressively reduce the minimum prices that Chinese solar panel makers are allowed to sell their products for in Europe, allowing price cuts every three months beginning Oct. 1 but ending July 2018. Chinese companies that sell below the minimum prices are subject to import duties of up to 64.9 pct. (Source: EU, SA News, Various Media, 18 Sept., 2017)

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CEE, GCL Ink $62.3Mn, 100 MW Chinese Solar Deal (Int'l)
China Energy Engineering
Date: 2017-07-05
Beijing-based China Energy Engineering (CEE) subsidiary CEE Tianjin repoprts it will construct a 100 MW solar project for GCL New Energy in eastern China. The PV array will cost approximately $62.3 million and be completed within the next four months, according to a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

In July 2016, CEE Zhejiang signed a deal to install 20 MW of solar capacity for GCL New Energy in Suzhou, Anhui province. Around the same time, CEE Tianjin agreed to build the second 36.16 MW phase of a 100 MW project that GCL New Energy was developing in Hebei province. CEE Tianjin followed with an additional agreement to complete the third 42.98 MW phase of the Zhangjiakou project. In a separate announcement, Suzhou GCL revealed plans to transfer shares of Jinhu Zhenhui Photovoltaic and Shandong Wanhai Solar Power to Xi'an Zhongmin GCL New Energy, a GCL New Energy venture with Zhongmin New Energy (Shanghai) Investment. The agreement is related to 130 MW of solar capacity in China. By the end of 2016, GCL New Energy had roughly 1 GW of solar capacity under construction in China. The company secured approval to issue $254 million of green bonds this past March and expects to complete 1.5 GW to 2 GW of solar capacity before the year end. (Source: China Energy Engineering, PV Mag., 3 July, 2017) Contact: China Energy Engineering Group Co.Ltd,

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United PV Subsidiary Acquiring 110 MW Chinese Solar Assets (M&A)
Panda Green Power,United Photovoltaics,China New Energy
Date: 2017-05-17
The Hong Kong Stock Exchange reports that Panda Green Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of United Photovoltaics, reports it will acquire a 100 pct equity interest in China New Energy Holdings from Asia Pacific Energy and Infrastructure Investment for $154.1 million. The deal includes solar, wind and hydropower assets. The group will also issue 559,701,493 consideration shares as part of the agreement, according to a statement to the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Upon the completion, China New Energy will indirectly acquire 110 MW of solar capacity ing include both incomplete and operational assets, as well as the rights to develop undisclosed projects. It will also acquire 4.58 GW of hydropower capacity, in the form of unfinished and operational assets, as well as the development rights for projects. (Source: United Photovoltaics, Panda Green Power, PV Mag., Other Media, 15 May, 2017) Contact: Panda Green Power,; United Photovoltaics,; China New Energy, +86 20 8705 7185,

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85 GW of Solar Capacity Installations Expected in 2017 (Int'l)
Greentech Media
Date: 2017-04-24
According to recent Greentech Media (GTM) research, China's record solar demand has shifted global solar photovoltaic (PV) projections for 2017, In 2016, global installed capacity exceeded 78 GW -- up from 51 GW the previous year – largely thanks to Chinese demand, which surpassed 34 GW. Chinese domestic demand has raised global demand estimations from 7 pct global PV market contraction in 2017 to 9.4 pct growth, with a 5.3 pct compound annual growth rate through 2022. GTM estimates that up to 85 GW of solar capacity could be installed in 2017 -- more than double the installed capacity in 2014. China is on track to install approximately 30 GW of this 2017 total. Global solar installations are, however, expected to grow by less than 1 per cent from 2017 to 2018. (Source: Greentech Media, UNEP, April, 2017)Contact: Greentech Media,

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CPIA Reports Growing Chinese Solar PV Capacity (Int'l)
China Photovoltaic Industry Association
Date: 2017-02-27
According to the China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), total PV installation capacity of 34.54GWp in power-generating stations and distributed systems was completed around China in 2016, accounting for 47% of the global total. PV power generation in China totaled 66.2 billion kWh in 2016, accounting for 1.3 pct of total power generation of all types.

However, 7.4 billion kWh or 11.18 pct of PV power generation was wasted, mostly in northwestern China due to insufficient local grid capacity as well as overdue payments of PV feed-in subsidies.

Total PV installation capacity for PV power-generating stations and distributed PV systems to be completed in in China in 2017 is estimated at about 20GWp. Since the China government will lower PV feed-in tariffs beginning July 1, installation is expected to be in rush in the first half of 2017 and then significantly drop in the second half. (Source: China Photovoltaic Industry Association , DIGITIMES, 20 February 2017] Contact: China Photovoltaic Industry Association,

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