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China Scraps National E10 Ethanol Blend Program (Int'l. Report)
China’s National Development and Reform Commission
Date: 2020-01-10
In Beijing, it is being widely report that China's National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) has suspended its planned implementation of a nationwide E10 gasoline-ethanol blend program due to a sharp decline in the country's corn stocks and limited biofuel production capacity.The few provinces that have already implemented full or partial blends will, however, continue the program.

In 2018, China was the eighth-biggest market for U.S. ethanol exports, taking up 52.9 million gallons of the corn-based fuel, according to the RFA. Reaching the 2020 target would have required about 15 million tonnes of the biofuel annually, more than four times current output, or some 45 million tonnes of corn -- roughly 16 pct of the country's current consumption, according to Reuters. (Source: BOE Report, ETAuto, Reuters, 8 Jan., 2020) Contact: China National Development and Reform Commission,

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China Projected to Triple Biofuel Production by 2024 (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2019-10-23
According to the Paris-headquartered International Energy Agency's Renewables 2019 Report, the world total biofuel output is forecast to increase 25 pct by 2024. In 2018, production grew at its fastest pace for five years, propelled by a surge in Brazil's ethanol output. Overall, Asia accounts for half of the growth, as its ambitious biofuel mandates aimed at reinforcing energy security boost demand for agricultural commodities and improve air quality.

China is set to have the largest biofuel production growth of any country. The rollout of 10 pct ethanol blending in a growing number of provinces and increasing investments in production capacity drive a tripling of ethanol production by 2024. Brazil registers the second largest growth, boosted by the introduction of the Renovabio programme in 2020. The United States and Brazil still deliver two-thirds of total biofuel production in 2024. (Source: IEA Renewables 2019 Report, Oct., 2019) Contact: International Energy Agency, Dr. Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir., +33 1 40 57 65 00,

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Is Sun Setting on Chinese Biofuel Producer Sunshine Kaidi? (Int'l)
Sunshine Kaidi
Date: 2018-06-15
In Wuhan, China's largest biofuel producer Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group Co. Ltd. is reported to be struggling to sell its controlling stake in a subsidiary because it is demanding that a potential purchaser must first pay several billion yuan to bail it out of its own financial problems. To add to it's financial woes, the company's debt-laden subsidiary, Kaidi Ecological and Environmental Technology Co. Ltd., announced last month that it had missed a payment on a 698 million yuan ($109.0 million) bond and failed to meet a margin call on a trust product.

In 2016, Sunshine Kaidi announced plans to invest in and construct a €1 billion ($1.18 billion) biofuel refinery in Kemi, Finland, via its subsidiary Kaidi Finland. The Finnish government supported the plan and granted an emissions license to the Kaidi Finland project, which now seems unlikely to be developed. (Source: Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, Caixin, Other Media, 15 June, 2018) Contact: Sunshine Kaidi New Energy Group, +86 27 6786 9001 - fax, +86 27 6786 9028 - tel.,

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