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Clariant, Chemtex to Collaborate on China Biofuels (Int'l. Report)
Clariant, Chemtex
Date: 2020-08-19
Muttenz, Switzerland-based Clariant AG is reporting a strategic partnership with Chemtex Global Corp. to market and sell Clariant's Sunliquid technology licenses, as well as services and supplies for advanced biofuel plants in China.

In 2017, the State Council of PRC endorsed a new strategic plan to utilize bioethanol converted from agricultural residue as gasoline for motor vehicles. Under the nationwide blending mandate proposed, all gasoline used for motor vehicles will need to contain bioethanol as an additive. Clariant, with its innovative sunliquid technology that offers an efficient process for converting agricultural residues into low-emission, carbon negative biofuel, is fully supporting the rollout of the mandate.

The combined offerings of Clariant and Chemtex will provide a comprehensive package of 2G ethanol technology licenses and Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) services, enabling customers in China to successfully design, build and operate their own full-scale plants. While Clariant will offer its sunliquid technology licenses, technical services and the supply of starter cultures from its proprietary enzyme and yeast platform, Chemtex will be responsible for engineering, procurement and construction. (Source: Clariant, PR, Chemical Engineering, Aug., 2020) Contact: Clariant, Christian Librera, Head of Business Line Biofuels and Derivatives, Stefanie Nehlsen, Global Trade Media Relations, +41 61 469 63 63,; Chemtex, Sean Ma, CEO,

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Versalis Snares Mossi Ghisolfi Bio Companies (Int'l, M&A)
Versalis SpA,Mossi Ghisolfi
Date: 2018-09-28
In Italy, Milan-headquartered Versalis SpA, the chemicals arm of Eni, reports it is acquiring Tortona-headquartered Mossi Ghisolfi Group's "green" businesses. Financial details of have not been disclosed, but the deal is expected to close within weeks.

The acquisition includes Biochemtex, Beta Renewables, Italian Bio Products (Ipb) and and Ipb energia. The deal covers assets and resources related to the development, industrialization and licensing of technologies and bio-chemical processes based on the use of renewable resources, especially biomass.

Versalis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eni which specializes in the production of chemicals. It produces olefins, aromatics, chlorine derivatives, polyethylene, polystyrene and elastomers. (Source: Versalis SpA, European Rubber Journal, Sept 26, 2018) Contact: Versalis SpA,; Mossi Ghisolfi Group,

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