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Avfuel Expands SAF Delivery in Monteray (Ind. Report)
Avfuel Corporation
Date: 2022-05-06
Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Avfuel Corporation reports it is supplying Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel to Del Monte Aviation (KMRY) in Monteray, California. The announcement comes after the fuel supplier announced it would do the same for Monterey Jet Centre -- Del Monte Aviation's sister FBO on the airport field and Avfuel's first consistently-supplied SAF location.

Since 2021, Avfuel has supplied approximately 216,000 gallons of SAF which has reduced an estimated 513 metric tons of CO2 emissions, acording to the company release. (Source: AVfuel Corp., Website PR , 3 May, 2022) Contact: AVfuel Corp, 734-663-6466,

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GE to Upgrade World's Second-Largest Hydro Power Plant (Int'l.)
GE Renewable Energy
Date: 2022-05-04
GE Renewable Energy's Hydro and Grid Solutions businesses are reporting a joint contract to technologically upgrade the 14 GW Itaipu hydropower plant in Brazil -- the second largest hydropower plant in the world.

The project, which is expected to take 14 years to complete, includes the upgrading or replacement of equipment and systems for all 20 power generating units as well as the improvement of the hydropower plant's measurement, protection, control, regulation and monitoring systems. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website PR, 3 May, 2022) Contact: GE Renewable Energy Hydro Solutions, Pascal Radue, Pres., CEO,

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BP Talks Renewable Energy, Climate Change -- Notable Quotes
Date: 2022-05-04
"The decarbonization of the power sector is driven by rapid growth in wind and solar power. Wind and solar power generation increases by around 20-fold over the outlook in Accelerated and Net Zero, increasing to around 40,000-45,000TWh and more than accounting for the entire growth in global power generation. And key elements of the low-carbon energy system critical for the world to transition successfully to net zero -- installation of new wind and solar power capacity; sales of electric vehicles; announcements of blue and green hydrogen and CCUS projects -- have all expanded rapidly." "There are signs of a new momentum in tackling climate change. The carbon budget is finite, and it is running out: further delays in reducing CO₂ emissions could greatly increase the economic and social costs associated with trying to remain within the carbon budget." -- Spencer Dale, BP Chief Economist, Mar., 2022

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Air Products, World Energy Partner on SAF Expansion (Ind. Report)
Air Products, World Energy
Date: 2022-04-27
Pennsylvania-based hydrogen supplier Air Product reports it is partnering with World Energy for a new $2 billion expansion project at World Energy's sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production and distribution hub in Paramount, LA County, California. The facility is the world's first commercial scale and North America's only SAF production facility. With the expansion, the facilitys capacity will jump to 340 million gpy.

Under the conditions of their long-term, take-or-pay agreement, s Air Products will construct, own and operate a new hydrogen plant and renewable fuels manufacturing facilities will be operated by World Energy. The project is scheduled to come on-line in 2025.

As part of the agreement, Air Products has extended its Southern California hydrogen pipeline network to supply hydrogen to the existing World Energy facility and to further increase supply reliability for all of Air Products' hydrogen pipeline network customers in Southern California. The expanded pipeline network will also enable Air Products to provide low-or-zero-carbon hydrogen in the future. Air Products and World Energy will collaborate on innovations to transition to green hydrogen inputs, further reducing the carbon intensity of the fuels it produces.

According to its website, "Air Products is a first mover in the hydrogen energy transition and has already announced and begun several large mega-projects in the U.S. and around the world." In 2021, Air Products announced a $4.5 billion clean energy complex to be built in Louisiana to produce over 750 million standard cubic fpd of blue hydrogen. The Louisiana project followed an earlier 2021 announcement of a multi-billion-dollar net-zero hydrogen energy complex in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and a previous 2020 announcement of the multi-billion-dollar green hydrogen/ammonia production facility joint venture in NEOM, Saudi Arabia powered by renewable energy for the production and export of carbon-free hydrogen to global transportation markets, according to the release. (Source: Air Products, PR, 25 April, 2022)Contact: Air Products, Robert Tikovsky, VP Process Gases,; World Energy, Gene Gobolys, Pres., 617-889-7300, Fax --617-887-2411,,

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National Grid Plans RNG, Green Hydrogen Pipeline by 2050 (Ind. Report)
National Grid
Date: 2022-04-22
In Massachusetts, National Grid (US) reports it plans to "decarbonize" its US natural gas pipeline system with renewable natural gas (RNG) and "green" hydrogen by 2050, in keeping with the Bay State's goal of net-zero carbon emissions by that date.

The announcement coincides with National Grid's effort to team up with other utilities to seek federal funds for a regional clean hydrogen hub and to tap into $8 billion in funding included in the $1 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that Congress passed last fall. The hubs would involve regional clusters of hydrogen producers and distributors, storage facilities and end users.

Presently, Natural gas provides about half of the heat for buildings in Massachusetts, and is a major source of carbon emissions. National Grid's plan calls for roughly half of the state's building heat to come from electricity by 2050, with the remainder from renewable natural gas (RNG) or “green” hydrogen, or a hybrid mix of electricity and those cleaner gas sources. (Source: National Grid, April, 2022) Contact: National Grid, John Pettigrew, CEO,

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RWE Completes German Wind Farm Upgrade (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2022-04-22
RWE reports it has completed the repowering of the Krusemark-Ellingen wind farm in Saxony-Anhalt, in Germany increasing output from 15.7MW to 19.8MW . The repowering included the replacement of 15 Enercon turbines with six, 3.3MW turbines. The Krusemark-Ellingen project is RWE's third repowering project in Germany.(Source: RWE, PR, April, 2022) Contact: RWE Renewables,

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AAPA Advocates Hydrogen as Alternative Marine Fuel (Ind. Report)
American Association of Port Authorities
Date: 2022-04-22
According to the Washington, DC-headquartered American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA), hydrogen is energy dense enough for use in large, ocean-going vessels and is a viable alternative marine fuel. But, due to temperature and volume requirements, hydrogen requires large, unique infrastructure investments to scale for industrial purposes.

The AAPA notes that when hydrogen is used in a fuel cell or a mono-fuel internal combustion engine, it is a zero-carbon fuel. Alternatively, when it is used in a dual-fuel combustion engine, carbon emissions are significantly reduced compared to pure fossil fuels.

Currently, hydrogen is more expensive than natural gas and will require technological advancements to accommodate its storage on ocean-going vessels. However, setting up infrastructure for brown and grey hydrogen (i.e. hydrogen processed using coal or natural gas) can be an effective way to transition to green hydrogen fuel (i.e. processed using renewable energy sources, like solar or wind) when it becomes more cost effective. Industry pilot projects have implemented hydrogen as a maritime fuel source on small vessels successfully, paving the way for the widespread use of hydrogen as a marine fuel, according to the AAPA.

To promote the use of hydrogen in the maritime industry, the Hydrogen for Ports Act of 2021 seeks to establish a competitive grant program to support the purchase, installation, construction, facilitation, maintenance, and/or operation of hydrogen or ammonia-fueled technology in the maritime shipping industry. (Source: American Association of Port Authorities, PR, 21 April, 2022) Contact: American Association of Port Authorities, 703.684.5700,,

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Nucor, Univ. Kentucky Partner on CCS Tech. R&D (R&D, Funding)
Nucor, University of Kentucky
Date: 2022-04-22
Charlotte, North Carolina-headquartered Nucor Corporation -- America's largest steel maker and recycler -- reports it is partnering with the University of Kentucky Research Foundation to test an innovative carbon dioxide (CO2) capture system at Nucor Steel Gallatin, Kentucky.

This is one of 12 research projects being funded by a Department of Energy grant to advance point-source carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies that can capture CO2 emissions generated from natural gas power plants and industrial facilities which produce commodities like cement and steel.

According to the Nucor release, industry/university partnerships like the one between Nucor and UK are not new but are vital for piloting and successfully implementing new technology. More than 50 industry and university experts are working together to tackle the difficult challenge of applying carbon capture and sequestration techniques to an electric arc furnace steel making process. Once this pilot is complete Nucor and UK will have a better understanding of the costs and effectiveness of carbon capture technology for flue gas with low CO2 content and the feasibility of replication of this technology at other electric arc furnace steel mills. (Source: Nucor Corporation, PR, 22 April, 2022) Contact: University of Kentucky, College of Engineering, Kunlei Liu, 859-257-0293,; Nucor Corporation, Ph: 704.366.7000, |Fax: 704.362.4208,

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Kit Carson Co-op to Reach 100 pct Solar by Summer (Ind. Report)
Kit Carson Co-op,Guzman Energy
Date: 2022-04-18
In New Mexico, Taos-based Kit Carson Electric Cooperative Inc is reporting it's roughly 29,000 members will receive all their daytime power from solar for an estimated 25 pct drop in rates by mid-summer.

The Co-op's announcement follows a six-year effort that began in 2016, when it broke away from its previous wholesale energy provider, Tri-State Generation and Transmission, and inked a 10-year deal with Colorado-based third-party power provider Guzman Energy LLC. Guzman helps electric cooperatives and municipal utilities lower their rates through renewable generation.

Additionally two new large solar projects will soon come online allowing the Co-op to source 100 pct of its daytime generation from 20 different solar installations that it's been installing since leaving Tri-State. (Source: Kit Carson Electric Co-op Inc. , PR, , Albuquerque Journal, 16 April, 2022) Contact: Kit Carson Electric Co-op Inc., Luis Reyes, CEO, 575-758-2258,; Guzman Energy, 720-778-2000,

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Pacific International Lines Testing Marine Biofuel (Int'l.)
Marine Biofuel
Date: 2022-04-13
Singapore-headquartered maritime shipping major Pacific International Lines (PIL) reports it has begun a trial on the use of marine biofuel on its container vessel Kota Megah. The trial is intended to gather first-hand data on biofuels carbon emissions cutting potential and possible increased use as a fossil fuels replacement.

Operating on the company's China Pakistan Service (PKS) route, the vessel was bunkered with a blend of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) and very low sulphur fuel oil (VLSFO) when it called at the Port of Singapore on April 10. "This marine biofuel trial is another important step for us in our journey towards reducing carbon emissions across our fleet," the release noted. (Source: Pacific International Lines, PR, Container Management, 11 April, 2022) Contact: Pacific International Lines, +65 6221 8133,,

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Cameron LNG to Increase Production (Alt. Fuel Report)
TotalEnergies,Sempra Infrastructure
Date: 2022-04-13
Further to our 31 Jan., 2022 coverage, Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies is reporting an agreement with San Diego-based Sempra Infrastructure, Mitsui & Co., Ltd. and Japan LNG Investment for the expansion of the 12 million tpy Cameron LNG export facility in Hackberry, Louisiana.

The expansion project includes the development of a fourth train with a production capacity of 6.75 million metric tpy and a 5 pct increase of the current 13.5 Mtpa first three trains through "de-bottlenecking", design enhancements aiming at reducing thefacility's emissions and increased use of electric drive technology. Under the terms of the agreement, TotalEnergies will off-take 16.6 pct of the projected fourth train's production capacity, and 25 pct of the projected de-bottlenecked capacity. (Source: TotalEnergies, Cameron LNG, Website PR, April 12, 2022) Contact: TotalEnergies, Bernard Pinatel, Pres., Refining and Chemicals, Pres. Gas, Renewables & Power, Investor Relations, +33 (0)1 47 44 46 46 l,,; Sempra Infrastructure,,; Cameron LNG, (713) 249-0451,

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Norden Offers 100 pct Carbon-Neutral Marine Fuel Option (Int'l.)
Date: 2022-04-11
Hellerup, Denmark-headquartered global maritime logistics firm Norden has announced a carbon-neutral biofuel from waste cooking oil option for maritime freight shippers looking to reduce their environmental impact.

The biofuel is a drop-in replacement with no need for engine modifications; Norden plans to scale up its offering as biofuel becomes more available. The initiative is the first in a planned range of projects to help Norden meet its net-zero emissions goal by 2050. (Source: Norden, PR, 7 Apr., 2022) Contact: Norden, +45 3715 0451,

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Enerkem Closes $255Mn Financing for Gasification Tech. (Ind. Report)
Date: 2022-04-11
Montreal-headquartered Enerkem, a world leader in the production of low-carbon intensity biofuels and circular chemicals from waste materials, is reporting closure of a new financing totaling $255 million to accelerate the adoption and deployment of the company's technology and to develop new projects in Spain and Portugal.

The funding was led by global multi-energy company Repsol, Suncor Energy, Monarch Alternative Capital, a new investor, is contributing $30 million to the round while Avenue Capital Group is reinvesting $30 million, both in convertible debt. Finally, there is $25 million reinvested in equity by some existing shareholders. J.P. Morgan Securities LLC served as exclusive placement agent to Enerkem Inc. in connection with the financing.

Enerkem has developed and is marketing its breakthrough technology to produce, from non-recyclable waste, circular chemicals and advanced biofuels intended for hard to decarbonize sectors, such as sustainable aviation and marine fuels. (Source: Enerkem, Website PR, April, 2022) Contact: Repsol,; Enerkem, Dominique Boies, CEO and CFO, 514-375-7800,,

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Grenergy Issues €52.5Mn in Green Bonds (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2022-04-06
Madrid-based independent renewable energy developer and producer Grenergy Renovables is reporting the issuance and placement of a new green bond program on the BME Fixed Income Market (MARF) for a final value of €52.5 million ($57.316 US) and a maturity of 5 years. This is the company's second bond issue on the MARF following the inaugural issue of €22 million in November 2019.

Grenergy Renovables' business model covers all phases of a project, from development, through construction and financial structuring to operation and plant maintenance. The company has a global pipeline of more than 10 GW in various stages of development in the ten countries where it operates in the European market (Spain, Italy, Poland and the U.K.), North America (United States) and Latin America (Chile, Peru, Mexico, Argentina and Columbia. (Source: Grenergy Renovables, Website PR, 5 April, 2022) Contact: Grenergy Renovables, +0034 917 08 19 70,

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Bloomberg Projects Major Jump in U.S. RNG Demand (Ind. Report)
Date: 2022-03-30
BloombergNEF is reporting U.S. demand for renewable natural gas(RNG) produced from waste and other renewable sources could jump 45-fold over the next two decades as utilities seek to reduce their carbon emissions.

fRNG, which so far has been primarily used as a replacement for diesel, could grow to 3.15 trillion cubic fpy by 2040 as it becomes a "key decarbonization tool" for gas utilities, and could potentially substitute as much as 12 pct of current U.S. demand, up from less than 1 pct if technologies still in early stages of development are implemented in a commercial scale, according to the report. That includes the ability to convert wood residues into gas through a process known as thermal gasification.

"Renewable natural gas has the potential to provide significant emissions reductions in hard-to-abate sectors, such as heating and transportation," according to BNEF analyst Jade Patterson. (Source: BloombergNEF, 22 Mar., 2022)

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BP Talks Renewable Energy, Climate Change -- Notable Quotes
Date: 2022-03-21
"The decarbonization of the power sector is driven by rapid growth in wind and solar power. Wind and solar power generation increases by around 20-fold over the outlook in Accelerated and Net Zero, increasing to around 40,000-45,000TWh and more than accounting for the entire growth in global power generation. And key elements of the low-carbon energy system critical for the world to transition successfully to net zero -- installation of new wind and solar power capacity; sales of electric vehicles; announcements of blue and green hydrogen and CCUS projects -- have all expanded rapidly."

"There are signs of a new momentum in tackling climate change. The carbon budget is finite, and it is running out: further delays in reducing CO₂ emissions could greatly increase the economic and social costs associated with trying to remain within the carbon budget." -- Spencer Dale, BP Chief Economist, 14 Mar., 2022

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Pratt & Whitney Reports SAF Test Success (Ind. Report)
Pratt & Whitney, World Energy
Date: 2022-03-18
Aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, a Raytheon Technologies unit, reports it has successfully tested the GTF Advantage engine configuration with 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) provided by World Energy. The test marks a key step on the road toward 100 percent SAF operation of GTF-powered aircraft and is a key element of an extensive development program validating the engine's performance on 100 percent SAF in thrust transients, starting and operability.

Pratt & Whitney has been actively involved in testing SAFs for almost two decades and helped establish the technical standards that allow today's engines to operate on SAF blends of up to 50 percent with standard kerosene. Pratt & Whitney is working towards validating its engines to operate with 100 percent SAF, and collaborate closely with the (CAAFI) and ASTM International in service of that goal.

Pratt & Whitney used 100 percent Hydroprocessed Esters and Fatty Acids Synthetic Paraffinic Kerosine (HEFA-SPK) fuel acquired from World Energy for the test. HEFA-SPK is a specific type of hydrotreated vegetable oil fuel used in aviation and is considered a leading alternative replacement for conventional jet fuel by CAAFI due to the sustainability of its feedstock. (Source: Pratt & Whitney, PR, 17 Mar., 2022) Contact: Pratt & Whitney, Graham Webb, CSO, 860-565-4321,; World Energy, 617-889-7300, Fax -- 617-887-2411,,; Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative,

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Strategic Biofuels La. Green Fuels Project Advances (Ind. Report)
Strategic Biofuels
Date: 2022-03-16
Strategic Biofuels, the leader in developing negative carbon footprint renewable fuels plants, announced today that its Louisiana Green Fuels project has finished the Preliminary Engineering phase (FEL-2), and having successfully completed all success criteria, has moved into the front end engineering design (FEED) or FEL-3 phase of engineering. Strategic Biofuels selected Hatch as its engineering partner and Koch Project Solutions as the Project Management and EPC partner at the project's inception.

During the FEL-2 phase, the specific set of process operating conditions and equipment necessary to achieve the level of reliability, efficiency, and safety required was established, setting the direction for the rest of the project. The design advancement and optimization during the phase resulted in a further 10 percent reduction in the carbon footprint of the renewable diesel and naphtha than previously estimated. This has resulted in a carbon intensity of -278, which is a 378 pct reduction in carbon emissions compared to fossil fuel production, making it the lowest carbon footprint liquid fuel in the world. (Source: Strategic Biofuels, PR, 14 Mar., 2022) Contact: Strategic Biofuels, Paul Schubert, CEO

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Lafarge France Invests €46Mn to Cut Carbon Emissions (Int'l.)
Lafarge,Holcim Group
Date: 2022-03-16
Cement manufacturer Lafarge France, a Holcim Group company, reports it will invest €46 million to produce cements with a reduced carbon impact in its plants in Saint-Pierre-la-Cour (Mayenne) and Bouc-Bel-Air (Bouches-du-Rhone) France.

The investment is in line with the Holcim Group's strategy to accelerate green growth. By 2025, 25 pct of sales of ready-to-use concrete will have to come from the Group's 'EcoPAct' range, launched three years ago around low-carbon products. (Source: Lafarge France., PR, cement, 16 Mar., 2022) Contact: Lafarge France,

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Andritz to Supply CO2 Capture for German Cement Works (Int'l,)

Date: 2022-03-11
International technology group Andritz reports it will supply Germany's first CO2 capture plant based on the amine process to the cement works in Rohrdorf. A project pilot plant for testing the general technical, quality and economic conditions for CO2 capture and conversion pilot is currently under construction.

Start-up of the plant is scheduled for the end of July 2022. After a comprehensive test, the plant will be to remove around 2 tpd of CO2. The German cement industry is aiming to produce climate-neutral cement by 2050, according to the release. (Source: Andritz, Website PR, Mar, 2022)

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ANDRITZ to supply Germany’s first CO2 capture plant for a cement works

Date: 2022-03-09
International technology group ANDRITZ is to supply Germany’s first CO2 capture plant based on the amine process to the cement works in Rohrdorf. A pilot plant is currently being built on the southern side of Rohrdorf cement works for testing the general technical, quality and economic conditions for CO2 capture and conversion. Start-up of the plant is scheduled for the end of July 2022. After a comprehensive test, the plant will be expanded and thus able to remove around two tons of CO2 per day, German cement industry's goal of being able to produce climate-neutral cement by 2050. (Source: Andritz, Website PR, Mar, 2022)

Viridos, ExxonMobil Partnering on Algae Biofuels R&D (Ind. Report)
Viridos, ExxonMobil
Date: 2022-03-02
La Jolla, California-headquartered Viridos Inc. -- fka Synthetic Genomics -- reports it is partnering with global oil and gas giant ExxonMobil for research and production of biofuel from algae. The firms are aiming to produce 10,000 bpd of Veridos's low-carbon intensity algae biofuel.

To that end, Viridos and ExxonMobil are leveraging learnings from past achievements, including the development of a high-oil algae strain that produces more than double the fat content of conventional algae.

"In the past few years, Viridos' leadership in engineering microalgae has achieved greater than five times bio-oil productivity increases by increasing both the oil content in the algae and the algae yield. The results from outdoor deployment of Viridos' bio-engineered strains in 2020 and 2021 mark the inflection point toward deployment.

"These advancements in bioengineering have positioned Viridos to be the leading enterprise in algal technology with the potential to facilitate significant reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the heavy transportation sector," according to Viridos. (Source: Viridos, Website, PR, Mar., 2022) Contact: Viridos. Dr. Oliver Fetzer, CEO, 858.754.2900,; ExxonMobil, Vijay Swarup, VP, R&D, 908-735-7102,

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Origin Selects Geismar, La. for Proposed Biorefinery (Ind. Report)
Origin Materials
Date: 2022-02-25
West Sacramento, California-headquartered Origin Materials Inc. reports it has selected a site in Geismar, Louisiana, for the construction of its proposed Origin 2 facility which would produce biobased materials and chemicals from wood residues. Development of the Geismar project is subject to finalization of economic incentives

When fully operational is 2025, the Geismar facility would utilize roughly 1 million dry metric tpy of primarily state-sourced woody biomass / wood residues to produce carbon-negative materials used to make polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic as well as hydrothermal carbon, which can be used in fuel pellets, as activated carbon, and as a replacement for black carbon.

The company's first facility, Origin 1, is under development in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada and expected to be completed by the end of 2022. (Source: Origin Materials Inc., Website, PR, Feb., 2022) Contact: Origin Materials Inc.,,

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Chevron Reports Carbon Clean CO2 Capture Tech. Investment (Ind. Report)
Carbon Clean, CHevron
Date: 2022-02-25
Chevron U.S.A. Inc., a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, reports it has made a new investment in Carbon Clean, a global leader in cost-effective industrial carbon capture.

Carbon Clean's technology is designed to reduce the costs and physical footprint required for carbon capture compared with many existing approaches. Carbon Clean's technology and fully modular construction also aims to reduce site disruption and facilitate faster permitting.

As previously reported, Chevron Technology Ventures first invested in Carbon Clean in 2020. With this new investment, Chevron and Carbon Clean are seeking to develop a carbon capture pilot for Carbon Clean's CycloneCC technology on a gas turbine in San Joaquin Valley, California.

Carbon capture will play a crucial role in reducing emissions in hard-to-abate energy intensive industries such as refining, cement, and steel.

Chevron is targeting 25 million tpy of CO2 in equity storage by the end of this decade. (Source: Chevron, Website PR, 24 Feb., 2022) Contact: Chevron, Creighton Welch, (281) 703.2728,,; Carbon Clean, Aniruddha Sharma, CEO, +44 20 3865 0638,

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bp Takes Stake in UK's Green Biofuels (Int'l., M&A)
Green Biofuels Ltd, bp
Date: 2022-02-23
London-headquartered energy giant bp is reporting acquisition of a 30 pct stake in Green Biofuels Ltd., the U.K.'s largest provider of hydrogenated vegetable oil (HVO). GBF's products are made from renewable feedstocks such as vegetable oils, animal oils and fat. The company's low-emissions HVO Gd+ can be used as a direct drop-in replacement for diesel.

bp's investment in GBF will expand bp's global biofuels portfolio and its lower carbon solutions for U.K. customers, in line with its strategic aim of growing its bioenergy businesses as it transitions to become an integrated energy company. (Source: bp, PR, Feb., 2022)Contact: bp, Sven Boss-Walker, SVP Refining & Products,; Green Biofuels Ltd., +44 7850 246805,

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Texas Green Hydrogen/Fuels Hub MoU Announced (Ind. Report)
Apex Clean Energy
Date: 2022-02-23
Charlottesville, Virginia-headquartered Apex Clean Energy, LLC, EPIC Midstream Holdings, the Port of Corpus Christi Authority (PCCA) and funds managed by Ares Management Corporation are reporting a nonbinding MoU to explore the development of a green hydrogen/green fuels production, storage, transportation, and export "hub" at the Port of Corpus Christi, Texas.

The proposed project would produce green hydrogen and other derivative green fuels on a commercial scale with additional scale possible by decade's end.

Apex expects to utilize its wind and solar projects currently in development in Texas to power facilities producing green hydrogen and derivative green fuels products. In addition, EPIC will consider leveraging its pipeline construction and operating expertise to accelerate the development of a new, dedicated green fuels pipeline. The project would also endeavor to leverage and develop existing and new storage, processing, and export infrastructure sited on real estate owned by PCCA, according to the release.

The nonbinding MOU marks the second significant milestone for Apex in the green hydrogen sector, following the 2021 announcement of a 345 MW wind power purchase agreement and development services agreement for a hydrogen production facility, also located in Texas, according to the Apex release. (Source: Apex Clean Energy, Website PR, 22 Feb., 2022) Contact: Apex Clean Energy, Mark Goodwin, Pres., CEO, 434.220.7595, Fax: 434.220.3712,,; CEO Ares Management Corp.,; Port of Corpus Christi Authority, 361-882-5633,

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TATA, RWE Collaborating on Indian Offshore Wind Projects (Int'l.)
RWE Renewables, Tata Power
Date: 2022-02-23
RWE Renewables GmbH and Tata Power subsidiary between Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited are reporting a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on a partnership to jointly explore possible offshore wind projects in India.

The release notes the MoU is "significant in the light of the Government of India's announcement of achieving 30 GW of offshore wind installations by 2030." (Source: Tata Power, Website PR, 21 Feb., 2022) Contact: Tata Power,,; RWE Renewables, Sven Utermohlen, CEO, Wind Offshore,

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€20Mn ISIF Fund Supports Building Energy Efficiency (Int'l.)
Ireland Strategic Investment Fund
Date: 2022-02-23
In Dublin, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund (ISF) is touting a new €20 million fund that will improve the energy efficiency of existing infrastructure including commercial buildings and homes.

With the fund, ISIF will become a cornerstone investor in the Solas Sustainable Energy Fund (SSEF) which provides funding to energy service companies in connection with energy efficiency projects.

The funding will allow energy efficiency contractors and suppliers to offer financing and deferred payment plans for business and residential energy enhancement projects such as LED lighting, insulation updates, rooftop solar, HVAC and others. The ISIF investment supports the Irish Climate Action Plan to reduce the emissions and make Irish homes and businesses more energy efficient. ISIF is part of the National Treasury Management Agency. (Source: Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, Feb 2022) Contact: Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, +353 1 238 4000, ,

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$80 Mn to Fund Carbon-Neutral "White Carbon" Concrete (Ind. Report)
Concrete,CP Concrete Consortium
Date: 2022-02-02
The CP Concrete Consortium reports receipt of $80 million in funding from the Green Innovation Funding Program of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

The 15-member consortium is aiming to develop "Carbon Pool Concrete" technology -- a new concrete production method that reduces CO2 generated in cement production by reducing carbon emission during production and maximizing carbon sequestration post-production. This novel concrete production technology is to be used in constructing pavements, buildings, and other civil engineering structures. (Source: CP Concrete Consortium, 2 Feb., 2022)

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Haldor Topsoe Joins Hydrogen Council (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2022-01-28
Denmark-based HaldorTopsoe reports it has joined the Brussel-headquartered Hydrogen Council. The 134-member Council constitutes the entire hydrogen value chain including companies and industries from 20 countries that have a shared interest in promoting the deployment of hydrogen across the energy, electrolysis, transportation and other industries aiming to foster the transition to clean energy.

According to the release, "Topsoe aims to be recognized as the global leader in carbon emission reduction technologies by 2024. As a world leader in electrolyzers, catalysts, and technology, we are heavily engaged in developing solutions for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors such as steel, cement, chemicals, shipping and aviation. Our solutions produce essential renewable energy carriers, fuels, and chemicals of the future, such as green hydrogen, green ammonia and eMethanol. Our foundation is Topsoe's market-leading and energy-efficient technologies to produce chemicals and fuels." (Source: HaldorTopsoe, Website PR, 26 Jan., 2022) Contact: HaldorTopsoe, Roeland Baan, CEO, Ulrik Frohlke, +45 27 77 99 68,,; Hydrogen Council,

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ENVIVA Plans to Double Production Capacity (Ind. Report)
Date: 2022-01-26
Bethesda, Maryland-based woody biomass pellet producer ENVIVA Partners LP reports the signing of an MOU with a U.S.-based cleantech company to co-develop a supply chain strategy for advanced, low-carbon transportation fuels, including sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), with a focus on the customer's operations in the U.S. Southeast and potentially California. Under the MOU, the customer's refining process will convert ENVIVA's woody biomass into a drop-in replacement for crude oil used for producing aviation fuel.

According to the release, ENVIVA plans to double its production capacity over the next 5 years, from 6.2 million MTPY to approximately 13 million MTPY. The company also expects its plant in Lucedale, Mississippi to ramp production throughout 2022, exiting the year at its designed run-rate of 750,000 MTPY. In total, the company plans to place six plants with 1.1 million MTPY in service over the next 5 years.(Source: ENVIVA , Website PR, Jan., 2022)Contact: ENVIVA Biomass, Dr. Jennifer Jenkins, VP, Chief Sustainability Officer, (301) 657-5560,

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Lehigh Cement, Enbridge to Advance CCUS in Alberta (Ind. Report)
Lehigh Cement, Enbridge
Date: 2022-01-26
On the Canadian prairies, Lehigh Cement, a division of Lehigh Hanson Materials Limited and Enbridge Inc. have announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to collaborate on North America's first full-scale carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) solution for the cement industry at Lehigh's plant in Edmonton , Alberta. The aim is to capture roughly 780,000 tpy of CO2. Captured emissions would be transported via pipeline and permanently sequestered by Enbridge. Subject to the award of carbon sequestration rights and regulatory approvals, the project could be in service as early as 2025.

With the support of Lehigh and Capital Power Corporation (Capital Power) with their local facilities, Enbridge will be applying to develop an open access carbon hub in the Wabamun area, west of Edmonton, Alberta, through the Government of Alberta's Request for Full Project Proposals process.

Combined, the emissions from Capital Power and Lehigh's planned carbon capture projects represent an opportunity to avoid nearly 4 million tonnes of atmospheric CO2 emissions. Once built, the Open Access Wabamun Carbon Hub will be among the largest integrated CCUS projects in the world, according to the Enbridge release. (Source: Enbridge Inc. PR, 26 Jan., 2022) Contact: Lehigh Hanson, Jeff Sieg, 972-653-6011,; Enbridge Inc., 800-481-2804,

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UK Battery Energy Storage Trials Announced (Int'l. Report)
AMTE Power, Brill Power, Starke Energy
Date: 2022-01-21
In the UK, AMTE Power, Oxford-headquartered Brill Power and Netherlands-based Starke Energy BV are to demonstrate new lithium-ion and sodium-ion battery energy storage solutions at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus Science and Engineering Facilities Council's (STFC) solar array and commercial-scale test-bed in Oxfordshire. The Harwell energy storage system is expected to operational this March and will run for a minimum of 12 months.

Three new technologies will be integrated with AMTE's sodium-ion battery module and demonstrated using Brill Power's battery intelligence technology and Stark Energy's energy management system, which links stored energy into the electricity grid. This is the first time that these technologies are being deployed in a commercially relevant project.

The project is part of the Interreg North-West Europe STEPS programme that in its first phase is supporting 40 businesses through a competitive product enhancement voucher programme valued at €12,500 each. (Source: STFC, PR, The Engineer, Jan., 2022) Contact: Starke Energy BV, +34 622 21 1661,,; Brill Power, Christoph Birkl , CEO, +44 (0) 20 3319 2175.,; AMTE,; STFC,

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AVANGRID Lauds BOEM NY Bight Offshore Wind Auction (Ind. Report)
Date: 2022-01-19
Orange, New Jersey-headquartered sustainable energy company AVANGRID, Inc released the following statement regarding the Bureau of Energy and Ocean Management's (BOEM) announced 23 February auction for offshore wind lease areas in the New York Bight.

"As a leader in offshore wind, AVANGRID applauds the much anticipated announcement for a public auction for lease areas within the New York Bight. Given our 4.9 GW off-shore wind project portfolio, we look forward to participating in this historic auction. We have a strong track record of developing projects that incorporate all stakeholders and community interests in a way that brings not only clean energy benefits, but also sustainable economic and societal benefits through project labor agreements, workforce and supply chain development, and marine mammal protections."

According to the company release, "AVANGRID, Inc. aspires to be the leading sustainable energy company in the United States. With approximately $39 billion in assets and operations in 24 U.S. states, AVANGRID has two primary lines of business: Avangrid Networks which owns and operates eight electric and natural gas utilities, serving more than 3.3 million customers in N.Y, and New England -- and Avangrid Renewables with the following Offshore Wind Portfolio:

  • Vineyard Wind 1 -- a 50/50 joint venture with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and the first commercial scale U.S. Offshore Wind Project. The project began onshore construction last year and when completed will deliver 800 MW to Massachusetts customers.

  • Park City Wind -- an 804 MW project that will deliver clean energy to Connecticut customers while revitalizing Bridgeport's waterfront as home to the project’s office and transition piece staging and operations and maintenance port.

  • Commonwealth Wind -- a groundbreaking 1232 MW project that will deliver clean energy to Massachusetts customers. The project supports historic economic development investments in the Commonwealth, including a tier I cable manufacturing facility and the Commonwealth's second offshore wind port in Salem, MA.

  • Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind -- a 2,500 MW development project off the coast of North Carolina and Virginia. The project can deliver clean energy to both states and has received its notice of intent to proceed with permitting from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. (Source: AVANGRID, Website PR, 17 Jan., 2022) Contact: AVANGRID, Dennis V. Arriola, CEO,; BOEM, Connie Gillette, Public Affairs, Walter Cruickshank, Acting Dir., (202) 208-6474,

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  • Alberta Offers $30Mn Support for Carbon Capture Projects (Funding)
    Emissions Reduction Alberta
    Date: 2022-01-14
    On the Canadian prairies, Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) is launching Carbon Capture Kickstart: Design and Engineering, a new $30 million funding competition that will accelerate development of industrial-scale carbon capture and transportation technology solutions in Alberta.

    The Carbon Capture Kickstart competition supports pre-construction design and engineering and is focused on site-specific carbon capture, direct air capture, and carbon transportation infrastructure. Proposals can address emissions across industrial sectors: power generation, cement production, manufacturing, oil and gas, and more. All proposals must target specific large final emitter sites in Alberta. ERA will contribute up to 50 pct of the project cost to a maximum of $7.5 million. ERA will also identify opportunities to leverage funding for this call with support from other funding agencies, such as Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)

    All ERA funding recipients are required to produce a final outcomes report that is shared publicly for the broader benefit of Alberta. Funding recipients will be required to report on project outcomes, achievements, and lessons learned including GHG reductions, job creation, and other environmental, economic, and social benefits.

    Download Kickstart details HERE .

    Since 2009, ERA has invested revenues from the carbon price paid by large final emitters to accelerate the development and adoption of innovative clean technology solutions and committed $821 million toward 221 projects worth $6.6 billion that are helping reduce GHGs. These projects are estimated to deliver cumulative reductions of 42.3 million tonnes of CO₂e by 2030. (Source: Gov. of Alberta, Emissions Reduction Alberta, PR 14 Jan., 2022) Contact: Gov. of Alberta, Emissions Reduction Alberta, Kevin Duncan, 403.431.2859,,

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    Blackstone Invests $3Bn in Invenergy (Ind. Report)
    Blackstone, Invenergy, CDPQ
    Date: 2022-01-10
    Blackstone Inc. is reporting funds managed by Blackstone Infrastructure Partners have entered into a definitive agreement with the Canadian province of Quebec's giant ($389.7 billion CAD) pension fund Caisse de depot et placement du Quebec (CDPQ) and Invenergy for a roughly $3 billion equity investment in Invenergy Renewables Holdings LLC.

    The investment will help accelerate Invenergy's renewables development activities. CDPQ and Invenergy management remain majority owners of the company and Invenergy will continue as managing member.

    Invenergy Renewables is a major renewable energy developer with over 175 projects totaling nearly 25,000 MW developed across four continents, focused on partnerships with utilities, financial institutions and commercial and industrial customers. The company is building both the largest wind and solar projects in the United States, that combined will deliver nearly 3 GW of clean energy by 2023.

    Since 2019, Blackstone has committed nearly $13 billion in investments that it believes are consistent with the broader energy transition. Additionally in 2020, Blackstone announced a plan to reduce carbon emissions by 15 pct in aggregate within the first three years of ownership across all new investments where Blackstone has control over energy usage, according to the company. (Source: Blackstone, PR, 9 Jan., 2021) Contact: Invenergy LLC, Ryan Van Portfliet, Renewable Energy Development, Michael Mulcahey, Business Development Manager, (312) 224-1400,; Blackstone Inc,; CDPQ,

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    POET Statement on EPA Proposed RVO Volumes (Opinions & Asides)
    Date: 2022-01-10
    In Sioux Falls, South Dakota, POET Senior VP of Government Affairs and Communications, Joshua Shields, issued the following in response to the EPA's announcement on the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVOs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard:

    "EPA's draft rule would reduce access to the single most affordable and abundant source of low-carbon liquid fuel on the planet right at the moment when consumers are facing high gas prices, and political leaders are grasping for climate solutions that are within reach. The Biden Administration should fulfill the President's campaign promises to support the Renewable Fuel Standard, which will continue to affordably decarbonize the nation's existing vehicle fleet, create clean energy jobs and support American farmers. We urge the EPA to consider the consequences of reducing biofuel volumes, reinstate robust blending targets and, as the President said, 'Get the RFS back on track' before the rule is finalized'." (Source: POET, Website, 7 Dec., 2021) Contact: POET, Joshua Shields, Senior V.P. Gov. Affairs and Communications, (605) 965-2200,,

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    US Greenhouse Gas Emissions on the Rise (Ind. Report)
    Rhodium Group,Global Carbon Project
    Date: 2022-01-10
    According to a preliminary estimate released Monday by the NYC-based research and consultancy firm Rhodium Group, after falling 10 pct in 2020 U.S. greenhouse gas emissions from energy and industry rose 6.2 pct in 2021 as the economy began to recover from pandemic lows as pandemic related restrictions eased and economic activity picked up. The report notes that transport, the largest source of greenhouse gases in the country, saw its emissions increase by 10 pct in 2021 after a drop of 15 pct in 2020, due in part to an increase in the number of diesel trucks carrying goods to consumers as e-commerce has increased, with freight traffic exceeding pre-pandemic levels last year.

    Coal-fired power plant emissions rose 17 pct in 2021 after dropping 19 pct in 2020. Prior to the pandemic, U.S. electric utilities replaced hundreds of coal-fired power plants with cheaper and cleaner natural gas, wind and solar power. In 2020, electricity use fell nationwide and many utilities ran their remaining coal plants much less often, as it was often the most expensive fuel. But in 2021 natural gas prices nearly doubled and many utilities returned to coal-fired power for electricity. According to the US Energy Information Administration , coal emissions will likely fall in 2022 if natural gas prices stabilize. Electric utilities have already announced plans to withdraw at least 28 pct of their remaining coal-fired power plants by 2035, and many have been turning to renewable energy at a record pace .

    The Rhodium group report also notes emissions from heavy industry, such as cement and steel, rose 3.6 pct in 2021 after falling 6.2 pct in 2020. Emissions from buildings increased by 1.9 pct in 2021 after a 7.6 pct decrease in 2020. The report ignores the rise in emissions from last year's massive West Coast wildfires which burned millions of acres of forest and released the CO2 that had been locked in burning trees.

    In November, the Global Carbon Project estimated that global CO2 emissions from energy and industry rose 4.9 pct in 2021, after falling 5.4 pct in 2020. China, India and the European Union have all seen large increases, suggesting that any climate effect of the pandemic has been fleeting. (Source: Rhodium Group, Jan., 2022) Contact: Rhodium Group, Kate Larsen, Partner , 212.532.1157, nyc@rhg,com,; Global Carbon Project, +61-2-6246 5631,,

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    LafargeHolcim Espana CCUS JV Announced (Int'l. Report)
    LafargeHolcim,Carbon Clean
    Date: 2022-01-07
    In Madrid, cement producer LafargeHolcim Espana is reporting the launch of ECCO2, a joint venture with London-headquartered Carbon Clean and Sistemas de Calor to develop carbon capture technology for use at the producer's Carboneras cement plant in Almería.

    When commissioned in early 2023, the carbon capture system will capture 10 pct of the Carboneras plant's CO2 emissions that will be marketed plant for use as a gas in local agricultural greenhouse operations. (Source: LafargeHolcim Espana, PR World Cement, Jan., 2022) Contact: LafargeHolcim Espana, +34 912 13 31 00; Carbon Clean, Aniruddha Sharma, CEO, +44 20 3865 0638,

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    DOE Issues new Renewable Fuels RFI (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2022-01-03
    In Washington, the U.S. DOE has released a new request for information (RFI) on the scale-up and demonstration of renewable fuels. The RFI, titled Overcoming Barriers to Renewable Fuel Scale-Up and Demonstration seeks input from biofuels producers and technology developers about their readiness to scale process technologies to pilot- and demonstration-scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel, and renewable marine fuels. The RFI also seeks input on how existing first-generation ethanol and other existing industries could be leveraged to provide low-cost feedstock and infrastructure for biofuels production, including information on practices that can reduce the carbon intensity of corn production.

    This RFI seeks input from biofuels producers and technology developers about their readiness to scale process technologies to pilot and demonstration-scale sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), renewable diesel and renewable marine fuels. This information is necessary for DOE's Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO) to chart the potential growth of domestic renewable fuels production by 2030 and to understand the barriers in scaling renewable fuel production pathways. This RFI also seeks information on how DOE can best assist biofuels production stakeholders in their research and development (R&D) and scaling up of their technologies through demonstration scale. The RFI is seeking feedback on issues related to the following:

  • Biofuel Pathway Scale-Up Forecasts -- plans by developers to scale SAF, marine, and renewable diesel production

  • Barriers to Scale-Up of SAF, Marine, and Renewable Diesel Technologies -- input on technical, financial, legal, contractual, policy and other barriers

  • Leveraging First Generation Ethanol and Other Incumbent Industries -- information on technological improvements that could enhance low-carbon fuel production

  • BETO Scale-Up of Biotechnologies Strategy -- input on BETO's scale-up strategy and other forms of financial assistance to support biofuel scale-up and commercialization

  • Leveraging National Laboratory PDU to Scale-Up Renewable Fuels -- insight on how DOE National Laboratory capabilities can support biofuel scale-up and commercialization

  • Feedstock Production & Supply -- information on sustainable corn farming practices and challenges in establishing robust biomass feedstock supply chains.

    This is solely a request for information and not a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA). EERE is not accepting applications.

    Responses must be submitted electronically to no later than 5:00pm (ET) on January 31, 2022. Responses must be provided as attachments to an email. It is recommended that attachments with file sizes exceeding 25MB be compressed (i.e., zipped) to ensure message delivery. Responses must be provided as a Microsoft Word (.docx) attachment to the email, and no more than 10 pages in length, 12 point font, 1 inch margins. Only electronic responses will be accepted.

    In addition to, or in lieu of, providing written responses to this RFI, respondents may request a 30-minute individual discussion with a BETO staff member regarding the content of their written responses to the RFI questions via (Source: US DOE, BETO, PR, 28 Dec., 2021) Contact: US DOE BETO,

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  • Risen Energy Plans Major Chinese Renewables Complex (Int'l.)
    Risen Energy
    Date: 2021-12-29
    China's Risen Energy Co Ltd reports it plans to invest the equivalent of $7 billion (US) in a new combined 3.5 GW solar and 1.6 GW wind project, with energy storage capacity, in Inner Mongolia.

    The project's power production will enable the production of roughly 200,000 tpy of industrial silicon, 150,000 tpy of polysilicon, 10 GW of solar cells and 3 GW of panels annually. The manufacturing section of the complex is expected to take four years to complete, according to the announcement. (Source: Risen Energy, Website PR, 28 Dec., 2021) Contact: Risen Energy Co Ltd., 0086-574-59953588,,

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    FuelCell Energy, POSCO Ink Asia Distribution Deal (Ind. Report)
    FuelCell Energy, POSCO
    Date: 2021-12-29
    Danbury, Conn.-based FuelCell Energy is reporting an agreement with POSCO Energy Co., Ltd. and its subsidiary, Korea Fuel Cell Co., Ltd., to exclusively sell and service its different fuel cell platforms to customers in Asia. The agreement also provides for a firm order for a minimum of 20 SureSource replacement modules to service the existing South Korean operating projects during the calendar year 2020.

    The 2020-2025 Asia-Pacific --China, India, South Korea and Japan -- fuel cell market is expected to witness a CAGR of over 17 pct, according to a Mordor Intelligence (Source: FuelCell Energy PR, Zacks, 28 Dec., 2021) Contact: FuelCell Energy, Jason Few, CEO, 203-825-6000,,; POSCO,

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    CarbonCure Touts 500th Carbon Tech System Sale (Ind. Report)
    CarbonCure Technologies
    Date: 2021-12-29
    Nova Scotia, Canada-headquartered CarbonCure Technologies, a climate tech company that provides a suite of carbon dioxide removal technologies to the concrete industry, has announced the sale of its 500th system to the Don Chapin Company in Salinas, California, part of a three-plant rollout of CarbonCure Ready Mix.

    CarbonCure's long-term vision is to support the complete decarbonization of the concrete manufacturing process through continued innovation and rapid scaling of its suite of carbon mineralization solutions. Year over year, CarbonCure's output of sustainable concrete increased 91 pct across the industry. According to Carbon Cure, the company's carbon removal technologies have been used in more than 15.5 million cubic yards (11.9 million cubic meters) of concrete to date -- equivalent to building the Hoover Dam 4.5 times or the Pentagon 35 times -- and have saved more than 132,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide to date -- equal to the annual emissions from 28,750 cars. (Source: Carbon Cure Technologies, PR, 16 Dec., 2021) Contact: CarbonCure Technologies, Robert Niven, CEO, (902) 442-4020,,

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    DRAX Taps Worley for UK BECCS Project (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-12-22
    In the UK, North Yorkshire-based biomass power producer DRAX, which plans to invest roughly £40 million in the first phase of its bioenergy with carbon capture and storage (BECCS) project, reports the selection of engineering, project management and construction firm Worley to begin the Front-End Engineering and Design (FEED) phase early next year. Worley may also work on the subsequent design and build phases of the BECCS project, subject to contract.

    The announcement follows DRAX's previously reported decision to partner with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group as its technology partner. With an effective negative emissions policy and investment framework from the government, BECCS could be deployed at DRAX as soon as 2027 -- delivering the UK's largest carbon capture project and permanently removing millions of tpy of CO2 from the atmosphere, according to DRAX. (Source: DRAX, Website PR, 15 Dec., 2021) Contact: DRAX Group, Will Gardiner, CEO, +44 (0) 1757 618381,; Worley, Chris Ashton, CEO, (713) 892-0999 -- Houston Office,

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    NYSERDA Awards $14.5Mn to Carbon Challenge Winners (Funding)
    Date: 2021-12-22
    In Albany, the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) yesterday announced nearly $14.5 million in awards to the third-round winners of the Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Carbon Challenge -- part of the Regional Economic Development Council Initiative Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) Round XI awards. The awarded entities include: the City of New York; Columbia University Irving Medical Center; St. John's University; Cascades Containerboard Packaging Niagara Falls; Essity Hygiene in the Capitol Region; Holcim (US) Inc. in Ravena; and IBM Corporation.

    The winning entities have committed to high-impact actions that will shrink their carbon footprints and result in a reduction of over 1.2 million metric tpy of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of taking approximately 260,000 cars off the road. Yesterday's announcement supports the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 85 pct by 2050 and advance a just transition for difficult-to-decarbonize and energy-intensive economic sectors.

    Launched in May 2018 and administered by NYSERDA, the C&I Carbon Challenge is a competitive program that provides funding to large commercial and industrial energy users such as manufacturers, colleges, health care facilities and office building owners in New York State to develop various cost-effective clean energy projects that reduce carbon emissions.

    The winning proposals, submitted through the State's annual CFA process, demonstrate the highest potential for cost-effectively implementing carbon-reducing clean energy actions. Projects that benefit disadvantaged communities received extra points in the scoring criteria when determining awards.

    With yesterday's announcement, more than $31 million has been awarded through the C&I Carbon Challenge for projects that are reducing carbon emissions to improve statewide sustainability and combat climate change. Past awardees have collectively committed to reducing over 2.7 million metric tons of carbon emissions, the equivalent of taking approximately 585,000 cars off the road.

    NYSERDA, a public benefit corporation, offers objective information and analysis, innovative programs, technical expertise, and funding to help New Yorkers increase energy efficiency, save money, use renewable energy, and reduce reliance on fossil fuels. NYSERDA professionals work to protect the environment and create clean-energy jobs. NYSERDA has been developing partnerships to advance innovative energy solutions in New York State since 1975. (Source: NYSERDA, PR, 21 Dec., 2021) Contact: NYSERDA, (518) 862-1090,

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    Railroad Giants Investigating Hydrogen Locomotive Fuel (Alt. Fuel)
    BNSF,Canadian Pacific Railway
    Date: 2021-12-20
    AP is reporting Fort Worth, Texas-headquartered BNSF Railway is investigating the use of hydrogen as a replacement for diesel locomotive fuel and plans to work with Chevron on fueling infrastructure for possible tests, details of which have not been announced. BNSF is the second largest railway in North America.

    In Canada, Calgary-headquartered Canadian Pacific Railway -- North Americas 4th largest railway -- is reported to be planning to use three hydrogen-powered locomotives the province of Alberta sometime next year. CP received a $15 million grant earlier this year to double the amount it planned to invest in the program. (Source: BNSF, AP, Dec., 2021) Contact: BNSF Railway,; Canadian Pacific Railway, 888-333-6370,

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    Velycos' Altalto Project Advancing Int'l, Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-12-20
    In the UK, sustainable fuels technology specialist Velycos plc is reporting that further to the announcement of 25 November 2021, and following completion of the fundraising, Altalto Immingham Ltd -- a subsidiary of Velocys -- has exercised an option agreement to acquire Rula Developments (Immingham) Limited (RDIL). RDIL owns the site of the proposed Altalto project, in North East Lincolnshire, which is being jointly developed by British Airways PLC and Velocys.

    Under the agreement, Velycos will pay £2.5 million part-payment and a further deferred consideration amount of up to £8.5 million is payable by 30 September 2022.

    Detailed engineering for the Altalto project is expected to commence in 2023. Financial close is expected in 2024, with plant construction to break ground in 2024 for mid-2025 completion and commercial operation in 2027. (Source: Velycos plc, Website PR, 17 Dec., 2021) Contact: Velocys plc Henrik Wareborn, CEO, Andrew Morris, CFO, +44 1865 800821,

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    First Gigaton Captured to Accelerate Carbon Capture (Ind. Report)
    First Gigaton Captured , Rocky Mountain INstitute
    Date: 2021-12-15
    Boulder, Colorado-based Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) is reporting global climate technology startup accelerator Third Derivative (D3) has entered a new four-year partnership with the not-for-profit Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust to launch First Gigaton Captured. First Gigaton will work to find, fund, and scale the most promising Carbon Removal startups through a joint effort aimed to massively scale breakthrough negative emissions technologies.

    Third Derivative aligns the world's most promising climate tech startups with focused investors, corporate partners and market experts to increase the success and speed to market of these innovations. First Gigaton Captured will support the rapid deployment of viable carbon removal solutions to full commercial adoption with a dedicated Carbon Capture Cohort of startups admitted to D3's program in 2022. Key elements of the First Gigaton Captured partnership include:

  • Leveraging the expertise of D3 and the RMI to deliver a body of research that finds and highlights the most promising carbon capture and removal pathways.

  • Launching a deeply-resourced D3 Carbon Capture Cohort in 2022, supporting the market's most-promising carbon capture startups with deployable and high impact solutions including scientific and market experts to support technical advancement and direct funding opportunities to help startups advance their systems to integrated pilot scale.

  • Unlocking a significant amount of catalytic capital to accelerate the technical development of high impact DAC solutions, including funding proof-of-concepts, pilots, and first-of-a-kind commercial facilities., and

  • Cultivating the market demand for high quality carbon removal with leading corporate partners.

    In addition to the Grantham Trust partnership, 16 startups have joined the 46 current climate tech startups currently in Third Derivative's global accelerator program.

    Founded in 2020 by RMI and New Energy Nexus, Third Derivative (D3) is accelerating the rate of climate innovation by uniting and aligning committed investors, large corporations, and market and policy experts with the world's most promising climate tech startups. (Source: Rocky Mountain Institute, Website PR, 7 Dec., 2021) Contact: Grantham Foundation,;D3,; RMI,

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  • Elysian Carbon Mgmt. Wins $350Mn Funding Commitment (Funding)
    Elysian Carbon Management
    Date: 2021-12-13
    In the Lone Star State, San Antonio-headquartered start-up Elysian Carbon Management is reporting an initial capital commitment of $350 million from EnCap Flatrock Midstream , also in San Antonio, to develop integrated carbon capture and storage (CCS) solutions.

    Elysian is focused on development projects for carbon management and the funding will help the company work on the design, engineering, contracting, permitting and construction of projects that will capture carbon dioxide emissions from primarily industrial emitters such as refineries, ethanol plants, cement plants, power plants, for storage at Elysian facilities. The company is aiming to reduce carbon emissions by at least 10 million metric tons per year, (Source: Elysian Carbon Management, Midland Reportere-Telegarm, 11 Dec., 2021) Contact: Elysian Carbon Management, Bret Logue, CEO,; EnCap Flatrock Midstream,

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    POET Comments on Proposed RVO Volumes (Opinions & Asides)
    Date: 2021-12-13
    In Sioux Falls, S.D., ethanol industry pioneer POET Senior V.P. of Government Affairs and Communications, Joshua Shields, issued the following statement in response to the EPA recent announcement on the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO) under the Renewable Fuel Standard:

    "EPA's draft rule would reduce access to the single most affordable and abundant source of low-carbon liquid fuel on the planet right at the moment when consumers are facing high gas prices, and political leaders are grasping for climate solutions that are within reach.

    "The Biden Administration should fulfill the President's campaign promises to support the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), which will continue to affordably decarbonize the nation's existing vehicle fleet, create clean energy jobs and support American farmers. We urge the EPA to consider the consequences of reducing biofuel volumes, reinstate robust blending targets and, as the President said, 'Get the RFS back on track' before the rule is finalized." (Source: POET, Website, 7 Dec., 2021) Contact: POET, Joshua Shields, Senior V.P. Gov. Affairs and Communications, (605) 965-2200,,

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