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OMV, AustroCel Hallein Seal Austrian Cellulosic Ethanol Deal (Int'l)
AustroCel Hallein, OMV
Date: 2019-10-04
Vienna, Austria-headquartered oil and gas company OMV and AustroCel Hallein GmbH are reporting a multi-year agreement under which AustroCel will supply cellulosic "advanced" bioethanol derived from woody biomass -- spruce sawmill waste -- to OMV.

AustroCel Hallein is committed to the cascading use of resources: High-purity cellulose is produced from spruce, which comes from the sawmill industry as scrap; this cellulose is predominantly processed in Asia to make fibres for textile applications.

AustroCel is constructing Austria's first advanced bioethanol production facility in Hallein. The €42 million bioethanol plant is expected to begin production early in 2021. Source: AustroCel Hallein GmbH, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 3 Oct., 2019) Contact: AustroCel Hallein GmbH, Jorge Harbring, CEO, +43 6245 8900,; OMV,

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Diamond Green Diesel Plans $1.1Bn Expansion (Ind. Report)
Diamond Green Diesel
Date: 2019-10-02
Honeywell is reporting the Valero Energy and Darling Ingredients joint venture Diamond Green Diesel facility in Norco, Louisiana, will invest $1.1 billion to expand its annual production capacity of renewable diesel using Honeywell UOP's Ecofining™ process technology to meet growing demand for renewable fuels in North America and Europe.

Producing 275 million gpy of Honeywell Green Diesel™, Diamond Green Diesel is the largest commercial advanced biofuel facility in the US. The expansion, which will increase the facility's annual production by nearly 150 pct to 675 million gpy, will also produce about 60 million gpy of renewable naphtha when completed and operational in late 2021.

Diamond Green Diesel's product is a qualified Advanced Biofuel under the US EPA Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). (Source: Honeywell, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Oct., 2019) Contact: Diamond Green Diesel,,; Valero Renewable Fuels, Joe Gorder, Pres., (800) 324-8464,; Darling Ingedients, Melissa A. Gaither, VP IR , (972) 281-4478,,; Honeywell UOP, Bryan Glover, VP Petrochemicals & Refining Technologies, www,

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Carbon Engineering Expanding Squamish Plant Capacity (Ind. Report)
Carbon Engineering,
Date: 2019-09-20
In British Columbia, Canada, Squamish-based C Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE)reports it is expanding the capacity of the design for its first commercial Direct Air Capture (DAC) plant from 500,000 tpy, to an expected one million tpy of CO2 removed from the atmosphere and permanently stored underground each year.

The plant is being engineered Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC (OLCV), a subsidiary of Occidental and a leader in safe CO2 management and injection. Construction is slated to begin in 2021 for completion and commissioning within approximately two years.

CE's technology captures CO2 directly from the atmosphere so it can be stored permanently underground, or synthesized into transportation fuels. The company's pilot plant in Squamish began operations in 2015 and has been converting captured CO2 into fuels since 2017. (Source: Carbon Engineering, PR, 17 Sept., 2019) Contact: Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham, CEO,

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Carbon Engineering, Oxy Partner on CCS, EOR Project (Ind. Report)
Carbon Engineering Ltd
Date: 2019-05-24
Kallanish Energy is reporting Squamish, BC-based Carbon Engineering Ltd and Houston-headquartered oil major Occidental Petroleum subsidiary Oxy Low Carbon Ventures LLC (Oxy) are in the process of engineering and designing a plant to capture CO2 emissions from the air, and to use those emissions in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) activities.

The plant, which would be located in the Permian Basin, is being billed the world's largest Direct Air Capture (DAC) and sequestration facility and is designed to capture 500 kilotonnes per year of CO2 directly from the atmosphere.

Plant construction could get underway in 2021 for operation in 2023. Plant costs and other details have not been revealed. (Source: Carbon Engineering, Kallanish Energy, May, 2019) Contact: Oxy Low Carbon Ventures,; Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham, CEO,,

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Increased Biofuel Storage Capacity Slated for Rotterdam (Int'l)
HES Botlek Tank Terminal
Date: 2019-04-12
In the Netherlands, HES Botlek Tank Terminal (HBTT) reports it has inked an agreement with SJR Tank Construction for six biofuel storage tanks at the Port of Rotterdam.

The storage tanks each have a capacity of 3400 m3, a diameter of 12 m and are 30 m in height. The first four tanks are currently being constructed in the conditioned production hall at the RDM site in Rotterdam and will be followed quickly by the final two tanks. The completely finished tanks will then be transported by water and installed in the foundations at HBTT in Botlek.

The new project follows their 2017 partnership in which seven fully-assembled tanks with a joint capacity of 70 000 m3 were delivered. HBTT is the first terminal in the Netherlands to hold the ISO 28001 certificate. (Source: HES Botlek Tank Terminal, PR, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 11 April 2019) Contact: HES Botlek Tank Terminal, Charles Smissaert, General Manager, +31 71 302 0141,

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Carbon Engineering Raises $68Mn for CC Commercialization (Funding)
Carbon Engineering
Date: 2019-04-05
Squamish, British Columbia, Canada-headquartered direct air carbon (DAC) capture specialist Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE) is reporting completion of an equity financing round of $68 million (US) that will enable the company to grow from the pilot demonstration of its DAC and AIR TO FUELS™ technologies, expand its pilot plant in Squamish, and engineer its first commercial facilities to capture up to 1 million tpy of atmospheric CO2.

Carbon Engineering's DAC technology can remove CO2 from the atmosphere for less than $100/tonne and deliver large-scale negative emissions by permanently and safely storing the CO2 underground, according to the company. The technology can be used to reduce emissions from transportation by converting atmospheric CO2 into ultra-low carbon fuels that can power existing vehicles and airplanes without vehicle engine modifications, according to the company. (Source: Carbon Engineering, PR, April, 2019) Contact: Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham, CEO,,

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Carbon Engineering Raises $68Mn for CC Commercialization (Funding)
Carbon Engineering Ltd.
Date: 2019-03-22
In Canada, Squamish, British Columbia-based direct air carbon (DAC) capture specialist Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE) is reporting completion of an equity financing round of $68 million (US). This $68 million investment will enable the company to bridge the gap from the pilot demonstration of its DAC and AIR TO FUELS™ technologies, expand its pilot plant in Squamish, and engineer its first commercial facilities to capture up to 1 million tpy of atmospheric CO2.

Carbon Engineering's DAC technology can remove CO2 from the atmosphere for less than $100/tonne and deliver large-scale negative emissions by permanently and safely storing the CO2 underground. The technology can also be used to reduce emissions from transportation by converting atmospheric CO2 into ultra-low carbon fuels that can power existing vehicles and airplanes without vehicle engine modifications, according to the company. (Source: Carbon Engineering, PR, 21 Mar., 2019) Contact: Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham, CEO,,

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BHP Billiton Backs Direct Air Carbon Capture (Ind. Report)
BHP Billiton,Carbon Engineering
Date: 2019-03-06
In the Land Down Under, mining giant BHP has invested $6 million in Squamish, British Columbia-based Carbon Engineering Ltd. The company's "Direct Air" carbon capture technology has the potential to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere on a large scale using huge fans. The company also has Bill Gates as an investor.

The technology, now operating in British Columbia, uses huge fans that draw in air. Fluids in the processing unit then bind to the carbon dioxide molecules in the air. The carbon dioxide can then be concentrated and converted into fuels, or pressurized and injected underground for long-term storage.

According to BHP VP of Sustainability, Dr. Fiona Wild, "direct air capture is very flexible, so it can be used anywhere. And it really has significant potential for scale up, but it requires private sector investment and obviously also policy support, to try and bring it to scale. So that's why we're investing in it." (Source: BHP, Sydney Morning Herald, 5 Mar., 2019) Contact: Carbon Engineering, Steve Oldham, CEO,,; BHP Billiton, Dr. Fiona Wild, VP Sustainability and Climate Change, +61 3 9609 3333,,

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Velocys, Red Rock Amend Fischer-Tropsch Reactors Deal (Ind Report)
Velocys,Red Rock Biofuel
Date: 2019-02-13
UK-headquartered landfill gas-to-liquid fuels and chemicals producer Velocys Plc reports it and Fort Collins, Colorado-based Red Rock Biofuels LLC (RRB) have agreed to amendments in RRB's licensing of Velocys' Fischer-Tropsch reactors and proprietary catalyst for RRB's biorefinery which is under construction in Lakeview, Oregon.

The amended agreement will see Velocys accelerate delivery of the first of four reactors and first four charges of catalyst. It will also reduce RRB's commitment for reactors from six to four but RRB will retain an option to acquire reactors 5 and 6 units at the existing price until the end of 2020. (Source: Velocys, Hydrocarbon Engineering, Others, 12 Feb., 2019) Contact: Velocys Plc, David Pummell, CEO, +44 1235 841 700, (713) 275-5840 -- Houston Office,,; Red Rock Biofuels, Terry Kulesa, CEO, (970) 223-6766,,

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Carbon Engineering Claims Major New Investors (Ind. Report)
Carbon Engineering
Date: 2019-01-11
Squamish, British Columbia-based Carbon Engineering Ltd. (CE) is reporting receipt of equity investments from Oxy Low Carbon Ventures, LLC a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Chevron Corporation's Chevron Technology Ventures. Carbon Engineering's proven Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology removes CO2 directly from the air and subsequently synthesizes it into clean transportation fuels.

CE has been developing DAC technology since 2009 and capturing CO2 from the atmosphere at a pilot plant in Squamish, B.C. since 2015. The DAC plants are location-independent and can be co-located with an oilfield operation for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Carbon Engineering's complementary AIR TO FUELS process combines CO2 from DAC with clean hydrogen from water electrolysis to provide a second pathway for reducing transportation emissions by synthesizing ultra-low carbon intensity liquid fuels.

CE's AIR TO FUELS products are fully compatible with existing cars, trucks, ships and planes, allowing existing vehicles to reduce their carbon emissions without modification. (Source: Carbon Engineering, Green Car Congress, 9 Jan., 2019) Contact: Carbon Engineering. Steve Oldham, CEO,

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Alfa Laval Scores €72Mn Energy Efficiency Order (Int'l)
Alfa Laval
Date: 2018-09-28
Lund, Sweden-headquartered Alfa Laval is reporting receipt of an order from a Taiwanese engineering company to supply compact heat exchangers to an unnamed petrochemical plant in the US. The order has a value of approximately 85 million Swedish krona (€72,828,000).

The order includes Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangers which will be installed in an ethylene glycol plant and used for a variety of process applications, including heat recovery, cooling and heating. (Source: Alfa Laval, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 27 Sept., 2018)Contact: Alfa Laval, +46-46-36-72-31,

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Carbon Engineering CO2 Extraction Moves Towards Commercialization (Ind. Report)
Carbon Engineering
Date: 2018-06-11
According to a study by researchers at Calgary-headquartered Carbon Engineering, the cost of extracting a tonne of CO2 from the atmosphere now ranges between US$94 and $232. A 2011 analysis put the cost at $600 per tonne. Carbon Engineering has been operating a "direct air capture" pilot CO2-extraction plant in British Columbia since 2015.

Carbon Engineering's direct air capture technology design blows air through towers that contain a solution of potassium hydroxide, which reacts with CO2 to form potassium carbonate. The result, after further processing, is a calcium carbonate pellet that can be heated to release the CO2 which could be sequestered or used to make synthetic, low-carbon fuels.

When Carbon Engineering configured the air-capture plant for this purpose, they were able to bring costs down to as low as $94 per tonne of CO2. The company hopes to build a small facility that can produce 200 bpd of fuel by 2021, and then a commercial plant that can produce 2,000 barrels per day. (Source: Carbon Engineering, Greener Idea, 10 June, 2018) Contact: Carbon Engineering,

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New "Direct Air" Carbon Capture Technology Touted (Ind. Report)
Carbon Engineering
Date: 2018-06-08
Scientists from Harvard University and Squamish, British Columbia-based, privately held Carbon Engineering are reporting they have cut the cost of an existing "direct air capture" technology for the capture of CO2 from the atmosphere. The new technique would reduce the cost of direct air capture from about $600 per ton of carbon dioxide to as little as $94 per ton, according to Carbon Engineering.

If the new technique proves commercially viable, it could "transform how humanity thinks about the problem of climate change", according to Carbon Engineering. (Source: Carbon Engineering, Harvard Univ., CBC News, Examiner, 7 June, 2018) Contact: Carbon Engineering,,

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Velocys Manufacturing Fischer-Tropsch Reactors for Red Rock Biofuels Project (Ind. Report)
Velocys,Red Rock Biofuels
Date: 2018-05-07
UK-headquartered Velocys plc reports it has begun manufacturing the Fischer-Tropsch reactors and catalyst for Ft. Collins-based Red Rock Biofuels LLC (RRB) biorefinery that will be located in Lakeview, Oregon, US. RRB has broken ground on the biorefinery which will produce low-carbon, renewable diesel and jet fuel. RRB is a subsidiary of IR1 Group LLC, which has 325 million gal. of installed biofuels capacity. The biorefinery in Lakeview will convert forestry residue into 15 million gpy of renewable transportation fuels, including diesel and jet fuel.

Velocys' role will be as a licensor for its technology to the project. (Source: Velocys plc, Velocys plc Hydrocarbon Engineering, 7 May, 2018) Contact: Red Rock Biofuels, Terry Kulesa, CEO, (970) 223-6766,,; Velocys plc David Pummell, CEO, +44 1235 841 700, (713) 275-5840-- Houston Office,,

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Eco-Energy Opens NC Ethanol Unit Distribution Facility (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-02-16
Following up on our November 6, 2015 report, biofuel supply chain company, Eco-Energy Distribution Services, reports operations are underway at an ethanol unit train distribution facility in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The facility, which connects to Kinder Morgan Southeast Terminals LLC's Charlotte 3 Terminal, is is equipped to receive 96 tank cars via the CSX railway, has ethanol distribution capability via pipeline connection and/or tank truck delivery to all area gasoline blending locations. This new facility in is Eco-Energy's ninth ethanol distribution terminal to open since 2012. (Source: Eco-Energy, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 13 Feb., 2018) Contact: Eco-Energy Distribution Services, Joshua Bailey, CEO, Chad Conn, VP, (615) 786-0401,

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Gates Backing Carbon-Neutral A2F Fuel Project (New Prod & Tech)
Greyrock,Carbon Engineering
Date: 2018-02-12
Following up on our October 7, 2016 coverage, A new carbon-neutral fuel project that extracts carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and converts it into a new transportation fuel is being touted by its developers Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, Sacramento-based Carbon Engineering, and Harvard physicist David Keith, is being developed and tested in Squamich, BC.

The project, which is being funded by Bill Gates, involves the capture of air and technology involving water electrolysis and fuels synthesis to make a liquid, carbon-neutral synthetic fuel.

Carbon Engineering's prototype plant will extract 1 tpd of pure CO2 for a year. The company is working with Greyrock Energy and directly synthesizing CO2 and hydrogen split from water with clean electricity, and a mixture of petrol and diesel, to create a process called Air-to-Fuels (A2F). (Source: Carbon Engineering, GreenerIdeal, 10 Feb., 2018) Contact: Carbon Engineering, Geoff Holmes, Dir. Business Dev.,,; Greyrock Energy, Robert Schuetzle, CEO, Charles Nelson, VP Sales & Marketing,,

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Honeywell UOP Chinese Coal-to-Chemicals Catalysts Production Plant Online (Int'l Report)
UOP Honeywell
Date: 2018-01-29
Des Plaines, Ill.-headquartered Honeywell UOP reports it has begun production of its proprietary catalysts used to convert coal into plastics at its facility in China. The company also inaugurated a new R&D and engineering center at the same facility.

The new catalyst production line, located in Zhangjiagang in Jiangsu Province, manufactures state-of-the-art catalysts used in Honeywell UOP's Advanced Methanol-to-Olefins (MTO) process technology, which converts methanol from coal and natural gas into the olefins that are used to make plastic resins and fibers. The heart of the MTO process is a proprietary catalyst that facilitates the conversion of methanol into olefins. (Source: Honeywell, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 25 Jan., 2018) Contact: Honeywell UOP, Rebecca Liebert, Pres.,CEO,

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Alliance BioEnergy Expanding Cellulosic Fuel Dist. (Ind. Report)
Alliance BioEnergy
Date: 2017-10-27
Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc. reorts it has inked a 5-year exclusive brokerage agreement with Progressive Fuels, Ltd. (PFL), an independent inter-dealer wholesale broker in the biofuel, agriculture, CCA, Renewable Identification Numbers (RIN) and lower carbon fuel standards (LCFS) markets.

Alliance has a patented cellulose-to-sugar (CTS) conversion process for the production of biofuel, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agricultural and industrial products.

The price of cellulosic fuels reached $4.33/gal. in California, in June 2017. Alliance can produce cellulosic ethanol for less than $1/gal., according to Alliance. (Source: Alliance Bioenergy, Hydrocarbon Engineering, 26 Oct., 2017) Contact: Alliance BioEnergy, Inc., Daniel de Liege, President and CEO, (888) 607-3555x1106,,

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