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Origin Energy Aims to Halve CO2 Emission by 2032 (Int'l)
Origin Energy
Date: 2017-12-15
In the Land Down Under, Origin Energy reports it aims to slash its emissions in half by 2032, in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, through the closure of its 2880 MW Eraring brown coal-fired power station, the country's largest, near Dora Creek, in NSW.

Eraring, which supplies 25 pct of NSW's total power, has had a historical emissions intensity of 0.92 tonnes of CO2e perMWh. Brown coal-fired power stations typically have emission intensity levels of between 1.2 and 1.3 tonnes of CO2e per MWh.

Origin's announcement follows on the National Australia Bank's announced intention to drop thermal coal from its investment portfolio. (Source: Origin Energy, Sydney Morning Herald, 14 Dec., 2017) (Contact: Origin Energy, Frank Calabria, CEO,

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