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Irish Peat-Burning Power Plants Face Closure (Int'l. Report)
Bord Na Mona
Date: 2019-11-13
In Dublin, Ireland, the is reporting the Electricity Supply Board has ordered the closure of two peat-burning electric power plants in West Offaly and Rough Lee. The Board proposed the plants be refitted to co-fire with peat and biomass from 2021 until 2027 when the plant could be fully biomass-powered. Bord Na Mona, an Irish peat firm, had been supplying peat to the facilities. (Source: Electricity Supply Board, Bord Na Mona, Bioenergy Insight, 11 Nov., 2019) Contact: Ireland Electricity Supply Board,; Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Irish Regulator Stymies Peat-to-Woody Biomass Conversion (Int'l)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2019-07-24
In Dublin, the regulatory development and planning board -- Bord Pleanala -- reports it has denied permission for state-owned energy company Bord Na Mona's planned conversion of a peat-burning power plant at Shannonbridge, Co Offaly, to co-fire with biomass from 2021 until the end of 2027 when its existing peat permit expires. The plant would then be fully biomass fired with 37,000 tpy of woody biomass imported from Australia.

The regulatory board cited the "potential negative impacts on the environment and the inadequacy of the indigenous biomass supply and high dependence on imported biomass that would be contrary to both EU and national climate and energy policy" for its refusal. The regulatory board also noted previous schemes to establish a domestic source of energy crops such as willow and miscanthus have failed.

The Irish government's national climate and energy policy calls for a complete phase out of coal and peat fired electricity generation by 2030. (Source: An Bord Pleanala, Green, 23 July, 2019)Contact: An Bord Pleanala,; Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Forest Biomass Renewable Fuels Classification Challenged (Int'l)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2019-03-06
In an action filed Monday at the European General Court in Luxembourg, Ireland's state-owned energy company Bord na Mona Plc and six other plaintiffs claimed that classifying forest biomass as a renewable fuel "fatally undermines the goals of the new European Renewable Energy Directive's biomass energy policy."

The lawsuit seeks to remove forest biomass from the EUs Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) which raises the overall EU target for renewable energy sources consumption by 2030 from 20 pct to 32 pct. The plaintiffs contend RED II "ignores the science on forest bioenergy and promotes false climate solutions" and that RED II failed to properly account for the lifecycle carbon emissions from harvesting, producing, transporting, and burning woody biomass fuels.

The case is coordinated by the US-based Partnership for Policy Integrity with input from experts including the Dogwood Alliance; one of more than 30 conservation and environmental justice organizations in the southern US who wrote to the Government, the ESB and Bord na Mona in August 2018 pointing out it was planned that wood used in the Irish power plants would come from their region -- the U.S. North Atlantic Coastal Plain. According to the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland, the annual supply gap in wood production for biomass could be up to 1.88 million cubic metres by 2020 and more than twice that by 2025, all of which must be sourced outside Ireland.

According to Dr Mary S Booth, director of the US Partnership for Policy Integrity and lead science advisor on the case, "burning wood for energy emits more CO2 per unit of energy generated than coal but RED II counts these emissions as zero.". (Source: (Source: Bord na Mona, All Things Arb, Agricultural News, 5 Mar., 2019) Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Irish Greens Seek Transition from Fossil Fuel Economy (Int'l)
Green Party Ireland,Bord na Mona
Date: 2018-11-09
In the Irish capital city of Dublin, the Green Party has launched its "Just Transition Bill" calling for a swift move away from a fossil fuel economy to a climate-friendly in the fairest way possible for those who have previously depended on the fossil fuel industries for their livelihood.

The bill aims to bring about a social, business and government dialogue to formulate and drive the concrete plans, policies, and investments needed for a fast and fair transformation to a low-carbon economy.

The Green Party initiative follows Bord na Mona's announcement of job cuts in its peat harvesting business by 2025. The Bill proposes that funding currently used to sustain peat-fired power plants be diverted to support job transition, peatland restoration and social protection for those who may lose their jobs in fossil fuel related industries. "The Bill is about moving from a fossil-fuel economy to a sustainable, climate-friendly economy as quickly and as fairly as possible," according to Green Part Leader Eamon Ryan. (Source: Green News ie, 8 Nov., 2018) Contact: Green Party Ireland, Eamon Ryam, Leader,; Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Irish Peat Biomass Burning Subsidies Questioned (Int'l Report)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2018-08-22
In letters to the European Commissioner for Climate Action, the Irish NGO Friends of the Irish Environment and others claim that the Irish Government's recently announced decision to subsidize large-scale biomass burning at its peat-fired power stations undermines Ireland's commitments to meeting EU climate obligations. The letters call on the government to reconsider and end its approximate €120 million per year support through the Public Service Obligation (PSO) levy on electricity consumers.

FIE claims the subsidy and the burning of peat at government owned Bord na Mona's Edenderry power station and two ESB facilities in the Midlands is leading to significant increases in greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the price of biomass to home users, thus increasing the burning of more fossil fuels. The group argues that the continued co-firing of biomass comes despite the recommendations of the Climate Change Advisory Council that the Government resources should not support measures that lead to increases in emissions. The expert body concluded that the biomass subsidy for peat power plants is an "environmentally harmful" subsidy that is responsible for higher emissions levels at a "direct cost to the nation." (Source: GREEN, 21 Aug., 2018)Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,; Friends of the Irish Environment,

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Environmentalists Seek Irish Peat-Fired Power Plant Closures (Int'l)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2018-08-15
Green News Ireland is reporting the National Resources Defence Council, the Southern Environmental Law Centre, and other US conservation and environmental groups have in an open letter to the Irish government, ESB and Dublin-based Bord na Mona voiced their concerns that plans for large-scale biomass burning at Ireland's peat-fired power stations are a serious threat to southern US forests.

Accordingly, the 30-some groups are calling on the Irish government to close its three peat-powered stations by 2020, to stop subsidizing co-firing with biomass and to refuse approval for ESB's forthcoming planning application to convert its two Midlands stations to co-firing with peat.

Both the ESB and state-owned Bord na Mona plan to co-fire with increasing amounts of woody biomass and to convert them to burn 100 pct biomass by 2030. The company, which currently imports woodchip from Africa, says it aims to phase out imported biomass over time in favor of indigenous sources.

The US groups claim there is "no realistic prospect" of Ireland producing enough biomass from domestic energy crops such as willow for industrial-scale burning at peat stations and that plantations in the US will be the "most likely biomass source" for co-firing and future full biomass conversions in Ireland.

Wood pellet exports to Europe soared from 530,000 tonnes in 2009 to 3.89 million tonnes in 2014, making the US the world's leading exporter. (Source: Green News Ireland, 14 Aug., 2018)Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Bord na Mona Announces €160Mn Irish Wind Farm (Int'l)
Bord na Mona,EIB
Date: 2018-05-25
In Dublin, Ireland's state-owned energy company Bord na Mona reports it will construct 29 turbines at the new 86-MW Oweninny Wind Farm Project in Mayo.

The project secured funding from four banks: the European Investment Bank (EIB); MUFG Bank, BNP Paribas and AIB. will finance the wind farm with long-term debt. The EIB is in for half of the project's expected total cost of €160 million. It is the EIB's largest ever investment in renewable energy generation in Ireland and the largest financing in the country to date under the EIB Investment Plan for Europe. (Source: Bord na Mona, Irish Farmers Journal, May, 2018) Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,; Investment Plan for Europe,

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Coillte Selling Irish Wind Farm Stakes for €125Mn (Int'l, M&A)
Coillte,Bord na Mona
Date: 2018-03-26
Coillte, a commercial forestry firm in Ireland, reports it will sell its stake in four wind farms it developed in association with Bord na Mona, ESB, and SSE for nearly euro;125 million. The wind farms are located in Co Galway, Cloosh Valley, Raheenleagh, Castlepook, and Co Wicklow in Co Cork.

Coillte is expected to invest the earnings in its forestry business and make co-investments in the new wind projects. (Source: Coillte, ALGOSONLINE, 24 Mar., 2018) Contact: Coillte, Fergal Leamy, CEO, +353 (0) 1-4751444,; Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Bord na Mona Extinguishes U.S. Wood Pellet Plant Plans (Int'l)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2018-03-09
Following up on our Sept. 27, 2017 coverage, Ireland's state-owned energy company Bord na Mona reports it has abandoned plans to construct a €60 million willow wood pellet plant in Georgia, USA.

The company originally planned to export the pellets to Ireland where they would be blended with locally sourced peat for electric power generation. The Georgia scheme was part of the company's plan to develop a biomass business to move away from peat production.

As previously reported, the Irish government was backing Bord na Mona's planned US pellet plant. (Source: Bord na Mona, Irish Times, 7 Mar., 2018) Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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$81Mn Bord na Mona Georgia Wood Pellet Plant Planned (Ind. Report)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2017-09-22
In Ireland, Newbridge, County Killdeer-headquartered Bord na Mona, the semi-government owned peat and renewable energy company, reports it plans to invest as much as £60 million ($81.3 million) in a proposed new willow woody biomass wood pellet plant in the state of Georgia, USA.

The plan is in keeping with the company's strategy to shift away from its core peat business towards more renewable energy sources, especially biomass.

Georgia has provided attractive incentives to Bord na Mona, including a fast-track planning process and tax credits. The proposed project, which is awaiting the Georgia government's New Era division approval, could be online within 24 months, according to a company statement. Wood pellets from the plant would be shipped to Ireland for power generation. (Source: Bord na Mona, Irish Times, 19 Sept., 2017) Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, Patrick Madigan, Bioenergy Division, +353 45 439000,

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Bord na Mona Plans €1.2Bn Renewable Energy Investment (Int'l)
Bord na Mona
Date: 2017-07-19
In Ireland, Newbridge, Co.Killdeer-headquartered Bord na Mona, the semi-State peat and renewable energy company, reports it will invest €1.2 billion in developing major infrastructural projects in wind, biomass and other renewable energy sources over the next 13 years.

The move to renewables follows a €13 million drop in operating profits and problems following the previously reported acquisition of a horticulture business in the UK. The company is involved in Powergen, Biomass, Peat, Fuels, Waste Recovery, and Horticulture businesses. (Source: Bord na Mona Plc, STE News, 17 July, 2017) Contact: Bord na Mona Plc, Mike Quinn, CEO, +353 45 439000,

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New Bord na Mona Bioenergy Division Proposed (Int'l)
Bord na Mona, Bioenergy Ireland
Date: 2017-07-07
In Dublin, the Irish Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment is calling for the creation of a new bioenergy division of the "semi-government owned" company Bord na Mona (BnM). The new division, to be known as Bord na Mona Bioenergy, will advance the work of Bioenergy Ireland to develop a proposed biomass CHP plant in county Offaly.

The proposed CHP plant would utilize locally sourced straw, as well as forestry related woody biomass, as feed-stock. The facility would require a minimum 60,000 tonnes of straw to begin operations in early 2019.

Bord na Mona was founded in 1946 as a partially government-owned company to supply peat from Irish bogs for fuel. (Source: Irish Farmers Journal, 3 July, 2017) Contact: Irish Minister for Communications, Climate Action and the Environment, Hon. Denis Naughten, +353 1 678 2000,; Bord na Mona, Mike Quinn, CEO,; Bioenergy Ireland,

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