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Brightmark Invests in Waste Plastics-to-Fuel Plant (M&A)
Brightmark Energy
Date: 2018-11-12
San Francisco-based renewable energy development company Brightmark Energy is reporting a $10 million investment and acquisition of a majority interest in Ohio-based plastics-to-fuel technology company, RES Polyflow The company also committed to an additional $47 million investment in the first commercial-scale plant to in Ashley, Indiana. The The Ashley, Indiana plant will process 100,000 tons of plastic waste into 18 million gallons of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel and naphtha blend stocks and five million gallons of wax per year.

Brightmark Energy develops, owns and operates waste and energy projects. The company's technology solutions include combined heat and power, waste to energy that are specifically tailored based on customer needs, and biogas

(Source: Brightmark Energy, PR, Citizen Tribune, 9 Nov., 2018) Contact: Brightmarks Energy, Bob Powell, Pres., Pres.,; RES Polyflow, www,

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