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Falling Petroleum Oil Prices Diminish Palm Oil Profitability (Int'l.)
Biodiesel,Palm Oil Analytics
Date: 2020-03-16
According to Singapore-headquartered Palm Oil Analytics (POA)-- an independent online publisher of palm oil market news, price, data and analytics -- OIL firms could be absorbing significant costs of fuel blending with the plunge in Brent crude and crude palm oil (CPO) prices.

"Although CPO prices have also fallen, the price spread of CPO to gas oil to date is $140 US on average, which indicates the government must step in and offer a subsidy to make CPO blending into biodiesel an attractive option. The low CPO benchmark is expected to drag palm futures in the first half of 2020 as lower exports and continued restriction of refined palm oil products by India weigh on the commodity. (Source: Palm Oil Analytics, Malaysian Reserve, 10 Mar., 2020) Contact: Palm Oil Analytics,

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Viva Energy Joins Bioenergy Australia Trade Organization (Int'l)
Viva Energy Australia
Date: 2020-03-11
In the Land Down Under, liquid fuel supplier and biofuel blender Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd. reports it has joined BioEnergy Australia, the Australian national bioindustry trade association

Viva, which operates biodiesel blending facilities in Qweensland, Victoria and New South Wales, has recently invested over $20 million, (AUS) in biofuels projects and established various supply agreements with local biofuels producers and the construction of a new biofuels blending facility in Queensland. (Source: Viva Energy Australia, PetrolPlaza, 8 Mar.,2020) Contact: Viva Energy Australia,; Bioenergy Australia, Shahana McKenzie, CEO,

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USDA Offers $100Mn Biofuels Infrastructure Grant Program, Increases Biofuels Fleet (Ind. Report, Reg. & Leg.)
Date: 2020-03-02
In Washington,the USDA is reporting Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has directed the agency to acquire alternative fueled -- biodiesel, E85 -- vehicles (AFV) when replacing conventionally fueled vehicles. USDA owns and operates 37,000 vehicles and replaces approximately 3,000 every year.More specifically, the USDA will:
  • Acquire E85 or biodiesel-capable vehicles that meet USDA mission requirements;

  • Use station locator websites and applications to fuel with E15, E85, and biodiesel where available;

  • Prioritize the purchase of E15 for gasoline vehicles without E85 capability and the purchase of renewable diesel blends for diesel vehicles without B20 capability

  • For USDA locations that have in-house refueling pumps, coordinate with fuel vendors to acquire and provide biofuel blends, including E15, E85, B20 and higher biodiesel blends, and renewable diesel blends.

    These actions have the potential to increase USDA's annual consumption of E15 by up to 9 million gallons, E85 by 10 million gallons, and biodiesel and renewable diesel blends by up to 3 million gallons.

    The agency also announced it will offer $100 million in grant funding this year for the newly created Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program (HBIIP) to help transportation fueling and biodiesel distribution facilities install, retrofit, and/or upgrade fuel storage, dispenser pumps, related equipment and infrastructure to be able to sell ethanol and biodiesel.

    Download HBIIP program details HERE. Download the USDA order HERE. (Source: USDA, 28 Feb., 2020) Contact: USDA, Sonny Perdue, Sec.,

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  • Colorado Senate OKs Limited Biodiesel Blend Rules (Ind. Report)
    Biodiesel Blend
    Date: 2020-02-05
    Yesterday in Denver, the Colorado State Senate approved SB38 which allows the sale of biodiesel-diesel fuel blend sales during the summer months in non-attainment air quality regions of the state, which currently only includes the Denver metropolitan area.

    Under the bill, diesel fuel must have a 5 pct blend with biodiesel starting next year, but only between June 1 and Sept. 15. The blend rate would increase to 10 pct in June, 2023. (Source: Colorado State Senate, PR, Daily Sentinel, 4 Feb., 2020)

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    Manitoba Raising Ethanol, Biodiesel Blend Rates (Ind. Report)
    Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister
    Date: 2020-01-31
    On the Canadian prairies, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister (PC) is touting his government's Manitoba Climate and Green Plan and the implementation of new clean fuel standards to reduce Manitoba's emissions by almost 400,000 metric tons cumulatively over the next five years -- equivalent to removing 100,000 vehicles from the province's highways.

    Under the plan, Manitoba will increase the ethanol content requirement of gasoline to 10 pct from 8.5 pct, and the biodiesel content of diesel to 5 pct from 2 pct. (Source: Office of Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister, Government of Manitoba, 28 January , 2020) Contact: Office of Premier Brian Pallister, 204-945-3714, Fax - 204-949-1484,

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    Broco Inks Beantown B20 Heating Oil Contract (Ind Report)
    Broc Oil, REGI,B20
    Date: 2019-12-20
    In the Bay State, Haverhill-headquartered Broco Oil reports it has contracted to provide Renewable Energy Group (REGI) produced biodiesel-blended heating oil to Boston city-owned buildings and municipal facilities.

    Under its contract, Broco will deliver an estimated 90,000 gpy of B-20 heating oil that will reduce the City's CO2 equivalent (CO2e) building emissions by 322,560 ppy -- equivalent GHG emissions of 357,728 passenger vehicle miles according to the U.S. EPA. (Source: Broco Oil, PR, 17 Dec., 2019) Contact: Broc Oil, Renewable Energy Group, Marc MacLean, 603-812-1248,,

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    SK Chemicals Testing Marine Biodiesel Blends (Int'l Report)
    SK Chemicals
    Date: 2019-12-13
    Reuters is reporting Pangyo, South Korea-based biofuels producer SK Chemicals announced tests are underway on blending its biodiesel with petroleum-based fuels to create low-sulphur marine oil compliant with International Maritime Organization's (IMO) move to mandate that from January 2020 ships must cut harmful emissions either by burning fuel with 0.5 pct sulphur, down from the current 3.5 pct, or installing emissions-removing scrubbers.

    The company is also noted it is considering increasing its biofuels output by 50 pct as it eyes what will be a new market in the shipping sector.

    SK Chemicals can produce 500,000 kilolitres per year of biodiesel and biofuel oil, primarily from palm fatty acid distillate. (Source: SK Chemicals, Nasdaq, Reuters, 12 Dec., 2019) Contact: SK Chemicals, 02-2008-2008, 02-2008-2009 - fax.,

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    Pertamina B30 Biodiesel Distribution Ahead of Schedule (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2019-11-25
    In Jakarta, Indonesian state gas and oil company Pertamina reports it is now distributing B30 palm oil biodiesel blend transportation fuel a month earlier that its targeted 28th January 2020 implementation date at fuel terminals in central Java and six other fuel terminals in the near future until December 31, 2019.

    Initially, 670,000 kiloliters of B30 fuel will be produced and distributed (Source: Pertamina,, 25 Nov., 2019) Contact: Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, VP Communications, 1-500-000,

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    Indonesian B30 Palm Oil Blend Passes Cold Temp. Tests (Int'l Report)
    Palm Oil Biodiesel
    Date: 2019-08-16
    In light of the Indonesian government's planned introduction of B30 palm oil biodiesel blend, the country's Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry is reporting B30 has cleared a series cold temperature tests and is cleared for introduction and domestic consumption early in 2020. Indonesia currently uses a B20, 20 pct blend of palm fatty acid methyl ester (FAME).

    The higher blend of palm oil- biodiesel blend is intended to address the problem of high energy imports and slowing global demand for palm by increasing domestic consumption of the vegetable oil.

    (Source: Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Hellenic Shipping News, 14 Aug., 2019) Contact: Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry,

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    Calif. Updates B20 Underground Storage Regulations (Reg. & Leg.)
    National Biodiesel Board,California Advanced Biofuels Alliance.
    Date: 2019-08-09
    In Sacramento, the California State Water Board reports it has approved the storage of biodiesel blends of up to 20 pct (B20) in underground storage tanks, removing the final barrier to ensuring the state has access to sufficient volumes of the biofuel. A 10-year campaign to prove that B20 is compatible underground was supported by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), several member companies and the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance.

    Biodiesel is key to the state meeting its Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The California Air Resources Board claims that biodiesel reduces greenhouse gases by at least 50 pct, and up to as much as 81 pct , compared to petroleum. The California State Water Resources Board ruled that a 20 pct blend of biodiesel (meeting the ASTM standard for B20, D7467) "shall be recognized as equivalent to diesel for the purpose of complying with existing approval requirements for double-walled USTs, unless any material or component of the UST system has been determined to not be compatible with B20." The regulation comes into force from 1 October 2019. (Source: California State Water Board, California Advanced Biofuels Alliance, Biofuels Int'l, 7 Aug., 2019) Contact: California State Water Board,; NBB, Donnell Rehagen, CEO, Kurt Kovarik, VP Federal Affairs, (800) 841-5849,; California Advanced Biofuels Alliance,

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    Indonesia Foresees 10 pct Biodiesel Blend Rise in 2020 (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-07-17
    Reporting from Jakarta, the Indonesian Deputy Energy Minister Arcandra Tahar has announced that the government plans a mandatory increase in biodiesel-gasoline blend rate from the present 20 pct (B20) to 30 pct (B30) in 2020. The Deputy Minister also foresees a 55 pct rise in unblended biodiesel consumption in 2020.

    Indonesia is the world's leading palm oil exporter and consumer at an estimated 2.89 million kl of un-blended biodiesel in H1 2019. (Source: Indonesian Energy Ministry, Successful Farming, Reuters, 15 July, 2019) Contact: Indonesian Energy Ministry,

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    Indonesia Ups Palm oil Biodiesel Blend Rate to B30 (Int'l Report)
    Jakarta Biodiesel Palm Oil
    Date: 2019-06-14
    In Jakarta, the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry reports it has begun a four month test of palm oil biodiesel and petroleum diesel blended B30 transportation fuel. If the tests prove successful, the intent is to increase the present mandated B20 blend rate to B30 beginning in 2020.

    The increase is seen as an effort by the world's top palm oil exporter to increase the domestic demand for palm oil. It is hoped the move will increase consumption of bio-content made from palm oil from an estimated 6.2 KL in 2019 to as much as 9 million kilolitres (KL) per year. (Source: Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Reuters, June, 2019) Contact: Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry,

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    Maui County Council Taxes Biodiesel Blends (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-20
    In the Aloha State, the Maui County Council reports its approval of a 6-cent tax on biodiesel blends. The new biodiesel rate was part of slate of fuel taxes that the council approved Friday for fiscal year 2020, which starts July 1.

    For gasoline and diesel oil, rates will remain the same at 23 cents per gallon, while ethanol, methanol and liquefied petroleum gas will be pegged at 11.5 cents per gallon. The county is expected to net less than $45,000 per year from the biodiesel blends fuel tax. (Source: Maui County Council, Maui News, 18 May, 2019) Contact: Maui County Council,

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    Indonesia's 2019 Biodiesel Exports Could Decline Under EU Regulations (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2019-05-06
    In Jakarta, the Indonesia Biofuels Producer Association (APROBI) reports many Indonesian economists and government officials believe that the transition to cleaner energy products is necessary to help bolster the country's export sector and that tighter restrictions on Indonesian biodiesel deliveries to the EU could significantly cut biodiesel exports to only 1 million or 1.2 million kiloliters (kl) this year.

    In the face of EU palm oil environmental concerns, Indonesia has been working to make its palm oil-based fuel more environmentally-friendly after the EU and other countries called for a "cleaner" Indonesian biodiesel.

    Indonesia's B20 biofuel-biodiesel blend rate is expected to be raised to B30. According to Agra-Net, Indonesia exported 52,356 tonnes of palm oil biodiesel in February, 2019 Domestic markets have also shown increased consumption of biofuel during the first quarter of 2019. Reuters notes Indonesians consumed 1.5 million kl in Q1, this year. (Source: APROBI Business Times, 3 May, 2019) Contact: APROBI, +62 2129380882,,

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    Malaysia Doubles Palm Oil Biodiesel Blend Rate (Int'l)
    Palm Oil Biofuel
    Date: 2019-02-18
    In Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Ministry of Plantations is reporting the Malaysian demand for crude palm oil is expected to rise by 1.3 million tons in 2020. The Ministry also notes it is increasing the transportation fuel palm oil biodiesel-to-petroleum fuel blend rate from B10 to B20 in an effort to stabilize palm oil supply, stockpiles and prices.

    Malaysia's palm oil inventory dropped 6.7 pct to 3 million tons in January from a month earlier and palm oil exports surged 21.2 pct to 1.68 million tons in January, 2019.

    Malaysia's neighbor Indonesia introduced B20 -- a blend of 20 pct palm oil and 80 pct fossil fuel -- to its transport sector in 2016. (Source: Malaysian Ministry of Plantations, Nikkei, 12 Feb., 2019)Contact: Malaysian Ministry of Plantations,

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    Malaysia to Double Palm Oil, Biodiesel Blend Rate by 2020 (Int'l)
    Palm Oil
    Date: 2019-01-18
    In Kuala Lumpur, the Malaysian Primary Industries Ministry has announced plans to double the mix of palm oil in its B-10 biodiesel programme by 2020.

    The increase from 10 pct to 20 pct is intended to reduce high domestic stockpiles and boost sustainable energy sources. Source: Primary Industries Ministry, Malay Mail, Jan., 2019) Contact: Primary Industries Ministry, Teresa Kok, Minister,

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    Aemetis' Indian Plant Capacity Expansion Completed (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-01-16
    Following up on our 23rd March, 2018 coverage, Cupertino, California-based Aemetis Inc. is reporting its Universal Biofuels subsidiary has completed a two-year upgrade of its biodiesel and glycerin plant in Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh, India.

    The work included a pre-treatment unit to process low-cost and low-waste feed stock into oil, the expansion of a boiler, and an environmental systems to enable the production of 50 million gpy of biodiesel and bio-oil while simultaneously operating the biodiesel, pre-treatment and glycerin refining units. At full capacity, the plant is expected to be able to refine approximately 5 million gpy of glycerin.

    The Indian Government is seeking to increase domestic biodiesel consumption from the present 1 pct biodiesel blend to 5 pct of the total petroleum diesel consumption. To that end, the government reduced the Goods & Services Tax (GST) on biodiesel from 18 pct to 12 pct to support the industry. (Source: Aemetis, PR, Chemicals Technology, 14 Jan., 2019) Contact: Aemetis, Eric McAfee, CEO , Todd Waltz, (408) 213-0940,,

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    NATSO Alt. Fuels RFS RIN Management Service (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-10-03
    NATSO Inc., the Alexandria, Virginia-headquartered national association representing the travel plaza and truckstop industry, and the Alternative Fuels Council are reporting the launch of a new RIN Management Service designed to help fuel retailers that blend and sell renewable fuels -- ethanol, biodiesel, renewable cng -- to more efficiently participate in the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program and manage their compliance and Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs). Under the RIN Management program, participants will:
  • consult with experts on the RFS and Low Carbon Fuel Standard compliance;

  • get help registering for EPA's RFS program as well as for the IRS Blenders License;

  • access sources for fuel supply options;

  • secure advice and assistance for state incentive programs;

  • monitor the status of impending IRS Blender's Tax Credits;

  • participants can access an exclusive software program that provides real-time RIN management, a system of record for all RIN transactions, as well as RIN account reconciliations. Through this software, blenders and marketers can reduce the staff time that it takes to comply with the RFS by as much as 75 pct;

  • knowledgeable Alternative Fuels Council staff will perform EPA-required quarterly reporting as well as end-of-year third-party CPA audits.

    The new RIN Management Service marks the second offering from the Alternative Fuels Council this year. The Alternative Fuels Council previously unveiled a Biodiesel Fuel Quality Plan designed to help those who blend, market, and distribute biodiesel blends ensure the final product meets a minimum standard of quality. A step-by-step guide to the blending process directs users through fuel quality management, including sampling procedures, protocols and proposed schedules, to help ensure that alternative fuel meets the required ASTM fuel quality standards. The Alternative Fuels Council also helps facilitate fuel testing and analysis for marketers at a substantially discounted price.

    The Alternative Fuels Council is a NATSO, Inc. subsidiary created to help NATSO members and the entire retail fuels industry understand alternative fuels markets, including available government incentives, to effectively incorporate alternative fuels into their supply offerings. (Source: NATSO, PR, Oct., 2018) Contact: NATSO, Lisa Mullings, Pres., CEO, Tiffany Wlazlowski Neuman, (703) 739-8578,,; Alternative Fuels Council, Jeff Hove,,

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  • Biodiesel Producers Support Biodiesel Tax Credit (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2018-06-27
    In a recent National Biodiesel Board (NBB) letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin), Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-California), Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-New York), House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R-Texas), and Senate Committee on Finance Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), the NBB wrote:

    "On behalf of a diverse community of biodiesel producers, feedstock providers, blenders, fuel marketers and consumers, we are pleased to announce that we have united around a single position -- to maintain and extend the biodiesel tax credit at the blender level.

    "The blenders credit has worked successfully to build a robust biodiesel and renewable diesel industry -- 100 million gallons in 2005 to nearly 2.6 billion gallons in 2017. The tax credit is an important demand stimulus, which improves plant efficiencies, encourages investment in U.S. distribution infrastructure and supports high-paying jobs throughout the country, while providing fuels that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. On top of this, it has afforded customers such as the trucking industry and heating oil users fuels that are more economic and environmentally competitive.

    "Extending the biodiesel blenders credit will allow us to continue to provide the economic and environmental benefits associated with the program.

    "Unfortunately, the uncertainty caused by the "on-again, off-again" tempo of legislative extensions, including the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2018 which retroactively extended the biodiesel tax incentives through the end of 2017, has somewhat frustrated our sector's ability to anticipate the availability of the incentives and make the necessary investments. This severely disrupts access to capital, as well as the ability to hire and expand. Given that Congress has frequently extended the credit retroactively, market participants have come to reasonably rely on the credit being retroactively extended when undertaking business and investment decisions. Accordingly, the undersigned trade associations and companies urge Congress to restore the tax credit as soon as possible.

    "To provide certainty in planning, we believe Congress should extend the full $1.00 per gallon tax credit for 2018 and 2019. Beyond that, we are seeking long-term certainty, including a permanent tax incentive at a level that will continue to foster growth in the domestic biodiesel market.

    "Since the credit's inception, the market responded as Congress intended. We urge Congress to extend this successful program."

    In addition to NBB, the letter was signed by the Advanced Biofuels Association, the American Trucking Associations, National Association of Convenience Stores, National Renderers Association, NATSO, Representing America's Travel Centers and Truckstops, New England Fuels Institute, Petroleum Marketers Association of America, and Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America. (Source: National Biodiesel Board, 25 June, , 2018) Contact: National Biodiesel Board, Kurt Kovarik, VP of Federal Affairs, 800) 841-5849,

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    Indonesia Mandates B-25 Biodiesel Blending from 2019 (Int'l)
    Palm Oil Biodiesel
    Date: 2018-05-25
    In Jakarta, Indonesian New and Renewable Energy Director Rida Mulyana is reporting Indonesia will mandate all tran (B-25) sportation fuel in the country contain 25 pct biodiesel, effective January 2019. to January 2020, after which a 30 pct (B-30) bio-content would be mandatory.

    Indonesia is the world's largest producer of palm oil, the raw ingredient for fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) which can be used to make biodiesel. The B-25 program is expected to increase Indonesia's FAME consumption to between 5.5 million and 6 million kilolitres (kl) in 2019 -- more than double the last year's consumption of FAME. The B25 mandate would require the additional production of 750,000 kl of FAME annually. The move is intended to support palm oil production. (Source: Indonesia New and Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation, Reuters, 24 May, 2018) Contact: New and Renewable Energy & Energy Conservation Indonesia, Rida Mulyana,Director General,; Indonesian Palm Oil Association ,

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    Sinopec's Shanghai Biodiesel Refinery Construction Underway (Int'l)
    Date: 2018-05-16
    In Shanghai, Sinopec is reporting construction has begun on two 400,000-600,000 tonne biodiesel blending facilities. Construction is slated for completion in June.

    Sinopec, which has made a big push to promote biofuel after China make it mandatory to blend ethanol into gasoline, aims to supply biodiesel in more than 200 petrol stations by the end of this year, the paper reported. Sinopec currently sells biodiesel at 33 petrol stations. (Source: Sinopec, Eastday, Reuters, 15 May, 2018) Contact: Sinopec,

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    B-20 Biodiesel Mandate Implemented in Minnesota (Reg & Leg)
    Date: 2018-05-02
    Effective May 1, Minnesota legislation originally passed in 2008, requires a 20 pct biodiesel (B-20) blend in a majority of diesel fuel sold in the state.

    The cleaner burning biodesel is expected to displace an estimated 130 million gallons of petroleum diesel and eliminate 132 tpy of particulate pollution and prevent over 960,000 tpy of greenhouse gas emissions. (Source: KARP/FM, 1 May, 2018)

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    Brazil Ups Biodiesel Blend Rate to 10 pct (Int'l. Report)
    Brazil Biodiese
    Date: 2018-03-05
    A In Brazilia, the Brazilian National Council for Energy Policies (CNPE) reports it has approved an increase in the nation's bidiesel-to-petroleum fuel blend rate from 8 pct to 10 pct. To fill the 10 pct quote, the country expects to use an additional 1 billion litres of domestic biodiesel in 2018. The government estimates that national consumption would hit 5.3 billion litres in 2018. (Source: Brazil National Council for Energy Policies, Renewables Now, 5 Mar., 2018) Contact: Brazil National Council for Energy Policies,

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    CARB OKs Targray's NOx Mitigating Biodiesel Additive (Ind. Report)
    Targray,California Air Resources Board
    Date: 2018-03-02
    In Sacramento, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) reports it has certified CATANOX, a NOx mitigating biodiesel additive developed by BQ-9000 biofuels marketer Targray to help meet the Golden State's latest Low Carbon Fuel Standard requirements. The additive was tested in accordance with the Alternative Diesel Fuel regulation and demonstrated NOx emissions equivalent to standard diesel, as well as particulate matter emission reductions of more than 20 pct when compared to the benchmark CARB diesel.

    Kirkland, Quebec-headquartered Targray, one of the largest biofuels marketers and distributors in California, is now the second company in the state to offer a CARB-certified NOx mitigation solution for biodiesel blenders. Beginning in March, Targray will offer its CATANOX additive as part of a fully blended, B20- ready turnkey solution at five fuel terminal locations in Stockton, Fresno, Bakersfield and Los Angeles. (Source: Targay, PR, 28 Feb., 2018) Contact: Targray, (514) 695-8095,; California Air Resources Board,

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    Indonesia Extending Biodiesel Subsidy to non-Public Sector Obligation Sector (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2018-01-05
    In Jakarta, the Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry reports it will extend the B-20 biodiesel subsidy to the non-Public Service Obligation sector, starting in the period of May to October 2018. The PSO sector blends around 2.5 million-3 million kl of biodiesel/year. The addition of non-PSO demand could increase that to a maximum of 5 million-6 million kl/year.

    In 2017, the allocated subsidies, which cover the price gap between the biodiesel price and the gasoil price, amounted to IDR 9.6 trillion ($712.3 million), down slightly from IDR 10.6 trillion in 2016.

    (Source: Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, S&P Global, 3 Jan., 2017)Contact: Indonesia Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry, Rida Mulyana, Director General of Energy Conservation and Renewable Energy,

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    Industry Groups Support Biodiesel Producer's Tax Credit (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Advanced Biofuels Association,
    Date: 2017-11-06
    The National Association for Convenience & Fuel Retailing (NACS), the Advanced Biofuels Association, American Trucking Association, National Association of Truck Stop Operators, Petroleum Marketers of America Association, the Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers Association, and several of their members last week issued a letter to the appropriate Senate and House committees urging them to reject efforts to change the biodiesel blenders' tax credit to a producers' credit.

    The letter said the "biodiesel blenders' tax credit has worked successfully to build a robust biodiesel and renewable diesel industry that produced twice the volumes mandated under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Supporters of the blenders' tax credit are concerned that changing the tax credit to a producer only benefit will limit supply and lead to increase the cost of diesel fuel and heating oil."

    The biodiesel blenders' tax credit expired at the end of 2016. Previously, Congress has extended the credit year-by-year as part of a "tax extenders" package, and in some years applied it retroactively, as was the case for 2016. While unlikely that this or any other tax extenders will be included in the House tax package to be released this week, the Senate may consider including the biodiesel tax credit in its tax package. However, some senators representing U.S. biodiesel producers are working to change the tax credit from a blenders' credit to a producers' credit. (Source: NACS, 2 Nov., 2017)Contact: NATSO, Lisa Mullings, Pres., CEO, David Fialkov, VP Gov. Affairs, (703) 549-2100, ; NACS,; Advanced Biofuels Association, Michael McAdams, Pres.,

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    Smoky Mountains Emissions Down with Biodiesel Use (Ind. Report)
    National Biodiesel Board
    Date: 2017-09-11
    According to the National Biodiesel Board, in 2016 the Great Smoky Mountains National Park covering parts of Tennessee and North Carolina used 43,085 gallons of biodiesel (B20) that reportedly cut carbon dioxide emissions by 15 pct and carbon monoxide emissions by 12 pct while hydrocarbon and sulfur dioxide and particulate matter fell 12 pct. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park began using biodiesel blends to power park-owned diesel vehicles and equipment in 2003. (Source: National Biodiesel Board, 7 Sept., 2017) Contact: NBB, Kaleb Little, (800) 841-5849,,

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    Minnesota Bumping Biodiesel Blend Up to B20 (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-08-07
    The Minnesota Department of Agriculture reports that the state will raise its biodiesel-gasoline blend rate from the present 10 pct to 20 pct (B20) beginning May, 2018. Minnesota has led the nation in setting biodiesel standards starting with a 2005 requirement that all diesel fuel contain at least 2 pct biodiesel.

    Although the increase is being applauded by soybean farmers, but diesel producers and the trucking industry are expected to push back against the increase. Production companies have told state officials they don’t have the necessary infrastructure to move to a 20 percent blend, but a review completed by the Department of Commerce found economic and infrastructure conditions were right for the increase.

    The new B20 blend will be sold from May to October, when gas stations will go back to a 5 percent blend due to the cold weather. (Source: Minnesota Agriculture Commission, Mankato Free Press, 4 Aug., 2017) Contact: Minnesota Dept. of Agriculture, Commissioner Dave Frederickson, (651) 201-6000,

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    PCJ Developing Castor Oil Biodiesel Blend (Ind. Report)
    Petroleum Corp. of Jamaica
    Date: 2017-08-07
    In Kingston, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), the government agency charged with leading the country's energy resources, reports it has developed a castor seed oil for use in diesel vehicles. The blend could replace 97,000 bpy of imported oil and save Jamaican motorists an estimated $540 million per year in imports.

    PCJ is making the effort to develop local alternative energy sources to rely less on imports and help advance the Jamaican economy and agricultural sector with satellite farms even as small as an acre being able to grow caster plants.

    As previously reported, small-scale trials and improvements to the new blend are ongoing in cooperation with the Jamaica's University of Technology. (Source: Petroleum Corp. of Jamaica, Various Media, 4 August., 2017) Contact: Petroleum Corp. of Jamaica, Winston Watson, Gen, Mgr., (876) 929-5380,

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    NATSO Applauds Biodiesel Blenders' Tax Credit Legislation (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Date: 2017-07-21
    NATSO, the national trade association representing truckstops and travel plazas, has commended Representatives Diane Black (R-Tenn.) and Ron Kind (D-Wisc.) for introducing bipartisan legislation that would extend the biodiesel blenders' tax credit and ultimately phase it out over five years.

    "We applaud Representatives Black and Kind for introducing a measure that will enable consumers to have access to cleaner-burning fuel at the lowest possible cost.

    "The five-year phaseout contained in this legislation -- which mirrors policy that has been enacted for other alternative energy sources such as wind and solar -- is designed to provide much-needed policy certainty to the market. The phaseout is also compatible with congressional efforts to reform and simplify the tax code.

    "By keeping the biodiesel tax credit at the blender level, it will impose downward pressure on the retail price of fuel in all markets in the United States." (Source: NATSO, July 18, 2017) Contact: NATSO, Lisa Mullings, Pres., CEO, (703) 739-8578,

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    REGI Lauds Ill. Biodiesel Incentive Extension (Ind. Report)
    Renewable Energy Group
    Date: 2017-07-10
    Ames, Iowa-headquartered biodiesel producer Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REGI) praised Illinois lawmakers for approving a five-year extension of a significant biodiesel incentive that was slateed to expire at the end of 2018. Under present legislation, Illinois biodiesel retailers are granted a 20 pct exemption of the state's 6.25 pct excise tax for selling biodiesel blends of 1 to 10 percent (B1 to B10). A full exemption of the state excise tax is provided for blends of 11 percent (B11) or more.

    The Illinois House and Senate over rode Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto of the tax package, which extends through 2023 the full excise tax exemption for B11 and higher biodiesel blends. (Source: REGI, Globe Newswire, 7 July, 2017) Contact: REGI, Gary Haer, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, + (703) 822-1972,,

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    Jamaican Castor Biodiesel R&D Enters Vehicular Trials Phase (R&D)
    Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica
    Date: 2017-06-23
    In Kingston, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) is reporting that its castor oil B5 biodiesel blend is now in the vehicular trials phase. The biodiesel research is being conducted in conjunction with the Ministry of Agriculture, the Bodles Agricultural Research Station and the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI.

    The incorporation of the PCJ's B5 blend is expected to displace about 97,000 bpy for a savings of approximately J$540 million. The project is also expected to boost the demand for locally grown castor beans.(Source: Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Jamaica Observer, 21 June, 2017) Contact: Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Winston Watson, GM, (876) 929-5380,; Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute,; Jamaica Ministry of Agriculture,

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    Colombia Eyes Increased Ethanol Production, Blends (Int'l)
    Date: 2017-05-26
    In Bogota, the Fedebiocombustibles biofuels federation is reporting the commercial startup of Colombia's largest ethanol plant which will allow the blend of the biofuel in gasoline to be raised to 10 pct by year-end. Columbia's 6 ethanol plants produced a total of 456 million litres of the biofuel in 2015.

    Columbia's present ethanol blending mandates stand at 8 pct (E8) in the central Antioquia department and 6 pct (E6) for the rest of the country, although three eastern departments that border Venezuela are excluded from mandates. Despite the 8 pct requirement, the country is currently unable to produce enough to meet the mandate.

    Columbian biodiesel mandates range from 0 pct to 10 pct across the country. The USDA foercasts that biodiesel production will rise to 700 million lpy in 2017, up from 580 million litres in 2016. (Source: Fedebiocombustibles, REM, 25 May, 2017)Contact: Fedebiocombustibles, +57 1) 342 1552,,

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    EIA Monthly Biodiesel Production Report -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-05-15
    U.S. production of biodiesel was 94 million gallons in February 2017 -- 1 million gallons higher than production in January 2017. Biodiesel production from the Midwest region accounted for 71 pct of the United States total. Production came from 95 biodiesel plants with capacity of 2.3 billion gpy.

    February 2017 totals included 37 million gallons sold as B-100 and an additional 46 million gallons of B-100 sold in biodiesel blends with petroleum diesel fuel. There were a total of 736 million pounds of feedstocks used to produce biodiesel in February 2017. Soybean oil remained the largest biodiesel feedstock during February 2017 with 369 million pounds consumed.

    The Monthly Biodiesel Production Report provides data on operations of the U.S. biodiesel industry as part of EIA's response to section 1508 of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

    Download the full EIA Monthly Biodiesel Production Report HERE. (Source: US EIA, May, 2017) Contact: US EIA, www,

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    Biodiesel Blending Terminal Launched in S.D (Ind. Report)
    Victory Renewables,South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council
    Date: 2017-05-10
    The South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (SDSRPC) is reporting the opening of a new biodiesel blending facility near Rapid City, South Dakota. The new Victory Renewables biodiesel blending facility provides fuel marketers with convenient access to full loads of biodiesel or blend biodiesel with diesel fuel. Year-round biodiesel sales will be facilitated by a heating system on-site.

    The new biodiesel blending facility was funded in part by the South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council and the soybean checkoff. (Source: South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, PR, Biodiesel, Various Media, 8 May, 2017) Contact: South Dakota Soybean Research & Promotion Council, (605) 330-9942,,

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    NATSO Calls for Extension, Phase Out of Biodiesel Tax Credit (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Date: 2017-05-10
    NATSO, the national association representing truckstops and travel plazas, as well as a coalition of trade associations representing the entire biodiesel supply chain, has urged Congress to extend the biodiesel blenders' $1 per gallon tax credit as it considers tax reform legislation and to ultimately phase it out. This tax credit expired at the end of 2016. Extending and phasing out the biodiesel blenders' tax credit is needed to provide blenders, producers and consumers with necessary certainty to realize the environmental and cost benefits that the credit was designed to accomplish, according to NATSO.

    In letters to members of the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee, NATSO urged lawmakers to refrain from changing the existing biodiesel tax credit structure, arguing that the biodiesel tax credit is helping to displace traditional petroleum-based fuel with a cleaner-burning substitute.

    Recently, there has been a coordinated effort by a group of lawmakers representing states where biodiesel is produced and where its feedstock is grown to convert the biodiesel blenders' tax credit to a producer's credit which would drive up biodiesel prices and ultimately impede U.S. efforts to advance the utilization of cleaner-burning fuels, according to NATSO. (Source: NATSO, NGT, 9 May, 2017) Contact: NATSO, Lisa Mullings, Pres., CEO, David Fialkov, VP Gov. Affairs, (703) 549-2100,

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    REGI Secures Ralston Biodiesel Plant Upgrade Financing (Funding)
    Renewable Energy Group Inc.
    Date: 2017-05-03
    Ames, Iowa-headquartered Renewable Energy Group, Inc. (REGI) reports it has secured up to $20 million in financing from First Midwest Bank for a $24 million capacity-expansion and upgrading of its biodiesel refinery in Ralston, Iowa.

    The plant upgrade is expected to increase the plant's capacity from 12 million to 30 million gpy. This would match the capacity at the company's other Iowa biorefineries in Mason City and Newton. It would also qualify for the existing 2 cents per gallon biodiesel production tax credit for seven years beginning January 1, 2018. In that year, the new law also adjusts the current retail incentive for fuel containing a minimum 5 percent biodiesel blend (B5) to 3.5 cents per gallon and creates a new 5.5 cents per gallon incentive for blends of B11 or more.

    REGI owns 14 active biorefineries in the United States and Europe with a combined annual nameplate capacity of 502 million gallons. (Source: REGI, 1 May, 2017) Contact: Renewable Energy Group, Inc., Daniel J. Oh, Pres. and CEO, Anthony Hulen, Corp. Affairs, (703) 822-1972,,

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