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Clarke Energy, BioTown Tout Indiana RNG Project (Ind. Report)
Clarke Energy, BioTown
Date: 2021-09-17
In Waukesha, Wisconsin, Clarke Energy USA Inc., a KOHLER Company, is reporting a turn-key agreement with Reynolds, Indiana-based BioTown Biogas under which Clarke will design, supply and install equipment to an upgraded biogas digester plant to process 500-- 600,000 gpy of locally sourced dairy farm waste and slurry into biomethane for the national gas grid in Indiana.

The biogas will be used for two functions: 460 scfm of treated biogas will fuel an INNIO engine to generate renewable electricity and heat to support the local operations and; over 1,500 scfm of raw biogas will be cleaned and injected into the national gas grid where it will be marketed into the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard program and capture D3 renewable identification numbers (RINs). The installation will also enable the avoidance of 150,000 tpy of CO2 emissions. (Source: Clarke Energy Inc. USA, Website PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: BioTown AG, Chad Hoerr, GM, (219) 984-5915,; Clarke Energy, James Clarke, CEO, 262 565 5020,,

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OPAL Fuels Investing in Indiana RNG Facility (Ind. Report)
OPAL Fuels, Fortistar,Bio Town Biogas
Date: 2021-08-11
Fortistar portfolio company OPAL Fuels LLC, the leader in developing and marketing renewable natural gas (RNG) fuel, is reporting an investment in Reynolds, Indian-based Bio Town Biogas, an environmentally-friendly RNG production facility.

The project incorporates a large-scale dairy digester that will produce about 1,000 MMBTUs of fuel per day -- the equivalent of 28.5 million gpy of RNG with net zero emissions -- sufficient to allow roughly 2,400 heavy-duty trucks to achieve carbon neutral emissions in their operations. All told, this project will keep over 43,000 tpy of CO2e emissions while helping trucking companies save about $5.8 million per year in fuel costs compared to diesel, according to the release. (Source: OPAL Fuels, PR, 10 Aug., 2021) Contact: OPAL Fuels LLC, Jon Maurer, Co-CEO ,; Bio Town Biogas, www.

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