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CIP Bioenergy Fund Raises €375Mn (Int'l.,Funding)
Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners
Date: 2022-05-02
In Denmark, fund manager Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) reports its new CI Advanced Bioenergy Fund (CI ABF) first closing has reached €375 million.

Thefund, which is targeted for €1 billion, will focus on equity investments in advanced bioenergy infrastructure in Europe and North America. Investments will be "dark green" -- based on sustainable feedstock such as waste wood, agricultural wastes, and household and industrial biowaste. The offtake products will include green gas and green fuels, such as RNG, bio-LNG, and second-generation bioethanol.

The new fund will enable institutional investors to contribute to the energy transition and participate in the decarbonisation of hard to abate sectors through the production of advanced biofuels and biogas while delivering solutions for environmental and organic waste challenges, according to the release. (Source: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, PR, Website, 27 April, 2022) Contact: Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, +45 70 70 51 51,,

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Wartsila to Construct German bio-LNG Facility (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2022-04-29
Helsinki-headquartered Wartsila reports it will supply equipment for a 63,000 tpy bio-LNG facility being developed near Fulda, Germany by Bakum, Germany-based sustainable energy and logistics solutions specialist REEFUELERY GmbH.

The plant will utilize biomethane from agricultural and other waste materials as feedstock to produce biomethane which will subsequently be liquefied and delivered to the Alternoil filling station network as REEFUEL (bio-LNG) -- a carbon-neutral transportation fuel. (Source: Wartsila, PR, 27 April, 2022) Contact: Wartsila, Mirja-Maija Santala, Marketing, +358 400 793 827,,; Evensol, David Wentworth, CEO,,

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EnBW Expanding into LNG (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2022-04-06
German energy major EnBW reports it plans to significantly increase the share of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in its portfolio and, to that end, has inked memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Hanseatic Energy Hub. In a first step, EnBW intends to purchase at least three billion cubic mpy of natural gas via the LNG terminal in Stade and is also holding talks on further forms of cooperation.

The LNG terminal in Stade is set to become a central hub for the import of liquefied natural gas to Germany. The Hanseatic Energy Hub, a terminal for liquefied gases at the industrial site in Stade, Germany, will be ready to use from 2026 with a planned re-gasification capacity of around 12 billion cubic mpy in an existing industrial park. Besides LNG, , the terminal is also designed for low-carbon energy sources such as bio-LNG and synthetic methane in a first phase. With the growing global supply of climate-neutral energy sources, in a second step the hub is also set to be used to import hydrogen-based fuels, such as ammonia. (Source: EnBW, PR, 31 Mar., 2022) Contact: EnBW, +49 721 63-255550,; Hanseatic Energy Hub GmbH, Johann Killinger, Dir., 040 / 696 387 64 4,

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Scandinavian Biogas Targets 3 TWh Biogas Prod. by 2030 (Int'l.)
Scandinavian Biogas
Date: 2022-02-21
Stockholm-headquartered anaerobic digestion specialist Scandinavian Biogas reports it plans to reach an annual biogas production capacity in Europe of 3 TWh by 2030 -- mainly bio-LNG for maritime and industrial, heavy transportation fuel. Based on the firm's previously published business plan, the financial goal by 2024 to reach at least 700 GWh annual capacity remains unchanged.

This targeted growth will be based on organic development as well as acquisitions in northern and Central Europe. (Source: Scandinavian Biogas, Website 17 Feb., 2022) Contact: Scandinavian Biogas, Matti Vikkula, CEO,, +46 (0)8 503 872 20,

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Shell bio-LNG Now Available in the Netherlands (Int'l. Report)
Royal Dutch Shell
Date: 2022-02-18
Royal Dutch Shell reports that with the startup of Netherlands-based Nordsol's bio-LNG installation at Amsterdam Westpoort, Shell is the first transportation fuel retailer to offer bio-LNG , mixed with regular LNG, in the Netherlands.

The Nordsol plant opened in Fall 2021 and is the first bio-LNG production facility in the Netherlands. Shell, a minority investor in Nordsol, distributes the bio-LNG fuel and plans to offer pure bio-LNG through its entire fueling stations network in the Netherlands and Germany by mid 2023. Shell is presently constructing Europe's largest bio-LNG production plant in Godorf, Germany. (Source: Royal Dutch Shell, PR Feb., 2022)Contact: Royal Dutch Shell,; Nordsol, +31 (0)30-2029670,,

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Biomethane Transport Fuel on the Rise, says NGVA Europe (Int'l)
NGVA Europe
Date: 2022-02-07
The Natural Gas Vehicle Association Europe (NGVA is reporting rapid growth in the use of biomethane as a transport fuel in Europe with over 25 pct of the gas used in road transport being renewable natural gas (RNG).

The European gas refueling infrastructure network includes more than 4,110 CNG and 499 LNG stations, where a "significantly higher" amount of biomethane , including, bio-LNG, is presently available compared to 2020.

The European Commission (EC) estimates there will be at least 467 TWh of biogas and biomethane available in 2030 rising to an estimated 1,020 TWh by 2050. From today's production of 22 TWh of RNG, Europe has a potential of 1,200 TWh, of which 117TWh will be distributed as a transport fuel (bio-CNG and bio-LNG), according to the NGVA release. (Source: NGVA, Feb., 2022) Contact: NGVA Europe, Dr Jens Andersen, Sec Gen,,

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Scandinavian Biogas Expanding bio-LNG Plant Capacity (Int'l.)
Scandinavian Biogas
Date: 2022-01-31
In Sweden, Stockholm-headquartered Scandinavian Biogas reports it will invest €28.6 million $31.9 million) in the expansion of its bio-LNG plant in Glado Kvarn, south of Stockholm. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency has committed to invest €12.8 million in the project.

The expanded plant will produce 220 GWh per year of bio-LNG when completed in the second half of 2023, an will be the largest of its kind in northern Europe. producing . By comparison, 220 GWk corresponds to an energy volume of 22 million litres of diesel. The equipment for liquefying the biogas will be supplied by Air Liquide. (Source: Scandinavian Biogas, PR, Website, Jan., 2022) Contact: Scandinavian Biogas, Matti Vikkula, CEO, +46 (0)8 503 872 20,,

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Titan LNG Supplying Marine bio-LNG in Mediterranean (Int'l.)
Titan LNG
Date: 2022-01-17
Amsterdam-headquartered Titan LNG reports it will deliver LNG and bio-LNG for Corsica Linea's new Ro-Pax LNG-fueled ferry, the A Galeotta, in the Port of Marseilles. The delivery is an expansion of Titan's operations into the Mediterranean and will enhance the availability of LNG, bio-LNG and in the long-term, hydrogen-derived LNG, in the region.

Titan will start with truck-to-ship operations until the 4,500 cubic-metre LNG-powered bunker vessel The Krios arrives to supply the wider Mediterranean region with lower and zero-carbon variations of LNG, such as bio-LNG and hydrogen-derived LNG as drop-in marine fuels. (Source: Titan LNG, PR, Jan., 2021) Contact: Titan LNG, Niels den Nijs, CEO +31 20 722 0724,

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Europe's Gas Consumption Pegged at 30-40 pct Biomethane by 2050 (Editorials, Opinions & Asides)
European Biogas Association
Date: 2022-01-17
The 11th edition of the European Biogas Association's Statistical Report estimates that by 2050, 30 to 40 pct of Europe's total gas consumption could be sustainable biomethane.

According to the report, combined biogas and biomethane production in 2020 amounted to 191 TWh or 18.0 bcm of energy. The numbers are expected to double in the next 9 years. By 2050, production can be at least five-fold reaching over 1,000 TWh, with some estimates going up to 1,700 TWh. Agricultural-based biogas and biomethane plants make up the lion's share of total production, which is now more the entire natural gas EU's gas consumption.

2020 saw the biggest year-on-year increase in biomethane production to date with an additional 6.4 TWh or 0.6 bcm of biomethane produced in Europe. According to the report, the sustainable European Bio-LNG production capacity by 2024, considering only confirmed plants, adds up to 10.6 TWh per year, capacity that could fuel almost 25,000 LNG trucks for the whole year. (Source: European Biogas Association , Nov., Dec. 2021) Contact: European Biogas Association, +32 24 00 1089,,

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bp Takes Stake in Biomethane Fueler Gasrec (Int'l., M&A)
Gasrec, bp
Date: 2021-12-06
In the UK, oil giant bp reports it has acquired a 28.57 pct stake in London-headquartered Gasrec, the UK' largest dual provider of bio-LNG and bio-CNG to road transport. Gasrec builds, owns and operates biomethane refuelling stations across the UK. The company presently operates and owns 10 biomethane refuelling stations capable of fueling 1,250 vehicles per day.

bp will supply Gasrec with renewable biomethane produced mainly from organic wastes. The investment will expand bp's UK footprint in renewable gas production and distribution. (Source: bp, PR, Website, Dec., 2021) Contact: Gasrec, Rob Wood, CEO , +44 20 8191 7079,

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EBA Highlights Biomethane Ramp-up for Full Renewable Gas Deployment (Int'l. Report Available)
European Biogas Association
Date: 2021-11-29
A just released report from the Brussels-headquartered European Biogas Association notes that 30 - 40 pct of Europe's total gas consumption could be made up of sustainable biomethane by the year 2050.

The 11th edition of EBA Statistical Report provides an in-depth analysis of and biogas / biomethane's potential and the best pathways to ensure full deployment in a future energy mix.

The report analyses the current availability of renewable gases in Europe, notably biogas and biomethane. Combined biogas and biomethane production in 2020 amounted to 191 TWh or 18.0 bcm of energy and this figure is expected to double in the next 9 years. By 2050, production can be at least five-fold reaching over 1,000 TWh or as high as 1,700 TWh.

Agriculture- based biogas and biomethane plants make up the lion's share of the total production, which is now already more than the entire natural gas consumption of Belgium and represents 4.6 pct of the gas consumption of the EU. The biogas and biomethane industries also presently provide over 210,000 green jobs that expected to approximately 420,000 jobs by 2030 and one million or more by 2050. The report also highlights the needed collaboration as well between the biomethane and the other potential major renewable gases, such as green hydrogen in future years.

Over the last decade, the delivery of dispatchable power and heat from biogas has been very important and its role will continue to some extent. However, the current trend places the emphasis squarely on sustainable biomethane production, and it is expected that this tendency will be amplified in the coming decade: biomethane is a versatile energy carrier, suitable for a range of sectors, including transport, industry, power and heating. 2020 saw the biggest year on year increase in biomethane production so far in spite of the pandemic, with an additional 6.4 TWh or 0.6 bcm of biomethane produced in Europe. An even bigger increase is to be expected in 2021, as a record number of new biomethane plants started production in 2020 and are due to become fully operational within 2021, the report notes.

Future gas demand can be met by other renewable and low-carbon solutions such as green hydrogen. The development of synergies between green gases will be key to meeting future gas market demands. In line with this, the report highlights the need to develop a vision of how biomethane and hydrogen will integrate with each other in the future. Future infrastructure investments should aim to strengthen the distribution of renewable gases by considering the specific requirements of each gas as well as their most suitable development.

The report points out as well a clear tendence towards the increasing use of sustainable feedstocks for biogas and biomethane production. These include mostly industrial waste, municipal waste or agricultural residues. It is also expected that the remaining energy crops to produce biogas will be replaced by sustainable cropping, for example with the introduction of sequential cropping systems which at the same time allows for carbon farming and revitalization of the soil.

The contribution to sustainability is one of the benefits of biogas and biomethane production for our society, but there are many others. As the EBA report points out, a solid calculation of the economic value of the wider benefits of biogas and biomethane is needed, so that the revenue channels for biogas and biomethane producers can be diversified. The translation of these societal benefits into market signals would allow biogas and biomethane production to compete on fairer terms with other types of energy supply while at the same time further stimulating production plants to achieve the highest levels of societal benefit.

In terms of use by sectors, the need for decarbonization of all transport modes will be especially relevant for the coming years and thus the need for further renewable gas uptake in that sector. According to the report launched today, the sustainable European Bio-LNG (liquified biomethane) production capacity by 2024, considering only confirmed plants, adds up to 10.6 TWh per year. This projected 2024 production capacity could fuel almost 25,000 LNG trucks for the whole year.

The report, which includes new and more detailed country insights and forecasts, is available on the EBA website. (Source: EBA, PR, Website, 25 Nov., 2021) Contact: EBA, Harmen Dekker, Director,

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DHL Freight Touts bio-LNG Trial Success (Ind, Report)
DHL Freight
Date: 2021-11-22
Bonn, Germany-based DHL Freight is reporting completion of its previously reported 5-month trial of Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) compliant bio-LNG produced from agricultural wastes by Shell.

The pilot aimed to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions in road freight transport for DHL's customer, pump manufacturer Grundfos. In the first five months of the pilot, the volume of bio-LNG was reduced 87 tons of CO2 equivalent -- roughly equal to the emissions of over 89,000 kilometres driven by a diesel truck and represents 85 pct of CO2 savings compared to a traditional diesel engine, according to the release.

Shell is scaling up the supply of bio-LNG and plans to offer a bio-LNG blend to its entire network in the Netherlands, next year. Shell also plans a new 100,000 tpy bio-LNG plant at its Energy and Chemicals Park Rheinland, Germany in 2023, according to the release. (Source: DHL Freight, PR, Nov., 2021) Contact: DHL Freight, Uwe Brinks, CEO,

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Netherlands' First Bio-LNG Plant Commissioned (Int'l. Report)
Nordsol, Shell, Renwi
Date: 2021-10-18
In the Netherlands, Nordsol, Shell and UK-based waste management firm Renewi are reporting the opening of the country's first bio-LNG plant on Renewi's site in Amsterdam Westpoort is now in service.

The facility will produce roughly 3.4 kilotons of bio-LNG annually -- sufficient fuel for 13 million kilometres of driving and avoiding approximately 14.3 kilotons of CO2 from entering the atmosphere. (Source: Nordsol, Shell and Renewi, PR, Websites, Bioenergy News, 15 Oct., 2021) Contact: Nordsol, +31 30 202 9670,; Renewi,

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Shell, MSC Partner on Low-Carbon Maritime Alt. Fuels (Int'l.)
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company,Shell
Date: 2021-07-19
Swiss-headquartered MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) reports it is partnering with Shell International Petroleum Company Ltd to develop and deploy "net-zero solutions" such as zero-emission alternative fuels and the technologies that will enable them with the ambition of contributing towards a "zero-carbon flexi-fuel concept vessel" to help the shipping sector's energy transition towards decarbonization.

As previously reported, the two firms have worked together over the last 10 years on projects, including bunkering biofuels and ultra-low sulfur fuels, and envisage a range of net-zero fuel solutions such as hydrogen-derived fuels and the use of methanol as a marine fuel. The companies have also been exploring the potential benefits of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to bio-LNG or synthetic variants. (Source: Shell Marine, PR, gCaptain. 16 July, 2021) Contact: Shell Marine, Melissa Williams, President,; MCG Group, Bud Darr, EVP Maritime Policy and Government Affairs, +41 79 885 76 70,

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Verbio Touts US, India Straw Biomethane Plant Plans (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-02-03
Leipzig, Germany-based biodiesel producer Verbio reports it will open two straw biomethane plants, one in India and the other in the US, as well as expand biodiesel production in Canada, befoe the year end.

According to the release, "Despite the decreasing market in the fuel segment as a result of the restricted mobility, Verbio achieved a record result. The company generated consolidated sales of €872 million. With a total production of 796,411 tons of biodiesel and bioethanol, Verbio once again increased the production record of the previous year. Biomethane production 'significantly' increased to 784 GWh, 11 pct above the previous year's result."

Verbio also noted it is investing more than €10 million to become the largest provider of bio-LNG in the German and European market from the middle of this year. (Source: Verbio, PR, 29 Jan., 20210 Contact: Verbio, Claus Sauter, CEO, +49 (0) 3493 747-40,

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Dutch bio-LNG Installation Construction Underway (Int'l. Report)
Renewi, Nordsol, Shell
Date: 2020-11-20
Nordsol is reporting construction is underway on the Netherlands' first bio-LNG installation in Westpoort, Amsterdam. The installation, which is expected to come online within one year, will produce 3.4 kt of bio-LNG per year.

Using Nordsol technology, biogas -- 60 pct methane and 40 pct CO2 -- extracted from organic waste is converted into bio-LNG and liquid bio-CO2, a transparent and fair supply chain. The technology makes it possible to efficiently separate pure methane from the biogas and liquefy it into bio-LNG. The CO2 by-product is then reused in the market, therefore ensuring an additional reduction in CO2 emissions, leading to a 100 pct CO2 neutral fuel. (Source: Nordsol, Website PR, Nov., 2020) Contact: Nordsol, +31 268 800 408,,

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Stirling, AB Partner on Biomethane Plants (Ind. Report)
Stirling Cryogenics
Date: 2020-11-06
Dutch firm Stirling Cryogenics, part of the Torino, Italy-based HYSYTECH group, reports it is partnering with Italian firm AB on the design, construction, installation and maintenance of liquid biomethane production plants incorporating Stirling's cryogenerators.

Under the agreement, AB's CH4LNG "liquefier" unit, will be deployed with Stirling's cryogenerators for bio-LNG systems to process up to 12 tpd of biomethane for small and medium-sized biogas plants for upgrading to bio-LNG. (Source: Stirling Cryogenics, PR, Nov., 2020) Contact: Stirling Cryogenics, +31 40 267 7300,; HYSYTECH, +39 011 397 0273,

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Wartsila to Supply German LNG/bio-LNG Plant (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-10-09
Helsinki-headquartered Wartsila Group reports it has contracted to supply and construct a 100,000 tpy plant for the production of carbon-neutral bio-LNG transport fuels in Cologne, Germany.

The plant, which is slated to be fully operational by autumn 2022, will incorporate a gas treatment system based on Wartsila's Puregas CA technology, a liquefaction unit using Wartsila's Semi-Dual Brayton technology, storage tanks, truck filling stations and necessary safety flare and auxiliary equipment.

The project will use liquid manure, food waste and similar waste material as feedstock that will be processed using anaerobic digestion to produce biogas to be upgraded to biomethane and injected into the natural gas grid. (Source: Wartsila, PR, Bioenergy Insights, 8 Oct., 2020)Contact: Wartsila, +358 10 709 0000, Fax -- +358 10 709 5700,

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TerraX, SWEN Impact Fund Biomethane JV Announced (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-07-29
Italian renewable gas projects developer TerraX is reporting a joint venture with the SWEN Impact Fund for Transition (SWEN), managed by SWEN Capital Partners, the first European impact fund entirely dedicated to the financing of renewable gas infrastructure to invest in biomethane.

The joint venture will construct and operate 10 or more biomethane projects to produce renewable gas in Italy, which will be injected into the networks or marketed as bio-LNG. Once operational in 2022, the plants will produce enough energy to supply 100 heavy trucks and reduce emissions by 90 pct.

According to the company's website, the company's "mission is to spread and to improve new technologies for our projects in the field of anaerobic digestion and biomass gasification, designing and investing in eco-sustainable and innovative solutions, which produce value for the planet and for those who intend to operate consciously in it. We provide new technologies, projects and services for a greener future." (Source: TerraX, PR, Website, Valdosta Gazette, 29 July, 2020) Contact: TerraX, Michael Neiderbacher, CEO , +39 0471 19 57 174,,

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BayWa Opens German LNG, Bio-LNG Fueling Station (Int'l. Report)
BayWa Energy
Date: 2020-04-15
In Germany, BayWa Energy GmbH is reporting the opening of Germany's first LNG filling station for trucks at VW's HQ in the town of Wolfsburg, in Lower Saxony.

The facility, which is operated by BayWa Mobility Solutions, will also offer bio-LNG in a second phase.

BayWa is planning additional LNG stations in Munich, Nuremberg and Nordlingen by mid 2020, while other sites are in the planning phase.(Source: BayWa Energy, PetrolPlaza, 14 April, 2020)Contact: BayWa r.e. GmbH, Matthias Taft, CEO, +49 (89) 383932 131,

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