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Colorado Mtn. College Solar+ Storage Project Announced (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-04-09
Framingham, Mass.-based renewable energy and energy efficiency specialist Ameresco is reporting a partnership with Glenwood Springs, Colorado-headquartered Holy Cross Energy (HCE) for a solar and battery energy storage project at Colorado Mountain College's Spring Valley Campus.

Under the agreement, Ameresco will install, maintain and own 4.5MW of solar PV and 15 MWh battery energy storage and sell the generated output to HCE under a long-term PPA.

The project's avoided annual greenhouse gas emissions are expected to be 6,853 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, which equates to the emissions benefit of removing 1,481 passenger vehicles from the road, or not burning 7,551,050 pounds of coal.

Holy Cross Energy aims to source 100 pct of its electricity from renewable resources by 2030. (Source: Colorado Mountain College, PR. 6 Apr., 2021) Contact: Colorado Mountain College,; Ameresco, David J. Anderson, EVP , (508) 661-2264,; Holy Cross Energy, Bryan Hannegan, CEO, (970) 945-5491,

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Battery Nanomaterial Tech Startup Raises $3Mn (Int'l. Funding)
Date: 2021-04-05
Reykjavik, Iceland headquartered battery nanomaterials specialist Nanom reports it has raised $3 million in seed funding for its process technology that boost battery performance and expects to announce its partners in the next few months.

The nanomaterial process technology has provided a 9x improvement for the Nickel-Iron batteries used in a wide range of large-scale energy storage devices, transportation and other applications. The technology can also be used to create solid state batteries with carbon fibre and a silk interposer treated with an electrolyte. This can be used to create batteries in the structure of electric vehicles such as cars and boats. The company has already created a pilot project where a 1 meter electric boat was constructed where the hull of the boat became the battery.

The nanoparticle process generates particles that are many orders-of-magnitude more effective in increasing energy surface in existing batteries by mixing them into the slurry that is a standard part of all battery manufacturing lines. Nanom has achieved scale in its manufacturing process and can already satisfy the requirements of battery markets which is a key challenge for nanoparticle production, according to the company release. (Source: Namon, PR, eeNews Europe, 5 Apr., 2021) Contact: Nanom, Armann Kojic, CEO, +354 776 7555, 650 427 9060 – California Office,,

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Scout Energy Slows Horse Haven Wind Project Permitting (Ind. Report)
Scout Clean Energy
Date: 2021-03-31
Further to our 19 May, 2020 coverage, Boulder, Colorado-based renewable energy developer, owner and operator Scout Clean Energy is reported to have withdrawn it's request for expedited processing of its application for site certification through Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council (EFSEC) for its Horse Heaven Wind Farm project in Benton, County, Washington.

The slowdown is intended to allow further community input and comments on the proposed 1150 MW facility that would combine wind energy, solar energy and battery energy storage in the same location near the "Tri-Cities" of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland.

The project is expected to incorporate as many as 212 GE wind turbines at a total cost of $850 million and generate sufficient energy for approximately 140,000 homes when fully operational in 2022, as previously reported. (Source: Scout Clean Energy, Website, KEPR 30 Mar., 2021) Contact: Scout Clean Energy, Dave Kobus, Project Manager, Michael Rucker, CEO, (303) 284-7566,,

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Apple Planning Calif. Solar Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-03-31
IT giant Apple has announced plans to construct a 240 MWh, battery-based renewable energy storage facility at the California Flats solar installation in southeastern Monterey County, about 100 miles southeast of Apple's HQ in Cupertino.

The 240 MWh facility will store sufficient power for more than 7,000 homes for one day. (Source: Apple, Reuters, 31 Mar., 2021)

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Tesla Tapped for Aussie Big Battery Project (Int'l. Report)
Tesla, Neoen
Date: 2021-03-01
In the Land Down Under, Neoen is reporting Tesla will supply its Megapack batteries and software for the new 300 MW/450 MWh Victoria Big Battery energy storage project.

Neoen also reports its total capacity in operation and under construction is currently over 3 GW but expected to reach 5 GW before the year end. (Source: Neoen, PR, TechAu, 27 Feb., 2021) Contact: Neoen, Louis de Sambucy, Neoen Australia MD,; Tesla,

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Ontario Battery Energy Storage Project Slated for Jarvis (Ind Report)
Date: 2021-02-24
Toronto-based NRStor Inc. is touting the joint venture Oneida Energy Storage project with Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corp. in Jarvis, Ontario as the largest such facility in the province.

When fully operational, the 250 megawatt/1,000 megawatt-hour battery energy storage project could lower electricity system costs by up to $760 million over its lifetime and help Ontario reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 4.1 million tonnes -- equivalent of taking about 40,000 cars off the road every year over the project's life. (Source: NRStor, Canadian Biomass, 23 Feb., 2021) Contact: Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation, (519) 753-1950,; NRStor Inc., Peter Gregg, President, (647) 281-7200,

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CleanSpark Launches Residential Microgrid Solution (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-02-17
Salt Lake City-based diversified software and services specialist CleanSpark, Inc. is reporting the launch of mVoult, a stand-alone energy management controller capable of directing the operations of both existing and new energy assets for residential microgrids.

mVoult will be offered as a smart controller and mobile app specifically designed for residential applications. The Company also plans to launch a fully integrated mVoult branded battery energy storage and controls solution. The home power solution will enable the selection of optional add-ons such as solar integration or back-up generators. The company expects to begin taking pre-orders for both the stand-alone controls and the fully integrated solution in April 2021. Installations of the solution are expected to begin summer 2021.

CleanSpark, Inc. offers a suite of software solutions that provide end-to-end microgrid energy modeling, energy market communications, and energy management solutions. Offerings include intelligent energy monitoring and controls, intelligent microgrid design software, middle-ware communications protocols for the energy industry, energy system engineering and software consulting services.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, ATL Data Centers LLC, CleanSpark also owns and operates a data center that provides customers with traditional on-site and cloud-based data center services. (Source: CleanSpark, Inc., PR, 15 Feb., 2021) Contact: CleanSpark, Inc., Zach Bradford, CEO, (801) 244-4405,,

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Elon Musk Comments on a U.S. Carbon Tax (Notable Quote)
Elon Musk
Date: 2021-02-15
Following up on our 22 Jan coverage -- Elon Musk Offers $100Mn for Best Carbon Capture Tech -- the the battery energy storage, SpaceX and Tesla tycoon announced:

"I talked to the Biden administration, and they were like 'Well, this seems too politically difficult' and I was like, 'Well, this is obviously a thing that should happen', and by the way, SpaceX would be paying a carbon tax too. So I'm like, you know, I'm like, I think we should pay it too. It's not like we shouldn't have carbon generating things. It's just that there's got to be a price on this stuff," Musk said.

"If we just put a price on carbon emissions, the market will react in a sensible way. But because we don`t have a price on it, it is behaving badly," Musk noted.

"It's either we have sustainable energy or civilization collapses. And so if civilization doesn't collapse we will have sustainable energy, it's just a question of how soon does that happen. Sooner is better," Musk elaborated. (Source: Elon Musk, DNA, 13 Feb., 2021) Contact: Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

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$20Mn Battery Storage Project Slated for San Diego (Ind. Report)
EnerSmart, Eos Energy
Date: 2021-02-15
In the Golden State, San Diego-based renewable energy service provider EnerSmart is reporting a $20 million deal with New Jersey-based Eos Energy for more than 10 zinc-based battery storage facilities, seven of which will be in San Diego. These projects will store approximately 3 MW each and will each supply electric power to 2000 homes.

The electric powere stored in these batteries will go to the California Independent System Operator (CAISO). The California PUC seeks to add about 2,100 MW of energy storage to the grid by August 2021. . Currently, the peak demand for electricity is at 26,221 megawatts. (Source: EnerSmart, Website, NewsinPaphos, 14 Feb., 2021) Contact: EnerSmart, James beach, Partner,; Eos Energy,

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Cambridgeshire 50MW Battery Storage Plant Underway (Int'l.)
SNS plc
Date: 2021-02-12
In the UK, Glasgow-headquartered smart energy infrastructure company, SMS plc reports construction is underway on a 50MW grid-scale battery storage development in Burwell, Cambridgeshire. Work on a second 49 MW site in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, will get underway later this month. The two projects are the first in an initial 270MW pipeline that SMS seeks to build over the next two years.

SMS, which finances, installs, and manages low-carbon energy assets across the grid, will deliver the projects from initial construction through to ongoing operation, trading, maintenance, and asset management for the expected 40-year lifespan of the batteries.

The UK currently has over 1GW of storage in operation and an expanding pipeline of projects across the country. (Source: SMS, Website PR, 10 Feb., 2021) Contact: SMS, Tim Mortlock, COO, +44 0 141 249 3880,

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Jupiter Power Plans 2021 Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
Jupiter Power
Date: 2021-02-12
Austin, Texas-based utility-scale energy storage developer and operator Jupiter Power is reporting plans to deploy 652MWh of battery storage during 2021, kicking off a 10GW development pipeline.

The company, which is backed by energy growth capital investor EnCap Investments, it will construct six standalone battery energy storage projects, including three 200MWh projects and three smaller ones, expected to come online by Q3 of this year in Texas, the eastern seaboard, California and the mid-continent regions of the US. The company has around 10GW of battery storage projects under development that it hopes to construct between 2022 and 2026. (Source: Jupiter Power, PR, Feb., 2021) Contact: Jupiter Power, Andy Bowman, CEO,, www.jupiter

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Wartsila Supplying Energy Storage for Mexican Wind Farm (Int'l.)
Date: 2021-02-10
Helsinki-headquartered Wartsila Corporation reports it has contracted to install a 10MW battery energy storage system at the Eolica Coromuel Wind Farm near the city of La Paz, Mexico. The 50MW wind energy project is under construction by San Diego-based by Eurus Energy America Corp. -- part of the Tokyo-headquartered Eurus Energy Group -- which operates wind and solar farms globally.

Wartsilia will provide a grid-connected battery storage system and long-term servicing to the system including remote monitoring, performance guarantees and replacing and repairing components as needed. Wartsilia will use the Finland-headquartered energy storage system integrator's recently launched GridSolv Max containerised lithium-ion battery storage and run on the company's GEMS energy management software platform.

Mexico is aiming to reach 30 pct renewables by 2021 and 35 by 2024. (Source: Wartsilia, PR, Energy Storage, 8 Feb., 2021) Contact: Eurus Energy Holdings, +81-3-5404-5300 / FAX: +81-3-5404-5301,; Eurus Energy America, Eurus Energy America, Nick Henriksen, VP, 858-638-7115, 858-638-7125 -- fax;,; Wartsila,

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TOTAL Purchasing TX Solar+Storage Projects (M&A, Imd. Report)
Date: 2021-02-08
Paris-headquartered french oil and gas giant TOTAL reports it is acquiring four commercial-scale solar+storage power projects in Texas, to meet the electricity demand of its Port Arthur refining and petrochemicals platform and La Porte and Carville petrochemical sites and others. All projects, each with co-located battery energy storage systems, are in industrial areas near Houston with high electricity demand and are expected to come online between 2023 and 2024, according to the release.

Including this acquisition, TOTAL is now developing close to 4 GW of renewable power capacity in the US. TOTAL has the largest renewable energy portfolio among European oil majors. (Source: TOTAL, Financial Tribune, 7 Jan., 2021)

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SPARKZ Licenses ORNL Battery Production Technology (Ind. Report)
ORNL, Sparkz
Date: 2021-02-05
The US DOE's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) is reporting Knoxville, Tennessee-based battery energy storage start-up Sparkz Energy Systems (SPARKZ) has exclusively licensed ORNL's "fast formation cycling" technology that enables the rapid production of lithium-ion batteries commonly used in portable electronic devices and electric vehicles. The technology reduces production time significantly and also enhances battery performance, which can lead to reduced costs.

SPARKZ is presently seeking a location for an R&D and prototyping facility to scale their licensed battery technologies to meet the demands of customers in the mobility and grid sectors, according to the release. (Source: ORNL/U.S. Dept. of Energy, PR, Feb., 2021) Contact: ORNL/U.S. Dept. of Energy,; Sparkz Energy Systems, Sanjiv Malhotra, CEO,

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Southern Power Adding Storage at Calif. Solar Sites (Ind. Report)
Southern Power
Date: 2021-02-05
Atlanta-based US wholesale energy provider Southern Power reports it is adding battery energy storage capacity to its 205-MW Tranquillity Solar Facility and the 72-MW Garland Solar Facility, as well as inking 20-year PPAs with Southern California Edison (SCE) for the two sites.

Both energy storage projects will be owned in partnership with AIP Management and Global Atlantic Financial Group, who already have existing ownership interests in the two facilities. Southern Power will be responsible for operating the storage, building on their operation of both solar sites since they went into commercial operation in 2016. (Source: Southern Power, PR, Feb., 2021)Contact: Southern Power,

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Enphase, Momentum Solar Partner on Battery Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Enphase Energy,Momentum Solar
Date: 2021-02-03
Fremont, California-based energy management technology and microinverter-based solar-plus-storage systems supplier Enphase Energy, Inc. is reporting U.S. residential solar contractor Momentum Solar will now promote and install Enphase Energy Storage systems in addition to Enphase Solar systems as their all-in-one home energy management solution.

Enphase Encharge™ storage systems feature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, which provides a long cycle life, safe operation through excellent thermal stability, and a UL9540A fire safety certification.

Enphase Storage systems are equipped with Enphase Power Start™ technology, which helps seamlessly power-up air conditioners and well-pumps. Homeowners have insight into their solar and storage systems through the Enphase Enlighten™ mobile app. (Source: Enphase Energy, Inc., PR, 3 Feb., 2021) Contact: Enphase Energy Inc., Dave Ranhoff, CCO, Christian Zdebel, 484-788-2384,,; Momentum Solar, Arthur Souritzidis, CEO,

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Enphase, Momentum Solar Partner on Battery Energy Storage (Ind. Report)

Date: 2021-02-03
Fremont, California-based energy management technology and microinverter-based solar-plus-storage systems supplier Enphase Energy, Inc. is reporting U.S. residential solar contractor Momentum Solar will now promote and install Enphase Energy Storage systems in addition to Enphase Solar systems as their all-in-one home energy management solution.

. Enphase Encharge™ storage systems feature Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry, which provides a long cycle life, safe operation through excellent thermal stability, and a UL9540A fire safety certification. Enphase Storage systems are equipped with Enphase Power Start™ technology, which helps seamlessly power-up air conditioners and well-pumps. Homeowners have insight into their solar and storage systems through the Enphase Enlighten™ mobile app, including the ability to go off-grid from the app.. (Source: Enphase Energy, Inc., PR, 3 Feb., 2021) Contact: Enphase Energy Inc., Dave Ranhoff, CCO, Christian Zdebel, 484-788-2384,,; Momentum Solar, Arthur Souritzidis, CEO,

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ALFEN, Centrica Announce Battery Energy Storage Deal (Int'l.)
ALFEN,Centrica Business Solutions
Date: 2021-02-03
In the Netherlands, battery maker ALFEN reports it has been selected by UK-based energy services company Centrica Business Solutions as a preferred partner to supply 10MW battery energy storage solutions. With this three-year framework agreement, ALFEN further expands its collaboration with Centrica after the recent framework agreement to supply charge points for Centrica and its subsidiary British Gas.

Centrica Business Solutions, a subsidiary of Centrica, is a leader in building and operating energy storage solutions for various business customers across Europe.

ALFEN offers comprehensive battery energy storage solutions, both stationary and mobile. The Alfen products are tailor-made for different markets and applications but based on the same design principles to guarantee optimal performance, limited installation time on site, flexibility, modularity and longevity. (Source: ALFEN, Website PR, 2 Feb., 2021) Contact: ALFEN, +31 36 54 93 400,,; Centrica Business Solutions, Distributed Energy Solutions,

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Tesla's 2020 Energy Storage Deployments Jump 83 pct (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-01-29
According to its Q4 and FY2020 earnings report, Tesla's energy storage deployments grew by 83 pct from 2019 to 2020 and surpassed 3GWh in a single year.

The growth is driven by growing demand for the company's utility-scale Megapack and Powerwall energy storage units. Due to backlog, Tesla's energy storage business has been "supply constrained", yet Tesla is aiming to increase its supply chain and production capacity, the report noted.

As reported on Jan. 22, With demand surpassing production, Tesla has increased the price of its home Powerwall battery pack by $500 to $7,500 following an October increase from $6,500 to $7,000. The company installed its 100,000th Powerwall home battery pack in 2020, according to Tesla. (Source: Tesla, Q4 and FY2020 earnings report, Jan., 2021) Contact: Tesla,

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AES Commissions California Energy Storage Facility (Ind. Report)
AES Corporation, Fluence
Date: 2021-01-29
The AES Corporation is reporting the commissioning of one of the world's largest stand alone battery energy storage systems (BESS) at the AES Alamitos Energy Center in California. The system will provide up to 400 MWh of energy to Southern California Edison (SCE) under a 20-year PPA.

The installation incorporates Fluence Advancion 5 batteries -- Fluence is a Siemens-- AES JV and a leading energy storage and technology provider.

AES presently manages projects that are operational, under construction and under development, including the operation of approximately 2.5 GW of renewable energy projects and has a contracted 2.6 GW pipeline nationwide. (Source: AES, PR, Website, Saur, 28 Jan., 2021) Contact: AES, Andres Gluski, Pres., CEO,; sPower, Ryan Creamer, CEO, Naomi Keller, VP Marketing, (801) 679-3514,,; Fluence Energy, Fluence Battery Storage System, Brett Galura, CEO, (571) 274-9404,; Southern California Edison, William Walsh, VP Energy Procurement and Management,

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UK Battery Energy Storage JV Announced (Int'l. Report)
Eelpower, SUSI Partners
Date: 2021-01-25
In the UK, London-based Eelpower is reporting a JV with Zug, Switzerland-based SUSI Partners to construct and operate a pipeline of new battery storage assets in the UK. The JV's first project -- a new 50MW battery storage project at Dunsinane, near Dundee, Scotland -- is slated to get underway next month.

Eelpower is investing in lithium-ion batteries from BYD. SUSI purchased 40MW of Eelpower's existing electricity storage assets, which along with the new assets will continue to be managed by Eelpower. (Source: Eelpower, PR, Jan., 2021) Contact: Eelpower, Mark Simon, CEO,,; SUSI Partners, Marco van Daele, Co-CEO and CIO,

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Generac Beefs-Up Energy Storage with New Division (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-01-22
Waukesha, Wisconsin-based US power product manufacturer and supplier Generac is to unite a number of recently-acquired companies to establish a new energy storage business arm. The new division will combine: Maine-based behind-the meter battery storage technologies manufacturer Pika Energy; Enbala Power Technologies, and Neurio Technology -- all of which were previously acquired by Generac -- with Generac's existing connectivity business to create a combined Energy Technology (ET) division to be headed by Russ Minick.

Generac lauched its PWRCell home energy storage product last Jan. and released a new EX lithium-ion battery module in October, 2020. (Source: Generac, PR, Jan., 2021) Contact: Enbala Power Technologies, 262-544-4811,; Pika Energy, Ben Polito, CEO,

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Tesla Powering Up Powerwall Price (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-01-22
With the demand outpacing production, Tesla has increased the price of its home Powerwall battery pack by $500 -- following an October price increase from $6,500 to $7,000 -- to $7,500.

The company installed its 100,000th Powerwall home battery pack in 2020, according to Tesla. (Source: Tesla, elektrek, 17 Jan., 2021)

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Sunnova Offering Enphase's Battery Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Enphase Energy, Sunnova
Date: 2021-01-08
Fremont, California-based global energy management and microinverter-based solar-plus-storage systems specialist Enphase Energy, Inc. reports it is expanding its long-term relationship with residential solar and energy storage service provider Sunnova Energy International Inc. to include Enphase Encharge™ energy storage systems.

As a power service provider, Sunnova's network of solar dealers in the U.S. will be able to provide a simple upgrade path for existing Enphase homeowners as well as homeowners who are new to solar and storage. (Source: Enphase Energy, Inc., PR, 6 Jan. 2021) Contact: Enphase Energy, Inc., Badri Kothandaraman, CEO, Christian Zdebe, 484-788-2384,,; Sunnova Energy International Inc., John Berger, CEO, Kelsey Hultberg,,

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Vt. State House Installs Battery Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
Green Mountain Power
Date: 2021-01-06
In Montpelier, Green Mountain Power and the Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services is reporting the Vermont State House is the nation's first state house to install a battery backup power system. The system replaces a 1960 vintage fossil fuel powered generato back power system.

The Vermont State House project was the result of a partnership between the Vermont Legislature, the Buildings and General Services team, Grenn Mountain Power utility and private sector businesses. The state appropriation for the project was $450,000. (Source: Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services, 10Boston, 5 Jan., 2020) Contact: Vermont Department of Buildings and General Services, 802-828-3314,; Green Mountain Power, Mari McClure, Pres., CEO, Josh Castonguay, VP, (802) 770-3392,,

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Ormat Snares Texas Energy Storage Asset (M&A, Ind. Report)
Ormat Technologies, Viridity Energy Solutions
Date: 2020-12-21
Ormat Technologies Inc, an Israeli geothermal firm, is reporting acquisition of a shovel-ready energy storage asset in Upton County, Texas, from Con Edison Development.

Ormat's (ORA) Philadelphia-based wholly owned subsidiary Viridity Energy Solutions Inc will design, build, own and operate a 25 MW battery energy storage system (BESS) project at the site and Ormat is targeting commercial operation of the BESS by the end of 2021. The company stated that the BESS facility will provide ancillary services and energy optimization to the wholesale markets managed by the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). (Source: Ormat,PR, NASDAQ, 20 Dec., 2020) Contact: Ormat Technologies,; Viridity Energy Solutions, 484-534-2222,

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ConEdison Announces First Battery Energy Storage Deal (Ind. Report)
ConEdison,174 Power Global
Date: 2020-12-16
New York utility Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc (Con Edison) -- one of the nation's largest investor-owned energy-delivery companies -- is reporting a deal with Irvine, California-headquartered Hanwha Group subsidiary solar project developer 174 Power Global Corp. to construct the first utility-owned battery in the state storing enough solar and wind energy to power 800 homes and businesses.

The facility along the East River in Ozone Park, Queens, will store sufficient green energy to power 16,000 customers for several hours, or the World Trade Center for a day.

According to ConEdison, "facilities like this one are necessary to help the state meet its goal of 70 pct renewable energy use by 2030." (Source: ConEdison, PR, 15 Dec., 2020) Contact: ConEdison, Mohamed Kamaludeen, Energy Storage Project Manager, Jorge J. Lopez, Pres., CEO, (914) 286-7094,; 174 Power Global Corp., (833) 461-7474, ,

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Korean Battery Maker Going 100 pct Renewable (Int'l. Report)
LG Chem
Date: 2020-12-14
South Korean chemical and battery manufacturer LG Chem is reporting a 140GWh per year renewable energy supply deal with Chinese solar and wind electric power company Jiangsu Runfeng New Energy. 140GWh per year is sufficient power for 30,000 households for over a year and to fully power LG Chem's Leyou New Energy materials cathodes plant in Wuxi, a city in Jiangsu province, China.

The switch to 100 pct renewable energy will eliminate 100,000 tpy of carbon beginning in 2021. LG Chem aims to become over 90 pct carbon neutral within its electric battery materials operations in China and to achieve carbon ceutral crowth by 2050, according to the company release. (Source: LG Chem , PR, Dec., 2020) Contact: LG Chem, +82 (2) 3773-6951,,

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Gresham House Completes 50MW Battery Storage Project (Int'l.)
Gresham House
Date: 2020-11-30
In the UK, Gresham House Energy Storage Fund is reporting completion of its investment in the 50MW battery project located near Wickham Market, Suffolk.

Wickham is a battery-only site with c.50MW/40MW export/import capacity, and 74MWh storage capacity. It is connected to the distribution network and expected to generate its revenues from trading whereby it imports and exports power in order to earn income from the wholesale market, and from National Grid's FFR tenders and Balancing Mechanism.

The project, which was acquired from Gresham House Devco Limited and Noriker Power Ltd., increases the total capacity of the 12 operational utility-scale battery storage projects in the portfolio to 315MW. (Source: Gresham House, PR, 30 Nov., 2020) Contact: Gresham House Energy Storage Fund,; Noriker Power Ltd.,

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InterGen's Essex Battery Project Gets the Nod (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-11-30
In the UK, Edinburgh-headquartered energy storage specialist InterGen reports receipt of planning consent from the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to construct the UK's largest battery storage project at DP World London Gateway on the Thames Estuary.

The £200 million project will provide at least 320MW/640MWh of capacity, with the potential to expand to 1.3GWh -- more than ten times the size of the largest battery currently in operation in the UK. When fully charged, the battery could power up to 300,000 homes for two hours.

Construction on the Gateway project would likely begin in 2022, becoming operational in 2024. The company also has planning permission for a 175MW / 350MWh installation in Spalding, Lincolnshire. (Source: InterGen, Website News, 30 Nov., 2020) Contact: InterGen, Jim Lightfoot, CEO, +44 131 624 7500,,

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New Nevada Energy Solar Projects Get the Nod (Ind. Report)
Public Utilities Commission of Nevada,NV Energy
Date: 2020-11-27
In Carson City, the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) reports approval of a portion of NV Energy's integrated resource plan (IRP) amendment and three new large-scale solar plus energy storage projects totaling 478 MW of new solar PV generation and 338 MW of energy storage expected to come online by the end of 2023. The new projects include:
  • Dry Lake Solar Project -- 150 MW solar photovoltaic project with a 100 MW, four-hour battery storage system. The project will be located in Clark County, NV, 20 miles northeast of Las Vegas in a designated Solar Energy Zone on land leased from the Bureau of Land Management. It is being developed by NV Energy and will become its second and largest company-owned renewable project.

  • Boulder Solar III -- 128 MW solar array that includes a 58 MW, four-hour battery storage system. The project will be built in Clark County, NV in the Eldorado Valley south of Boulder City. It is being developed by 174 PowerGlobal and KOMIPO America Inc., who have vast experience developing over 550 megawatts of utility-scale solar generation plants in the Eldorado Valley. 174 PowerGlobal's solar energy and battery storage project pipelines in North America exceeds 10 gigawatts, including 2 gigawatts contracted and another 1.5 gigawatts in operation.

  • Chuckwalla Solar Project -- 200 MW (AC) solar PV array coupled with a 180 MW four-hour battery storage system. The project, which will be located 25 miles northeast of Las Vegas, is being developed by EDF Renewables North America.

    These new projects bring NV Energy's current portfolio to 56 geothermal, solar, hydro, wind, and biomass projects both in service and under development, including 2,669 MW of new solar generation and 1,028 MW of battery energy storage. (Source: Public Utilities Commission of Nevada Contact: Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, (775) 684-6101, NV Energy, Doug Cannon,CEO, Pres., www,

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  • SWGT Closes on £12Mn UK Battery Storage Project (Int'l.)
    Still Waters Green Technology
    Date: 2020-11-27
    In the UK, London-headquartered independent battery energy storage system (BESS) asset manager Still Waters Green Technology (SWGT) has announced the £12 million non-recourse Phase One Financial Close with Santander (Bank) UK, of a 30MW utility-scale, subsidy-free BESS asset in Swindon.

    It is the first project finance funding structure that has adopted a multi debt tranche approach to the tiered risk profile of the BESS revenue model.

    This project supports the growth of renewable energy sources by providing up to 65GWh of annual import and export capacity to the National Grid during its Phase One development -- critical to meeting the UK's carbon emission reduction target and Net-Zero ambition. (Source: Still Waters Green Technology, PR, Website, Business Leader, 26 Nov., 2020) Contact: Still Waters Green Technology, Olivia He, CEO, +44 (0) 207 519 6865,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Storage,  Renewable Energy,  

    sonnenCore Home Energy Storage Launched (New Prod & Tech)
    Date: 2020-11-20
    Smart residential battery energy storage and virtual power plant specialist sonnen is touting the launch of sonnenCore, a new compact and affordable home battery solution.

    sonnenCore provides customers with straightforward access to reliable emergency backup power, intelligent energy management, and round-the-clock access to stored solar energy with an easy-to-install, competitively-priced system.

    sonnenCore is equipped with 4.8kW/10kWh of maximum usable capacity and pairs with new and existing PV systems, with an MSRP of $9,500. The system uses long-lasting, cobalt-free, recyclable and safe lithium iron phosphate batteries designed for stationary energy storage and backed by a limited warranty of 10 years / 10,000 charge cycles. (Source: sonnen, Website, PR, 19 Nov., 2020) Contact: sonnen, Blake Richetta, CEO US Operations,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News sonnen,  Battery,  Energy Storage,  

    EMEC Adding Battery Storage to Scottish Tidal Project (Int'l.)
    European Marine Energy Centre ,Invinity
    Date: 2020-11-09
    In Scotland, the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney reports it will deploy eight Invinity Energy Storage System VS3 battery modules linked together into a single system at its tidal energy test site on the island of Eday, The battery system will power EMEC's hydrogen production plant, demonstrating continuous hydrogen production from variable renewable generation.

    The installation is funded by the Scottish government, through the Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE), and will be assembled at the company's manufacturing facility in Bathgate, West Lothian. . The system is expected to come online in 2021. (Source: European Marine Energy Centre, renews, 9 Nov., 2020) Contact: European Marine Energy Centre, +44 185685 2020,; Invinity Energy Storage System, (604) 563-2144,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News European Marine Energy Centre ,  Tidal Power,  Invinity ,  Battery Energy Storage,  

    JV to Expand Battery Energy Storage Solutions in SoCal (Ind. Report)
    Tangerine Energy
    Date: 2020-11-09
    In the Golden State, Voit Real Estate Services is reporting an agreement with Tangerine Energy to lease or acquire 50 industrial warehouses or land sites per year over the next five years to house battery storage centers. These facilities would be located in areas with dense population, where energy pricing is highly volatile.

    The joint venture will primarily serve commercial property owners seeking stability, said Todd Holley, senior vice president in Voit's San Diego office, as each warehouse or land site will be either acquired or fully leased by a credit tenant for a term of up to 15 years. (Source: Voit Real Estate Services, Commercial Property Executive, 9 Nov., 2020) Contact: Voit Real Estate Services,; Tangerine Energy,

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    Alfen Supplies Integrated Energy Storage for PZEM Middelburg (Int'l.)
    Date: 2020-11-09
    Netherlands-based energy producer and supplier PZEM reports the selection of battery energy storage systems specialist Alfen to supply an energy storage system in combination with grid integration and a charging plaza for electric vehicles at its office in the Middelburg municipality. The combination of products from all three of Alfen's business units -- Smart Grid Solutions, Energy Storage Solutions and Alfen Charging Equipment -- offer a unique and reliable energy storage solution, according to PZEM.

    Alfen's energy storage system, called TheBattery, will be installed at PZEM in Q1, 2021. This battery ensures that the electricity from the network is stored in a 'container battery'. The charging plaza, equipped with 10 smart Alfen Eve Double charge points, has already been successfully installed. If many vehicles are charging simultaneously, the electricity from the energy storage system can be used, reducing the strain on the electricity grid. For the integration with the grid, Alfen also installed a transformer substation, according to the release. (Source: PZEM. PR, Renewable Energy, Nov., 2020) Contact: Affen, +31 36 54 93 400,,; PZEM,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy STorage news,  Alfen news,  PZEM news,  

    Alliant Energy Touts Iowa Clean Energy Blueprint (Ind. Report)
    Alliant Energy
    Date: 2020-11-02
    Madison, Wisconsin-based utility Alliant Energy is touting its "Clean Energy Blueprint for Iowa" plan to to increase the use of renewable resources, battery energy storage, build out the state's connected energy network and discontinue coal-fired power generation in Lansing by the end of 2022 while transitioning their Burlington Generating Station to natural gas in 2021.

    A key part of the Clean Energy Blueprint, which aligns with changing consumer preferences for more renewable energy, includes adding up to 400 MW of solar by 2023. When the 400 MW of solar is combined with the nearly 1,300 MW of owned-and-operated wind and the power generated by the company's existing solar farms in Dubuque, Marshalltown and Cedar Rapids, as well as other renewable sources, nearly 50 pct of Alliant Energy's Iowa generation portfolio will be from renewables.

    As we previously reported, Alliant Energy's 9,500 solar panel equipped Marshalltown Solar Garden and battery energy storage pilot facility at its Marshalltown Generating Station is now online. The 2.55-MW AC solar system generates sufficient power for nearly 400 homes and the system's 548kWh battery can be fully charged within two hours.

    Alliant has three solar + battery sites in Iowa, each of which is being used to pilot different combinations of solar power and energy storage technology. Alliant constructed its first solar system at the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has two solar gardens in Dubuque which have been generating clean energy since 2017. (Source: Alliant Energy, PR, Nov. 2020) Contact: Alliant Energy Iowa, Terry Kouba, President ,

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    Renewables on the Rise 2020 Tracks Renewable Energy Dev. (Ind. Report Attached)
    PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center
    Date: 2020-10-30
    In the Keystone State, the not-for-profit Philadelphia-based PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center has released its Renewables on the Rise 2020 study that documents and compares the growth of solar power, wind power, battery storage, energy efficiency and electric vehicle technologies in each state, as well as nationally, over the past decade.

    According to the study, in 2019, the U.S. produced 30 times more solar power and more than triple the amount of wind energy than in 2010. Utility-scale battery energy storage increased 20-fold since 2010 and energy consumption per person declined thanks to improvements in energy efficiency, and more than one million electric vehicles were sold in the U.S.

    Download the Renewables on the Rise 2020 study HERE. (Source: PennEnvironment Policy & Research Center, Website PR, Oct., 2020) Contact: PennEnvironment Policy & Research Center, David Masur, Exec. Dir, Kelly Flanigan, Global Warming Solutions Associate, (215) 732-5897, (215) 732-4599 -- fax,

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    WCSB Plans Alberta Battery Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-10-28
    On the Canadian prairies, Calgary-headquartered privately-held electric power generation company WCSB Power reports it has agreed to acquire and build Canada's largest battery energy storage system through three 20 MW projects in Alberta.

    For the project, WCSB has procured three Tesla Megapack Batteries, the first of which will be connected to the grid in Rycroft where it will store and distribute renewable energy as needed. The Megapack can also be used as a microgrid if disconnected from the main power grid. In addition to the Rycrft installation, WCSB plans to install 20 MW Megapack's in Grande Prairie and Buffalo Creek, both of which are expected to be completed in 2021. (Source: WCSB, PR, Oct., 2020) Contact: WCSB, (587) 747-4050,

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    Alliant Unveils Iowa Solar + Storage Garden (Ind. Report)
    Alliant Energy
    Date: 2020-10-23
    In the Hawkeye State, Alliant Energy reports its more than 9,500 solar panel equipped Marshalltown Solar Garden and battery energy storage pilot facility at its Marshalltown Generating Station is now online. The 2.55-MW AC solar system generates sufficient power for nearly 400 homes and can the system's 548kWh battery can be fully charged within two hours.

    Alliant has three solar + battery sites in Iowa, each of which is being used to pilot different combinations of solar power and energy storage technology. Alliant constructed its first solar system at the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and has two solar gardens in Dubuque which have been generating clean energy since 2017. (Source: Alliant Energy, PR, KWBG, 22 Oct., 2020) Contact: Alliant Energy Iowa, Terry Kouba, President ,

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    Electriq Acquiring Energy Analytics Firm Lilypad Energy (M&A)
    Electriq Power
    Date: 2020-10-02
    In the Golden State, San Leandro-based home energy storage, management, and monitoring solution specialist Electriq Power reports it will acquire Boston-based Lilypad Energy for an undisclosed sum.

    Lilypad Energy offers data analytics solutions for the energy industry, with focusing on battery energy storage applications. The company's software was designed to evaluate and assess revenue generation opportunities from interventional curtailment for demand response, ancillary services, and other forms of system balancing grid-services (Source: Electriq Power, PR, 30 Sept., 2020) Contact: Electriq Power, CEO, Frank Magnotti, (855) 206-9462,,; LilyPad Energy,,

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    Floating Solar Array Slated for Fort Bragg (Ind. Report)
    Duke Energy,Ameresco,Fort Bragg
    Date: 2020-09-30
    In North Carolina, Charlotte-based Duke Energy is reporting it expects to begin construction on a 1.1-MW floating solar facility on Big Muddy Lake at the U.S. Army's Fort Bragg military base. The solar array will be paired with a 2-MW battery energy storage system and supplement power to the military installation from the local grid, providing backup power during electric service outages.

    Duke Energy's prime contractor Ameresco will construct the facility, while Fort Bragg will own and operate the system once construction is completed. The project is part of Duke Energy's $36 million energy services contract with Fort Bragg.

    Duke Energy owns 40 solar facilities in NC, including the 80-MW Conetoe Solar Facility in Edgecombe County, the 65-MW Warsaw Solar Facility in Duplin County and the 60-MW Monroe Solar Facility in Union County. (Source: Duke Energy, PR, WRAL, 30 Sept., 2020)Contact: Duke Energy Renewables, Chris Fallon, (704) 594-6200,,; Ameresco, David J. Anderson, EVP , (508) 661-2264,

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    Natron Touts New UL Listed Sodium-Ion Battery (New Prod & Tech)
    Natron Energy
    Date: 2020-09-25
    Santa Clara, California-headquartered Natron Energy, a leading supplier of high-power, long-life and fire-safe Sodium-ion batteries using Prussian blue chemistry, reports it has achieved Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listing for its BlueTray™ 4000 battery -- an industry first and major leap forward for safe, nonflammable battery technology that can be integrated into data centers and telecom companies at scale.

    Natron's unique Sodium-ion technology enables energy storage products that are both higher-powered and safer than traditional options -- with none of the fire, toxic gas or thermal runaway risks associated with lithium or lead batteries. Unlike existing products, Natron's BlueTray™ 4000 is a self-contained, pizza box size unit no larger than a pizza box and requires no bolt-on external circuits, fire protective packaging or unreliable cooling systems. (Source: Natron Energy, PR Webdite, 24 Sept., 2020) Contact: Natron Energy,,

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    TVA Plans 5GW BESS Near Knoxville (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2020-09-23
    The not-for-profit Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) is reporting plans to deploy a stationary 40MWh, Vonore Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) grid-connected battery storage facility at an industrial complex near the city of Knoxville. The facility is expected to be operational in 2022, and will serve industrial customers of Loudon Utilities Board, a power company in East Tennessee which is one of the Authority's local partners. (Source: TVA, Website PR, 21 Sept., 2020) Contact: Loudon Utilities Board , Ty Ross, GM, 865-458-2091, TVA

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    Genex Power, Powerlink Ink Battery Energy Storage Agreement (Int'l.)
    Genex Power
    Date: 2020-09-23
    In the Land Down Under, New South Wales-based Genex Power is reporting an investigation license and tenure agreement with Powerlink Queensland that will see Genex develop a standalone, commercial-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) project at Bouldercombe in North Queensland.

    The project will have an initial capacity of 50 to 75 MWh which will connect into the 132 kilovolts (kV) bays of the existing Powerlink 275kV/132kV Bouldercombe substation.

    Genex has selected its preferred battery supplier and integrator for the project and will start the grid connection process with Powerlink and work with its preferred supplier to complete connection studies. The project is expected to be fully operational in the first half of 2022, according to the company release. (Source: Genex Power, PR, Contact: Genex Power, James Harding , CEO, +612 9048 8850,,

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    EnelX, Ardian Launch Battery Energy Storage Partnership (Ind. Report)
    EnelX,Energy Storage
    Date: 2020-09-14
    EnelX, the Enel Group's advanced energy services business line, and Ardian, a private investment house with over $100 billion in global assets, are reporting a joint venture to manage EnelX's battery storage projects in Canada and support the acceleration of the development of similar projects in the country.

    Under the agreement, a dedicated vehicle company, 80 pct owned by Ardian Infrastructure and 20 pct by Enel X, has been formed to manage the battery storage projects in Canada currently included in the joint venture. The roughly 30 MW battery storage portfolio is composed of ten assets in Ontario and includes two separate 10 MW/20 MWh projects expected to reach commercial operations in 2021. Through the partnership, EnelX will continue to construct, operate, and maintain these projects and will be responsible for the development of future projects.

    EnelX is a global leader in the advanced energy services field with a demand management capacity of more than 6 GW globally managed and assigned and 110 MW of storage capacity worldwide. (Source: Ardian, EnelX, PR, Business Wire, 14 Sept., 2020) Contact: Ardian,; Enel X, +39 06 8305 5699 ,,

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    Total, PSA JV to Manufacture Lithium-ion Batteries (Int'l. Report)
    Groupe PSA ,TOTAL
    Date: 2020-09-09
    Global energy giant Total is reporting an agreement with a French automobile manufacturer Groupe PSA to form a JV firm called Automotive Cells Company to manufactures batteries in Europe.

    The new company has started an R&D center in Bordeaux and a pilot site in Nersac to develop new high-performance lithium-ion technologies. The new joint venture aims to ensure industrial independence in Europe for the production of batteries with an initial capacity of 8 GW, reaching a total capacity of 48 GW by 2030. (Source: Total, MERCOM India, 9 Sept., 2020)

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    EOS Energy Storage Inks Texas BESS Supply Deal (Ind. Report)
    EOS Energy Storage, International Electric Power
    Date: 2020-09-04
    Edison, New Jersey-headquartered zinc hybrid cathode battery energy storage systems specialist EOS Energy Storage is reporting an agreement to supply systems to Pittsburgh-based International Electric Power LLC for projects in Texas. Delivery is expected to begin in Q3, 2021. Financial details were not released.

    Under the agreement, EOS will supply 1 GWh of standalone BESS technology to IEP for grid-connected projects with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). (Source: EOS Energy Storage, Website, Sept., 2020) Contact: EOS Energy Storage, 732.225.8400,; International Electric Power LLC, 412-567-1500,

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    Philippines Energy Storage Systems Due for Completion (Int'l. Report)
    SMC Global Power
    Date: 2020-08-24
    In the Philippines, SMC Global Power Holdings Corp. reports it expects to complete several battery energy storage systems with a total capacity of 1,000 MWh by 2021. 470-MW projects would be completed this year until 1Q, 2021, while the remaining 530-MW projects will be finished by the second to fourth quarter next year.

    The company said it "sees an opportunity to contract more than 2,200 MW in capacity across the Philippines representing uncontracted ASPA [ancillary service procurement agreement] requirements and non-firm ASPA contracts." The company noted that because of aging plants and large renewable capacity (1,100 MW installed capacity of solar and wind as of 2019), there was a need to maintain grid reliability and stability and prevent load dropping and blackouts. (Source: SMC Global Power Holdings, PR, Manila Standard, 23 Aug., 2020) Contact: SMC Global Power Holdings, +63 2 8667 5000,

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    Battery Energy Storage Launched in Spotsylvania, Va. (Ind. Report)
    Rappahannock Electric Cooperative,Powin Energy
    Date: 2020-08-24
    In the Old Dominion State, Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) and energy storage developer East Point Energy are reporting construction of the first grid-scale energy storage project in Spotsylvania County -- the first such project by a Virginia electric cooperative.

    Tualatin, Oregon[based Powin Energy Corporation will serve as the project's integrator and equipment provider. Indie Energy provided technical and engineering support to the project which has a peak capacity of 2 MW and a duration of 8 MWh.

    Construction is expected to begin this fall for full operation in early 2021. (Source: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, PR, Frederiksburg Today, 23 Aug., 2020) Contact: Rappahannock Electric Cooperative, Johm Hewa, CEO, Lee Brock, Engineering Manager, 800-552-3904,; Powin Energy, 503-598-6659,,

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