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MEAG Taking Stake in California Solar+Storage Projects (M&A)
Date: 2021-09-17
Munich, Germany-based asset management company MEAG, acting on behalf of Munich Re, is reporting a strategic partnership with EDF Renewables North America to acquire a 50 pct stake in the Maverick VI 131MWdc solar project with 50MW/200MWh battery energy storage system, and the 179MWdc Maverick VII solar project, both of which are under construction in Riverside County, California.

When fully operational before the year end, the two facilities will generate sufficient power for 116,500 average California homes and offset more than 527,000m tpy of carbon emissions . The deal is expected to close in Q1, 2022, subject to customary regulatory approvals.

MEAG currently manages wind and solar assets with more than 1GW of total capacity in the US and Europe. (Source: MEAG, PowerTech, 15 Sept., 2021) Contact: MEAG,; EDF Renewables North America, Sandi Briner, 858-521-3525,

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CSI Solar, Crimson Ink Solar+Storage Contract (Ind. Report)
Canadian Solar Inc
Date: 2021-09-15
Guelph, Ontairi-headquartered Canadian Solar Inc. reports its majority-owned subsidiary, CSI Solar Co., Ltd. has closed a 350 MW / 1400 MWh EPS contract to provide the fully-integrated battery storage system and maintenance service to Recurrent Energy's stand-alone battery storage project in Riverside County, California.

CSI Solar will supply and construct a fully bankable, lithium iron phosphate-based technology battery system which is expected to reach commercial operation by the summer of 2022. In addition, CSI Solar will support the battery storage system with 15-year service agreements as well as capacity and performance guarantees,

The Crimson storage project is 80 pct owned by Axium Infrastructure -- an independent portfolio management firm dedicated to generating long- term investment returns through investing in core infrastructure assets in North America -- and 20 pct owned by Recurrent Energy -- Canadian Solar's wholly-owned subsidiary. Crimson holds two 15-year stand-alone storage contracts with local utilities Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric.

CSI Solar will supply and construct a fully bankable, lithium iron phosphate-based technology battery system which is expected to reach commercial operation by the summer of 2022. In addition, CSI Solar will support the battery storage system with 15-year service agreements as well as capacity and performance guarantees, ensuring system output, safety and reliability. The long term service agreement includes the operation and maintenance of the battery systems as well as their future augmentation services. The project will be augmented with planned additional installed battery capacity of approximately 300 MWh to be installed on regular frequencies over the 15-year term of the long term service contract. (Source: Canadian Solar, Website PR, 9 Sept., 2021) Contact: Canadian Solar Inc., Isabel Zhang, Investor Relations,,; Recurrent Energy,; Axium Infrastructure, Anne-Sophie Roy, VP, 514-954-3781,

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Nickel-Hydrogen Battery Startup Raises $100 Mn (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-09-15
Battery startup EnerVenue is touting its nickel-hydrogen batteries that the company says will revolutionize stationary energy storage.

According to EnerVenue , its nickel-hydrogen batteries can withstand super-high and super-low temperatures , require little to no maintenance; and it has a far longer lifespan than lithium-ion batteries.EnerVenue's batteries can charge and discharge at speeds ranging from a 10-minute charge or discharge to as slow as a 10-20 hour charge-discharge cycle, though the company is optimizing for a roughly 2 hour charge and 4-8 hour discharge. The batteries are also designed for 30,000 cycles without experiencing a decline in performance.

EnerVenue has raised $100 million in Series A funding from energy infrastructure company Schlumberger and Saudi Aramco's VC arm, along with Stanford University which the company has earmarked for ramping-up nickel-hydrogen battery production and a Gigafactory in the U.S.. The company has a manufacturing and distribution agreement with Schlumberger for international markets. (Source: EnerVenue, PR, TachCrunch, Sept., 2021) Contact: EnerVenue Inc. , Jorg Heinemann, CEO, Chad Spring, Bus. Dev., www.

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Tesla Chops Residential Solar Subscription Service (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-09-13
EV automaker and battery energy storage maker Tesla reports the discontinuance of its two year old solar subscription service offering in the US. The service was promoted as "the cheapest possible way for home owners to go solar.".

The solar subscription service enabled homeowners to install solar panel system at no cost and no contract paying a monthly fee to access the solar power generated by the system. (Source: Tesla, The Sentinal, 12 Sept., 2021) Contact: Tesla,

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Electriq Power Subscriber Profile Feature (Ind. Report)
Electriq Power
Date: 2021-09-13
The Smart Energy Storage Solution -- Making Batteries Smarter for a More Efficient Grid

Electriq Power is an energy storage solutions company that designs, engineers, and assembles fully integrated energy management and storage solutions for homes and small businesses, with systems delivered and deployed by a network of installers across North America. Electriq's flagship product line is the PowerPod, the industry-leading smart home battery backup system designed to save on electricity costs and protect against blackouts. The system includes a battery, hybrid battery/solar inverter, an energy meter, as well as a smart home energy software to manage electricity use and optimize efficiency. The PowerPod is modular and expandable up to three systems with three battery packs per system, giving installers and homeowners system design flexibility, with up to 16.5 kW of power and 99 kWh of battery storage.

The PowerPod 2, launched in late 2020, is equipped with non-toxic, non-hazardous Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries which are rapidly becoming the industry standard, allowing for longer battery cycle life, increased reliability, and enhanced safety. The new high-performance, cobalt-free model builds upon key features of the original PowerPod system and PowerPod LFP technology to create the optimal energy storage solution. Notable product enhancements of the PowerPod 2 include:

  • More power: 11.4 kW DC solar, 7.6 kW continuous backup output;
  • Storage duration from 10 to 20 kWh;
  • Outdoor-rated (NEMA 3R);
  • AC-Coupled option with three models of usable capacity—AC-10 (kWh), AC-15 (kWh), and AC-20 (kWh);
  • Grid services-ready through OpenADR 2.0b certification or Electriq-developed PowerADR protocol;
  • Resilient communication during power and internet outages via built-in, battery-powered LTE;
  • Modular and easy to install, plus guaranteed commissioning during installation with LTE

    The PowerPod 2 became the first fully integrated OpenADR 2.0b-certified residential battery storage system on the market, enabling Electriq Power to seamlessly partner with energy aggregators and participate in today's dynamic energy marketplace. Recent strategic partnerships have given Electriq Power a pathway forward into deployment and control of energy storage systems while maximizing value for microgrids. Additionally, Electriq Power has accelerated deployments of battery systems and established a foundation from which to provide real-time grid services to support utility infrastructure and grid operators across the country. (Source: Electriq Power, Sept, 2021) Contact: Electriq Power, Aric Saunders, EVP of Sales (855) 206-9462,,

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  • RE Royalties Loans $2.3Mn for Ont. Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
    Switch Power Ontario Battery Operations Corp
    Date: 2021-09-10
    Vancouver-based renewable energy royalty-based financing specialist RE Royalties Ltd. reports it has entered into a $2.3 million loan agreement with Switch Power Ontario Battery Operations Corp. (OPCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Calgary-based Switch Power Corporation, to finance OPCO's acquisition of four operational energy storage projects totaling 1.97 MW/4.38 MWh in Ontario.

    RE Royalties will receive a 5 pct royalty on all gross revenues received by the Operating Projects for the life of the Energy Services Agreements which have initial terms of 10-12-years with options to extend.

    The Operating Projects are adjacent to commercial buildings owned by large property managers or REITs and utilize battery technologies from Tesla and Sungrow to significantly reduce their electricity costs by supplying power during periods of peak demand. (Source: RE Royalties, PR 8 Sept., 2021) Contact: RE Royalties Ltd., Bernard Tan, CEO , 777.8778.374.2000,,; Switch Power, (403) 999-8781,,

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    Greenbacker Acquires 41-MW Michigan Solar Asset (M&A Report)
    Greenbacker,Prism Power Partners
    Date: 2021-09-10
    NYC-based Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company LLC reports a wholly owned subsidiary has purchased Heathlands, a 41-MW utility-scale solar pre-construction solar project in Manistee County, Michigan, from Prism Power Partners LLC. The Heathlands solar facility was designed with the option to add co-located battery energy storage systems onsite.

    The Heathlands project has a long-term PPA with an investment-grade offtaker and is slated to enters commercial operations in Q4, 2022.

    With the acquisition -- Greenbacker's third from Prism -- Greenbacker will own approximately 2.18 GW of generating capacity (including assets that are to be constructed), comprising 1.82 GW of utility-scale and distributed solar facilities, 330.1 MW of wind facilities, 16.0 MW of battery storage, and 12.0 MW of biomass facilities Prism Power Partners is an experienced renewable energy project developer focused on leveraging strong relationships with host communities and electric load-serving entities throughout the Midwest, including Michigan. Prism's team has developed over 250 solar projects and over 100 MW of energy storage across North America. (Source: Greenbacker, PR., Sept., 2021) Contact: Greebacker Capital,; Prism Power Partners, Randall Wood Managing Director, (312) 330-5014,,

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    Energy Storage Association -- Now is the Time for Energy Storage ITC (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Energy Storage Association
    Date: 2021-09-10
    "More than 700,000 utility customers remain without power more than a week after Hurricane Ida barreled through Louisiana and parts of Mississippi, damaging homes and critical facilities while knocking out more than 2000 miles of transmission needed to deliver electricity to the region.

    "This came a week after Tropical Storm Henri dumped nearly two inches of rain on New York City in a single hour and flooded communities along the coast of New England, causing power outages to more than 120,000 homes. The remnants of Hurricane Ida topped that record, dropping over 3 inches of rain on New York City and shutting down key infrastructure. Both incidents come amidst a year already marred by days-long, statewide outages in Texas, during an unprecedented period of freezing temperatures, and recurring power shut-offs across California in an attempt to forestall the worst wildfires in recent history.

    "Yesterday's infrastructure cannot deal with tomorrow's weather. We need to eliminate carbon-emitting power sources to blunt the long-term climate drivers of extreme weather. And we also need to make our homes, businesses, and electric grids more resilient to those extremes.

    "Most power grids are ill-equipped to confront mounting climate challenges. For example, Hurricane Ida took out all eight transmission lines that carry electricity into New Orleans; Entergy, the principal utility in the area, anticipates weeks before power is restored for most customers. If onsite energy storage, solar, and microgrids had been installed at critical facilities throughout southern Louisiana, they could have enabled continuity of key services during the storm and would have been operating immediately afterward for community benefit, unconstrained by fuel shortages. Importantly, energy storage assets can continue helping well after a disaster has passed.

    "American companies have led the world in large-scale battery installation for homes and businesses, directly on the power grid, and integrated into wind and solar energy facilities. Other storage technologies, like thermal storage in buildings, flow batteries in substations, liquid air storage paired with generators, and renewable power-to-gas hydrogen offer opportunities for even longer durations that can further diversify our sources of power system reliability without adding to carbon pollution.

    "The U.S. energy storage industry has grown up fast, with recent reports showing nine consecutive quarters of increasing deployment in the power system. Companies in the U.S. are on track to install 12,000 MWh of new storage capacity in 2021, enough to power 1.5 million homes through daily peaks and three times the amount added in 2020. Nevertheless, this pace of storage deployment is still much slower than what is needed to equip vulnerable communities for resilience to increasingly extreme weather and meet President Biden's goal of decarbonizing the power system by 2035.

    "Congress has an immediate opportunity, through an energy storage Investment Tax Credit (ITC), to speed storage installations that enable greater deployments of wind, solar, and hydro power while mitigating catastrophic power outages. ITCs have long been an effective policy for driving down technology costs associated with solar power and other clean energy technologies. ITC legislation is a common-sense way to accelerate cost declines in storage technologies that can bolster some of the country's most vulnerable communities.

    "Congress must ensure the nation's power infrastructure is capable of meeting 21st century needs and avoids catastrophic outages like we're seeing now in Louisiana. An ITC that makes energy storage more accessible creates a cleaner and more reliable grid and gives Americans greater control over their fate." (Source: Energy Storage Association, PR, 9 Sept., 2021) Contact: Energy Storage Assoc.,

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    Rancho Mirage Adds Energy Storage to Solar Rebates (Ind. Report)
    Rancho Mirage
    Date: 2021-09-08
    In the Golden State, the city of Rancho Mirage City Council reports it is adding battery energy storage to its residential solar rebate program.

    The program, which reimburses residents $500 for new solar installations or expansions, was created in 2017 when the city formed the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority to promote clean energy and reduce energy costs for residents.

    The rebates are paid by the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority which has earmarked has s $150,000 for rebates this fiscal year. More than 900 solar rebates totaling more than $450,000 have been paid since 2018. (Source: City of Ranco Mirage, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Rancho Mirage Energy Authority, 760-578-6092,

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    Canadian Solar Inks U.S. Solar+Storage O&M Agreements (Ind. Report)
    Canadian Solar,Recurrent Energy
    Date: 2021-09-08
    Guelph, Ontario-headquartered Canadian Solar Inc. reports it has entered into long-term operations & maintenance (O&M) agreements with the Slate and Mustang solar PV plus battery storage projects in Kings County, California. The projects were both developed by Canadian Solar's subsidiary Recurrent Energy and are currently owned by Goldman Sachs Asset Management Renewable Power.

    The agreements cover the full Slate Project, which is a 300 MW AC solar plant designed with a 140 MW / 561 MWh battery energy storage system. It also covers the storage component of the Mustang Project, which is a 100 MW AC solar plant retrofitted with a 75 MW / 300 MWh battery storage system. Canadian Solar O&M work will include plant monitoring, NERC registration, performance management, and preventative and corrective maintenance. (Source: Canadian Solar Inc., PR, 7 Sept., 2021) Contact: Canadian Solar Inc., Isabel Zhang, Investor Relations,,; Recurrent Energy, Canadian Solar Inc.,

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    Swappable Battery Consortium Launched (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-09-08
    Italian motor scooter/motorcycle manufacturer Piaggio is reporting it and Honda, KTM and Yamaha have partnered to create the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium. The Consortium aims to:
  • Develop common technical specifications for their swappable battery systems and confirm common usage of said systems;

  • Create and promote agreed-upon specifications as both European and International standards and expand the agreed-upon specifications to be adopted globally. (Source: Paggio, PR, 7 Sept., 2021) Contact: Piaggio,

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  • Conn. PURA Touts Battery Energy Storage Program (Ind. Report)
    Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority
    Date: 2021-08-30
    The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA) is reporting adoption of a new 9-year Statewide Electric Storage Program that combines up-front incentives with customer performance payments to achieve a goal of 580 MW of new distributed battery deployment. That capacity goal is evenly split between commercial and residential customers.

    For comparison, the Massachusetts Connected Solutions program, which served as a model for the Connecticut program, enrolled about 840 residential battery customers in 2020. In Vermont, Green Mountain Power has placed batteries behind 3,000 residential customer meters. The Connecticut program aims to enroll 10,000 residential customers in its first three years.

    Download Conn. Statewide Electric Storage Program details HERE. (Source: Ct. PURA, Clean Energy Group / Clean Energy States Alliance, 26 Aug., 2021) Contact: Ct. PURA, Taren O'Connor, Director of Legislation, Regulation and Communication, 860-827-2689,,

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    StoreDot Touts Patent-Pending Battery Tech (New Prod & Tech.)
    Date: 2021-08-30
    Israeli battery specialist StoreDot, the pioneer of extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology for electric vehicles (EVs), is underpinning its leadership in XFC technologies with a patent for revolutionary systems that will decrease EV charging times and increase milage per charge.

    The patent pending technology incorporates hardware and software advances that create a "booster" feature, allowing the battery to analyze the capability of the charging station in real time and to adjust the battery's ability to carry high current rates. This communication between a vehicle's XFC battery and charging system means that cells can be charged faster, safely accepting a higher current without overheating. It also has the ability to immediately boost existing infrastructure systems, enabling faster charging, and thus optimizing future fast-charge technologies without the need to upgrade to newer equipment in the near future.

    The patent pending technology will be accessible to the entire market, marking a first for an advanced automotive battery company, according to the release.

    The Company is also in advanced talks with several global car makers and is on track to deliver mass-produced XFC batteries, by 2024 and to begin mass production in 2028. (Source: StoreDot., Website PR, 26 Aug., 2021) Contact: StoreDot, Dr. Doron Myersdorf, CEO, +972.3.509.7710 I,,

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    Sensata Technologies Snares Spear Power Systems (M&A)
    Spear Power Systems,Sensata Technologies
    Date: 2021-08-25
    Attleboro, Mass.-based Sensata Technologie, an industrial technology company and provider of sensor-rich solutions and insights for customers, is reporting acquisition of Grandview, Missouri-based lithium-ion battery energy storage specialist Spear Power Systems.

    Spear Power Systems' scalable lithium-ion battery storage systems are cell-agnostic and include proprietary battery management and monitoring for all lithium-ion chemistries from multiple battery suppliers offering high energy density, modular architecture, light weight, and extreme safety and reliability.(Source: Sensata Technologies Inc., PR, 23 Aug., 2021) Contact: Sesata Technologies Inc., 508-236-3800; Spear Power Systems, Jeff Kostos, Founder, CEO, 816-237-5007,

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    Azelio Scores Egyptian Energy Storage Order (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-20
    Swedish energy storage company Azelio reports receipt of an order totaling $1.5 million from Giza,Egypt-based project developer Engazaat Development SAE for 20 of its TES.POD renewable energy storage units with a combined capacity of 3.3 MWh. The order is conditional on the results of an ongoing project feasibility study.

    The TES.POD units will be delivered in December 2021 and will be used for a mini-grid system as part of the SAVE sustainable agriculture initiative which aims to cover 85 pct of the power needs of farmers in the in Moghra Oasis, Egypt. (Source: Azelio, PR, 19 Aug., 2021) Contact: Azelio, Jonas Eklind, CEO, +46 709 40 3580,,; Engazaat Development, +202 3539 2055, F: +202 3539 2056,,

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    OZOP Announces Brooklyn, NY Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
    Ozop Energy Solutions, Stem Inc.
    Date: 2021-08-18
    Warwick, NY-based OZOP Energy Solutions reports its wholly owned subsidiary, OZOP Energy Systems, Inc., will deliver a 2 MW / 4 MWh smart energy storage project with Stem Inc. artificial intelligence (AI) software to commercial property customer in Brooklyn, New York.

    The front-of-meter energy storage system will be driven by Stem's Athena® intelligent software platform which uses AI to optimize the value of energy through battery discharge and recharge cycles. Utilizing Stem's AI-driven storage is also the next step in OZOP's patent-pending energy storage technologies, allowing the storage system to deliver critically timed energy to the grid as the New York City utilities demand requires it. These OZOP storage systems contribute to carbon offset programs by reducing the need for spinning reserves, an expensive but necessary support feature of the utilities.

    The Brooklyn facility will be OZOP's first project to utilize Stem's smart energy storage within the Company's portfolio of commercial properties in New York, California, Texas and Arizona.

    OZOP Energy Solutions invents, designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes ultra-high-power chargers, inverters, and power supplies for a wide variety of applications in the defense, heavy industrial, aircraft ground support, maritime and other sectors. OZOP Energy Systems, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy products in the energy storage, solar, mcrogrids, and EV charging sector. (Source: OZOP Energy Solutions, Inc., PR 18 Aug., 2021) Contact; OZOP Energy, Brian Conway, CEO,; Stem Inc.,

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    American Manganese, Itavolt Partner on Li-Ion Battery Recycling (Int'l.)

    Date: 2021-08-16
    American Manganese Inc. is receiving advisory services and funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program to support its Demonstration of Continuous Recycling of Cathode Material from Lithium-ion Battery Production Scrap pilot project to help innovative Canadian small and medium-sized businesses overcome barriers to global market entry and facilitate direct adoption of technology in foreign markets. With NRC support, and in collaboration with Italvolt, American Manganese will model, commission, and test a lithium-ion battery cathode material recycling demonstration plant that will include continuous operation with specific cathode waste processing objectives, such as capacity, extraction efficiency, and material purity.

    Italvolt plans to construct one of Europe's largest lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in Scarmagno, Italy, and to collaborate on developing a commercial recycling plant using the American Manganese's patented RecycLiCo™ technology that extracts cathode metals -- lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and aluminum. -- to be recycled into new battery products (Source: American Manganese Inc., PR, Investing News, 13 Aug., 2021) Contact: American Manganese Inc. , Larry Reaugh, Pres., CEO, 778-574-4444,,; RecycLiCo,; Italvolt,

    Revolusun Launches Solar+Storage Incentive Program (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-16
    In the Aloha State, Honolulu-based Revolusun is touting its Home Battery Rewards -- solar energy and energy storage program. The five year, multi-island, multiple Grid Service Program for residential customers with a solar system paired to a Tesla PowerWall battery.

    The program is for Islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii where roughly 6,000 homes are expected to participate in the program. The program is limited to approximately 4,000 customers on Oahu. Participants will be rewarded with monthly adjustments on their energy bills, or receive payment, for having their batteries available should the Grid need their services. The reward will be applied to their electric bill every month and in cases where people already have low electric bills, some customers will receive a check from the utility. The size of the reward depends on the number of batteries the home has and how available they are for providing grid services.

    Hawaii aims to source 100 pct of its energy from renewables by 2040. (Source: Revolusun, PR, 13 Aug., 2021) Contact: Revolusun, Eric Carlson, 748.8888 , www.; Tesla Powerwall,

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    American Manganese, Itavolt Partner on Li-Ion Battery Recycling (Int’l.)

    Date: 2021-08-16
    American Manganese Inc. is receiving advisory services and funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program to support its Demonstration of Continuous Recycling of Cathode Material from Lithium-ion Battery Production Scrap pilot project to help innovative Canadian small and medium-sized businesses overcome barriers to global market entry and facilitate direct adoption of technology in foreign markets. With the NRC support, and in collaboration with Italvolt, American Manganese will model, commission, and test a lithium-ion battery cathode material recycling demonstration plant to include continuous operation with specific cathode waste processing objectives, such as capacity, extraction efficiency, and material purity.

    Italvolt plans to construct one of Europe’s largest lithium-ion battery Gigafactory in Scarmagno, Italy, and to collaborate on developing a commercial recycling plant using the American Manganese’s patented RecycLiCo™ technology.

    American Manganese Inc. is a critical metals company focused on the recycling of lithium-ion batteries with the RecycLiCo™ patented process that provides high extraction and purity of cathode metals -- lithium, cobalt, nickel, manganese, and aluminum. -- to produce recycled battery products (Source: American Manganese Inc., PR, Investing News, 13 Aug., 2021) Contact: American Manganese Inc. , Larry Reaugh, Pres., CEO, 778-574-4444,,; RecycLiCo,; Italvolt,

    DOE Announces $83Mn to Increase Bldg. Energy Efficiency (Funding)
    Date: 2021-08-16
    In Washington, the US DOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) has awarded $82.6 million in funding to 44 projects that will lower Americans' energy bills and help meet the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 by investing in new energy efficient building technologies, construction practices, and the U.S. buildings-sector workforce.

    The 44 projects across 20 states will improve building energy efficiency through innovations in thermal energy storage, building envelopes, lighting, HVAC, water heating -- as well as by bolstering the energy efficiency workforce with trainings, educational programs, and other technical support. The following are among the 44 funded projects:

  • North Dakota State University in Fargo, North Dakota will develop a novel absorption material that will efficiently store thermal energy.

  • Baryon Inc. based in Wilmington, Delaware will develop an innovative air-conditioning system based on a new method of evaporative cooling combined with dehumidification that can consume 50 to 85 pct less energy than traditional air conditioning systems.

  • In Sidney, Ohio, Emerson Commercial and Residential Solutions will design, fabricate, and validate a highly efficient refrigerated display case for use in supermarkets.

  • The New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark will design, prototype, install, test, and evaluate a high-performance residential wall retrofit that can achieve estimated heating and cooling energy savings of 30 pct or more.

  • The Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance in Atlanta, Georgia, will develop training resources on electrified building systems such as electric heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, electric vehicle charging systems, and battery storage systems. These resources will help members of the workforce learn how to educate consumers on the benefits of these technologies.

    Download the full list of funded recipients HERE.

    The mission of the DOE EERE is to accelerate the research, development, demonstration, and deployment of technologies and solutions to equitably transition America to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050, and ensure the clean energy economy benefits all Americans. (Source: US DOE EERE, PR, 13 Aug., 2021) Contact: US DOE EERE, Building Technologies Office,

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  • CEC OKs Commercial Building Solar+Storage Mandate (Reg & Leg)
    California Energy Commission
    Date: 2021-08-13
    The California Energy Commission (CEC) reports it has approved a proposal to require builders to include solar power and battery storage (solar+storage) in many new commercial and high-rise residential buildings structures statewide. The proposal will now be taken up by the California Building Standards Commission, which is expected to include it in an overall revision of the California building code in December and, if adopted, would come into force 1 Jan, 2023.

    As previously reported , in 2020 the CEC mandated all new single-family homes and multifamily dwellings up to three stories high include solar power. Any increase in construction costs is expected to be minimal, according to the CEC. (Source: California Energy Commissions, PR, Website, 11 Aug., 2021) Contact: California Energy Commission,

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    SRP Contracts for New Solar Plants Totaling 500MW (Ind. Report)
    Salt River Project,EDP Renewables North America
    Date: 2021-08-13
    Following its recent announcement to expand utility-scale solar resources to 2,025 MW by 2025, the Arizona-based not-for-profit public power utility Salt River Project (SRP) has announced three new solar energy plants that will deliver a total of 500MW of renewable energy. Facebook announced it will off-take 450MW of the combined solar capacity to support its newly announced data center in Mesa, Arizona, and help meet the company's 100 pct renewable energy commitments.

    The three projects include two 200-MW solar plants and one 100-MW solar plant. SRP is contracting with subsidiaries of solar developers AES, EDP and NextEra Energy Resources to construct and operate the three new plants. The first project is expected to come online in fall 2022 and start of construction for all the new solar plants, which will all be located in Pinal County, will begin at different points in time throughout 2022.

    The first project, the 100-MW West Line Solar project located in the city of Eloy, Pinal County, Arizona developed by AES Corp. is expected to come online in October, 2022. SRP and AES have worked together to bring online a 100MW solar system, East Line Solar, as well as a 10MW, 40 megawatt-hours (MWh) standalone battery-based energy storage system.

    The 200-MW Randolph Solar Park, developed by EDP Renewables North America is slated to come online in 2023. SRP is partnering with EDP Renewables, a global leader in renewable energy production, to develop and operate this 200MW solar park located in the city of Coolidge, Pinal County, Arizon adjacent to SRP's Randolph 230kV substation. Randolph Solar will span across 1,346 acres, and construction is anticipated to begin in fall of 2022.

    The third project, the 200-MW Valley Farms Solar project is expected to become fully operational by December 2023. SRP has contracted with a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources to develop the solar plant in Coolidge, Ariz. The two companies have previously worked together to develop and contract a 20MW solar generation facility and battery storage system, Pinal Central Solar Energy Center, and a 100MW solar plant, Saint Solar, which began operations in 2018 and 2020 respectively. Additionally, SRP and NextEra have plans to develop two solar-charged battery projects totaling nearly 350MW, Sonoran Energy Center and Storey Energy Center. Valley Farms Solar will be 1,900 acres in size and construction will begin in winter of 2022. (Source: Salt River Project, Website PR, 12 Aug., 2021) Contact: EDP Renewables North America, Miguel Prado, CEO,; SRP, Mike Hummel, CEO, Scott Harelson,,; NextEra Energy Resources, 561-691-7171,

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    Sungrow Supplying Broad Reach Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
    Broad Reach Power, Sungrow
    Date: 2021-08-13
    Houston-headquartered independent utility-scale power producer Broad Reach Power LLC reports it will purchase 1 GW of energy storage batteries from China's Sungrow Power Supply Co Ltd for installation at six standalone battery storage projects to be constructed in Texas.

    Broad Reach's existing portfolio includes 13 GW of utility-scale solar and energy storage power projects in Montana, California, Wyoming, Utah and Texas.

    Sungrow expects to supply roughly 1.8 GWh of turnkey energy storage systems utilizing both NCM and LFP technology, for deployment in the US this year, according to the release.

    (Source: Broad Reach Power, PR, 12 Aug., 2021) Contact: Broad Reach Power, Justin Amirault, VP Corp. Dev.,; Sungrow,

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    Sage Energy Consulting on 43 Solar+Storage Installations (Ind. Report)
    Sage Energy
    Date: 2021-08-11
    In the Golden State, San Rafael-based Sage Energy Consulting reports it will work with the Judicial Council of California (JCC) and evaluate 43 previously identified JCC sites for solar energy+storage installations.

    Sage will provide procurement support, pre-construction, construction and post-construction management and commissioning support for rooftop solar panels, solar carports, and batteries and may assist in negotiating power purchase agreements. (Source: Sage Energy Consulting, PR Aug., 2021) Contact: Sage Energy Consulting, Russell Schmit, COO, 415-663-9914,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar+Storage news,  Sage Energy news,  Solar Energy news,  Battery Energy STorage news,  

    Wartsila Supplies Battery Energy Storage in Taiwan (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-11
    Wartsila reports it will supply a 5.2 MW/5.2 MWh battery energy storage system to the Beimen Energy Storage project to be constructed by Shangfa Construction for North-Star International .in the Taiwanese city of Kaohsiung, The project is expected to be operational by the end of Q1, next year.

    Wartsilas system will enable North-Star International to provide frequency regulation and spinning reserve services and will enable the integration of greater levels of renewables, Taiwan aims to have 20% solar and wind power by 2025, which will be augmented with an additional 15GW of offshore wind power by 2035. (Source: Wartsila, Website PR, 10 Aug., 2021)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wartsila news,  Battery Energy Storage news,  Renewable Energy news,  

    Reliance Solar, Bill Gates Invest in Green Power Storage (Int'l.)
    Reliance Industries, Ambri
    Date: 2021-08-11
    Mumbai-based Reliance Industries Ltd subsidiary Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd (RNESL) reports it, along with Paulson & Co. Inc. Bill Gates, and other investors, have invested of $144 million in Massachusetts-based long-duration energy storage specialist Ambri Inc.

    Ambri's patented 4-24 hour long- duration energy storage systems will break through the cost, longevity and safety barriers associated with lithium-ion batteries used in grid-scale stationary storage applications. RNESL and Ambri are also in considering a collaboration on a large-scale battery manufacturing facility in India.

    Ambri caters to projects requiring from 10 MWh to over 2 GWh of energy storage systems and that are more economical than lithium-ion batteries. Ambri systems are well suited to peak times and high-usage applications, according to the release. (Source: Reliance Industries Limited, PR, 10 Aug., 2021) Contact: Ambri,; About Reliance Industries Limited, Tushar Pania, + 91 9820 088536,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar+Storage,  Reliance Industries,  Bill Gates,  Renewable Energy Storage,  Energy Strage,  Ambri,  

    New Jersey Clean Energy Startups Funding Announced (Funding)
    Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology
    Date: 2021-08-09
    In Trenton, the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) , through the Clean Tech Seed Grant Program which is funded by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), has announced funding to the following organizations to help accelerate development and innovation of clean technologies within New Jersey's economy. The following organizations were funded:

  • Andluca Technologies Inc., located in Princeton, is a spin-out of Princeton University that is developing solar-powered smart glass technology. ($74,969),

  • Arbela Laboratories, located in Randolph, is creating a methanol-fed Pichia platform designed to increase the scale and reduce the costs of biomanufacturing. ($73,000), www.

  • Eion NJ Corporation in Princeton is developing a specialty fine-grained mineral material that rapidly captures and stores carbon dioxide when applied to agricultural soils. ($75,000),

  • Farm to Flame Energy, located in Kearny, provides scalable, end-to-end electricity generation systems using biomass for communities in underdeveloped countries. ($74,995),

  • Green Blu, located in Hamilton, is developing a solar thermal energy-powered brine separation technology for use in desalination, agriculture, and water industries. ($75,000),

  • NextGen Battery Technologies, LLC., located in Somerset, is developing a high-voltage, non-flammable solid-state electrolyte for lithium batteries. ($74,939),

  • Princeton NuEnergy, located in Bordentown, is developing a battery recycling technology to recycle and reuse used lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, portable electronics, and other energy storage devices. ($75,000)

  • RenewCO2, LLC., located in Cranford, is developing an electrochemical process that converts carbon dioxide to plastic precursors and other value-added chemicals conventionally sourced from fossil fuels. ($75,000),

  • SunRay Scientific, LLC., located in Eatontown, is commercializing an advanced material adhesive for use in electronics and semiconductor packaging. ($75,000) (Source: NJEDA, New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology, Aug., 2021) Contact: NJEDA, New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology, Judith Sheft, Exec. Dir., (609) 858-6700,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Clean Energy,  Renewable Energy,  

  • Battery, Energy Storage Projects Funded in NJ (Funding)
    New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology
    Date: 2021-08-09
    In Trenton, the New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology (CSIT) , through the Clean Tech Seed Grant Program which is funded by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), has announced funding to the following organizations to help accelerate development and innovation of clean technologies within New Jersey's economy. The following battery and energy storage organizations and projects were funded:

  • NextGen Battery Technologies, LLC., located in Somerset, is developing a high-voltage, non-flammable solid-state electrolyte for lithium batteries. ($74,939),

  • Princeton NuEnergy, located in Bordentown, is developing a battery recycling technology to recycle and reuse used lithium-ion batteries from electric vehicles, portable electronics, and other energy storage devices. ($75,000)

  • SunRay Scientific, LLC., located in Eatontown, is commercializing an advanced material adhesive for use in electronics and semiconductor packaging. ($75,000) (Source: NJEDA, New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology, Aug., 2021) Contact: NJEDA, New Jersey Commission on Science, Innovation and Technology, Judith Sheft, Exec. Dir., (609) 858-6700,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Battery,  Energy Storage,  

  • CS Energy Expands Solar, Energy Storage Business (Ind. Report)
    CS Energy
    Date: 2021-08-06
    Edison, New Jersey-headquartered CS Energy, an integrated energy firm that designs and builds optimized projects in the solar, storage, and emerging energy industries, reports its total installation base in the U.S. Southwest has grown to 29 MW of solar power and 40 MWh of energy storage.

    With three new distributed energy projects currently under construction in Florida, the company's total national energy storage installation base will reach over 200 MWh. In Hamilton and Alachua Counties, two of these distributed energy projects are standalone battery energy storage systems (BESS) of 5.5 MWh and 11.5 MWh in capacity. Installed for one of the largest utilities in the US, these strategically placed energy storage systems are part of a technology pilot program and will be used to address growing peak demand and reduce congestion on the distribution grid. The third project is a 1 MW solar carport coupled with 23 MWh of energy storage. All three projects will utilize Doosan GridTech's digital energy management solution (EMS).

    CS Energy, which completed this 14 MW solar power generation project in Virginia in late 2020, is a leading engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) energy firm that designs and builds optimized projects in solar, energy storage, and emerging energy industries. (Source: CS Energy, PR, 4 Aug., 2021) Contact: CS Energy, Eric Millard, CCO, D. Scott Bianchi,732 860 4660,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CS Energy,  Solar,  Energy Storage,  

    KORE Power Plans Arizona Lithium-ion Battery Plant (Ind. Report)
    KORE Power
    Date: 2021-08-06
    Coeur d'Alene, Idaho-headquartered KORE Power Inc. reports it will construct a 1 million sq-ft lithium-ion battery manufacturing facility in Maricopa County, Arizona.

    The "KOREPlex" facility will support up to 12 GWh of battery cell production -- sufficient capacity to produce enough power for 3.2 million homes annually.

    KOREPlex will operate with net-zero carbon emissions through strategic partnerships and solar-plus- and storage co-generation and will increase the company's current 2 GWh annual production capacity to 6 GWh.

    KOREPlex construction is slated to get underway this year for production in Q2. 2023 (Source: KORE Power, Area Dev. News, 4 Aug., 2021) Contact: KORE Power Inc., 208-758-9391,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News KORE Power,  Lithium-ion Battery,  Energy Storage,  

    Orsted Nails Largest Onshore Wind Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-06
    Copenhagen-headquartered energy giant Orsted is reporting completion of its largest onshore wind project to date -- the 130-turbine, 367 MW Western Trail Wind Farm in Wilbarger and Baylor counties, Texas. The completed project brings Orsted's total onshore capacity to over 2.8 GW of wind, solar and battery storage in operation.

    The project has long-term power purchase agreements with PepsiCo, Hormel Foods, and Nucor for the majority of its power generation. Both PepsiCo and Hormel Foods will also purchase power from the Haystack Wind project in SPP (Southwest Power Pool) which is slated to come online later this year. (Source: Orsted, Website PR, 4 Aug., 2021) Contact: Orsted,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Orsted,  Wind,  Onshore Wind,  

    ConEd's 100MW East River Storage Project Gets the Nod (Ind. Report)
    Consolidated Edison,174 Power Global
    Date: 2021-08-06
    In the Big Apple, Consolidated Edison Inc. (ConEd) reports the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC) has given the nod to ConEd's planned 100-MW East River Energy Storage Project in Astoria, the borough of Queen, New York City. Irvine, CA-headquartered renewable energy project specialist 174 Power Global's subsidiary East River ESS LLC will develop the battery system on site.

    Under a seven-year contract between ConEd and 174 Power Global, the batteries will connect to a ConEd transmission substation, allowing ConEd to bid power from the batteries into the state’ss wholesale market. At the end of the contract, 174 Power Global will dispatch the batteries’ power to the state’s bulk power transmission system. ((Source: Consolidated Edison Inc., PR, 5 Aug., 2021) Contact: ConEd 174 Power Global

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Consolidated Edison news,  Energy Storage news,  174 Power Global news,  

    Europe's Largest Energy Storage Project Comes Online (Int.l)
    Date: 2021-08-04
    China's Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd reports the largest energy storage project in Europe, the 100MW/100MWh Minety plant with Sungrow's 1500V energy storage system solutions, has been grid-connected and is now fully operational.

    Sungrow supplied both NCM and LFP battery energy storage systems featuring high integration, which minimize the footprint, slash the commissioning duration and significantly reduce the system cost. The solution meets the latest UK frequency regulation requirement called dynamic containment -- requesting the plant to respond to the power instruction of the grid within 1 second.

    Sungrow is the world's most bankable inverter brand with over 182 GW installed worldwide as of June 2021. Sungrow is a leader in the research and development of solar inverters, with a dedicated R&D team and a broad product portfolio offering PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for utility-scale, commercial, and residential applications, as well as internationally recognized floating PV plant solutions. With a strong 24-year track record in the PV space, Sungrow products power installations in over 150 countries, according to the company. (Source: Sungrow Power Supply Co., PR, 4 Aug., 2021) Contact: Sungrow Power Supply, +86 551 65327879,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Sungrow news,  Solar news,  Energy Storage news,  

    247Solar, STAG-Tech to Collaborate on Clean Power (Ind. Report)
    247Solar, STAG-Tech
    Date: 2021-08-04
    Great Falls, Virginia-based 247Solar Inc and Bristol, UK-based STAG-Tech are reporting an agreement to combine STAG-Tech's innovative compact wind turbines with 247Solar's HeatStorE™ long-duration thermal battery to provide turnkey, round-the-clock clean power solutions for a wide range of off-grid applications such as mine sites.

    STAG-Tech's tilt-up turbines capture the fastest wind speeds at significantly lower cost than conventional large turbines. Packed into a 40 ft shipping container, STAG-Tech's turbines can be truck transported to all but the most remote locations. Minimal concrete foundations make installation fast and affordable and easily relocated, according to STAG-Tech.

    247Solar's HeatStorE operates almost like an electrochemical battery but has significant advantages at longer durations, according to the company. Electric resistance coils use electricity from wind or photovoltaic (PV) installations to heat inexpensive silica sand. Energy is thereby stored as ultra-high temperature heat -- up to 1,000 degrees C -- for up to 20 hours at a fraction of the cost of batteries. By adding an external combustor, the battery can produce fully dispatchable backup power, according to 247Solar. (Source: STAG-Tech, 247Solar, PR, Aug,, 2021) Contact: STAG-Tech, Sean Zamick, CEO,,; 247Solar Inc., Bruce Anderson, CEO, 617.290.9913,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News 247Solar,  STAG-Tech,  Wind,  Energy Storage,  

    LG Energy Solutions Aims for 2050 Carbon Neutrality (Int'l.)
    LG Energy Solutions
    Date: 2021-08-02
    In South Korea, Seoul-headquartered advanced lithium-ion battery and energy storage systems specialist LG Energy Solutions reports it aims to transition all business operations to 100 pct renewable energy by 2030, establish a virtual circular value chain for resources by 2025, and eliminate some 960,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. (Source: LG Energy Solution, PR, 31 July, 2021) Contact: LG Energy Solutions,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News LG Energy Solutions,  Carbon Neutral,  Battery,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Korean Battery Maker Commits to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050 (Int'l.)
    SK Innovation
    Date: 2021-08-02
    South Korean battery manufacturer SK Innovation reports publication of its Net-Zero Roadmap 1.0 detailing outlining the company's plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

    SK Innovation set a step-by-step goal to achieve 100 pct Net Zero before 2050 after reducing 12.43 million tons of CO2 generated in Scope 1 and 2 as of 2019 to 25 pct in 2025 and 50 pct in 2030. The company plans to invest roughly $1.3 billion to cut down 2.5 million tons of carbon emissions by 2030 by improving energy efficiency, transitioning to 25 pct renewable energy by 2025 and 100 pct by 2030. The company also plans to adopt Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technology, develop environmentally-friendly products, elevate factory operation efficiencies participate in carbon offset programs to further cut battery and materials business emissions 13.6 million tons by 2035. (Source: SK Innovation, PR 2 Aug., 2021)Contact: SK innovation,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SK Innovation,  Battery,  Net-Zero Emissions,  

    Terra-Gen Closes Financing on CA Solar+Storage Facility (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-02
    NYC-headquartered independent renewable energy provider Terra-Gen, LLC reports completion of $804 million financing on the initial phase of its Edwards Sanborn Solar Storage facility in Kern County, California.

    When fully operational the project will produce sufficient clean energy for more than 158,000 homes and displace more than 307,000 tpy of CO2. The Edwards Sanborn Solar Storage facility incorporates 346 MWac of solar modules and 1,501 MWh of battery storage.

    The project is on land leased from Edwards Air Force Base as well as on adjacent private land. Mortenson is the full engineering, procurement and construction contractor on both the solar and energy storage scopes with First Solar supplying the solar modules and LG Chem and Samsung supplying the batteries.

    Terra-Gen, LLC is a leading U.S. developer, owner, and operator of utility-scale renewable energy projects in North America. Terra-Gen owns approximately 1.3 GW and 77MWh of wind, solar and energy storage capacity in operation across 26 renewable power facilities throughout the United States. Terra-Gen was formed in 2007 and is owned by ECP, a leading investor in infrastructure facilitating the energy transition, and First Sentier Investors, a leading global asset manager. (Source: Terra-Gen LLC, PR Contact: Terra-Gen LLC, Jim Pagano, CEO, 646-829-3909, 646-829-3900,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Terra-Gen news,  Solar+Storage news,  Energy Storage news,  

    Form Energy Intros Rechargeable Iron-Air Battery (New Prod. & Tech.)
    Form Energy,ArcelorMittal
    Date: 2021-07-30
    Somerville, Mass.-based ArcelorMittal-funded long-duration battery systems developer Form Energy is touting its first commercial product -- a rechargeable iron-air battery capable of delivering electricity for 100 hours at system costs competitive with conventional power plants and at less than 1/10th the cost of lithium-ion batteries, according to the release.

    Form Energy is working with ArcelorMittal on the development of iron materials for Form's battery systems. The materials will be sourced domestically and manufactured for the battery systems near where they will be sited. Form Energy's first project is with Minnesota-based utility Great River Energy. (Source: Form Energy, Website PR, July 26, 2021) Contact: Form Energy, Mateo Jaramillo, CEO, (844) 367-6462,,; ArcelorMittal, +32 9 347 31 11,; Great River Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Storage,  Battery,  ArcelorMittal,  Great River Energy,  

    Titan Awarded 1.1Mn to ID Dangerous Li-ion Batteries (Funding)
    Titan Advanced Energy Solutions
    Date: 2021-07-28
    Salem, Mass.-based Titan Advanced Energy Solutions, focused on using ultrasound technology to help make batteries run better, safer, and longer lasting, is reporting receipt of $1.1 million in Phase II SBIR funding from the US DOE to develop and build a production-ready prototype of an early warning system that detects hazardous conditions in lithium-ion batteries.

    The Titan award is one of 110 innovative projects from American small businesses and entrepreneurs that the DOE is funding for a total of $127 million.

    The Phase II awards from the DOE's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program go to support the research and development of innovative clean energy technologies toward commercialization.

    Statista, a global business data platform, projects that between 2020 and 2030, the global demand for lithium-ion batteries will increase elevenfold to more than 2 terawatt hours. (Source: Titan Advanced Energy Solutions, PR, 27 July, 2021) Contact: Titan Advanced Energy Solutions, (978) 414-5538,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Li-IonBattery,  Lithium Ion Battery,  Energy STorage,  

    Johnson Matthey Acquires Lithium-Sulfur Battery Assets (Int'l. M&A)
    Johnson Matthey
    Date: 2021-07-28
    In the UK, London-headquartered Johnson Matthey, a global leader in sustainable technologies, is reporting acquisition of the assets and intellectual property of the bankrupt, Oxford, UK area-based lithium-sulfur battery developer Oxis Energy Ltd.. The assets can be adapted for the manufacture of components for green hydrogen production, according to the release.

    According to Johnson Matthey, with a moderate additional investment in upgrades, this transaction will significantly accelerate the scale-up of Johnson Matthey's growing Green Hydrogen business and expand JM's ability to develop, test, and manufacture catalyst coated membranes and advanced materials for electrolysers. (Source: Johnson Matthey, PR, 28 July, 2021) Contact: Johnson Matthey, Robert MacLeod, CEO, Eugene McKenna, Managing Director, Green Hydrogen,; Oxis Energy Ltd.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Battery,  Johnson Matthey,  Oxis Energy,  

    RWE Building German Battery, Run-of-River Facilities (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-07-26
    Essen, Germany-headquartered RWE AG reports it is constructing one of the largest and most innovative battery energy storage systems in Germany. The 117 MW battery system is being installed at the company's plants in Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia.

    The batteries will be virtually coupled with RWE's run-of-river hydro power stations along the river Mosel. This coupling process raises the total capacity of the batteries by another 15 pct.

    The roughly €50 million project will incorporate 420 lithium-ion battery racks housed in 47 overseas shipping containers spread across two RWE power stations. The system is expected to start operations at the end of 2022. (Source: RWE, PR, reve, 25 July, 2021) Contact: RWE AG, Roger Miesen, Generation CEO, +49(0)201-5179-0, F+49(0)201-5179-5005,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RWE,  Run-of-River,  Energy Storage,  lithium-ion battery,  

    B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy Funded (Ind. Report)
    Government of British Columbia
    Date: 2021-07-26
    In Victoria, the Government of British Columbia reports it and Shell Canada are each committing $35 million funding toward the new B.C. Centre for Innovation and Clean Energy and are collaborating to decarbonize the economy and scale up clean energy. The Government of Canada has committed up to $35 million for the Centre's projects. The funding is expected to leverage additional public and private-sector investments and participation.

    The Centre will bring together innovators, industry, governments and academics to accelerate the commercialization and scale-up of B.C.-based clean-energy technologies. It will also be a catalyst for new partnerships and world-leading innovation to deliver near- and longer-term carbon emission reductions, according to the release.

    The Centre, which is scheduled to launch this fall, will initially focus on: carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS); the production, use and distribution of low-carbon hydrogen; biofuels and synthetic fuels (including marine and aviation fuels --SAF); renewable natural gas; battery technology, storage and energy management systems; and initiate new technology pathways to accelerate larger reductions on the path to net-zero emissions by 2050.

    The Centre will be established as an independent member-based, non-profit corporation to attract a wide range of companies and partners focused on low-carbon innovation and scaling up B.C.-based clean-energy technology. (Source: BC Government PR, 16 July, 2021) Contact: Gov. BC,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Shell Canada,  CCS,  Government of British Columbia,  

    Greenalia Planning 670-MWp Texas Solar+Storage Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-07-23
    Coruna, Spain-headquartered renewable energy developer Grennalia reports company plans to invest $450 million to develop 670MWp of solar photovoltaic, with 170MW battery storage capacity, all in ready-to-build phase, in Texas, with construction over the next year.

    The company is active in offshore and onshore wind, solar, energy storage and biomass and in plans to pursue other U.S. renewable acquisitions and projects. and opportunities.

    Currently, Greenalia has a 3 GW portfolio of onshore wind, offshore wind, solar photovoltaic and biomass. (Source: Greenalia, Website PR, 22 July, 2021) Contact: GReenalia, Manuel Garcia, CEO, +34 900 81 50 81,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Greenalia,  Solar,  Solar+Storage,  

    Enable Energy Relaunched BayWa r.e. Power Solutions (Ind. Report)
    BayWa r.e. ,Enable Energy
    Date: 2021-07-23
    BayWa r.e., a leading renewable energy developer and services provider, announced today the formal launch of BayWa r.e. Power Solutions Inc., the new brand identity for the former Enable Energy Inc., which BayWa r.e. acquired in September 2020. BayWa r.e. Power Solutions is one of the leading solar and battery energy storage systems engineering, construction, and procurement (EPC) providers for the U.S. commercial, industrial and utility sectors.

    BayWa r.e. Power Solutions has completed more than 100 MW of solar and 175 MWh of storage -- both standalone and solar-plus-storage installations -- and has a late-stage project pipeline of 600 MW of solar and 1 GWh of storage. Notable active projects include a 47 MW solar/135 MWh storage utility project on the big island of Hawaii, according to the company. (Source: BayWas r.e, PR, 22 July, 2021) Contact: BayWa r.e. USA LLC, Axel Veeser, Managing Director,; Brad Ferrell, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BayWa r.e. ,  Enable Energy,  Solar+Storage,  Energy STorage,  

    HECO Offers Solar Energy Storage Battery Bonus (Ind. Report)
    Hawaiian Electric
    Date: 2021-07-21
    In the Aloha State, Honolulu-headquartered Hawaiian Electric (HECO) reports it is accepting applications for its new Battery Bonus program that pays cash incentives for residential and commercial customers on Oahu to add battery energy storage to an existing or new rooftop solar system.

    The program is capped by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) at a total 50 MW supplied from storage among all participants. Incentive payments are:

  • $850 per kW for those accepted for the first 15MW. (For example, 5kW would yield a $4,250 payment.) Hawaiian Electric will confirm by checking battery data that the system is meeting its committed performance in the program for the customer to receive the full amount of incentive.

  • $750 per kW for those accepted for the next 15MW.

  • $500 per kW for those accepted for the last 20MW.

    Homeowners and businesses with an existing solar system enrolled in a customer energy program (such as Net Energy Metering, Customer Grid Supply or others) will continue to receive full benefits from these programs. Up to 5 kW of new panels may be added under existing programs. There is no limit on the size of an individual customer's battery. (Source: Hawaiian Electric, PR, 19 July, 2021) Contact: Hawaiian Electric,;

    More Low-Carbon Energy News HCO.Energy Storage,  Rooftop Solar,  Hawaiian Electric,  Solar+Storage,  Battery Energy Storage,  

  • Siemens, Fluence to Construct German 100MW/200MWh BESS (Int'l.)
    Siemens, Fluence
    Date: 2021-07-21
    Siemens Smart Infrastructure is reporting a letter of intent with Nordostbayern (Future Energy North-East Bayern) for construction of a turnkey 100MW / 200MWh large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) in the town of Wunsiedel, northern Bavaria, Germany.

    Subject to financing, energy storage technology and services provider Fluence, which was formed in 2017 as a Siemens-AES Corporation JV, will provide the lithium-ion battery system. Siemens will handle project management including the building of medium-voltage switchgear equipment and facilitating connection to the local high-voltage grid.

    Siemens broke ground earlier this month on an 8.75MW green hydrogen electrolyser plant at the Town of Wunsiedel's local "energy park". The plant's proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser will be connected to a 6MW battery storage system that Siemens supplied and installed in 2017. The green hydrogen project is scheduled to go into operation in summer 2022, according to the release. (Source: Siemens Smart Infrastructure, PR, Energy Storage, 20 July, 2021) Contact: Siemens Smart Infrastructure,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Siemens,  Fluence,  Energy Storage,  BESS ,  

    Capstone Supplies Hydrogen Microturbines for Austrian Project (Int'l)
    Capstone Green Energy Corporation
    Date: 2021-07-19
    Van Nuys, California-headquartered Capstone Green Energy Corporation -- fka Capstone Turbine Corp. -- reports it will supply two C65 microturbines to Austria-based Innovametall Stahl- und Metallbau for use in an ultra-low emissions Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system -- the first hydrogen-fueled microturbine system in Europe.

    The system will initially run on 10 pct hydrogen blended with natural gas, with the amount of hydrogen expected to increase as Capstone approves higher blend levels in the future. The microturbine system is expected to be commissioned in October, this year.

    Capstone provides customized microgrid solutions and on-site energy technology systems focused on helping customers around the globe meet their environmental, energy savings, and resiliency goals. Through its Energy as a Service (EaaS) business, Capstone offers rental solutions utilizing its microturbine energy systems and battery storage systems and comprehensive service contracts that guarantee life-cycle costs. (Source: Capstone Green Energy, PR, 19 July, 2021) Contact: Capstone Green Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Capstone Green Energy,  Capstone Turbone,  Hydrogen,  

    MAN Energy Solutions Touts World-First LAES Project (Int'l.)
    MAN Energy Solutions,Highview Power
    Date: 2021-07-19
    Augsburg, Germany-based MAN Energy Solutions reports it has contracted to provide its LAES turbomachinery solution to London-headquartered energy-storage solutions specialist Highview Power's CRYOBattery™ 50 MW liquid-air energy-storage (LAES) facility presently under construction in Greater Manchester , UK.

    The LAES plant uses cryogenically liquefied air as a medium for storing energy. Off-peak or excess electrical energy is used to compress ambient air and liquefy it in the charging cycle. The liquefied air is stored at low temperatures in insulated tanks. The system efficiency is increased by using the stored cold and the compression heat. (Source: MAN Energy Solutions, PR, July, 2021) Contact: MAN Energy Solutions, +49 821 322-0,; Highview Power, +44 (0) 203 350 10,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News MAN Energy Solutions,  Energy Storage,  Highview Power,  

    Wartsila Supplying 100MW of Energy Storage for UK Projects (Int'l.)
    Wartsila, Pivot Power
    Date: 2021-07-19
    Helsinki-headquartered Wartsila reports it will supply 100MW / 200MWh of energy storage systems to Pivot Power, part of EDF Renewables, for its next two projects in the West Midlands, England, to support the roll-out of Pivot Power's innovative Energy Superhub model. Wartsila will install batteries at two sites in the city of Coventry and the borough of Sandwell, on the outskirts of Birmingham.. Construction is due to commence at Sandwell in Q4 2021 and at Coventry in Q1 2022.

    Wartsila is also delivering 50 MW of energy storage for Pivot Power's Energy Superhub Oxford (ESO) and 50MW in Kemsley, Kent. The ESO project will include the world's largest lithium-ion and vanadium-flow hybrid grid-scale energy storage system, in partnership with Invinity Energy Systems. The hybrid battery is supporting the development of a high-powered EV charging network delivering power to key locations across the city, and will share a connection to the high-voltage electricity transmission network.(Source: Wartsila. Website PR, 19 July, 2021) Contact: Wartsila Energy, Mirja-Maija Santala, Marketing, +358 400 793 827,,; Pivot Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Battery energy Storage,  Wartsila,  Pivot Power,  Energy Storage,  

    AceOn Mobile Solar Power Storage Scores £1Mn Funding (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-07-14
    In the UK, Telford-headquartered solar energy and battery energy storage specialist AceOn reports receipt of £1 million in grant funding from Innovate UK to accelerate development work on its mobile solar energy storage unit that will use Sheffield-based Faradion's sodium-ion batteries.

    AceOn will work in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, DZP Technologies, a specialist battery materials development company, and Nigeria-based energy and power company Nevadic Limited to deliver the project.

    AceOn Group specializes in the design and assembly of custom built battery packs and the distribution of industrial and consumer batteries to the UK and worldwide market. (Source: AceOn Group, PR, Shropshire Live, 13 July, 2021) Contact: AceOn Group , Mark Thompson, Managing Dir., + 44 (0) 1952 293 388,,

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