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Carbon Capture Machine Incorporates in Wyoming (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-09-17
The University of Aberdeen, in Scotland, reports its Carbon Capture Machine recently filed as a Limited Liability Company in the state of Wyoming where it plans to utilize the Basin Electric Dry Fork power plant test center near Gillette to launch the company in the US.

The test center is funded with $15 million in startup costs provided by the Wyoming State Legislature and financial contributions and partnerships from the utility and industries. Wyoming’s aim, which it achieved last year, was to build the largest carbon capture research facility in the country and foster the growth of a constrained industry that could help coal survive in a carbon sensitive world.

The Carbon XPrize finalist Carbon Capture Machine is in the third round of the competition. Winners will be announced in spring of 2020. (Source: Carbon Capture Machine, Casper Star Tribune, 15 Sept., 2018) Contact: Carbon Capture Machine, The University of Aberdeen, xprize; Carbon Xprize,

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Wyoming Univ. CCS Project Wins CarbonSAFE Funding (Funding, R&D)
Basiin Electric, University of Wyoming,
Date: 2018-06-04
In Laramie, the University of Wyoming (UW) is reporting receipt of $9.77 million in US DOE funding for a two-year, $12.25 million project to determine the feasibility of establishing a commercial-scale geological storage complex for carbon dioxide (CO2) in Wyoming.In addition to the $9.77 million federal grant, cost-sharing contributions from the partners will total about $2.47 million.

For the project, UW, Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Energy and Environmental Research Center (EERC), and other partners aim to demonstrate that over 50 million metric tons of CO2 could be stored underground near Basin Electric's 385-mw Dry Fork Station near Gillette.

The grant for the project comes from the DOE's Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) initiative, which seeks to help mitigate CO2 emissions from consumption of fossil fuels. (Source: University of Wyoming, 25 May, 2018) Contact: University of Wyoming, Carbon Management Institute , Scott Quillinan, Project Manager, (307) 766-1121,; Basin Electric Power, Paul Sukut, CEO, Matt Greek, Snr. VP Technology R&D, (701) 223-0441,; DOE Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise , DOE CarbonSAFE details,

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Enel's Lindahl Wind Farm in N.D. Now Online (Ind. Report)
Trade Wind Energy,Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Enel Green Power North America
Date: 2017-05-08
Following on our July 8th, 2016 coverage, the $220 million, 75-turbine Lindahl Wind Farm in Williams County, North Dakota, reports it is now fully operational and online. The project is expected to generate sufficient electric power for more than 50,000 typical United States households.

The 150 MW wind farm is located four miles north of Tioga, and is channeling electricity to Basin Electric Power Cooperative of Bismarck, which supplies power to Williams, Mountrail and Burke counties. The project, which was developed by Kansas-based Trade Wind Energy, is now owned by Andover, Massachusetts-based Enel Green Power North America. (Source: Enel Green Power, Williston Herald, 5 May, 2017) Contact: Basin Electric Power, Paul Sukut, CEO, (701) 223-0441,; Enel Green Power NA, Connor Branch, Bus. Dev., (978) 681-1900,

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UW Granted $2.4Mn for CCS Research Projects (Funding)
U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Fossil Energy
Date: 2016-12-05
The US DOE reports that he University of Wyoming Carbon Management Institute will receive nearly $2.4 million from the DOE Office of Fossil Energy for commercial carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects in Wyoming. The funding is part of DOE's Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise (CarbonSAFE) initiative, which helps mitigate CP2 emissions from the burning of fossil fuels.

The UW projects are a pre-feasibility assessment for CCS at the Rock Springs Uplift geological formation in southwest Wyoming, and a study of CO2 capture, transportation and storage opportunities at Basin Electric Power Co-op Dry Fork Power Station near Gillette. The Rock Springs Uplift was previously identified as an ideal location for storage of more than 50 million metric tons of CO2.

The new project will build upon that research by looking at the potential to capture and store CO2 from PacifiCorp's nearby Jim Bridger Power Station, Wyoming's largest emitter of anthropogenic CO2. (Source: US DOE, University of Wyoming, 30 Nov., 2016) Contact: Univ. of Wyoming Carbon Management Institute, Kipp Coddington, Dir., 307-766-6731,,; U.S. DOE Office of Fossil Energy,

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