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Solar Tracking Solutions Boost Energy Output (White Paper Attached)
Arctech Solar
Date: 2021-01-29
Arctech Solar, a leading solar tracking, racking and BIPV systems provider, released the attached The Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Solar Tracking Solution white paper detailing major upgrades for its tracking solution that can improve power generation of solar power plants by up to 7 pct.

The white paper explores the AI-powered solar tracking solutions that are capable of overcoming the problem of energy production losses suffered by solar power plants due to challenging weather conditions, ubiquitous terrain undulation and inevitable variability in site construction, while ensuring a reliable increase in energy yield throughout the life cycle of PV power plants.

According to the white paper, Arctech's solar tracking solution integrates four strategies: the tracking control strategy on a real terrain, the cloud strategy based on real-time weather data, the bifacial strategy for bifacial modules and trackers and the control strategy based on sharing parameters with inverters.

Access the white paper HERE. (Source: Arctech Solar, PR, Website, 29 Jan., 2021) Contact: Arctech Solar, US, 916.879.7890,

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