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Apache Supports Operations Environmental Performance (Ind. Report)
Apache Corp
Date: 2017-12-15
Houston-headquartered petroleum and natural gas giant Apache Corp. reports it has joined the Environmental Partnership, a collaboration among 25 oil and natural gas producers to support environmental performance enhancements in operations nationwide.

The association will use expertise and knowledge within the industry to advance best practices, innovations and technologies that lower emissions. The voluntary plan comes into play January 1, 2018.

By the means of the ONE Future Coalition, Apache has pledged to target 0.36 pct or less of methane released by 2025, and has already cut methane emissions by 12 pct from 2015 levels. The Environmental Partnership plan includes a program to retrofit, replace or remove high-bleed pneumatic controllers, a plan for manual liquids unloading targeting natural gas production sources and a leak detection and technology plan for production sources. (Source: Apache Corp., Financial Trends, 11 Dec., 2017) Contact: ONE Future Coalition,; Apache Corp.,

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