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Bio Agrigas Ltd Planning Westmeath, Ireland AD Project (Int'l.)
Bio Agrigas Limited
Date: 2020-04-27
In the UK, Westmeath, Ireland-based Bio Agrigas Limited reports it is seeking regulatory approval for the construction and operation of two anerobic digestors in The Downs in Mullingar.

The company plans to construct two anerobic digestors (AD) along with accompanying tanks, gas cleaning vessels and an ESB substation. An environmental impact statement has also been prepared and submitted. (Source: Bio Agrigas Limited, Milands News,23 April, 2020) Contact: Bio Agrigas Limited, +353 53 9160600, F +353 53 9160699

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Michigan Anaerobic Biodigester Nears Commissioning (Ind. Report)
City of Grand Rapids,
Date: 2020-01-06
The city of Grand Rapids, Mich, (pop. 200,000 +-) is reporting construction of its $57 million wastewater treatment plant anaerobic biodigestion facility is nearing completion and commissioning.

The biodigester facility includes 3 tanks with a total capacity of 1.4 million gallons. Two tanks will be used for municipal biosolids and the other tank is an anaerobic membrane bioreactor to quickly reduce food waste and other organic waste to energy and increase energy efficiency. The project is part of the city's effort to use 100 pct renewable energy to power city buildings by 2025. (Source: City of Grand Rapids, WasteWater Management, Jan., 2019)Contact: City of Grand Rapids, Mike Lunn, Utilities Director, 616-456-3166,

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