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ACORE Aims at $1 trillion in US Renewables Investment (Ind. Report)
American Council on Renewable Energy
Date: 2018-06-25
The not-for-profit American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) is touting a new campaign aimed at spurring $1 trillion in new US private sector investment by 2030 for the renewable energy sector and enabling grid technologies.

ACORE is a US business group made up of companies that finance, develop, manufacture, and use all forms of renewable energy. Its aim is to accelerate the investment and deployment of renewable power in the US. The $1T 2030 campaign will be managed by the Partnership for Renewable Energy Finance (PREF), a senior-level ACORE member program for educational renewable energy finance resources.

ACORE's plan to spur $1 trillion in renewables investment is based on: a long-term federal policy commitment providing support for carbon-free electricity generation; federal, state and regional policies to promote modernization of the nation's electrical grid; continued expansion of state renewable portfolio standards to support increasing deployment of renewable electricity; and reforms to facilitate siting and permitting processes for renewables and transmission and allow for accelerated renewable energy growth.

The $1T 2030 campaign hinges upon the findings of ACORE's The Future of U.S. Renewable Energy Investment: A Survey of Leading Financial Institutions report. The report, which is based on a survey of banking institutions, asset managers, private equity firms, and other financial firms, identifies several key findings that point to the fact that, "with sustained demand, US renewable energy will continue to be an attractive asset class with strong potential for investment growth." (Source: ACORE, June, 2018) Contact: ACORE, Gregory Wetstone, CEO,

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DOE's NREL Lauded for Energy Innovation (Ind. Report)
NREL,Alliance to Save Energy
Date: 2017-07-26
On its 49th anniversary, the U.S. DOE National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) is being recognized with the Alliance to Save Energy 2017 Charles H. Percy Award for Public Service.

According to the Alliance to Save Energy, "NREL has been at the forefront of innovation, from high-performance building efficiency with research into whole building and net zero energy design, to fuel efficiency and sustainable transportation innovations."

Additionally, last March the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE) presented NREL with its Technology Advancement and Industry Impact Award for "consistently delivering on the crucial technologies that have driven the incredible expansion we've seen in each of the advanced energy industries." (Source: NREL, PR, 24 July, 2017) Contact: NREL, Dr. Martin Keller, Director, Alliance to Save Energy,; ACORE, Greg Wetstone , CEO,, (202) 777-7584,

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