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Virgin Atlantic Touts, Emissions Reduction, SAF commitment (Int'l.)
Virgin Atlantic
Date: 2021-10-13
In the UK, Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Atlantic Airline reports it aims to achieve a 15 pct gross reduction in CO2 emissions across its fleet achieved through continued fleet transformation and increased operational efficiency by 2026, a 15 pct net reduction in total CO2 emissions, including 10 pct of fuel sourced from Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by 2030, and a 40 pct net reduction in total CO2 emissions by 2040 on its way to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

Virgin Atlantic notes that since 2011 it has partnered with LanzaTech since 2011, flying the world's first commercial flight operated on SAFs in 2018 and supporting efforts to build the first UK SAF plant by 2025. Virgin Atlantis also notes its continues to support new technology innovation, most recently working with partners, Storegga Geotechnologies and Carbon Engineering, to accelerate the use of direct air capture of CO2. (Source: Virgin Atlantic, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: Storrega Geotechnologies, Nick Cooper, +44 (0) 20 3757 4980,,; Virgin Atlantic,; LanzaTech, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, (630) 439-3050,,

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First TRUE Pre-certified Construction Site Announced (Ind. Report)
Total Resource Use and Efficiency
Date: 2021-10-13
In the Golden State, Genesis Marina, a 570,000-sq.-ft. commercial office and laboratory project that general contractor Webcor is delivering in Brisbane, CA, is being officially touted as the world's first Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) pre-certified construction site. The TRUE program is administered by Green Business Certification, Inc. (GBCI), which also implements the US Green Building Council LEED certification rating system. The pre-certification recognizes projects that have implemented the fundamental actions and policies needed to effectively pursue zero waste and have demonstrated a commitment to achieving TRUE certification.

Located on a former landfill, the Genesis Marina project site is expected to divert over 90 pct of its waste from landfills and incineration in line with California'a stringent policies driving the state to a circular economy future.

TRUE certification helps the site dramatically reduce waste that is brought in while also ensuring that removed waste is reused and diverted from becoming trash. The pursuit of TRUE certification directly aligns with Webcor's corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and commitments to energy efficiency and zero waste on a job site by the end of 2022 and to reducing overall waste by 2 pct annually.

To achieve TRUE certification , eligible projects must meet a minimum of seven program requirements (prerequisites) and attain at least 31 points on the TRUE scorecard. Such criteria include implementing a zero waste policy by diverting 90 pct of all waste generated, as well as meeting all solid waste and recycling regulations, according to the TRUE website. (Source: TRUE, Webcore, PR, Oct., 2021) Contact: TRUE,

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BayWa r.e. Launches New Solar Services in Vietnam (Int'l. Report)
BayWa r.e.
Date: 2021-10-08
BayWa r.e. reports it has opened a solar distribution warehouse and new office facilities in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and is now providing tailor-made and turn-key solar energy solutions for commercial installers and industrial businesses in the country, both on-site and off-site.

BayWa is presently developing large scale solar and wind energy development in Vietnam and has a 400MW pipeline of wind energy in north Vietnam and is developing 150MW solar projects in the south of the country. More than 6.7GW of rooftop solar was installed across Vietnam in December 2020 alone, bringing the total installed capacity over the whole year to 16.56GW. (Source: BayWa r.e., PR, Website, Oct., 2021) Contact: BayWa r.e., Bryse Gaboury, Vietnam General Manager,

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Willdan Wins Dublin, California $21.2 Mn Energy Contract (Ind. Report)
Date: 2021-10-06
In the Golden State, Anaheim-headquartered Willdan Group, Inc. reports it has been selected by the City of Dublin (pop. 67,800 +-), California, to implement citywide energy efficiency, infrastructure, resiliency, and smart-city upgrades.

Through a comprehensive $21.2 million contract, Willdan will perform project engineering, development, construction, commissioning and energy savings measurement and verification at over 20 sites across the City, including the deployment of distributed energy resources and three years of maintenance at 10 sites.

Ten sites will receive additional solar capacity, totaling 1.4 MW-DC capacity, and four sites will be paired with battery energy storage. The projects are expected to be completed within the next 18-24 months. (Source: Willdan, Website PR, Sept., 2021)Contact: City of Dublin, Laurie Sucgang, City Engineer and Assistant Public Works Director, 925-833-6650,; Willdan Group Inc., Tom Brisbin, CEO, Stacy McLaughlin , CFO, 714-940-6300,,

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RMI Maps Pathway to Zero-Carbon Steel (Ind. Report Attached)
Rocky Mountain Institute
Date: 2021-10-04
In Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI} has released its latest report, Pursuing Zero-Carbon Steel in China: A Critical Pillar to Reach Carbon Neutrality, analyzing a specific path for the country's steel industry to reach zero-carbon by 2050.

China produces and consumes more than half of the world's steel, accounting for about 17 pct of the country's carbon emissions -- the country's second largest carbon emitting sector.

The report makes a preliminary analysis of the energy consumption structure of China's steel industry and estimates that under the zero-carbon scenario, China's steel demand will accelerate to peak and decline rapidly, and the product structure, energy consumption structure, and production process will undergo great changes. The report maps out the following three steps for the industry's decarbonization:

  • Demand reduction -- Under the zero-carbon scenario, China's steel production will peak in 2024 and decline to 621 million tons per year in 2050 -- 40 pc lower than the 2020 level.

  • Steel recycling -- China's secondary steel production will change from a supporting role to a mainstay, accounting for up to 60 pct of total steel production by 2050.

  • Switching to low-carbon alternatives -- Hydrogen direct reduced iron, smelting reduction with coal or hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage will all be important green steel-making routes to China. These methods will produce 250 million tons in total by 2050, resulting in a significant decrease in fossil-fuel-based steel production, from 90 to 20 pct, according to the report.

    Access the full report HERE. (Source: RM, Website Release, Sept., 2021) Contact: Rocky Mountain Institute, 970.927.3851 / Fax: 970.927.3420,

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  • Adani Green Acquiring 40MW Indian Solar Project (Int'l., M&A)
    Adani Green Energy
    Date: 2021-10-01
    In New Delhi, Adani Green Energy Ltd reports it will acquire a 40 MW operational solar project, located in Odisha, from privately-held Essel Green Energy Ltd at an enterprise value of 2,190,000,000 Indian Rupees ($29.482 million). The project has a long-term PPA -- with 22 year remaining -- with the New Delhi-based Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI.)

    With this acquisition, Adani's operational project capacity will reach 5.4 GW, with a total portfolio of 19.8 GW. As previously reported, the company recently raised $750 million through a green bond to fund the equity for its under construction projects. (Source: Adani Green Energy, PR, 30 Sept., 2021) Contact: Essel Green Energy Ltd,; Solar Energy Corporation of India,

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    Canberra Funding Aussie CCUS Hubs (Int'l., Funding)
    Australia CCS
    Date: 2021-10-01
    In Canberra, the Australian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction , Hon. Angus Taylor, reports the government is providing $250 million (US$180 million) to fund a new programme to "turbocharge" the development of commercial-scale Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage (CCUS) hubs across the country, before the end of the decade.

    Of the total, $100 million will support the design and construction of carbon capture hubs and shared infrastructure, with $150 million earmarked for research and commercialization of CCUS technologies and identifying viable carbon storage sites.

    The Minister noted the programme would help drive down the cost of CCUS, reduce carbon emissions, create significant employment, and had the potential to support the ongoing use of Australia's resources, including coal. (Source: Australian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction , PR, upstream, 30 Sept., 2021) Contact: Australian Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction , Hon. Angus Taylor,,

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    JetBlue, SG Preston Report NY SAF Supply Agreement (Ind. Report)
    JetBlue, SG Preston
    Date: 2021-10-01
    NYC-headquartered air carrier JetBlue is reporting an offtake agreement with Philadelphia-headquartered bioenergy developer SG Preston under which SG Preston will deliver at least 670 million gallons of blended SAF to JetBlue at New Yok's JFK, LGA and EWR airports -- the first large-scale volume of domestically produced SAF for a commercial airlin.

    With the addition of this SG Preston agreement to its previous SAF commitments, JetBlue is now ahead of its target of converting 10 pct of its total fuel usage to SAF on a blended basis by 2030. (Source: JetBlue, PR, 29 Sept., 2021) Contact: JetBlue,; SG Preston, Randy LeTang, CEO, (215) 278-6001, (215) 734-2401 -- fax,

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    DOE Offers $2.5Mn Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize (Funding)
    US DOE
    Date: 2021-10-01
    In Washington, the U.S. DOE has launched the new Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize that will award a total of up to $2.5 million to 10 groups and organizations to support entrepreneurship and innovation in communities historically under-served in climate and energy technology funding.

    The Prize aims to create an inclusive and just innovation ecosystem in climate and energy technologies. Funds will support underrepresented groups and organizations with ongoing or proposed incubation, acceleration, and other community-based innovation services. The prize will also help lower barriers to entry to DOE funding opportunities and other forms of assistance for first-time applicants, people and organizations from underrepresented communities, under served and frontline communities. The prize will:

  • Fund organizations for activities that support, build trust and strengthen relationships and partnerships with underrepresented, under served communities.

  • Enable and enhance business and technology incubation, acceleration, and other community-based and university-based entrepreneurship and innovation in climate and clean energy technologies.

  • Enable clean energy and climate research, commercialization, and entrepreneurship programming and capabilities at colleges and universities that serve large populations of students underrepresented in STEM, Minority Serving Institutions , community colleges, and undergraduate institutions.

  • Foster grassroots innovation related to just and equitable clean energy deployment through activities focusing on community-centric networks and bottom-up solutions for sustainable development, based on the needs of the communities involved.

  • Identify and fund activities that will help traditionally underrepresented groups become aware of, apply for and receive DOE funding, in support of DOE's Justice40 goals.

  • Support community-serving organizations to develop replicable clean energy transitions based on renewable energy and associated opportunities.

  • Organizations eligible to participate in the prize include non-profit and non-governmental organizations; state, local, and tribal governments and government entities; for-profit companies; academic institutions with experience in supporting environmental, climate, and energy justice.

    The Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize will be distributed in two phases. In Phase One, up to 10 winners will receive an initial cash prize of $200,000 each, with the opportunity to receive additional awards. Phase One awardees will also receive in-kind mentorship and other support services and be eligible to participate in Phase Two of the prize. In Phase Two, up to three teams will be awarded cash prizes from a prize pool of $500,000. The prize is open for submissions for Phase One until Friday February 25, 2022.

    Inclusive Energy Innovation Prize details HERE. (Source: US DOE Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, PR, 30 Sept., 2021) Contact: US DOE Office of Economic Impact and Diversity,

  • Chinese Carbon Neutrality -- CCPIT Notable Quote
    China Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2021-10-01
    "(China's) Carbon neutrality will need huge investment for research and development, as 60 pct of the technology is still in the conceptual stage." -- Zhang Shaogang, VP, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT)Sept., 2021)

    China is the world's largest carbon-emitting country with 10 billion tpy of carbon emissions accounting for 30 pct of the world's total emissions. Industry, energy, construction and transportation account for 90 pct of the country's total carbon emissions.

    In 2020, fossil fuels accounted for 84.3 pct of China's total energy consumption mix. Beijing is aiming to gradually replace coal which is expected to account for 43 pct of energy consumption by 2035, followed by oil and gas contributing 32 pct and renewable energy accounting for 25 pct.

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    Major Clean Hydrogen Infrastructure Fund Launched (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-10-01
    Paris-headquartered energy giant TotalEnergies reports it is joining Air Liquide, VINCI and other large international companies to sponsor the creation of the world's largest fund exclusively dedicated to clean hydrogen infrastructure solutions. The fund aims to reach €1.5 billion and has initial commitments of euro;800 million.

    The fund will invest in the entire value chain of renewable and low carbon hydrogen as a partner with key project developers and/or industry players, in large upstream and downstream clean hydrogen projects.

    The fund will be managed by Hy24, a brand new 50/50 joint venture between Ardian, a world-leading private investment house and FiveT Hydrogen, a clean hydrogen enabling investment platform.

    According to the release, the hydrogen economy is expected to be key in the fight against climate change and offers a solution to decarbonize industrial processes and the transportation sector. (Source: TotalEnergies, Website PR, 1 Oct., 2021) Contact: VINCI, +33 (0)1 47 16 31 82,; TotalEnergies,; Air Liquide, Corporate Communications, +33 (0)1 40 62 58 49,,

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    TotalEnergies, Safran Focus On Sustainable Aviation Fuels (Int'l)
    TotalEnergies, Safran
    Date: 2021-09-29
    Paris-headquartered TotalEnergies is reporting an agreement with French aviation industry safety and sustainability specialist Safran to jointly reach net-zero CO2 emissions by 2050, and to accelerate the reduction of aviation CO2 emissions, advance the use of Sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), make currently used engines compatible with up to 100 pct SAF and to optimize engine/SAFl energy efficiency and environmental performance. This collaboration may extend to other fields, such as adapting fuel systems to SAF or developing new-generation battery systems for electric motors.

    Sustainable aviation fuels are an immediately available solution for significantly reducing CO2 emissions from air transportation, as they can presently be used in blends of up to 50 pct without modifying existing supply chain infrastructure, aircraft or engines, according to the release.

    French legislation calls for aircraft to use at least 1 pct SAF by 2022 for all flights originating in France, while the European Commission calls for a ramp up to 2 pct by 2025 rising to 5 pct by 2030 as part of the European Green Deal. (Source: TotalEnergies, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Safran, +33 1 40 60 80 80, fax -- +33 1 40 60 81 02,; TotalEnergies, Investor Relations, +44 (0)207 719 7962,,

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    Biomethane Key in Ireland's Decarbonization (Opinions & Asides)
    Date: 2021-09-27
    "We need to stop seeing gas and electricity as separate and look at how to decarbonise the end-to-energy system, not just individual fuels. As Ireland's gas network is one of the most modern in the world, there's a ready-made solution right under our feet.

    "The gas network can be repurposed to carry decarbonised gases, such as biomethane and hydrogen, at minimal cost and disruption, and in turn play a critical role in an integrated gas and electricity system to decarbonise the country's energy needs.

    "(ERVIA subsidiary) GNI's vision is for Ireland to replace natural gas with renewable gases, such as biomethane and hydrogen, to substantially reduce the country's carbon emissions while complementing intermittent renewable electricity and ensuring a secure energy supply , according to ERVIA CEO Cathal Marley speaking at the 25th annual Energy Ireland conference.

    Dublin-headquartered state-own national gas and water utility ERVIA, through its subsidiary Gas Networks Ireland (GNI), operates Ireland's €2.7 billion national gas network and supplies more than 30 pct of Ireland's total energy, including 40 pct of all heating and over 50 pct of the country's electric power generation. (Source: ERVIA, PR, Website, Sept. 2021) Contact: ERVIA, Cathal Marley, CEO, +44 01 823 0300,

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    GE, ACTA MARINE Ink Offshore Wind Vessel Agreement (Int'l.)
    GE Renewable Energy
    Date: 2021-09-27
    Nantes – France - September 22, 2021 -- GE Renewable Energy and Nates, France-headquartered ACTA MARINE are reporting a supply contract for the chartering of a Service Operation Vessel (SOV) for the installation and commissioning of 80 GE Haliade 150-6MW turbines totaling 480 MW at the Saint-Nazaire offshore wind farm in France.

    The vessel, ACTA AURIGA, will start operating on behalf of GE Renewable Energy in the second quarter of 2022, when the offshore wind turbine installation is set to begin. (Source: GE Renewable Energy, Website, PR, 22 Sept., 2021)Contact: GE Renewable Energy,,,

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    ONEOK Touts 30 pct Emissions Reduction Target by 2030 (Ind. Report)
    ONEOK, Inc.
    Date: 2021-09-24
    In Tulsa, Oklahoma, ONEOK, Inc. has announced a companywide greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction target to achieve an absolute 30 pct reduction -- 2.2 million metric tons of its combined Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions by 2030, compared with 2019 base-year levels. Scope 1 and 2 emissions totaled 7.2 MMT of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e).

    Opportunities for reductions include the electrification of certain natural gas compression assets across ONEOK's operations, methane mitigation through best management practices and system optimizations. Additionally, ONEOK is identifying opportunities to collaborate with utilities and power generators to accelerate the availability of lower-carbon power options across the company's operations.

    ONEOK, Inc. is a midstream service provider and owner of one of the nation's premier natural gas liquids (NGL) systems, connecting NGL supply in the Rocky Mountain, Mid-Continent and Permian regions with key market centers and an extensive network of natural gas gathering, processing, storage and transportation assets. (Source: ONEOK, Inc.. PR, 22 Sept., 2021) Contact: ONEOK Inc., Pierce H. Norton, CEO, Megan Patterson , 918-561-5325,

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    DRAX Building Arkansas Woody Biomass Pellet Plants (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-09-24
    In the UK, Yorkshire-headquartered DRAX Group reports construction is underway on the second of three satellite woody biomass pellet plants being constructed in . Russellville, Arkansas. The new facility is part of a $40 million project and is expected to be operational in 2022. The three pellet plants together are expected to produce 120,000 metric tpy of sustainable biomass pellets from locally sourced sawmill residues.

    Drax owns and has interests in 17 pellet mills totaling 4.9 million tpy in the southern United States and western Canada. The plant's export wood pellets to DRAX power plants in England and Scotland. DRAX aims to increase biomass self-supply to 5 million tpy by 2027. (Source: DRAXPR, 22 Sept., 2021) Contact: DRAX Group, Will Gardiner, CEO, +44 (0) 1757 618381,

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    Honeywell, Wood Technologies Support SAF (Ind. Report)
    Honeywell, Honeywell UOP
    Date: 2021-09-24
    Honeywell is reporting the Honeywell UOP Ecofining process technology converts waste oils, fats, and greases into Honeywell Green Jet Fuel™, a drop-in replacement for jet fuel. When using a feedstock such as used cooking oils, lifecycle GHG emissions can be reduced by 80 pct at this stage compared to conventional petroleum jet fuel.

    As the next step in enhancing the Ecofining process technology offering, Wood plc's technology will be integrated to use the byproducts of the UOP Ecofining process technology to produce renewable hydrogen, reducing lifecycle GHG emissions a further 10 pct when compared to the total GHG emissions produced by conventional petroleum jet fuel. The renewable hydrogen is then injected back into the Honeywell Ecofining process to remove feed impurities and create a cleaner burning renewable fuel.

    The CO2 generated from the production of the hydrogen can be captured and routed for permanent underground sequestration using the Honeywell H2 Solutions technology suite, further reducing lifecycle GHG emissions an additional 10 pct when compared to the total GHG emissions produced by conventional petroleum jet fuel. The combination of technologies results in an aviation fuel that is effectively carbon neutral compared to petroleum fuels.

    The UOP Ecofining process is used in most 100 pct biofeed units producing renewable diesel and all the licensed renewable jet fuel production in the world today. Honeywell UOP currently has licensed 22 Ecofining units in nine countries processing 12 different types of renewable feedstocks.

    Wood is a global engineering and consultancy across the built environment and energy sector. The company provides consulting, projects, and operations solutions in more than 60 countries and is a pioneer in hydrogen production technology working with more than 120 hydrogen and synthesis gas plants worldwide. (Source: Honeywell, PR, 23 Sept., 2021) Contact: Honeywell, Honeywell Process Solutions,, ; Honeywell UOP, /newsroom. Wood Plc, Andy Hemingway, Pres.,

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    EU Funds ACCIONA Energia Solar Powered Irrigation Project (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-09-22
    In Madrid, Acciona Energia reports the European Commission Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA) has awarded €4.35 million in grant funding to the €7.5 Photovoltaic Pumping Innovation in Irrigation Communities Project being developed by Acciona Energia to serve 2,000 farmers in the Ebro Basin, Spain.

    The irrigation project will incorporate PV solar modules totaling 7.35MWp capacity and smart sensors to reduce water consumption and lessen the need to pump water which will save on energy bills while avoiding roughly 1,800 tpy of CO2 emissions.

    The ACCIONA project is in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the National Federation of Irrigation Communities, the consultancy Consultora de Ingenieria Rural y Agroalimentaria , Qualifying Photovoltaics and the Irrigation Communities of Alto Aragon. (Source: Acciona Energia, Website Release, 21 Sept., 2021) Contact: Acciona,

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    Greenleaf Power Closes $100 Mn Growth Capital Facility (Funding)
    Greenleaf Power
    Date: 2021-09-22
    Sacramento, California-headquartered biomass energy facility owner and operator Greenleaf Power LLC reports closing on a $100 million growth capital facility from NYC-headquartered EA Markets LLC.

    The funding will be used for continued rapid growth through acquisitions. Since its founding, Greenleaf Power, a Denham Capital portfolio company has acquired five biomass facilities totaling roughly 145MW. (Source: Greenleaf Power, Website PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Greenleaf Power, (916) 596-2500,,

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    Vineyard Wind Bids for New Offshore Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
    Vineyard Wind
    Date: 2021-09-20
    In the Bay State, Vineyard Wind, the developer of America's first full-scale offshore wind farm, has reportedly submitted two new offshore wind proposals totaling 2 GW for projects off the coast of Martha's Vinyard, Massachusetts.

    The two new "Commonwealth Wind" proposals with capacity of 800 MW and 1,200 MW each. Between Vineyard Wind 1 and Park City Wind, an adjacent project that is still in permitting, Vineyard Wind has roughly 1600 MW of capacity in its development pipeline. (Source: Vineyard Wind, Maritime Exec., 18 Sept., 2021)Contact: Vineyard Wind, (508) 717-8964,

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    Photon Delivers Aussie Island Solar+Storage Project (Int'l.)
    Photon Energy
    Date: 2021-09-20
    In the Land Down Under, Amsterdam, Netherlands-headquartered Photon Energy N.V. is reporting its subsidiary Photon Energy Engineering Australia Pty Ltd has completed and delivered an EPC-contracted hybrid solar PV energy project to the Lord Howe Island Board -- the management agency of Lord Howe Island, New South Wales.

    The ground-mounted system, which incorporates 3,240 photovoltaic modules totaling 1.328 MWp connected to a 3.712 MWh Tesla Powerpack controlled by a Tesla Microgrid Controller, has been online and producing power for the past six months. ARENA provided $4.5 million im support of the $11.1 million (AUS) project. The Lord Howe Island Board arranged $5.9 million loan for the project and covered the balance of funds from its own capital. (Source: Photon Energy Group, Website, PR, 16 Sept., 2021) Contact: Photon Energy Group (Australia), Michael Gartner, CTO, Managing Director,; Lord Howe Island Board, Mick Pettitt, Acting CEO,

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    MEAG Taking Stake in California Solar+Storage Projects (M&A)
    Date: 2021-09-17
    Munich, Germany-based asset management company MEAG, acting on behalf of Munich Re, is reporting a strategic partnership with EDF Renewables North America to acquire a 50 pct stake in the Maverick VI 131MWdc solar project with 50MW/200MWh battery energy storage system, and the 179MWdc Maverick VII solar project, both of which are under construction in Riverside County, California.

    When fully operational before the year end, the two facilities will generate sufficient power for 116,500 average California homes and offset more than 527,000m tpy of carbon emissions . The deal is expected to close in Q1, 2022, subject to customary regulatory approvals.

    MEAG currently manages wind and solar assets with more than 1GW of total capacity in the US and Europe. (Source: MEAG, PowerTech, 15 Sept., 2021) Contact: MEAG,; EDF Renewables North America, Sandi Briner, 858-521-3525,

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    USDA Reports Renewables, Energy Efficiency Funding (Funding)
    USDA, Rural Energy for America Program
    Date: 2021-09-17
    In Washington, The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) reports the issuance last week of $473,320 in renewable energy grant funding to 40 projects at farms and other rural businesses in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia through the Rural Energy for America Program (REAP).

    The funding was part of a total grant package of $464 million that include $129 million to 48 states and Puerto Rico, as well as distributed $335 million to build or improve 1,432 miles of power line through the Electric Loan Program.

    The funding was distributed through the USDA Rural Development office. (Source: USDA, PR, Farm & Dairy, 15 Sept., 2021) Contact: USDA Rural Development,,; Rural Energy for America Program,

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    New Energy Equity Closes on $50Mn for Community Solar (Funding)
    New Energy Equity
    Date: 2021-09-15
    Annapolis, Maryland-headquartered solar energy developer New Energy Equity reports closing on a $50 million facility, with $41 million led by Silicon Valley Bank and joined by SVB Capital, two innovative financial partners in the renewable energy and technology sector. The facility will be used for the construction of community solar projects in New York State and other markets, expected to total more than 60MW of installed capacity.

    New Energy Equity develops and finances solar power generation assets for commercial, industrial, municipal, and utility customers under long-term contracts totaling more than 250MW since 2013.

    The company was ranked as the 7th Top Solar Developer and the 8th Top Solar Contractor on Solar Power World's "2021 Top Solar Contractors" list and was voted one of the fastest-growing energy companies in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia by Inc. Magazine in 2020, according to the company release. (Source: New Energy Equity, Website PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: New Energy Equity, Matthew Hankey, Pres., CEO, 443-267-5012,

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    Chinese Carbon Neutrality Notable Quote
    China Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2021-09-15
    "(China's) Carbon neutrality will need huge investment for research and development, as 60 pct of the technology is still in the conceptual stage." -- Zhang Shaogang, VP, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sept., 2021)

    China is the world's largest carbon-emitting country with 10 billion tpy of carbon emissions accounting for 30 pct of the world's total emissions. Industry, energy, construction and transportation account for 90 pct of the country's total carbon emissions.

    In 2020, fossil fuels accounted for 84.3 pct of China's total energy consumption mix. Beijing is aiming to gradually replace coal which is expected to account for 43 pct of energy consumption by 2035, followed by oil and gas contributing 32 pct and renewable energy accounting for 25 pct.

    Beijing has pledged China will reach peak carbon emissions in 2030 and become carbon neutral in 2060 at an estimated cost in excess of $21.3 trillion. (Source: China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sept., 2021)

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    RE Royalties Loans $2.3Mn for Ont. Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
    Switch Power Ontario Battery Operations Corp
    Date: 2021-09-10
    Vancouver-based renewable energy royalty-based financing specialist RE Royalties Ltd. reports it has entered into a $2.3 million loan agreement with Switch Power Ontario Battery Operations Corp. (OPCO), a wholly owned subsidiary of Calgary-based Switch Power Corporation, to finance OPCO's acquisition of four operational energy storage projects totaling 1.97 MW/4.38 MWh in Ontario.

    RE Royalties will receive a 5 pct royalty on all gross revenues received by the Operating Projects for the life of the Energy Services Agreements which have initial terms of 10-12-years with options to extend.

    The Operating Projects are adjacent to commercial buildings owned by large property managers or REITs and utilize battery technologies from Tesla and Sungrow to significantly reduce their electricity costs by supplying power during periods of peak demand. (Source: RE Royalties, PR 8 Sept., 2021) Contact: RE Royalties Ltd., Bernard Tan, CEO , 777.8778.374.2000,,; Switch Power, (403) 999-8781,,

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    US Biofuel Production Dropped in June (Ind. Report)
    US EIA
    Date: 2021-09-10
    Recently released data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) notes U.S. biofuel production capacity was slightly lower in June, this year, from 20.792 billion gpy in May to 20.732 billion gpy. Total feedstock consumption was approximately 26.166 billion pounds in June, down from 26.768 billion pounds in May.

    Fuel alcohol capacity fell 3 MMgy, from 17.396 billion gallons in May to 17.393 billion gallons in June while biodiesel production capacity held steady at 2.428 billion gpy. Other biofuels -- renewable diesel, renewable heating oil, renewable jet fuel, renewable naphtha, renewable gasoline -- dropped to 911 MMgy in June, down 60 MMgy when compared to the 971 MMgy reported for May.

    According to the EIA data, 24.64 billion pounds of corn went to biofuel production in June, down from 25.136 billion pounds in May while grain sorghum feedstock increased from 12 million pounds in May to 36 million pounds in June. The consumption of soybean oil feedstock fell to 663 million pounds, down from 788 million in June. The consumption of corn oil feedstock was also down, at 241 million pounds in June, compared to 257 million pounds in May. Details on Monthly Biofuels Capacity and Feedstocks Update (31 Aug., 2021) HERE (Source: US EIA, Sept., 2021) Contact: US EIA,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News US EIA,  Ethanol Biofuel,  Biodiesel,  Biofuel Feedstock,  

    Wartsila Joins Maritime Carbon Capture Consortium (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-09-10
    Helsinki-headquartered Wartsila reports it will take a central role in developing maritime carbon capture & storage (CCS) technologies as one of the leading partners in the LINCCS (linking carbon capture and storage) consortium.

    Wartsila Exhaust Treatment is the market leading modular marine exhaust gas cleaning system manufacturer, with a range of lifecycle scrubbing solutions. The treatment offers integrated compliant solutions for all types of ships, and in open loop, closed loop or hybrid configurations.

    To support CCS technology development, Wartsila Exhaust Treatment will expand its engineering facility in Moss, Norway to develop, test and verify the CCS solutions. This will bring the technology to a maturity level where it can be piloted in full scale on a vessel.

    The LINCCS project is focused on reducing costs for new carbon storage facilities by 70 pct and advancing the development of carbon capture technologies in a range of sectors. This week, it was announced that the LINCCS consortium would receive 111m Norwegian kroner in funding over the next three years from the Norwegian government's Green Platform Initiative.

    Wartsila will lead this workstream with support from the Sustainable Energy Catapult Center and SINTEF Energy to contribute to wider, cross-industry CCS developments from project partners including Aker Solutions, Cognite, Aize, AGR, OpenGoSim, Wintershall Dea, Var Energi, Lundin, Equinor and TotalEnergies. (Source: Wartsila, PR, Maritime Exec, 8 Sept., 2021) Contact: Wartsila, Mirja-Maija Santala, Marketing, +358 400 793 827,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CCS,  Maritime Emissions,  Wartsila,  LINCCS,  

    US Ethanol Exports Hit 52 Mn Gallons in July (Ind. Report)
    USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
    Date: 2021-09-10
    The USDA Foreign Agricultural Service (USDA-FAS) reports in July the U.S. exported 51.64 million gallons of ethanol, down from both the 81.86 million gallons exported during the previous month and the 72.91 million gallons exported in July, 2020. Distillers grains (DDGs) exports stood at 1.06 million metric tons in July, 2021 when compared to July 2020.

    The U.S. exported ethanol to more than 30 countries in July with Canada being the leading importer followed by South Korea and the Netherlands. Ethanol exports totaled $138.82 million in July, down from $189.11 million in June, but up from $129.47 million in July 2020.(Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Website, Sept., 2021) Contact: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News USDA Foreign Agricultural Service,  Ethanol,  

    SoCalGas Facilities Switch to 100 pct Renewables (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-09-10
    In the Golden State, Las Angeles-based Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) reports it has begun purchasing renewable electricity under Southern California Edison's (SCE) Green Rate Program everywhere the gas utility is eligible for service by SCE. Including this new arrangement, SoCalGas estimates that it will purchase nearly 53.7 million kilowatt hours of power from renewable sources each year, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 38,000 metric tpy.

    This electricity is instrumental in powering a gas infrastructure that serves SoCalGas's 22 million customers today and can distribute cleaner fuels in the future. A total of 69 operating facilities, representing more than 80 pct of all electricity demand at these facilities, will now use renewable power from the electrical grid. This purchase places SoCalGas among the largest SCE renewable energy customers.

    The purchase of 100 pct renewable electricity under SCE's Green Rate Program includes five Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) programs that SoCalGas subscribes to within the SCE territory.

    In addition, SoCalGas is in the process of replacing 50 pct of its over-the-road fleet with electric, hybrid, renewable natural gas, and fuel electric vehicles by 2025 and replace its fleet with zero emissions over-the-road fleet by 2035.

    SoCalGas, a subsidiary of Sempra, is committed to achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its operations and delivery of energy by 2045 and to replacing 20 pct of its traditional natural gas supply to core customers with renewable natural gas (RNG) by 2030. (Source: Southern California Gas Company, PR, 8 Sept., 2021) Contact: Southern California Gas Co., Jawaad Malik, VP Strategy and Sustainability,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SoCalGas,  Renewable Energy,  

    ePURE Reports 1.45Bn Gallon Ethanol Production in 2020 (Int'l)
    Date: 2021-09-10
    ePURE, the European renewable ethanol association reports its members produced 5.57 billion litres (1.45 billion gallon +-) of ethanol and 6.16 million tonnes of co-products in 2020, with a significant increase in production of ethanol for industrial use.

    More than 98 pct of the feedstock -- cereals, sugars, wastes and residues -- used to produce renewable ethanol by ePURE members was grown or sourced in Europe.

    Of the total ethanol output from ePURE members in 2020, more than 79 pct was for fuel use, with an average of more than 75 pct greenhouse-gas savings compared to fossil petrol. Of the remaining ethanol production in 2020, 5.6 pct was for food and beverage uses and 15.2 pct was for industrial applications, including hand sanitizer and other hygienic uses.

    ePURE represents 35 members,including 19 ethanol producers with around 50 plants across the EU and UK, accounting for about 85 pct of EU renewable ethanol production. (Source: ePURE. Website, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: ePURE, Emmanuel Desplechin, Secretary General,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ePURE,  Ethanol,  

    Rancho Mirage Adds Energy Storage to Solar Rebates (Ind. Report)
    Rancho Mirage
    Date: 2021-09-08
    In the Golden State, the city of Rancho Mirage City Council reports it is adding battery energy storage to its residential solar rebate program.

    The program, which reimburses residents $500 for new solar installations or expansions, was created in 2017 when the city formed the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority to promote clean energy and reduce energy costs for residents.

    The rebates are paid by the Rancho Mirage Energy Authority which has earmarked has s $150,000 for rebates this fiscal year. More than 900 solar rebates totaling more than $450,000 have been paid since 2018. (Source: City of Ranco Mirage, PR, Sept., 2021) Contact: Rancho Mirage Energy Authority, 760-578-6092,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar+Storage,  

    Neste Touts Transport Fuel Emissions Monitoring Service (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-09-01
    Helsinki-headquartered Neste Oy is the first company in Finland to provide a service for companies and other organizations to monitor their climate emissions caused by the use of transport fuels. Road transport accounts for more than 90 pct of Finland's total transport emissions.

    Neste's new digital service helps companies monitor their consumption of Neste transport fuels, the resulting greenhouse gas emissions, and emissions reductions achieved through the use of renewable diesel over a specific time period. The service uses graphs and maps to illustrate the geographic and chronological distribution of consumption and emissions, and provides benchmarking data on each company's road transport emissions in their respective sector.

    A recent Neste industry survey found that the use of renewable diesel in the public sector has more than tripled from 2019 to mid-2021 when the total annual consumption of diesel is considered. At the same time, the proportion of renewable diesel from the total consumption of diesel has doubled in the manufacturing industry and increased by more than five-fold in the goods transport, according to Neste. (Source: Neste Oyi, Website PR, 31 Aug., 2021) Contact: Neste Oyi, Thorsten Lange, Exec. VP, Heidi Peltonen, Team Lead, Sustainable Partnerships, Marketing & Services, +358 10 458 4128,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Transportation Emissions,  Neste,  Renewable Diesel,  

    Greenlane Claims $12.8MN in U.S. RNG Project Contracts (Ind. Report)
    Greenlane Renewables
    Date: 2021-09-01
    In Vancouver, Greenlane Renewables Inc. is reporting its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America Ltd., has signed a total of Cdn. $12.8 million (US$10.2 million) in contracts for renewable natural gas (RNG) projects in the U.S. One of the contracts involves the supply by Greenlane of its membrane separation biogas upgrading system for a project owned by an international energy company. This is a repeat order within eight months from the last one.

    Greenlane is also announcing contracts signed for the supply of two biogas upgrading systems, one each for separate RNG dairy farm projects in Wisconsin and New York State. These two projects will each utilize Greenlane’s pressure swing adsorption (PSA) biogas upgrading system. ((Source: Greenlane Renewables, Website PR, Aug., 2021) )Contact: Greenlane Renewables, Brad Douville, Pres., CEO, (604) 259-0343,,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Greenlane Renewables,  Biogas,  RNG,  

    Pattern Energy Western Spirit Wind Nears Completion (Ind. Report)
    Pattern Energy
    Date: 2021-09-01
    Pattern Energy Group LP reports it is nearing completion of it Western Spirit wind project in east central New Mexico. When fully operational the coming December the project will constitute the largest single-phase renewable energy build-out in U.S. history, according to the company.

    The Western Spirit project includes four wind farms totaling 1,050 MW of joint generating capacity and a new, 155-mile transmission line to California markets. Western Spirit farms will be twice the size of Xcel Energy's 522-MW Sagamore Wind Farm in Roosevelt County, the state's largest wind facility when it came online in December, 2020. (Source: Pattern Energy Website PR, 30 Aug., 20210 Contact: Pattern Energy, Mike Garland, CEO, Matt Dallas, 917-363-1333,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Pattern Energy,  Wind,  

    £4Mn Funding to Boost UK Biomass Production (int'l.)
    Committee on Climate Change
    Date: 2021-08-30
    In the UK, the the government's Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme is reporting £4 million funding to 24 projects to boost domestinc production of biomass that can be used as sources of green energy. Individual projects my be awarded up to £200,000 from the total £4 million funding.

    The 24 innovative projects, from start-ups and family-run businesses to research institutes and universities, will receive funding to produce low-carbon energy using organic materials. The projects will boost biomass productivity in the UK, through breeding, planting, cultivating and harvesting of organic energy materials.

    Biomass -- non-food energy crops such as grasses and hemp, forestry wastes and marine-based materials such as algae and seaweed -- is backed by the UK's independent Committee on Climate Change (CCC) and is a small but important part of the renewable energy mix the UK requires to meet its climate change goals.

    The Biomass Feedstocks Innovation Programme is funded through the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy's £1 billion Net Zero Innovation Portfolio. (Source: UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Business News Wales, 26 Aug., 2021) UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,,_Energy_and_Industrial_Strategy

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biomass,  Committee on Climate Change,  

    Lowercarbon Capital Raises $800 MN (Ind. Report)
    Lowcarbon Capital
    Date: 2021-08-30
    Lowercarbon Capital, the climate technology-focused fund reports it has closed on raising $800 million.

    "Ultimately, we had to wrap up fundraising just a few days after starting and say 'no thanks' to some very flattering offers so we could keep the funds small enough to be collaborative with other investors. I'm mentioning this to encourage any of you looking to start your own climate fund. There is massive unmet demand for climate investments, and humanity's only shot is if we get as many people and as many resources focused on solutions," according to the fund's website release.

    "We are thrilled to see how many investors understand the urgency of the climate crisis and are already dedicating their time, as well as their capital, to real solutions. However, to be frank, we were also heartened by those investors who actually don't care that much about the planet and instead are just chasing financial returns. Of course, that's part of our underlying thesis: massive change will happen because these types of investments will pay off for sheer business reasons alone.

    "The latest once-only-every-seven-years IPCC report on the state of the climate was indeed bleak, but it also crystallized the opportunities ahead. During a time when it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the news, our companies and the talent involved make us optimistic and proud. Maybe it's time for you to feel the same way about your job and join one of them. Better yet, there has never been a better time to start a company focused on emissions reduction or actively removing carbon already in the atmosphere. The total addressable markets are literally the biggest in history and we have no doubt that multitrillion-dollar market caps are just up ahead." (Source: Lowcarbon Capital, Website, 29 Aug., 2021) Contact: Lowercarbon Capital, Chris Sacca, Partner,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Lowcarbon Capital,  Low Carbon Energy,  

    China Sinopec Plans Major Hydrogen Push to Cut Emissions (Int'l.)
    China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
    Date: 2021-08-30
    In Beijing, China's largest oil distiller and petrochemicals producer, China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) is reporting plans to invest roughly 30 billion yuan ($4.6 billion) over 5 years to establish 1,000 hydrogen refueling stations with 200,000 tpy of capacity, and facilities run by renewable energy that can produce over 1 million tpy of the zero-emission fuel.

    Sinopec's preliminary budget will fund the necessary R&D, production of hydrogen, purification, treatment, storage and transport facilities. The company will also upgrade its refineries and petrochemical plants to use "green" hydrogen in their operations to reduce their carbon footprint. The goal is to avoid 10 million tpy of CO2 by 2025.

    The company also plans to install 7,000 solar power projects totaling 400 MW at its network of 30,00 fuel stations and increase its low carbon plant-based fuel supply capacity to provide 100,000 tpy of aviation biofuel (SAF) and 1.45 million tpy of ethanol by 2025.

    Sinopec emitted 170.9 million tonnes of greenhouse gases in 2020, 84 pct of which were attributed to its oil refining and chemicals manufacturing operations, according to its latest sustainability report. (Source: Sinopec, S.China Morning Post, Sept., 2021) Contact: Sinopec,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation ,  Sinopec,  Hydrogen,  Carbon Emissions,  

    CenterPoint Energy Seeks Solar Energy PPA Approvals (Ind. Report)
    CenterPoint Energy,Origis Energy
    Date: 2021-08-27
    Evansville, Indiana-headquartered CenterPoint Energy reports its electric and natural gas business, CenterPoint Energy Indiana South, has filed a request for approval from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission (IURC) to enter into two PPAs for an additional 335 MW of solar energy as part of the company's long-term electric generation transition to renewable energy plan.

    The company is seeking IURC approval to purchase 185 MWs of solar power, under a 15-year PPA, from Oriden, which is developing a solar project in Vermillion County, Ind., and 150 MWs of solar power, under a 20-year PPA, from Origis Energy, which is developing a solar project in Knox County, Ind. Subject to necessary approvals, both solar arrays are expected to be in service by 2023. The total 335 MWs from these developments is expected to supply sufficient power for more than 70,000 homes or 12,000 commercial customers per year. (Source: CenterPoint Energy, PR, Website, 25 Aug., 2021)Contact: CenterPoint Energy, Steve Greenley, Senior VP, Generation Del.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CenterPoint Energy,  Solar,  Origis Energy,  

    Chinese Trucking Firm Goes Digital to Cut Emissions (Int'l.)
    China Carbon Emissions
    Date: 2021-08-27
    The Manbang Group, China's leading domestic freight service platform, reports it has turned to internet and "big-data" digital technology to help reduce carbon emissions.

    With the intelligent recommendations of big data, the Manbang Group helps truck drivers find goods quickly and reduces empty-load rates and fuel consumption, reducing carbon emissions by an estimated 330,000 tonnes in 2020, the company said.

    According to the Manbang Group release, Chinese transport sector carbon emissions account for about 10 pct of the country's total carbon emissions, with 80 pct of the total emissions from the road freight transport. The Manbang Group serves roughly 20 pct of the country's trucking with businesses in more than 300 Chinese cities. (Source: Manbang Group, Xinhua, 25 Aug., 2021)

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    TotalEnergies Introducing Renewable Fuel at Le Mans (Int'l.)
    Date: 2021-08-25
    Paris-headquartered oil and gas conglomerate TotalEnergies reports it is developing a 100 pct renewable fuel for motorsport competition, to be introduced from next season at the FIA World Endurance Championship including the 24 Hours of Le Mans 2022, and at the European Le Mans Series.

    The new renewable fuel -- "Excellium Racing 100" -- will be produced on "bioethanol basis" from French industry wine residues and ETBE produced at TotalEnergies' Feyzin refinery near Lyon (France). This fuel should cut race car CO2 emissions by 65 pct or more, according to the release.

    "Excellium Racing 100" will have all the required qualities for a racing fuel and will meet automakers' requirements, as well as the latest FIA criteria for sustainable fuels, by leveraging the expertise of TotalEnergies Additives and Fuels Solutions, according to the release. (Source: TotalEnergies, Website PR, 20 Aug., 2021) Contact: TotalEnergies , Investor Relations: +44 (0)207 719 7962,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biofuel,  Renewable Fuel,  TotalEnergies,  

    Rocky Mountain Power Upgrades Wyoming Wind Fleet (Ind. Report)
    Rocky Mountain Power
    Date: 2021-08-25
    In Cheyenne, Wyoming, PacifiCorp's Rocky Mountain Power reports it has more than doubled its wind energy production with the recently completed addition of new wind resources and upgrading its existing wind turbine fleet located in Wyoming, Washington and Oregon. The installation of new larger state-of-the-art nacelles and blades increased the output and useful life of about 1,000 mw of existing generating capability from the same wind source.

    The program began in 2017 when PacifiCorp announced its $3.1 billion Energy Vision 2020 initiative that included four new wind projects located in Wyoming: Cedar Springs 1, Cedar Springs 2; Ekola Flats; TB Flats, totaling 1,150 MW of new generating capability. (Source: PacifiCorp. Rcky Mountain Power, PR, 23 Aug., 2021) Contact: Rocky Mountain Power, Gary Hoogeveen, Pres., CEO, (800) 222-4335,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Rocky Mountain Power,  PacifiCorp,  Wind Trubine,  

    Rooftop Solar Can Save Ontario $250Mn Yearly (Report Attached)
    Canadian Renewable Energy Association
    Date: 2021-08-25
    According to a study from the Toronto-based Canadian Renewable Energy Association (CREA), doubling Ontario's solar power generation capacity would help reduce costs for the whole energy system by up to $250 million per year by 2030.

    The CREA's Impact of Behind-the-Meter Solar in Ontario study, conducted by Power Advisory LLC, modeled various scenarios for the adoption of residential and business rooftop solar PV across Ontario, including a high-ambition scenario that envisioned adding 3,000 MW of new solar capacity (double the current total), by 2030. The study assessed how additional solar would affect the province's wholesale electricity market and found increasing the deployment of rooftop solar would deliver significant cost savings for the electricity system by reducing its reliance on natural-gas generation to meet daytime summer peak electricity demand, and by reducing the need for additional, expensive power procurements in the future.

    The study showed that by enabling more electricity to be generated locally, solar could also help Ontario avoid the need to invest in new electricity grid infrastructure which could translate into further cost savings.

    Download the study HERE . (Source: Canadian Renewable Energy Association, Aug., 20210 Contact: Canadian Renewable Energy Association, Nicholas Gall, 613-875-2483,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Rooftop Solar,  Canadian Renewable Energy Association,  

    BayWa r.e. Closes €57Mn Financing on Italian Wind Farm (Int'l)
    BayWa r.e.
    Date: 2021-08-25
    NORD/LB Norddeutsche Landesbank and BayWa r.e. are reporting the completion of €57 million in financing for the Serralonga onshore wind farm currently under construction in the Campania Region, Italy. The project is slated to come online in Q1, 2022.

    The Serralonga project will incorporate 11 Vestas V136 turbines and 1 Vestas V117 turbine, totalling an installed ca-pacity of 50.5 MW -- sufficient power for roughly 45,000 house-holds. (Source: BayWa r.e. 15 Aug., 2021) Contact: BayWa r.e.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BayWa r.e.,  Wind,  Onshore Wind,  Vestas,  

    China Industrial Bank Grants First Carbon Sink Loan (Int'l.)
    Industrial Bank C.
    Date: 2021-08-23
    China's Industrial Bank Co., Ltd reports the issuance of a carbon sink loan totaling roughly $2.77 million to an unnamed company managing coastal wetlands in Jiaozhou Bay in east China's Shandong Province. The loan proceeds will be used for purchasing and planting crops with higher carbon uptake capacity on wetland for ecological conservation, according to the bank.

    The issuance of the loan took into account an overall analysis on the wetland's carbon sequestration capacity as a fundamental factor, and the loan amount was based on the transaction prices in the national carbon market, with the wetland's long-term income from carbon trading as collateral, the bank noted.

    China previously announced it will strive to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. (Source:,, 21 Aug., 2021) Contact: Industrial Bank Co., Ltd.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  Carbon Sink,  China Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  

    ArcelorMittal Touts Cdn. Steel Decarbonization Plan (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-23
    Luxembourg-based steel maker ArcelorMittal is reporting its planned move from blast furnace basic oxygen furnace steel-making to new direct reduction of iron ore (DRI) and electric arc furnace (EAF) installations at its Dofasco steel mill in Hamilton, Ontario will reduce carbon emissions by approximately 3 million tons -- roughly 60 pct of the plant's total emissions -- by 2028.

    ArcelorMittal's planned investment is contingent upon $400 million in Canadian federal government support and financial support from the Government of Ontario. (Source: ArcelorMittal, Aug., 2021) Contact: ArcelorMittal,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ArcelorMittal,  Carbon Emissions,  

    India's Largest Floating Solar PV Project Commissioned (Int'l.)
    National Thermal Power Corporation
    Date: 2021-08-23
    Indian state-owned National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) Ltd, on Saturday, commissioned India's largest floating solar Photovoltaics (PV) project at 25MW on the reservoir of the 2000 MW, coal-fired Simhadri thermal station in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.

    The 75-acre floating solar installation is expected to generate sufficient power for roughly 7,000 homes and eliminate at least 46,000 tpy of CO2e over the project's lifespan.

    With a total installed capacity of 66900 MW, NTPC Group has 71 Power stations including 29 renewable projects. NTPC has set a target to install 60 gigawatts (GW) of renewable energy (RE) capacity by 2032. (Source: National Thermal Power Corp., ETPC, 21 Aug., 2021) Contact: National Thermal Power Corp.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Floating Solar,  

    Azelio Scores Egyptian Energy Storage Order (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2021-08-20
    Swedish energy storage company Azelio reports receipt of an order totaling $1.5 million from Giza,Egypt-based project developer Engazaat Development SAE for 20 of its TES.POD renewable energy storage units with a combined capacity of 3.3 MWh. The order is conditional on the results of an ongoing project feasibility study.

    The TES.POD units will be delivered in December 2021 and will be used for a mini-grid system as part of the SAVE sustainable agriculture initiative which aims to cover 85 pct of the power needs of farmers in the in Moghra Oasis, Egypt. (Source: Azelio, PR, 19 Aug., 2021) Contact: Azelio, Jonas Eklind, CEO, +46 709 40 3580,,; Engazaat Development, +202 3539 2055, F: +202 3539 2056,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Azelio,  Battery,  Energy Storage,  

    S. Korea KIER Touts Solar Panel Recycling Technique (Int'l.)
    Korea Institute of Energy Research
    Date: 2021-08-20
    In Seoul, the state-run Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER) reports it has developed a non-destructive technique to recycle discarded solar panels to create high-performance solar cells. The new technique can recycle both undamaged and damaged panels to achieve up to 100 pct retrieval rate of glass component and roughly 80 pct of other materials can be retrieved and recycled into high-performance solar cells.

    KIER Researchers were able to refine silicon collected from 72 discarded commercial panels into six-inch single crystal ingots and wafers. Recycled materials were used in the production of solar cells with a generation efficiency of about 20.52 pct. Normal solar cells have an energy efficiency of about 15 pct.

    South Korea's total solar energy generation capacity stood at 3.65 GW in November 2020. (Source: Korea Institute of Energy Research, PR, Aug., 2021) Contact: Korea Institute of Energy Research,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Korea Institute of Energy Research ,  Solar,  

    BlackRock Acquires National Renewables Solution (M&A, Ind. Report)
    BlackRock, National Renewable Solutions
    Date: 2021-08-20
    BlackRock Real Assets reports the acquisition of Minnetonka, Minnesota-headquartered early-stage wind and solar energy developer National Renewable Solutions (NRS) with a goal of developing, owning, and operating the company's current project development pipeline of more than 3.5GW, with assets in New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.

    Founded in 2011, NRS has developed over 1GW of renewable energy projects that are currently operating or are entering construction this year. BlackRock Real Assets operates one of the largest renewable power equity investment platforms in the world with over $9 billion in total commitments and investments in 250 wind and solar projects across 13 countries and 4 continents. (Source: BlackRock, Real Assets, 18 Aug., 2021) Contact: National Renewable Solutions, Patrick Pelstring , CEO, 952-473-7500,; BlackRock,

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