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Pertamina Opts for Honeywell Tech for Biofuel Production (Int'l.)
PT Pertamina,Honeywell
Date: 2020-09-30
Honeywell has announced the Jakarta-based Indonesian state-owned oil and natural gas corporation Pertamina (Persero) will use Honeywell UOP's Renewable Jet Fuel Process™ technology at its Plaju refinery in Palembang, South Sumatra, and UOP Ecofining™ technology at its Cilacap refinery in Central Java.

UOP will provide technology licenses, basic engineering, specialty equipment, catalysts and training for the two Indonesian projects. The biorefinery in Plaju will process 20 000 bpd of vegetable oils and fats to produce renewable jet fuel, renewable diesel fuel and green liquefied petroleum gas. UOP also will revamp the existing refinery at Cilacap to process 6000 bpd of vegetable oils and fats to produce advanced biofuels.

Indonesia imports roughy 1.5 million bpd of refined products -- roughly 30 pct more than its domestic production capacity. According to the National Energy Policy in Indonesia, more than 5 pct of all energy must come from biofuel by 2025. (Source: Honeywell, Hydrocarbon Eng., 28 Sept., 2020) Contact: PT Pertamina,,; Honeywell UOP, Bryan Glover, VP Petrochemicals & Refining Technologies, www,

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Japanese Firms Plan Indonesian CO2 Storage Demo Project (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-09-23
In Tokyo, Electric Power Development Co. Ltd (J-Power) and consulting company Japan NUS Co. are reporting a planned 4-year under-ground carbon dioxide storage demonstration project at the Gundih gas field in Central Java Province, Indonesia. The project is in cooperation with the Indonesian government and state-owned oil company PT Pertamina and is expected to cost several billion yen (¥1 billion = $9.56 million +-).

The project will "provide an opportunity for domestic companies to promote their high-level technology" for reducing CO2 emissions. About 300,000 tpy of CO2 are generated in the process of gas purification at the Gundih field, according to J-Power.

Japan has targeted a 26 pct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by fiscal 2030 from fiscal 2013 levels and Indonesia is aiming for a 29 pct reduction from the business-as-usual level. (Source: J-Power, Mainichi Daily, 21 Sept., 2020) Contact: J-Power, + 03-3546-2211, +03-3546-9532 -- fax,; Japan NUS Co.,

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Indonesian Palm Oil Biodiesel Sales Expected to Fall (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-08-31
In Jakarta, Indonesia's oil and gas company PT Pertamina is estinating the country's total sales of biodiesel with 30 pct palm oil content will drop by roughly 12 pct to 28.2 million kilolitres (KL) this year.

Pertamina estimates Indonesia's biodiesel sales will total 31.5 million KL for 2021. (Source: Pertamina, Market Screener , 31 Aug., 2020) Contact: Pertamina,,

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Indonesia Claims 100 pct Palm Oil Biodiesel Success (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2020-07-15
In Jakarta, Indonesian state oil company PT Pertamina is reporting production of its first 100 pct palm oil biodiesel (D100) at its refinery in Dumai last week. With this initial success, the company plans to quickly ramp up production to 1,000 bpd, according to a release.

Indonesia, which has one of the world's most ambitious biodiesel programmes, raised the bio-content in its biodiesel mandate from 20 pct to 30 pct (B30) in 2019, with the goal of gradually reaching 100 pct.

Indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producer. (Source: PT Pertamina, PR, Reuters, 8 July, 2020) Contact: Pertamina,,

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Jakarta Allowing Ethanol- Gasoline Blended Fuel Imports (Int'l.)
Date: 2020-06-01
In Jakarta, the Indonesian state-owned oil company Pertamina, which controls the nationwide sale of fuel blends, reports the Indonesian federal government is expected to allow imports of 88 Ron gasoline blended with up to 3pc ethanol and higher-octane 92 Ron gasoline containing up to 7 pct (B7) ethanol, according to the US Grains Council (USGC).

As previously reported, Indonesia has fuel-ethanol blending targets of 5-10 pct by 2020 and 20 pct across all transport and industry sectors by 2025. (Source: US Grains Council, Pertamina, Argus, June, 2020) Contact: US Grains Council,; Pertamina,,

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Jakarta Imposes B-30 Upgraded Palm Oil Biofuel Program (Int'l)
Indonesian Palm Oil,Pertamina
Date: 2019-12-23
Following up on our 25th November report, Jakarta is reporting the early launch of its mandatory updated B-30 palm oil biodiesel-petroleum diesel blending program. The program requires the use of domestic palm oil-based biodiesel developed and produced by state-run oil company Pertamina.

The update from B-20 to B-30 was originally slated for Jan., 2020 with the aim of raising the blend rate to B-50 at the earliest possible date.

Indonesia is the world's largest palm oil producer. (Source: Pertamina, Jakarta Globe, 23 Dec., 2019) Contact: Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, VP Communications, 1-500-000,,

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Pertamina B30 Biodiesel Distribution Ahead of Schedule (Int'l Report)
Date: 2019-11-25
In Jakarta, Indonesian state gas and oil company Pertamina reports it is now distributing B30 palm oil biodiesel blend transportation fuel a month earlier that its targeted 28th January 2020 implementation date at fuel terminals in central Java and six other fuel terminals in the near future until December 31, 2019.

Initially, 670,000 kiloliters of B30 fuel will be produced and distributed (Source: Pertamina,, 25 Nov., 2019) Contact: Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, VP Communications, 1-500-000,

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Pertamina Earmarks $2Bn for Geothermal Development (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2019-11-08
In Jakarta, Indonesian state oil and gas company PT Pertamina reports it will invest US$2 billion in the development of geothermal facilities in the coming six to seven years.

The plan is in line with the company's commitment to achieve a 23 pct renewable energy mix target by 2025 and in accordance with Energy Law No. 30 of 2007.

Pertamina will have an installed capacity of 670 gigawatts of electrical power from geothermal energy by 2020, raising to 100 gigawatts in 2025, according to a company release. (Source: Pertamina, Antara News, 7 Nov., 2019) Contact: Pertamina, Irfan Zainuddin, Pres.,

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Indonesia Considers Oil Refinery-to-Palm Biofuel Conversions (Int'l)
Date: 2018-10-10
According to the Indonesian state-owned energy company Pertamina, the Indonesian government is partnering with the Italian energy company ENI to investigate the conversion of two of the country's older crude oil refineries into palm oil-based biofuels production facilities According to the Pertamina website, the 1930s vintage Plaju plant has an oil refining capacity of 133,700 bpd (bpd) and the equally aged Dumai plant has a capacity of 170,000 bpd.

The initiative is intended to reduce Indonesia's dependence on imported energy, cut the country balance of trade and absorb the country's rising crude palm oil output amid sluggish global demand. Indonesia is the leading palm oil producer by far. (Source: Pertamina, Reuters, NTA, 9 Oct., 2018) Contact: Pertamina , Irfan Zainuddin, Pres.,

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