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Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance Wary of Incoming Trump Presidency (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance,
Date: 2016-12-19
The Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, a coalition of 20 of the world's most progressive cities on climate change, is offering support to their American counterparts in preparation for the incoming Trump presidency.

Five mayors who have signed up for the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance issued an open letter of solidarity this week to the United States members of the network. The letter warns of possible Trump administration actions that could undo environmental regulations that would reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants, increase the production of oil, coal and natural gas, approve new fossil-fuel pipelines and other legislation or actions. The Trump administration could also cut financial support for international climate change efforts including the recent Paris Agreement.

With climate change, carbon emissions and clean energy taken into account, the Alliance says "they have not yet seen any redeeming features of a Trump White House." (Source: Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance, Dec., 2016) Contact: Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance,

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