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Vattenfall Streamlines Wind, PV Business (Int'll Report)
Date: 2017-07-05
Sweden's government-owned renewable energy specialist Vattenfall reports it has split its wind business into three units covering offshore, onshore and for the first time photovoltaic and battery storage, effective 1 July, 2017. In a statement, Vattenfall indicated it planned to invest as much as €150 million in large scale as well as decentralized PV and battery projects.

The offshore wind unit will be headed by Michael Simmelsgaard. Sandra Grauers-Nilsson head the onshore group and Claus Wattendrup is in charge of the new PV and batteries division. (Source: Vattenfall, renews, Others, July 3, 2017) Contact: Vattenfall, Gunnar Groebler, VP Wind Energy, Magnus Hall, CEO, Pres, +46 8 739 5000,

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Moixa Touting TEPCO Funding, Battery Trial Collaboration (Int'l)
Date: 2017-07-05
London, UK-headquartered battery storage company Moixa reports it has secured £2.5 million in new investment and will collaborate with Japan's largest utility Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) on a pilot trial of its compact battery system in Tokyo. Moixa is also planning trials in Europe and the US within the next 12 months.

Moixa received £500,000 in equity investment from TEPCO and another £500,000 equity investment from First Imagine! Ventures , as well as a £1 million funding facility from Greater Manchester Combined Authority.

Moixa says it expects to have installed 50,000 batteries and to be managing twice as many using its patented, cloud-based 'GridShare' platform in the UK by 2020. Moixa holds UK and US patents on managing distributed batteries for grid services. (Source: Moixa, PR, 3 July, 2017) Contact: Moixa, Somon Daniel, CEO, +44 0 207 734 1511,,; TEPCO,

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Second Netherlands Wind+Storage Project Now Online (Int'l Report)
Date: 2017-06-30
In the Netherlands, wind and solar developer Alfen reports it brought a 3 MW energy storage system connected to a wind farm online this week at the 122 MW, 36-turbine Princess Alexia facility in the town of Zeewolde-- Netherlands' second-largest wind farm. Vattenfall subsidiary Nuon, which operates the wind farm, and BMW collaborated on the project.

This is Alfen's second wind and energy storage project following the May installation of a 1 MWh battery storage solution at the 9 MW Giessenwind wind farm in the town of Giessenburg.

Alfen offers a portfolio of solutions to transform, store and distribute sustainable electric energy and is often partner in connecting solar parks and wind turbines, according to the company's website. (Source: Alfen, PEI, 29 June, 2017) Contact: Alfen, +31 36 54 93 400,,

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Kentucky Utilities Tout Energy Storage Testing Demo (Ind. Report)
Electric Power Research Institute
Date: 2017-06-30
Following up on our March 13th coverage, in the Bluegrass State, Louisville Gas & Electric (LG&E) and the Kentucky Utilities Company, in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) is reporting the launch of an Energy Storage Research and Demonstration Site at the E. W. Brown Generating Station near Harrodsburg, Ky.

The project will allow the utility to develop, test and evaluate the potential benefits of utility-scale battery energy storage technologies and investigate operating needs and associated costs. Researchers will also use the site to advance control technologies, increase value gained from storage and determine solutions to integration challenges for energy storage on the electric grid.

The site includes three testing bays for energy storage technologies, each able to house up to one megawatt of storage. Testing multiple storage technologies at one time will allow researchers to assess how the individual systems operate and any potential grid integration challenges as the systems work together. The site will also function as a "virtual lab" for use by other utilities working with EPRI to address potential gaps associated with utility-scale energy storage. (Source: LG&E KU , 28 June, 2017) Contact: Louisville Gas and Electric,; EPRI,

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UC Merced Signs SunPower for 5-Mw Solar System (Ind. Report)
SunPower ,University of California Merced
Date: 2017-06-28
In the Golden State, the University of California, Merced, reports it has contracted with SunPower Corp. for the installation of a 5-MW roof-top solar power system complete with a 500-kilowatt energy storage solution from Millbrae, California-based Stem.

The 5-MW photovoltaic system and 500-kilowatt battery storage system will be financed by a power purchase agreement (PPA). In addition to energy cost savings from solar production, adding Stem's software-driven energy storage positions UC Merced to achieve significant demand charge savings over the first 10 years of the project.

Stem creates innovative technology services that transform the way energy is distributed and consumed. Styem analytics optimize the value of customers' energy assets and facilitate their participation in energy markets, yielding economic and societal benefits while decarbonizing the grid. (Source: SunPower Corp., 26 June, 2017) Contact: Stem, (415) 937-7836,,; SunPower, Nam Nguyen, Exec. VP,

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EWE Plans Massive Underground Redox Flow Battery System (Int'l)
Date: 2017-06-28
In Germany, EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH, a subsidiary of one of Germany's largest utilities EWE, is proposing to collaborate with Friedrich Schiller University in Jena, to construct giant redox flow batteries inside underground salt caverns currently used for natural gas storage -- the saltwater brine-for-power project(b4p).

The university developed the components to use in the battery, including saltwater and recyclable polymers for plastic parts. EWE did not reveal details of the project but indicated it would "supply a major city such as Berlin with electricity for an hour." The project's battery will initially be constructed and contained in plastic containers offsite then transferred into the caverns. The cavern battery could be operational by the end of 2023. (Source: EWE GASSPEICHER GmbH, Energy Storage, 27 June, 2017) Contact: EWE GASSPEICHER, brine4power project, Ralf Riekenberg, Manager, +49 441 350100,

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Powervault Home Energy Storage Offering Raises £1Mn (Int'l)
Date: 2017-06-26
In the UK, home energy storage battery manufacturer Powervault reports it is close to securing £1 million from more than 600 investors through a CrowdFund offering.

Powervault's cloud-connected home energy storage system stores electricity from solar panels or the grid, and releases this stored energy at peak times. According to the company, the system can lower electric power bills by up to 20 pct. Within the next twelve months the company plans to launch a new product with second life batteries, larger inverter and energy utility revenues delivering a gross IRR of 15 pct and secure project financing to start a roll out of storage as a service. (Source: Powervault,CrowdFund Insider, 23 June, 2017)Contact: Powervault, Joe Warren, Managing Director, +44 (0) 20 3603 0230,,

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Lyon Launches Utility-scale Battery Storage Market Services Tender (Int'l. Report)
Lyon Group
Date: 2017-06-23
Lyon Group is launching a brand new market-driven approach that will determine the services provided by its portfolio of large-scale battery storage projects. The company is seeking interest from businesses wanting battery storage in Victoria, South Australia, and Queensland. Included in Lyon Group's capabilities is a new $660 million combined large-scale solar and battery storage project in north-west Victoria. Construction is set to commence soon

Lyon's Battery Storage Market Services Tender will influence the battery storage systems final design.(Source: Lyon Group, 21 June, 2017) Contact: Lyon Group, David Green,,,

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UniEnergy Tech. Scores EPA Green Chemistry Award (Ind. Report)
PNNL,UniEnergy Technologies
Date: 2017-06-21
Mukitlon, Washington-based UniEnergy Technologies reports it has been honored with a Green Chemistry Challenge Award from the US EPA for commercializing energy storage technology developed by the EPA's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) of Richland, Washington.

UniEnergy Technologies manufactures advanced vanadium redox flow batteries using a new electrolyte chemistry developed at PNNL with DOE funding. The electrolyte can store 70 pct more energy and operates over a wider temperature range than conventional vanadium electrolytes at a lower cost than lithium-ion batteries.

UniEnergy Technologies recently installed an 8-MWh system at the Snohomish PUD in Everett and has 155 MWh of flow batteries ordered from customers in three countries and six U.S. states. (Source: Tri-City Herald, UniEnergy Technologies, 18 June, 2017) Contact: UniEnergy Technologies, (425) 290-8090,; : PNNL, (509) 371-6989,

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Jamaican Utility Plans 24.5MW Hybrid Energy Storage Project (Int'l)
Jamaica Public Service
Date: 2017-06-21
Jamaican utility company Jamaica Public Service (JPS) reports its its board of directors has approved a hybrid energy storage solution which will be the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

The 24.5MW system, which is subject to regulatory approval, will feature both high speed and low speed flywheels and containerized lithium-Ion batteries. The proposed project is expected to be completed in Q3, 2018. (Source: Jamaica Public Service, Energy Storage, June, 2017) Contact: Jamaica Public Service, 1-888-935-5577,

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HiVE Touts Renewables Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
HiVE Energy Systems
Date: 2017-06-19
In the Aloha State, Maui-based HiVE Energy Systems reports it has developed a fully integrated energy storage system designed to store one full day of energy needs. Combined with a rooftop photovoltaic system, the HiVE system enables customers to eliminate the resident's monthly utility bills.

HiVE is an integrated, high performance energy storage solution designed from the ground up to work with any conventional solar system. HiVE's adaptive technology can be scaled for a wide range of residential, industrial, smart grid, and military applications, big or small. Partnering with SunBurst Finance and HNU Energy, HiVE's solar-integrated battery/financing leasing package provides solar installation, battery integration and system management and can be tailored to fit existing solar systems, according to a HiVE release. (Source: HiVE Energy System, Pacific Bus. News, 16 June, 2017) Contact: HiVE Energy Systems,

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iDemand, Scantibodies Solar+Battery Energy Storage Project Underway (Ind. Report)
iDemand Energy Storage,SunFusion
Date: 2017-06-19
In San Diego, sustainable energy storage batteries manufacturer iDemand Energy Storage Inc. reports the completion of engineering work on a $4.1 million solar-plus-battery storage project for five buildings operated by Scantibodies Laboratory Inc., a biochemical manufacturer and research facility based in Santee, Calif. Construction is expected to get underway in July for completion by the year end.

The contract to make uninterrupted-energy-supply (UES) battery systems capable of storing and discharging up to 1.078 MWof solar energy was awarded to iDemand by SunFusion Solar Inc., also of San Diego.

The client aims to shave peak-load electricity demand during the latter part of the day by using excess energy stored and discharged from the battery systems. The current Scantibodies contract calls for 2 MWh for the five-building load. (Source: iDemand Energy Storage, 16 June, 2017) Contact: iDemand Energy Storage, Sandy Ellard, Pres., Walter Ellard, CEO , (858) 266-8385,,; Scantibodies Laboratory Inc.,

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Powin Constructing 6 Ont. Energy Storage Projects (Ind. Report)
Powin Energy,Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO)
Date: 2017-06-19
Tualatin, Oregon-based utility battery energy storage specialist Powin Energy Corporation reports it will construct and install six energy storage projects totaling 12.8MW/52.8MWh at two sites in Kitchener and Stratford Ontario, Canada. Upon completion by the end of September, projects will constitute the largest energy storage rollout in Canada.

The projects, which are all contracted with Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) as part of its long-term energy plan, are being developed in collaboration with Hecate Energy, a global developer, owner and operator of solar, wind and storage projects.

The projects will incorporate Powin's modular Stack 140 -- a modular, purpose-built 140kWh battery array that easily scales up to multiple megawatt applications. All Stack 140 systems are operated by Powin's proprietary bp-OS battery management software and include the industry-exclusive Battery Odometer and Warranty Tracker. (Source: Powin Energy, 15 June, 2017) Contact: Powin Energy, Geoff Brown, Pres., Victor Liu, (503) 598-6659,,; Ontario IESO, John Cannella, (416) 506-2823,; Hecate Energy,

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Eskom Launches Battery Energy Storage Demo (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2017-06-16
In Johannesburg, South Africa's largest utility Eskom's Research and Innovation Centre reports the opening of an energy storage demo unit where it will test, compare and evaluate presently available energy storage technologies and solutions. The utility is seeking technology to meet an estimated 2000 MW of energy output needed on its network.

In addition to "smoothing" the output of solar farms onto the grid, Eskom also wants to investigate the use of energy storage to deal with peak demand periods and to defer grid transmission and distribution infrastructure costs. (Source: Eskom, Energy Storage, 12 June, 2017) Contact: Eskom, Barry MacColl, GM Testing and Development,

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Energy Absolute Touts Thailand Energy Storage Plans (Int'l.)
Energy Absolute
Date: 2017-06-16
Energy Absolute, a former Thailand-based biodiesel producer presently engaged in renewable energy power generation, reports that its renewable power plants will increase capacity to 404 megawatts this year and to 664 megawatts in 2018. The company also will expand into the energy storage sector with a product similar to Tesla's Power Wall.

To that end, the company intends to construct a plant that will "rival Tesla's Gigafactory in both size and scope" at a yet to be determined Asian location. The new plant, which is expected to have a production capacity of 50 GWh by 2020, is expected to cost $2.9 billion. The company presently holds a 35.2 pct stake in Amita Technologies Inc., a Taiwan-based manufacturer of lithium ion and polymer batteries. (Source: Energy Absolute, Bloomberg New Energy Finance, 13 June, 2017) Contact: Energy Absolute,

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Hawaii's MECO Tops in Solar Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Maui Electric ,Smart Electric Power Alliance
Date: 2017-06-16
In the Aloha State, the Smart Electric Power Alliance has ranked Maui Electric Co. (MECO) in the top 10 out of 412 national utilities for connecting the most new solar watts in total and per customer to the grid.

Energy storage projects on MECO grids include a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) at the company's Wailea Substation in South Maui and projects with the independently owned Auwahi and Kaheawa wind farms on Maui and the Lana'i Sustainability Research solar farm. A BESS is currently being tested on Molokai, the utility added.

In 2016, 37 pct of the electricity used by MECO customers came from renewable resources, including private solar power, wind and hydroelectricity, according tp MECO. (Sourse: Maui Electric, 13 June, 2017) Contact: Maui Electric, (808) 871-9777,; Smart Electric Power Alliance,

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Honolulu Simplifies Energy Storage Permitting Process (Ind. Report)
Hawaii Solar Energy Association
Date: 2017-06-16
The Hawaii Solar Energy Association (HSEA) reports that energy industry stakeholders and the City and County of Honolulu Department of Planning and Permitting have improved and hastened residential battery storage permit processing.

Elemental Excelerator, the Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii and the HSEA collaborated on the effort to improve the permitting process. In May, permits were issued for 163 PV systems with battery storage capabilities. (Source: Hawaii Solar Energy Assoc., Pacific Bus. News, 13 June, 2017)Contact: Hawaii Solar Energy Association,; Distributed Energy Resources Council of Hawaii,

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Indian Oil Entering Battery Energy Storage Business (Int'l)
Indian Oil Corporation
Date: 2017-06-16
In New Delhi, India's largest fuel retailer, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC), reports it plans to launch an improved version of lead-acid battery for low cost mobility and industrial applications. The company is also working on lithium-ion battery chemistry for improved performance.

India's energy storage market for rooftop solar and other off-grid renewable energy applications is expected to be worth Rs 16,500 crore by 2022, according to the Delhi-based not-for-profit Council for Energy Environment and Water (CEEW). To meet the expected growing need, companies are launching advanced technologies including Li-ion, flow batteries, flywheel and lead-carbon batteries. (Source: Indian Oil Corp., ETEnergy World , 14 June, 2017) Contact: Indian Oil Corporation,

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Energy Storage Systems Installation Manual Available (Ind. Report)
National Electrical Contractors Association
Date: 2017-06-14
In Bethesda, Maryland, the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) is reporting the release and availability of NECA 416 -- 2016, Recommended Practice for Installing Energy Storage Systems (ESS) , the latest addition to the ANSI-approved National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS) series.

NECA 416 describes methods and procedures for installing multiple types of energy storage systems and provides information about controlling and managing energy storage systems, commissioning and maintaining energy storage systems. This new standard focuses on battery systems, flywheels, ultra-capacitors, and electric vehicle (EV) smart charger vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies that are used for storing electrical energy in premises wiring systems.

NECA 416 details are HERE. (Source: National Electrical Contractors Association, June, 2017) Contact: National Electrical Contractors Association, (501) 657-3110,

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BioSolar, Top Battery Ink Li-Ion Battery Agreement (Ind. Report)
BioSolar,Top Battery
Date: 2017-06-14
Santa Clarita, California-headquartered energy storage materials and technology specialist BioSolar, Inc. is reporting a joint development agreement with South Korean lithium-ino battery materials supplier Top Battery Co., Ltd. This agreement follows BioSolar's previously announced completion of the laboratory phase of its silicon alloy nanocomposite anode material development.

BioSolar is now focused on designing and testing the electrodes based on its anode material, as well as full cell design and evaluation with commercially available high capacity cathodes. (Source: BioSolar, PR, June, 2017) Contact: BioSolar, Tom Becker, Inv. Relations, (877) 904-3733,; Top Battery,

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Dallas Hosts Energy-Positive Big Box Store (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-06-09
In the Lone Star State, Austin-based retailer TreeHouse reports the opening of the state's first energy-positive retail, big box home improvement store in Dallas.

The building, which was designed by San Antonio-based architecture firm Lake & Flato, utilizes a south-facing, saw-tooth roof designed to allow for a huge array of solar panels, LED lighting, heat load reduction techniques, and north-facing windows to brighten the store with natural and artificial light without generating direct heat. The building also incorporates Tesla Powerwall battery energy storage units. (Source: TreeHouse, Texas Monthly, 6 June, 2017) Contact: TreeHouse,

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Dutch Wind+Energy Storage Facility Now Online (Int'l. Report)
Scholt Energy Services
Date: 2017-06-07
In the Netherlands, Almere-based Alfen B.V. reports its 1 MWh wind power and battery storage solution at the 9 MW, three-turbine Giessenwind wind farm in the town of Giessenburg is now online and being operated by Scholt Energy Services.

Scholt supplies power to businesses in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and plans to initially use the Giessenwind facility storage system for energy trading while looking at other additional locations and applications. The company is also working on projects to connect its energy storage system directly to renewable energy sources. (Source: ALfen B.V., Sulzer Management, Power Engineering, 1 June, 2017) Contact: Alfen B.V., Andreas Plenk, Global Energy Storage System Sales, +31 36 549 3400,

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Hybrid Flywheel Battery Energy Storage Project Slated for Univ. of Sheffield, UK (Int'l Report)
University of Sheffield, Schwungrad Energie, Adaptive Balancing Power
Date: 2017-06-05
The University of Sheffield is reporting that the UK's first, and Europe's largest, battery flywheel hybrid system will be connected to the Irish and UK grids to help respond to energy demand. The €4 million project is aimed at stabilizing pressure on the existing grid infrastructure in Europe. €2.9 million of the funding is coming from the EU's Horizon2020 scheme.

In the first stage of the project, the flywheel facility will be installed and piloted by Schwungrad Energie Limited at the University of Sheffield's 2MW battery facility at Willenhall near Wolverhampton. The flywheel system will be capable of a peak power of 500kW and able to store 10kWh of energy.

The University of Sheffield is an expert hub for energy storage research in the UK and home to the leading Centre for Research into Electrical Energy Storage & Applications (CREESA). (Source: University of Sheffield, 2 June, 2017) Contact: University of Sheffield, Dr Dan Gladwin, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,; Energy 2050,

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ACCIONA Starts Spanish Hybrid Wind Power Storage Facility (Int'l)
Acciona Energia
Date: 2017-06-02
In Barasoain, northern Spain, ACCIONA Energia reports it has commissioned the first hybrid plant for storing electricity in batteries as part of a grid-connected wind farm in Spain.

The facility utilizes a storage system consisting of two batteries located in separate containers: one fast-response 1 MW/0.39 MWh power battery that can maintain 1 MW of power for 20 minutes, and another slower-response battery with greater autonomy of 0.7 MW/0.7 MWh that can maintain 0.7 MW for 1 hour. Both batteries are of Li-ion Samsung SDI technology and are connected to a 3-MW rated capacity AW116/3000 ACCIONA wind turbine. The batteries will store energy produced by the wind turbine when required.

The project received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), which manages the Spanish Centre for Industrial Development. (Source: Acciona, 29 May, 2017)Contact: ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, +34 91 657 64 60,

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Corvus Orca Li-Ion Battery ESS System to Power Offshore Supply Vessels (Ind. Report)
Corvus Energy
Date: 2017-06-02
Richmond, British Columbia-headquartered marine battery systems provider Corvus Energy Inc. reports it has been selected to supply its Orca Energy ESS lithium-ion based energy storage system (ESS) for the retrofit of an offshore platform supply vessel, the Viking Princess.

The 533kWh Orca Energy ESS will be installed on the vessel in a hybrid arrangement, replacing one LNG genset, approved by DNVGL & NMA as spinning reserve resulting in 1 tpd of fuel savings. (Source: Corvus Energy, International Shipping News, Others, 31 May, 2017) Contact: Corvus Energy, Andrew Morden, Pres. & CEO, Sean Puchalski, VP Strategic Marketing, (604) 227-0280 ext. 123,,

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Powin to Install 6.5-MW Energy Storage for SDG&E (Ind. Report)
Powin Energy,SDG&E
Date: 2017-06-02
Tualatin, Oregon-based utility battery energy storage specialist Powin Energy Corporation reports it has sealed a deal with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) for a 6.5 MW/26 MW/h battery energy storage system for installation in Escondido, California.

The proposed system will improve reliability on the existing electrical grid by optimizing the intermittent output of renewable energy sources, and allow SDG&E additional flexibility for its energy sources.

The project is subject to California PUC approval. As reported on May 8th, the CPUC has mandated SDG&E procure at least 165 MW of energy storage by 2020 and have all projects operational by 2024. To date, the utility has over 94 MW of deployed or contracted energy storage over 20 projects. (Source: Powin Energy, Power Engineering, , 30 May, 2017)Contact: Powin Energy, Geoff Brown, Pres., Victor Liu, (503) 598-6659,,; California PUC,; SDG&E,

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Ecotricity Announces Energy Storage Pilot Project (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-31
In the UK, clean energy utility pioneer Ecotricity reports plans to install its first battery energy storage project with a peak output of around 2.5MW near its head office in Stroud.

The energy storage project is the latest in a series of Ecotricity investments in the town, after the company announced plans to build a new office for up to 300 staff.

Dale Vince, Ecotricity founder, said: "This is a trial project for us and we're going to learn a lot about energy storage and how it can help us. And we're hoping it will be the first of many more energy storage projects to come." (Source: Ecotricity, PR, 24 May, 2017) Contact: Ecotricity, Dale Vance, Founder, +44 (0) 145 375 6111,

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Daimler's $562Mn Li-Ion Battery Plant Expansion Underway (Int'l)
Date: 2017-05-31
Mercedes-Benz manufacturer Daimler reports it will invest approx. €500 million ($562 million) in its lithium-ion battery production facility in Kamenz, Germany. The plant is an expansion of an existing faility run by Daimler subsidiary Accumotive. The plant's product line will be used for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage applications. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler.

The plant, which is expected to begin production in mid 2018, will be the largest such facility in Europe, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. (Source: Daimler, ARS Technica, Various Media, 29 May, 2017) Contact: Daimler, Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH,

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Redflow Rethinking Residential Energy Storage Market (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-31
Australian flow-battery maker Redflow reports it is dialing back its pursuit of the residential energy storage market and will concentrate on telecommunications backup applications, as well as commercial, industrial, off-grid and weak-grid segments. In a release, the company said early adopters in the residential market did not translate into a viable long-term sales strategy.

Redflow previously contended that its 5-kilowatt, 10-kilowatt-hour ZCell outperforms lithium-ion batteries on a per-kWh basis on cost, fire safety, operating life and speed of charge.

The company will, however, continue to offer the residential ZCell battery in Oceania, Southeast Asia and Southern Africa while cutting back on activities in the U.S. and Europe and relocating its manufacturing from Mexico to a location in Southeast Asia to shorten the distance between production and customer. (Source: Redflow, GTM, May, 2017) Contact: Redflow, Simon Hackett, CEO, +61 73376 0008,,,; Redflow ZCell,,

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Samsung Unveils Home Energy Storage Products (New Prod & Tech)
Samsung SDI
Date: 2017-05-31
Seoul-headquartered energy solutions and electronic materials specialist Samsung SDI Co. Ltd reports it is offering a new lineup of residential energy storage system (ESS) products for the global market.

The company's high-capacity ESS modules are scalable to 39 basic modules with a capacity of 4.8 kWh. This means the storage capacity can increase up to 39 times or that a maximum of 188 kWh can be stored, amounting to 20 days of power consumption by an average European household. The company is also launching high-voltage ESS modules that can scale up to 600 volts from the current 50 volts. High-voltage battery modules enable homes to save costs of parts needed for voltage transformation.

According to market researcher B3, global sales of residential ESS products are expected to grow around 16 pct annually to about 146,000 units by 2020. In 2016, Samsung SDI had the largest share in the global residential ESS market with 30 percent, it said. (Source: Samsung SDI, Korea Herald, 29 May, 2017) Contact: Samsung SDI,

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Eguana AC Battery Selected for DOE SunShot Award (Ind. Report)
EdgePower,Eguana AC Battery,SunShot
Date: 2017-05-31
Calgary, Alberta-based power conversion and control systems for distributed energy storage specialist Eguana Technologies Inc has been selected by EdgePower, a technology provider of energy management software and hardware, to provide battery storage systems for the SunShot Award Reducing Storage Cost with PV Forecasting and Load Control.

EdgePower will develop the solution, integrating its load control EMS with Eguana's Commercial AC Battery energy storage system to demonstrate demand charge reduction and solar firming behind-the-meter as a value added feature. Development and validation will be completed this summer with equipment installation at the host site planned for the last quarter of 2017.

EdgePower products include an onsite energy management gateway, site control software for energy management and demand charge reduction services, wireless LED dimming and smart-relay lighting controls, supervisory control of Building Management Systems and HVAC equipment, cloud-based alerting, reporting and analytics of facility operations, and customer site support services. (Source: Eguana Technologies Inc., PR, 30 May, 2017)Contact: Eguana Technologies Inc., Justin Holland, CEO, (416) 728-7635,, Vishwas Ganesan, Bus. Dev., (408) 685-2670,,; EdgePower,; Sun Shot Initiative,

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Ice Energy, Horizon Solar Nail Palm Springs Theater Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
Horizon Solar Power,Ice Energy
Date: 2017-05-29
Following on our March 31 coverage, Horizon Solar Power, a Temecula, California-based solar installer and thermal energy storage specialist Ice Energy are reporting the completion of a solar-plus-ice-battery-storage system at the Camelot Theaters at the Palm Springs Cultural Center in California's Coachella Valley.

A solar-plus-storage system comprised of a rooftop array of 73.6 kW of solar panels and five Ice Energy Ice Bear 30s replaced the theater's outdated HVAC system. During the day, the solar PV supplies the energy needs of the theater, including charging the Ice Bears. In the evening, the Ice Bears provide up to four of cooling using a fraction of the electricity normally needed.

California's Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP), combined with Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing enabled the installation with a minimal up-front investment. (Source: Horizon Solar Power, NewsWire, 23 May, 2017) Contact: Ice Energy, Mike Hopkins, CEO, (877) 542-3232,,; Horizon Solar Power, Frank Kneller, (847) 337-4076,, www.horizonsolar

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Con Edison Home Energy Storage-to-Grid Program OK'd (Ind. Report)
New York State Public Service Commission,Consolidated Edison
Date: 2017-05-29
The N.Y. State Public Service Commission (PSC) reports it has approved Consolidated Edison's program allowing residential battery energy storage systems to export electricity to the grid in select commercial locations in Brooklyn and Queens.

Under the Brooklyn/Queens Demand Management Program, customers will be able to use installed battery storage systems to export power to the electric grid to respond to Con Edison's calls to reduce peak load conditions in the area.

The program is expected to cut peak hour energy demand, save homeowners cash, and defer the construction of a $1 billion electrical substation, according to the PSC. (Source: New York State Public Service Commission, PR, 25 May, 2017)Contact: ConEdison, Jorge J. Lopez, Pres., CEO, (914) 286-7094,; NY PSC, Jon Sorense, (518) 416-2496,,

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S&C Completes Ameren Illinois Microgrid Project (Ind. Report)
S&C Electric,Ameren
Date: 2017-05-29
S&C Electric Company reports it has provided the intelligent automation and control systems at Ameren's Technology Applications Center (TAC) near the University of Illinois campus,for Ameren Corporation's microgrid facility in Champaign, Illinois. The Ameren microgrid provides multiple sources of distributed generation -- solar, wind, natural gas and battery storage -- as well as advanced automation to support the TAC and a 1 MW residential load.

The Ameren microgrid is the first system in the U.S. to utilize S&C's PureWave® SMS-250 Storage Management System, which provides 500 kWhrs of lithium-ion battery energy storage for the microgrid system. The SMS-250 stores energy from both the utility and the facility's generation sources; provides the voltage signal for the microgrid; enables renewable integration and smoothing; and controls the microgrid frequency and power quality. The project also uses a mix of new distributed generation sources including a 100 kW wind turbine, a 125 kW solar array, and two 500kW kW natural gas generators. (Source: S&C Electric Company, PR, 23 May, 2017) Contact: S&C Electric, David Chiesa, Business Development,; Ameren,

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Energy Storage Supplies 4 pct of U.S. Capacity (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-26
According to U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) data, energy storage and renewable fuels other than hydro, wind and solar together provide 4 pct of electric capacity in the U.S.

As of Dec, 31, 2016, 195 utility-scale geothermal units totaling 3.7 GW were in operation, primarily in Northern California. California also leads the nation in hydroelectric pumped storage.

Virginia's Bath County is the site of a 3 GW hydreoelectric pumped storage plant, which is the largest in the nation. All geothermal capacity is located in the western United States, while nearly all currently operating batteries and flywheels were added after 2010. Battery energy storage now totals 540 MW, with half located in California, Illinois and West Virginia. Nearly all of the nation's 44 MW of flywheel storage are located in New York and Pennsylvania. (Source: US EIA, Power Engineering, Others, May, 2017) Contact: US EIA, www,

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Sunetric, Sunnova Offer Solar+Storage in Aloha State (Ind. Report)
Real Goods Solar,Sunnova
Date: 2017-05-24
Sunetric, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Real Goods Solar (RGS Energy) and US residential solar service provider Sunnova Energy Corp. report they are partnering to offer comprehensive, no money down, battery-backed residential solar solutions in Hawaii.

Sunetric's services include complete project management, permitting and installation, in addition to Sunnova's lifetime monitoring, support and service throughout Hawaii. Sunetric's solution is supported by a Hawaii PUC mandated customer self-supply (CSS) program that allows homeowners to install solar systems that do not export power to the utility grid. The CSS program was established to help the state achieve 100 pct renewable energy status by 2045. (Source: RGS Energy, GlobeNews Wire, Nasdaq, 23 May, 2017) Contact: RGS Energy, (888) 567-6527,; Sunnova Energy,, Sunetric,

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TEP to Purchase Power from NextEra Solar Array (Ind. Report)
Tucson Electric Power,NextEra Energy Resources
Date: 2017-05-24
reports it will purchase power under the terms of a 20-year PPA from a 100-MW solar array south of Tucson currently under development by Juno Beach, Florida-headquartered NextEra Energy Resources. The array is expected to be completed and online by the end of 2019.

TEP also plans to purchase power from a planned 100-MW wind project, and to make greater use of energy storage. TEP also notes the addition of three battery storage systems this year, including a 10-MW NextEra facility. (Source: Tucson Electric Power, 23 May, 2017) Contact: Tucson Electric Power, Carmine Tilghman, Director of Energy Supply and Renewable Energy, (520) 571-4000,,; NextEra Energy Resources, Steven Stengel, Communications, (561) 691-7171,

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Nissan Joins Tesla, Mercedes in Home Energy Storage Race (Int'l)
Date: 2017-05-24
Japanese automaker Nissan is reporting the launch of its XStorage Home, a British-made lithium-ion battery energy storage system to rival Tesla and the recently announced Mercedes-Benz offering, as detailed in our April 28th issue.

The Nissan cells will be manufactured by Nissan in Sunderland, UK, and sold in the UK in partnership with Eaton Corp, a US power management company. Beginning in July, the XStorage Home systems will sell for approximately £5,000 , exclusive of installation. . (Source: Nissan, CTBR, Guardian, May, 2017) Contact: Nissan,; Tesla Powerwall,

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Empower Micro Launches Smart Home Energy Technology (Ind. Report)
Empower Micro Systems
Date: 2017-05-22
California-headquartered power electronics technology provider Empower Micro Systems is reporting the introduction of its Genesys 8K modular smart home energy platform developed for residential unified solar + energy storage deployments. The company is licensing the technology to inverter, PV module, and lithium-ion battery module manufacturers worldwide to gain traction in the growing residential smart energy sector.

The Empower platform requires two components or stock keeping units (SKU) for residential deployments -- the module-level fractal Inverter 8K PowerBridge and the 8K PowerHub, which serves as a smart energy combiner.

According to the company, the Genesys 8K modular technology delivers best-in-class efficiency, instrumentation-grade power quality, and unmatched reliability. Genesys 8K is designed for standard household alternating current (AC) wiring, providing a unified solar + energy storage system that eliminates specialty high-voltage direct current (DC) balance of system (BOS) costs, while effectively increasing the speed of installation. (Source: Empower Micro Systems,, 17 May, 2017) Contact: Empower Micro Systems, Mika Nuotio, CEO, (415) 816-2924,

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Enel Acquiring Tynemouth Energy Storage Project (Int'l, M&A)
Enel,Element Power
Date: 2017-05-22
Italian energy company Enel Green Power reports it is purchasing London-based Element Power's 12.5MWh battery energy storage project in Tynemouth, UK. The 25MW standalone project has been acquired for around £17 million, including construction costs. The project is slated for completion in February, 2018.

(Source: Enel, Element Power, SPP, 17 May, 2017) Contact: Enel Green Power, Francesco Venturini, CEO,; Element Power,

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Eastman Kodak Joins Li-Ion Battery Consortium (Ind. Report)
Eastman Kodak
Date: 2017-05-22
From the Eastman Business Park in Rochester, New York, Eastman Kodak Co. reports it has joined a global consortium of energy storage industry leaders to support the advancement of lithium-ion batteries. The consortium is investigating and considering the construction of a 15 GWh battery manufacturing plant in Australia. Eastman Kodak will provide coated anode and cathode electrodes and cell manufacturing for the project should it proceed.

The Eastman Business Park is opening a new battery cell assembly facility in July that will add new capability to the existing Kodak Pilot Commercialization Center. The new facility will provide a full set of resources for energy storage inventors, entrepreneurs and commercial developers. When fully operational, the facility will produce 250,000 car batteries, 1 million home battery units or support 300 microgrids to power small towns. (Source: Eastman Kodak, Messenger Post Media , 16 May, 2017) Contact: Eastman Kodak, Dolores Kruchten, Pres.,

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Tesla, GMP Tout Vermont Home Energy Storage Program (Ind. Report)
Tesla,Green Mountain Power
Date: 2017-05-19
In a blog post, Tesla reports it has teamed up with Vermont utility Green Mountain Power (GMP) to launch what they claim is a "first-of-its-kind" energy storage aggregation program using Tesla's lithium-ion battery solutions.

GMP will deploy Tesla's residential Powerwall and utility-scale Powerpack storage solutions bundled into a "single resource of shared energy." GMP will deploy up to 2,000 Powerwall batteries to homeowners within its service territory enabling more renewable energy and increase grid efficiency, according to Tesla. Customers will be charged a $1,500 one-time fee or $15 per month for a 10 month term. (Source: Tesla, GMP. Blog, Solar Industry, 16 May, 2017) Contact: Tesla,,; Green Mountain Power, Mary Powell, Pres., CEO, (888) 835-4672,

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NextEra's Ont. Energy Storage Project Zoning Approved (Ind. Report)
NextEra Energy
Date: 2017-05-15
NextEra Energy reports it has received zoning approval for the development of a 2-MW battery storage facility on a 4.2-acre site in Elmira, Ontario.

The facility would house a series of independent battery modules that would store excess power from intermittent sources -- wind and solar -- in the grid, releasing it when demand grew or generation dropped off. The system is designed to be self-contained, subject to 24/7 monitoring, and equipped with fail-safe mechanisms. NextEra presently has eight operating storage facilities in Canada. Moreover, (Source: NextEra, 11 May, 2017) Contact: NextEra Energy, Neil Watlington, Project Manager, Steven Stengel, Communications, (561) 691-7171,

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Vattenfall's Pen y Cymoedd WelschWind Farm On Line (Int'l)
Date: 2017-05-12
Swedish government-owned Vattenfall reports its largest on shore wind farm, Pen y Cymoedd in South Wales, UK, is now generating electric power at full capacity. The 228MW wind farm utilizes 76 Siemens wind turbines.

Vattenfall also plans to add a power storage plant utilizing more than 1,000 BMW lithium-ion batteries to the Pen y Cymoedd facility. The batteries, which have a capacity of 33 kilowatt hours (kWh) each, are equipped with a BMW-owned battery control system. (Source: Vattenfall, 8 May, 2017) Contact: Vattenfall Innovation, Daniel Hustadt, Proj. Manager Gunnar Groebler, VP Wind Energy, Magnus Hall, CEO, Pres, +46 8 739 5000,

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Missouri Utility, NorthStar Partner on Battery Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
City Utilities , NorthStar Battery
Date: 2017-05-10
In Springfield, Missouri, City Utilities and Kista, Sweden-based NorthStar Battery Company report they are partnering to fund and construct a $1 million battery-powered electrical storage system in southwest Springfield. NorthStar has a manufacturing plant in Springfield.

The project's more than 1,100 12-volt batteries and a power conversion system will be housed in two 400-square-feet buildings constructed by the current substation. The installation is expected to be completed in September at a City Utilities substation in Springfield.

The battery manufacturer anticipates the installation will provide "proof of concept" for its NorthStar BLUE+ batteries and remote management system NorthStar ACE. (Source: NothStar Battery Company, Springfield News-Leader, 7 May, 2017) Contact: City Utilities, Scott Miller, GM, Jay Lorbach, Generation projects, (417) 863-9000,; North Star Battery, (417) 575-8200,,

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SolarMax Touts Modular Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-05-08
German inverter manufacturer SolarMax reports it has begun shipping its modular MaxStorage TP-S energy storage system. The 3-phase MaxStorage TP-S , which was developed primarily for private applications, a lithium-ion storage battery, a self-learning energy management system and a seven-kilowatt SolarMax 7TP2 inverter in a single housing. As many as four batteries can be added, enabling a rated capacity of up to 9.2 kWh.

A bidirectional DC/DC booster ensures high efficiencies. The integrated MaxWeb XPN data logger regulates the energy flow and adjusts it to suit energy needs and availability. SolarMax continuously monitors the battery status, thus guaranteeing high availability. The model is supplied with numerous interfaces. These include LAN, RS485, Modbus, KNX and an interface for direct marketing. (Source: SolarMax, PR, 4 May, 2017) Contact: SolarMax, +49 37 33 / 50 78 40,,

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Nissan Joins Tesla, Mercedes in Home Energy Storage Race (Int'l)
Date: 2017-05-05
Japanese automaker Nissan is reporting the launch of its XStorage Home, a British-made lithium-ion battery energy storage system to rival Tesla and the recently announced Mercedes-Benz offering, as detailed in our April 28th issue.

The cells will be manufactured by Nissan in Sunderland, UK, and sold in the UK in partnership with Eaton Corp, a US power management company. The XStorage Home systems will be sold for £5,000 and up, with installations carried out by a nationwide network of electricians beginning in July. (Source: Nissan, CTBR, Guardian, May, 2017) Contact: Nissan,;; Mercedes-Benz, ; Tesla,,

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Engie Installing Eos Energy Storage Technology in Brazil (Int'l)
os Energy Storage,Engie,Northern Power Systems
Date: 2017-05-03
The French multinational utility Engie, formerly known as GDF Suez, reports it is developing a 5MW hybrid solar and wind energy project complete with a 1MW / 4MWh zinc hybrid cathode battery system from Eos Energy Storage, in Tubarao, Brazil.

Eos' Aurora grid-scale storage system based on the company's patented znyth zinc hybrid cathode batteries will be used in the project. The energy storage company will work with power generation equipment provider Northern Power Systems, which will supply its FlexPhase power conversion technology and "intelligent" controls.

Eos and Northern Power Systems are currently finalizing site-specific engineering and design tasks ahead of breaking ground on the project later this summer, according to Engie. (Source: Engie, Energy Storage, 25 April, 2017) Contact: Eos Energy Storage, Philippe Bouchard, (212) 628-7191,,; ENGIE Group, Julie Vitek, (713) 636-1962,,; Northern Power Systems, Pavel Jakovlev, Marketing Manager, (802) 461-2955 ext.7,,

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Australian Vanadium Studying Residential Battery Market (Int'l)
Australian Vanadium
Date: 2017-05-03
On the heels of Tesla's success and Mercedes-Benz recent announcement, West Perth-based Australian Vanadium (AVL) reports it is investigating its potential entry into the residential battery energy storage market through it wholly owned subsidiary VSUN Energy.

AVL has retained TFMS, a commercialization consultant, to study the market, including: a high level residential VRB costing study; preparation of VRB product budget; identification of potential funding partners and grant assistance; and an analysis of potential technology partners and manufacturing sites.

AVL's redox flow battery (VRB) offers the ability to store large amounts of energy for delivery over an extended period. Small scale VRBs are also ideally suited for small scale standalone applications such as powering remote telecommunications facilities and irrigation pumping facilities, according to a company release. AVL's vanadium redox flow batteries are currently being marketin Australia by GILDEMEISTER. (Source: Australian Vanadium, PR, 2 May, 2017) Contact: Australian Vanadium, Vincent Alar, MD, +61 8 9321 5594,

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Selectronic, LG Chem Announce Energy Storage Partnership (Int'l)
LG Chem.Selectronic
Date: 2017-05-01
Lithium-ion battery manufacturer LG Chem, Ltd. reports it is partnering with Aussie battery inverter supplier Selectronic to help Australian consumers reduce their electric power consumption and provide improved energy storage solutions using a Selectronic SP PRO battery inverter with LG Chem RESU batteries.

The integration of LG Chem's RESU series with Selectronic's inverter has successfully completed over 30 field tests around Australia .(Source: LG Chem, CSO, 26 April, 2017) Contact: LG Chem,; Selectronic, Rod Scott, CEO,

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