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Solar Wind Energy Tower, Elperta Ink Kenyan MoU (Ind. Report)
Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc.
Date: 2015-07-22
Annapolis, Maryland-headquartered Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc. (SWET), the inventor of large solar wind downdraft tower structures capable of producing abundant, inexpensive electricity, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Nairobi-based Elperta Industries Co. Limited under the terms of which Elperta will finance and develop SWET thermal downdraft towers facilities in Kenya.

Under the terms of the MoU, SWET will receive development fees and royalties from tower project(s) in Kenya while allowing Elperta a 6 month exclusivity period to fully evaluate and vet a specific site previously identified for the first Tower Facility. Each facility is estimated to have an installed capacity rating of up to 1,250 megawatts. (Source: Solar Wind Energy Tower, Inc., 18 July, 2015) Contact: Solar Wind Energy Tower, Ron Pickett, CEO, (410) 973-4713,,

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ENGIE Ramps Up Energy DR with KiWi Investment (M&A)
ENGIE,KiWi Power
Date: 2015-07-22
Paris- headquartered ENGIE -- formerly GDF SUEZ -- reports it has invested in KiWi Power, a UK demand response (DR) aggregator, through its corporate venture capital company ENGIE NewVentures.

ENGIE is committed to offer new services in energy management to its global client base. KiWi has developed a leading technology and extensive industry expertise within the demand response, energy management and smart grid space. Combining proprietary hardware and software, KiWi Power delivers significant commercial returns and sustainability benefits to large consumers of electricity, utilities and grid operators. (Source: ENGIE, KiWi Power, 20 July, 2015) Contact: KiWi Power, Yoav Zingher, CEO, 011 +44(0)20 7183 1030,; ENGIE, Gerard Mestrallet, CEO, 011 +33 (0) 1 44 22 24 35,

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Energy Efficiency, Renewables in RI RGGI Fund Plans (Funding)
Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources
Date: 2015-07-22
In Providence, Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources reports that the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiatiove (RGGI) cap-and-trade program auction earlier this year netted the state $14 million to invest in renewable energy and related initiatives.

The agency proposes spending $2.8 million to replace high-pressure sodium streetlights with efficient LED lighting on state highways, and $1 million for LED streetlights throughout municipalities. The proposed investments also include $3 million for the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, the state's hub for green infrastructure financing initiatives, and about $3.6 million for energy efficiency measures, among other projects. (Source: Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, WPRO News AP, 20 July, 2015) Contact: Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, (401) 574-9003,; RGGI, (212) 417-3179,

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DEINOVE Unveils Bio-Based Muconic Acid Production (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-07-22
French biotech specialist DEINOVE, a developer of innovative processes for producing biofuels and bio-based chemicals by using Deinococcus bacteria, reports completion of conclusive proof of concept for the production of muconic acid by a Deinococcus bacterium. The Montpelier-based firm plans to launch a new R&D platform in this field.

Using their proprietary metabolic engineering tools, DEINOVE R&D designed a Deinococcus bacterium capable of producing renewable muconic acid, a particularly sought-after chemical intermediate, from a variety of feedstocks. The physiology of Deinococcus is well-suited for the production of this molecule, providing a critical competitive advantage compared with other alternatives.

Muconic acid is a versatile chemical intermediate whose derivatives -- caprolactam, terephthalic acid (a precursor to PET) and adipic acid are widely used in the plastics industry. (Source: Deinove, 21 July, 2015) Contact: DEINOVE, Emmanuel Petiot, CEO, 011 +33 (0)4 48 19 01 28,,

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Big Apple to Cut Carbon Emissions 40 pct by 2030 (Ind. Report)
Carbon Emissions
Date: 2015-07-22
At last weeks Vatican climate change summit, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio pledged to slash the Big Apple's carbon footprint by 40pct by 2030. The mayor said that even as national leaders wavered on the climate change issue, local mayors had to take matters into their own hands and "jolt our national paradigms".

New York's mayor is a founding member of a group of local leaders who have vowed to reduce carbon emissions by 80 pct by 2050. (Source: Various Sources, Guardian, 21 July, 2015) Contact: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio,

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Notable Quote
Climate Change
Date: 2015-07-22
"We don't even know how far we've gone, or if we've gone over the (climate change) edge. There are tipping points, feedback loops. This is not some linear set of problems that we can predict. We have to take measures against an uncertain (climate change) future which may well be something no one ever wants. We are talking about extinction. We are talking about climate regimes that have not been seen for tens of millions of years. We're not there yet, but we're on our way." -- California Gov. Jerry Brown, July 21, 2015

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Maine wind power owner SunEdison to buy second-largest solar installer

Date: 2015-07-21
Solar and wind power company SunEdison Inc. said it would buy Vivint Solar Inc. in a deal valued at about $2.2 billion, including debt, to expand in the residential and commercial solar power business. SunEdison has offered Vivint shareholders $16.50 per share, a 51.7 percent premium to Vivint’s Friday close, payable in $9.89 cash, $3.31 in stock and $3.30 in notes for every share held.

Vivint, the second-biggest installer of rooftop solar panels behind SolarCity Corp., has operations in seven states including California and New York. SunEdison said its unit, TerraForm Power Inc., would subsequently buy Vivint’s rooftop solar portfolio of 523 megawatts, expected to be installed by year-end 2015, for $922 million in cash. (Source: BDN Maine, 21 July, 2015)

Argo Fuels Launches Biodiesel Crowdfunding Campaign (Funding)
Argo Fuels
Date: 2015-07-20
Logan, Utah-based Argo Fuels reports it is launching an Idiegogo crowdfunding campaign on July 21. The company plans to use the proceeds to purchase feedstock and preparations for large-scale biodiesel production using its proprietary NanoCatalyst fuel processor.

The NanoCatalyst fuel unit is a distilling processor utilizing a high-pressure, supercritical solid metal catalyst reactor that reaches full reaction in minutes and make biodiesel for one-third the cost of traditional reactors using high-FFA feedstock such as brown grease. It says the process is scalable and portable, and the entire processor with an 8 MMgy capacity can be packed into a 40-foot shipping container.(Source: Argo Fuels, 17 July, 2015) Contact: Argo Fuels, Ray Dellinger, Founder and CEO, (385) 240-2746,

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TransAlta Using Tesla in Energy Storage Test (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-07-20
In Canada, TransAlta is set to launch the Province of Alberta's first large-scale commercial energy storage test project using five Telsa's Powerpack batteries.

In the $500,000 pilot, TransAlta will combine five fridge-sized Tesla batteries and install them in a medium-sized building, like a grocery store or apartment building. The batteries collectively will store 500 kilowatts, being able to discharge at 250 kW an hour over two hours. The batteries can be charged and discharged daily, with a life expectancy of 10 years. (Source: TransAlta, Tesla, BNN, 17 July, 2015)Contact: TransAlta, Brent Ward Director, Corporate Finance and Investor Relations, (800) 387-3598, (403) 267-2540,,; Tesla Motors,

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LG's Commercial LEDs OK'd for "Mass Save" Rebates (Ind. Report)
LG Electronics
Date: 2015-07-20
LED lighting manufacturer LG Electronics reports that its new wireless LED troffers now qualify for Massachusetts "Mass Save" retrofit program rebates. Through electric program administrators and utility program managers in Massachusetts, commercial building owners may receive Mass Save utility rebates of up to $150 per fixture for installing the new, super-efficient LG lighting systems.

LG's LED troffers with wireless capabilities are designed for small- and medium-sized office applications. They offer an integrated daylight and occupancy sensor with three levels of system integration, including stand-alone, group control, and third party wireless controls using ZigBee® open standard protocol. (Source: LG Electronics USA, 16 July, 2015) Contact: LG Electronics,,; Mass Save,

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Mendocino County Joins CaliforniaFIRST Program (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-07-20
In the Golden State, the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors has approved a resolution for the county to participate in the CaliforniaFIRST program.

The program helps residents in unincorporated areas finance eligible home improvement projects such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency improvements and seismic strengthening improvements. Drought tolerant landscaping, energy efficient roofs, energy efficient outdoor and indoor lighting, insulation, water heaters, solar or wind electrical generation, windows and doors, attic fans, ceiling fans, evaporative cooler, sky lights, energy efficient furnaces, greywater systems and others are included, according to the CalFirst website.

The terms allow the borrowing of up to 15 pct of the property value and the amount financed can be repaid through property tax payments over 5 to 25 years with no prepayment penalty. An unpaid balance can be transfered to a new owner upon sale. (Source: California Statewide Communities Development Authority, CaliforniaFIRST, Willits News, 17 July, 2015) Contact: CaliforniaFIRST, (888) 862-4516,

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Itron, Sunrun Furthers Solar Monitoring Alliance (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-07-20
US residential solar specialist Sunrun and technology and services company Itron, Inc. are expanding their alliance to provide accurate monitoring of solar production from home solar installations.

As per their agreement, Sunrun will now utilize Itron Total Solar which provides production measurement and managed services for solar photovoltaic (PV) generation. Itron Total Solar will supervise Sunrun's daily system operations and collect, store and support the validation of solar PV production data via a secure 4G LTE cellular network. The production data and analytics services will be made available to Sunrun through a secure, cloud-based infrastructure and easy-to-use API-based interface.

Itron currently monitors nearly 100,000 solar installations across the U.S., representing over 500 megawatts of clean energy capacity. (Source: Itron, NASDAQ, 16 July, 2015) Contact: Sunrun, Edward Fenster, CEO, (415) 982-9000,; Itron,

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SAFT Supplying 800 kWh Battery for Electric Ferry (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-07-20
Battery giant SAFT reports that it won a contract with Imtech Marine for an 800 kWh battery combining two Seanergy® systems for a new hybrid-electric ferry that will be owned and operated by Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd (CMAL) in Scotland.

As a modular system, Seanergy® can be scaled to meet any requirements up to 750 V. The modules are based on SAFT'S Li-ion Super Phosphate (SLFP) cell chemistry which offers the advantage of improved high energy capability and optimized total cost of ownership when compared with standard Li-ion phosphate technologies. The two Seanergy® systems, which provide a total of 800 kWh of energy storage, can power the vessel in battery mode only and in hybrid mode in combination with a diesel generator. When at sea, Imtech's energy management system will balance the energy delivered by the diesel genset and battery systems to make propulsion as efficient and clean as possible enabling the genset to run at peak efficiency. (Source: SAFT Batteries, July 20, 2015) Contact: SAFT Batteries, Jayesh Vir, Marine Segment Key Account Manager, Jim McDowall, Business Development Manager, Energy Storage Systems Business Unit,; Imtech Marine,

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BPA Highlights Biomass Support from Congress to EPA (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Biomass Power Association
Date: 2015-07-20
"Biomass Power Association thanks Rep. Annie Kuster, D-N.H., and Rep. Bruce Westerman, R-Airzona, for their leadership in sending a bipartisan letter of support for biomass power to the U.S. EPA. The letter, sent June 17 and signed by a total of 21 members, outlines the environmental and economic benefits of electricity from 'low-value' wood and other agricultural residues. The signers request that the EPA take action to remove regulatory ambiguities in the treatment of utility-scale biomass power as a renewable resource.

"We cannot fully express our gratitude to Reps. Kuster and Westerman, along with the other 19 signers and all of their staff members, for supporting biomass in this letter to EPA. Each of the signers recognizes the significant role that biomass plays in his or her district, and the urgent need to preserve the industry. This letter continues the momentum needed to ensure that biomass receives fair treatment in the Clean Power Plan and other regulations.

"Biomass companies are doing an incredible job of turning unused material into an energy source, and they are creating jobs for workers across the country and in New Hampshire,' said Congresswoman Kuster in a joint press release with Congressman Westerman. 'Biomass producers need to know upfront how the EPA's proposed carbon emission rules will affect them, so these regulations do not come as a surprise and hinder their ability to expand, grow, and continue to hire American workers. I urge EPA to swiftly make it known how these rules will be applied to the biomass industry, and to consider partial- or full-exemption from these rules for sustainable biomass producers.

"Biomass fuel is important to a growing renewable energy industry in the U.S. and abroad. We ask that the Environmental Protection Agency create a fair, clear set of regulations sooner rather than later so this industry can have certainty in their processes as they grow. A new industry that sequesters carbon, is environmentally sound, and is creating jobs deserves to be treated fairly and to know the rules upfront. That is what we are requesting from the EPA today,' said Congressman Westerman."

The EPA's Clean Power Plan, also known as Section 111(d), is currently under review by the Office of Management and Budget and is due to be released later this summer. (Source: Biomass Power Association, 19 July, 2015) Contact: Biomass Power Association, Bob Cleaves, Pres., CEO,(703) 722-7043,

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Notable Quote
World Bank Group
Date: 2015-07-20
"Today capturing methane isn't always worth the cost, despite the fact that technologies to reduce methane are relatively inexpensive. Right now, the price of carbon credits is so low that over one thousand methane-reducing projects are in danger of shutting down. These projects, if sustained, could keep hundreds of millions of tons of methane out of the atmosphere." -- Vikram Widge, Head of Climate and Carbon Finance, World Bank Group

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Pilot Auction to Capture Methane Touted (Ind. Report)
Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation,World Bank Group
Date: 2015-07-20
The World Bank Group reports that the 28 Private sector bidders participating in the July 15th Pilot Auction Facility for Methane and Climate Change Mitigation's (PAF) first online auction bought price guarantees for 8.7 million tons of CO2e emissions reductions to cut methane emissions in waste management at a clearing price of $2.40 per credit.

The first auction which allocated carbon credit price guarantees, marks a new and innovate way to finance reductions of emissions of methane gas which is potentially 25 times more damaging to the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

The first auction focused on methane-reduction projects at landfills, agriculture and wastewater sites. Most of the eligible projects are in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico and Thailand. The auction winners will purchase a special type of World Bank bond that pays holders a guaranteed price upon delivery of eligible carbon credits.

By using auctions to bid the guarantee price, or price floor down, the PAF aims to achieve the most results for climate change mitigation from limited public funds. Additionally, as it is set up on a pay-for-performance basis, the PAF will only pay the auction’s guarantee price, if exercised, once results are achieved.

Donors are Germany, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States and have agreed to contribute more than $50 million to the PAF. It has a capitalization target of $100 million dollars and is actively fund-raising to hold two to three more test auctions over the next 18 months. (Source: World Bank Group, 17 July, 2015) Contact: World Bank Group, Rachel Kyte, VP and Special Envoy for Climate Change, (202) 473-1000,,; PAF,

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Con Edison Emissions Down More Than 45 Percent in Nine Years

Date: 2015-07-19
WHITE PLAINS, NY -- Con Edison Inc. (Con Edison) announced today that its greenhouse gas emissions have been reduced more than 45 percent in the nine years between 2005 and the end of 2014. That reduction is the equivalent to taking more than a half million passenger vehicles off the road. That reduction also includes a seven percent reduction in 2014 alone. Con Edison’s energy efficiency programs also helped customers cut their use of electricity by over 750,000 megawatt hours, diminishing peak electricity demand and helping to defer large billion-dollar capital investments for constructing new substations. Company programs also saved 1 million dekatherms of natural gas. Con Edison’s 2014 Sustainability Report, containing these and other highlights, is available at Ongoing progress converting customers from using inefficient heating oil to cleaner-burning natural gas also is highlighted, as well as significant growth efforts supporting renewable generation. “Fostering continuous improvements is essential to our ongoing efforts toward sustainability leadership, and that remains both a fundamental focus of our business and a measure of our success,” said Andrea Schmitz, Con Edison vice president of Environmental Health & Safety. “We are committed to minimizing our environmental impact, improving our business operations and performance, and enhancing the quality of life where we work and live.” Other highlights include: Con Edison recycled approximately 90 percent of non-hazardous waste materials. The company saw a rapid growth in distributed generation. An additional 2,872 customers installed solar equipment PV last year alone, growing from 53 megawatts (MW) at the start of 2014 to 84.5 MW by the end of year. Solar power production has more than quadrupled across the company’s service territory in the last four years, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) over 75 percent. (Source: ConEdison, 19 July, 2015 Andrea Schmitz, Con Edison vice president of Environmental Health & Safety

Japan Pledges 26 pct GHG Emissions Cut (Int'l., Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-07-17
In preparation for the upcoming global summit on climate change in Paris this November, the Japanese government has pledged to slash the country's greenhouse gas emissions by 26 pct by 2030 from 2013 levels. The target is based on the government's power generation plan for 2030 which was finalized yesterday. To meet it target, Japan's power sector will rely slightly less on nuclear power than on renewable energy.

As the world's fifth-largest GHG emitter, Japan's emissions rose to 1.41 billion metric tons of CO2 equivalent, the second-highest on record, in the year through March 2014. That was up 10.8 pct from 1990, reflecting the rise in coal-fired power after the indefinite closure of nuclear power plants following the tsunami disaster. Japan set the renewable energy target at 22 to 24 pct, liquefied natural gas at 27 pct, and coal at 26 pct of the country's energy mix. (Source: Japan Times, Others, 17 July, 2015)

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EU AFC Adopts Biofuels Land Use Rules (Int'l, Reg & Leg)
European Renewable Ethanol Association ,ePURE
Date: 2015-07-17
The European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council (EU AFC0 reports that it has adopted the new rules to address indirect land use change (ILUC) impacts associated with biofuels.

The new directive amends the 2009 renewable energy directive (RED) and the 1998 fuel quality directive (FQD), and places a 7 pct cap on conventional biofuels that can count towards the RED targets. The directive also allows EU states to set a lower cap. It also encourages the transition to advanced biofuels, includes a provision for double counting of feedstocks for advanced biofuels, and requires reporting on greenhouse gas emission savings from the use of biofuels to be carried out by fuel supplier and the commission.

According to the European renewable ethanol association ePure, EU member states have 24 months to adopt the new rules. (Source: AFC EU, ePure, Biodiesel Mag. July 15 Contact: European Union Agriculture and Fisheries Council,; ePURE, Robert Wright, Sec. Gen, 011 +32 2 657 6679,,

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Colorado's Renewable Portfolio Standard Upheld (Reg & Leg)
Environment Legal Institute
Date: 2015-07-17
In Colorado, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit has rejected the Washington-based Energy and Environment Legal Institute's (EELI) challenge to Colorado's Renewable Portfolio Standard. The court found that the standard does not disproportionately harm out-of-state businesses as contended by the EELI. Colorado's renewable portfolio standard requires power generators to ensure that 20 pct of the electricity they sell to state consumers comes from renewable sources.

In its suit, EELI claimed that some out-of-state coal producers will lose business with out-of-state utilities who feed power onto an interconnected grid serving 11 Western states, Canada and Mexico. (Source: Law Review, BNA, Various Others, 14 July, 2015)Contact: Energy and Environment Legal Institute, (202) 785-8301,,

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Calif. Dairy Wins $3Mn for Anaerobic Digestion Project (Funding)
California Department of Food and Agriculture
Date: 2015-07-17
The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) will award nearly $11.1 million to help pay to build five anaerobic digesters in the Central Valley, including one west of Visalia. In the Golden State, AgPower Visalia, LLC is slated to receive $3 million from the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for the installation of an anerobic digester capable of handling up to 100,000 gpd of cow manure at its daily operation in Visalia. AgPower Visalia will invest $4.7 million in matching funds for the project.

The grant funding is coming from the CDFA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and other state agencies that are investing money from California's Cap-and-Trade Program auctions.

Captured methane from the project will be used for power generation with the excess sold back to the grid. (Source: CDFA, AgPower Visalia LLC, Times-Delta, 13 July, 2015) Contact: CDFA, Karen Ross,; AgPower Visalia,

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Peabody Energy White House GHG Submission Paper -- Attached (Ind. Report)
Peabody Energy
Date: 2015-07-17
In March, the world's largest private-sector publicly-traded coal company and the largest producer of coal in the U.S., submitted the attached paper on greenhouse gas emissions and climate change to the White House's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) on March 24, 2015.

In the submission, Peabody addresses the company's concerns regarding new policies the government has proposed that would treat greenhouse gas emissions and considerations regarding climate change as part of environmental impact reviews under the US government's National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Peabody coal fuels approximately 10 pct of America's and 2 pct of the world's electric power generation. In 2013, 73 pct of the company's total coal sales (by volume) were to U.S. electricity generators in nearly 40 states. Peabody has over 7 billion tons of proven and probable coal reserves in the U.S. Peabody also has an ownership interest in a 1,600 megawatt coal-fueled electricity generation plant in the U.S.

Access a full copy of the Peabody's March 2015 submission HERE. (Source: Peabody Energy, DESMOG, 14 July, 2015) Contact: Peabody Energy, Beth Sutton, (928) 699-8243,

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Energesco Awarded Multifamily Building Energy Efficiency Contracts (Ind. Report)
Energesco,Pepco,Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Date: 2015-07-17
In Maryland, Pepco and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) have awarded contracts to Chantilly, Virginia-headquartered Energesco Solutions LLC for energy efficiency improvements to multifamily properties. The contracts were awarded under the Commercial Multifamily Program, a newly announced energy efficiency rebate program, supporting the EmPOWER Maryland initiative.

The Pepco contract extends to multifamily properties throughout its service area in Maryland. The Commercial Multifamily Program, which launched in June 2015, is offered exclusively to multifamily properties in Maryland seeking to implement energy efficiency and water conservation upgrades. Under the program, multifamily properties will be eligible to receive enhanced rebates for energy efficiency projects, including apartment-level direct install measures, LED light upgrades and HVAC enhancements.

The SMECO contract extends to all multifamily owners and operators in Prince George's, Charles, St. Mary's and Calvert counties. (Source: Energesco Solutions, 15 July, 2015) Contact: Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative , (888) 440-3311,; Energesco Solutions, (703) 201-7781,,

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Pacific Biodiesel, Big Island Biodiesel Merge (M&A)
Pacific Biodiesel Technologies,Big Island Biodiesel
Date: 2015-07-17
Pacific Biodiesel Technologies reports the acquisition of Big Island Biodiesel, which became a subsidiary of the Maui-based firm effective July 1, of this year. Big Island's current biodiesel production capacity is 5.5 million gpy. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Big Island Biodiesel, which joins Pacific Biodiesel Logistics as Pacific Biodiesel's second subsidiary, began production in 2012 and is the most recent of 13 facilities designed by its Maui parent, featuring fuel distillation and zero-waste processing. (Source: Pacific Biodiesel, Pacific Bus, News, 15 July, 2015) Contact: Big Island Biodiesel, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies, (808) 877-3114,,

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Big Rivers Electric Rated Highest US CO2 Emitter (Ind. Report)
Big Rivers Electric Corp
Date: 2015-07-17
According to a just released report prepared for sustainability advocacy group Ceres, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Bank of America and four large utilities, Henderson, Kentucky-based Big Rivers Electric Corp. is ranked No. 1 in terms of CO2 emissions on a megawatt-by-megawatt basis. Of the 100 largest electric utilities in the U.S., Big Rivers had the highest emissions rate of CO2, releasing 2,264 pounds per MWh as of 2013. The company uses approximately 4 million tpy of coal in its power generation activities.

Big Rivers is owned by and generates electricity for three Western Kentucky rural electric co-ops, including Henderson-based Kenergy Corp. (Source: Ceres, Gleaner, 16 July, 2015) Contact: Big Rivers Electric Corp., (270) 827-2564,

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