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Little Djibouti Pledges Major Carbon Emissions Cuts (Int'l)
Date: 2015-08-19
African republic says it needs help from Green Climate Fund to achieve ambitious goal The small African Republic of Djibouti (pop. 872,932) has submitted its carbon reduction pledge to the UN ahead of the upcoming climate summit in Paris. Djibouti committed to curb its greenhouse gas emissions by 40 per cent by 2030 compared with a business-as-usual scenario. But the government said the target could rise to 60 per cent if it received additional funding from the international community to support decarbonization efforts.

Djibouti is in an unenviable situation. As one of the world's poorest countries it is also one of the most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, including extreme drought and temperatures, rising sea levels, and flash floods. According to the country's government, it would invest more than $3.8 billion in collaboration with the international community to achieve its carbon reduction goal and for sustainable development.The country is developing a new National Strategies for the green economy, biodiversity and meeting the challenges of climate change. (Source: Business Green, COP21, The Road to Paris, Others, 17 Aug., 2015)

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Brazilian Biodiesel Tender Secures 696.8Mn Litres (Int'l)
Brazilian Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels
Date: 2015-08-19
The Brazilian Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) reports that 696.8 million litres of biodiesel were sold at an average price of $0.62/€ 0.56) per litre at its 44th biodiesel auction. At the auction, 35 producers offered a total volume of 850.727 million litres, of which 99.71 pct had the Social Fuel Seal which is issued to producers that promote the social inclusion of the family farmers.

The biodiesel tenders are designed to meet the legal requirement for at least 7 pct blend of biodiesel to diesel oil sold at the pump station. (Source: Brazilian Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels, SeeNews, 18 Aug., 2015) Contact: Brazilian Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels,

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Vattenfall Abandoning Welsh Wind Project (Int'l, Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-08-19
Swedish wind energy giant Vattenfall reports it is ditching its 22mw, 11 turbine, Nant Bach wind farm project in Wales.

The project, which was granted regulatory approval more than four years ago, "no longer fits into Vattenfall's strategy of developing and operating wind energy sites," according to the company. The developer also claims the 100 meter-high wind turbines are no longer economically viable and to proceed at this time the company would have to refile for planning permissions. (Source: Vattenfall, Various Sources, 18 Aug., 2015) Contact: Vattenfall Jonny Hewett, Nant Bach Project Manager,

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DOE Biomass R&D Committee Announces August 27-28 Meeting (Ind. Report)
U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Date: 2015-08-17
The U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has announced August 27-28 as the dates for an open meeting of the Biomass Research and Development Committee. The public event is intended to develop advice and guidance that promotes R&D leading to the production of biobased fuels and products. The agenda will likely include an update on the USDA's Biomass Research and Development Initiative, a panel on measuring environmental indicators and assessment, a panel on economic and bioeconomy market development, as well as a panel on biomass resource development.

Information on filing a written statement to the committee or to attend the meeting and/or to make oral statements regarding any of the items on the agenda is available HERE. (Source: U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, 10, Aug., 2015) Contact: U.S. DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy,

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Wind Turbine Bearing Stress Tech. Touted (New Prod & Tech)
University of Sheffield
Date: 2015-08-17
In the UK, University of Sheffield engineers report the development of a new technique to predict when wind turbine bearings will fail. The new technology uses ultrasonic waves to measure the load transmitted through a ball bearing in a wind turbine. The stress on the wind turbine is recorded allowing forecast its remaining service life.

When a bearing is subject to a load, its thickness is reduced by a very small amount due to elastic deformation, and the speed of sound is affected by the stress level in the material. Both these effects change the time of flight of an ultrasound wave through a bearing. The new technology uses a custom-built piezoelectric sensor mounted in the bearing to measure the time of flight and determine the load.

The new technology has been laboratory validated and is currently being tested at the Barnesmore wind farm in Donegal, Ireland by the company, Ricardo. It is hoped it will be used in the future inside monitoring systems for other turbines. (Source: University of Sheffield, Eurekalert, 13 Aug., 2015) Contact: University of Sheffield, Wengu Chen, 011 +44 114 222 2000,

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Sullivan Solar Expanding to Beat Incentive Deadlines (Ind. Report)
Sullivan Solar Power
Date: 2015-08-17
Riverside, California-based turnkey solar system provider Sullivan Solar Power reports it has moved into new warehouse and office space in anticipation of expanding its solar installation capacity by 50 pct over 2014.

According to the company, the expansion will support the increased demand it has received from its Riverside County Solar Program, which allows local property owners to install solar for no upfront cost and receive up to $1,500 cash-back for their participation. The company adds that solar energy systems incentives are dwindling and its solar power program for Riverside County property owners will end this year. In 2016, the 30 pct federal tax credit will also expire. In addition to local and federal incentives, the current favorable financial net-energy metering benefits to solar producers will also end for those who do not install a solar energy system before the Southern California Edison deadline. (Source: Sullivan Solar, 14 Aug., 2015) Contact: Sullivan Solar,

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$2 Million Wave Energy Prize Finalists Selected (Ind. Report)
U.S. DOE Wave Energy Prize
Date: 2015-08-17
Twenty teams have successfully navigated the first technology gate to qualify for the U.S. DOE's $2 million Wave Energy Prize. The 20 qualified teams will continue their quest to double the energy captured from ocean waves in the design-build-test competition. The competition aims to encourage the development of wave energy conversion (WEC) devices that will in turn reduce the cost of wave energy, making it more competitive with traditional energy solutions.

Official qualified teams are: Advanced Ocean Energy @ Virginia Tech (Hampton Roads, Va.) ; AquaHarmonics (Oakland, Calif.); Atlantic Wavepower Partnership (Newport, R.I.); Atlas Ocean Systems (Houston, Texas); CalWave (Berkeley, Calif.); Enorasy Labs (Bedford, Mass.); Float Inc. BergerABAM (San Diego, Calif.); IOwec (MIT Sea Grant College Program -Cambridge, Mass.); M3 Wave (Salem, Ore.); Mocean Energy (Annapolis, Md.); OceanEnergy USA (Sacramento, Calif.); Oscilla Power (Seattle, Wash.); Principle Power (Berkeley, Calif.); RTI Wave Power (York, Maine); Sea Potential (Bristol, R.I.); SEWEC (Redwood City, Calif.); Super Watt Wave Catcher Barge Team (Houston, Texas); Team FLAPPER (Floating Lever and Piston Power ExtractoR) (Research Triangle Park, N.C.); Wave Energy Conversion Corporation of America (WECCA) (North Bethesda, Md.); Waveswing America (Sacramento, Calif.)

A panel of expert judges identified the qualified teams based upon the quality of their technical submissions, which described their concepts in detail. Among other requirements, qualified teams will now build a 1/50th scale model and will participate in small-scale tank testing as a means of validating their concepts.

Finalist teams, which are scheduled to be announced in March 2016, will have the opportunity to receive seed money to build their 1/20th scale WEC prototypes, which will be tested at the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Maneuvering and Seakeeping (MASK) Basin at Carderock, Md. (Source: US DOE, Wave Energy Prize, 14 Aug., 2015) Contact: US DOE, Wave Energy Prize, info@,

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EU Wood Pellet, Biogas Markets Highlighted in USDA GAIN Report -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service
Date: 2015-08-17
The attached USDA Foreign Agricultural Service's Global Agricultural Information Network report provides an overview of the European Union's bioenergy sector, including data on the use of wood pellets and biogas.

According to the report, the EU is the world's largest wood pellet market with a consumption level of approximately 18.7 million metric tpy of wood pellets last year. Demand is projected to grow to nearly 21 million metric tons by next year, with equal shares expected to go to industrial and household use.

The GAIN report indicates the residential heating sector is a relatively stable growth market when compared pellet use for power generation, as the industrial market which is highly dependent on government funding. The report also notes that pellet use for co-firing is expected to resume in the Netherlands next year.

The report notes that approximately 14 million tons of oil equivalent (toe) of biogas is expected to be used for heat and electricity in the EU this year, with 9.7 million toe of that coming from anaerobic digestion, 2.85 million ton coming from landfill gas and 1.4 million toe from sewage sludge.

A full copy of the EU Biofuels Annual 2015 report can be downloaded HERE. (Source: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, Aug., 2015) Contact: USDA Foreign Agricultural Service,

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Passive House Institute Embraces Renewable Energy (Ind. Report)
Passive House Institute
Date: 2015-08-17
In Germany, the Passive House Institute has launched Passive House Plus -- a new category that incorporates on-site renewable energy. The new category takes into account storage and transmission losses and balances energy demand and supply for renewable sources. The intent is to meet the EU standards for Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) -- targets that all new buildings must meet by 2020, according to Passive House Sr. Scientist Jessica Grove-Smith.

This new certification system has many of the original Passive House standards; both require a building with a super-insulated, airtight envelope that consumes less than 4.7 kbtu/sf/yr for heating and cooling and has fewer than 0.6 air changes per hour at 50 pascals of air pressure. But Passive House Plus has a much lower primary source energy cap at 4.18 kWh/sf/yr, compared with 5.57 kWh/sf/yr for basic certification.

The Passive House Institute has also recently introduced Passive House Premium, which increases the amount of renewable energy required, essentially making the building a small power plant.

The Chicago-based Passive House Institute U.S. (PHIUS) has its own program for encouraging net zero energy buildings -- PHIUS+ -- the outcome of a three-year study funded by the U.S. DOE. (Source: Passive House Institute, Architectural Record, 14 Aug., 2015) Contact: Passive House Institute, Jessica Grove-Smith, Sr. Scientist,; Passive House US, (312) 561-4588,,

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E2 Energy Advisors Offers New Energy Efficiency Funds (Funding)
E2 Energy Advisors
Date: 2015-08-17
Dallas-based E2 Energy Advisors reports it has secured $2 billion in new energy efficiency funding available for Energy Savings Agreements for energy efficiency upgrades. Qualifying upgrades include LED lighting and other efficiency measures offered by the E2 Energy Advisor group. Funding is available for a limited time for investments in energy-saving upgrades that can be widely adopted in airports, commercial buildings, industrial, manufacturing, shopping centers, property management, supermarkets, hospitality, municipalities, schools and others.

The available funds offer building owners a source of energy investment capital that allow energy efficiency upgrades at no initial project cost and that can provide immediate cash flow savings to a building owner. (Source: E2 Eenrgy Advisores, 14 Aug., 2015) Contact:,

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EPA Proposes Tougher Landfill Gas Emission Rules (Reg & Leg)
Date: 2015-08-17
In Washington, the US EPA has issued two proposals to reduce methane gas emissions from municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills. Under the proposals, new, modified and existing landfills would begin collecting and controlling landfill gas at emission levels almost one-third lower than current requirements, according to an EPA release.

The EPA expects the combined proposed rules slash methane emissions by an estimated 487,000 tpy beginning in 2025 -- equal to cutting carbon pollution emissions from more than 1.1 million homes. The EPA estimates that the two proposals would cost an estimated $55 million in 2025. It set the climate benefits from the combined proposals at nearly $750 million for that year, or nearly $14 for every dollar spent to comply. (Source: US EPA, 17 August, 2015)

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Flathead Electric Coop Selling Community Solar Panels (Ind. Report)
Flathead Electric Cooperative
Date: 2015-08-17
In Montana, Flathead Electric Cooperative reports that its community solar project outside Kalispell now has solar panels available for purchase for $900. will allow residents to purchase renewable energy without installing their own solar panels. The 285-watt panel will then be installed in a solar panel array on vacant land at the utility company's Stillwater substation. Participating FLathead co-op members will receive a credit on their bills for the amount of electricity their panel generates over the next 25 years.

Flathead Electric Cooperative's new Solar Utility Network should be running next month, giving members the ability to lower their electricity bills and earn energy tax credits.

The project, which is slated for completion Sept. 15, is limited to one panel per member for the 25-year life of the program. (Source: Flathead Electric Cooperative, Missoulian 13 Aug., 2015) Contact: Flathead Electric Cooperative, (406) 293-7122,

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Climate Change Panel Wants Albertan's Input (Ind. Report)
Environment Minister Shannon Phillips
Date: 2015-08-17
In Canada, Albertans are being encouraged to go online or attend public sessions to address a government appointed panel on ways the oil-rich province can address the global issue of climate change. The panel, selected by Environment Minister Shannon Phillips and chaired by Dr. Andrew Leach, includes members with distinct skills, valuable networks and a understanding of Alberta's unique economic, environmental and social circumstances.

In addition to public sessions beginning the week of August 24, and an online survey, the panel will also hear from industry, municipalities, academics, First Nations and Metis communities. A discussion guide, available online, provides an outline of key issues and areas the panel will explore and investigate. At the end of this process, the panel will provide advice to government to help form the foundation of Alberta's new proposal to address climate change, which will be in place in time for the COP21 world summit in Paris in December.(Source: Alberta Ministry Environment and Parks, 14 Aug., 2015) Contact: Alberta Ministry Environment and Parks, Hon. Shannon Phillips, Minister, (780) 310-3773,

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UK Accelerates GHG Emissions Cut Projections -- Report Attached (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2015-08-17
Bloomberg is reporting that a report from the UK Departments of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) has found that UK is cutting its greenhouse-gas emissions at a faster pace than anticipated. At its present pace, the country is reducing emissions at the rate of 2.9 million metric tpy.

In addition to carbon dioxide, the report covers methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, sulfur hexafluoride and nitrogen trifluoride which together account for 17 pct UK's greenhouse-gas emissions. The calculations take into account the effects of new policies on transport, forestry and waste management and regulations governing air conditioners that affect greenhouse-gas emissions. The new figures also incorporate changes in methodology with the baseline of 1990 against which cuts are measured.

The report found that Great Britain has met its goal to cut greenhouse gases, including CO2, by 12.5 percent from 1990 to 2012. It is also working toward EU targets of reducing it by 20 pct within five years and double that in 2030. The new projection represents an annual cut of 1.12 million tons from the 95.8 million tons registered in 2013.

Calculation of data has changed in terms of the measure of emissions from agriculture and waste and accounting fully for new EU regulations on fluorinated gases. In the new methodology the global warming potential of methane has been raised and that of nitrous oxide has been lowered, according to the report.

Access the full report HERE (Source: DECC, GreenTech, 15 Aug., 2015) Contact: DECC,

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Genetically Engineered Microbe Improves Isobutanol Yield from Cellulose (R&D)
Date: 2015-08-17
Another barrier to commercially viable biofuels from sources other than corn has fallen with the engineering of a microbe that improves isobutanol yields by a factor of 10, according to a report from the DOE BioEnergy Science Center (BESC). The report builds on results from 2011 in which researchers reported on the first genetically engineered microbe to produce isobutanol directly from cellulose.

Isobutanol is attractive because its energy density and octane values are much closer to gasoline and it is useful not only as a direct replacement for gasoline but also as a chemical feedstock for a variety of products. For example, isobutanol can be chemically upgraded into a hydrocarbon equivalent for jet fuel.

"When we reported our initial finding four years ago, we were using Clostridium celluloyticium, which is a less complex organism from a metabolic engineering perspective," said report co-author James Liao of UCLA's Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science. "With this paper, we have successfully engineered similar traits in the much higher yielding Clostridium thermocellum, and that has taken us to new levels of consolidated bioprocessing efficiency."

Consolidated bioprocessing refers to the bundling of several processes in a single microbe that can be used to extract sugar from a plant's cellulose and convert those sugars into a biofuel. This approach can be used to combine several steps -- pretreatment, enzyme treatment and fermentation -- to produce biofuel at a lower cost. The process also helps overcome a plant's natural defenses to being chemically dismantled -- an economic barriers to using lignocellulosic biomass such as corn stover and switchgrass as a biofuels feedstock.

While the previous genetically engineered microbe achieved conversion results of 0.6 gram of isobutanol per liter, Clostridium thermocellum has produced 5 to 6 grams per liter by inserting five genes into the microbe, enabling it to synthesize isobutanol. Scientists view this as a clear next-generation advance over strategies that use yeast to create biofuels from cellulose. (Source: ORNL, Metabolic Engineering, Aug., 2015) Contact: ORNL, BESC, Paul Gilna, Director,

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ARF Launches RFS Awareness Blitz (Ind. Report)
America’s Renewable Future
Date: 2015-08-14
In Des Moines, America's Renewable Future (ARF) has released a who's who list of Iowa elected officials who are calling on presidential candidates of both parties to support the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). The bipartisan list includes office holders in city, county, and state government who see renewable fuels as a top issue in the 2016 caucuses. ARF released the following statement: "The RFS is a commonsense, bipartisan issue that infuses competition into the motor fuel market, lowers consumers' price at the pump, and strengthens rural communities. The 10-year old policy bolsters the national and state economy supporting over 852,000 American jobs and 73,000 jobs across the state of Iowa."

ARF is also launching a paid media blitz celebrating the success of the RFS over the past ten years. (Source: America's Renewable Future, August 10, 2015) Contact: ARF, Majda Sarkic, (319) 404-2091,,

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SMECO Awards Energy Mgmt, Efficiency Rebate (Ind. Report)
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative
Date: 2015-08-14
Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative (SMECO) has issued a $272,000 incentive check for energy efficiency and energy management to the new St. Charles High School in Waldorf, Maryland. The "all electric" USGBC LEED Silver certified school opened in August 2014 and incorporates state-of-the-art energy efficiency and energy management technologies and features that save 1,600 megawatt hours of electric power per year.

Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) has worked with the SMECO Business Solutions Program to save energy on past projects and annually receives energy usage rebates through SMECO's EMPOWER MD Program. (Source: SMECO, Southern Maryland Online, 11 Aug., 2015) Contact: SMECO, (888) 440-3311,; St. Charles High School,

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Empire State Carbon Tax Proposed (Ind. Report, Reg & Leg)
Carbon Tax
Date: 2015-08-14
New York State Assistant Assembly Speaker Felix Ortiz, (D-Brooklyn) has introduced legislation to create a carbon tax on the use of fossil fuels in New York state. The bill follows the June 4th introduction of the Fossil Fuel Divestment Act (A.8011-a) which was also tabled by Ortiz. The Fossil Fuel Divestment Act would eliminate investment of public pension funds in the 200 largest fossil fuel companies.

According to the Brooklyn assemblyman, his proposed carbon tax would in effect penalize the use of fossil fuels and be easier to implement than a cap-and-trade program. With a carbon tax, renewable energy sources, including solar and wind, would be subject to little or no tax; fuels that generate more emissions, including coal, would be subject to higher fees, creating a disincentive for their use.

New York State is a member of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). (Source: Legislative Gazette, 13 Aug., 2015) New York State Assistant Assembly Speaker Felix Ortiz, (518) 455-3821, (718) 492-6334,

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Meyer Burger, EcoSolifer Seal Solar Cell Production Line Deal (Int'l., Ind. Report)
EcoSolifer,Meyer Burger Technology Ltd
Date: 2015-08-14
Budapest-based silicon thin-film equipment and technology firm EcoSolifer and Swiss equipment maker Meyer Burger Technology Ltd report having inked a CHF 29 million ($29.5 million) deal under which Meyer Burger will supply, deliver and install a 500 MW capacity heterojunction (HJT) solar cell line at EcoSolifer's manufacturing facility in Csorna, Hungary. Delivery is slated for late 2015, with EcoSolifer aiming to bring the first cells out in Q1 2016.

The EcoSolifer installation will have an initial capacity of 90 to 100 MW which will be scaled up to 500 MW. The contract includes Meyer Burger's integrated cell performance measurement and sorting technology and a FabEagle MES modular software system for scaleable production management. EcoSolifer also has an option to acquire the Meyer Burger's SmartWire Connection Technology. (Source: EcoSolifer, Others, PV Mag, Others, 10 Aug., 2015) Contact: EcoSolifer, 011 +36 783 0927,; Meyer Burger Technology Group,

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DOE Seeks Comments on Tenant Star Energy Efficiency Program (Ind. Report)
Date: 2015-08-14
In Washington, the DOE has issued a request for comments on the recently created Energy Efficiency Improvement Act of 2015 -- aka Tenant Star Program .

The Tenant Star Program authorizes the US EPA and the DOE to create a voluntary program modeled after the ENERGY STAR program. Once it is put into effect, the program is expected to provide similar recognition for property owners and tenants that design, construct and operate energy-efficient building spaces. This request for comments is seeking comments regarding "effective methods, measures, and practices for the design and construction of separate building spaces (also known as tenant spaces) to create high-performance, energy efficient spaces." Comments are due by Sept. 30, 2015. (Source: US DOE,, 10 Aug., 2015)

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Moncton Cutting Emissions with Cdn. Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection Program (Ind. Report)
Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection
Date: 2015-08-14
In New Brunswick, Canada, the City of Moncton is partcipating in an initiative to reduce greenhouse gases within its operations by 20 pct from its 2002 levels by 2017. Moncton is also participating in an initiative to reduce the public's emissions by 6 pct.

Moncton (pop. approx. 70,000) is one of 33 New Brunswick municipalities participating in the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection initiative to reduce greenhouse gas initiatives. Participating municipalities are required to:

  • complete a greenhouse gas inventory;
  • set a greenhouse gas emissions reduction target;
  • create and implement a local action plan;
  • monitor the results and fine-tune the program.
  • The city is currently reviewing proposals from consultants to develop a plan to meet the 20 pct and expects to have a draft report by February 2016. The Moncton project is receiving $40,000 from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund. (Source: City of Moncton, CBC New Brunswick, 11 Aug., 2015) Contact: City of Moncton, Melissa Lee, Environmental Technologist, (506) 853-3333,; Federation of Canadian Municipalities Partners for Climate Protection,

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    Alliance BioEnergy Plus, RRDA Seal Development Deal (Ind. Report)
    Alliance BioEnergy Plus ,Renewable Resources Development of America
    Date: 2015-08-14
    West Palm Beach, Florida-headquartered Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. (ABE) recently announced that it entered into a non-exclusive development agreement with Sandy Springs, Georgia-based recycling specialist Renewable Resources Development of America (RRDA) LLC for the construction and operation of up to 56 cellulose conversion plants both domestically and abroad utilizing ABE's licensed, patented CTS technology. UNder the deal, RRDA will also invest $4 million for a 10 pct stake in Alliance BioEnergy Plus.

    Ground expected the be broken this fall on the first plant under the agreement this fall will in central Georgia. The plant will process up to 1,000 metric tpd of agriculture and forestry waste. RRDA is in advanced negotiations with local municipalities and expects to be fully operational by the second quarter of 2016.

    RRDA's background also extends to chemical extraction from or for manufacturing, and cellulose material conversion into sugars for the manufacturing of bio-fuels, bio-plastics and other products. The company is also developing business facilities using cellulose conversion technology. (Source: Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc., August 10, 2015) Contact: Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Daniel deLiege, CEO, (888) 607-3555,,; Renewable Resources Development of America, James Voyles, CEO, (770) 334-8000,,

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    POET Releases Economic Impact Study -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2015-08-14
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota-headquartered ethanol producer POET has released its first-ever economic impact study. The study reveals the significant impact POET has made to national economic growth and job creation in 2014, including:
  • Generating a total of $13.5 billion in sales for U.S. businesses;
  • Adding $5.4 billion in national gross domestic product;
  • Supporting an estimated 39,978 full time jobs; and
  • Contributing $3.1 billion in income for American families.

    The report further details POET's contribution to the economic prosperity in each of the seven states where it operates -- South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. POET operates a total of 27 dry mill corn ethanol plants with an annual capacity of 1.7 billion gallons -- more than 11 pct of the total U.S. ethanol output.

    According to the report, POET's production of 1.7 billion gallons of ethanol displaces nearly 1.2 billion gallons of gasoline, which requires 61 million barrels of crude oil to produce. This displacement potentially reduces the outflow of money to foreign producers of oil by nearly $5.5 billion.

    The use of POET ethanol also reduces greenhouse gas emissions relative to gasoline. Burning a gallon of ethanol opposed to gasoline results in a 35 percent reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Reflecting this, the production of 1.7 billion gallons of POET ethanol cuts CO2 emissions by approximately 874,000 metric tons.

    Access the full report and additional information on state-level data HERE. (Source: Poet, 13 August, 2015) Contact: POET, Jeff Lautt, CEO,

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  • "Listening to the Candidates Debate" (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Climate Change
    Date: 2015-08-14
    Although approximately 75 pct of Americans favour some form of government action on climate change, the 22 and growing number of candidates of both stripes have differing opinions and levels of political will to addressing climate change in the event that they are elevated to the White House.

    Just to refresh your memory, the Democratic contenders on the left include the current frontrunner Hillary Clinton, Lincoln Chafee, Martin O'Malley, the fast rising Bernie Sanders, and Jim Webb.

    On the right, the Grand Old Party's contenders are: Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, Jim Gilmore, Lindsey Graham, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christy, Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal, John Kasich, George Pataki, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker and "THE Donald" Trump.

    Their positions on the following climate change related questions are just about what followers of the Amnerican political circus would expect:

  • "Is climate change real?" 14 Yes (all Democrats); 7 No; 1 "its complicated";
  • "Is climate change man made?" 13 Yes (all Democrats); 8 No; 1 "its complicated";
  • "Have you called for action on climate change?" 10 Yes; 12 No;
  • "Have you made serious proposals to cut emissions? 4 Yes (3 Democrats); 19 No
  • "Will you combat climate change if elected?" 5 Yes; 17 No
  • In working the numbers, if action on climate change IS your major consideration your best bets are all Democrats: Hillary Clinton, Martin O'Malley or Bernie Sanders, all of whom answered "YES" to every question.

    If action on climate change is NOT an issue, your best bets are: Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, Scott Walker and "THE Donald" Trump, Republicans all who answered "NO" to every question.

    It's the usual partisan political posturing when it comes to climate change and very little hope of real action no matter who ends up in the Oval Office. (Source: Various Sources, National Public Radio, 11 Aug., 2015)

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    juwi AG, MVV Energei Tout Renewable Growth Opportunities (Int'l)
    juwiAG, MVV Energie
    Date: 2015-08-12
    Worrstadt, Germany-based renewable energy developer juwi AG reports a €70 million increase in equity with the shares of Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie. According to a juwi AG and MVV Energie joint release, the new equity strengthens juwi AG's growth capacities for developing new renewable energy projects. MVV Energie has been holding shares in juwi AG since 2014.

    juwi AG offers project development and EPC services as well as primarily wind and solar energy products and solutions mainly projects with solar and wind. The juwi group was established in 1996 in Rhineland-Palatinate. Since the end of 2014, MVV Energie AG has been co-owner and partner of the juwi-group. To date, juwi has realized around 840 wind turbines with a total capacity of approx. 1,800 MW at more than 100 sites. In the solar segment, more than 1,500 projects with a total capacity of around 1,400 megawatts have been designed and constructed. Combined, these energy systems produce around six billion KWh of clean energy per year. With annual sales of €3.7 billion, the publicly listed MVV Energie Group is one of Germany's leading energy companies (Source: juwi AG, 11 August, 2015) Contact: juwi AG, Christian Hinsch, Communications, +49 (0) 6732. 96 57-1201, +49 (0) 172. 67 949 12,,; MVV Energie AG, Dr. Georg Müller, CEO,

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    Diesel Technology Forum Comments on EPA's Pending Heavy Truck Emissions Rules (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Clean Diesel Forum
    Date: 2015-08-12
    Diesel Technology Forum Exec. Director Allen Schaeffer was one of the many representatives who testified at the Chicago hearing last week, and he presented his case for why clean diesel technology could play a "key" role in helping the U.S. reach its new emissions goals.

    "Today, manufacturers of commercial trucks, engines and their components produce the cleanest, safest and most fuel-efficient technology in the world, and over 95 pct of those vehicles are powered by diesel engines. Advances in diesel engine technology will continue to contribute to the overall efficiency gains of vehicles under this proposed rule. As a result, we expect diesel technology to remain the primary power-plant for commercial trucks into the foreseeable future.

    "For all parties, the challenge of further increasing fuel efficiency while maintaining or improving environmental, safety and productivity of commercial vehicles is as important as it is complex. To be successful, the final outcome here must build on the success already accomplished in achieving near-zero emissions with today's new clean diesel technology and drive continued innovation while ensuring that the end products are highly desired by customers.

    "When finalized, these rules will join the Clean Power Plan [and] light-duty vehicle efficiency standards as the third key component of the administration's climate change plan and are expected to contribute substantial greenhouse-gas emission reductions while helping to advance commitments to the international climate convention."

    In light of the recently released Clean Power Plan, Schaeffer noted "We thought it was important to note that new technology clean diesel trucks on the road between 2010-2014 have already reduced annual carbon emissions by about the same amount as 2.4 coal-fired power plants and [nitrogen oxide (NOx)] emissions equivalent to 158 coal-fired power plants."

    "Now achieving near-zero emissions, clean diesel technology powers the overwhelming majority of medium and commercial trucks today, and thanks to these improvements is poised to continue as the prime powertrain technology for commercial vehicles in the future. The engine may look and perform somewhat differently, and may be burning different kinds of low-carbon fuels, but in the end it will still be a diesel engine and an integral component of meeting the needs of a growing economy and a cleaner and more sustainable future," Schaeffer concluded. (Source: Diesel Technology Forum, NGT News, Others, 10 August, 2015) Contact: Diesel Technology Forum, Allen Schaeffer, Exec. Dir., (301) 668-7230,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Diesel Emissions,  Diesel,  Clean Diesel,  Clean Power Plan,  

    Aussie 2030 Emissions Reduction Target Slammed as "Pathetically Inadequate" (Int'l, Ind. Report)
    Climate Institute
    Date: 2015-08-12
    In the Land Down Under, the Liberal coalition government of Prime Minister Tony Abbott has unveiled Australia's greenhouse gas emissions reduction target at 26 pct below 2005 levels by 2030. Business and environmental groups have widely criticized the goal as being less ambitious than most other developed countries. The same critics have also been asking the government to drop its opposition to buying emissions permits offshore, which would dramatically lower the cost of meeting the pledged 26 pct.

    The "pathetically inadequate" pledge, which environmental groups say will leave Australia the highest per capita emitter in the world, is proportionate because of "Australia's higher population growth and the higher economic costs of global climate action on coal exports", according to the government.

    An analysis by the Climate Institute suggests that the government's emissions reduction target will place Australia in the worst three of a group of nine comparable countries when it comes to reducing carbon emissions on a whole range of metrics from total emissions cuts to emissions per unit of gross domestic product to emissions per capita. (Source: Climate Institute, Guardian, 10 Aug., 2015)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Institute,  Australia,  Tony Abbott,  

    Climate Action Tracker Tags Top CO2 Emitters (Ind. Report)
    Climate Action Tracker
    Date: 2015-08-12
    And the winner is CHINA -- the world's biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. China has promised that its emissions will peak by 2030 at the latest, and was vowed to reduce the carbon intensity of its economy 60-65 pct by 2030 based on 2005 levels.

    The USA is the world's second biggest emitter of CO2 and has committed to a 26-28 pct cut by 2025 based on 2005 levels. Obama has ordered power plant owners to cut carbon dioxide emissions 32 pct by 2030 based on 2005 levels. In the longer term, it has committed to an 83 pct reduction by 2050 based on 2005 levels.

    INDIA is the world's third biggest emitter of carbon dioxide. The has pledged to reduce its GDP emissions intensity 20-25 per cent by 2020 based on 2005 levels.

    RUSSIA is holding down the fourth largest emitter spot and has committed to a 25-30 pct reduction by 2030 based on 1990 levels.

    INDONESIA is the world's fifth biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and has pledged to reduce emissions such that in 2020 they are 26 per cent below 2020 forecasts; if sufficient international support is in place, it has pledged to cut by 41 per cent.

    BRAZIL is the world's sixth major CO2 emitter and has pledged that by 2020 its emissions will be 36.1 per cent to 38.9 per cent lower than 2020 emissions forecasts.

    The LAND OF THE RISING SUN is in seventh place and has committed to a 26 per cent reduction by 2030 based on 2013 levels. This converts to a reduction of 25 per cent by 2030 based on 2005 levels. CANADA is the world's eighth biggest emitter of carbon dioxide and has committed to cut emissions 30 pct by 2030 based on 2005 levels.

    DEUTSCHLAND is ninth and has pledged to a 55 per cent reduction by 2030 based on 1990 levels.

    MEXICO is the world's 10th biggest CO2 emitter . Mexico has committed to cut its GHG and short-lived climate pollutants emissions 25 pct by 2030, based on forecasts for the nation's 2030 emissions.

    The runner-ups are Iran, South Korea Australia, the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia in that order. (Source: Climate Tracker, Climate Change Authority, Global Carbon, Others, Aug., 2015) Contact: Climate Action Tracker,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  Climate Action Tracker,  

    France Floats Floating Wind Farms Tender (Int'l Report)
    Environment and Energy Management Agency
    Date: 2015-08-10
    The French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME) has opened a call for tenders for pilot offshore wind projects with floating turbines. Project proposals must be located in Brittany, Languedoc-Roussillon et Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur. The call targets proposals for grid connected wind farms consisting of 3 to 6 floating turbines with a capacity of at least 5 MW per turbine. The projected operational life span of the power plants should be at least 15 to 20 years.

    Investment support will be provided under the "Investments for the Future" programme (PIA), a ten-year plan launched in 2010 to support research and innovation in France, as well as through feed-in tariff mechanism. Financing will cover conception and development, equipment related to construction of the facilities including including turbines, floating structures, anchor systems, electrical architecture and grid connection as well as operation and maintenance of the selected pilot projects.

    The tender closes on April 4, 2016. (Source: French Environment and Energy Management Agency, SeeNews, Various Others, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: French Environment and Energy Management Agency,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Offshore Wind,  

    Hydrogenics Supplying 100 kw Fuel Cell System for Scottish Energy Project (Ind. Report)
    Hydrogenics Corporation
    Date: 2015-08-10
    Mississauga, Ontario-based fuel cell specialist Hydrogenics Corporation reports that it has been awarded a contract to supply three electrolyzers and a fuel cell power module system for the Levenmouth Community Energy Project in Fife, Scotland.

    The £4 million project received grant funding from the Scottish Government's Local Energy Challenge Fund, and is being led by Bright Green Hydrogen along with project partners, Fife Council and Toshiba.

    The project will further develop an existing local energy research center in Methil, Fife into a world-class demonstrator of hydrogen applications generated from renewable sources. Bright Green Hydrogen awarded Edinburgh-based Logan Energy as the integrator for the project.

    Hydrogenics will deploy one alkaline electrolyzer and one PEM electrolyzer which will be integrated by Logan Energy for containerized fueling, along with another PEM electrolyzer and fuel cell module to be part of an energy storage system powered by wind. August 06, 2015 (Source: Hydrogenics Corporation, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: Hydrogenics Corporation, Daryl Wilson, CEO, Bob Motz, CFO, (905) 361-3660,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Hydrogenics Corporation,  Fuel Cell,  Energy Storage,  

    Oman Identifying Potential Wind Assets (Int'l Report)
    Oman Public Authority for Electricity and Water
    Date: 2015-08-10
    In the Middle East, the Sultanate of Oman's Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) reports it has identified 15 sites deemed optimal for wind power projects as part of the Oman Wind Atlas Project. The agency will now install wind masts equipped with data measuring equipment to further identify the potentially most productive and bankable wind resources for future development, according to a PAEW report. The project aims to encourage investment in wind energy. (Source: Oman Public Authority for Electricity and Water , albawaba News, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: Oman Public Authority for Electricity and Water,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Renewable Energy,  

    Yes Bank Raises $49Mn Green Bonds for Renewables Projects (Int'l)
    Yes Bank
    Date: 2015-08-10
    In a recently released statement, Indian private sector bank Yes Bank reports having raised $49.4 million from the issue of Green Infrastructure Bonds (Green Bonds) to International Finance Corporation (IFC) to fund Indian renewable energy projects.

    The 10-year bonds would be used to finance renewable energy projects and to help the bank meet its commitment of financing 5 gigawatts of renewable energy projects by 2020. KPMG will provide annual Assurance Services on the use of proceeds. (Source: Yes Bank, PVTech, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: Yes Bank, Rana Kapoor, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Yes Bank,  Green Bonds,  Renewable Energy,  

    McKinstry Wins Pueblo City Schools Energy Efficiency Contract (Ind. Report)
    McKinstry,Black Hills Energy
    Date: 2015-08-10
    In Colorado, Slinger, Wisconsin-based engineering firm McKinstry has begun implementing $10.4 million in energy efficiency measures at the Pueblo City School District 60 in a project that is expected to generate a return on investment through various grants, incentives and guaranteed energy savings over a 20 year period.

    The project includes boiler replacements, LED lighting retrofits, installation of solar photovoltaic arrays at two schools, heating and cooling unit replacements, and building control system upgrades. Future phases will integrate energy efficiency and capital upgrades in the remaining 29 district facilities over the next two to three years. (Source: McKinstry, Energy Mgr., Others, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: McKinstry, (262) 297-1630,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News McKinstry,  Energy Efficiency,  Energy Management,  Black Hills Energy,  

    Notable Quotes from Presidential Hopefuls (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Climate Change,Global Warming
    Date: 2015-08-10
    "Record low temperatures and massive amounts of snow, Where the hell is GLOBAL WARMING?" -- THE Donald Trump , (R), Businessman, Television Celebrity

    "It may not be warming, by the way. The last six years we've actually had mean temperatures that are cooler. I think we need to be very cautious before we dramatically alter who we are as a nation because of it (climate change)." -- JEB Bush, (R), Former Governor of Florida

    "If you listen to the hysterics you'd think that the Statue of Liberty will shortly be under water and the polar bears are all drowning and that we're dying from pollution. It's (climate change) absolutely and utterly untrue." -- Paul Rand, (R), US Senator , Kentucky

    "If you look even at the last 15 to 20 years, most scientists -- regardless of what their belief is in the larger question -- would say there hasn't been a noticeable (climate) change in recent times." -- Scott Walker, (R), Governor of Wisconsin

    "Satellite data demonstrates that the last 17 years there's been zero warming. None whatsoever." -- Ted Cruz, (R), US Senator, Texas.

    "Climate change is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face." -- Hilary Clinton, (D), former Secretary of State

    Editor's Note: This publication strives to delivery unbiased coverage of the issues and industries that we cover. That being said, considering some of the quotes above, keeping our opinions to ourselves is sometimes difficult.

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change,  Global Warming,  

    Shell Jumps Ship Over ALEC's Climate Change Stance (Ind. Report)
    Shell,American Legislative Exchange Council
    Date: 2015-08-10
    Citing the American Legislative Exchange Council's (ALEC) position on climate change, Royal Dutch Shell announced last Friday that it will be the 106th member of ALEC to drop-out early next year. The last oil company to cut ties with ALEC was BP in March 2015. ConocoPhillips , Occidental Petroleum and Montreal-headquartered Canadian National Railway (CNR) as well as Google and eBay have cut their ties with the organization while Chevron, Exxon-Mobil and Peabody Coal are still on board. According to a statement from Shell, "ALEC advocates for specific economic growth initiatives, but its stance on climate change is clearly inconsistent with our own."

    Arlington, Virginia-headquartered ALEC offers workshops by "experts" who deny climate science, and has promoted model bills to roll back renewable energy and try to stymie President Obama's Clean Power Plan. ALEC recently adopted the Environmental Impact Litigation Act which would allow fossil fuel interests to fund state litigation against environmental policies. (Source: Shell, PRWatch, 7 Aug., 2015)Contact: American Legislative Exchange Council, (703) 373-0933,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News American Legislative Exchange Council,  Shell,  Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Electricity Generates 64 pct of EU Emissions Savings from Renewables (Int'l. Report)
    European Union,Climate Change
    Date: 2015-08-10
    According to the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC), electricity produced by renewable energy sources accounted for 64 pct of the GHG emissions savings generated in the EU. Building on EU Member States data, JRC analyses how fossil energy carriers are displaced by renewable sources in three sectors: electricity, heating/cooling and transport and outlines the framework to quantify the impact of renewable energy deployment on GHG emissions.

    The report estimates that in 2012, when total GHG emissions reached the equivalent of 4546 Mt CO2, the deployment of all renewables in the EU avoided the equivalent of 716 Mt CO2 emissions. The report adds that the highest contribution by renewables in climate change mitigation in the EU in 2012 came from renewable electricity, which covered 64 pct of the savings, due to high penetration of wind and solar power, followed by renewable heating and cooling at 31 pct and renewable transport at 5 pct. Nearly two thirds of the total savings came thanks to renewable energy development in Germany, Sweden, France, Italy and Spain. (Source: European Commission's Joint Research Centre , SeeNews, Others, 7 August, 2015) Contact: European Commission's Joint Research Centre,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  

    Denver, Detroit Airports Touted for LED Upgrades (Ind. Report)
    Eaton Corp.,U.S. DOE Better Buildings Alliance
    Date: 2015-08-10
    Power management specialist Eaton Corp. reports that the U.S. DOE Better Buildings Alliance's Lighting Energy Efficient in Parking (LEEP) Campaign recognized the Denver International Airport and Detroit Metropolitan Airport for upgrading its parking garage lighting with Eaton's LED luminaires. The airports upgraded nearly 11 million square feet of parking garages resulting in over $1.5 million per year in energy and maintenance saving. (Source: Eaton, PR, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: Eaton Corp. Lighting Div., Mark Eubanks, Pres.,,; US DOE Better Building Alliance,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News U.S. DOE Better Buildings Alliance,  Eaton Corp.,  Energy Efficient Lighting,  

    US Ethanol Consumption, Production Falling (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2015-08-10
    The US EIA reports that U.S. ethanol production averaged 40.36 million gpd -- down from the previous week at an 11-week low. The four-week average for ethanol production stood at an annualized rate of 14.89 billion gallons. Ethanol stocks also decreased to their lowest since Jan, 1, 2015, and there were no ethanol imports for the 15th straight week and the 30th in 31 weeks.

    According to the Renewable Fuels Association, ethanol producers were using 14.571 million bushels of corn to produce ethanol and 106,603 metric tons of livestock feed, 94,967 metric tons of which were distillers grains. (Source: RFA, US EIA, 7 Aug., 2015)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ethanol,  RFA,  US EIA,  

    Energy Efficiency Recommended Strategy for Clean Power Plan Compliance (Ind. Report)
    ACEEE,EPA CLean Power Plan
    Date: 2015-08-07
    The EPA's just released Clean Power Plan includes increased energy efficiency as a promising option for compliance with the plan's mandate. Previous analysis by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) found that under the draft rule more than 50% of the required emissions cuts could be achieved through energy efficiency which is generally two to three times cheaper to implement than generating power from traditional sources.

    The Clean Power Plan includes a new proposed early credit program for energy efficiency savings achieved in 2020 and 2021 in low-income communities. The rule also clarifies a number of particulars regarding the broad range of energy efficiency savings that can be counted, increasing the likelihood that states will include energy efficiency in their plans.

    A majority of states already have significant experience employing energy efficiency as a utility-system resource. Currently, twenty-four states have an annual energy savings target, while forty-one states have adopted national model building codes. Additionally, over 30 pct of the U.S. industrial sector's electricity needs are being met through combined heat and power. (Source: ACEEE, 4 August, 2015) Contact: ACEEE, Steven Nadel, Exec. Dir., (202) 507-4043,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Clean Power Plan,  Energy Efficiency,  ACEEE,  

    SolarCity Acquiring Mexican Solar Developer Ilioss (M&A)
    Date: 2015-08-07
    Ilioss develops industrial and commercial systems California-based solar energy systems installer SolarCity is acquiring Mexican soler energy specialist Ilioss for $10 million plus an additional $5 million for assets related to energy storage. The transaction is slated for closure by the end of the month.

    In other SolarCity developments, SolarCity is building a $900 million, 1.2 million-square-foot solar panel factory in Buffalo that is expected to meet the lion's share of the company's solar panel needs beginning in 2017. (Source: SolarCity, Various Sources, 5 Aug., 2015) Contact: SolarCity Corp., Lyndon Rive, Pres., CEO, (650) 638-1028,; Ilioss, 011 + 52 (55) 5282 0738,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SolarCity,  Solar,  Ilioss,  

    Cleantech Increases Stake in Building Energy Efficiency Software Provider (Ind. Report)
    Cleantech Invest, Nuuka Solutions
    Date: 2015-08-07
    Cleantech Invest is increasing its ownership stake in building energy efficiency software developer Nuuka Solutions to 37 pct.

    Finland-based Nuuka Solutions' Nuuka BEMS cloud solution helps identify energy efficiency in buildings, monitors indoor air condition and develops sustainability. The device- and manufacturer-independent cloud service enables building owners and managers to read real-time data from any building automation system, energy meter, intelligent sensor network (IOT) or other IT-system. Approximately 100 public and commercial buildings currently use the system and have improved their building energy efficiency approximately 35 pct annually. (Source: Cleantech Invest Oy, PR, 5 August, 2015) Contact: CLEANTECH INVEST PLC Alexander Lidgren, Managing Director, 011 +46 73 660 1007,,; Nuuka Solutions, 011 +358 40 8220 896,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Cleantech Invest,  Building Energy Efficiency,  Energy Efficiency Software,  ,  

    UK Seaweed Farm Set for Commercial Production (Int'l Report)
    Scottish Association for Marine Science
    Date: 2015-08-07
    The Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS) in Oban is scheduled to open the UK's first commercial-scale demonstration seaweed farm in Argyll off the coast of Scotland late this summer 2015.

    Seven native seaweed varieties will be planted at the farm, which is expected to produce up to 24 tpy. It is anticipated that the seaweed can be used for bioenergy and biofuels production as well as in anaerobic digestion plants to create methane gas or fermented to produce ethanol. (Source: Scottish Association for Marine Science, Bioenergy Insights, 4 Aug., 2015) Contact: Scottish Association for Marine Science,011 +44 1631 559000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Seaweed,  Biofuel,  Biogas,  Methane,  anaerobic digestion,  

    Clean Power Plan Paves the Way for Algenol Tech (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2015-08-07
    According to a release from Algenol, the EPA's revised Clean Power Plan rule acknowledges for the first time the value of carbon utilization, the cornerstone of Algenol's Direct-to-Ethanol technology, as a method for utilities to cut emissions from electricity production and comply with the Clean Air Act requirements for CO2 emissions.

    According to the Algenol release, the company's technology is the leading qualified and patented solution to utilize power plant emissions to produce renewable fuels. In 2015, the EPA issued Algenol a renewable fuels standard (RFS) pathway for its Direct-to-Ethanol process. Algenol's technology displaces fossil fuels with a renewable and sustainable fuel, which according to an independent study by the EPA, reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions by 69 pct, compared to gasoline. (Source: Algenol PR, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: Algenol, Paul Woods, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Direct-to-Ethanol,  Algenol,  Algae,  Biofuel,  CLean Power Plan,  

    Dominion Reports Falling CO2, Other Emissions (Ind. Report)
    Dominion Resources
    Date: 2015-08-07
    In the Old Dominion State, Richmond-headquartered Dominion Resources' just released annual Citizenship and Sustainability Report says the company's carbon intensity rate has declined by 28 pct since 2008. That means the amount of carbon emissions produced per unit of electric output from the company's various power-generating facilities is declining. The company also claims to have reduced carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen oxides emissions by 37 pct between 2008 and 2014.

    According to a recent report from Ceres, a nonprofit that advocates for sustainability leadership, Dominion is one of the energy producers that has achieved some of the best levels of improvement in CO2 emission rates. (Source: Dominion Resources, 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: Dominion Resources,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Dominion Resources,  Carbon Emissions,  Clean Power Plan,  

    N.D. AG Set to Take-On the Feds Clean Power Plan (Reg & Leg)
    North Dakota,Clean Power Plan
    Date: 2015-08-07
    In Bismark, North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem is reportedly considering legal action against the US EPA over the recently announced Clean Power Plan. North Dakota's action would not necessarily be in concert with the other 16 state that are considering a similar action.

    Under the new standards, North Dakota is required to slash 45 pct of its 7 coal-fired power plant GHG emissions by 2030.

    State officials and power producers claim the plan and 45 pct emissions reduction will drive up electric power costs and damage the state's economy.

    Over the next 15 years, North Dakota's power plants would be limited to about 1,300 pounds of CO2 emissions per MWh of electricity they generate. The current average for the state's seven coal-fired plants is about 2,300 pounds per megawatt hour. (Source: Office of ND Attorney General, Washington Times, Various Others 6 Aug., 2015) Contact: North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Coal,  Clean Power Plan,  Carbon Emissions,  

    European Transport Biodiesel Consumption Rises (Int'l. Report)

    Date: 2015-08-05
    The European transportation sector increased its biofuel consumption by 6.1 pct in 2014 following a decrease in 2013, according to initial estimates by EurObserv'Er. Even so, 2014 consumption is still lower than 2012's record 12.5 million tep (Mtep -- million-ton equivalent of petroleum) consumption.

    The increase in biofuels use is being attributed to biodiesel sales which are up +7.8 pct while ethanol consumption held stable at +0.1 pct. Biodiesel represented 79.7 pct of biofuels consumption and ethanol 19.1 pct, when taking into account the energy content (instead of the metric volume).

    EurObserv'Er also notes that oil companies are expanding their biofuels activities and are already the biggest producers of biodiesel. (Source: EurObserv'Er, Brussels Times 3 Aug., 2015)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biodiesel,  Ethanol,  Biofuel,  

    Energy Efficiency a Priority Among Higher Education Institutions (Ind. Report)
    Schneider Electric, Alliance to Save Energy
    Date: 2015-08-05
    A Schneider Electric and the Alliance to Save Energy new commissioned survey of 150 higher education facilities has found that energy efficiency is seen as key to fulfilling their schools' core mission. In the study, 90 pct of respondents said they expected to increase or maintain energy efficiency investments next year. Eighty-eight pct of respondents agreed that energy efficiency is the most cost effective way to meet their energy needs while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas emissions and cutting costs.

    According to the study, energy efficiency efforts were driven primarily by cost savings, environmental benefits and industry standards. While 92 percent of respondent schools had a culture that encourages energy efficiency practices, organizational barriers are seen as challenging their ability to achieve efficiency goals. Fifty-nine percent view this as the biggest obstacle, with insufficient funding and lack of a clear definition of success also ranking highly. Aging infrastructure is ofter seen as a hindrance to greater energy efficiency., according to the survey. (Source: Schneider Electric, Alliance to Save Energy, August, 2015) Contact: Schneider Electric, Tara Canfield, Segment Director, Education and Commercial Office Buildings,; Alliance to Save Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Schneider Electric,  Alliance to Save Energy,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Center for Rural Affairs Applauds White House Announcement (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Center for Rural Affairs,EPA Clean Power Plan
    Date: 2015-08-05
    "We applaud the Administration for taking this step. The Clean Power Plan will provide Nebraska with a significant opportunity to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and protect our communities by stepping up our commitment to renewable energy and greater energy efficiency. We know these industries have room for significant growth here in Nebraska, which is a win for Nebraska's rural communities and low-income households.

    "Investments in energy efficiency can provide a significant benefit to ratepayers, especially in low income households and rural communities and renewable energy keeps money closer to home. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory forecasted that an 80MW wind farm can generate nearly 400 jobs, $4.8 million in land lease payments and $6.3 million in new tax revenues. That spending translates into $50.14 million in local economic benefits.

    "Nebraska's wind resources have the potential to meet more than 118 times the state's current energy needs, and large-scale solar energy could provide over three hundred times our needs. With new incentives under the Clean Power Plan, pairing our incredible renewable resources with energy efficiency measures is an opportunity that Nebraska can't ignore. These energy options can create good-paying jobs and keep money closer to home in the communities and households that need them the most.

    "We should champion an implementation plan that is more than just a temporary fix, but favors solutions that are widely beneficial in the long term."

    Established in 1973, the Center for Rural Affairs is a private, non-profit organization working to strengthen small businesses, family farms and ranches, and rural communities through action oriented programs addressing social, economic, and environmental issues. (Source: Center for Rural Affairs, 3 August, 2015) Contact: Center for Rural Affairs, Lauren Kolojejchick-Kotch, Energy and Climate Program Associate, (402) 687-2100,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EPA Clean Power Plan,  

    Gevo Touts Isobutanol-Blended Gasoline Pump Sales (Ind. Report)
    Gevo Inc.
    Date: 2015-08-05
    In Colorado, isobutanol producer Gevo Inc.reports that Express Lube of Fredericksburg, Texas, is the first U.S. service station to sell gasoline blended with Gevo's renewable isobutanol at the pump. Express Lube is expected to be the first of many retail locations to offer Gevo's product as the company rolls out its isobutanol to the marina, outdoor equipment and off-road gasoline markets.

    Gevo's isobutanol, which is registered as a "fuel additive" with the EPA, is blended with gasoline to help meet renewable fuel and clean air standards. Recently, the National Marine Manufacturers Association endorsed isobutanol as a drop-in fuel for marine and recreational boat engines. (Source: Gevo, 30 July, 2015) Contact: Gevo Inc., Pat Gruber, CEO, (303) 858-3358,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Gevo Inc.,  Biofuel,  Isobutanol,  

    Pattern Acquires Remaining Capacity in 283 MW Gulf Wind Power Facility (M&A)
    Pattern Energy
    Date: 2015-08-05
    San Francisco-based Pattern Energy Group Inc. is reporting completion of its acquisition of the remaining 170 MW ownership interests in the 283 MW Gulf Wind power facility in Kenedy County, Texas from Pattern Energy Group LP Pattern Development and MetLife Capital LP.

    "We now own 100 pct of Gulf Wind, which is located in a unique site on the Gulf Coast where the winds blow strongest at the times of Texas' peak demand and pricing," said Mike Garland, President and CEO of Pattern Energy. "The acquisition of the Gulf Wind equity interests and recapitalization of the project debt provides us with increased cash flow and complete control of the facility. The acquisition of the Gulf Wind interests, along with our recently announced dividend increase, demonstrate our commitment to increasing value for our shareholders."

    The Gulf Wind facility consists of 118 wind turbines and has the capacity to generate 283 MW of energy, the power equivalent to the annual energy usage of approximately 80,000 Texas homes. (Source: Pattern, 3 August, 2015)Contact: Pattern Energy, Pattern Development, Mike Garland, CEO, Matt Dallas, Communications, (917) 363-1333,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Pattern Energy,  Wind,  

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