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Cubico Acquires 392MW of Brazilian Wind Assets (Int'l, M&A)
Santander,Cubico Sustainable Investments
Date: 2016-01-15
Spain's largest bank, Banco Santander SA, the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board and Canada's Public Sector Pension Investment Board, acting through their London-based joint venture Cubico Sustainable Investments, report having acquired 392 megawatts of wind parks in Brazil for a total of $494 million from Brazilian wind-power developer Casa dos Ventos Energias Renovaveis SA.

With the acquisition, the Cubico's total installed capacity of wind generation in Brazil is increasing to 615 MW. The company also has 799 megawatts of wind parks under construction in Mexico, 99 MW in Peru and 50 MW in Uruguay

Cubico was formed in May, 2015, as a low-carbon and water investment company, backed by $2 billion in assets comprising 19 wind, solar and water facilities. Previously owned by Santander, the sites have more than 1,400 MW of capacity in Brazil, Mexico, Uruguay, Italy, Portugal, Spain and the U.K. (Source: Cubico Sustainable Investments,Bloomberg, Others, Jan., 2015) Contact: Cubico Sustainable Investments,; Casa dos Ventos Energias Renovaveis,; Banco Santander,

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Indonesia Planning Renewable Energy Focused Utility (Int'l)
Date: 2016-01-15
According to various media reports, the Indonesian Government is planning to establish a new utility company specifically focused on sourcing electric power from renewable energy through a competitive auction process. The new utility would further government's goal of sourcing 25 pct of the nation's energy from renewables by 2025. Presently, renewables represent approximately 6 pct of the country's energy mix.

Indonesia has also pledged to slash the growth of its GHG emissions by 29 pct by 2030, and to develop more than 35 gigawatts of new power stations by 2019, almost 80 pct of which would be coal-fired. (Source: CleanTechnia, Reuters, Various Others, Jan., 2015)

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Anellotech, Suntory Partnering on Bio-Plastics (Ind. Report)
Date: 2016-01-15
Pearl River, New York-based thermal catalytic biomass conversion technology (Bio-TCat) specialist Anellotech reports it has entered into the next phase of its strategic partnership with the consumer beverage giant Suntory Holdings Limited.

The partnership, which began in 2012 under a collaboration agreement that has provided more than $15 million in funding to date, is focused on the development and commercialization of 100 pct bio-based plastics for use in beverage bottles. The alliance supports the development of bio-aromatics including bio-paraxylene, the key component in 100 pct bio-based polyester -- polyethylene terephthalate (PET) -- for use in beverage bottles.

As an integral component in the bio-based value chain, Anellotech's proprietary thermal catalytic biomass conversion technology (Bio-TCat™) cost-competitively produces "drop in" green aromatics, including paraxylene and benzene, from non-food biomass.

Today's announcement marks a major milestone in making 100 percent bio-based polyester and bio-based PET bottles a reality. With construction now complete on its new development and testing facility (TCat-8™), Anellotech is ready to commence installation with groundbreaking later this month. Operational in 2016, this 25 meter-tall unit will confirm the viability and suitability of the Bio-TCat process for scale-up, and generate the data needed to design commercial plants using Bio-TCat technology. (Source: Anellotech, PR, Chemical OnLine, Jan., 2016) Contact: Anellotech, David Sudolsky, CEO, (845) 735-7700,

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California Governor Acts on Aliso Canyon Methane Leak (Ind. Report)
Aliso Canyon Methane Leak
Date: 2016-01-15
In Sacramento, California Governor Gerry Brown has issued an executive order charging seven state agencies to enforce the following key orders dealing with the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility methane leak:

  • Stopping the Leak: All necessary and viable actions will be taken to ensure Southern California Gas Company: maximizes daily withdrawals of natural gas from the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility for use or storage elsewhere; captures leaking gas and odorants while relief wells are being completed; and identifies how it will stop the gas leak if relief wells fail to seal the leaking well, or if the existing leak worsens.

  • Protecting Public Health and Safety: The state will: continue its prohibition against Southern California Gas Company injecting any gas into the Aliso Canyon Storage Facility until a comprehensive review of the safety of the storage wells and the air quality of the surrounding community utilizing independent experts is completed; expand its real-time monitoring of emissions in the community; convene an independent panel of scientific and medical experts to review public health concerns; and take all actions necessary to ensure the continued reliability of natural gas and electricity supplies in the coming months.

  • Ensuring Accountability: The California PUC will ensure that Southern California Gas Company covers costs related to the natural gas leak and its response, while protecting ratepayers. The state will develop a program to fully mitigate the leak's emissions of methane funded by the Southern California Gas Company.

  • Strengthening Oversight: The state will promulgate emergency regulations for gas storage facility operators throughout the state, requiring: at least daily inspection of gas storage well heads using gas leak detection technology such as infrared imaging; ongoing verification of the mechanical integrity of all gas storage wells; ongoing measurement of annular gas pressure or annular gas flow within wells; regular testing of all safety valves used in wells; minimum and maximum pressure limits for each gas storage facility in the state; a comprehensive risk management plan for each facility that evaluates and prepares for risks, including corrosion potential of pipes and equipment. Additionally, the Division of Oil, Gas and Geothermal Resources, the California Public Utilities Commission, the California Air Resources Board and the California Energy Commission will submit to the Governor's Office a report that assesses the long-term viability of natural gas storage facilities in California.

    The governor has also ordered all state agencies to utilize state personnel, equipment, and facilities to ensure a continuous and thorough state response to this incident. The Governor's Office of Emergency Services will also provide frequent and timely updates to residents affected by the natural gas leak and the appropriate local officials, including convening community meetings in the coming weeks. (Source: Office of Gov. EDMUND G. BROWN JR., Jan., 2016) Contact: Governor of California, EDMUND G. BROWN JR.,

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  • EC Funds IMO Shipping Emissions Project (Ind. Report, Funding)
    Date: 2016-01-15
    An IMO project to establish a global network of Maritime Technology Cooperation Centers in developing countries is to go ahead thanks to a €10 million ($11 million) funding contribution from the European Commission (EC). The funding, which will support a range of measures aimed at addressing shipping emissions over four years, is part of the EC's Climate Financing Portfolio aimed at helping less developed countries limit and reduce GHG emissions from their shipping sectors through technical assistance and capacity building. The funding will also encourage the uptake of innovative energy-efficiency technologies among a large number of users through the widespread dissemination of technical information and know-how.

    The project will establish five centers, one in each target region, with seed-funding to support the uptake of low-carbon technologies and operations in maritime transport.

    A complete package of training materials on IMO's energy efficiency requirements is now available to download free of charge from the IMO HERE. (Source: IMO, Maritime Exec., 12 Jan., 2016) Contact: IMO, Stefan Micallef, Director of Marine Environment Division,

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    Littleton Mass. Wins Green Community Certification (Ind. Report)
    Massachusetts Green Communities
    Date: 2016-01-15
    In the Bay State, the Town of Littleton reports it has become the 19th member of the Massachusetts Green Communities program and, as such, has qualified for $140,870 in grant funding from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources' [DOER] Green Communities Designation and Grant Program for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects.

    To qualify for the Green Communities program, Littleton worked with the Metropolitan Area Planning Council to create a five-year plan that would reduce energy use in town by 20 pct. The $140,870 grant will fund various energy efficiency projects around town with $34,010 designated for the School Department, $41,750 for the Water Department, $62,729 for new LED streetlighting, $1,511 for other town projects and $870 as a contingency fund. (Source: Town of Littleton, Littleton Independent, 12 Jan., 2016) Contact: Town of Littleton, Keith Bergman, Town Administrator,; Mass. Department of Energy Resources, Green Communities

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    Notable Quotes on Climate Change from Presidential Hopefuls (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Climate Change
    Date: 2016-01-15
    "Record low temperatures and massive amounts of snow, Where the hell is GLOBAL WARMING?" -- Donald Trump, (R), Businessman, Television Celebrity

    "It may not be warming, by the way. The last six years we've actually had mean temperatures that are cooler. I think we need to be very cautious before we dramatically alter who we are as a nation because of it (climate change)." -- JEB Bush, (R), Former Governor of Florida

    "If you listen to the hysterics you'd think that the Statue of Liberty will shortly be under water and the polar bears are all drowning and that we're dying from pollution. It's (climate change) absolutely and utterly untrue." -- Paul Rand, (R), US Senator , Kentucky

    "If you look even at the last 15 to 20 years, most scientists -- regardless of what their belief is in the larger question -- would say there hasn't been a noticeable (climate) change in recent times." -- Scott Walker, (R), Governor of Wisconsin

    "Satellite data demonstrates that the last 17 years there's been zero warming. None whatsoever." -- Ted Cruz, (R), US Senator, Texas

    "Climate change is the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face." -- Hilary Clinton, (D), former Secretary of State.

    Editor's Note: This publication strives to delivery unbiased coverage of the issues and industries that we cover. That being said, considering some of the quotes above, keeping our opinions to ourselves is sometimes difficult.

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    TXU Launches 100 pct Texas Solar Electricity Plan (Ind. Report)
    TXU Energy
    Date: 2016-01-13
    In the Lone Star State, Dallas-headquartered electric power retailer TXU Energy is reporting the launch of TXU Energy Solar Advantage™, the market's first electricity plan that's 100 pct backed by solar power generated in Texas.

    The company also has an electricity plan that's backed by 100 pct Texas wind energy, as well as the option to add 100 pct Texas wind energy credits to almost any other TXU Energy plan that offers cash back rewards. (Source: TXU Energy, PR, Various Sources, Jan., 2016) Contact: TXU Energy, Scott Hudson, COO, Juan Elizondo, Media, (972) 868-2854,,

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    NOMADD Intros Water-Free Solar Panel Cleaning (New Prod & Tech)
    NOMADD Desert Solar Solution
    Date: 2016-01-13
    In Saudi Arabia, NOMADD Desert Solar Solutions is touting NOMADD -- an automated no-water mechanical dusting device -- especially suited for solar panel cleaning in dessert conditions.

    The NOMADD system is a rail-mounted tube that brushes away the panel dust and handles large misalignments or settling in the arrays. According to the company, the system a viable alternative to the existing solution of hiring cleaners with water hoses.

    The startup has just signed a term sheet for a $1 million Series A funding round. (Source: Contact: NOMADD Solar Solutions, Georg Eitelhuber, CTO,,

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    Second-Gen Biofuels Can Reduce Emissions, says Study (Ind. Report)
    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
    Date: 2016-01-13
    Impacts of a 32 billion Gallon Bioenergy Landscape on Land and Fossil Fuel use in the US, a new study from the University of Illinois (UI) and collaborators has found that second-generation (cellulosic) biofuel crops like the perennial grasses Miscanthus and switchgrass can efficiently meet emission reduction goals without significantly displacing cropland used for food production.

    The U.S. EPA's Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) sets an annual production goal of 16 billion gallons of second-generation biofuel -- fuels from plant stems and leaves rather than from fruit or grains -- and 15 billion gallons of ethanol by 2022. The study found that even though previous emission reduction estimates were overly optimistic, meeting the federal biofuels goal will reduce annual U.S. transportation emissions by 7 pctt.

    Under the rules of the RFS, corn ethanol production can theoretically be reduced as other biofuel production increases, until second-generation biofuels account for the 31-billion-gallon total. If that happened, greenhouse gas savings in the transportation sector would go from 7 to 12 pct, according to the researchers.

    Second-generation biofuels are much cleaner than corn ethanol thanks to a number of biological characteristics, said DeLucia, a professor of plant biology at the U. of I. In a 2011 study, DeLucia used a model to show what would happen if the land being used to grow corn for ethanol production was instead converted to Miscanthus and switchgrass.

    The new study assumes farmers won't take their most productive farmland and use it for bioenergy crops, but they may use low-yielding land -- for example, low-quality pastures in the West, which already host perennial grasses. By changing land that's being used to grow biofuel crops from cropland to marginal land, the researchers say that the indirect land use change effect becomes very small.

    By giving second-generation biofuel producers a tax credit, the researchers say corn ethanol could eventually be phased out, because it gives second-generation biofuels an edge. Before that happens, the market for biofuel needs to grow and biofuel producers need to be certain that the policy will stay intact, the report says. (Source: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, PR, Jan., 2015) Contact: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Evan DeLucia, (217) 333-6177,

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    London Array Sets New UK Offshore Wind Record (Int'l)
    London Array,E.ON, DONG Energy.Masdar
    Date: 2016-01-13
    The giant 175-turbine London Array offshore wind farm in the Thames River estuary reports that in December, 2015, it surpassed all previous monthly output records during December when it generated 78.9 pct of capacity for 369,000MWh of energy.

    London Array Limited, which is owned by a consortium of E.ON, DONG Energy and Masdar, said the two successive record months took overall output for the year to 2,500,000MWh, enough to meet the needs of more than 600,000 UK households.

    The London Array update came in the same week as new data from National Grid confirmed the UK wind energy as a whole smashed a series of records during 2015. Wind generated 11 pct of UK power providing sufficient electricity to power 8.25 million homes. (Source: National Grid, London Array, Business Green, Others, 11 Jan., 2015) Contact: E.ON,; DONG Energy, +45 99 55 11 11,; Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, Steve Griffiths, Dir., +971 2 810 9333,; London Array Limited,

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    Suzlon Scores 200 MW Indian Wind Turbine Order (Int'l)
    Suzlon Group
    Date: 2016-01-13
    Wind turbine manufacturer Suzlon Group is reporting receipt of an order for the supply and commissioning of 47 wind turbines of S97-120 meter hybrid tower and 47 units of S111-90 meter tubular tower wind turbines with rated capacity of 2.1 MW each.

    The order, from an unnamed existing client is for a 197.40 MW wind project in Andhra Pradesh. Financial details were not released. The project is slated for commissioning prior to February, 2017. (Source: Suzlon, RTN Asia, 11 Jan., 2015)Contact: Suzlon Energy,

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    Fiscal, Macroeconomic, and Financial Implications of Climate Change -- IMF Report Attached (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-13
    "The December 2015 Paris Agreement lays the foundation for meaningful progress on addressing climate change -- now the focus must turn to the practical policy implementation issues.

    "Against this background, this paper takes stock of the wide-ranging implications for fiscal, financial, and macroeconomic policies of coming to grips with climate change. Most immediate, and key, is the need to recognize and exploit the potential role of fiscal policies in implementing the mitigation pledges submitted by 186 countries in the context of the Paris Agreement.

    "At the heart of the climate change problem is an externality: firms and households are not charged for the environmental consequences of their greenhouse gases from fossil fuels and other sources. This means that establishing a proper charge on emissions -- that is, removing the implicit subsidy from the failure to charge for environmental costs -- has a central role."

    Download After Paris: Fiscal, Macroeconomic, and Financial Implications of Climate Change HERE. (Source: IMF, Jan., 2015)

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    Nigeria Planning Climate Change Trust Fund (Int'l)
    Date: 2016-01-13
    In Abuja, the government of Nigeria has announced plans to launch a National Strategic Climate Change Trust Fund (NSCCTF) to act as a catalyst to attract investment and to implement a range of alternative financing mechanisms for climate change mitigation and adaptation programmes.

    NSCCTF would receive non-refundable contributions from bilateral and multilateral donors as well as coordinate Nigeria's climate change financing through the Bank of Industry, which is seeking accreditation to become a National Implementing Entity of the Adaption Fund.

    According to the Minister of Environment, Hon. Amina Mohammed, "Many of these opportunities are likely to be economically viable as the revenues from recouping and selling gas can offset the initial capital technology cost. A low-carbon strategy that focuses on reducing natural gas flaring and capturing the gas for commercial use (in the power and other sectors) could generate as much as $7.5 billion." (Source: Nigeria Minister of Environment, ALlAfrica, Guardian, Others Jan., 2015) Contact: Nigeria Minister of Environment, Hon. Amina Mohammed, +234 (0)9-7806468,,

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    Bestronics to Manufacture PATHION Energy Storage Systems (Ind. Report)
    PATHION Inc.
    Date: 2016-01-13
    Silicon Valley, California-based energy storage systems specialist PATHION Inc. reports the selection of San Jose-based Bestronics as lead manufacturer for its high performance energy storage systems (ESS) under the "PATHION Power" name.

    The PATHION Power product line includes modular storage platforms with integrated advanced lithium-ion batteries. The system's internal controls optimize cellWh in stand-alone systems to over 1 MWh in containerized units for energy applications extending beyond standard battery back-up. (Source: Pathion, Jan. 11, 2015) Contact: Bestronics, Ron Menigoz, EVP, CTO, (408) 385-7774,; PATHION, Mike Liddle, CEO, Dave Hurley, (408) 484-9031,,

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    Provincial Emissions Reductions Programs Need Fed Support, says Pembina (Ind. Report, Funding)
    Pembina Institute
    Date: 2016-01-11
    The Canadian clean-energy think tank Pembina Institute is calling for federal financial aid to support Alberta and other provincial plans, including investments in public transit, to cut carbon emissions.

    According to Erin Flanagan, Program Director of Federal Policy, "This is a government that does have financial tools available, and so the question is do we ensure that that money gets us a climate benefit. And I think that's the key area where we need some really rigorous metrics to evaluate that spending, to make sure it is putting us on that climate resilient path." Flanagan added that the energy sector will have to scale down emissions by introducing more clean technology, and Ottawa needs to set up the grants and programs to support that. Flanagan added, "it's not about wiping out fossil fuels, but finding 'carbon neutrality' by reducing emissions and using clean energy." (Source: Pembina Inst., 9 Jan., 2015) Contact: Pembina Institute, Erin Flanagan, Program Director of Federal Policy, (403) 269-3340,

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    DEWA, RWE Ink Renewable Energy R&D MOU (Int'l. Report)
    Dubai Electricity and Water Authority,RWE Energy
    Date: 2016-01-11
    The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) reports it has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Germany's RWE Energy Group.

    The MoU aims to enhance cooperation and the exchange of innovation, research and development in energy and smart grids, scientific research, and sustainable development in the fields of renewable energy, energy storage, energy efficiency and related areas. (Source: DEWA, Gulf News, 9 Jan., 2015) Contact: DEWA, Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, MD and CEO, 011 +971-4-601-9999,; RWE Consulting GmbH, , Dr. Klaus Grellmann, CEO,

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    PowerStream, Collus Select Opower Energy Efficiency Program (Ind. Report)
    PowerStream,Collus PowerStream,Opower
    Date: 2016-01-11
    In Canada, Ontario community-scale utilities PowerStream and Collus PowerStream have selected Arlington, Virginia-based energy software specialist Opower to deliver the first behavioral energy efficiency program under the Ontario Minister of Energy's Conservation First Framework.

    Opower will help PowerStream and Collus PowerStream engage its customers through targeted messaging that offers personalized advice on improved energy efficiency and energy conservation.

    Opower's Home Energy Reports (HERs) pair behavioral science with Big Data analytics to provide useful information on whether a household's energy use is in line with similar-sized homes, the time of year as well as local weather patterns. Opower is the world's largest household energy data processor. (Source: PowerStream, Collus PowerStream, PR, Jan., 2015) Contact: Opower, Dan Yates, Pres., Alex Kotran, (330) 607-5859,,; Collus PowerStream,; PowerStream, Eric Fagen, VP Communications, (877) 963-6900,,

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    Eagle Creek Acquires Maine Hydropower Facilities for $62Mn (M&A)
    Eagle Creek Renewable Energy
    Date: 2016-01-11
    The Memphis-based Verso Corporation reports it has sold one of its subsidiaries, Verso Androscoggin Power, which has four hydroelectric generation facilities associated with its Androscoggin Paper Mill in Maine, to Morristown, New Jersey-headquartered Eagle Creek Renewable Energy for $62 million.

    Eagle Creek Renewable Energy is a privately-held, owner, operator and developer of hydroelectric generation facilities. Eagle Creek owns and operates in excess of 130 megawatts from 47 facilities. Eagle Creek was founded in 2010, is privately owned and is headquartered in Morristown, N.J., according to the Verso release. (Source: Verso Corp., Lewiston Sun, 8 Jan., 2015) Contact: Eagle Creek Renewable Energy,; Verso Corp.,

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    £20 Carbon Tax Would Have Little Impact on UK Consumers, says Study (Int'l Report)
    UK Carbon Tax,Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment
    Date: 2016-01-11
    A recently released study from the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment and the ESRC Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy at London School of Economics and Political Science contends that a "modest" £20 per tonne carbon tax on all fuels would increase consumer prices by less than 1 pct.

    The report argues that the true cost impact on consumers is likely to be even lower, given the manner in which the carbon tax would incentivize green behavior change, drive business innovation, and provide the national Treasury with revenues that it could recycle back into the economy. The report adds that only a few industries which together account for around 2 pct of the UK GDP would face production cost increases that could impact their international competitiveness. The report adds that industries that are disproportionately impacted by a carbon tax should be given policy support to help them adapt to carbon pricing measures. (Source: Grantham Research Institute, BusinessGreen, 11 Jan., 2015) Contact: Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment,

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    Big Lake Fuels Methanol Complex Groundbreaking Near (Ind. Report)
    G2X Energy
    Date: 2016-01-11
    Houston-headquartered G2X Energy, a developer of natural gas and methanol-to-gasoline products, reports it is prepared to break ground on it's Big Lake Fuels Methanol Complex production facility in Lake Charles, La.

    The Big Lake methanol fuels facility is expected to produce more than 1.4 million metric tpy of commercial-grade methanol while also having the ability to install facilities to covert methanol to automotive gasoline at a future date. (Source: G2X Energy, PR, 9 Jan., 2015) Contact: G2X Energy, Tim Vail, CEO, (713) 943-2200,

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    Star Bioenergy Nixes Louisville Manure-to-Methane (Ind. Report)
    Star Bioenergy
    Date: 2016-01-11
    Fort Wayne, India-based Star Bioenergy reports its planned methane gas from manure and other organic material facility in Louisville, Kentucky has been stymied by area residents and local leaders. Accordingly, the company has withdrawn its zoning application. The company had planned to construct a 3,700-square-foot building and four 44-foot-tall sealed tanks at a site owned by Heaven Hill Distillery. (Source: Star Bioenergy, ABC36, 8 Jan., 2015) Contact: Star Bioenergy, (260) 693-8838,

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    ARPA-E Soil Carbon Program Seeks Partners (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-11
    The US DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E) reports it is compiling a Teaming Partner List to facilitate the formation of new project teams for a planned program focused on the development of technologies that measure structural and functional properties of plant roots and soils that lead to the development of improved root traits that reduce atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and energy used for crop production by increasing soil carbon storage and improving fertilizer efficiency (nitrous oxide emission reduction).

    This prospective ARPA-E program will encompass imaging and sensor technology development, functional modeling, genomics, plant breeding, and field screening for advanced cultivars. (Source: ARPA-E, 8 Jan/., 2015) Contact: DOE ARPA-E,

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    UT Tyler Investigates Butanol Biofuel for DARPA (R&D)
    University of Texas Tyler,DARPA
    Date: 2016-01-08
    The University of Texas at Tyler is collaborating with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory in Adelphi, Maryland, on a project to discover how clostridium acetobutylicum bacteria converts molecules like sugars into the biofuel. The research project, which is headed by Assistant Prof. Josh Banta, aims to develop fuel cells that would use processed food waste from the army's forward operating bases to produce butanol fuel. Project researchers are working on methods to genetically engineer the bacteria to more efficiently convert sugars and other molecules into the biofuel butanol.

    Banta and the army scientists are applying for a $450,000 grant from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to fund their biological technologies initiative over the next three years. UT Tyler's Office of Research and Technology Transfer and the army research laboratory in Maryland currently fund the work jointly. (Source: UT Tyler, Tyler Morning Telegraph, Jan., 2015) Contact: University of Texas Tyler, Assistant Prof. Josh Banta, (903) 566-7189,,; DARPA,

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    Gamesa, Iberdrola Seal Costa Rican Wind Development Deal (Int'l)
    Gamesa, Iberdrola
    Date: 2016-01-08
    Gamesa and Iberdrola Renewables report they will supply and install four 20MW projects collectively known as "Alisios" in Costa Rica for ther San Jose-based renewable energy developer Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy.

    Gamesa will supply 19 G90-2MW and 21 G87-2.1MW turbines to the four projects in Q2 of 2016. Iberdrola will undertake the engineering, procurement and construction of the wind farms. (Source: Gamesa, Iberdrole, WP Monthly, Others, 5 Jan., 2015) Contact: Gamesa Corp.,; Iberdrola Renewables, Frank Burkhartsmeyer, CEO, (503) 796-7000,; Globeleq Mesoamerica Energy, +506 2220 9300,,

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    TPI, Vestas Ink Wind Blade Supply Agreement (Ind. Report)
    TPI Composites,Vestas
    Date: 2016-01-08
    Scottsdale, Arizona-based TPI Composites, Inc., a global supplier of wind turbine blades, reports it has signed a multiyear supply agreement with Denmark's Vestas Wind Systems A/S to provide blades for Vestas' V126 wind turbine from TPI's factory in Izmir, Turkey, which is scheduled to open for production later this year.

    TPI Composites, Inc., which operates factories throughout the U.S., Mexico, China and Turkey, is the largest U.S.-based independent manufacturer of composite wind blades (Source: TPI Composites, Inc., 4 Jan., 2015) Contact: TPI Composites, Steve Lockard, CEO,; Vestas, 011 +45 9730 0000,

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    Andritz Reports Int'l Hydro Power Plant Orders (Ind. Report)
    Andritz Hydro
    Date: 2016-01-08
    Graz, Austria-headquartered Andritz Hydro reports it has won €115 million in new orders to equip and refurbish hydro power plants in Africa, Asia and Australasia.

    The company is to equip a new plant in Vietnam, while helping to refurbish plants in South Korea, New Zealand and Malawi. All of the projects are expected to be commissioned within the next three years.

    ANDRITZ is a global supplier of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, and for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors. The company operates over 250 sites worldwide. (Source: Andritz Hydro, Water Power & Dam Construction, 5 Jan., 2015) Contact: Andritz Hydro, www,

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    Sunrun Abandons Nevada Solar Market (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-08
    In a press statement, Sunrun Inc has announced that it will no longer operate in the state of Nevada due to the state's new net metering rules. SolarCity also pulled the plug on operations in the Silver State for the same reason.

    On January 1, 2016, the Nevada PUC adopted new rules for net metering, which include an increase of the base utility service charge for households with rooftop solar systems and reductions in the payments for the power that household solar installations send to the grid. (Source: Sunrun, Jan., 2015) Contact: Sunrun, Bryan Miller, VP Power Markets,(855) 478-6786,,

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    EnterSolar Touts Big Apple Solar Installation (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-08
    In the Big Apple, commercial sale solar specialist EnterSolar is reporting the launch of the Bloomberg–JFK Airport Park Solar Project. The installation will be the largest, and the first remote net metered solar project in New York City to power a midtown Manhattan skyscraper with a remotely-sited solar PV system.

    The 5,500 panel, 1,500 kilowatt solar installation across three adjacent logistics facilities at JFK Airport Park will generate 1.8 million kWh of energy and avoid almost 1.1 million ppy of CO2. (Source: EnterSolar, Proud Green Building, 5 Jan., 2015) Contact: EnterSolar, (888) 225-0270,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EnterSolar,  Solar,  Rooftop Solat,  

    Philippines Biomass-Biofuel Project Seeks EPC Contractor (Int'l)
    Global Business Power Corp
    Date: 2016-01-06
    In the Philippines, Global Business Power Corp. (GBPC), the power generation arm of GT Capital Holdings, Inc., is ready to start the bidding process for the first engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract for its 40-MW biomass plant in La Carlota City, Negros Occidental. The $130 million power facility, designed to use sugarcane bagasse for fuel, will be the company's first renewable energy project. The company expects the facility to be fully operational in 2017.

    GBPC is undertaking the project in partnership with Roxas Holdings, Inc. (RHI), which owns the Central Azucarera de la Carlota, Inc.

    GBPC owns and operates nine power plants totaling 622 MW and is a joint venture partner with First Metro Investments Corp., an investment unit of Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co.; GT Capital Holdings, Inc., Japan's ORIX Corp. and Meralco PowerGen Corp. GBPC is also considering other biomass fuels and hydropower opportunities. (Source: Global Business Power Corp., Manila Business World, 4 Jan., 2015) Contact: Global Business Power Corp, Jaime T. Azurin, VP, +63 2 818 5931,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biomass,  Biofuel,  sugarcane bagasse,  

    SheerWind Inks Netherlands Manufacturing, Distribution Deal (Int'l)
    Date: 2016-01-06
    Chaska, Minnesota-based SheerWind, a Minnesota USA based wind-power innovator, has signed a licensing agreement with Reikon Beheer, a diverse investment company that will allow SheerWind's INVELOX™ wind-power generating systems to be marketed and deployed in the Netherlands. The agreement is SheerWind's second in Europe and fifth globally.

    Reikon Beheer is introducing SheerWind's technology under the name NedPower SWH to customers in the Netherlands and expects its first pilot project to be under construction in Q1, 2016.

    SheerWind's technology captures and concentrates wind power in a patented funnel system called INVELOX ( INcreased VELocity). INVELOX technology increases the captured wind's speed then delivers it to multiple turbines covered on the ground. This means wind energy can be produced from record low wind speeds of 2 meters per second in locations close to the end user eliminating complex power and grid systems. Shrinking the size of the turbine blades, eliminating complex systems, and harvesting at ground level all equate to cost savings, environmental safety, and profitable output, according to the company. (Source: SheerWind, PR, 4 Jan., 2015) Contact: SheerWind, Daryoush Allaei, CEO, Carla Scholz, (952) 556-0173,; Reikon Beheer, NedPower SWH, Huibert Uittenbogaard, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SheerWind,  Wind,  

    Garden State Offers Highest U.S. Offshore Wind Power Potential -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
    Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center
    Date: 2016-01-06
    According to Turning to the Wind, a new Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center report, the Garden State has the highest potential for offshore wind power production in the U.S The report finds that as much as 1,700 MW of wind power could be built in the state in the next five years with the right policies in place, enough to power more than half a million homes and eliminate more than five million metric tons of carbon pollution.

    In November, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) auctioned off two wind energy areas off the Jersey Shore totaling 344,000 acres. The offshore wind leases were awarded to Res Americas and U.S. Wind Inc. for nearly $2 million.

    Both the state legislature and the governor approved a plan for the state's first major offshore wind farm in 2010. The Fishermen's Energy's long-delayed project would see the construction of a 25-MW wind farm three miles off Atlantic City . The project has already received a $47 million DOE grant and could be constructed in only two years.

    Access the full Turning to the Wind report HERE . (Source: Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center , Maritime Exec., 4 Jan., 2015) Contact: Environment New Jersey Research and Policy Center,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Offshore Wind,  

    Green Plains Partners Completes First Drop Down Transaction (M&A)
    Green Plains Partners LP
    Date: 2016-01-06
    In Omaha, Green Plains Partners LP is reporting the acquisition of the storage and transportation assets of the Hopewell, Va. and Hereford, Texas ethanol production facilities from Green Plains Inc. for $62.5 million. The acquired assets include ethanol storage tanks that support the plants' combined expected production capacity of approximately 160 million gpy and 224 leased rail cars with capacity of approximately 6.72 million gallons.

    The acquisition wasa completed in Q4, 2015. The partnership used its revolving credit facility to fund the purchase of the assets. (Source: Green Plains Partners LP, PR, 4 Jan., 2016) Contact: Green Plains, Jim Stark, VP Investor & Media Relations, (402) 884-8700,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Green Plains Partners LP,  

    Meridan Expects Significant LED Streetlight Savings (Ind. Report)
    Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
    Date: 2016-01-06
    In Meridan, Connecticut, (pop 60,456) city officials are proposing to purchase all the city's 853 street poles from Eversource Energy and converting them to energy-efficient LED fixtures. The measure would involve the city purchasing and installing 4,267 streetlights at a cost of $2,522,890. The initiate is projected to save the city an estimated $9.8 million in electric power costs over 20 years.

    Connecticut municipalities can purchase power poles and lights on public roads from the utility company thanks to a partnership with the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. (Source: City of Meriden, Record Journal, 4 Jan., 2015) Connecticut Conference of Municipalities, (203) 498-3000,; City of Meridan,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficient Lighting,  Energy Efficient Streetlight,  LED Light,  

    Arctic Methane Emissions Not Subject to Seasonality, says University of Sheffield Study (Int'l Report)
    University of Sheffield
    Date: 2016-01-06
    According to an international team of researchers, Arctic methane emissions during the cold season are virtually the same as emissions during warmer seasons. This is contrary to previous assumptions that Arctic methane emissions were lower in cold temperatures. The research team, including scientists from the University of Sheffield, found emissions could account for half of the entire annual Arctic methane loss into the atmosphere.

    According to researcher Dr. Donatella Zona from Sheffield University's Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, "The overwhelming majority of measurements for methane emissions in the Arctic over the last decades have been performed during the two to three summer months while the cold period accounts for nearly 80 pct of the year. Virtually all the climate models assume there's no or very little emission of methane when the ground is frozen. Our study shows that assumption is incorrect."(Source: University of Sheffield, Energy Live, Various Others, Jan., 2015) Contact: University of Sheffield, Dr. Donatella Zona, +44 (0) 114 222 0122,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methane.Merthane Emissions,  Arctic Methane,  

    Panasonic Boosts European HIT® Product Guarantee (Ind. Report)
    Panasonic Eco Solutions
    Date: 2016-01-06
    In Munich, Panasonic Eco Solutions has announced a significant upgrade to its PV module HIT® product guarantee from 10 to 15 years. Since 2003, The company has sold more than 3.7 million panels in the European market since 2003 and has record low claim rate of only 0.005 pct.

    The product guarantee upgrade follows the recent launch of Panasonic's powerful HIT® N330 which produces approximately 27 pct more kilowatt-hours per square meter compared to mainstream 260-watt multicrystalline modules. (Source: Panasonic Eco Solutions, Various Other Sources, 5 Jan., 2015) Contact: Panasonic Eco Solutions, Daniel Roca, Snr. Business Development, +81-6-6908-1131,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Panasonic Eco Solutions,  Solar,  Solar Panel,  PV ,  

    Ecolab Naperville, Ill. HQ Earns LEED Gold (Ind. Report)
    USGBC,Ecolab Inc.
    Date: 2016-01-06
    St. Paul, Minn.-headquartered water and energy technology specialist Ecolab Inc. reports it has been awarded US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Gold recertification for the buildings at its 76-acre campus in Naperville, Ill., the headquarters of its Nalco Water and Process Services business.

    Ecolab's Naperville campus was first certified LEED Gold in 2010. Constructed in 1985, the campus includes 417,500 square feet of space for more than 1,000 employees, primarily in business and research, development and engineering roles. An on-site district energy building produces the steam, chilled water and electricity used throughout the campus. To achieve LEED recertification, Ecolab implemented several building enhancements, including a new building management system, converted more than three acres of land from manicured lawn to meadowland and increased compost participation to decrease landfill waste. (Source: EcoLab, 5 Jan., 2016) Contact: EcoLab Inc. , Roman Blahoski, (651) 250-4385,,; USGBC, (202) 552-1500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Ecolab Inc.,  USGBC,  LEED Certification,  

    China NEA "In Principle" Disallows New Coal Plants (Int'l)
    China National Energy Administration
    Date: 2016-01-06
    In Bejing, the China National Energy Administration (NEA) has announced that China will lift the ratio of consumption of non-fossil fuels among total energy consumption to 13.2 pct in 2016 compared with about 12 pct in 2015. It will also cut that of coal from 64.4 pct in 2015 to below 62.6 pct in 2016.

    The government also aims to add over 20 million kilowatts of installed wind power and more than 15 million kilowatts of installed photovoltaic power in the next five years.

    China will also establish a warning mechanism to control coal-fired power plant construction and production. No new coal mines will be allowed in the next three years "in principle", according to the National Energy Administration. (Source: Xinhua,, Dec. 30, 2015) Contact: China National Energy Administration,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News China National Energy Administration,  Coal,  

    Gas Well Methane Leak Golden State's Largest Climate Change Headache (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-06
    The Guardian is reporting that the single biggest contributor to climate change in California is a blown-out natural gas well more than 8,700ft underground. The broken well at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage site has released more than 77,000 metric tons of methane since 23 October, according to state regulatory authorities.

    The Aliso Canyon storage site is one of the biggest such facilities in the country, and was originally built for the oil industry about 60 years ago. When the oil fields were exhausted, the well was re-purposed as a storage site.

    Methane is more than 80 times more damaging to the atmosphere and more powerful than carbon dioxide over a 20-year time frame. A byproduct of the oil and gas industry and agriculture, methane accounts for approximately 25 pct of the world's climate warming. (Source: Guardian, Various Others, Jan., 2015)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Methane,  Climate Change,  Global Warming,  

    Wood, Paper Products Manufacturers Fighting EPA Clean Power Plan (Reg & Leg, Ind. Report)
    American Forest & Paper Association,American Wood Council
    Date: 2016-01-04
    American Forest & Paper Association and American Wood Council have issued the following statements after filing a joint petition for review in the D.C. Circuit Court of the U.S. EPA's treatment of biomass energy in the final Clean Power Plan.

    "The (EPA) Clean Power Plan does not put biomass on a level playing field with other renewable energy sources; this litigation will assure that EPA does not improperly constrain states' ability to take advantage of the important role biomass energy can plan in addressing climate change. Managed properly, biomass-based energy provides carbon-reducing benefits to the atmosphere and should not be treated the same as energy from fossil fuels. Our facilities generate about two-thirds of the energy we use from biomass, primarily residuals that are left over from the manufacturing process, making ours among the most efficient industries in America," says American Forest & Paper Assoc., Pres. Donna Harman.

    "Our industry strives to be as energy efficient as possible and is one of the leaders nationwide in the use of carbon-neutral biomass energy. Over 75 percent of the energy at our member companies' wood products facilities is generated from biomass. After reviewing EPA's Clean Power Plan, it appears that the rule may place unnecessary and inappropriate restrictions on states' use of biomass energy as part of their plans to reduce CO2 emissions from electric power generation. This litigation seeks to protect biomass energy use as a critical component of renewable power. When biomass is used, it helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuels," says American Wood Council CEO Robert Glowinski. (Source: American Forest & Paper Assoc., American Wood Council, 29 Dec., 2015) December 29, 2015) Contact: American Forest & Paper Assoc., Donna Harman. Pres., CEO, (202) 463-2700,,; American Wood Council, Robert Glowinski, CEO, (202) 463-2766,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News American Forest & Paper Association,  American Wood Council,  Clean Power Plan,  Woody Biomass,  

    2014 Global Forest Products Facts and Figures -- UN FAO Report Attached (Ind. Report)
    UN FAO
    Date: 2016-01-04
    According to the attached UN Food and Agricultural Organization's (FAO) recently published updated data on the global wood products industry , wood pellet production grew by approximately 17 pct in 2014, reaching 26 million metric tons, up from 23 million metric tons in 2013.

    The report indicates that approximately 15 million metric tons were traded internationally. Europe accounted for 61 pct of pellet consumption, or 16 million metric tons, and 79 pct of consumption. North America accounted for 33 pct of consumption, or 8.8 million metric tons, and 13 pct of consumption. According to the FAO, trade in pellets from North America to Europe, mainly the U.K., more than doubled when compared to 2013.

    The report notes that the U.S. was the top pellet producing nation in 2014, with 6.9 million metric tons. Germany, Canada, Sweden and Latvia rounded out the top five pellet production countries, with respective production levels of 2.1 million metric tons, 1.9 million metric tons, 1.6 million metric tons and 1.3 million metric tons. The top pellet consumers in 2014 were The U.K., U.S., Denmark, Italy and Sweden were the top wood pellet consumers in 2014 with a total consumption of 14 million metric tons, or 55 pct of total global consumption.

    Download the full FAO 2014 Global Forest Products Facts and Figures HERE. (Source: UN Food and Agricultural Organization, Dec., 2015) Contact: FAO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wood Pellet,  Woody Biomass,  

    USDA Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry -- Fact Sheet Attached (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-04
    The USDA is announcing a comprehensive and detailed approach to support farmers, ranchers, and forest land owners in their response to climate change.

    The framework consists of 10 building blocks that span a range of technologies and practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon storage, and generate clean renewable energy. USDA's strategy focuses on Climate-smart practices designed for working production systems that provide multiple economic and environmental benefits in addition to supporting resilience to extreme weather, reduced emissions and increased carbon storage.

    Through this comprehensive set of voluntary programs and initiatives spanning its programs, USDA expects to reduce net emissions and enhance carbon sequestration by over 120 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent (MMTCO2e) per year -- about 2 pct of economy-wide net greenhouse gases-emissions -- by 2025. That's the equivalent of taking 25 million cars off the road, or offsetting the emissions produced by powering nearly 11 million homes last year.

    Download the USDA Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry fact sheet HERE. (Source: USDA Contact: USDA, (202) 720-4623,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News USDA,  Climate Change,  Carbon Storage,  GHG,  Woody Biomass,  

    Vestas Scores First V136-3.45 MW Turbine Order (Ind. Report)
    Vestas,EPV Tuulivoima Oy
    Date: 2016-01-04
    Vestas Wind Systems A/S is reporting receipt of a firm and unconditional order from EPV Tuulivoima Oy for 34 V136-3.45 MW turbines for EPV Tuulivoima's 117 MW Metsala wind power project in Finland. The order includes supply and installation as well as a 10-year Active Output Management (AOM) 5000 service agreement. Delivery of the wind turbines is expected to begin in 2017. Upon completion, the Metsala project will be the largest onshore wind project in Finland. (Source: Vestas Wind Systems A/S, 30 Dec., 2015) Contact: Vestas, Klaus Steen Mortensen, President, Vestas Northern Europe, 011 +45 9730 0000,; EPV Tuulivoima Oy, Frans Liski, Managing Dir.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Vestas,  Wind,  Wind Turbine,  

    NYSERDA Extending NY-Sun Solar Project Incentives (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-01-04
    The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) reports it is redirecting more than $6 million in unused funds to its solar power projects in certain NY-Sun Solar Megawatt block programs. Under the block program, residential, small commercial, and large commercial solar projects are eligible for rebates that lower total project costs and support greater use of sustainable solar power.

    NY-Sun is Gov. Andrew Cuomo's $1 billion initiative to move the state closer to a sustainable, self-sufficient solar industry. (Source: NYSERDA, NBC News, Others, 2 Jan., 2015)Contact: NYSERDA, John B. Rhodes, Pres., CEO, (518) 862-1090,; NY-Sun Initiative,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NY-Sun,  NYSERDA,  Solar,  Solar Incentive,  

    Green Community Status Qualifies Stoughton, Mass. for Energy Efficiency Funds (Funding)
    RGGI,Renewable Energy Certificates
    Date: 2016-01-04
    The Mass. Department of Energy Resources (DOER) has designated the Town of Stoughton (pop. 27,000 +-) one of 19 Green Communities thus qualifying the town for $209,910 in grant funding for clean energy and energy efficiency projects.

    The 155 Green Communities member towns and cities commit to reducing municipal energy consumption by 20 pct over five years which amounts to savings of energy use equivalent to heating and powering nearly 17,000 homes and reducing GHG emissions by 203,538 tons. Green Community fund grants available through proceeds from carbon allowance auctions under the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) and Alternative Compliance Payments paid by retail electric suppliers that do not meet their Renewable Portfolio Standard compliance obligations through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).

    To qualify for Green Community status, a city or town must: provide as-of-right siting in designated locations for renewable/alternative energy generation, research and development, or manufacturing facilities; adopt an expedited application and permit process for as-of-right energy facilities; establish an energy use baseline and develop a plan to reduce energy use by 20 percent within five years; purchase only fuel-efficient vehicles for municipal use; and require new construction to reduce lifecycle energy costs. (Source: Town of Stoughton, Wicked Stoughton, 2 Jan., 2015) Contact: Town of Stoughton,; Mass. Department of Energy Resources,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Energy Certificates,  RGGI,  Mass. Department of Energy ResourcesGreen Communities,  Green Building,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Masdar Inst.Touts Desert Sand for Solar Energy Storage (Int'l)
    Masdar Institute
    Date: 2016-01-04
    In Abu Dhabi, the Masdar Institute's "Sandstock" project researchers report that desert sand can be used in concentrated solar power facilities to store solar energy, making it a viable and cost effective alternative to the materials currently being used. Numerous X-ray tests have found the readily available and abundant desert sand contained quartz and carbonate materials, the right compositions needed for thermal solar energy storage at up to up to 1000 degree C. (Source: Masdar INstitute, Gulf News, 3 Jan., 2015) Contact: Masdar Institute, Dr. Nicholas Calvet, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Shaima Al Jarman, Marketing & Communications, 011 +971 02 8109365,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Energy Storage,  Masdar Institute,  Thermanl Energy Storage,  

    Euglena Algae Touted for Biofuel Potential (Ind. Report)
    Euglena Company
    Date: 2016-01-04
    Tokyo-based algae specialist Euglena Co. is touting euglena algae's biofuel potential. Approximately 4 tons of euglena algae will yield enough jet fuel to fly an aircraft around 100 km, according to the company.

    Euglena Co., which was established in 2005, has also announced plans to build a test plant in Yokohama for the production of euglena-based jet and diesel fuel, and aims to begin commercial operations by 2020.

    In addition to developing biofuel, the company is also studying an efficient method for culturing the alga using CO2 emitted by thermal power plants. If such a method is established, the greenhouse gas emitted will be converted into oxygen. (Source: Euglena Co., Japan Times, 3 Jan., 2015 Contact: Euglena Co.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Euglena,  Algae,  Algae Biofuel,  Biofuel,  

    Nova Scotia Seeking Coal Mine GHG Consultant (Ind. Report)
    N.S. Department of Environment
    Date: 2016-01-04
    In Atlantic Canada, in preparation for the expected spring 2016 reopening of Cape Breton's Donkin coal mine, the province of Nova Scotia is seeking guidance on minimizing the coal mine's methane GHG emissions and ways to minimize the industry's carbon footprint. To that end, the Nova Scotia Department of Environment has issued a tender for the services of a consultant to report on the available options, including technologies and practices, to minimize underground coal mining's carbon footprint.

    In the tender, the province says the greatest source of greenhouse emissions from the underground coal mine will be "the fugitive emissions of methane that is trapped in the coal-bed. Controlling those emissions will be key to the province reaching its climate change goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions to 10 pct below 1990 levels by 2020. The project has budget of $20,000 with a final report due March 16, 2016. (Source: N.S. Department of EnvironmentCBC, Others, 2 Jan., 2015) Contact: N.S. Department of Environment, (902) 424-3600,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Coal,  GHG,  Greenhous Gas,  ,  

    Big Apple Carbon Challenge Participants List Growing (Ind. Report)
    New York Carbon Challenge
    Date: 2016-01-04
    In the Big Apple, Mayor Bill de Blasio reports that 16 hotels are joining the "Carbon Challenge" initiative which aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions in New York City by 32,000 metric tons of carbon and save $25 million or more in energy costs within 10 years and by 80 pct by 2050.

    In addition to hotels, participants in the plan include hospitals, universities and businesses, such as Google and Goldman Sachs. The total number of current participants include more than 255 million square feet -- of which hotels account for only 10 million -- of New York City real estate. (Source: Real Estate Weekly, Council & Heat, Jan., 2015) Contact: New York Carbon CHallenge,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News New York Carbon Challenge,  GHG Emissions,  Carbon Emissions,  GHGs,  

    UNDEERC Touts Pilot Carbon Sequestration Tech Testing (Ind. Report)
    Allam Cycle,UNDEERC
    Date: 2016-01-04
    Following on our May 18th coverage, research projects at the Univesity of North Dakota's Energy and Environmental Research Center's (UNDEERC) Pilot Plant in Grand Forks allow real world evaluations of energy generation products leading to what will hopefully be a solution for CO2 emissions.

    The plant, which was established in 2009, can be fired with coal, biomass and/or natural gas. It was built and is operated entirely in house, 24/7. It is a small replica of a power plant boiler with various components to clean flue gases and chemicals such as particulate matter and mercury. Ontario Hydro recently used the facility, in cooperation with UNDEERC, to develop a method of measuring mercury emissions. (Source: UNDEERC, Bismark Tribune, 3 Jan., 2015) Contact: UNDEERC, Jason Laumb, principal engineer for coal utilization, John Kay, principal engineer and group lead for emissions and C02 capture, (701) 777-5000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Sequestration,  Allam Cycle,  UNDEERC,  GHG,  Flu Gas,  Carbon Emissions,  

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