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Ohio's Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy Freeze Meets Investor Opposition (Ind. Report)
Energy Efficiency
Date: 2016-05-18
In the Buckeye State, group of nine institutional investors with more than $15 billion in investments under their management are calling on Ohio Governor -- and former Republican Presidential hopeful -- John Kasick to oppose legislation extending a two-year freeze on the states energy efficiency and renewable energy standards . The investors noted that:
  • "Ohio's energy efficiency programs were the cheapest and most cost-effective in the nation."
  • One of the new proposed bills would limit Ohio's ability to develop strategies to comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Power Plan;
  • Ohio attracted $1.3 billion in private clean energy investment from 2009 to 2013 and was predicted to generate an additional $3 billion over the next 10 years." The two-year freeze has created policy uncertainty both for companies and investors that will erode the initial investments;
  • "If Ohio is going to attract tech giants such as Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft to build data centers in the state, it must remain competitive with other states that are aggressively recruiting companies by fostering a clean energy economy."
  • At the local level, Cleveland City Council is calling for the immediate return of the state rules requiring power companies to help their customers use less power and to sell more power generated by clean technologies such as wind and solar. The council noted that over 100,000 Ohioans work "clean energy businesses" and that efficiency standards have saved customers about $1.5 billion. (Source: Cleveland City Council,, 17 May, 2016)

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    Columbia Scores $66,000 BGE Energy Efficiency Rebate (Ind. Report)
    Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
    Date: 2016-05-18
    In Maryland, Baltimore Gas and Electric Company (BGE) reports it has issued a $66,000 rebate through its Energy Savers Program® to offset 25 pct of the cost of an energy-efficient combined heat and power (CHP) unit purchased by Columbia Association (CA), a nonprofit community services corporation in Maryland.

    The 60-kilowatt CHP unit, which was installed at the CA Supreme Sports Club fitness complex, is expected to cut the facility's annual hot water and pool heating costs by over $20,000 by merging energy systems that traditionally operate independently.

    To date, BGE programs have paid $373 million in rebates to BGE customers and helped 1.5 million residential and business participants cut energy consumption and save more than 2.3 million MWh of electricity, according to the utility. (Source: BGE, Columbia Assoc., 16 May, 2016) Contact: Columbia Association, Jeremy Scharfenberg, Energy Mgr., (410) 715-3000,; BGE, Bill Wolf, Energy Efficiency Programs,

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    Electrovaya Introduces 1kWh Battery Module (New Prod & Tech)
    Electrovaya Inc.
    Date: 2016-05-18
    Missassauga, ontario-headquartered energy storage and battery specialist Electrovaya Inc. is reporting the launch the launch of a 1kWh battery module (LITACORE1000) and an intelligent 48V, 2.3 kWh module (EV4823) as building blocks for Lithium-Ion Battery Systems.

    The LITACORE1000 is a 1 kWh module with integrated voltage and temperature sensors designed to allow OEMs easy building block for constructing Lithium ion battery systems. The EV4823 is a 48V, 2.3 kWh module with an integrated intelligent battery management system (iBMSTM) allows OEMs to use these modules for myriad applications in energy storage and emobility sectors.

    The new modules offer extraordinary cycle and calendar life, unique safety properties due to the unparalleled stability of SEPARIONTM, the flexible ceramic separator membrane, and highest quality standards. The integrated Litacells contains optimized NMC/graphite based electrode chemistry. (Source: Electrovaya, PR, 16 May, 2016) Contact: Electrovaya, (905) 855-4618,,; Litarion, Fritz Meuller, Marketing Dir., +49 3578 3735 9425,,

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    Tereos Expands Commodities Subsidiary into Ethanol (Int'l)
    Date: 2016-05-18
    Tereos, Lille-headquartered French co-operative which specializes in making sugar, starch and bioethanol, reports it is expanding its subsidiary Tereos Commodities into ethanol. Tereos Commodities was established in 2014 to trade, merchandise and distribute Tereos' products, which includes almost 2 million m3 of ethanol annually.

    The expansion comes as Tereos seeks to carve a 15 pct market share in global white sugar distribution by 2020. (Source: Tereos, Food Ingredients News, 18 May, 2016) Contact: Tereos, Alexis Duval, CEO,,

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    DOE Invests $2Mn in Small Business-Led Building Technology Projects (Funding)

    Date: 2016-05-17
    The Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced nearly $2 million for 13 new building technology projects led by small businesses with a strong potential for commercialization and job creation. These awards are for $150,000 each and will help small businesses with promising ideas to boost the efficiency of buildings.

    This small business solicitation sought applications in three building technology areas: 1) technologies for sensing and managing indoor air quality in buildings, 2) high-efficiency materials for solid-state lighting, and 3) energy efficient solid-state lighting luminaires, products and systems. Companies competing for these grants were encouraged to propose innovations to meet ambitious cost and performance targets.

    The small businesses receiving the building technology awards are located in eight states: California, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, and Utah. The selected funding recipients in the three topic areas include: Lumisyn, LLC (Rochester, NY) , OLEDWorks, LLC (Rochester, NY, ) PhosphorTech Corporation (Kennesaw, GA), SC Solutions Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA), UbiQD, LLC (Los Alamos, NM), and Vadient Optics, LLC (Eugene, OR) DOE has estimated that advancing energy-efficient electric lighting in U.S. buildings could conserve more than 50% of lighting energy with corresponding savings in electricity costs to building operators. These projects seek to bring us closer to that goal by developing new materials for use in solid-state lighting devices: Energy efficient solid-state lighting luminaires, products, and systems These projects will develop advanced solid-state lighting luminaire designs, components, controls and systems that take full advantage of the unique performance capabilities of emerging SSL technologies, resulting in higher rates of growth and energy savings: InnoSys Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT) , Lucent Optics Inc. (Sacramento, CA,) and Lumisyn LLC (Rochester, NY)

    Funded by DOE's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs, these Phase I selections explore the feasibility of innovative concepts that could be developed into prototype technologies. (Source: US DOE, EERE, May, 2016) For information, visit the Building Technologies Office’s small business portfolio website. May 16, 2016

    Shuttered KiOR Cellulosic Plant Facing the Wreckers Ball (Ind. Report)
    KiOR,Georgia Renewable Power
    Date: 2016-05-16
    In Columbus, Mississippi, after a year of operation and $260 million invested, the KiOR woody biomass-to-biofuel plant that was once touted as the future of the alternative fuels industry has come to an end.

    The company folded leaving the state holding $70 million in debt, the plant and equipment were was sold at auction and the 40 acre site reverted back to the county Port Authority. Birmingham-based Georgia Renewable Power purchased about 70 pct of the equipment which it is moving to other facilities , as is Renewable Energy Group with the 20 percent it owns. After being striped, the remains of the once highly touted plant will meet the wrecking ball. (Source: WTVA, 16 May, 2016) Contact: Georgia Renewable Power,; Renewable Energy Group Inc., Anthony Hulen, (703) 822-1972,

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    Bahrain Committed to "Green Building" Projects (Int'l. Report)
    Bahrain Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning
    Date: 2016-05-16
    In the Middele East, the Bahrain Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning reports it is presently working on 40 environment-friendly "green building" building projects as part of its sustainable development initiative aimed at reducing power and water consumption as well as carbon emissions at these facilities.

    The green building initiative is being implemented on all existing and new construction projects being designed, supervised or maintained by the ministry for various governmental ministries and entities in Bahrain. The ministry's Construction and Maintenance unit has applied sustainability measures in most projects, which are in the design, tendering and implementation stages. It has put in place a model list for the green buildings specifications, including six main elements namely locations, materials, quality of internal environment, energy efficiency, water and management. Other secondary elements such as building orientation, shading, insulation, reflective and double-glazed glass, power saving lights, smart light control techniques, sensor taps in bathrooms, solar-powered heaters and environment-friendly materials in all mechanic services systems, are also listed. (Source: Bahrain Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, TradeArabia News Service, 11 May, 2016)Contact: Bahrain Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning,

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    Salt Lake City Doubling Municipal Solar Power Usage (Ind. Report)
    Rocky Mountain Power,Salt Lake City
    Date: 2016-05-16
    In Utah, Salt Lake City reports that, through Rocky Mountain Power's new Subscriber Solar program, the city will increase the amount of solar powering government operations from 6 pct to 12 pct before the year end. The city's goal is to power 50 pct of municipal operations with renewable energy by 202 and 100 pct by 2032. Salt Lake City currently has more than 4,000 solar panels installed on city government properties.

    According to a press release, Rocky Mountain Power's Subscriber Solar program allows customers to align their energy needs with power generated from a new solar farm in Holden, Utah, which is slated to come online in Jan., 2017. (Source: Salt Lake City, SI, Others, 12 May, 2016) Contact: Rocky Mountain Power, Rita Meyer, VP, (800) 222-4335,

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    NYPA, SUNY Partner on Energy Efficiency Projects (Ind. Report)
    NYPA,State University of New York
    Date: 2016-05-16
    Inthe Empire State, the The New York Power Authority (NYPA) and State University of New York (SUNY) report that are joining forces on several energy efficiency projects that are expected to save millions of dollars and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by more than 11,000 tpy. The project upgrades are being carried out under Governor Cuomo's BuildSmart NY program that calls for a 20 pct increase in energy efficiency in state-owned and managed buildings by 2020.

    The projects slated for energy efficiency upgrades under the program include: Stony Brook University, Neuberger Museum of Art at Purchase College, .SUNY Upstate Medical University, and University at Albany Bioscience Development Corporation. NYPA is also developing more than a dozen energy master plans at SUNY campuses that will act as energy saving blueprints throughout the university system. Over the years, NYPA and SUNY have partnered to complete 107 energy efficiency and clean energy projects, saving 163,000 MWh of electricity and 133,000 gpy of fuel while cutting greenhouse gas emissions by about 110,000 tpy. (Source: NYPA, NYSERDA, PR, 11 May, 2016) Contact: NYPA, Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO Paul DeMichele, (914) 390-8186,,; BuildSmart NY,; SUNY, David Doyle, (518) 320-1311,;

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    BioHiTech Global Launches Entsorga North America (Ind. Report)
    BioHiTech Global
    Date: 2016-05-16
    Chestnut Ridge, New York-based BioHiTech Global, Inc. a green technology company that produces innovative data-driven solutions for food waste disposal, is reporting the launch of its new subsidiary, Entsorga North America which aims to expand BioHiTech's clean technology solutions and offerings.

    The company's HEBioT MBT system converts locally sourced food waste, plastics and other carbon based materials from the mixed municipal solid waste (MSW) stream into an EPA recognized alternative fuel source. The waste is converted to a clean burning Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) which will be used as an alternative or supplement to fossil fuels. SRF is ideal for co-processing plants such as cement kilns and steel mills, as well as coal fired power plants, as a source for the production of renewable energy.

    The Entsorga MBT technology creates an EPA recognized "engineered fuel." The Entsorga HEBioT technology is currently used in Europe as a cost effective and environmentally efficient means of municipal solid waste disposal. The first U.S. deployment of the Entsorga technology is currently under construction in Martinsburg, WV in a partnership with Apple Valley Waste Services. The plant, which is slated to be operational in the Spring 0f 2017, was financed with a $25 million tax-exempt bond issued by the West Virginia Economic Development Authority. (Source: BioHiTech Global, PR, 16 May, 2016) Contact: BioHiTech Global, Frank Celli, CEO, Lisa Giovannielli, Marketing Director,(845) 262-1081,,

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    Second-Growth Forests Key to Protecting Climate, says UConn Report (Ind. Report)
    University of Connecticut
    Date: 2016-05-16
    According to a just released report from the University of Connecticut, second-growth forests on cleared agricultural land in Latin America can store the equivalent of 21 years' worth of the region's human carbon dioxide emissions and could play a key role in trapping carbon from the atmosphere and mitigating climate change. Over the next 40 years, such second-growth forests have the potential to sequester greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to all fossil fuel and industrial emissions from Latin America in the past two decades, according to the report.

    The report finds that although it takes between 40 and 60 years for forests to regrow much of their carbon storage potential following deforestation,in many cases, especially when small plots of land are cleared for agriculture or livestock, tropical forests can regenerate themselves, without the need to physically replant trees.

    Brazil's regrowing forests hold the bulk of Latin America's carbon storage potential -- 71 pct -- followed by Colombia, Venezuela and Mexico.

    The potential of second-growth forests to sequester carbon could provides a solution for countries in Latin America to meet both their climate change and forest management goals, the study added. (Source: University of Connecticut, telesur, 15 May, 2016) Contact: University of Connecticut, Prof. Robin Chazdon, (860) 486-4057,,

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    Legislation Aims to Cap Ethanol Blending at E10 (Reg & Leg)
    Ethanol, Ethanol Blend
    Date: 2016-05-16
    Antique and specialty auto enthusiasts' magazine Hemmings reports that a bill has been introduced in Congress that roll back current ethanol blending requirements and may even curtail the spread of E15 through the nation's fuel supply if enacted. House Resolution 5180 -- the Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act of 2016 -- calls on the EPA to set annual ethanol blending volume requirements at no more than 9.7 pct of the country's projected fuel consumption. In addition, if the EPA should fail to meet its annual deadlines for setting the volume requirements the bill would have those numbers revert to the most recent year's totals rather than remain undefined.

    The 9.7 pct figure cited in the bill would effectively formalize the ethanol blend wall, the theoretical maximum amount of ethanol the U.S. fuel supply can tolerate. Observers had pegged the blend wall at 10 percent since the Renewable Fuel Standard was enacted in 2007. However, when the EPA finalized its ethanol requirement numbers for 2016 late last year, calling for 18.11 billion gallons of ethanol to be added to the fuel supply, it broke through the blend wall , raising the percentage to 10.1 percent. That figure eclipsed those for 2014 (16.28 billion gallons, or 9.2 percent), 2015 (16.93 billion gallons, or 9.5 percent), and even previous EPA estimates for 2016 (17.4 billion gallons, or 9.7 percent). The EPA's estimated blending requirements for 2017 are currently under review by the White House’s Office of Management and Budget.

    While neither the ethanol blend wall nor the EPA blending requirements directly translate to the proportion of ethanol in a gallon of gasoline at the pump, the bill's proposed cap of 9.7 pct would theoretically prevent wider distribution of EPA-approved E15 without a corresponding increase in distribution of ethanol-free gasoline and thus keep E10 the most widely available form of ethanol-blended fuel. (Source: Hemmings, Others, 13 May, 2016)

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    Hoosier Energy, Wabash Valley Power Announce Wind PPA (Ind. Report)
    Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative,Wabash Valley Power Association
    Date: 2016-05-16
    In Indiana, the Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative and Wabash Valley Power Association are reporting the signing of a 20-year PPA with EDP Renewables North America for 100 MW of from the Meadow Lake V Wind Farm in White County.

    The Meadow Lake Farm, which consists of four operational phases, has been operational since 2009. (Source: Midwesr Real Estate News, Hoosier Energy Rural Elec. Coop, 12 May, 2016)Contact: Hoosier Energy Rural Electric Cooperative, (812) 876-2021,; Wabash Valley Power Association, (317) 481-2800,; EDP Renewables North America,

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    EPA Limits Oil, Gas Development Methane Emissions (Ind. Report)
    U.S. EPA
    Date: 2016-05-16
    In the nation's capitol, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its new standards to cut methane emissions from both new and existing sources in the oil and gas sector. This is part of the Obama administration's "Climate Action Plan" and aims to cut methane emissions by 40 to 45 pct from 2012 levels by 2025.

    The new rules are projected to reduce 11 metric tons of the greenhouse gas methane from being released into the atmosphere, as well as curb 210,000 tons of volatile organic compounds and 3,900 tons of "air toxics" such as benzene. (Source: EPA, Various OPthers, The Missoulian, 13 May, 2016)

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    Heartland Institute Comments on EPA's Methane Rule (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Heartland Institute
    Date: 2016-05-16
    "The Obama administration seems hell-bent on enacting as many anti-energy regulations as possible before the end of the president's term, and these methane rules are another straw piled onto the camel's back.

    "Again, the Environmental Protection Agency has used its now-commonplace tactic of greatly underestimating the costs of these regulations and greatly exaggerating the benefits. Methane emissions from natural gas development have fallen nearly 15 percent since 1990, despite the fact the United States increased natural gas production by more than 50 percent during this period and became the largest producer of natural gas in the world.

    "Additionally, the so-called benefits of this rule are non-existent because the amount of potential global warming offset by these new rules is 0.0004 degrees C, an amount too small to have any meaningful impact on global temperatures.

    "This is simply a case of the president taking one last whack at the oil and gas piñata on his way out the door."

    The Heartland Institute is a 32-year-old national nonprofit organization headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois. Its mission is to discover, develop, and promote free-market solutions to social and economic problems. (Source: Heartland Institute, InvestorsIdeas, 13 May, 2016) Contact: Heartland Institute, Paul Driessen, (312) 377-4000,,

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    Am. Geophysical Union Reconsiders Exxon Alliance (Ind. Report)
    American Geophysical Union,ExxonMobil
    Date: 2016-05-16
    According to the Daily Caller, the Washington-based American Geophysical Union (AGU), one of the largest climate science groups in the world, plans to review and possibly reconsider its connection with the oil giant Exxon. AGU, which boasts more than 62,000 members worldwide, is vowing to review and possibly reconsider a decision it made in April to continue its relationship with Exxon after Democratic legislators Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse and Rep. Ted Lieu pressured the group to divorce from the company because Exxon consistently claims to support a carbon tax while supposedly financially backing groups skeptical of man-made global warming.

    AGU decided to stay with Exxon in April, and stuck with it even after receiving a barrage of complaints from climate scientists James Hansen, Michael E. Mann, and Kerry Emanuel. AGU addressed the complaints at the time "that Exxon'scurrent public statements and activities were not inconsistent with AGU's positions and the scientific consensus." The oil company gave AGU $35,000 in 2015 to sponsor a breakfast meeting for students that year. (Source: AGU, DailyCaller, May, 2016) Contact: AGU, Margaret Leinen, Pres., (202) 462-6900,

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    SkyPower, BYD Submitting Indian Solar Energy Storage Bid (Int'l)
    SkyPower,BYD Battery
    Date: 2016-05-16
    Toronto-Ontario-headquartered utility-scale solar developer SkyPower and Chinese battery technology company BYD are reporting that they will jointly submit a bid for up to 750 megawatts (MW) of solar power generation/energy storage in India.

    BYD's battery storage technology, in concert with SkyPower's experience in developing utility-scale solar projects, will enable a significant solar implementation strategy in India, the companies contend. (Source: SkyPower, Kallanish Energy , 16 May, 2016) Contact: SkyPower, Charles Cohen, CEO, (416) 979-4625,; BYD, Stella Li, Sr. VP,

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    Council of Canadians Calls for Methane Emissions Standards (Ind. Report)
    Council of Canadians
    Date: 2016-05-13
    On the Canadian Prairies, the not-for-profit public interest group Council of Canadians - Saskatoon Chapter - has asked the federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Catherine McKenna, to act and set standards on the issue of methane emissions venting and flaring in Saskatchewan.

    In a letter to the Minister, chapter activist Tim Quigley writes, "Our chapter has decided to tackle the issue of methane and associated gas emissions through venting, flaring, and leakage at oil and gas installations. As you are likely aware, roughly one-fifth of all of Saskatchewan's emissions come from these sources and, of course, methane is perhaps as much as 86 times worse as a contributor to climate change."

    He then notes, "Our chapter has undertaken a fair amount of research and has contacted other jurisdictions, including Alberta and North Dakota, both of which have treated the issue much more seriously than has Saskatchewan."

    And he asks, "In the face of apparent intransigence, we ask the federal government to set standards as soon as possible for a dramatic reduction in the methane emissions from oil and gas installations. Recognizing that there are some logistical and economic issues associated with this, we urge you to quickly prohibit the venting of methane and associated gases and, in the short-term, to require flaring. This should not be a substitute, however, for a long-term solution that deals with all of venting, flaring, and leakage. Any solution must require the monitoring of all of these fugitive emissions and that monitoring must be done independently from the industry itself." (Source: Council of Canadians Saskatoon, 10 May, 2016) Contact: Council of Canadians Saskatoon, (306) 222-8520,,

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    AEBIOM Comments on European Post-2020 Bioenergy Policy (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    European Biomass Association
    Date: 2016-05-13
    "The European Biomass Association (AEBIOM) welcomes the initiative of the European Commission to define a sustainable European Union bioenergy policy for the period post-2020, and to open up the debate through its public consultation.

    "For years now, AEBIOM has been calling for the introduction of a European common sustainability framework for all bioenergy, to secure investments, to create a level playing field and to answer concerns on potential risks related to future developments. In order to contribute to the debate, AEBIOM, along with its members, has identified key aspects that could lay a solid and positive groundwork for the future EU sustainable bioenergy policy, such as a single greenhouse gas savings criteria for all bioenergy or a risk-based approach for forest biomass.

    "Overall a policy on sustainability might contribute to reinforce the sector. Developing such regulation is complex. It requires a balanced framework to take into account the actual situation on the ground as well as the current bioenergy sectoral diversity.

    "All EU scenarios show that biomass is a major component of the EU 2020-2030 renewable energy targets and 2050 decarbonization objective. Bioenergy currently accounts for more than 60 pct of the overall EU renewables consumption. However, we must not forget that the sector still represents a small segment when compared to fossil fuels. It remains an industry populated by players of very different sizes and capacities, ranging from local SMEs and projects to larger producers and users. Therefore, AEBIOM urges the commission to adopt a pragmatic and effective approach when working on a future policy on bioenergy avoiding additional administrative constraints.

    "Discussing the future of bioenergy and how to ensure its sustainability is relevant today and could send a positive signal to the relevant stakeholders by setting clear orientations and by providing market players with a long term vision. On the flip side, a negative signal could have a tremendous impact on the bioenergy sector, but also more broadly on the whole European renewable energy strategy." (Source: European Biomass Association , May 10, 2016) Contact: European Biomass Association, Gustav Melin, Pres., +32 2 318 41 40,,

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    South Africa Adding 100MW of CSP in 2018 (Int'l Report)
    GDF Suez,
    Date: 2016-05-13
    French renewables giant ENGIE, formerly GDF Suez, reports it has signed a 20-year PPA with the South African state-owned utility Eskom for power from its planned 100 MW, parabolic-trough concentrated solar power (CSP) plant in North Cape, South Africa. The installation will be equipped with a molten-salt storage system that allows 4.5 hours of thermal energy storage, mitigating the intermittent nature of solar energy. The Kathu Solar Park is expected to come online in Q2, 2018, according to a company release.

    The project is being developed by a consortium comprised of Engie, which has a 48.5 pct interest, as well as the SIOC Community Development Trust, Investec Bank, Lereko Metier and the Public Investment Corporation. Debt funding will be provided by Rand Merchant Bank, Nedbank Capital, ABSA Capital, Investec and the Development Bank of South Africa. (Source: GDF Suez, PV Tech, May 11, 2016) Contact: ENGIE, Gerard Mestrallet, CEO, +33 (0) 1 44 22 24 35,

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    World Bank Innovation Centers Help Developing Countries Capture Climate Change Opportunities (Ind. Report)
    World Bank
    Date: 2016-05-13
    "Climate change presents prodigious challenges to developing countries but also tremendous opportunities. A key part of the World Bank Group's approach to the global climate change agenda lies in helping these developing countries cope with the challenges while exploiting the opportunities.

    "The opportunities are considerable. The World Bank Group estimates that investments in 15 clean technology sectors in 145 developing countries are expected to exceed $6.4 trillion over the next decade, with a quarter of that market accessible to small and medium enterprises. These sectors include renewable energy technologies, energy-efficient irrigation and water purification, climate-resilient crops, public transit, and electric vehicles. It is with those numbers in mind -- and the idea that big things have small beginnings -- that the World Bank Group has launched a network of Climate Innovation Centers (CICs) in the developing world."

    Access World Bank paper HERE. Source: World Bank, May 11, 2016) Contact: World Bank,

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    Coal-Bed Methane Specialist NuTech Receives Buyout Offer (Ind. Report)
    NuTech Energy Resources
    Date: 2016-05-13
    NuTech Energy Resources reports it has received an unsolicited buyout offer from Moscow-based TechnoInvest Oil and Gas. NuTech Energy Resources is a natural gas and oil technology and development company in the Powder River Basin with a patented technology for the production of coal-bed methane, without the need to pump water.

    TechnoInvest is apparently interested in NuTech's coalbed methane production technology as well as the company's coalbed methane assets currently in place. NuTech is receptive to the offer, according to a release. (Source: NuTech Energy Resources, Wyoming Business, 10 May, 20160 Contact: NuTech Energy Resources, Stffan Dalsgaard, IR, (702) 902-2361,

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    DOE Commits $14Mn to Increase Building Energy Efficiency (Funding)
    Date: 2016-05-11
    In Washington, the US DOE has announced $14 million in funding to increase the efficiency of our nation's homes and buildings. These projects will cut energy costs for thousands of American families and businesses, while leading to greater demand for new building products and technologies, many of which can be produced in the U.S.

    Through the Commercial Buildings Integration program, the Energy Department will make six awards for up to $8.4 million to nationally scale-up replicable, energy-efficient solutions for small and medium office buildings, apartments, stores, restaurants, and businesses. These new partners will implement deep retrofit and workforce training programs, spur adoption of advanced energy-efficient technologies, and initiate efficiency programs for small businesses in low-income communities.

    The projects will improve the efficiency of at least 2,600 buildings nationwide and leverage almost $17 million in partner resources.

    Under its Building America program, the Energy Department will make eight awards for up to $5.5 million for industry partners to create healthier, more comfortable homes that will save homeowners money on their utility bills. Partners will pilot several innovative approaches: low-cost construction methods; highly-efficient integrated heating, cooling, and ventilation systems; indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions for healthier homes; and software that will remotely identify homes that can benefit most from energy efficiency retrofits. They will also demonstrate zero energy-ready homes for the affordable housing market.

    The Energy Department's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) accelerates development and facilitates deployment of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies that reduce both risk and costs of bringing energy-efficient building technologies online. (Source: DOE EERE, Imperial Valley News, 9 May, 2016) Contact: US DOE EERE,

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    Ice Energy Joins Community Energy Storage Initiative (Ind. Report)
    Ice Energy
    Date: 2016-05-11
    Santa Barbara, Calif.-based thermal energy storage specialist Ice Energy reports it is a founding member of the recently launched Community Storage Initiative, a national organization of industry groups that includes utility trade associations, environmental groups, manufacturers and more than a dozen utilities.

    Community energy storage, like community solar, enables customers and utilities to share the system-wide benefits of energy storage. Such programs maximize the value of distributed energy resources, many of which are eligible to participate in energy storage programs through simple retrofits and program design.

    Ice Energy's Ice Bear units deliver behind-the-meter thermal storage for HVAC systems, providing peak capacity to over 40 utility service territories nationwide. (Source: Ice Energy, May 9, 2016) Contact: Ice Energy , Mike Hopkins, CEO

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    SunPower Breaks Ground on 9.5MW DWR Solar Project (Ind. Report)
    SunPower,California Department of Water Resources
    Date: 2016-05-09
    In the Golden State, San Jose-headquartered SunPower reports construction is underway on a 9.5-MW (AC) solar power plant in Los Angeles County. The plant's power generation, which is expected to come online before the year end, will be purchased under a long-term PPA by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). DWR is retaining the renewable energy credits associated with the system.

    The plant will utilize a SunPower designed and installed SunPower Oasis® Power Plant system. Oasis is a fully-integrated, modular solar power block that is engineered for rapid and cost-effective deployment of utility-scale solar projects. The technology includes robotic solar panel cleaning capability that uses 75 pct less water than traditional cleaning methods and can help improve system performance by up to 15 pct. (Source: SunPower Corp. PR, 4 May, 2016) SunPower, Tom Werner, CEO, Ingrid Ekstrom, (510) 260-8368,,; California Department of Water Resources, Veronica Hicks, Chief State Water Project Power and Risk Office,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SunPower Corp.,  Solar,  

    DOE Offers $90Mn in Bioenergy, Biofuels Project Funding (Funding)
    US DOE
    Date: 2016-05-09
    In the nation's capitol, the DOE has announced Project Development for Pilot and Demonstration Scale Manufacturing of Biofuels, Bioproducts, and Biopower, a $90 million funding opportunity meant to assist in the construction of bioenergy infrastructure to integrate cutting-edge pre-treatment, process, and convergence technologies. This funding will support efforts to improve and demonstrate processes that break down complex biomass feedstocks and convert them to gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, as well as plastics and chemicals.

    Previous DOE investments in biomass have helped develop a number of biofuels pathways, some of which are ready to scale-up toward commercialization. Today's funding opportunity announcement will advance the DOE's goal of producing at least three total pioneer commercial plants over the next twelve years.

    Funding details and application information is available HERE. (Source: US DOE, PR, 6 May, 2016) Contact: US DOE Bioenergy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News US DOE,  Bioenergy Funding,  Biofuel Funding,  Biomass,  

    Appalachian Seeking 100 pct Renewable Energy Rate (Ind. Report)
    Appalachian Power
    Date: 2016-05-09
    Following-up on our Jan. 20th coverage, Appalachian Power reports it is seeking Virginia State Corporation Commission approval of an alternative- renewable energy rate. The move is in response to an increased customer demand for renewable energy. The utility is also increasing its renewable energy resources and developing related programs and services to meet the growing demand for primarily wind and solar renewable energy generated electricity. Appalachian's service area includes parts of Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. (Source: Appalachian Power, JBDJ, 6 May, 2016)Contact: Appalachian Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Appalachian Power ,  Renewable Energy,  

    Aemetis Acquiring Cellulosic Ethanol Specialist Edeniq (M&A)
    Date: 2016-05-09
    Cuperetrino, California-based rnewable chemicals and fuels company Aemetis, Inc. reports it has inked an agreement to acquire all of the outstanding shares of cellulosic ethanol technology specialist Edeniq Inc. in a cash and stock merger transaction.

    Under the terms of the agreement, Aemetis expects to issue between one and two million shares of its common stock plus cash to be paid over the next 5 years in an amount of up to $20 million.

    Upon completion of the transaction, Edeniq will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aemetis. The transaction is expected to close during Q2, subject to customary closing conditions, financing and approvals. (Source: Aemetis, 5 May, 2016) Contact: Aemetis, Eric McAfee, CEO, (408) 213-0939,; Edeniq Inc. Lily Wachter, (559) 302-1777,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Aemetis,  Edeniq,  Cellulosic Ethanol,  Ethanol,  

    ACP Toolkit Helps Doctors Combat Climate Change (Ind. Report)
    American College of Physicians,Climate Change
    Date: 2016-05-09
    Meeting in Washingto, D.C, the American College of Physicians (ACP) has unveiled a toolkit to help internists and other doctors advocate for effective climate change adaptation and mitigation policies. In a position paper on climate change and health, published by Annals of Internal Medicine on April 19, ACP warned that climate change will have devastating consequences for public and individual health unless aggressive, global action is taken now to curb greenhouse gas emissions.

    ACP cites higher rates of respiratory and heat-related illnesses, increased prevalence of diseases passed by insects, water-borne diseases, food and water insecurity, malnutrition, and behavioral health problems as potential health effects of climate change. The toolkit for doctors to combat climate change includes:

  • An introduction to the Action Plan that briefly explains why this initiative is necessary and summarizes the materials and resources to help members become familiar with the evidence and science about the reality of climate change and its effect on health.
  • Customizable slides for presentations explaining how climate change affects health, mitigation and adaptation strategies, and how the health care sector can become more environmentally sustainable.
  • Information about how to facilitate, organize, and lead efforts to reduce the impact of physician offices, hospitals, and other health care facilities on climate change.
  • Talking points about how climate change impacts health and the benefits to public and individual health by taking action now.
  • "Greening the Health Care Sector", a multi-document resource that explains how the health care sector contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and what can be done to curb impact.
  • A Patient FACTS piece on climate change developed by ACP's Center for Patient Partnership in Healthcare. (Source: American College of Physicians, May, 2016) Contact: American College of Physicians, ACP President Wayne J. Riley, MD www.acponline,org

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change,  

  • RTM Launches Efficient Building Design Studio (Ind. Report)
    RTM Engineering Consultants
    Date: 2016-05-09
    Illinois-based RTM Engineering Consultants (RTM) is reporting the launch of its Sustainability Studio focused on providing clean energy and energy efficiency solutions to building owners.

    As partners of U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and Energy Star®, RTM leverages in-depth expertise in a variety of markets to deliver sustainable and energy-efficient designs.

    RTM's sustainability services include: energy modeling; building energy quotient rating; project commissioning; LEED & Green Globes administration; energy star portfolio administration; and utility incentive & rebate administration.

    RTM Engineering Consultants integrates MEP/FP and civil engineering services with sustainable design and goes beyond a typical consulting role and becomes a partner to clients by aligning with the goals, processes, and people at client organizations nationwide. (Source: RTM Engineering Consultants, PR, 6 May, 2016) Contact: RTM, (773) 799-8200,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News RTM Engineering,  Sustainable Building,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Caribbean Low-Carbon Energy Collaboration Announced (Ind. Report)
    Inter-American Development Bank
    Date: 2016-05-09
    The US DOE, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) are reporting the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) outlining their planned collaboration on the promotion and financing of low-carbon energy projects and programs with Caribbean regional governments.

    The MoU includes: development and integration of renewable energy sources; establishment of energy efficiency policies and regulations; grid management; clean fuels; and similar clean energy concerns and investment opportunities for pilot and commercial scale projects in sustainable energy and to support the Caribbean regional energy strategy. (Source: Inter-American Development Bank, SeeNews, Various Others, May, 2016) Contact: Inter-American Development Bank,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Inter-American Development Bank,  Renewable Energy,  

    Axion Power, LCB Discussing Potential Chinese License Deal (Int'l)
    Axion Power, LCB International
    Date: 2016-05-09
    Following on our June 16, 2015 coverage, New Castle, Pennsylvania-based energy storage specialist Axion Power International, Inc. reports it is in meetings with LCB International in a effort to revive stalled negotiations and finalize a technology licensing agreement under which LCB would take Axion's technology to China.

    LCB International Inc. is an investment and business development firm focused on electrical energy storage systems for motive and stationary utility applications in Asia

    Axion Power's patented PbC® Battery is fast charging nearly 100 percent recyclable, allowing for a smaller environmental footprint than traditional lead acid batteries. (Source: Axion Power International, Inc., PR, 6 May, 2016) Contact: Axion Power, Richard Bogan, CEO, (724) 654-9300,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Axion Power,  LCB International,  Energy Storage,  Battery,  

    BONE Meets Calif. 2020 Zero Net Energy Goals (Ind. Report)
    BONE Structure
    Date: 2016-05-09
    Laval, Quebec-based steel-framed home designer and builder BONE Structure® reports the opening of its first U.S. office in San Francisco, CA. The company's scalable building system is designed to meet the Golden State's 2020 Net Zero Energy (ZNE) new home building goal.

    A BONE Structure's set of laser cut steel components include pre-planned, ready-made "highways" to accommodate plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. Precut insulation panels clip into place between the steel columns and soya-based polyurethane foam insulation is sprayed on the exterior to seal the building and act as a vapor barrier and energy efficient envelope. (Source: BONE, 3 May, 2016) Contact: BONE Structure, Marc A. Bovet, Pres., Sonia Roll, (415) 585-2100,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  Net Zero Energy,  Energy Efficiency,  

    Miami Beach Requiring New Building LEED Certification (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-05-09
    In the Sunshine State, as of April 1, builders in Miami Beach must either erect structures that meet LEED energy and water use specifications or cough-up a fine equal to 5 pct of the building's total construction cost. The ruling applies to typically residential buildings of 7,000 sq-ft or less. This new rule also requires all new construction of 7,000 sq-ft or more be certified LEED gold or better in order to avoid a fee. Builders can also pursue two other top-tier green standards. By contrast, in the city of Miami, a LEED silver certification -- a step down from gold certification -- is required for new buildings larger than 50,000 sq-ft. (Source: ForConstructionPros, Miami Herald, Others, May, 2016)Contact: USGBC, (202) 552-1500,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News USGBC,  Energy Efficiency,  

    EU Emissions Rise in COP21's Wake -- Eurostat Report Attached (Int'l, Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-05-06
    Eurostat reports that EU member state carbon emissions rose in two-thirds of EU states -- including Slovakia, Portugal and Hungary -- by 0.7 pct in 2015, compared with the previous year, bucking the trend of decreasing CO2 emissions in the last few years.

    At COP21 in Paris, the EU committed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 40 pct by 2030, a target which is widely believed to still be possible.

    Of the EU's five biggest CO2 polluters -- Germany, Italy, France, Poland and the UK -- only the UK actually decreased emissions last year, while Belgium, Ireland and Austria are not on track to meet their 2020 greenhouse gas emission targets. Green campaigners say it is a worrying trend and reinforces the "urgent" need to adopt renewable energy sources.

    Access the full report HERE. (Source: Eurostat, EuroNews, Others, May, 2016)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GHGs,  Carbon Emissions,  COP21,  

    JLM Energy Licensing Measurz Energy Storage Stack (Ind. Report)
    JLM Energy
    Date: 2016-05-06
    Rocklin, California-headquartered renewable energy technology provider JLM Energy reports it is seeking licensing agreements for its Measurz technology stack. Measurz consists of a hardware, firmware, software and services platform that enables consultants, utilities, installers, facility managers and system integrators to plan, design, build and deploy renewables and energy storage systems. JLM Energy's advanced energy solutions are designed to help consumers manage and control their electric power costs. (Source: JLM Energy, EconoTimes, 3 May, 2016) Contact: JLM Energy, Farid Dibachi, CEO, Ellen Howe, (703) 835-5550,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News JLM Energy,  Energy Storage ,  

    Pembina Offers LNG Emissions Recommendations (Ind. Report)
    Pembina Institute
    Date: 2016-05-06
    According to the Canadian think-tank Pembina Institute, if the province of British Columbia adopts Pembina's Climate Leadership Team recommendations it could slash the Pacific NorthWest LNG project related emissions in half. If, however, the recommendations are not adopted, Pembina warns that emissions from the Pacific NorthWest LNG project alone would exceed the province's 2050 emissions target.

    According to Pembina's Matt Horne, "The emissions from the project as proposed, both the LNG terminal and the upstream emissions combined, goes up to just over 12 million tonnes of carbon pollution by 2050. However, Horne outlined five LNG-related recommendations from the Climate Leadership Team that could dramatically reduce the project's emissions. Those include increasing the carbon tax by $10 a tonne per year in 2018 and expanding the coverage of the tax by 2021."

    Horne claims the province hasn't committed to any of the recommendations he outlined, though there have been high-level commitments at the provincial (B.C. and Alberta) and federal level to reduce methane emission from upstream gas operations. The province is expected to unveil its new climate action plan in June. (Source: Pembina Institute, Canadian Press, 2 May, 2016) Contact: Pembina Institute, Matt Horne, (604) 874-8558 x 223,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Tax,  Pembina Institute,  Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  CO2,  Pembina Institute,  

    Coal Exporters Ordered to Slash Carbon Footprint (Ind. Report)
    Washington Department of Ecology
    Date: 2016-05-06
    In Olympia, the Washington Department of Ecology on Friday demanded that Millennium Bulk Terminals, a partnership of BNSF Railway and Union Pacific Railway, submit a plan to cut the expected carbon footprint of its proposed export of export of up to 44 million metric tpy of coal to Asia.

    DOE demanded Millennium submit a plan to cut the net increase by 50 pct, which it said was "reasonable and appropriate" based on state laws regarding emission standards for new power plants and overall carbon-reduction goals.

    To proceed with its planned coal shipments, Millennium needs 20 permits from eight different local, state and federal agencies, including six from the Washington State DOE. (Source: Washington Department of Ecology, Capital Press, Others, 1 May, 2016) Contact: Washington Department of Ecology, Bill Chapman, CEO, (360) 407-6000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Coal,  Carbon Footprint,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Highland Homes Predominantly Wind Powered in April (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2016-05-06
    According to data gathered by WeatherEnergy, last month Scotland's wind farms supplied 699,684 MWh of electric power to the National Grid -- sufficient for almost 2 million highland homes -- an increase of 15 pct compared to the wind power generated in April 2015. And, foir 8 days in April, wind generation was sufficient to met the needs of 100 pect or more of Scottish homes. The WeatherEnergy website uses daily real weather data to provide information on how much the average UK household photovoltaic and solar thermal systems could have provided the average household the previous week. It also provides an indication of how many homes could have been powered by the capacity of the UK's existing wind turbines. (Source: WeatherEnergy, SeeNews, Others, 3 May, 2016) Contact: WeatherEnergy, Karen Robinson, +44 (0) 1452 835060,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  

    SolarReserve Inks Chinese CSP, Solar Energfy Storage Deal (Int'l)
    SolarReserve, Shenhua Group
    Date: 2016-05-06
    Santa Monica-headquartered utility-scale solar developer SolarReserve LLC reports it has sealed a deal with the wholly state-owned Shenhua Group Corporation Ltd of China for the construction of 1,000 megawatts of solar thermal projects in China. The contract is part of the country's 13th Plan of Five-year National Development calling for the installation of 10,000MW of Concentrated Solar Power.

    SolarReserve's proprietary advanced solar thermal energy storage technology features advanced molten salt power tower energy storage capabilities and solves the intermittency issues experienced with other renewable energy sources, enabling the delivery of 100 pct renewable baseload and dispatchable power. (Source: SolarReserve, electrek, 3 May, 2016) Contact: Shenhua Group,; Solar Reserve, (310) 315-2200,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SolarReserve ,  CSP,  Concentrated Solar Power,  Energy Storage,  Solar Energy Storage,  ,  

    WindforS to Study Wind Turbine Noise, Vibrations (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2016-05-06
    The South-German Windfors Wind Energy Research Center in Stuttgart reports it has initiated the Objective Criteria for Vibration and Noise Emissions of Inland Wind Power Plants (TremAc) cooperation project to study the way wind turbines produce noise and vibrations, how they are related, and how they can be better foreseen and reduced. The project aims to improve the planning, development, and acceptance of wind power plants, and to develop objective criteria for turbine sound and vibration emissions.

    The researchers will measure acoustic signals in the atmosphere, and seismic signals in the ground, for both a single wind turbine and for an entire wind farm. The neighboring communities will also be interviewed using environmental medicine and psychological questionnaires.

    The TremAc project is being funded by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. (Source: Windfors Wind Energy Research Center, May, 2016) Contact: WindForS Wind Energy Research Center,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind Turbine,  Wind,  

    1366 Tech Scores Further NY Wafer Plant Financing (Ind. Report)
    1366 Technologies
    Date: 2016-05-06
    Following-up on our October 12th, 2015 coverage, Boston-based "Direct Wafer" producer, 1366 Technologies reports it has raised $10 million in funding from private equity firm, Hanwha Investment Corporation to support construction of a major production facility in Genesee County, New York. The company also received a $150 million, US DOE loan guarantee for the commercial-scale manufacturing facility. The company will invest $700 million in the 130,000 square-foot plant and will receive $97 million in tax incentives over a 10 year term, along with discounted electrical power targeting high-tech and advanced manufacturing companies

    The company plans a first phase construction of a 250MW nameplate capacity facility which is expected to produce approximately 50 million single wafers per year. The facility is scheduled to be online in 2017.

    As we previously reported, 1366 Technologies secured a major supply deal with Hanwha Q CELLS, a "Silicon Module Super League" (SMSL) member that secured up to 700MW of wafer production over 5 year years for the start-up. (Source: 1366 Technologies, PV Tech, 5 May, 2016) Contact: Hanwha Q CELLS, Alan King, VP of Module Sales,; Hanwha Group,; 1366 Technologies, Frank van Mierlo, CEO, (781) 687-9800,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News 1366 Technologies,  Hanwha Q ,  Solar Wafers,  

    Primus Green Energy, Tauber Oil Seal Methanol Deal (Ind. Report)
    Primus Green Energy
    Date: 2016-05-06
    Hillsborough, New Jersey-based gas-to-liquids technology and solutions specialist Primus Green Energy Inc. reports the signing of an offtake agreement with Houston-headquartered Tauber Oil for its methanol plant at a yet to be announced site in the Marcellus shale region. Tauber will offtake all of the methanol produced by the plant -- utilizing low-cost Marcellus gas feedstock -- to market, sell and distribute into the regional market. The plant is expected to produce 160 MTPD of methanol beginning in Q4, 2017.

    The Primus standardized modular system allows for local production, thus saving its customers in the region on both production and transportation costs. As a result, the systems are cost-competitive with the world-class methanol plants located on the U.S. Gulf Coast and in international markets. (Source: Primus Green Energy, PR, May , 2016) Contact: Primus Green Energy, Sam Golan, CEO, (908) 281-6000,; Tauber Oil, Richard E. Tauber, (713) 869-8700,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Primus Green Energy,  Methanol,  Gas-to-Liquid ,  

    RFA Launching E10 Marine Biofuel Misinformation Campaign (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    Renewable Fuels Association
    Date: 2016-05-06
    "As Memorial Day weekend approaches later this month and people start heading out to the beaches and on the water, the Renewable Fuels Association is launching an ad campaign today to correct misinformation regarding ethanol usage in marine engines.

    "The campaign kicked off with a two-page ad in the latest issue of Marina Dock Age, which is delivered to nearly every marina in the United States. The campaign will also feature educational outreach and further ad placement in news outlets throughout the country.

    " 'There has been a lot of misinformation perpetuated by biofuel opponents surrounding boating and ethanol,' said RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen. 'For nearly 30 years, 10 percent ethanol (E10) has been used in all types of marine engines and the fuel blend is approved for use by all major marine engine manufacturers, including Honda, Mercury Marine, Kawasaki and Johnson/Evinrude. As a bonus, ethanol's higher octane ratings increase engine performance, in addition to it also being the lowest-cost, cleanest-burning fuel on the planet. 'E10 is safe for marine engines. Period. Any organizations that say otherwise are not telling the truth,' Dinneen added.

    "It is important to remember that while E10 is approved for use in all marine engines, higher ethanol blends, such as E15, are not. EPA has approved the use of E15 in all 2001 and later model year vehicles, but only for on-road vehicles. But as EPA requires E15 and higher ethanol blends to be clearly labeled at the pump, and mandates that E10 also be available at any station offering E15, boaters need not be concerned. Through more than four years of E15 sales, there has not been a single case of E15 misfueling in a marine engine." (Source: Renewable Fuels Association, May 04, 2016) Contact: Renewable Fuels Association, Bob Dinneen,CEO, Pres., (202) 269-3835,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News E10,  Ethanol Blend,  Marine Biofuel,  Renewable Fuels Association,  Marine Engine,  Ethanol,  

    Alliant Solar Project Includes Spotlight Solar Trees (Ind. Report)
    Alliant Energy,Spotlight Solar
    Date: 2016-05-04
    Alliant Energy, in partnership with Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), is reporting the launch of its Madison Solar Demonstration Project which integrates multiple solar and clean energy technologies -- including 23 Spotlight Solar trees.

    The multiyear initiative aims to determine the optimum solar technologies for the region and raise public awareness of solar energy options including ground-mounted tracker systems, rooftop arrays, and parking canopies. The project utilizes over 1300 solar panels with 325 KW of installed grid-tied capacity. The demonstration site includes energy storage batteries, electric vehicle charging stations, and real-time systems monitoring via a Web-based dashboard.

    The Spotlight Solar Tree installations feature clusters of each of the company's products which together account for 66 KW of the total generation capacity installed. The PV systems will generate approximately 86,000 kWh of electricity annually.(Source: Spotlight Solar, PR, 3 May, 2016) Contact: Spotlight Solar, Craig Merrigan, CEO, (919) 914-0055,; Alliant Energy, Doug Kopp, Pres., Alliant Energy Iowa, (800) 285 4264,; EPRI, Mike Howard, Pres., CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EPRI,  Alliant Energy ,  Solar,  Solar Tree,  

    China's Hunan Province Sets 2020 CO2 Emissions Target (Int'l)
    Hunan Provincial People's Government
    Date: 2016-05-04
    In China, the Hunan Provincial People's Government Office reports that south-central China will limit its 2020 CO2 emissions to around 510 million tonnes, making it the country's first provinces to set an absolute cap on CO2 emissions.

    To meet its emissions target Hunan plans to utilize advanced climate finance tools, boost international co-operation and position itself as a low-carbon technology hub. It will also develop strategies to "green" its transport system and introduce a low-carbon building programme, increase forest coverage by over 3 million hectares, and install non-fossil fuel electric power generation capacity of 9,800 MWh by 2020. Full details of these initiatives have not been released. The carbon emissions trading system is expected to be completed before the year end. (Source: Hunan Provincial People's Government, Carbon Pulse, Others, 2 May, 2016)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News China Carbon Emissions,  Climate Change,  

    Tata Power Acquiring Welspun's Wind, Solar Assets (Int'l., M&A)
    Welspun Group.Tata Power
    Date: 2016-05-04
    In Mumbai, Indian energy juggernaut Tata Power reports it will acquire the 1,152 mw wind and solar energy assets of Welspun Renewables Energy Pvt Ltd (WREPL) for approximately $1.45 billion, including debt. The deal is expected to close before the month end.

    Welspun Renewables Energy Pvt Ltd (WREPL) is currently operating 685 mw of wind and solar energy projects across eight states. Another 200 mw is slated for a June commissioning while a further 257 mw is due by October-November. (Source: Tata Power, India Infoline News Service, Various Media, IIFL, 2 May, 2016) Contact: Tata Power Renewable Energy, +91 22 6665 8282,; Welspun Energy Ltd, +91 11 6603 4600,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Tata Power,  Wind,  Welspun Group,  

    $10Bn Needed for Aussie Renewables Target Success (Int'l Report)
    BIS Shrapnel
    Date: 2016-05-04
    In the Land Down Under, a new analysis from BIS Shrapnel has found that an additional investment of $10 billion will be needed for Australia to meet its renewable energy objectives by 2020. The research determined it is "highly doubtful" the 2020 target of 33,000 gigawatt-hours of renewable energy output can be achieved due primarily to the government's stalled and uncertain renewable energy policies over the past few years. The research finds that 4850 megawatts of wind farms and solar power plants will have to come online if the 2020 deadline is to be met.

    The findings come as the Clean Energy Council is calling for an increase and extension to the 2020 target as part of a package of measures proposed to end greenhouse emissions from the electricity sector by 2050, as required if climate change is to be limited to less than 2 degrees C. The Clean Energy Council is proposing an "orderly" closure of heavy-emitting coal plants and pushing for an extension of the system to 2035 to provide the certainty required for investment. (Source: BIS Shrapnel, Sydney Morning Herald, Others, 2 May., 2016) Contact: BIS Shrapnel, Adrian Hart, +61 3 8629 7300,; Australia Clean Energy Council, +61 3 9929 4100,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Australia Renewable Energy,  

    Forest Products Assoc. Launches Climate Change Challenge (Ind. Report)
    Forest Products Association of Canada
    Date: 2016-05-04
    In Ottawa, the Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) is pledging to help Canada move to a low-carbon economy by removing 30 megatonnes (MT) of CO2 per year by 2030 -- more than 13 pct of the Canadian government's emissions target. The FPAC's "30 by 30" Climate Change Challenge makes the forest sector the first to voluntarily contribute to the federal government's pledge to reduce emissions by 30 pct by 2030.

    The forest sector has a solid record of reducing greenhouse gases from its manufacturing processes. Since 1990 for example, Canada's pulp and paper industry has slashed GHG emissions by about 66 pct. The sector has also calculated that 30 MT can be reached through forest management practices that can maximize carbon storage in the forest and spur the growth of trees, by increasing the use of innovative forest products and clean tech to displace materials made from fossil fuels, and by further efficiencies at mill sites.

    Details on the "30 by 30" challenge challenge are available HERE. (Source: Forest Products Association of Canada, May, 2016) Contact: FPAC, Derek Nighbor, CEO, Simon Tuck, Senior Director, Public Affairs, (613) 563-1441 x313,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Forest Products Association of Canada,  Climate Change,  Carboin Emissions,  

    Malta Registers 2015's Largest Drop in CO2 Emissions (Int'l)
    Date: 2016-05-04
    The European Union's statistics office Eurostat estimates that in 2015 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuel combustion increased by 0.7 pct in the European Union (EU), compared with the previous year. CO2 emissions account for around 80 pct of all EU greenhouse gas emissions.

    According to Eurostat estimates, CO2 emissions rose in 2015 in a majority of EU Member States, with the highest increases being recorded in Slovakia (+9.5 pct), Portugal (+8.6 pct) and Hungary (+6.7 pct), followed by Belgium (+4.7 pct) and Bulgaria (+4.6 pct). Decreases were registered in eight Member States, notably in Malta (-26.9 pct), followed by Estonia, Denmark, Finland and Greece.

    Eurostat estimates that in 2015 EU CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion increased by 0.7 pct compared with the previous year. Various EU energy efficiency initiatives aim to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

    (Source: Eurostat, Malta Today, 3 May, 2106) Contact: Eurostat,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Eurostrat,  CO2,  Carbon Dioxide Emissioins,  Climate CHange,  

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