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Bay State Legislation Boosts Hydro, Wind Power (Reg & Leg)
Massachusetts Renewable Energy
Date: 2016-06-15
In Boston, the Massachusetts House of Representatives has approved a bill requiring all Massachusetts utilities to solicit long-term contracts for importing an additional 1,200 megawatts each of Canadian hydroelectricity and offshore wind.

The legislation, which could make hydro and wind power a bigger part of the Bay State's overall energy mix, is seen by many lawmakers as critical in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and replacing energy that has left, or will leave the New England energy grid in the coming years, including the scheduled 2019 shutdown of the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Plymouth. The bill now heads to the Senate. (Source: Marcellus, Various Others, June 10, 2016)

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WPPI Energy Issues 100MW Renewables RFP (Ind. Report)
WPPI Energy
Date: 2016-06-15
Sun Prairie, Wisconsin-based WPPI Energy has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for approximately 100 MW of wind, or an equivalent amount of energy from other renewable resources. The RFP is seeking power purchase agreements for 20 years or longer, with initial energy delivery beginning sometime between mid-2018 and the end of 2020.

WPPI Energy is a member-owned power supplier to 51 locally owned not-for-profit electric utilities that serve more than 200,000 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan and Iowa. Renewables currently make up approximately 14 pct of WPPI Energy's energy supply portfolio.

Proposals are due by 5 p.m. CDT on July 29, 2016. (Source: WPPI Energy, 12 June, 2016) Contact: WPPI Energy, Pat Connors, Snr, VP Power Supply, (608) 834-4500,

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ConEd Building Pilot Power Plant with Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
Consolidated Edison,SunPower,Sunverge
Date: 2016-06-15
New York utility Consolidated Edison (ConEd), SunPower and San Francisco-based Sunverge have announced a $15 million virtual power plant pilot project that will equip approximately 300 homes in Brooklyn and Queens with leased high-efficiency solar panels and lithium-ion battery energy storage systems. The project, which is part of New York's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) effort, aims to explore the revenue streams made possible by software-enabled aggregation of energy storage.

ConEd will initially own the storage systems with the goal of gathering 1.8 megawatts/4 megawatt-hours of capacity to serve as a "clean virtual power plant." Each home will be outfitted with a 7-kilowatt to 9-kilowatt rooftop PV system and a 6-kilowatt/19.4-kilowatt-hour energy storage system. In addition to the utility-facing grid services, the installation provides homeowners with backup power for essential loads in the home. The units are designed to be both a local and an ISO resource, with direct control room integration. (Source: ConEd, gtm. 12 June, 2016)Contact: Sunverge, Sarah Singleton, VP Marketing,Ken Munson, CEO,; SunPower, Tom Werner, CEO, Ingrid Ekstrom, (510) 260-8368,,; ConEdison, Jorge J. Lopez, Pres., CEO, (914) 286-7094,

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Amyris Announces Cathay Pacific Biofueled Flights (Ind. Report)
Date: 2016-06-15
Emeryville, California-headquartered Amyris Inc. is reporting that on May 29, 2016, Hong Kong-headquartered Cathay Pacific began a two-year program of flights from Toulouse, France, to Hong Kong using and Airbus A350-900 aircraft fueled with Amyris/Total Biojet fuel.

According to Cathay Pacific, the combination of the new airplane's improvements in fuel efficiency --about 25 pct better than current aircraft -- and the fuel's properties resulted in an estimated 30 pct reduction in CO2 emissions when compared to comparable flights in recent-generation aircraft using fossil fuels.

Amyris and Total partnered to create the sustainable sugar cane-derived, farnesene-based renewable Biojet fuel using a process certified by the RSB. (Source: Amyris, StreetInsider, 13 June, 2016) Contact: Amyris, John Melo, CEO, (510) 450-0761,

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GE Intros Coal-Fired Power Emissions Software (New Prod. & Tech.)
GE Power
Date: 2016-06-15
General Electric Power (GE Power) is reporting the release of a new Digital Power Plant software designed to help nations increase power plant efficiency, cut carbon emissions and meet COP21 greenhouse gas emissions goals.

GE's Digital Power Plant for Steam software interprets data drawn from sensors across the power plant, highlights key factors that may affect performance and takes appropriate action through a closed loop control system. According to GE, the software can cut CO2 emissions from coal-fired plants by 3 pct and reduce coal consumption by 67,000 tpy with the same MW of output based on a 1,000 MW power plant.

GE’s Digital Power Plant software can enhance the performance and reduce emissions of almost all steam plants -- including non-GE and legacy Alstom plants -- commissioned in the past 25 years. (Source: General Electric, 14 June, 2016) Contact: GE Power, Steve Bolze, President & CEO,

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Nordic Blue Crude Touts Synthetic Diesel Fuel (New Prod & Tech)
Sunfire AG,Nordic BLue Crude
Date: 2016-06-15
The Norvik-based, Norwegian biotechnology startup Nordic Blue Crude reports it will partner with automaker Audi on the mass production and supply of synthetic diesel fuel. Nordic Blue Crude claims its fuel can cut carbon emissions by 85 pct, allowing diesel cars to meet impending stricter European emissions standards without further engine modifications.

Nordic Blue Crude AS (NBC) business plan is to produce enhanced Synthetic Crude from renewable power, water and CO2 The Blue Crude product consists of 50 pct high value wax, 30 pct middle distillate usable as high performance and quality diesel and 20 pct naphtha, refinable to gasoline.

NBC has an exclusive license agreement with Sunfire AG, and agreements for localization of production unit at Heroya. (Source: Nordic Blue Crude, Gas2, GreenCar Reports, June, 2016) Contact: Nordic Blue Crude, Contact information is presently unavailable

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CO2 Levels Set to Pass 400ppm, Permanently, says UK Report (Int'l. Report)
UK Meteorology Office,
Date: 2016-06-15
According to a new U.K. study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, carbon emissions and extreme weather events poised to push CO2 levels past the symbolic 400 parts-per-million (PPM) threshold this year. The study also finds that once that level is reached, it is unlikely to fall below that line again in our lifetimes.

According to Scientists at the UK Meteorology Office, carbon dioxide emissions have increased over the past 12 months due in part to the continued burning of fossil fuels and an unbridled El Nino event. Reports from earlier this year also found that 2016 is poised to become the hottest year in recorded history.

The findings highlight increasingly urgent concerns about global efforts to curb climate change as outlined in the COP21 Paris agreement, according to the study. The study adds that "in the longer term, a reduction in CO2 concentration would require substantial and sustained cuts in anthropogenic emissions to near zero." (Source: UK Meteorology Office, San Diego Free Press, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike, 14 June, 2016) Contact: UK Meteorology Office, +44 1392 885 680,,

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Solar Park Korea Negotiating 620 MW Vietnamese Solar Deal (Int'l)
SolarPark Korea Co Ltd
Date: 2016-06-13
In Vietnam, Dak Lak province reports it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with South Korean crystalline silicon products producer Solar Park Korea Co Ltd for the construction of as much as 620 MW of photovoltaic (PV) capacity in Ea Sup district. The agreement would see the construction of between 300 MW and 500 MW of solar power plants at an expected cost of between $600 million and $1 billion, according to a Dak Lak province statement. (Source: Various Sources, SeeNews, 9 June, 2016)Contact: SolarPark Korea Co Ltd.,

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Beothuk Lets Offshore Wind Preliminary Work Contracts (Ind. Report)
Beothuk Energy, DNV GL
Date: 2016-06-13
In a press release, Newfoundland-headquartered Beothuk Energy reports it has let contracts for geological and bathymetric compilation, constraints analysis, wind resource and energy assessment and energy-cost modeling to DNV GL and Furgo GeoSurveys for its proposed 180 MW St. George's Bay offshore wind farm in Newfoundland.

DNV GL will provide constraints analysis, wind resource and energy assessment, energy cost modeling and a preliminary wind farm layout.

St. John's-based Fugro GeoSurveys has been contracted to provide bathymetric/geologic compilation, hydrographic data reprocessing, assessment of stability and seismicity, analyses of seabed morphology and routing options.

As we reported in December 2015, Beothuk it is also in the preliminary planning stages of a proposed 120-turbine offshore wind farm off the coast of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. The $4 billion wind farm would generate approximately 1,000 MW of electric power that would be marketed to the New England states. (Source: Beothuk Energy, PR, TC Media, 8 June, 2016) Contact: Beothuk Energy Inc., Kirby Mercer, Pres., CEO, (888) 465-9241,; DNV GL,

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ICS Seeks Maritime Shipping Emission Regulations Coordination (Int'l)
International Chamber of Shipping,EU
Date: 2016-06-13
In London, the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS) is reporting the planned launch of a campaign to persuade the EU and its member states of the necessity of aligning its unilateral regulation on the monitoring of shipping's CO2 emissions with the mandatory worldwide CO2 reporting regime that has been agreed by the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO). The ICS also aims to enlist the support of non-EU governments including the U.S, China and other Asian nations.

According to the ICS, although it fully supports the IMO's mandatory data collection mechanism the EU needs to align its regime with the IMO system that is now agreed upon by the entire international shipping community.

The EU Regulation on the Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) of ships' CO2 emissions was adopted in 2015 and will be fully implemented within three years when all ships trading to Europe will be required to comply with some of its provisions. (Source: ICS, Splash24/7, 6 June, 2016) Contact: ICS Esben Poulsson, Chairman, +44 20 7090 1460,; IMO, Stefan Micallef, Director of Marine Environment Division,

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House Republicans Oppose Carbon, Fossil Fuel Tax (Reg & Leg)
Carbon Tax
Date: 2016-06-13
In the nation's capitol, the Republican-controlled US House of Representatives has voted to reject any new taxes on carbon emissions and oil production. The Republican majority also voted on two non-binding actions intended to get them on the record as opposing higher fossil fuel taxes.

One resolution opposing a carbon tax as detrimental to the US economy was supported by 231 Republicans and six Democrats, while 163 Democrats opposed the measure. (Source: Various Sources, Energy Voice, June 12, 2016)

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DHL Touts Online Transport Emissions Carbon Calculator (Ind. Report)
DHL Global
Date: 2016-06-13
New online application delivers live emissions calculation for most shipment sizes and modes of transportation DHL Global Forwarding is promoting a new, free online Carbon Calculator that allows allows its customers to calculate transportation-related emissions for almost all shipment sizes and modes of transport.

The calculation is carried out online based on intelligent algorithms and data from the DHL Carbon Accounting and Controlling department. The computational methodology reflects the recognized greenhouse gas protocol standards, the European Standard EN 16258, as well as the guidelines of the Global Logistics Emissions Council.

The tool calculates the amount of CO2 equivalent emissions that the transport will generate. Inquiries are free of charge on the system and can be entered without registration and users have access to an expanded range of analytical functions. (Source: DHL, Air Cargo World, Global Trade, 10 June, 2016) Contact: DHL Global Forwarding, Kathrin Brost, VP Green Strategy, Roger Crook, CEO,

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Three Gorges Pursuing Meerwind Offshore Wind Farm (Int'l, M&A)
China Three Gorges,Meerwind,WindMW,Blackstone Group
Date: 2016-06-13
Reuters is reporting that the state-owned China Three Gorges Corporation plans to expand beyond its Yangtze River hydropower plant and is negotiating a purchase of the 288-MW Meerwind offshore wind park in Germany.

Meerwind, which is valued at approximately €1.6 billion, supplies power for approximately 360,000 households. It is owned by WindMW, which is 80 pct owned by the American private equity firm Blackstone Group, with the remaining 20 pct held by Windland Energieerzeugung. (Source: Yibada, Reuters, 12 June, 2016) Contact: China Three Gorges,; Blackstone Group,

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Apple Seals North Carolina Landfill Gas Energy Deal (Ind. Report)
Apple Inc.
Date: 2016-06-13
Computer-Goliath Apple reports it has inked a 16-year lease agreement that will let it build a plant generating power from landfill gas from 3.7 acres at the Blackburn Resource Recovery Facility in Newton, North Carolina.

Apple will pay only $5,569.50 in rent per year for the first five years. After the initial 16 years, Apple will have an option to extend its lease by five more.

In a related agreement the county agreed to sell about 40 percent of its landfill methane to Quadrogen Power Systems, which will treat the gas for use at Apple's facility. The remaining methane will be used by the county for other energy purposes. (Source: Apple Insider, June 10, 2016)

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Walmart, Alabama Power Solar Project Gets the Nod (Reg & Leg)
Walmart, Alabama Power,Origis Energy
Date: 2016-06-13
The Alabama Public Service Commission (PSC)reports it has OK'd Alabama Power and Walmart's proposed 72-MW solar power project near La Fayette, Chambers County, Alabama.

The project, which is expected to cost approximately $140 million, will be constructed and operated by a subsidiary of Miami-based Origis Energy. Walmart will purchase and retire a majority of the renewable energy credits generated at the facility.

The new facility will be the third, and by far the largest, renewable energy project announced under a program allowing Alabama Power to reach agreements with specific customers on up to 500 total megawatts of renewable energy projects. (Source: Alabama Power, Walmart, PR, June, 2016) Contact: Origis Energy,; Walmart, David Ozment, Snr. Dir. of Energy, (479) 273-4000,; Alabama Power, CEO, Mark Crosswhite,

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DOE Invests $10.5Mn in Efficient Lighting R&D (Funding, R&D)
Date: 2016-06-13
WASHINGTON — Building on the new commitments to the Global Lighting Challenge announced last week during the Clean Energy Ministerial, the US DOE is announcing funding for nine research and development projects that will support solid-state lighting (SSL) core technology research, product development, and manufacturing R&D.

Department-funded research and development will foster technology breakthroughs to unlock new levels of SSL performance and energy savings.

The selected projects will together receive more than $10.5 million and will make a cost-share contribution for a total public-private investment in excess of $13.5 million, to further reduce the cost and improve the quality of SSL products:

  • Cree, Inc. in Durham, N.C. to develop a high-efficacy LED lighting fixture that has good color rendering as well as advanced features such as the ability to tune the color of the light;
  • Columbia University in NYC [ to develop improved quantum dots to increase the efficiency and lower the cost of LEDs;
  • GE Global Research in Niskayuna, New York will develop an efficient LED fixture that features interchangeable modules and allows for simplified manufacturing and customized performance specifications;
  • Iowa State University (Ames) will demonstrate a method to significantly increase the light output of white OLEDs by changing their internal features;
  • Lexington, Kentuck-based Lumenari, Inc. will develop a narrow-bandwidth red phosphor to improve the efficacy of phosphor-converted LEDs;
  • Lumileds of San Jose, California will improve the design of an LED to make it more efficient by using a patterned sapphire substrate flip-chip architecture;
  • North Carolina State University in Raleigh is developing a way to get more light out of OLEDs using low-cost corrugated substrates;
  • Pennsylvania State University will develop a way to better understand and predict the occurrence of short circuits in OLED lighting panels in order to reduce failure rates; and
  • University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is developing three innovative methods to harness the light within OLEDs.

    This is the eleventh round of the DOE's investments in solid-state lighting core technology research and product development. (Source: DOE, 10 June, 2016) (Contact: US, DOE, (202) 586-5000,

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  • Louisiana Methanol Plant Set for Groundbreaking (Ind. Report)
    Yuhuang Chemical
    Date: 2016-06-13
    China's Yuhuang Chemical Company reports that its planned $1.85 billion methanol plant in St. James Parish, Louisiana, will break ground before the year end. AMEC Foster Wheeler is designing, and will construct the plant which is expected to begin commercial-scale methanol production early in 2019. Initially, the plant will produce 4,000 to 5,000 mtpd and add another 15,000 metric tons over the next 10 years.

    The company plans to construct a second methanol plant similar to the first unit in design and scope in 2019. (Source: Yuhuang Chemical, Baton Rouge Bus. Report, 8 June, 2016) Contact: Yuhuang Chemical, James Oliver, VP US,

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    ReneSola Reports U.S. Solar Construction Plans (Ind. Report)
    ReneSola Ltd
    Date: 2016-06-10
    ReneSola Ltd, a Chinese manufacturer and supplier of green energy products including solar and LED lighting, reports that it plans to construct 107 megawatt of solar projects in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and North Carolina. Construction of 37 MW in North Carolina and Massachusetts is expected to get underway in the second half of 2016. Construction of the remaining 70 MW of solar projects in Minnesota and California is slated for 2017.

    ReneSola Ltd. provides virgin polysilicon, monocrystalline, and multicrystalline solar wafers and and photovoltaic cells, , as well as offers wafer processing services, solar power project development, engineering, procurement, and construction services. (Source: ReneSola, PR, 7 June, 2016) Contact: ReneSola Ltd., Brian Armentrout, (603) 748-6933,,

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    Daimler Launches Energy Storage Subsidiary (Ind. Report)
    Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH
    Date: 2016-06-10
    German auto giant Daimler Benz reports it has established a new subsidiary -- Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH -- to further the development and market for Mercedes-Benz brand stationary energy storage and lithium-ion batteries and systems.

    The new entity is inline with Daimler's focus on the growing market for stationary batteries and energy storage. According to Daimler, a separate entity provides greater flexibility for the stationary storage business, particularly when contacting the diverse Mercedes-Benz automobile customer base. Daimler is also looking at international expansion and collaboration with further partners. (Source: Daimler, Others, ET Auto, 4 June, 2016) Contact: Mercedes-Benz Energy GmbH,

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    Toyota Touting Planned Texas HQ Solar Installation (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-06-10
    Japanese automaker Toyota reports that its planned 7.75 megawatt solar power system for its new North American headquarters in Plano, Texas will be "the largest corporate office on-site solar installation among non-utility companies in the state". The system is expected to generate about 25 pct of the new facility's power needs when it opens in Dec., 2017. (Source: Toyota, Others, Just Auto, 7 June, 2016)

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    Ontario Finalizes $8.3Bn 'Climate Change Action Plan' (Reg & Leg)
    Ontario Climate Action Plan
    Date: 2016-06-10
    At Queens Park, in its eagerly awaited and just released final version of its Climate Change Action Plan, the Liberal government of Ontario has announced it will spend more than $8.3 billion over the next five years on measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 9,832,000 tonnes in 2020.

    The plan includes a means-tested "cash-for-clunkers" scheme the encourage a switch to electric vehicles as well as a rebate against recharging costs. Existing rebates of up to $14,000 per electric vehicle will be expanded with up to $1,000 available to install a home-charging station and the hopeful removal of the 13 pct harmonized sales tax from electric cars and other related transportation initiatives. The plan also mandates that all new homes must be net zero carbon homes by 2030.

    The climate change action plan is expected to add between $5.964 billion and $8.301 billion to provincial balance sheet over the next five years -- all of which by law must be earmarked for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change. (Source: Star, CBC, Various Others, 7 June, 2016)

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    E.ON Denmark Launches 300,000-tpy AD Facility (Int'l Report)
    E.ON Denmark
    Date: 2016-06-10
    In Denmark, Frederiksberg-based gas and electric utility E.ON Denmark is reporting the opening of its 300,000 tpy Grongas Vraaorganic waste to biogas anaerobic digestion (AD) facility.

    The $17.5 million facility will produce biomethane from animal manure and organic wastes and is expected to deliver approximately 9 million. cubic meters of biomethane directly into Denmark's gas grid. (Source: E.ON Denmark, Others, 8 June, 2016) Contact: E.ON Denmark, +45 44 85 41 00,

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    Ontario's Climate Plan Stresses Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
    Climate Change Action Plan,Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance
    Date: 2016-06-10
    The Liberal government of Ontario's just released Five Year Climate Change Action Plan to promote the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions includes a commitment to implement a Home Energy Efficiency and GHG Rating and Disclosure (HERD) program for properties at the time of sale. This means that a universal home energy audit, paid for by government, must be conducted prior to the sale of a home and that information must be provided to the seller during the purchase process.

    According to Ontario's Climate Change Strategy the province's third largest source of emissions is the building sector and residential buildings make up a significant portion of these emissions which can be significantly reduced through greater energy efficiency.

    By placing greater value on energy efficiency, homeowners will look for ways to improve the performance of their homes and reduce their carbon footprint -- including greater utilization of government-funded renovation and retrofit programs.

    Mandatory home energy labeling is an initiative of the Home Energy Transparency Coalition which includes the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, Ontario Home Builders Association, Clean Economy Alliance, and NAIMA Canada representing more than 125 organizations.(Source: Gov. of Ontario, Market Wire, Various Sources, 8 June, 2016) Contact: NAIMA Canada, Jay Nordenstrom, Exec. Dir., (613) 232-8093,,; Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance, (905) 614-1641,; Clean Economy Alliance,

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    EMSA Bullish on Maritime Methanol, Ethanol Fuels (Ind. Report)
    European Maritime Safety Agency
    Date: 2016-06-10
    In a just released report on ethanol and methanol, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) recommends both fuels as good potential alternatives for reducing both the emissions and carbon footprint of ship operations.

    The report also finds that the costs of retrofitting marine engines for both methanol and ethanol are in same range as costs for installing exhaust gas after treatment (scrubber and selective catalytic reduction) for use with heavy fuel oil, and below the costs of switching to LNG. It also found methanol competitive with other fuels and emissions compliance strategies, depending upon fuel price differentials. Based on historic price differentials, methanol will have shorter payback times than both LNG and ethanol solutions for meeting sulphur emission control area requirements. (Source: EMSA, Maritime Exec., June, 2016) Contact: EMSA, +351 21 120 9121,

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    Researchers Explore Cellulose for Tailored Biofuels (Int'l. R&D)
    University of Melbourne, Cambridge University
    Date: 2016-06-10
    In their search for low emission plant-based fuels, scientists at the University of Cambridge in the UK and the University of Melbourne in Australia have identified new steps in the way plants produce cellulose. The findings could lead to improved production of cellulose and guide plant breeding for ethanol fuel production.

    The research identified several proteins that are essential in the assembly of the protein machinery that makes cellulose. The newly discovered proteins are located in an intracellular compartment called the Golgi where proteins are sorted and modified.

    "The findings are important to understand how plants produce their biomass", says Professor Paul Dupree from the University of Cambridge's Department of Biochemistry. "Greenhouse-gas emissions from cellulosic ethanol are estimated to be roughly 85 pct less than from fossil fuel sources. Research to understand cellulose production in plants is therefore an important part of climate change mitigation." "In addition, by using cellulosic plant materials we get around the problem of food-versus-fuel scenario that is problematic when using corn as a basis for bioethanol. It is therefore of great importance to find genes and mechanisms that can improve cellulose production in plants so that we can tailor cellulose production for various needs."

    (Source: University of Cambridge, June, 2016) Contact: University of Melbourne, Prof. Staffan Persson, Cambridge University, Drs. Yi Zhang (Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Plant Physiology) and Nino Nikolovski,

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    GE Ventures Snares German Energy Storage Specialist (M&A)
    General Electric, GE Ventures,Sonnen GmbH
    Date: 2016-06-08
    General Electric's Menlo Park, California-headquartered GE Ventures unit has acquired the German residential energy storage specialist Sonnen GmbH, according to a Sonnen release.

    Sonnen is developing sonnenCommunity, a networked electricity community that combines decentralized renewable power generation, advanced battery storage technology and digital networking to allow members to become independent of the established electricity providers. sonnenCommunity member homes are typically equipped with a sonnenBatterie and a PV system that feeds surplus electric power into a virtual energy pool that is drawn upon by other members as needed. (Source: Sonnen GmbH,SeeNews, Others, June, 2016) Contact: Sonnen GmbH,; GE Ventures, Sue Siegal, (650) 233-3900, CEO,

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    BHP Billiton Funding Chinese Steel CCS R&D Effort (Int'l Report)
    BHP Billiton
    Date: 2016-06-08
    From the Land Down Under, iron mining giant BHP Billiton reports it will contribute $7 million over three years to help break down the barriers to the use of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in the Chinese steel industry which accounts for about 7 pct of global CO2 emissions. BHP's CCS funding program also involves China's National Centre for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation.

    The Chinese steel industry funding program is Melbourne-headquartered BHP Billiton's second CCS research venture after the 2015 alliance with SaskPower's $1.4 billion Boundary Dam project in Saskatchewan, Canada. (Source: BHP Billiton, Sydney Morning Herald, June, 2016) Contact: BHP Billiton, Andrew Mackenzie, CEO, Dean Dalla Valle, COO, +61 3 9609 3333,

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    Notable Quotes -- New EPA Methane Rules
    Date: 2016-06-08
    "Together these new actions will protect public health and reduce pollution linked to cancer and other serious health effects while allowing industry to continue to grow and provide a vital source of energy for Americans across the country." -- Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator

    "It's a tremendous threat to our climate, and a needless waste of valuable resources. 'Cutting this pollution is the fastest, cheapest path to slow the warming we will otherwise see in the next 20 years. The federal government should extend the same level-headed standards targeting new and modified oil and gas equipment to thousands of existing facilities that are still exempt despite generating millions of tons of methane pollution a year." -- Fred Krupp, Pres., Environmental Defense Fund

    "The agency (EPA) should move swiftly to collect whatever information it believes it needs and develop standards for existing operations. If the nation is to achieve our climate commitment to reduce methane pollution, we have no time to waste in taking on these older sources next." -- Meleah Geertsman, Snr. Attorney, Natural Resources Defense Council's Midwest Program

    "Imposing a one-size-fits-all scheme on the industry could actually stifle innovation and discourage investments in new technologies that could serve to further reduce emissions. (The new regulations) could discourage natural gas production, disrupt our progress reducing emissions, and increase the cost of energy for American consumers." -- Kyle Isakower, VP Economic and Regulatory Policy, American Petroleum Institute (API),

    "EPA continues to go out of its way to target abundant American energy. This new set of rules will add significant burdens and costs to an already highly regulated industry. Our economy is already on shaky ground, and more layers of federal regulation will only serve to threaten existing jobs and discourage new domestic production." -- U.S. Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL,15), Chairman of the House Environment and the Economy Subcommittee

    "In taking this important first step, the EPA and the Obama administration are rejecting the status quo that has allowed the oil and gas industry to recklessly pollute communities around the country for so long. If we are to truly safeguard our communities, our health, and our climate from the dangers of fossil fuel pollution, we must keep dirty fuels in the ground and transition to clean, renewable energy like solar and wind power." -- Michael Brune, Exec. Dir, Sierra Club. (Source: Various Sources, Progress Illinois, 6 June, 2016)

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    BASF Stalls Texas Methane-to-Propylene Decision (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-06-08
    German chemical giant BASF reports it has postponed its final investment decision regarding construction of a gas (methane)-to-propylene facility at its 25-plant complex in Freeport, Texas.

    The current economic environment and the volatility of raw material prices were considerations in the decision, the company indicated. (Source: BASF, Kallanish Energy, 7 June, 2016) Contact: BASF,

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    Celanese, Mitsui Planning 2nd US Methanol Plant (Ind. Report)
    Celanese, Mitsui
    Date: 2016-06-08
    In Colorado Springs, Celanese reports it is working with partner Mitsui & Co on a potential second methanol project in the US and should have a clearer view on it by the end of the year. If constructed, the second methanol plant could begin commercial production in 2019-2020.

    Celanese's first US methanol plant with joint venture partner Mitsui & Co in Clear Lake, Texas, began production in October 2015. The 1.4 million tpy plant is reported to be running at full capacity. (Source: Celanese, ICIS, 7 June, 2016) Contact: Celanese, Mark Rohr, CEO, Jon Puckett, (972) 443-4965,,,; Mitsui Chemical,

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    Brazilian Biomass Power Generation on the Rise (Int'l Report)
    Date: 2016-06-08
    According to the Brazilian Power Trading Chamber Camara de Comercializaçao de Energia Eletrica(CCEE), in Q1 of 2016 Brazil's biomass power output hit 722.6 average megawatts (MWa) for a better than 10 pct year-on-year increase.

    At the end of March, the installed biomass-to-power capacity was 11.5 GW country-wide, up 9.7 pct on the year. In March alone, biomass-fired power plants produced 1,077 MWa. Sugarcane bagasse was the most widely used fuel representing about 80 pct of the generation from 244 biomass power plants in commercial operation. (Source: CCEE, SeeNews, 7 June, 2016) Contact: CCEE,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biomass,  Sugarcane Biomass,  

    Alaska Airlines Completes First Gevo-Fueled Flights (Ind. Report)
    Gevo,Alaska Airline
    Date: 2016-06-08
    Englewood, Colorado-headquartered isobutanol specialist Gevo Inc. reports that Alaska Airline's first two commercial flights using Gevo's renewable alcohol-to jet fuel (ATJ) blend took off from Seattle on flights to San Francisco International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport yesterday.

    Gevo's alcohol to jet synthetic paraffinic kerosene (ATJ-SPK) process turns its bio-based isobutanol into jet fuel that meets the requirements of the recently revised ASTM D7566 (Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons) for up to a 30 pct fuel blend. The two Alaska Airlines flights utilized a 20 pct fuel blend. (Source: Gevo, 7 June, 2016)Contact: Gevo Inc., Pat Gruber, CEO, (303) 858-3358,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Gevo,  Alaska Airline,  Aviation Biofuel,  

    Ethanol Producer Western Plains Energy Joins RFA (Ind. Report)
    Renewable Fuels Association
    Date: 2016-06-08
    The Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) reports that Oakley, Kansas-based Western Plains Energy LLC has joined the ranks of the RFA's producer members.

    Western Plains Energy is a mid-sized producer with a production capacity of 50 million gpy from both corn and grain sorghum. (Source: RFA, Energy Insider, 6 June, 2016) Contact: Renewable Fuels Association, Bob Dinneen,CEO, Pres., (202) 269-3835,; Western Plains Energy, Derek Peine, CEO, (785) 672-8810,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Western Plains Energy,  Renewable Fuels Association ,  Ethanol,  

    Germany to Curtail Onshore Wind Expansion (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2016-06-06
    It is being widely reported that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reached an agreement with the country's 16 state governments to restrict investment in onshore wind energy development to 2.8 GW -- approximately 1,000 turbines -- per year. The agreed upon restriction on wind energy development is seen as a move to avoid overburdening the electricity grid, especially in northern Germany.

    Upper limits have also been placed on the expansion of solar. Large-scale solar installations are now capped at 600 MW per year, however, government support for installations smaller than 750 kW will continue so as not to hamper the roll-out of rooftop solar.

    The new federal and state agreement, if passed into law, will come into force in 2017. (Source: Various Sources, CleanTecnica, 2 June, 2016)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Solar,  Renewable Energy,  

    Fraunhofer Launches Wind, Solar Forecasting Platform (New Prod & Tech)
    Fraunhofer Institute
    Date: 2016-06-06
    In Freiburg, Germany, the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology (IWES), in cooperation with Germany's National Meteorological Service in Offenbach, are reporting the launch of a new model for forecasting the generation of renewable electricity.

    The new models provide improved forecasts, accurate up to each quarter-hour, showing how much electricity Germany's installed solar PV and wind facilities will generate over the next few hours, or days.

    The new EnergyForecaster platform helps system operators calculate the amount of wind and solar energy being fed into the grid, and into which grid nodes it is being fed, as well information on the reliability of the forecasts. (Source: Fraunhofer Institute, CleanTechnica, Others, June, 2016)Contact: Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy and Energy System Technology, +49 761 4588-5258,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Fraunhofer Institute,  Wind,  Renewable Energy,  

    DOE Invests in Small Business-Led Building Tech Projects (Funding)
    DOE Small Business Innovation Research
    Date: 2016-06-06
    The U.S. DOE has announced funding for new building technology projects led by small businesses -- four of which are aimed at improving indoor air quality (IAQ) -- that have a strong potential for commercialization and job creation. These awards for $150,000 each are for new technologies for sensing, managing and improving air quality in buildings.

    The following projects have been funded: Dioxide Materials, Boca Raton, Florida; Intelligent Optical Systems Inc., Torrance, California; KWJ Engineering Inc., Newark, California; Mechanical Solutions Inc., Whippany, New Jersey.

    The funding is from the DOE Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs that explore the feasibility of innovative concepts that could be developed into prototype technologies. (Source: DOE Building Technologies Office, ACHR, June, 2016) Contact: DOE Building Technologies Office,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News DOE Small Business Innovation Research ,  

    Ottawa Joins Carbon 613 to Help Cut GHG Emissions (Ind. Report)
    Envirocentre Carbon 613,
    Date: 2016-06-06
    Canada's Capitol City of Ottawa reports it has joined the EnviroCentre's Carbon 613, a target-based sustainability program for businesses, as part of its ongoing commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

    In February, Ottawa City Council directed staff to work with key stakeholders and community partners to reduce community-wide GHGs and to pursue a long-term GHG reduction target of 80 pct below 2012 levels by 2050. By joining Carbon 613, the city will be better positioned to meet the goals and objectives of the city's Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan.

    Carbon 613 members are environmental leaders in the community, including Ottawa-Carleton District School Board, the Canadian Museum of Nature, Your Credit Union, Arborus Consulting, Smarter Shift, CSV Architects, and others. (Source: City of Ottawa , PR, 2 June, 2016) Contact: Envirocentre Carbon 613, (613) 656-0100,,; City of Ottawa, (613) 580-9656,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News GHGs,  Carbon Emissions,  Envirocentre Carbon 613 ,  

    IEA Notes Slow Progress in Decarbonizing Energy (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2016-06-06
    In its annual report, Energy Technology Perspectives 2016, the IEA offers long-term technology pathways that could limit the global temperature increase to no more than 2 degrees C, in line with the goals set at last December's COP21 meeting in Paris.

    The IEA's main scenario 2 Degree Scenario (2DS) is in line with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) analysis and demonstrates the actions needed in the energy sector to limit the rise in global temperatures to no more than 2 degree C.

    In the 2DS, the share of fossil fuels in global primary energy supply drops from 80 pct in 2011 to just over 40 pct in 2050. Under the scenario, some 22 GWe of new nuclear generating capacity must be added annually by 2050. Nuclear energy could account for 7 pct of cumulative emissions reductions in the 2DS between 2013 and 2050, according to the IEA. these challenges. This awareness has yet to be translated into policy support for long-term operation of the existing fleet to prevent early closures of safe, reliable low-carbon baseload power plants, and facilitate construction of new units. The IEA suggests, "market incentives in the form of carbon taxes or electricity market arrangements, or both, are needed to favour all low-carbon technologies. (Source: IEA, World Nuclear News, June, 2016) Contact: IEA, Fatih Birol, Exec. Dir.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IEA,  Climate Change,  Carbon Emissions,  

    IATA Backs Single Global Aviation Emissions Deal (Int'l)
    Date: 2016-06-06
    In a recent statement the International Air Transport Association (IATA) reported that airlines want one global deal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from air travel despite higher costs. A single rule would avoid a patchwork of regulation that would be harder to manage, according to IATA. The market-based plan must win the support of the United Nations aviation agency's 191 member countries at a fall assembly, or risk the EU's imposing its own emissions trading scheme on international airlines.

    Airlines recognize the deal would add costs. For example, the cost of fuel on an A380 flight from London to Beijing would be $45,000, and a carbon offset at the highest price would be 10 pct of that.

    Aviation was excluded from the COP21 accord in Paris in December, when countries agreed to limit the rise in global temperatures to "well below" 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. (Source: IATA, Trade Arabia, 4 June, 2016) Contact: IATA, Paul Steele, Corp. Sec.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IATA,  Aviation Emissions,  

    DOE Awards $4.9Mn to Turbine-Free Offshore Wind R&D (Funding)
    Accio Energy,DOE ARRP-E
    Date: 2016-06-03
    Ann Arbor, Michigan-based Accio Energy Inc. and the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center report receipt of $4.9 million in R&D funding from the US DOE ARPA-E to fund their collaborative development of turbine-less electrohydrodynamic (EHD) offshore wind power generation.

    The two organizations will design, build and test a first sub-scale prototype off the coast of Maine, as well as to validate a transformative LCOE model of a full-scale design.

    Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) wind energy converts the kinetic energy of offshore winds into electricity with mechanical simplicity and could increase the capacity and cut the cost reduce the cost of offshore wind power generation. (Source: Accio Energy, Various Sources, WindTech, 31 May, 2016) Contact: Accio Energy, Jennifer Baird, CEO, Dawn White, President and CTO, (734) 418-8682,; ARPA-E,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News ARPA-E,  Offhsore Wind,  Accio Energy,  

    Advanced Biofuels Assoc. Trumpets Growing Membership (Ind. Report)
    Advanced Biofuels Association,Louis Dreyfus,Biox Corp
    Date: 2016-06-03
    The Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA) reports the addition of biodiesel producers Louis Dreyfus and Biox Corp. to their membership, as well as the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA). The ABFA now represents nearly 10 billion gallons of domestic and international biofuels production, according to ABFA.

    Biox owns and operates a 17.7 MMgy biodiesel production facility in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Indiana-based Louis Dreyfus is the largest fully integrated soybean processing and biodiesel plant in the U.S. with an 88 MMgy production capacity and a large glycerin refinery that was just recently added to its complex. UNICA is the leading trade association for the sugarcane industry in Brazil, representing 60 pct of Brazil's sugarcane production and processing. Brazil is the second largest producer and exporter of renewable fuel behind the U.S. (Source: ABFA, June, 2016) Contact: Advanced Biofuels Association, Michael McAdams, Pres.,; Biox Corp.,; UNICA,; Louis Dreyfus,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biofuel,  Biodiesel,  Biox Corp. ,  Advanced Biofuels Association,  

    CEN Sets New EU Standard for Renewable Diesel (Ind. Report)
    European Committee for Standardization
    Date: 2016-06-03
    The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is reporting its recent approval of a new standard for paraffinic diesel fuel made from synthesis or hydrotreatment. EN 15940, which will be published by all CEN members before the end of 2016, establishes requirements and test methods for marketed and delivered paraffinic diesel fuel containing a level of up to 7 pct fatty acid methyl ester (FAME) for use in diesel engines.

    Until now, paraffinic diesel fuel, which includes gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuel, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO, a.k.a., renewable diesel), and biomass-to-liquids (BTL), has mainly been sold to end users in Europe as a component in fuel blends. The approval of the new standard will make it easier for vehicle manufacturers to authorize the use of 100 percent paraffinic fuel The new standard is expected to come into effect the second half of this year.

    CEN is an association that brings together the National Standardization Bodies of 33 European countries. CEN supports standardization activities in relation to a wide range of fields and sectors including: air and space, chemicals, construction, consumer products, defence and security, energy, the environment, food and feed, health and safety, healthcare, ICT, machinery, materials, pressure equipment, services, smart living, transport and packaging. (Source: European Committee for Standardization, Others, June, 2016) Contact: European Committee for Standardization,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Renewable Diesel,  Biodiesel,  

    Energy Legislation Could Cost Michigan Ratepayers Big Bucks, says MEC (Ind. Report)
    Michigan Environmental Council
    Date: 2016-06-03
    According to the Michigan Environmental Council (MEC), legislation overhauling the state's energy policy makes changes that add up to $4 billion for Michigan ratepayers. MEC estimates that $2.2 billion of that comes from a failure to use smart meters to reduce peak demand. Another $730 million comes from the failure to take advantage of record low prices on renewable energy, and 975 million comes from overly generous incentive payments to encourage energy efficiency, according to MEC Policy Director James Clift.

    AFP is advocating for energy choice, along with groups like the Michigan Freedom Fund. Currently 10 percent of the market can choose to go with an alternative electric supplier instead of their incumbent utility, and free market groups like AFP and MFF want to see that choice increased. Other groups gathered Tuesday, like MEC, were advocating for more renewables. (Source: Michigan Environmental Council. MLive, 31 May, 2016) Contact: Michigan Environmental Council, James Clift, (51& 487-9539,

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    Notable Quote

    Date: 2016-06-03
    "I believe we should have tax on carbon and deal aggressively with climate change. That is not (Hillary Clinton's) position." -- Bernie Sanders on Sunday, May 29th, 2016 in an interview on Meet the Press

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Tax news,  

    Michigan Companies Lauded for Helping Utility Customers Cut Energy Consumption (Ind. Report)
    Consumers Energy
    Date: 2016-06-03
    Jackson, Michigan-headquartered Consumers Energy is honoring nearly 70 Michigan companies that have helped its customers cut more than $1 billion off thie cumulative energy costs through energy efficiency since 2009.

    The following Michigan companies were among those to be honored: Bel-Aire Heating and Air Conditioning ; Dr. Energy Saver; Ecotelligent Homes LLC ; The Insulation Man Inc.; Randazzo Mechanical HVAC ; Vredevoogd Heating and Cooling ; and Cobblestone Homes.

    Consumers Energy, Michigan's largest utility, is the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy, providing natural gas and electricity to 6.7 million of the state's 10 million residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties. (Source: Consumers Energy, PR, 1 June, 2016) Contact: Consumers Energy, Garrick Rochow, VP,, (866) 234-0445,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Consumers Energy,  Energy Efficiency ,  

    Schneider Helping Boston MTBA Save Energy (Ind. Report)
    Schneider Electric
    Date: 2016-06-03
    Energy management and automation specialist Schneider Electric reports it is working with the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to cut utility bills and carbon emissions tied to public transportation in the greater Boston area.

    Together, the organizations will develop an energy management plan and implement technology to help the MBTA slash its 2017 energy costs by 12 pct. The MBTA currently spends more than $48 million annually on energy.

    Through the partnership, the MBTA will use Schneider Electric's cloud-based Resource Advisor to visualize, measure and manage efficiency and sustainability initiatives. The software will compile and track data from up to 218 energy meters across 45 sites. This includes the analysis of both utility and interval data to identify trends, allocate spend and pinpoint efficiency measures to deliver savings.

    The MBTA will leverage the Performance Analytics Module within Resource Advisor to gain a complete view of all consumption-related interval data streams in near real-time. Analytics captured within this module will help the MBTA: benchmark site performance across its portfolio; Identify non-optimized stations, equipment and behavioral inefficiencies ; monitor and control consumption to identify anomalies ; and prioritize energy efficiency projects and validate ROI. (Source: Schneider Electric, PR, June, 2016) Contact: MBTA,; Schneider Electric, Steve Wilhite, Snr. VP, Energy and Sustainability Services,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Schneider Electric,  

    IEA says Cities on Frontline for Carbon Emissions Cuts (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2016-06-03
    According the Paris-headquartered International Energy Agency (IEA) report Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 , the most cost-effective approach to limiting global temperature increases to under 2 degrees C and fighting climate involves deploying low-carbon options in cities, especially in emerging and developing economies.

    "Cities drive economic growth but can also drive sustainable change. As the share of the world's population living in cities rises, ambitious action in urban areas can be instrumental in achieving long term sustainability of the global energy system -- including the carbon emission reductions required to meet the climate goals reached at COP21 in Paris. Support from national governments is a strategic prerequisite for leveraging the potential for sustainable energy technology and policy in cities that too often lies untapped.

    "With global energy demand set to become even greater over the coming decades, Energy Technology Perspectives 2016 looks at the technology and policy opportunities available for accelerating the transition to sustainable urban energy systems. Such potential could be the key to successfully driving an energy transition that many still think impossible, provided that local and national actions can be aligned to meet the sustainability objectives at both levels. Indeed, policies still have a long way to go in this regard. The report finds once again that despite some notable progress, the rate of needed improvements is far slower than required to meet energy sector sustainability goals."

    The report concludes that "COP21 could prove to be a historic turning point for radical action against climate change, and recent developments on some clean energy technologies are encouraging. However, overall progress is still too slow, and must be accelerated to avoid low fossil fuel prices becoming an obstacle to the low-carbon transition. Today's energy market conditions will be a litmus test for governments to show how dedicated they are to turning their Paris commitments into concrete actions for a low-carbon future." (Source: IEA, 1 June, 2016)Contact: IEA, +33 1 40 57 65 00,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News IEA,  Climate Change,  Global Warming,  Carbon Emissions,  

    Notable Quote
    COP21,Texas Tech University
    Date: 2016-06-03
    "If the U.S. does nothing on climate, the chances of every other nation succeeding in its targets are small, due to the impact of the U.S. economy on everything from trade to technology transfer. On the other hand, even if everyone else works hard to achieve the Paris target and the U.S. doesn't, the U.S. will also be influenced by other nations."

    "As the impacts grow ever more evident, severe, and costly, what was obvious to the 195 nations who met in Paris will become obvious to every human on this planet: doing something about climate change is far cheaper than not." -- Katharine Hayhoe, Dir, Climate Science Center, Texas Tech University Contact: Katharine Hayhoe, Texas Tech University, (806) 834-8665,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Carbon Emissions,  COP21,  Global Warming,  

    LG Chem Launches LG ESS Partner Portal (Int'l Report)
    LG CHem
    Date: 2016-06-01
    LG Chem, Korea's largest diversified chemical company and storage solutions provider, reports the launch of its LG ESS Partner Portal, an online information source about LG Chem energy storage solutions including products, product warranties, manuals, product specifications, and other materials to support all residential, commercial and industrial grid and UPS applications.

    The portal launch is in conjunction with the introduction of a membership points program, LG ESS Partner Care Program. By registering with the portal distributors and installers can accumulate points in exchange for additional benefits such as price reductions and presentation materials. (Source: LG Chem, 30 May, 2016) Contact: LG Chem,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News LG Chem,  Energy Storage,  Battery,  

    UIA Calls for Recognition of Ethanol's Carbon Reduction Role (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
    California Air Resources Board,Urban Air Initiative
    Date: 2016-06-01
    In comments recently filed with the California Air Resources Board (CARB), the Urban Air Initiative (UAI) argues that gasoline is the predominant transportation fuel and CARB, as well as the EPA undervalue the contribution of gasoline to the problem of carbon emissions and by extension, climate change. The UAI also stressed the case for higher octane, lower carbon fuels like midlevel ethanol blends to help California meet its carbon reduction goals.

    Thje UIA's input was in response to CARB's request for comments on its efforts to deal with brown and black carbon through what the state is calling its Short Lived Climate Pollutant Reduction Strategy. These carbon molecules are formed via incomplete combustion of fuels, with fossil fuels being particularly problematic as it relates to global warming potential.

    The UAI comments cite several studies and experts that have linked particulate matter emissions and black carbon in particular, to the use of aromatic compounds in gasoline. Many scientists trace ultrafine particulates emissions from light duty vehicles to incomplete combustion of these aromatics.

    This problem of increased particulates is likely to get worse according to the UAI data. Meeting the California low carbon fuel standards by 2020 and the more aggressive targets for 2030 will require a fleet-wide transition to light-duty vehicle technologies capable of much greater efficiency. UAI argues that such vehicles will require high octane fuels and if that octane continues to be derived from petroleum, it will increase carbon as well as overall CO2 emissions.

    UAI's comments also urged CARB to address a number of related issues ranging from testing procedures, real time measurements of plumes, and best available science relating to corn ethanol and its carbon intensity (CI) rating. (Source: Urban Air Initiative, May 26, 2016) Contact: Urban Air Initiative,Dave Vander Griend, Pres.,; California Air Resources Board, (916) 322-2990,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News California Air Resources Board,  Carbon Emissions,  Ethanol,  

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