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Xcel Touts 1.23 GW in SW US Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
Xcel Energy
Date: 2017-03-27
US utility Xcel Energy is reported to have submitted a proposal to add 1,230 MW of primarliy company-owned new wind power capacity in Texas and New Mexico. To date Xcel has proposed 11 new wind farms in seven states totaling 3,380 MW. The plan, to be implemented through 2021, includes a mix of owned wind parks and PPAs.

Xcel has submitted proposals for the 522-MW Sagamore Wind project in Roosevelt County, New Mexico, and the 478-MW Hale Wind scheme in Hale County, Texas. The former is developed by Invenergy, while NextEra Energy Resources developed Hale Wind. (Source: Xcel Energy, Various Media, 22 Mar, 2017) Contact: Xcel Energy, (612) 215-5300,

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Jamaican Energy Efficiency Programme Saves $131Mn (Ind. Report)
Jamaican Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
Date: 2017-03-27
In Kingston, the Jamaican Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology reports the government has earned more than $131.5 million through its Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme (EECP).

The EECP, a collaboration with international funding partners, has retrofitted various government facilities including public health, administrative and educational buildings while, at the same time offering energy conservation and efficiency training for local firms and tradesmen.

The EECP, launched in 2012, aims to enhance Jamaica's energy efficiency and conservation potential through the design and execution of energy efficiency and energy conservation cost-saving measures in the public sector. The EECP was originally programed to expire at the end of 2015, but was extended with additional government funding. (Source: Jamaican Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, Jamaica Information Service, 24 Mar., 2017) Contact: Jamaican Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology , (876) 929-8990,

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Tar Heels Study Possible Wind Farm-Military Conflict (Reg & Leg.)
Date: 2017-03-27
In the Tar Heel State General Assembly meeting in Raleigh, Republican legislators Harry Brown, Louis Pate and Norman Sanderson have tabled the Military Operations Protection Act of 2017.

The bill halts the approval of new wind facilities in North Carolina while an independent study is done on the effects that building wind turbines could have on the state's military operations. The bill aims to avoid conflicts with the state's six existing installations before additional projects are developed. North Carolina is home to roughly 60 pct of all incentive-qualifying wind and solar energy facilities in the nation, according to on of the bills sponsors, Sen. Harry Brown. (Source: Coastal Review Online, 21 Mar., 2017) Contact: Sen. Harry Brown, (919) 715-3034,

€200Mn Clean Energy Bridge Financing Fund Launched (Int'l)
European Investment Bank, Eiffel Investment Group
Date: 2017-03-27
The European Investment Bank (EIB) and Paris-based asset manager and investor Eiffel Investment Group are reporting the launch of the Eiffel Energy Transition Fund devoted to European green economy investments. The fund will provide bridge financing for solar, wind, biogas and biomass projects, energy efficiency and storage projects continent-wide.

EIB contributed €40 million ($43.2 million) to the fund, while Eiffel Investment Group is providing €100 million ($108.0 million)and several unspecified public and private institutional investors are now conducting due diligence. The fund is expected to total €200 million.

The credit lines granted by the fund will have a maturity of 6 to 36 months and will be guaranteed by the financed assets. Loans will be repaid once the developer has been awarded a long-term financing contract. (Source: EIB, Various Media, PV Mag, 24 Mar., 2017) Contact: EIB, Jonathan Taylor, VP, +352 43 791,; Eiffel Investment Group,

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Swiss FDC Fault's Country's Carbon Trading System (Int'l, Report)
Swiss Carboin Market
Date: 2017-03-27
In Zurich, the Swiss the Federal Audit Office (FDC) is taking Switzerland's decade-old carbon trading system to task for not encouraging companies to reduce their emissions and claiming that that setting goals is a more effective measure.

Rather than cut their own carbon emissions, industrialized nations use the scheme to typically buy the credits which then pay developing countries to cut their greenhouse gases instead. But among industrialized nations there is trading, too, and the Swiss began looking into setting up an emissions trading platform similar to Britain's, which was launched in 2002. In the EU scheme, power companies were included whereas the British trading scheme was open to all sectors except transport and power sectors.

In Switzerland, the C02 tax has since 2008 been the main instrument for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But companies that generate a lot of emissions can be exempted and must participate in the Swiss emission trading system or commit to reducing their emissions by setting a target. The system lets companies keep polluting up to a certain limit, after which they must offset their emissions. They can then buy back the surplus rights of a company that pollutes less.

The auditors found, however, that a large number of emission allowances were available free of charge, to prevent companies from relocating their production. Half of the 55 companies that participated since 2013 have so far not had to buy emission rights. (Source:, Mar., 2017)

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Date: 2017-03-27
alifornia opened another front in its fight against global warming on Thursday, launching a new strategy for slashing so-called super pollutants that have an outsize impact on the climate.

The plan targets emissions such as methane from cow manure, black carbon from diesel exhaust and hydrofluorocarbons from refrigerators. Regulators at the Air Resources Board, which approved the strategy, and other government agencies will now need to write detailed rules for achieving the reductions.

As the world races to limit rising temperatures from climate change, some experts have suggested that targeting these pollutants could help make big gains more quickly. They hope the state's action will help demonstrate policies that other governments could imitate.

The emissions are sometimes referred to as “short-lived climate pollutants” because they have a relatively short life span once they’re dispersed into the atmosphere. But they’re particularly potent — methane, for example, is about 80 times more damaging in terms of heating the atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

The law sets targets for reducing certain emissions by 2030. Methane and hydrofluorocarbons would need to be cut to 40% below 2013 levels, and black carbon would need to be reduced to 50% below 2013 levels. Meeting the goals could require more efficient refrigerators, replacing wood stoves and diverting waste from landfills. Some of the projects would involve incentives funded with public dollars. The biggest and most controversial changes could occur at dairies, where manure contributes an estimated 25% of the state’s methane emissions. (Source: CARB, LA Times, 23 Mar., 2017)

Edeniq Files Cross-Complaint Against Ametis in Failed Merger Action (Ind. Report)
Edeniq, Aemetis
Date: 2017-03-27
Following on our May 9, 2016 coverage, in a March 20th statement, Visalia, California-based cellulosic and biorefining technology specialist Edeniq, Inc. reports it has filed a cross-complaint against Cupertino, California-based renewable chemicals and fuels producer Aemetis for fraud and negligent misrepresentation among other claims.

Edeniq claims it terminated its merger agreement with Aemetis in August 2016 and is defending itself against a merit-less lawsuit Aemetis filed shortly thereafter. The company claims that two two of Aemetis' four original claims dismissed.

Edeniq claims that Aemetis was unable to finance the merger and fraudulently induced Edeniq to enter into the agreement by misrepresenting the circumstances under which it could do so. Edeniq also seeks to enjoin Aemetis from misappropriating and using its trademark. (Source: Edeniq, Various Media, Biofuels Int'l, 24 Mar., 2017) Contact: Edeniq Inc., Lily Wachter, (559) 302-1777,,; Aemetis, Eric McAfee, CEO, (408) 213-0939,

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Vancouver Approves Ethanol Terminal, Sans Crude Oil (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-03-27
Further to our 22 July, 2016 coverage, the city of Vancouver, Washington, is reporting approval of NuStar's plan to store and ship ethanol, but not to handle crude oil at the same Vancouver facility.

Two years ago, San Antonio-headquartered NuStar Energy floated a proposal to handle 22,000 bpd of oil without first completing an environmental impact statement. When the cited nixed theproposal, NuStar dropped its oil plan and switched to ethanol storage and shipping instead. NuStar's ethanol plan was approved on the proviso that oil would at no future date enter the picture. NuStar has until April 5 to appeal the decision. (Source: NuStar, Various Media, KUOW, 24 Mar., 2017) Contact: City of Vancouver, Community and Economic Dev., Jon Wagner,,; NuStar Energy, (210) 918-2000,

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Vega Biofuels Inks Alaskan Biochar Reseller Agreement (Ind. Report)
Vega Biofuels,AK Provisions
Date: 2017-03-27
Norcross, Georgia-based biochar specialist Vega Biofuels, Inc. is reporting completion of a recently announced 5-year agreement that will see Alaska-based AK Provisions, Inc. market Vega's biochar product to the legal cannabis industry throughout the state of Alaska.

Vega Biofuels has received and completed the first order under the terms of the agreement with AKP. AKP is establishing a Cannabis growing facility in Anchorage and will use Vega's biochar in its soil mixture. (Source: Vega Biofuel, Various Media, Mar., 2017) Contact: Vega Biofuels, Inc., (800) 481-0186,,

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EU Allows Biomass as Substitute for Energy Savings (Int'l)
Energy Efficiency Directive
Date: 2017-03-24
A leaked European Commission (EC) Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) document has revealed that EU member states will be able to meet part of their Energy Savings Obligation under the revised Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) by replacing old oil boilers with new biomass systems, and similar measures. Such a move will not only earn them energy savings through better efficiency but also entitle them to cancel some of the required savings by counting the renewable energy produced by the new biomass-fired boiler.

In November, the EC proposed that the current obligation on countries to deliver annual end-use energy savings of 1.5 pct should continue after 2020. The proposal included a new exemption, which would allow countries to reduce the needed savings by the amount of renewable energy generated by installations in buildings.

The document notes that existing renewable energy measures be taken into account if they generate end-use energy savings relative to the technology they replace. (Source: EU, ENDS Waste & Bioenergy, Mar., 2017) Contact: EU Energy Efficiency Directive ,

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JA Solar Growing p-type mono PERC Cell Capacity (Int'l)
JA Solar ,Silicon Module Super League
Date: 2017-03-24
Silicon Module Super League (SMSL) member JA Solar is continuing to expand manufacturing capacity in 2017 after guiding total shipments to be in the range of 6GW to 6.5GW, up from 5.2GW in 2016.

JA Solar ended 2016 with an in-house annual ingot/wafer manufacturing capacity of 2.5GW, up from 1GW in 2015. In-house solar cell capacity reached 5.5GW, up from 3.6GW at the end of 2015 and in-house PV module capacity also reached 5.5GW at the end of 2016, up from 3.6GW, according to a statement.

In 2017, JA Solar will add 500MW of ingot/wafer production capacity to reach 3GW and 1.5GW of solar cell capacity to reach an in-house production level of 7GW by the year end. The company notes that its 1.2GW Malaysian solar cell facility, which had predominantly produced P-type multi cells, will shift around two thirds of capacity to P-type mono-PERC cells in 2017.

The Silicon Module Super League (SMSL) is a group of big-six c-Si module suppliers in the modern solar PV industry. The "big six" industry group members were Canadian Solar, Hanwha Q CELLS, JA Solar, Jinko Solar, and Trina Solar. Yingli Green, the world's largest solar monocrystalline silicon manufacturer and GCL , the world's largest solar poly crystalline silicon manufacturer, both joined the SMSL in mid-2016 (Source: JA Solar, PV Tech, 20 Mar., 2017)Contact: JA Solar,

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CARICOM Planning Regional Energy Efficiency Strategy (Int'l)
Date: 2017-03-24
The Caribbean Community Countries (CARICOM) -- Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, The Bahamas, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, Jamaica, St Lucia, and Trinidad and Tobago -- reports that member country representatives are slated to meet in Georgetown, Guyana, on March 30th to establish a Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code (REEBC) and minimum building energy efficiency standards based on recommendations by the consultancy firm Solar Dynamics' Development of Minimum Energy Performance Standard (MEPS) for public and commercial buildings. The meeting will also review the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) in an effort to adapt it, where necessary, and present for acceptance and adoption by member states as a Regional Energy Efficiency Building Code.

The CARICOM Energy Strategy calls for a 33 pct reduction in energy intensity to be applied in all CARICOM Member States by 2027. REEBC is expected to address: thermal performance requirements for walls, roofs and windows; day lighting, lamps and luminaire performance; energy performance of chillers and air distribution systems; the electrical wiring system; solar water heating; appliances; renewable energy; zoning of buildings, climate classification, building energy management systems, and others. (Source: CARICOM, Jamaica Observer, 22 Mar., 2017) Contact: CARICOM,

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USGBC Touts Top LEED Certification Winning Cities (Ind. Report)
US Green Building Council
Date: 2017-03-24
The US Green Building Council (USGBC) reports that more than 3,400 properties in 1,324 cities nationwide were awarded LEED certification in 2016. The flurry of activity pushed LEED designations to a record 28,582 properties as of March 14, with approximately 12 pct of those certifications -- 3,442 properties in all -- occurring since January 2016.

More than 472 million square feet of space was LEED certified between January 2016 and mid-March of this year. A total of 10 cities each saw at least 10 million square feet of newly constructed or renovated space certified.

Approximately two-thirds of all LEED properties have attained "Gold" or "Silver" certification while 5 pct scored "Platinum" recognition, the highest certification level available.

The U.S. cities with the most LEED-certified space, ranked by square footage are New York with 30, 647 million square feet, followed by Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Houston, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, and Los Angeles with 10,853 million square feet. (Source: US Green Building Council, Memphis Bus. Journal, 22 Mar., 2017))Contact: USGBC, (202) 552-1500,

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Ontario's Carbon Credit Auction Results Expected April 3rd (Ind. Report),

Date: 2017-03-24
Ontario, Canada's largest province's cap-and-trade system held its first quarterly auction on Wednesday, 22nd, the proceeds of which are earmarked for investment in programs that reduce emissions and help businesses and consumers adapt to a low-carbon economy. The provincial Liberal government expects the auction -- held every three months -- to bring in $1.9 billion a year for a total of $8 billion by the end of 2020.

Ontario plans to link its cap-and-trade system with a joint Quebec-California market which, in its most recent auction sold only 18 pct 18 per cent of allowances offered. Previous auction results ranged from a high of 88 pct to only 11 pct on the low end. Since 2014, the linked market has sold 74 per cent of its credits at auction.

Ontario is capping emission allowances at roughly 142 megatonnes this year, declining about four per cent each year to 2020, when the Liberals hope to have achieved a 15-per-cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over 1990 levels. As the emissions cap declines, the government hopes companies have more incentive to invest in technologies that cut their emissions. Ontario's results will be made public on April 3. (Source: Ontario Environment Ministry, Various Media, 23 Mar., 2017)

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Senvion Confirms First WInd Turbine Contract (Int'l Report)
Date: 2017-03-24
IRELAND: German turbine manufacturer Senvion is reporting its first Irish contract with infrastructure investor NTR for five MM82 2.05MW turbines for the 10.25-MW Teevurcher project in County Meath, north-east Ireland. Delivery is slated for this summer. The project is expected to be commissioned and online by the year end.

NTR previously ordered Senvion turbines for the 26.7MW Quixwood Moor project in southern Scotland, UK, which is also expected to come online this year.(Source: Senvion, WP Monthly, 20 Mar., 2017)Contact: Senvion, Andreas Nauen, CEO, Helmut Herold, 011 +49 40 5 55 50 90 0,

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EC Clarifies Appliance Energy Efficiency Labeling (Int'l)
European Council
Date: 2017-03-24
The European Union's European Council (EC) reports it and the European Parliament have agreed on regulations setting a framework for energy efficiency labeling. The proposed regulation will replace the current legislation (Directive 2010/30/EU) retaining its main principles but further clarifying, strengthening and extending its scope. The agreement is subject to member states Permanent Representatives (Coreper) confirmation.

The Energy labeling framework clarifies the energy efficiency and energy consumption of household appliances -- dishwashers, televisions, fridges, etc. -- to help homeowners reduce energy consumption and costs. The regulation establishes deadlines to replace the current A+, A++, A+++ classes with an A to G scale and sets out a procedure for rescaling labels based on technological development.

The proposal also sets clearer rules on promotional campaigns, national incentives to promote higher classes of efficiency and aims to improve enforcement mechanisms and transparency towards customers by creating a database of products covered by energy labeling requirements. (Source: EC, PR, 23 Mar., 2017)

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Trump Budget Calls for Elimination of ENERGY STAR (Reg & Leg)

Date: 2017-03-24
President Donald Trump released his budget blueprint, which serves as a framework for his official budget request to be released in May. The blueprint calls for the elimination of the EPA's ENERGY STAR program , as well as cuts in funding for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE).

The Trump presidential "circus" has described the ENERGY STAR program as a "lower priority and poorly performing" program. The DOE proposal for EERE would not eliminate funding entirely, but instead "focuses" it on research that can be commercialized and properly carried out and funded by private commercial enterprises, not by governments. (Source: Various Media, Window & Door Manufacurers Assoc., 21 Mar., 2017) Contact: EPA ENERGY STAR,

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Pakistan Needs $40Bn by 2030 to Cut GHG Emissions (Int'l Report)
Pakistan Minister for Climate Change,
Date: 2017-03-24
In Islamabad, the Pakistan Minister for Climate Change, Zahid Hamid, has said the country needs $40 billion by 2030 to meet its voluntary international commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20 pct. The Minister added that an additional $14 billion per year was also needed for the country to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

According to the minister, Pakistan has developed comprehensive policies and plans that include both adaptation and mitigation measures, both of which are subject to and dependent upon the availability of adequate funding.

The minister added that the recently approved Pakistan Climate Change legislation established three important institutions -- the Pakistan Climate Change Council, Pakistan Climate Change Authority and Pakistan Climate Change Fund. Specifically, the Climate Change Council would approve and monitor implementation of a comprehensive adaptation and mitigation policies and may direct any government agency to prepare and implement climate change projects. The Climate Change Fund would be utilized for expenditures incurred by the authority, for financial assistance to suitable adaptation and mitigation projects and for sustainable development of resources and research. (Source: Pakistan Minister for Climate Change, Dawn, 22 Mar., 2017) Contact: Pakistan Ministry of Climate Change,

VA Health Care System Lauded for Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Energy Efficiency
Date: 2017-03-22
In the Lone Star State, the Amarillo Veterans Affairs Medical Center reports it is the first VA medical center to combine solar power and thermal storage technologies to generate energy and export excess energy. The Amarillo VA has also been recognized by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality as a leader and winner in pollution prevention.

To achieve greater efficiencies, the Amarillo VA constructed an ice thermal storage system designed to shift the facility's air conditioning peak load from daytime to nighttime. The center also constructed parking areas covered by solar panels. The two technologies together produce approximately 3.5 million kWh annually, over one-third of the center's total energy consumption. When the thermal storage system runs in tandem with the PV system, the center can defer daytime air conditioning, which fulfills the mission's objective of net-zero energy consumption during peak sunlight. (Source: Amarillo VA Medical Center, US Dept. of Veteran Affairs, PR, 16 Mar., 2017) Contact: Amarillo VA Medical Center, Samuel Hagins, Energy Manager, (806) 355-9703,

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Greenbelt Commissions Aussie Wheat Waste-to-Ethanol System (Int'l)
Greenbelt Resources,Standard Ethanol Pty
Date: 2017-03-22
Paso Robles, California-based Greenbelt Resources Corporation is reporting the commissioning of the first commercial-scale waste-to-ethanol system for Melbourne, Australia-based ethanol producer Standard Ethanol Pty. Ltd.

The modular, 500,000 gpy automated system features proprietary distillation and dehydration modules and plant-wide implementation of Greenbelt's proprietary automated process controls. (Source: Greenbelt Resources Corp., PR, 20 Mar., 2017) Contact: Greenbelt Resources,

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Meyer Burger Confirms $15Mn PERC Cell Tooling Contract (Int'l)
Meyer Burger
Date: 2017-03-22
Existing Asian customer places order for the Swiss firm’s MAiA 2.1 upgrade cell coating platform. Delivery and commissioning expected in second quarter of the year. Swiss solar industry tool specialist Meyer Burger is reporting receipt of anew upgrade order for its MB PERC cell tool, the MAiA 2.1. The $15 million order from an existing Asian manufacturer, is slated for delivery and installation during Q2 of this year.

Meyer Burger's MAiA 2.1. tool is a cell coating platform for PERC cells, and is an upgrade on previous iterations. This year to date, orders for Meyer Burger's PERC tooling technology have surpassed $100 million.(Source: Meyer Burger, PV Mag., 20 Mar., 2017) Contact: Meyer Burger, Peter Pauli, CEO, +41 33 221 2800,,

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Manta Biofuels Relocating to Owings Mills, Maryland (Ind. Report)
Manta Biofuel
Date: 2017-03-22
Manta Biofuel LLC, a Baltimore based biotechnology firm that has developed a three step method for growing and harvesting algae for the production of renewable crude oil, is reportedly expanding operations to Owings Mills, Maryland.

In July, 2016, Manta Biofuel won a $1 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy to further develop its algal technology. Manta's algae biofuel can be used as a drop in replacement for traditional crude oil and can be refined into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other petroleum derived products. Refiners are the primary end consumers of crude oil and this is the larger market Manta will address in the long term. (Source: Manta Biofuel, Baltimore BUsiness Journal, 20 Mar., 2017) Contact: Manta Biofuel,

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Automaker SEAT Supporting LIFE+ Methamorphosis Biofuel (Int'l)

Date: 2017-03-22
Spanish automaker SEAT and water management company Aqualia are touting "LIFE+ Methamorphosis", an innovative biomethane alternative fuel produced from wastewater.

To produce their biomethane, wastewater is separated from sludge in treatment plants, and then becomes gas after a fermentation treatment. Following a purification and enrichment process, the biogas can be utilized as fuel and works well in compressed natural gas (CNG)-fueled vehicles.

The two firms are establishing a commercial production prototype in a municipal waste treatment plant serving Barcelona. The LIFE+ Methamorphosis biogas can be utilized directly in cars or could be added to the natural gas distribution network, according to the project's website.

SEAT will supply vehicles to test the biofuel. The European Commission is funding the project. Other companies participating include Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, Gas Natural, the Catalan Institute for Energy, and the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. (Source: SEAT, New Atlas, 20 Mar., 2017) Contact: SEAT,; Life Metzmorphosis,

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Pakistan Reaffirms Commitment to Climate Change Fight (Int'l)
Climate Change
Date: 2017-03-22
In recognition of the International Day of Forests, Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif touted the government's Green Pakistan Programme which was created to fight adverse impacts of Climate Change.

In his message, the PM added that the government realizes the importance of trees as best instruments of Climate Change Mitigation and also noted that the country is committed to deal with the impacts of climate change through its technology framework, enhanced capacity building, and its commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement. (Source: Radio Pakistan, Other Media, 21 Mar., 2017)

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Keystone State NGO's Want Stiff Methane Emission Rules (Ind. Report)
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection
Date: 2017-03-22
In Harrisburg, a loose coalition of Pennsylvania residents, environmental organizations, and health professionals have come out in support of Governor Tom Wolf's proposal to reduce methane emissions from new oil and gas operations.

In January, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) released important measures to address methane pollution from new oil and gas operations. March 22nd would have marked the public comment period deadline for the measures. Yet the industry's aggressive lobbying of state legislators likely prompted DEP to extend the comment period to June 5th.

The coalition emphasized the urgent need for DEP's proposed standards for new sources, and called on DEP to quickly develop rules to cover existing sources of natural gas that are already polluting the air. However, since the measures were introduced the General Assembly has been working to undermine them through Legislation (SB 175) that would prevent the state from adopting methane standards that are more stringent than the federal government's. (Source: Earthworks and Partners, 21 Mar., 2017) Contact: Clean Air Pennsylvania,; Earthworks & Partners,; Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, Neil Shader, (717) 787-1323,

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Avangrid Wins Kitty Hawk Offshore Wind Farm Lease (Ind. Report)
BOEM,Avangrid Renewables
Date: 2017-03-20
The US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is reporting the sale of the rights to develop offshore wind energy off the coast of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to Portland, Oregon-headquartered Avangrid Renewables, part of the Iberdrola Group, for $9 million. Avangrid out bid Wind Future LLC, Statoil Wind US LLC, and wpd offshore Alpha LLC. (Source: BOEM, Avangrid, Various Media, 17 Mar., 2017) Contact: AVANGRID Inc., James P. Torgerson, Pres., Frank Burkhartsmeyer, CEO, (503) 796-7000,; Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, (202) 208-6474,

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Honeywell Energy Efficiency Systems at LA AF Base (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-03-20
Honeywell reports it has partnered with the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Army to implement renewable energy measures and energy efficiency improvements at Los Angeles Air Force Base as part of an $11 million energy savings performance contract.

Honeywell will install 3,400 rooftop solar PV modules designed to generate approximately 1,275 kilowatts of power in four buildings at the military base. The company will also update existing lighting fixtures, install rooftop air conditioning units, integrate smart irrigation controls at Fort MacArthur and add solar reflective window film at seven buildings within the Los Angeles AF Base.

The project aims to cut energy consumption at Los Angeles AF Base by 17 pct a year for $800,000 per year in energy saving over the term of the contract. business. (Source: Honeywell, Executive Business, 16 Mar., 2017) Contact: Honeywell, John Rajchert, Pres. Building Solutions, (800) 345-6770,,

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Black Hills Adds 34 Turbines to Col. Wind Project (Ind. Report)
Black Hills Energy
Date: 2017-03-20
Rapid City, South Dakota-based Black Hills Energy reports the addition of 34 wind turbines to its Peak View Wind Project 40 miles south of Pueblo, Colorado. power supply in Colorado. The addition of the new turbines will reportedly bring the utility closer to meeting a state requirement of sourcing 30 pct of its electricity from renewable sources. The 34 new wind turbines have a generation capacity of 60 MW -- sufficient electric power for as many as 28,000 homes. (Source: Black Hills Energy, Coloradoan. AP, 18 Mar., 2017) Contact: Black Hills Energy,

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GES Mexico Completes 200 MW Mexican Wind Farm (Int'l Report)
Global Energy Services
Date: 2017-03-20
Vizcaya, Spain-headquartered Global Energy Services (GES) is reporting completion of a 95-turbine, 200 MW wind farm in Mexico.

The project included the whole Balance of Plant (BOP)-- civil works, medium voltage grid, step-up substation, high voltage grid and interconnection substation. GES' civil works included the turbie s and foundations, access roads and three bridges. The electrical works included 100 km cable for the medium voltage grid and 20 km high voltage line. (Source: Global Energy Services, PEI, 17 Mar., 2017) Contact: Global Energy Services, +34 944 712 131,

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EC Backs €75Mn Net-Zero Energy Building Loan (Int'l.)
Date: 2017-03-20
In Brussels, the European Commission (EC) Investment Plan for Europe reports it is backing a €75 million European Investment Bank (EIB) loan to Swedish real estate developer Castellum. The loan will finance construction of two net-zero energy office buildings -- the Torsplan building in Stockholm and the Citypassagen in central Crebro, according to the press release.

Buildings account for 40 pct of energy consumption and 36 pct of CO2 emissions in the EU. Older buildings can be up to 20 times as inefficient in their energy consumption for heating as new ones. Approximately one-third of Europe's building stock is more than 50 years old, but by improving energy performance and reducing energy demand, CO2 emissions could be reduced by around 5 pct.

EC legislation driving energy efficiency in buildings includes the 2010 Energy Performance of Buildings Directive and the 2012 Energy Efficiency Directive. Countries, too, have national measures to reduce the energy consumption of buildings. These include schemes to provide financial support for insulation measures, air sealing, and improved ventilation systems. (Source: EC, New Europe Online, 16 Mar., 2017)

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China Launches Coal-to-Ethanol Production Line (Int'l Report)
Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum,Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
Date: 2017-03-20
In Beijing, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is reporting the launch of the world's first production line to turn coal into ethanol and/or alcohol for human consumption. The production facility, which was developed and constructed by Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum and the academy's Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics in Liaoning province, can produce more than 100,000 metric tpy of pure ethanol.

China currently produces 7 million tpy of ethanol each year using other methods, which can "hardly satisfy" its industrial and energy needs, according to Liu. (Source: Chinese Academy of SciencesGeoNews, AAPP, March 18, 2017) Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum,, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics,; Chinese Academy of Sciences,

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Cox Completes Methane Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project (Ind. Report)
Cox Enterprises
Date: 2017-03-17
In Atlanta, Cox Enterprises is reporting completion of the New River Energy landfill gas-to-energy project in Beckley, W. Va. The facility has the capacity to offset 14,200 tpy ofCO2 and produce sufficient electric power for 2,000 homes.

The New River facility is part of Cox Enterprises' Seven Islands Environmental Solutions new technologies program. The company seeks to send zero waste to landfill by 2024 and become carbon-neutral by 2044. Since 2007, the company has invested more than $100 million in sustainability and conservation initiatives offset 82,000 tons of CO2, diverted 97,000 tons of waste from landfill and conserved 57 million gallons of water. (Source: Cox Ent., PR, 15 Mar., 2017) Contact: Cox Enterprises, Keth Mask, VP Environmental Sustainability,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Cox Enterprises,  Landfill Gas,  Methane,  

EmiratesGBC Collaboration Promotes Building Energy Benchmarking, Eficiency (Int'l)
Emirates Green Building Council
Date: 2017-03-17
In the UAE, the Emirates Green Building Council (EmiratesGBC) , in partnership with the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy (DSCE), reports it is working with Dubai-based hotels, shopping malls and others on an energy benchmarking project to assess building efficiency.

The Benchmarking Project aims to support the Building Efficiency Accelerator (BEA) initiative under the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) an initiative led by the UN Secretary-General, and funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF).

The Benchmarking Project will measure the energy performance of 100 buildings in Dubai in the three focus groups of hotels, malls and schools. DSCE will support to the Benchmarking Project and mark the first BEA demonstration project in Dubai, which will serve as a referral point to advance energy efficiency of buildings in the city, and double the rate of efficiency by 2030. (Source: Emirates Green Building Council, CPI Financial, 14 Mar., 2017)Contact: Emirates Green Building Council, +971 4 346 8244,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Emirates Green Building Council,  Green Building,  Energy Efficiency,  

Nat. Gas Methane Emissions Higher than Previously Thought, says Purdue (Ind. Report)
Purdue University
Date: 2017-03-17
A recently released Purdue University study has concluded that natural gas-fired power plants emit between two and 120 times the amount of methane than estimated by the EPA. Methane, the main component of natural gas, is at least 34 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

According to the study, about 3 pct of gas can leak during the lifecycle of the fuel before it loses its climate advantage. The research showed that plants generally stay under that threshold. Late in the Obama administration, the EPA and Interior Department created regulations to reduce methane leaks in oil and natural gas drilling, but did not include other industries. (Source: EPA, Purdue University, Mar., 2017) Contact: Purdue University , Prof. Paul Shepson, (765) 494-7441,,

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Energy Trust of Oregon, ICF Ink Energy Efficiency Services Contract (Ind. Report)
Energy Trust of Oregon ,ICF
Date: 2017-03-17
The Energy Trust of Oregon reports it has inked a 5-year contract with Fairfax, Virginia-headquartered energy technology services provider ICF to manage its existing buildings commercial energy efficiency program. The funding for the first year of the contract is $14.3 million.

Under the contract, ICF will provide continuing and expanded energy efficiency services to the Energy Trust and customers of the five investor-owned utilities it serves, to support its growing commercial retrofit program. (Source: ICF, PR, 14 Mar., 2017) Contact: ICF, Mike Mernick, Snr. VP, Erica Eriksdotter, (703) 934-3668,,; Energy Trust of Oregon, (503) 493-8888,

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Preem, Vattenfall Partnering for Woody Biomass Fuel Production (Int'l)
Preem, Vattenfall
Date: 2017-03-17
Stockholm-headquartered biodiesel producer Preem and Vattenfall report they are partnering to study the use of climate-smart hydrogen gas in the large scale production of biofuel for the Swedish market. The partnership will also evaluate options to produce green hydrogen gas by using electricity generated from hydro and wind power. The cost of the project will be equally shared by both parties.

Preem aims to generate about three million cubic metres of renewable fuel yearly by 2030. Vattenfall will supply climate-smart hydrogen gas for the fuel production. Preem presently produces biodiesel from tall oil, a by-product of the forestry industry, and is planning to produce renewable fuel from woody biomass and forestry byproducts. (Source: Vattenfall, Preem, EBR, 15 Mar., 2017) Contact: Preem, Petter Holland, CEO, Pres., +46 (0) 10 459 1000,; Vattenfall , Magnus Hall, CEO, Pres, +46 8 739 5000,

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WRI Lauds Congressional Republican Climate Resolution (Opinions, Editorials & Asides)
Date: 2017-03-17
On Wedneday in the U.S.Congress, Rep. Elise Stefanik (NY-21), Ryan Costello (PA-6), and Carlos Curbelo (FL-26) and 17 other republican legislator , introduced a House Resolution titled Republican Climate Resolution acknowledging that climate change is caused by human activity and calling on Congress to support economically viable solutions to combat this great challenge.

The World Resources Institute's U.S. Director Sam Adams, responded to the Republican Climate Resolution as follows: "Climate change should not be a partisan issue -- it is a scientific fact as undeniable as gravity, and an urgent threat to the United States' economic well-being. In these tumultuous times, it is encouraging that Republican members of Congress put forward this resolution to take measures to combat climate change that also grow the country's economy. Support for climate action by both U.S. political parties offers the firm foundation required to make real progress.

"Today, Republican members of Congress called for action to combat climate change. We look forward to their ongoing leadership to deliver on this commitment." (Source: WRI, 15 Mar., 2017) Contact: WRI, Andrew Pickens, Communications Specialist, Climate Program, (202) 729-7940,,

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Trump Budget Attacks Obama Climate-Change Policies (Reg & Leg)

Date: 2017-03-17
The Washington Times is reporting that the Trump administration's first federal budget, which was submitted to Congress on Thursday, clarifies the new administration's intention to put the kibosh on his predecessor's funding for the Clean Power Plan. Trump's budget proposal would save $100 million in fiscal 2018 by killing funding for climate-change research, international climate-change programs and the Obama administration's Clean Power Plan, which restricts carbon emissions from power plants. Additionally, Trump is expected to ink an executive order directing the EPA to roll back provisions of Obama's Clean Power Plan which could reportedly cost the U.S. economy $3 trillion and more than 6 million industrial sector jobs by 2040. (Source: Washington Times, Various Other Media, 16 Mar., 2017)

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Siemens' Gamesa Acquisition Gets the Nod (Int'l, M&A)
Date: 2017-03-15
Following on our June 20, 2016 coverage, the European Union has given its "unconditional" approval for German conglomerate Siemens' planned acquisition of the the Spanish wind turbine maker Gamesa.

As reported last June, Siemens detailed its plans to acquire a 59 pct stake in Gamesa, with current Gamesa shareholders continuing to own the remaining 41 pct. Siemens will merge its own wind business with Gamesa, and the combined company will have its global headquarters in Spain.(Source: EU, AP, Various Media, 13 Mar., 2017)Contact: Gamesa Corp.,; Siemens AG, Joe Kaeser, Pres., CEO, +49 69 797 66 60,

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E.ON's Rampion Wind Farm Turbine Installations Underway (Int'l)
E.ON,Enbridge,U.K. Green Investment Bank
Date: 2017-03-15
German energy giant E.ON is reporting that the first of the 116 turbines slated for the 400-MW Rampion offshore wind farm off the coast of Sussex have been installed. All 116 foundations for the turbines were anchored in the English Channel as of November, 2016. Upon completion and commissioning in 2018, the Rampion project will generate sufficient energy for 347,000 average households.

E.ON is developing the Rampion wind farm in partnership with Canadian energy company Enbridge and the U.K. Green Investment Bank. (Source: E.ON, Various Media, March 13, 2017) Contact: U.K. Green Investment Bank, 011 +44 (0) 330 123 3021,; E.ON, Michael Lewis, CEO Climate and Renewables, +49 2 11 45 79 4170,; Enbridge, Al Monaco, Pres., CEO, (403) 231-3900,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Rampion,  U.K. Green Investment Bank,  E.ON,  Wind,  Offshore Wind,  Enbridge,  

Sun Setting on Sungevity with Chap. 11 Filing (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-03-15
Oakland, California-headquartered solar energy major Sungevity, Inc. is reporting its filing for Chapt. 11 protection and the decimation of its remaining workforce after the January collapse of an expected merger that would have added approximately $200 million to the company's empty coffers. Several investors, led by Northern Pacific Group, have reportedly agreed to take control of Sungevity's assets in exchange for $20 million in financing to keep the company's operations going. Those assets will then be sold off in a court-supervised auction, according to Sungevity.

Sungevity specialized in a software platform that connected homeowners interested in going solar with installers who could perform the work, supplying instant online quotes. Although executives touted their asset-light model and aggressively expanded both in the United States and Europe, Sungevity's share of the residential solar market remained well behind such competitors as SolarCity and Sunrun. (Source: Sungevity, GTM, SF Gate, 13 Mar., 2017)Contact: Sungevity, Alec Guettel, Co-Founder, Andrew Birch, CEO, (510) 496-5500,

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EU Funding Algerian Renewable Energy Diversification (Int'l)
European Union
Date: 2017-03-15
In a statement, members of a European Union (EU) bilateral consortium report they have agreed upon a $42.7 million package supporting economic reforms and renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives and projects in Algeria.

The funding package is intended to help Algeria diversify its economy from its dependence on oil as well as contribute to the creation of new jobs and the modernization of public finances, according to Johannes Hahn, the EU's Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy. Approximately 35 pct of the EU funding will be allocated to the promotion of renewable energy in the oil rich country. (Source: EU, UPI, Various Media, 13 Mar., 2017)

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Saskpower, Regina Commission Landfill Gas-to-Power Plant (Ind. Report)
Saskpower,City of Regina
Date: 2017-03-15
On the Canadian prairies, the City of Regina, in partnership with SaskPower, is reporting the unveiling of its Landfill Gas to Energy Project. The facility collects and uses methane gas to generate 1 MW of power which is sold to SaskPower's provincial electrical grid.

The $5 million facility is expected to generate approximately $1 million per year for the city coffers and slash the city's greenhouse gas emissions by about 30,000 tpy -- equivalent of removing 8,000 cars off the road. SaskPower has set a goal of 50 pct renewable electricity generation by 2030. (Source: City of Regina, CBC News Saskatchewan, Mar., 2017) Contact: Saskpower, Howard Matthews, VP Power Production, Mike Marsh, CEO, (306) 566-2121,; City of Regina,

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1-MW Rochester, Mass. Solar Facility Online (Ind. Report)
IGS Solar, Melink Solar Inc.
Date: 2017-03-15
In the Bay State, Ohio-based IGS Solar and Melink Solar Inc. are reporting completion of a 1-MW, ground-mounted solar array in the town of in Rochester. Half of the energy will go to local businesses and residents in Southeastern Massachusetts, and the balance will service a residential treatment facility in Brewster.

IGS Solar has also installed solar panels on top of Sturgis Public Charter School's east and west campus buildings. The school expects to save 20 percent on electrical costs a year through this arrangement. The nonprofit school did not have to put up any money to use the solar farm, she said.

The Rochester array was developed as part of the state's Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs' Solar Carve-Out II program -- a market-based incentive designed to encourage development of new solar capacity in Massachusetts. (Source: Cape Cod Times, 13 Mar., 2017) Contact: IGS Solar,High Scott,; Melink Solar, (513) 965-7300,

More Low-Carbon Energy News IGS Solar,  Melink Solar ,  Solar,  

Vivergo Calls for Higher Bioethanol Crop Cap (Int'l)
Vivergo Fuels
Date: 2017-03-15
Following on our March 6th coverage, Hull, UK-headquartered bioethanol producer Vivergo Fuels is sounding the alarm that the bioethanol industry and the thousands of jobs it supports are at risk unless the government backtracks on a recent recommendation. Vivergo backed the recent proposal to increase renewable fuel blends in transportation fuels but has expressed major concerns regarding plans to limit the amount of crops used to produce fuels such as ethanol via a so called 'crop cap'.

The Department for Transport recently proposed a low cap of 2 pct compared to a European standard of 7 pct. per cent. According to Vivergo, a cap of 2 pct or less would "not only severely impact" on the UK's ability to effectively implement E10 but also lead to the closure of the industry." Vivergo is calling for a 7 pct crop cap. (Source: Vivergo Fuels, Insider Media, 13 Mar., 2017) Contact: Vivergo Fuels, Mark Chesworth, Managing Dir., +44 1482 70800,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Vivergo Fuels,  Biofuel Crop,  Biofuel Blend,  

Bay State Seeking Energy Storage Demo Projects (Ind. Report)
Massachusetts Clean Energy Center
Date: 2017-03-15
In Boston, he Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (CEC) is reporting a solicitation for between 10 and 15 energy storage demonstration projects for which it will fund 50 pct of total project costs , to a maximum award of $1.25 million. Projects awarded under the Advancing Commonwealth Energy Storage (ACES) program must be commissioned, interconnected, and able to provide operational data within 18 months of contracting with the CEC.

In 2015, the state announced a $10 million Energy Storage Initiative (ESI) to expand the state's energy storage industry and infrastructure. In the initiative's first phase, a Department of Energy Resources (DOER) study found that the state could support as much as 600 MW of energy storage. The aabove mentioned solicitation is the second phase of the ESI program, and it is designed to demonstrate the viability of storage in the Massachusetts grid.

The Massachusetts DOER is presently setting specific energy storage targets that are expected to be completed by July 2017 and could take effect as soon as January 2020. (Source: Massachusetts DOER, Utility Dive, 13 Mar., 2017) Contact: Massachusetts DOER,; Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, (617) 315-2016,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Storage,  Massachusetts Clean Energy Center,  

Vega Biofuels on an Alaskan Legal Cannabis High (Ind. Report)
Vega Biofuels
Date: 2017-03-15
Norcross, Georgia-based Vega Biofuels, Inc. reports the signing of a 5 year agreement to provide its wood waste based biochar to AK Provisions Inc., a legal cannabis grower located in Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska is the most recent state to legalize both medical and recreational cannabis use.

Biochar is a highly absorbent specially designed charcoal-type product primarily used as a soil enhancement for the agricultural industry to significantly increase crop yields. The production of Biochar for carbon sequestration in the soil is a carbon-negative process. It is made from timber waste using the company's patent pending torrefaction technology. AK Provisions will also market Vega's biochar to other growers throughout the state of Alaska through a re-seller agreement. (Source: Vega Biofuels,WMW, 13 Mar., 2017)Contact: Vega Biofuels, Inc., (800) 481-0186,,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Vega Biofuels,  Biochar,  

Forge Plans 25Mn LPY Ontario Biodiesel Plant (Ind. Report)
Forge Hydrocarbons,BIOX Corporation
Date: 2017-03-15
Forge Hydrocarbons reports it plans to construct a 25-milliom lpy renewable diesel fuel manufacturing plant on land at the BIOX Corporation site in St. Clair Township, Ontario. The facility, which is expected to begin production in late 2018, will be the company's first commercial-scale production facility.

BIOX is planning to spend $5 million on upgrades to the former Methes plant to increase its efficiency and expand its biodiesel production capabilities. The upgraded site is expected to be operational this July.

Forge's technology can produce renewable diesel fuel from most lipid feedstocks with 90 pct less greenhouse gases than conventional diesel. The company presently a pilot plant in Edmonton, Alberta and in 2015 received $4.2 million in grant funding from Sustainable Development Technology Canada. (Source Forge Hydrocarbons, Sarnia Observer, March 13, 2017) Contact: Forge Hydrocarbons, Tim Haig, Pres., CEO, University of Alberta, Prof. David Bressler, (780) 492-4986,; SDTC, (613) 234 6313,; BIOX, Alan Rickard, CEO, (905) 521-8205 ext. 253,,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Forge Hydrocarbons,  BIOX Corporation,  

Schneider Electric to Help USMC Base Reach Net-Zero Energy Resiliency (Ind. Report)
Schneider Electric
Date: 2017-03-15
Andover, Mass.-based energy management and efficiency specialist Schneider Electric reports receipt of a contract from Exelon Corp. subsidiary Constellation to support the development of smart controls as part of an energy savings performance contract at the U.S. Marine Corps Logistics Base (MCLB) in Albany, Georgia.

Schneider supplied controls will be used to cut energy consumption, increase energy security and meet energy demand from renewable sources. These controls will manage the base's distributed energy resources (DER) as well as optimize energy efficiency and "Net-Zero" resiliency. Schneider Electric will also provide cybersecurity, ongoing system maintenance and energy optimization services. Other Schneider services will enable remote monitoring, visualization and reporting of energy loads,with the flexibility of generation control to achieve "Net-Zero" energy consumption. (Source: Schneider Electric, PR, 14 Mar., 2017) Contact: Schneider Electric, Mark Feasel, VP, Electric Utility Segment, Smart Grid & Microgrid ,,; Constellation,

More Low-Carbon Energy News Schneider Electric ,  Energy Efficiency,  Net-Zero,  

Apple Contractor Renewables Pledge Includes Floating Solar (Int'l)
Date: 2017-03-13
In Japan, Apple manufacturing contractor Ibiden Co Ltd. reports it has committed to use 100 pct renewable energy spread across 20 new energy facilities. The company, which specializes in printed circuit boards and integrated circuit packaging for Apple, reports it will generate over 12 MW of solar power, with a large portion coming from a floating solar array. The 12 MW of solar power is sufficient for the company's needs, according to a statement. (Source: Ibiden, Various Media, Mar., 2017) Contact: Ibiden Co. Ltd,

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