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Tesvolt Battery Storage Gigafactory Nears Startup (Int'l)
Date: 2019-05-08
German energy storage systems specialist Tesvolt GmbH reports Europe's first gigafactory for battery storage systems is being put into operation in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany.

Tesvolt is establishing and financing new 1GWh production facilities for lithium storage systems without outside funding, while the EU will finance around 10 pct of the production line costs. (Source: Tesvolt, ESI Africa, 7 May, 2019) Contact: Tesvolt, Daniel Hannemann, +49 (0) 3491 8797-100, ,

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Energy Focus Patents Battery Backup LED Lamp (Ind. Report)
Energy Focus
Date: 2019-05-08
Solon, Ohio-headquartered energy-efficient LED lighting technologies specialist Energy Focus, Inc. reports receipt of US Patent 10,236,716 for its RedCap® lamp emergency battery backup LED tube technology.

THE UL-approved and DLC-certified RedCap® is an integrated, general purpose LED lamp and emergency backup battery. One side of the lamp is connected to switchable AC mains to power the lamp for normal illumination, while the opposite end of the LED lamp is connected to an emergency mains circuit. In a power outage, a microprocessor in the lamp immediately detects the power loss and initiates the battery power for emergency egress illumination. The RedCap® functions as a normal, efficient LED lamp when building power is on, and becomes and stays lit during a power outage. (Source: Energy Focus, Inc., PR, 7 May, 2019) Contact: Energy Focus Inc., James Tu, CEO, and President, (440) 715-1300,

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DOE Offers Energy Storage Manufacturing R&D Funding (Funding)
Date: 2019-05-08
The US DOE has announced $89 million to support innovative, advanced manufacturing research and development projects. This Department of Energy (DOE) Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) tackles key Departmental priorities such as domestic manufacturing for energy storage, a sector uses 25 pct of the nation's energy.

The FOA requests proposals in three areas that will improve the global competitiveness of the U.S. by catalyzing innovation around manufacturing of key energy technologies and by reducing industrial process energy intensity.:

  • Innovations for the Manufacture of Advanced Materials -- Focuses on employing machine learning to develop better batteries, phase change storage materials for heating and cooling applications, and new semiconductors that convert temperature differences into electricity. A key focus is developing and scaling new, low-cost manufacturing processes to catalyze increased domestic battery manufacturing for vehicle and stationary applications.

  • Lower Thermal Budget Processes for Industrial Efficiency & Productivity -- With 70 pct of all process energy use related to heating, this topic focuses on novel research on industrial process drying technologies that increase energy efficiency throughput and product quality. It also seeks new ideas on process intensification to reduce overall heating energy.

  • Connected, Flexible and Efficient Manufacturing Facilities and Energy Systems -- With recent advances in new, wide-bandgap semiconductors supported by DOE, this topic seeks application of more efficient industrial power conversion equipment and new opportunities for converting process energy to electrical energy and better integrating it with the electrical grid. It also seeks advancements in combined heat and power that result in higher electrical efficiencies.

    The DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy's Advanced Manufacturing Office will lead this initiative. DOE anticipates making up to 55 awards for up to three years. A cost-share of at least 20 pct will be required for research and development projects.

    View the funding application and submission requirements HERE. . Concept papers are due on June 20, 2019. (Source: US DOE, PR, 7 May, 2019)

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  • Sign of the Times -- Solar Powers Coal Mine Museum (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-05-06
    In the Land Down Under, the State Coal Mine -- Wonthaggi Coal Mining Museum state park reports it is now powered by a 91 KW on-site, ground-mounted solar PV array and a 41 kWh battery storage system as part of an "Old Energy New Energy Project" being run by the not-for-profit Energy Innovation Co-op aiming to demonstrate how renewable energy, energy efficiency and new technology are "changing the name of the energy game."

    The project is partially funded by over $241,000 from the state Labor Government's New Energy Jobs Fund and $58,460 from the Victorian government's Local Government Energy Saver Program -- a $3.4 million fund which supports resource constrained councils across regional Victoria to reduce their energy consumption and operating costs of community facilities. A further $15,000 grant from the state government supporting Bass Coast Shire Council in their goal to transition the community to zero-net emissions will support the expansion of work begun by the coastal community of Phillip Island, which has committed to to being carbon neutral by 2030. The Victorian Labor government has pledged a 50 pct Renewable Energy Target (VRET) by 2030. (Source: PV Mag., Various Media, 3 May, 2019) Contact: Wonthaggi Coal Mining Museum,

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    NM's First "Green" Bond Earmarked for Energy Efficiency (Funding)
    New Mexico Finance Authority
    Date: 2019-05-06
    The New Mexico Finance Authority in Santa Fe reports it plans to issue its first "green" bonds as it borrows roughly $12 million to complete energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades on about 30 state agency buildings in Santa Fe.

    The project includes: upgrades to and the addition of new solar panels; companion battery storage; electrical transformers; new doors and windows; and upgraded heating and cooling systems. The state legislature previously approved $20 million in direct state spending on the project which is intended to reduce energy costs and limit contributions to climate change. (Source: New Mexico Finance Authority, Durango Herald, AP, 3 May, 2019) Contact: New Mexico Finance Authority ,

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    SCE Touts Major Energy Storage Resources Acquisition (Ind. Report)
    Southern California Edison
    Date: 2019-05-03
    In the Golden State, Southern California Edison (SCE) reports it has secured seven contracts for 195 MW of battery-based energy storage resources as a means of meeting local capacity requirements in the Santa Clara sub-area.

    SCE noted the resources include demand response and energy storage resources , one of which will become one of North America's largest operational lithium-ion battery systems when it comes online in December 2020. (Source: Southern California Edison, Energy Insider, 2 May, 2019) Contact: Southern California Edison, Colin Cushnie, VP Energy Procurement & Management,

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    Tesla, SolarCity Slashing Solar Panel Prices 38 pct (Ind. Report)
    Tesla,Solar City
    Date: 2019-05-01
    Following a reported Q1 slide in solar installations, SolarCity owner Tesla Inc reports it is selling solar panels and related equipment online for up to 38 pct below the national average price, according to New York Times coverage.

    Tesla acquired SolarCity in 2016 for $2.6 billion and planned to offer solar panels and home battery storage systems to consumers through its retail stores and online. In 2018, Tesla cut prices on its residential solar systems. The company's ballyhooed and long awaited solar roof tiles that unveiled in late 2016 have not yet been produced on a commercial scale. (Source: Tesla, NY Times, 29 April, 2019) Contact: Tesla,; SolarCity Corp., (650) 638-1028,

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    UAE-Carib. Renewable Energy Fund Supports Caribbean Solar (Int'l)
    UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund
    Date: 2019-04-29
    The UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund (UAE-CREF) is reporting funding for three solar power projects in the Bahamas, Barbados, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The $50 million UAE-CREF is a partnership between the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development (ADFD) and Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar). The fund is the largest renewable energy initiative of its kind in the region,

    The three projects, all of which broke ground in November, 2019, will deliver 2.35MW of solar and 637kWh of battery storage capacity, while displacing more than 2.6 million tpy of CO2 and saving over 895,000 lpy, worth about $1.1 million, in diesel fuel.

    The UAE-CREF was launched in 2017 and intends to deploy renewable energy projects in 16 Caribbean countries in three cycles to reduce energy costs, increase energy access, and enhance climate resilience. UAE foreign aid for renewable energy projects now totals almost $1 billion since 2013, supporting more than 40 countries. (Source: UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund, PR, April, 2019) Contact: UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund,,

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    Sempra Energy Completes U.S. Renewables Sector Exit (Ind Report)
    Sempra Energy
    Date: 2019-04-26
    Further to our Feb. 13th coverage, San Diego-based utility holding company Sempra Energy is reporting the completion of its exit from its U.S. renewables business with the sale of 7 wind farms totaling 724 MW and battery assets to Columbus, Ohio-based American Electric Power (AEP) for $1.05 billion. The transaction is the latest in a series of divestitures over the past year to raise $2.5 billion in proceeds.

    In December 2018, the company completed the sale of its solar assets and battery storage development projects, along with one wind farm, to a subsidiary of Consolidated Edison for $1.6 billion. In February, it executed the sale of its non-utility U.S. natural gas storage facilities to an affiliate of ArcLight Capital Partners for $328 million in cash, marking its exit from the non-utility natural gas storage sector. The company is currently working to sell its equity interest in its South American businesses including its 83.6 pct stake in Luz del Sur S.A.A. in Peru and 100 pct stake in Chilquinta Energia S.A. in Chile.

    The company said the move is consistent with a strategy to pay down debt and redeploy capital to support the growth of Sempra Energy in North America. (Source: Sempra Energy, Power Mag., 25 April, 2019) Contact: American Electric Power, Nicholas K. Akins, Pres., (614) 716-1000,; Sempra Energy, Jeff Martin, CEO (619) 696-2901,

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    NV Energy Lauds Nevada Renewables Portfolio Increase (Ind. Report)
    NV Energy
    Date: 2019-04-24
    Reporting from Las Vegas, NV Energy joined Governor Steve Sisolak, Senator Chris Brooks and other supporters, as the Governor signed into law Senate Bill 358, which increases Nevada's renewable portfolio standard to 50 pct by 2030.

    In a 2018 announcement, NV Energy noted plans to add six more large-scale solar projects, three of which will include battery storage capacity. NV Energy also recently submitted its annually-required renewable portfolio standard (RPS) compliance filing to the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada, which stated that the company had exceeded the current RPS requirement for the ninth-straight year. Instead of the 20 pct required today, 24 pct of the energy the company provides is generated from renewable resources.

    Nevada is a leader in renewable energy, ranking fourth in solar and second in geothermal. NV Energy has fostered renewable development since before a renewable standard was put into place, having signed its first geothermal contract in 1986. Thanks to expanding renewable energy serving our customers and the retirement of coal-fueled generation in Nevada, the state experienced an 85 pct reduction in coal-fueled carbon emissions and reduced carbon emissions from the electric industry by 44 pct from 2005 to 2015.

    NV Energy Inc, which provides a range of energy services to more than 1.4 million customers throughout Nevada, is a holding company whose principal subsidiaries, Nevada Power Company and Sierra Pacific Power Company, do business as NV Energy. (Source: NV Energy, PR 23 April, 2019) Contact: NV Energy, Doug Cannon, Pres., CEO, Kristen Saibini, Senior Corporate Communication Specialist, (775) 834-3891,,

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    Sungrow Debuts Solar Energy Storage System (New Prod. & Tech.)
    Date: 2019-04-22
    China-headquartered solar inverter and energy storage system (ESS) specialist Sungrow Power Supply Co., Ltd reports the official North American debut of its fully Integrated Energy Storage System Solution and DC Coupled PV & Storage System Solutions at ESA's Annual Energy Storage Conference & Expo held recently in Phoenix, Arizona.

    As one of the first on the US market to offer high-power capabilities, ST556KWH-250 features four units of 60kW modules which enables flexible design to customize system capacity and module quantity. The main innovation behind the new ESS solution is its integration with Samsung's latest E3 Battery to obtain a smaller size and higher energy densities, along with minimized on-site labor and wiring. The units can be widely used in multiple applications, including peak shaving, demand response and micro-grid. (Source: Sungrow, PR, Renewables, 19 April, 2019) Contact: Sungrow, Jack Gu, Pres., PV & Energy Storage Division, +86 551 6532 7834,,

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    Mass. DPU OK's Offshore Wind Energy Contracts (Reg. & Leg.)
    Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities
    Date: 2019-04-22
    The Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is reporting approval of long-term contracts for 800 MW of offshore wind between Vineyard Wind and the Commonwealth's Electric Distribution Companies. Under the contracts, Vineyard Wind also committed in these contracts to contribute $15 million to a fund that will invest in projects to promote the use of battery storage in low-income communities and support the the state's goal of further developing energy storage systems.

    Vineyard Wind's bid was selected for contract negotiation in May 2018 based on criteria established under a Request for Proposals (RFP) previously subject to public comment and submitted to the DPU for review and approval on July 31, 2018. Evaluation of the bids determined that Vineyard Wind would provide the greatest overall value to Bay State customers. The DPU's order approves the selection and finds that the contracts are cost-effective and in the public interest. (Source: Mass DPU, DEI, 18 April, 2019) Contact: Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, (617) 305-3500,

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    UniEnergy Tech, Chemours Tout Energy Storage Deal (Ind. Report)
    Chemours Company
    Date: 2019-04-22
    Wilmington, Delaware-based global chemicals and fluoropolymers specialist Chemours Company is reporting a strategic partnership with redox flow battery manufacturer UniEnergy Technology LLC (UET) based in Mukilteo, Washington.

    The partnership will include an investment in UET as well as a long-term and exclusive supply agreement for Nafion™ ion exchange membranes enabling Chemours to further develop and optimize the Nafion™ product offering as the industry standard for energy storage, raise the competitiveness and accelerate the adoption of flow batteries in the energy marketplace -- a key growth area for Chemours Fluoroproducts business. (Source: Chemours, PR, 19 April, 2019) Contact: Chemours, Jonathan Lock, VP, Corporate Development and Investor Relations, (302) 773-2263,,; UniEnergy Technology, (425) 290-8898 (office), (425) 740-9898 (fax),,

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    Oxford Hosting Hybrid Energy Storage System Trial (Int'l)

    Date: 2019-04-22
    In the UK, the Oxford City Council has made it one of its primary concerns to tackle climate change by turning the city carbon neutral and to date has raise about £4 million in grant funding to that end -- 2.3 million for upgrading buses to be ultra-low emission or electric, 800,000 for electrical vehicle charging points, 474,000 for the introduction of the world's first pop-up charging points and 500,000 for the installation of taxi charging points.

    The £41-million project will be a large battery that stores energy and resupplies electricity directly back to Oxford's grid.

    The project will run for 36 months and if successful, the technology will be expanded to the 44 other sites across the UK. (Source: The Mayor EU, 20 April, 2019)

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    Wind Sets Southwest Power Pool Grid Record (Ind. Report)
    Southwest Power Pool
    Date: 2019-04-15
    On the U.S. Great Plains, the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) is reporting energy generated by wind supplied about 15.3 GW of 23.3 GW of needed power across its 546,000-square-mile service territory at 2:08 a.m. Wednesday -- about 65.7 pct.

    As of this week, there was 21.5 gigawatts of installed wind capacity within the SPP's territory. In 2009, just 3 GW of capacity was installed. Another 51.75 GW of wind capacity currently is being developed, as well as about 24.5 gigawatts of solar power and about 4.4 GWof battery storage.

    Oklahoma is among the states in the SPP's service area that contributed to increased wind-generated power capacity in 2018, commissioning new projects capable of generating 576 MW of electricity during the year. At the end of 2018, Oklahoma had 8,072 MW of wind power. (Source: Southwest Power Pool, The Oklahoman, April, 2019) Contact: Southwest Power Pool,

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    NYC Council Poised to Enact Green Buldg. Legislation (Reg & Leg)
    NYC Green Building
    Date: 2019-04-15
    In the Empire State, the New York City Council is scheduled to vote this Thursday on the Climate Mobilization Act, which, among other provisions, would require green retrofits of all commercial buildings 25,000 square feet or larger. The bill would establish the Office of Building Energy and Emissions Performance and set a timeline for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions for existing buildings.

    Other bills to be votes upon this week would require the city to complete a study on the feasibility of shutting down all 24 gas and oil-burning power plants within city limits, and replacing them with renewables and battery energy storage capacity and green roofs on selected buildings. (Source: NYC Council, Connect New York, 15 April, 2019) Contact: NYC Council,

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    Navigant Offers Residential Energy Storage Report (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-12
    Residential Energy Storage, a new report from Boulder, Colorado-based Navigant Research analyzes the global and regional drivers behind increased residential energy storage system (RESS) deployments, providing capacity and revenue forecasts, broken out by region and battery technology, through 2028.

    According to the report, utility involvement, cost declines, government incentives, and increased solar PV integration are driving increased RESS deployments the initial and growing demand for which will be highly concentrated in select markets including Australia, Germany, Japan, and the US which are expected to account for 71 pct of the global RESS market.

    Navigant Research Report details are at (Source: Navigant Research, newsok, Business Wire, 11 April, 2019) Contact: Navigant Research, Lindsay Funicello-Paul, (781) 270-8456,,

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    NiSource to Slash GHG Emissions 90 pct by 2030 (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-04-08
    NiSource, the Merrillville, Indiana-based parent company of NIPSCO is touting new emission reduction targets it says builds upon "the aggressive environmental targets the company announced in 2016.

    To that end, the company plans to slash greenhouse gas emissions from electric power generation by 90 pct by 2030, as compared to 2005, as it takes coal-fired plants offline in favor of greener, renewable energy sources.

    By 2030, NiSource aims to reduce nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide and mercury emissions by 99 pct as compared to 2005 levels, and to retire all its coal-fired power plants by 2028 and to generate power with wind, solar and battery storage technology. (Souce: NiSource, PR,, 7 April, 2019)Contact: NiSource, Joe Hamrock, Pres., CEO,

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    Hawaii PUC Oks Six Solar-plus-Battery Storage Projects (Ind Report)
    Maui Electric,Hawaii Electric Light
    Date: 2019-03-29
    In Honolulu, the Hawaiian Electric Companies (HECO) -- Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light -- are reporting the Hawaiiian Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has given the nod to six grid-scale solar-plus-battery storage projects, the largest and lowest-cost portfolio of renewable energy resources to be assembled at one time in the Aloha State.

    Two projects on Hawaii Island, three on Oahu and one on Maui will add 247 MW of solar energy with almost 1 GWh of storage. Each project is coupled with battery storage that can store four hours of energy. Together, the six projects can provide sufficient energy for 105,000 homes per year.

    Hawaiian Electric, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light presently have more than 500 MW of renewable energy under contract in addition to nearly 80,000 privately owned rooftop systems in operation. (Source: Hawaiian Electric, PR, Big Island Now, 27 Mar., 2019) Contact: HECO, Shelee Kimura, VP Bus. Dev., (808) 543-7780,,

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    CCT Launches Thermal Energy Battery in Australia (New Prod & Tech)
    CCT Energy Storage
    Date: 2019-03-29
    In the Land Down Under, Lonsdale-based CCT Energy Storage reports it has unveiled the world's first working Thermal Energy Battery (TEB)that accepts any form of electrical input to convert and store energy as latent heat. The company also noted it will supply at least 10 thermal battery units to commercial customers this year, with production expected to increase to more than 200 units by 2020.

    TEB stores electrical energy as thermal energy by heating and melting a unique phase change material. The energy is stored at more than 12 times the density of a lead acid battery, before being extracted by thermic generator to provide electricity as needed. Readily scalable, TEB will be used to power remote communities, commercial businesses, telecommunications networks and transport systems.

    TEB production will begin immediately with European energy partner MIBA Group to exclusively manufacture and distribute TEB to Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands. (Source: CCT Energy Storage, Grain Central, 28 Mar., 2019) Contact: CCT Energy Storage, Serge Bondarenko, CEO, +61 8 8384 5764,

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    Vistra Supports Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Act of 2019 (Reg & Leg, Ind. Report)

    Date: 2019-03-27
    In the Lone Star State, Irving-based integrated power company Vistra Energy reports it supports the Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Act of 2019 -- legislation to be filed in the Illinois General Assembly. VIstra views the act as a "visionary and comprehensive transition plan" for its subsidiaries' central and southern Illinois coal plants.

    The Act will help mitigate the uncertainty surrounding these power plants and spur investments in new renewable energy and battery storage projects across Illinois as well as sustain otherwise uneconomic generation for five years while allowing time for additional capacity to come online.

    Currently, as much as 75 pct of Vistra's subsidiaries' -- TXU Energy, Homefield Energy, Dynegy and Luminant -- downstate generation capacity located within MISO Zone 4 is at risk of closure by the end of 2019. Vistra's subsidiaries' nearly 5,500 MW of generation capacity accounts for 40 pct of MISO Zone 4's summer capacity.

    The Illinois Coal to Solar and Energy Storage Act will:

  • Redevelop downstate coal plant sites into utility-scale solar and energy storage;
  • Help meet Illinois' commitments to emission reductions and the Paris Climate Agreement;
  • Increase grid stability, reliability, and renewable resources through energy storage;
  • Responsibly retire existing downstate capacity by keeping otherwise at-risk plants online through 2024;
  • Provide an orderly transition process for energy workers and plant communities;
  • Reinvest in downstate plant communities and support local business property tax base by continuing to operate on the existing plant sites with new renewable assets, rather than simply retiring and closing coal plants. (Source: Vistra Energy, PR, 26 Mar., 2019) Contact: Vistra Energy, Curt Morgan, Pres., CEO, Molly Sorg, Inv. Relations, (214) 812-0046,,; Renew Illinois Power,

  • Eguana Tech, PurePoint Energy Partner on Conn. Residential Solar Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
    PurePoint Energy,Eguana Technologies
    Date: 2019-03-25
    Calgary, Alberta-based Eguana Technologies reports its Evolve Home Energy Storage System for new or existing residential solar system owners is now available in Connecticut with Norwalk, Conn. headquartered PurePoint as Eguana certified installer.

    Evolve is a fully-integrated residential energy storage system that incorporates proprietary power electronics system, LG Chem low-voltage battery modules, and a comprehensive user interface. The system is rated at 5KW AC output with a modular battery design based on a 6.5 kWh battery, which is scalable from 13 to 39kWh in storage capacity. The NEMA 3R wall-mounted package is suitable for indoor and outdoor installations. (Source: Source: Eguana Technologies Inc., 21 Mar., 2019) Contact: Eguana Technologies, Justin Holland, CEO, (416) 728.7635, (905) 929-7522,; PurePoint Energy, Michael Dowling Business Development Manager, Tom Wemyss, VP Bus. Dev., (203) 642-4105,,

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    NEC Completes Switzerland's Largest Energy Storage System (Int'l)
    NEC Energy Solutions
    Date: 2019-03-22
    Westborough, Massachusetts-based NEC Energy Solutions (NEC ES) reports it has completed the installation of the largest battery energy storage system in Switzerland. The 18 MW, 7.5 MWh GSS® Grid Storage Solution system, which is owned and operated by Elektrizit├Ątswerke des KantonsZurich (EKZ), one of Switzerland's largest power distribution companies, is being used for primary frequency reserve.

    The new 18 MW energy storage system can power the equivalent of the daily electricity consumption of 600 average households and is expected to have 5-7 year RoI.

    NEC Energy Solutions designs, manufactures, and integrates smart energy storage solutions for the electric grid, behind the meter, and critical power applications. The company's scalable distributed energy storage and control systems provide greater grid stability and flexibility to the benefit of both providers and users of electricity. (Source: NEC Energy Solutions, Website, 21 Mar., 2019) Contact: NEC Energy Solutions, Steve Fudder, CEO, Roger Lin, (508) 497-7261,,

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    Vattenfall Snares Amsterdam Energy Software Specialist (M&A, Int'l)
    Vattenfall, Senfal
    Date: 2019-03-20
    Wind energy giant Vattenfall is reporting acquisition of Amsterdam-based energy software specialist Senfal, a developer of an intelligent trading platform that can increase returns from renewable energy generation plants.

    Senfals software enables wind farm operators to optimize their assets through autonomous buying and selling on short term energy markets. The software can be used with solar and energy storage facilities, as well as wind, to "unlock value from flexibility", according to Senfal. Through its services, Senfal is able to substantially reduce the energy bill for large industrials as well as increase power trading profits for wind and solar farms and battery owners. (Source: Vattenfall, RE Biz News, 19 Mar., 2019) Contact: Senfal, +31 (0) 85 303 7414,,; Vattenfall, Magnus Hall, CEO, Pres, +46 8 739 5000,

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    Sunamp Inks Chinese Thermal Energy Storage Deal (Int'l. Report)
    Date: 2019-03-13
    In the UK, East Lothian-based thermal energy storage specialist Sunamp reports the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Chinese solar hot water tank manufacturer Jiangsu Gomon Renewable Energy Development Co. for the development of a heat battery water heater for residential applications.

    Sunamp's UniQ batteries store heat from renewable sources, cut fuel costs and carbon emissions, and are four times smaller for the same capacity and four times more energy efficient than the hot water tanks they replace. (Source: Sunamp. The Scotsman, 12 Mar., 2019) Contact: Sunamp, +44 1875 610001,; Jiangsu Gomon Renewable Energy Development Co.,

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    Halo Energy Shrouded Turbine Production Underway (Ind. Report)
    Halo Energy
    Date: 2019-03-13
    In the Bay State, Wellesley-headquartered small-scale wind turbine manufacturer Halo Energy LLC reports it has begun manufacturing its HALO-6.0 shrouded wind turbines for deliveries next quarter to an unnamed Alaskan telecommunications company.

    The 6-kW turbine will have a 3.7-metre (12-ft) shroud diameter and will be installed directly on telecommunications towers. The unit, which is constructed from fiberglass and galvanized steel and is designed to potentially integrate with solar and battery storage facilities, can generate twice as much energy as similar-sized conventional, open-bladed wind turbines, according to the company.

    The company notes it is in discussions with hybrid energy providers in Australia, Canada, Africa, India, and Southeast Asia. (Source: Halo Energy, Mar., 2019) Contact: Halo Energy LLC, Vincent Loccisano, CEO,

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    Statkraft Planning UK Solar, Wind, Storage "Virtual Power Plant" (Ind. Report, Int'l.)
    Date: 2019-03-11
    Oslo-based Norwegian state-owned utility Statkraft AS reports it is planning a 1 GW "virtual" power plant to integrate wind, solar, battery storage, and gas in the UK.

    The proposed project will monitor the operations of over 1GW worth of wind power, solar power, battery storage, and flexible gas engines and compare it with the constantly updating day ahead, on-the-Day, and cashout price forecasts to allow the real-time optimization of power trading in the British energy market. The company is also planning to double the capacity of the virtual power plant by the middle of the year.

    The project is intended to almost instantaneously match renewable power production with market demand by integrating batteries and engines into the virtual power plant and optimizing their operations to provide reliable flexibility. (Source: Statkraft, Renew Economy, 7 Mar., 2019) Contact: Statkrft, Duncan Dale, VP UK, +47 24 06 70 00,

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    First African Floating Wind Farm Launched in Capetown (Int'l)
    Marlenique Estate
    Date: 2019-03-06
    In South Africa, Marlenique Estate, a fruit farm outside of Franschhoek, reports the unveiling of Africa's first state-of-the-art floating solar PV system constructed by New South Energy.

    The facility is the first commercially-operated floating solar system on the African continent as well as the largest, at 60kWp.

    The first phase of the project also includes the installation of a land-based solar PV system on the farm, allowing the farm to run 90 pct of its cold storage, irrigation and wedding venue facilities off the grid. In the second phase, battery packs will be added to the current set up, removing the estate from the main power grid completely. (Source: Capetown ETC, Mar., 2019) Contact: New South Energy, David Masureik,

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    Arizona Utility Expanding Battery Energy Storage (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-03-04
    In the sun-drenched southwest, Arizona's largest utility, APS, reports it plans to add 850 MW of battery storage and at least 100 MW of new solar generation by 2025. The additional storage capacity will be equivalent to about 3 million solar panels. APS plans to install six battery systems at existing solar plants in Maricopa County and Yuma by 2020.

    Arizona ranks second to California in terms of the size of batteries being used and for generating solar energy, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, for generating solar energy. (Source: APS, Payson Roundup, 4 Mar., 2019)

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    Siemens Launches Junelight Home Energy Storage System (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-03-01
    German engineering giant Siemens is reporting the German launch of its Junelight Smart Battery, lithium-ion battery-based residential energy storage system aimed at maximizing the use and integration of onsite-generated solar energy.

    The battery system's predictive charging and discharging procedures are coordinated in line with forecasted weather patterns and expected energy demand. Real-time monitoring is available through a mobile app and the system can be configured up to 19.8kWh capacity if six modular units of 3.3kWh are combined, the company notes.

    The Junelight Smart Battery has been certified by VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies for quality and safety, including both manufacturing processes and the system itself. (Source: Siemens, Energy Storage, 28 Feb., 2019) Contact: Siemens Low Voltage and Products, Andreas Matthe, CEO, +49 (911) 433 78 78,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Lithium-Ion Battery,  Siemens,  Energy Storage,  Home Energy Storage,  

    MCS Announces Battery Energy Storage Certification (Ind. Report)
    Microgeneration Certification Scheme
    Date: 2019-03-01
    The UK national certification body Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) reports development and planned mid 2019 launch of a certification scheme for battery energy storage systems.

    The new battery storage scheme will better equip the industry to roll out energy storage installations whilst ensuring consumer protection following the growing adoption of energy storage technologies to maximize renewable energy and create a flexible UK electric power grid.

    MCS is a quality assurance scheme supported by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It provides the framework for the certification of microgeneration technologies used to produce electricity and heat from low carbon sources.

    Download the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) details HERE (Source: Microgeneration Certification Scheme, PR, Feb., 2019) Contact: Microgeneration Certification Scheme, Ian Rippin, CEO,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy STorage,  Battery,  

    APS Plans 850MW Solar Battery Storage (Ind. Report)
    Arizona Public Service
    Date: 2019-02-25
    US-based electric utility Arizona Public Service (APS) is planning to add battery storage to its fleet of solarpower plants, as well as build solar facilities with storage. As part of the initiative, the company plans to add 850MW of battery storage and at least 100MW of new solar generation by 2025.

    Large-scale solar plants owned by APS across the state will be upgraded with 200MW of battery storage systems. A team from Invenergy, an Illinois-based energy company will install six new battery systems at solar plants in Maricopa County and Yuma by 2020, with the balance to be complete by 2021. The utility is also planning to construct 500MW of solar storage and standalone battery storage by 2025 as part of its long-term clean-energy transition objective. (Source: APS, PowerTech, 25 Feb., 2019) Contact: Arizona Public Service Company,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Arizona Public Service,  Solar,  Energy Sorage ,  

    APS Plans 1GW Solar, Battery Resources by 2025 (Ind. Report)
    Arizona Public Service
    Date: 2019-02-22
    Arizona Public Service (APS) reports it will add 850 MW of battery storage and 100 MW or more of solar generation by 2025. To that end, APS will equip existing utility-owned solar projects with 200 MW of batteries, deploy 500 MW of new battery resources, and contract for 150 MW of third party-owned storage. This work builds on the dispatchable 50-MW battery and 65-MW solar power project APS is building with First Solar that is scheduled for completion in 2021.

    Initially, APS has selected Invenergy to install 141 MW of new battery systems at six solar sites, with the first expected to begin service by the summer of 2020. The remaining retrofits will be completed by 2021. According to its website, APS expects 15 pct of its electric power mix to be from renewables by 2025. (Source: APS, gtm, 21 Feb., 2019) Contact: APS, Brad Albert, VP Resource Management,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Arizona Public Service,  Solar,  Battery,  Energy Storage,  

    Zenobe Energy Scores £25Mn from Japanese Power Majors (Int'l)
    Zenobe Energy,Tokyo Electric Power
    Date: 2019-02-22
    UK battery storage firm Zenobe Energy reports it has secured a £25 million ($32.6Mn US) investment from Japanese power giants Jera and Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco). The new funds, which are earmarked for expansion purposes, are in addition to £45.5 million of equity already invested into Zenobe over the course of the last 18 months and a further £30 million of senior debt facilities provided by Santander and Generation IM.

    Zenobe, which has around 73MW of operational storage assets, is developing various new service offerings, which the company said would counter controversial charging reforms proposed by Ofgem, and is also providing flexible power solutions for electric bus depots, with an eye on expanding this offering to commercial EV operators. (Source: Zenobe Energy, current+-, Feb., 2019)Contact: Zenobe Energy, Nicholas Beatty, co-founder, +44 (0) 203 912,,; Tokyo Electric Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Zenobe Energy,  Energy Storage,  

    JERA Investing in UK Battery Energy Storage Specialist (Int'l)
    Zenobe Energy,JERA Co.
    Date: 2019-02-20
    In the Land of the Rising Sun, Tokyo-based JERA Co, a fuel trading JV between Tokyo Electric Power and Chubu Electric Power, reports it is partnering with TEPCO Power Grid and will invest £25 million ($32 million) in London, UK-headquartered battery storage specialist Zenobe Energy.

    Zenobe Energy supplies, finances, owns and operates battery storage assets and is one of the largest owners and operators of battery storage in Britain, with a capacity of approximately 73 MW, according to JERA. (Source: JERA Co. Website, 19 Feb., 2019) Contact: JERA Co.,; Zenobe Energy,, +44 (0) 2039127853,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Battery,  Energy Storage,  

    Utility Touts Jackson Smart Energy District Project (Ind. Report)
    Consumers Energy
    Date: 2019-02-20
    Jackson, Michigan-headquartered Consumers Energy is touting plans for the Jackson Smart Energy District, an efficient, affordable, clean energy hub aiming to achieve the utility's 2040 Clean Energy goals 15 to 20 years ahead of schedule.

    To that end, Consumers will work with private businesses and the city of Jackson to reduce the four square block Jackson Smart Energy District's carbon emissions by 90 pct by using on-site solar panels, battery energy storage, energy management, EV charging and advanced energy efficiency technologies.

    Consumers Energy, Michigan's largest energy provider, recently dedicated Michigan's first rooftop solar array and battery storage system in the Circuit West energy district of Grand Rapids.

    Consumers Energy, the principal subsidiary of CMS Energy, supplies natural gas and/or electricity to 6.7 million Michigan residents in all 68 Lower Peninsula counties. (Source: Consumers Energy, PR, 19 Feb., 2019) Contact: Consumers Energy,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Consumers Energy ,  

    Saft ESS Spinning Reserve Supports Bermuda Electric (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-02-20
    French battery energy storage specialist Saft reports it is supplying a turnkey Energy Storage System (ESS) to Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO). The system will provide up to 10 MW power for "spinning" reserves and frequency response to maintain grid stability.

    Spinning reserves refer to the historic practice of keeping generators idling with their internal components spinning enabling them to quickly ramp up to full power. The ESS spinning reserves allow the utility to switch off generators and save fuel. The ESS also provides frequency response services by injecting or absorbing energy to or from the grid within seconds to maintain consistent frequency and grid stability. In addition to the batteries, the ESS will integrate control and monitoring equipment, as well as power conversion components and switchgear supplied by ABB.

    As the turnkey supplier Saft is carrying out the design, delivery and installation of the ESS and connecting it to BELCO's grid.(Source: Saft, Renewable Energy Mag., 19 Feb., 2019) Contact: Saft, +33 1 58 63 16 00,; BELCO, 441-295-5111,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Saft,  Energy Storage,  

    Shell Acquiring Home Solar Battery Manufacturer (Int'l, M&A)
    Sonnen,Shell Overseas Investment
    Date: 2019-02-18
    Oil giant Shell Overseas Investment B.V. -- Shell New Energies reports it will acquire German battery maker Sonnen and roll it into a wholly owned subsidiary that will accelerate both company's integrated energy services and electric vehicle charging solutions. As previously reported Shell invested in Sonnen in 2018.

    According to Sonnen, 40,000 of its SonnenBatterie systems have been installed world wide, 3,000 of which are in Australia. Sonnen was the first battery manufacturer to participate in South Australia's Home Battery Scheme and the company has set up battery assembly operations in Adelaide.

    Sonnen provides battery storage systems to households with rooftop solar panels in Germany, Europe's biggest solar market, in the areas of charging infrastructure and battery storage. (Source: Shell, SolarQuotes Blob, 18 Feb., 2019) Contact: Shell New Energies,; Sonnen Inc.,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Sonnen,  Battery,  Solar Battery,  Energy Storage,  Shell,  

    Good Energy Announces UK Energy Storage Partners (Int'l Report)
    Good Energy,Belectric
    Date: 2019-02-15
    The U.K.-based renewable energy supplier Good Energy reports it is partnering with the renewables manufacturing firm Powerstar and engineering tech provider Belectric to advance its commercial and industrial (C&I) energy storage offerings in the UK.

    The two firms will be tasked with helping Good Energy design, install, operate and maintain commercial and industrial-scale battery storage projects in the company's pipeline.

    Powerstar, which manufacturers a containerized battery storage solution alongside voltage optimizers and distribution transformers, will supply equipment for the installations while Belectric will provide design and engineering services.

    As previously reported, Good Energy raised more than £10 million ($12.81 million) in mid-2017 and unveiled plans to install a 250kW C&I project on behalf of Eden Project. (Source: Good Energy, Energy Storage, Feb., 2019) Contact: Belectric,; Powerstar,; Good Energy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Belectric,  Good Energy,  Energy Storage,  ,  

    Sterlite Power Bids on Salt River BESS Projects (Ind. Report)
    Sterlite Power, Salt River Project
    Date: 2019-02-15
    India's Sterlite Power, an integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider, reports it has submitted bids for two Salt River Project (SRP) energy storage projects. The bids are the company's first foray into grid connected battery energy storage systems (BESS).

    According to the company, BESS systems provide critical services like peak load shaving, energy and ancillary services that will be increasingly needed in a renewable-heavy grid.

    Sterlite Power is a leading global developer of power transmission infrastructure with projects of over 12,500 circuit kms and 20,500 MVA in India and Brazil. (Source: Sterlite Power, NewsBarons, 14 Feb., 2019) Contact: Sterlite Power, Pratik Agarwal, Group CEO, +91 11 4996 2200; SRP, Mike Hummel, GM, Scott Harelson, Renewable Energy,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Sterlite Power,  Salt River Project,  Battery Energy Storage,  

    AEP Plans Sempra Energy Renewables Operations Acquisition (M&A)
    American Electric Power,Sempra Renewables
    Date: 2019-02-13
    Columbus, Ohio-headquartered American Electric Power Company Inc (AEP) reports it plans to acquire Sempra Renewables LLC renewables business and its 724-MW portfolio of wind and battery storage capacity for $1.06 billion, subject to Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and other approvals. The acquisition is based on $551 million cash, $343 million in project debt assumption, approximately $162 million in tax equity obligations plus closing and working capital adjustments.

    AEP will absorb all of Sempra's shareholding in seven operational wind farms and a battery storage facility in Colorado, Hawaii, Indiana, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. A Q2 closing is expected. (Source: AEP, Renewables, 13 Feb., 2019)Contact: American Electric Power, Nicholas K. Akins, Pres., (614) 716-1000,; Sempra Energy, Inv. Relations, (619) 696-2901,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News American Electric Power,  AEP,  Sempra,  Wind,  Renewable Energy ,  

    Aussie Solar-plus-Storage Projects Advancing (Int'l Report)
    Energy Projects Solar
    Date: 2019-02-08
    In the Land Down Under, South Australia, the nation's renewable energy leader, reports it may soon host two of the country's largest utility-scale solar arrays -- a 500 MW solar farm co-located with a 250 MW/1 GWh battery storage capacity, and a construction-ready 200 MW PV project with 120 MWh of storage that forms part of the Solar River Project, near Robertstown.

    The first project, proposed by Energy Projects Solar, would be constructed in stages and get under way before the year end. The second scheme planned for the same region is the Solar River Project is presently preparing to break ground.

    The privately funded, $450 million Solar River Project comprises 200 MW of solar PV generation capacity plus 120 MWh of battery storage capacity. The two projects with their energy storage facilities are among the largest in Australia's development pipeline. (Source: Energy Projects Solar, PV Mag., February 5, 2019) Contact: Energy Projects Solar,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Australia,  Solar,  

    Corvus Snares Norwegian Li-Ion Marine Battery Specialist (M&A, Int'l)
    Corvus Energy
    Date: 2019-02-08
    Richmond, British Columbia-based marine propulsion and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) specialist Corvus Energy is confirming an acquisition agreement to purchase all shares in Skien, Norway=headquartered Grenland Energy. Grenland develops and produces lightweight lithium-ion batteries for offshore, maritime and subsea industries.

    The acquisition expands Corvus' existing portfolio of large-scale maritime ESSs into lightweight and subsea batteries, strengthening the company's position in as a seaborne battery supplier. Grenland Energy's current operations will continue as before, and both companies' customers are set to benefit from the merger. The Grenland office in Skien will continue in its current location and Grenland shareholders will continue as Corvus Energy shareholders. (Source: Corvus Energy, PR, Feb., 2019) Contact: Grenland Energy, Roman Stoiber, +47 948 81758,,; Corvus Energy, Andrew Morden, Pres. & CEO, Sean Puchalski, VP Strategic Marketing, (604) 227-0280 ext. 123,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Li-Ion Battery,  Corvus Energy,  Energy STorage,  Battery,  

    Ice Energy SCE Energy Storage Installation Underway (Ind. Report)
    Ice Energy,Southern California Edison
    Date: 2019-02-08
    Costa Mesa, California-based distributed thermal energy storage solutions specialist Ice Energy is reporting completion of the first stage of its Ice Bear systems under a 21.6-MW energy storage contract with Southern California Edison (SCE).

    The two-year project will ultimately incorporate over 1,200 Ice Bears, providing the utility with greater flexibility to reduce electricity load during peak demand periods.

    Ice Energy's contract with SCE enables qualifying Southern California businesses to receive free, fully installed Ice Bears. The Ice Bear "thermal battery" system is connected to standard 5-20 ton rooftop commercial AC units.

    Approximately 100 Ice Bear systems, including the newly available Ice Bear 40 model, have been installed at businesses across SCE's service territory to date. (Source: Ice Energy, PR, 6 Feb., 2019) Contact: Ice Energy, Mike Hopkins, Pres, (877) 542-3232,,; Southern California Edison,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Southern California Edison,  Ice Bear,  Ice Energy,  Energy Storage,  Thermal Energy Storage,  

    Hanergy's SHJ Technology Claims 24.23 pct Efficiency (Int'l)
    Hanergy Thin Film Power
    Date: 2019-02-01
    In Beijing, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group Ltd (Hanergy) is claiming a record 24.23 pct conversion efficiency for its silicon heterojunction (SHJ) thin-film battery technology, as verified by Japan Electrical Safety & Environment Technology Laboratories (JET). In August 2018 China Photovoltaic Society confirmed Hanergy's SHJ conversion rate had reached 23.7 pct.

    Hanergy's SHJ technology is used in ground power stations, distributed power arrays, vertical installation, fishery or agricultural complementary photovoltaic (PV) plants, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) and mobile energy projects. (Source: Hanergy, Renewables, Jan., 2019) Contact: Hanergy, +86 10 8391 4567,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Hanergy ,  Solar,  Solar Cell Efficiency,  

    £20Mn Energy Storage R&D Funding Announced (Int'l Funding)
    Date: 2019-02-01
    In London, the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is reporting the launch of a new £20 million R&D funding competition to support and commercialize innovative long-duration energy storage technologies.

    The "Storage at Scale" competition is intended to deliver up to three demonstration projects that can be built and tested by the end of 2021. Successful projects could include electricity energy storage projects with a target minimum power output of 30MW, such as compressed air, flow batteries, and fly wheels, as well as so-called power-to-x projects with a target minimum power input of 5MW where hydrogen, ammonia or biomethane could be generated from excess renewable generation and stored.(Source: BEIS, Business Green, 31 Jan., 2019) Contact: UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News BEIS,  Energy Storage,  Battery,  

    Sunnova Solar Plus Battery Storage Available in NY (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2019-01-30
    Houston, Texas-headquartered solar and battery storage service provider Sunnova Energy Corp. reports it has expanded its Sunnova SunSafe™ solar energy generation and home battery storage service in New York State.

    In addition to the Empire State, Sunnova also offers Sunnova SunSafe™ in Massachusetts, Maryland, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, California, Puerto Rico, Guam and Saipan. (Source: Sunova, PR, Jan., 2019) Contact: Sunnova Energy, John Berger, CEO, Kelsey Smith,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Sunnova,  Energy Storage,  Solar,  

    Providence Promoting Climate Justice, Carbon Neutrality (Ind. Report)
    Providence Office of Sustainability
    Date: 2019-01-30
    In Rhode Island, the City of Providence Office of Sustainability is projecting that the city of 180,000 residents will see 9 feet of sea-level rise by 2100 and the city's climate will equal south Florida's average temperature of 80.3 degrees F.

    To deal with that eventuality, the city has developed a Climate Justice Plan that pledges to make the city carbon neutral by 2050. To meet that goalthe city plans to slash building emissions which alone account for 71 pct of emissions in Providence. To reduce electricity use, the plan proposes a wholesale switch to renewable energy by 2050. This includes expanding rooftop solar installations, local microgrids, battery backup, and regional renewable energy power-purchase agreements. Emissions from heating will be reduced with enhanced energy-efficiency standards, green building codes, and the phasing out natural-gas use, according to the plan.

    The Climate Justice Plan guarantees "social equity" to ensure that all of the city's business and residential regions benefit equally from climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts and programs. .The plan was developed with input from the city's Racial and Environmental Justice Committee, a collaboration between the city, the Environmental Justice League of Rhode Island, and Groundwork Rhode Island.

    The Climate Justice Plan proposes cleaning up the port by reducing emissions from vessels and eliminating the import and storage of hazardous and polluting material by 2040. A fee on fossil fuels shipped to the port and emissions produced there would be spent on environmental justice needs and climate-change adaptation along the waterfront.

    Download Climate Justice Plan details HERE. (Source: Providence Office of Sustainability, ecoRI, 28 Jan., 2019) Contact: Providence Office of Sustainability, 401-680-5000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Climate Change,  

    Platte River Power Plans Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030 (Ind Report)
    Platte River Power Authority
    Date: 2019-01-24
    The Fort Collins, Colorado-based nonprofit utility Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) board of directors reports it has committed to a Resource Diversification Policy of zero carbon emissions and increased renewable energy sources by 2030.

    In 2017, the utility released a zero-net carbon report showing that the goal of zero net carbon emissions by 2030 was difficult but achievable.

    According to the new policy, the following advancements in renewable energy need to occur for PRPA to achieve 100 pct non-carbon resources by 2030:

  • An organized regional market must exist with Platte River as an active participant;

  • Battery storage performance must mature and the costs must decline;

  • Utilization of storage solutions to include thermal, heat, water and end user available storage;

  • Transmission and distribution infrastructure investment must be increased;

  • Improved distributed generation resource performance;

  • Technology and capabilities of grid management systems must advance and improve;

  • Advanced capabilities and use of active end user management systems;

  • Generation, transmission and distribution rate structures must facilitate systems integration.

    (Source: PRPA, Rocky Mountain Collegian, 21 Jan., 2019)Contact: Platte River Power Authority, (970) 226-4000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Platte River Power Authority,  Carbon Emissions,  Renewable Energy ,  

  • Neoen Bulgana Green Power Hub Installs First Wind Turbine (Int'l)
    Date: 2019-01-24
    In the Land Down Under, the Australian arm of French renewables developer Neoen is reporting the installation of the first of 56 wind turbines that will comprise the Neoen Bulgana Green Power Hub.

    The integrated $350 million (AUS) wind and battery storage facility is reportedly on target for an August startup when it will generate over 740,000 MWh of power per annum.

    Victoria State has a 15-year PPA for a portion of the 194MW wind farm's power output. (Source: Neoen, Renew Economy, 23 Jan., 2019)Contact: Neoen S.A.S., +33 805 160 022,

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