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CDN. Think-Tank Recommends Provincial Carbon Taxes (Ind. Report)
Ecofiscal CommissionGHG, Ecofiscal Commission
Date: 2015-04-10
In its first report, Canada's newly minted Ecofiscal Commission recommends that individual Canadian provinces put a price on carbon. The report claims that provincial action would be both effective and efficient way to cut Canadian GHG emissions and that the provinces are better situated than the federal government to institute such a tax.

The Ecofiscal Commission is an independent, non-partisan privately funded think-tank composed of blue-chip Canadian economists based in Montreal. The commission's first report details the costs of climate inaction, the market efficiencies of carbon taxes or a cap and trade system and the benefits of "recycling" the resulting revenues in the economy.

Under the models used in the commission report, provinces could meet their current 2020 GHG reduction targets more efficiently by pricing carbon than through any other regulatory means.

The analysis found that by pricing carbon, recycling the revenues into tax cuts, and harmonizing the carbon price across provinces and territories, the country could meet its current 2020 emissions targets while collectively enjoying a 3.7 pct increase in GDP. Individual provinces would see higher or lower GDP gains, with the biggest relative gains going to oil-and-gas-producing jurisdictions such as Alberta. (Source: Ecofiscal Commission, Canadian Press, 7 April, 2015) Contact: Ecofiscal Commission, (844) 398-1719,

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Carbon Tax Initiative Launched in Washington State (Ind. Report)
Climate Solutions
Date: 2015-04-10
In Washington State, petitions are being circulated to put Initiative 732 on the 2016 ballot in the event that Gov. Jay Inslee and fellow Democrats in the Legislature are unable to pass their own carbon cap-and-trade proposal. The Initiative would phase in a $25-per-ton tax on carbon dioxide emissions from certain fossil fuels and fossil fuel-generated electricity, beginning July, 2017. The proceeds would go into the general fund and be directed to offset reductions in the state sales tax and the business and occupation tax on manufacturing.

The environmental community is divided over how best to price carbon. Climate Solutions, a Seattle-based non-profit, supports the governor's cap-and-trade approach. Carbon Washington needs to gather 325,000 signatures in order to get the carbon tax initiative in front of the Legislature. If the Legislature does not pass it, it will go on the 2016 ballot. (Source:, April, 2015) Contact: The Washington initiative is available HERE . Climate Solutions,

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LAX International Terminal Lands USGBC LEED Gold (Ind. Report)
Los Angeles International Airport,USGBC
Date: 2015-04-10
Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has been awarded US Green Building Council LEED Gold certification for its new Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). The 1.25-million-sq-ft facility is the largest LEED Gold airport terminal in the United States. Designed by Fentress Architects, TBIT is not only sustainable, it is America's most technologically-advanced airport to date. (Source: Fentress Architects, USGBC, Los Angeles International Airport, April, 2015) Contact: USGBC, (202) 552-1500,; Fentress Architects,

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Ontario's Climate Change Discussion Paper, 2015 -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)
Climate Change,Western Climate Initiative
Date: 2015-04-10
Following-up on our Jan. 18th coverage when Ontario's Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne said her government would put a price on carbon but had to first decide on whether to implement cap-and-trade or a carbon tax. According to the attached report, the Government has opted for cap-and-trade and will link Ontario's system with the Western Climate Initiative, which consists of California and Quebec. That would create a carbon market that covers 61 million people and 60 pct of Canada's population, according to the Globe and Mail newspaper.

After being approved by Ontario's cabinet, there appears to be widespread support for the proposal which could raise as much as $2 billion annually for climate change related programs and initiative.

Download Ontario's Climate Change Discussion Paper, 2015 HERE . (Source: Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, Globe & Mail, Others, April, 2015) Contact: Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change,

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