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EEG Online Tool Helps Hotels Reduce Energy Costs (Ind. Report)
Energy Efficiency Group
Date: 2017-10-23
Lebanon-headquartered Energy Efficiency Group (EEG) reports the launch of its Hotel Energy and Sustainability Portal (HEP), an online portal which will help hospitality groups streamline their utilities analytics and align all energy and sustainability management initiatives for enhanced carbon footprint reductions.

HEP has been developed as a direct result of EEG's two decades of extensive experience working with the hospitality industry internationally, helping them reduce their utility expenses and ecological footprint. This unique SaaS (software as a service), accessible from any browser on any device, offers : A Configurable Dashboard ; Advanced Utilities Analytics Module; Reports and Alerts; Knowledgebase/Technical Library; Projects Management Module ; and An internal Forum - driving inter communication between all users on energy and utilities optimisation topics The HEP includes complex tariff structures for every utility, endless submetering possibilities, ease of data upload through connectable sheets, a strong analytics engine to cope with Big Data and a 360° utilities management programme lifecycle.

EEG boasts a portfolio in the global hospitality industry includes more than 250 properties in 23 countries. EEG covers the whole lifecycle of an energy efficiency program from the energy audit to the project Implementation and the measurement verification. (Source: EEG, Hospitality Net, 23 Oct., 2017) Contact: EEG, Ronald Diab, Managing Director ,,

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ICAO 2050 Vision on Sustainable Aviation Fuels Nixed (Int'l Report)
Date: 2017-10-23
Last week, 25 countries convened by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) rejected the 2050 Vision on Sustainable Aviation Fuels that included volume-based targets for biofuels proposed by the ICAO Secretariat.

The ICAO Secretariat's proposal intended to see 128 million tpy of biofuels use in plane engines by 2040, rising to 285 million tpy -- half of all aviation fuel -- by 2050. By comparison, some 82 million tons of biofuels are currently used annually in transport worldwide. The Secretariat's proposal would have led to an major expansion in biofuel production and would have accelerated the expansion of industrial palm oil. Although Airlines would like to see increased use of biofuel , such an expansion would lead to hundreds of millions of hectares of land being deforested or shifted from food to biofuel production. (Source:, Various Other Media, 18 Oct., 2017) Contact: ICAO,

First Floating Wind Farm Now Online Off Scotland (Int'l Report)
Statoil ,Masdar Abu Dhabi Future Energy
Date: 2017-10-23
Statoil and its partner Masdar Abu Dhabi Future Energy Co. are reporting construction of the 30MW "Hywind" pilot project, the world's first floating deep-ocean wind farm off the coast of Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. WHen fully opereational, the facility will generate sufficient power for about 20,000 households.

According to a Statoil statement, existing fixed turbines were only best for water depths of 20 to 50 meters. The new floating design is suitable for water depths of 100 meters or more where average wind speeds are often around 10 meters per second. (Source: Statoil, Inquirer, 22 Oct., 2017) Contact: Masdar Abu Dhabi Future Energy,; Statoil, Irene Rummelhoff, Exec VP New Energy Ventures, Stephen Bull, Snr, VP, Offshore Wind, Leif Delp, Hywind Project Dir., +47 51 99 00 00,

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Center for Low-Cost Biofuels, Biochemicals Funded (R&D Funding)

Date: 2017-10-23
Northwestern-led center receives $12 million grant from US Department of Energy Northwestern Engineering will lead a new center dedicated to accelerating the production of sustainable, low-cost bio-fuels and chemicals. Called Northwestern University is reporting the multi-institutional Clostridia Foundry for Biosystems Design is being awarded a five-year, $12 million grant from the US Department of Energy. The center's researchers from Northwestern, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), and waste-gas-to-fuel clean-energy specialist LanzaTech, will focus on clostridia, a bacterium that metabolizes carbon to produce fuel.

The center's work will identify the enzymes and computationally predict biosynthetic pathways within clostridia that are necessary to produce biofuels, develop a technology platform for accelerating testing and pinpoint which iterations produce the highest yields, then demonstrate a Biosystems design approach to engineer clostridia for improved production of next-generation biofuels and bioproducts. (Source: Northwestern University Center for Synthetic Biology, Oct., 2017) Contact: Northwestern Center for Synthetic Biology,; LanzaTech, Dr. Jennifer Holmgren, CEO, (630) 439-3050,,; ORNL Center for Bioenergy Innovation, (865) 576-8141,

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CEMEX Wins SCE Energy Efficiency Award (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-10-23
CEMEX reports it received the Southern California Edison (SCE) 2017 Energy Efficiency Award Friday for its commitment to conserving energy and land stewardship at its Victorville Cement Plant. which has served the California High Desert community for more than 100 years.

In May, the CEMEX Victorville Cement Plant was one of four CEMEX cement plants to achieve U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Certification for 2017. Other CEMEX operations in Southern California have recently been recognized for their commitment to energy conservation. Terminals located in La Mirada and San Diego, Calif., also achieved the ENERGY STAR Challenge for Industry for reducing their energy consumption by more than 10 percent. (Source: CEMEX, PR, 18 Oct., 2017) Contact: CEMEX USA Ignacio Madridejos, Pres., Matt Wild, VP Logistics, Megan Lawrence, (713) 722-1799,; ENERGY STAR,

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Aemetis Expanding Cellulosic Ethanol Capacity in Cal. (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-10-20
Cupertino, California-based advanced renewable fuels and biochemicals specialist Aemetis, Inc. reports its subsidiary Aemetis Advanced Products in Keyes, California has inked a 55 year lease at a former US Army munitions facility located in Riverbank, California which is near the existing Aemetis biofuels plant in Keyes, California.

The lease provides for the construction of a cellulosic ethanol biorefinery using patented and proprietary process technologies developed by Aemetis, Lanzatech, and InEnTec to convert waste orchard wood and nutshells which are presently burned,into low carbon cellulosic ethanol. Aemetis plans to produce more than 10 million gpy of cellulosic ethanol annually to help meet cellulosic ethanol production requirements under the federal Renewable Fuel Standard and the increasing demand for low carbon biofuels under California's Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The current market price of cellulosic ethanol sold in California is estimated to be more than $4.50 per gallon, approximately $3.00 per gallon more than conventional ethanol.

The existing Aemetis biorefinery in Keyes, California produces more than 60 million gpy of ethanol. The company plans to construct multiple phases of cellulosic ethanol production and add more than 40 million gpy of cellulosic ethanol capacity at its Riverbank, CA site. (Source: : Aemetis, Inc. ,, Oct. 18, 2017) Contact: Aemetis, Satya Chillara, (408) 213-0939,,

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Novomer to Open New Innovation Center in Rochester (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-10-20
Boston-headquartered sustainable chemicals specialist Novomer Inc. is reporting plans to open the Novomer Innovation Center in Rochester, N.Y. to meet the growing demands of the company's bio-based chemicals business. The new facility will house technology research, product development activities, and a COEth™ Process demonstration unit. All equipment, production assets, and employees will be transferred from the existing product development and pilot operations location to the new 26,000 sq ft facility.

Novomer Inc. is commercializing a family of high-performance, cost-effective, environmentally responsible polymers and chemicals based on proprietary catalyst technology. Novomer's synthetic chemistry technology allows bio-based feedstocks such as ethanol to be combined with carbon monoxide to produce chemicals and performance materials for various industrial applications. (Source: Novomer, 18 Oct., 2017) Contact: Novomer, Jim Mahoney, CEO, (781) 419-9860,

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EPA's Pruitt Folds on Ethanol Quota Changes (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-10-20
According to Bloomberg, the White House has yielded to political pressure and instructed EPA head Scott Pruitt to back away from two changes regarding ethanol quotas -- a possible reduction in biodiesel requirements and a proposal to allow exported renewable fuel to count toward domestic quotas.

reportedly said "The administration essentially had no choice but to relent because Iowa senators were threatening to hold nominees hostage until they got their way," Stephen Brown, Head of federal affairs for petroleum refining company Andeaver, reportedly said. According to Iowa senator Chuck Grassley (R), was a matter of the president keeping his campaign promise. (Source: Bloomberg, Various Media, AXIOS, 19 Oct., 2017)

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EBRD Ups Egyptian, Serbian Wind, Solar Investments (Int'l)
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
Date: 2017-10-20
In London, the UK-headquartered European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) reports it is financing more than 1 GW of new renewables capacity in 2017. To date, the Bank has invested more than €4 billion directly in renewable energy, supporting projects in over 20 countries and funding more than 6.5 GW of capacity.

In this new announcement, the EBRD is financing 16 new solar power plants totaling 750 MW in Egypt including the 1.8 GW Benban solar site -- the largest solar installation on the African continent. The EBRD has also financed two recently completed Serbian wind projects totaling 300 MW.

EBRD investments over the last decade have focused increasingly on sustainable energy in support of climate finance. The EBRD is well on the way to meeting commitments made in the run up to the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement of dedicating 40 pct of its total annual investments to green finance by 2020, the Bank says. (Source: EBRD, New Europe Online/KG, 18 Oct., 2017) Contact: EBRD, +44 (0) 207 338 6000,

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Tetra Tech Wins USAID Central Asian Clean Energy Contract (Int'l)
Tetra Tech,ASAID
Date: 2017-10-20
Pasadena, California-based Tetra Tech reports has been awarded a $24 million "indefinite delivery indefinite quantity" contract by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to help the governments of Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan accelerate the development and deployment of clean energy across the region.

Under the four-year contract Tetra Tech will provide technical services, including conducting pilot studies for the scaling up of renewable energy projects, developing innovative approaches to increase the integration of sustainable energy grid connections, and developing regulations to promote increased investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

The USAID initiative aims to support the transition to low emission, climate resilient economies and boost each nations' ability to meet, track and develop more ambitious commitments to greenhouse gas emissions reductions. (Source: TetraTech, PR, USAID, 18 Oct., 2017) Contact: TetraTech, Dan Batrack, CEO, (626) 351-4664,,; USAID,

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LED Lighting Major Factor in NW Region Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
Northwest Power and Conservation Council.
Date: 2017-10-20
In its annual survey of the region's public and investor-owned utilities, the Northwest Power and Conservation Council found that the region's utilities spent $475 million on efficiency improvements in 2016, 64 pct of it by investor-owned utilities.

Most of the region's energy savings, 44 pct, was in residences; 33 pct was in commercial buildings; and 20 pct in industrial buildings. Agricultural efficiency improvements contributed 3 percent to the total, and there were smaller amounts in low-income housing and utility system efficiency improvements. Of the total residential and commercial savings, 65 pct, came from improved lighting efficiency, predominantly LEDs.

The 2016 total included 222 average megawatts in savings through utility efficiency programs and 53 average megawatts in savings through programs and projects of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), which works to bring energy-savings technologies, energy-efficient lights and appliances to the marketplace.

Savings from investor-owned utilities and the Energy Trust of Oregon accounted for half of the region's energy savings. Publicly owned utilities contributed 25 pct of the total, and NEEA contributed 19 pct. (Source: Northwest Power and Conservation Council, KZTV, 17 Oct., 2017] Contact: Northwest Power and Conservation Council,; Energy Trust of Oregon, (503)493-8888,‎

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Arizon Univ Funded for Biofuels, Bioproducts R&D (Funding, R&D)
University of Arizona, Institute for Energy Solutions
Date: 2017-10-20
In Tuscon, the University of Arizona Institute for Energy Solutions reports receipt of up to $15 million over 5 years in grant funding from the USADA National Institute of Food and Agriculture to lead a new center focusing on the mass production of biofuels and bioproducts in the U.S. Southwest.

The center will research guayule and guar, perennial desert shrubs that produce natural rubber and organic resins, as potential feedstocks for developing biofuel and high-value bioproducts such as rubber, polysaccharide and resin. Bridgestone Americas, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, New Mexico State University and the USDA Agricultural Research Servic are partnering in the research project. (Source: University of Arizona Research, Discovery and Innovation, Oct. 16, 2017) Contact: University of Arizona, Institute for Energy Solutions, Kimberly Ogden, Dir., (520) 621-2211,

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NYC Greener, Greater Buildings Plan Cuts Emissions 14 pct (Ind. Report)
New York City
Date: 2017-10-20
In the Big Apple, the mayor's Greener, Greater Buildings Plan has found that the energy consumption of 4,200 of Manhattan's largest buildings fell by 10 pct reduced carbon emissions by 14 pct and energy use by 10 pct between 2010 and 2015 and carbon emissions dropped by 14 pct during the same period.

In addition to the Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, in 2014 De Blasio launched the 80X50 Initiative that would remove 10 million metric tons of carbon dioxide from the city by 2030. (Source: City of New York, Office of Mayor Bill de Blasio, Various Media, 19 Oct., 2017) Contact: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio,

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Maryland Offers $3.5Mn Animal Waste-to-Energy Funding (Funding)
Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program
Date: 2017-10-18
In Baltimore, the Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program reports issued a $3,500,000 funding opportunity for pilot projects that use animal waste to generate electric power. The funding is intended for on-farm projects 2 MW or less and community or regional scale projects of greater than 2 MW capacity.

Qualifying projects must use animal waste, through any proven process, to generate electricity, reduce the volume of animal waste, and address the use of the byproduct.

The AWE Grant Program is open to all businesses, government agencies, and non-profits in Maryland. Applications are due by February 28, 2018. (Source: Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program, Bergeson & Campbell, Various Media, 13 Oct., 2017) Contact: Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) Animal Waste to Energy Grant Program, (410) 537-4000,

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CDP Report Takes Chemical Giants to Task on CO2 Emissions (Intl)
Date: 2017-10-18
Despite making progress on climate risks, the chemical industry is failing to meet the goals outlined by the Paris Agreement, says a new report by CDP. Catalyst for Change analyses 22 of the largest global chemical companies -- including AkzoNobel, DuPont, BASF and Dow Chemical -- with a total market capitalization of $650 billion and responsible for a quarter of all emissions of the sector at 276 million metric tpy of CO2 emissions. According to the report, rapid process innovations will be required in order for chemical companies to have any chance of aligning with the below 2-degree goal set out by the Paris agreement.

The chemical sector is responsible for an eighth of global industrial CO2 emissions. Despite the industry's ability to innovate on low carbon, it will struggle to fully de-carbonize if it doesn't make rapid and significant changes to its own highly polluting processes, the CDP report claims. The CDP report notes that the sector is still providing climate change solutions on the product side and is profiting from the low carbon transition, with around 20 pct of revenues coming from these products. representing close to $83 billion in revenues.

Download an executive summary of the CDP Catalyst for Change report HERE. (Source: CDP. Sustainable Brands,, 9 Oct., 2017) Contact: CDP, Paul Simpson, CEO, +44 (0) 20 3818 3946,

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Biofuels Cut Uruguayan C02 Emissions by 7 pct (Int'l)
Date: 2017-10-18
In Montevideo, a Uruguayan government commissioned study by Uruguayan sugar bioethanol and biodiesel producer Alcoholes de Uruguay (ALUR) reports Uruguay has achieved a 7 pct pct annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through the increased use of biofuels in the transportation sector.

ALUR's research suggests the use of biodiesel as a substitute for oil based diesel cuts greenhouse gas emissions by 70 pct and bioethanol reduces emissions by 66 pct.

According to the government statement, the results show that Uruguay is on target to meet its Paris Climate Agreement commitment of a 15 pct reduction in the consumption of petroleum-derived fuels in transport. (Source: ALUR, Biofuels Int'l, Various Media , Oct., 2017) Contact: Alcoholes de Uruguay, Dario Rodriguez, R&D, (598) 2309 02 42 / 46 int. 2000,

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Biodiesel Board Responds to EPA's Proposed RFS Cuts (Ind. Report)
National Biodiesel Board
Date: 2017-10-18
"The EPA's proposal earlier this summer was inadequate, underestimating the power of domestic biodiesel production and ignoring the intent of the law. This additional request for comment is even more disappointing. It is critical that our members, champions in Congress and stakeholders again demonstrate to EPA the industry's proven success record and capacity for continued growth. There will be serious impacts to the tens of thousands of American biodiesel workers who were promised that this administration had their back.

"What's most frustrating is it appears that EPA has not bothered to look at the facts we've put before them in our formal comments on the original proposal for the RFS -- facts that support higher volumes of biodiesel and other advanced biofuels. This is not the first year the biodiesel industry has been without the tax credit, or the first year there's been uncertainty in the biodiesel industry. But every year we have prevailed, providing volumes above and beyond the requirements," NBB CEO Donnell Rehagen said. (Source: National Biodiesel Board , October 16, 2017)Contact: NBB, Donnell Rehagen, CEO, (800) 841-5849,

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EPA Approves The Andersons Marathon Ethanol Efficient Producer Pathway (Reg & Leg)
The Andersons
Date: 2017-10-18
The U.S. EPA has approved an efficient producer pathway for The Andersons Marathon Ethanol LLC, allowing the 110 million mgpy Greenville, Ohio facility to generate renewable identification numbers (RINs) under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS)for non-grandfathered volumes of ethanol.

To qualify for compliance with the RFS program, any new production above the grandfathered gallons must meet a 20 pct greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction threshold when compared to the program's gasoline baseline. The efficient producer pathway petition process is designed to aid ethanol plants in gaining pathway approval for expanded production above those grandfathered volumes.

According to documents published by the EPA, The Andersons Marathon Ethanol plant achieves a greenhouse gas reduction of 22.5 percent when compared to baseline gasoline. A typical natural gas-fired dry mill ethanol plant that produces 100 percent dry distillers grains achieves a 16.8 percent GHG reduction when compared to the gasoline baseline. (Source: EPA, Ethanol Producer, Various Media, 13 Oct. 2017)Contact: The Andersons Inc, (419) 893-5050,,

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The Clean Growth Strategy -- Leading the way to a Low Carbon Future -- U.K.'s Clean Energy Strategy Attached (Int'l Report)
Climate Change,Low-Carbon Energy
Date: 2017-10-18
In LOndon, the UK government's just-published Clean Energy Strategy which supposedly leads the way to the low-carbon future that the 2008 Climate Change Act calls for, is being widely criticized as the "same old, shop-worn green remedies -- smart meters, smart grids, EVs, hydrogen, bioenergy, carbon capture and storage, etc. -- dressed up as new solutions at an estimated cost of £20 billion over the next few years.

Down load The Clean Growth Strategy -- Leading the way to a Low Carbon Future HERE. (Source: UK Gov., Seeking Alpha, Various Other Media, 16 Oct., 2017)

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Verdigris APIs to Manage Smart Building Energy (New Prod & Tech)
Date: 2017-10-18
Verdigris, a company that provides an AI-powered energy management and IoT platform for commercial facilities, has announced the launch of a new set of APIs to power smart buildings. The APIs allow customers to integrate Verdigris data with applications to gain insights about energy consumption, forecast electrical demand, and other meaningful energy-related insights.

Verdigris is an end-to-end energy management solution for commercial facilities that combines hardware, software, and AI to deliver data and analytics about building operations. The platform includes hardware consisting of 42 non-intrusive, snap-on current transducers (CT) in a daisy chain connected to a hardware bud. The hardware connects to a cloud-based analytics tool through 4G or Wi-Fi.

The Verdigris API, which enables third-party applications and systems to retrieve collected data, can be used by developers to create a dashboard that shows energy usage, power quality, and equipment health in real time. The initial set of APIs includes an Energy API to access energy consumption data (increments are minutes, quarter hourly, hourly, and daily), a Forecasting API to forecast building electrical demand based on historical data, and a Disaggregation API to track device-level energy usage from a single circuit. The company plans on releasing additional APIs in Q4 including a Voltage API, a Power Factor API, and a Power Quality API. (Source: Verdigris, Programable Web, 16 Oct., 2017) Contact: Verdigris, Mark Chung, CEO,

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Renters, Landlord Energy Efficiency Incentives Available in Middletown, Conn. (Ind. Report)
Date: 2017-10-18
In Connecticut, Comfortable, Healthy, Energy Efficient and Renewable Middletown (CHEER) -- a collaboration between the city of Middletown's Clean Energy Task Force, North End Action Team, Home Energy Services (HES), New England Conservation Services (NCS), Sunlight Solar and others is aiming to help both landlords and renters increase energy efficiency, take advantage of lower cost renewal energy and lessen the city's dependence on fossil fuels. Eligibility is based on household incomes under 60 pct of the state median income based on family size.

The primary partner for the CHEER initiative is Woodbridge-based New England Conservation Services, (NECS) which conducts energy audits and helps connect owners and renters. NECS partners with HES, which offers energy efficiency funding from the state and performs energy efficiency assessments and other related core services. (Source: City of Middletown, New England Conservation Services, Middletown Press, 16 Oct., 2017) Contact: City of Middletown,; New England Conservation Services, www.; SunLight Solar,

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Energy Emissions Expected to Fall in 2017, Increase in 2018, says EIA (Ind. Report)
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Date: 2017-10-18
The U.S. Energy Information Administration's (EIA) Short-Term Energy Outlook forecasts is predicting a drop in energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for 2017 but a 2.2 pct bump in 2018. By the end of 2017, annual heating degree days are predicted to be higher than in 2016 and cooling degree days are expected to be lower. Heating and cooling degree days generally show a return to normal temperatures based on the average of the previous 10 years. Because of this, EIA predicts that in 2018, both heating and cooling demand will increase, by 7.5 pct and 2.4 pct, respectively.

In 2018, energy-related CO2 emissions are projected to increase for all three fossil fuels, petroleum, natural gas and coal, totaling 111 million metric tons of additional CO2 emissions.

The EIA expects electric power generation from coal- and natural gas-fired sources to rise by a combined 97 billion kWh. The agency also predicts CO2 emissions from coal to increase by 28 million metric tons and that CO2 emissions from natural gas will increase by 29 million metric tons, which combined makes up 52 pct of the forecasted increased in energy-related emissions for 2018. (Source; EIA, Other, Oct., 2017)Contact: US EIA,

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Innogy Takes Control of Triton Knoll Offshore (Int'l, M&A)
Statkraft, Innogy
Date: 2017-10-16
Frankfort Germany-headquartered RWE Innogy, Germany's largest energy group, reports it is now the sole owner of the £2 billion ($2.64 billion) UK Triton Knoll offshore wind farm project. Innogy purchased Norwegian state-owned Statkraft's 50 pct stake in the project for undisclosed terms.

The 860 megawatts capacity Triton Knoll is due to go live in 2021 and is expected to generate sufficient electric power for 800,000 UK households. (Source: Innogy, Economic Times, 12 Oct., 2017) Contact: Statkraft, Christian Rynning-Toennesen, CEO, +47 24 06 70 00,; RWE Innogy, Peter Terium, CEO, +49 (0) 201 122 2088,

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E.ON Acquires b.ventus Stake (Ind. Report, M&A)
Date: 2017-10-16
E.ON has bought a stake in b.ventus, a German start-up offering a single-source solution for wind power generation for business customers. b.ventus manufactures a wind turbine with a hub height of 30 meters and can be installed quickly, does not require a lengthy permitting process, and can be integrated with existing embedded generation facilities, such as a cogeneration unit or solar array. E.ON made the investment as part of its accelerator and incubator to support energy-related start-ups.

b.ventus handles everything from installation to operations, maintain and, if necessary, repair. According to E.ON, a customer's average ROI is about six years. (Source: E.ON, PR, 12 Oct., 2017) Contact: E.ON, b.ventus,; b.ventus,

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SDTC Invests $5.4Mn in Ultra-Thin Solar Cells (Ind. Report)
Metamaterial Technologies
Date: 2017-10-16
In Atlantic Canada, the Canadian federal government's Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) agency is reporting approximately $5.4 million in funding to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia-based Metamaterial Technologies for research aimed at developing a potentially revolutionary technology for powering vehicles using ultra-thin solar cells. The SDTC investment is part of a $17.9 million effort to commercialize the product.

The cleantech firm claims its patented new metaSOLAR cells are 70 pct thinner than those presently available and can collect and utilize light from all directions and perform at a higher efficiency than competing products. (Source: SDTC, Metamaterial Technologies, CleanTech Canada, 13 Oct., 2017) Contact: Metamaterial Technologies, George Palikaras,CEO, (902) 482-5729,; Sustainable Development Technology Canada,

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World Bank to Report Aggregate GHG Emission Starting 2018 (Int'l)
World Bank
Date: 2017-10-16
The World Bank reports it will start reporting the net global greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) from all of its projects beginning in 2018. Until now, the bank only tracked emissions on a project-by-project basis and the data was said to be often difficult to find. Many other multilateral development banks -- including the Asian Development Bank -- already publish their net carbon emissions.

Beginning in 2018, the World Bank will report in its Corporate Scorecard aggregate GHG emissions from its investment projects in key sectors, including $11 billion invested in renewable energy and $4.5 billion in energy efficiency in the past five years. The World Bank is also taking steps to measure its clients' exposure to coal, and was "evaluating options to work with these clients to move toward more renewable energy options." noting that in In 2018 the bank tripled its climate change commitments through financial institutions to $1.4 billion. (Source: World Bank, DEVEX, 14 October 2017) Contact: World Bank IFC,

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Aussie Airline Plans Biofuel Use on L.A. Routes (Int'l. Report)
Date: 2017-10-16
In the Land Down Under, the Australian airline Qantas reports it will begin using biofuel on its Los Angeles-based aircraft in 2020 and will purchase 8 million gallons of jet fuel during each of the next 10 years from U.S. fuel producer SG Preston. The fuel will be a 50 pct blend of traditional jet fuel and 50 pct fuel made from non-food plant oils. Qantas provides daily flights from Los Angeles to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

A carbon-offset agreement reached a year ago by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) calls for a worldwide reduction in commercial aviation emissions to 50 pct of 2005 levels by 2050. Airlines whose emissions rise above 2020 levels would have to purchase carbon-offset credits, under the ICAO agreement. (Source: Qantas, Travel Weekly, 15 Oct., 2017) Contact: Qantas, +61 02 9691 3636,; ICAO, +52 55 52 50 3211,,; SG Preston,

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Alaskan Seaweed Biofuel Feedstock Study Funded (Ind. Report, R&D)
US DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy
Date: 2017-10-16
US DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) reports it is in discussions with Kodiak College, part the University of Alaska and other interested and possible stakeholders to plan the first steps of a bi-coastal pilot project to modernize methods to grow sugar kelp -- seaweed -- as a biofuel feedstock. The project is bankrolled by a $500,000 grant to the University of Alaska/Fairbanks through a new DOE program called Macroalgae Research Inspiring Novel Energy Resources (MARINER). To date the agency has funded 18 projects to develop new tools for the production of macroalgae (seaweed) as fuel, chemical feedstock and animal feed.

According an ARPA/E release. "By further developing this untapped resource, the U.S. could eventually produce enough seaweed to handle as much as 10 percent of our demand for transportation fuel. The group estimates the U.S could produce at least 500 million dry metric tpy of macroalgae which could yield about 2.7 quadrillion thermal units of liquid fuel.

Kodiak College, in collaboration with the Alaska Fisheries Development Foundation, will investigate cost-effective ways to grow, harvest and transport large amounts of sugar kelp based on technologies applied in the fishing industry. (Source: DOE ARPA/E, SitNews, Oct., 2017) Contact: US DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy University of Alaska, Prof. Michael Stekoll, 796-6279,

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Netherlands Killing Coal by 2030 (Int'l Report)
Netherlands, Coal
Date: 2017-10-16
The new four-party coalition government of the Netherlands reports it plans to introduce a binding target to lower CO2 emissions by 2030 in order to put a floor beneath carbon prices. Meanwhile, coal-fired power plant will have to comply with recently revised pollution standards that will be implemented after 2021 and will include tougher limits for emissions of mercury, nitrogen dioxide, and sulfur dioxide.

According to the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), the proposed legislation is expected to be a blow for utilities Engie , RWE AG and Uniper SE (FRA:UN01), which brought 3 new coal-fired power plants on line in 2015. The Netherlands aims to source 14 pct of its energy mix from renewables by 2020 and reduce to 16 pct the share of emissions in non-Emissions Trading System (ETS) sectors from 2005 levels. (Source: Various Media, Renewables Now, Others, 12 Oct., 2017)

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ICAO Green Fuel called "Palm Oil Trojan Horse" (Int'l Report)
ICAO ,Air Transport Action Group
Date: 2017-10-16
In a joint letter to ICAO Airline industry representatives have strongly rejected suggestions put forward this week by a group of environmental NGOs that the planned widespread use of alternative aviation fuels would rely on palm oil and result in more deforestation.

According to the Air Transport Action Group (ATAG) , the aviation industry envisions that 2 pct of all international jet fuel will come from sustainable sources by 2025. However, for the industry to meet its goal of halving carbon dioxide emissions by 2050 compared to 2005, much wider deployment of biofuels will be essential. Although five alternative jet fuel pathways from a range of feedstocks have been approved for use in aviation, with more waiting in the wings, the NGOs behind the letter to ICAO believe that only fuels derived from vegetable oils can be scaled up sufficiently.

According to bioenergy campaign group Biofuelwatch, any large-scale use of aviation biofuels made from hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO) would almost certainly rely on palm oil -- the cheapest type of vegetable oil available in large quantities, and is cheaper to refine to HVO than other types of vegetable oil. The group has described the airline industry's green fuel plans as "a Trojan horse for palm oil." (Source: ATAG, Runway Girl. 12 Oct., 2017) Contact: ATAG, ATAG executive director Michael Gill Sustainable Aviation Fuels User Group,; Air Transport Action Group,; ICAO, +52 55 52 50 3211,, [

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Paris Banning Internal Combustion Vehicles from 2030 (Int'l)

Date: 2017-10-16
It is being widely reported that the City of Lights will ban diesels and other fossil fuel internal combustion cars by 2030 -- the first major European city to make such a dramatic move in the fight against climate change.

Paris already has plans to ban diesel cars by 2024. Accounting for more than 40 pct of the total market, diesel cars have been pointed out as a major source of pollutants and NOx emissions. Since the recent VW "diesel-gate" vehicle emissions scandal, diesel cars have been carefully scrutinized and found to be polluting several dozen times more than allowed. Paris also plans to promote public transport and make Paris 100 pct CO2-neutral by 2050. (Source: Various Media, DriveMag, 12 Oct., 2017)

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Athena Sustainable Materials Inst. Celebrates Green Building Leadership (Ind. Report)
Athena Sustainable Materials Institute
Date: 2017-10-16
The Ottawa, Ontario-headquartered not-for-profit Athena Sustainable Materials Institute and its US affiliate in Pennsylvania, is touting 20 years of Green Building a leading pioneer in the Green Building and sustainability metrics leadership and significant industry impact:
  • The Athena Institute started a revolution in green building design with its free tools for true cradle-to-grave environmental impact measurement of new construction;

  • As pioneers of life cycle assessment (LCA) for the built environment, the Athena Institute is transforming tactics and accountability in green design;

  • Thousands of design professionals, sustainability consultants and students are using the Athena Impact Estimator for buildings – the first, most comprehensive, and the only free LCA tool for the North American design and construction sector;

  • Countless building and roadway projects can claim quantified environmental impact reductions thanks to the data and tools provided to the public by the Athena Institute.

  • Two decades of work at the Athena Institute enables the LCA incentives and embodied carbon calculations in green building programs like LEED v4, the Living Building Challenge, the International Green Construction Code, and the Canada Green Building Council's Zero Carbon Building Standard.

  • Twenty years of Athena Institute collaboration with the manufacturing sector has spurred sustainability leadership by the makers of construction materials. For example, Portland-limestone cement, a reduced-carbon version of cement, is gaining acceptance and clearing regulatory hurdles thanks to LCA performance data from the Athena Institute. (Source: Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, PR, 16 Oct., 2017) Contact: Athena Sustainable Materials Inst.,

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  • Ameren Ill. Expands Energy Efficiency Plan Savings (Ind. Report)
    Ameren Illinois
    Date: 2017-10-16
    Ameren Illinois recently filed an amendment to its energy efficiency plan under the Future Energy Jobs Act (FEJA), which commits the company to an additional average annual savings of 12,043 megawatt-hours (MWhs) over four years. The amendment seeks to expand Ameren's efficiency programs to more moderate- and low-income customers and create local, sustainable jobs.

    The Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approved Ameren Illinois' energy efficiency plan in September but directed the company to change and amend the plan in accordance with the final order in the case.

    Ameren's energy efficient plan includes $114 million in annual investments for the next four years in electric and gas efficiency programs. It aims to achieve nearly 9 pct, or 2,502,368 MWhs, in cumulative persisting energy savings by the end of 2021 and includes a goal of 16 pct cumulative persisting savings achieved by 2030. The plan will go into effect in Jan., 2018. (Source: Ameren Illinois, PR, 16 Oct., 2017) Contact: Ameren Illinois,

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    Hanover Co-op Lauded for Refrigerant Emissions Cuts (Ind. Report)
    GreenChill Partnership, Hanover Co-op Food Stores
    Date: 2017-10-13
    In New Hampshire, Hanover Co-op Food Stores have been recognized by the EPA's GreenChill Partnership for its work on reducing refrigerant emissions. Among the program's 10,800 U.S. GreenChill Partnership grocery store members, the Hanover Co-op has recorded the greatest improved emissions since joining the partnership -- 82.9 pct reduction since 2011 -- as well as the most improved emission rate from the previous year -- 77.4 pct reduction from 2015 to 2016.

    According to the EPA, an average grocery store can leak up to 1,000 pounds per year of refrigerant gas into the atmosphere, contributing to pollution and ozone depletion. (Source: EPA, Valley News, 8 Oct., 2017)Contact: Hanover Co-op Food Stores, (603) 643-2667; EPA GreenChill Partnership,

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    Ubiquity Energy, EFAF Partner on Philippines Solar Projects (Int'l)
    Ubiquity Energy
    Date: 2017-10-13
    Davao City, Philippines-based international solar panel and solar roofing tile distributor Ubiquity Energy reports it is partnering with EFAF to bring innovative solar solutions to under-served areas of the Philippines. The partnership's first project is slated tp get underway this month.

    EFAF will install and maintain residential, commercial and municipal solar projects throughout the Philippines and will offer a wide range of Ubiquity Energy products including solar cell phone/laptop chargers, portable solar chargers for outdoor use, LIFI bulbs, Solar Air Conditioning/Central Air and others. (Source: Ubiquity Energy, MENAFN, 11 Oct., 2017) Contact: Ubiquity Energy, Michael Tabudlong, +63-917-716-3438,; EFAF,

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    Climeworks, Reykjavik Energy Partner on Icelandic CCS (Int'l)
    Climeworks ,Reykjavik Energy
    Date: 2017-10-13
    Following up on our June 9th coverage, ETH Zurich University spin-off company Climeworks, in collaboration with Reykjavik Energy is touting CarbFix2, a trial project to combine direct air capture (DAC) of CO2 with permanent geological storage. The CarbFix2 project is at Hellisheidi is centrred around one of the worlds largest geothermal power plants.

    The first stage in the process sees CO2 captured from ambient air using Climeworks' DAC technology, which involves a patented filter that binds the CO2 with the moisture in the air. Next, low-grade heat from the geothermal plant is used to release pure C02 which is sequestered 700 meters underground where it reacts with basaltic bedrock and forms solid minerals, creating a permanent storage solution.

    Climeworks opened the world's first commercial DAC plant at Hinwil, Switzerland, earler this year. Although that facility's carbon capture capacity is only 900 tpy and Carbfix will sequester only 50 tpy, Climeworks believes the technology can be scaled up. (Source: Climeworks, The Engineer, 12 Oct., 2017) Contact: Climeworks, Christoph Gebald, CEO, +41 44 533 2999,; Reykjavik Energy Edda Sif Aradottir, CarbFix project leader ,

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    Australia's Sapphire Wind Farm Receives First Blades (Int'l)
    Sapphire Wind Farm,CWP Asset Management
    Date: 2017-10-13
    In Australia, the first 62 meter long Chinese manufactured wind turbine blades for the Sapphire Wind Farm between Glen Innes and Inverell,New South Wales, are reported to have arrived by truck from the Port of Newcastle.

    According to CWP Asset Management, the company behind the Sapphire Wind Farm, foundations for 63 of the 75 turbines have been laid and access roads completed. The project's first turbine is expected to be erected by the end of the month. (Source: CWP Asset Management, Glen Innes Examiner, 10 Oct., 2017) Contact: CWP Asset Management, Andrew Houston, Project Manager, +61 (0)2 4013,,,

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    €5Mn Loan Supports Serbian Energy Efficient Housing (Int'l Report
    Green for Growth Fund ,European Investment Bank
    Date: 2017-10-13
    The Green for Growth Fund (GGF) reports it has extended a €5 million ($5.9 million) long-term loan to Belgrade, Serbia's Halkbank a.d. Beograd -- the former Cacanska Banka -- to support energy-efficient housing in the country. Cacanska Banka was one of the first Serbian banks to offer dedicated energy efficiency financing and became a GGF partner in 2011. The GGF is also providing technical assistance and training on energy efficiency, energy monitoring and activities that increase public awareness of energy-efficient housing.

    The GGF was initiated as a public-private partnership in December 2009 by German Development Bank KfW and the European Investment Bank (EIB). It invests in measures designed to cut energy use and CO2 emissions by a minimum of 20 pct in the 19 countries which it covers. (Source: European Investment Bank, Green for Growth Fund, SeeNews, 12 Oct., 2017) Contact: European Investment Bank,; Green for Growth Fund,

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    MST Researchers Tout Modular Biodiesel Facility {New Prod & Tech)
    Missouri University of Science and Technology
    Date: 2017-10-13
    At Missouri University of Science and Technology, professor Joseph Smith and his colleagues have developed a small, modular biodiesel production facility that they claim could make small-scale biodiesel production feasible for small communities.

    According to Smith, waste cooking oil recycling produces glycerol which, when mixed with salt and water, is relatively unused. Smith explains that their process eliminates salt production and the excess glycerol and water mixture can be fermented to methanol for biodiesel. (Source: Missouri University of Science and Technology, International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications, 10 Oct., 2017) Contact: Missouri University of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr. Joseph Smith, (573)341-4294,,

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    Methane-to-Liquid Fuel Process Developed at Liverpool Univ. (Int'l)
    University of Liverpool
    Date: 2017-10-13
    In the UK, University of Liverpool researchers are reporting the development of a plasma synthesis process for the direct, one-step conversion of carbon dioxide and methane into methanol, ethanol and other high value fuels and chemicals.

    The conversion process uses a unique atmospheric-pressure, non-thermal plasma reactor with a water electrode and a low energy input. The process could be used to convert flared methane from gas in oil and gas wells into valuable liquid fuels and chemicals, which can be easily stored and transported. (Source: University of Liverpool, Biofuels News, Others, Oct., 2017)Contact: University of Liverpool, 011 +44 (0) 151 794 2000,

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    "Subsidies Give Renewables an Unfair Edge", says Pruitt (Opinions, Editorials and Asides)
    Renewable Energy
    Date: 2017-10-13
    "I would do away with these incentives that we give to wind and solar. I'd let them stand on their own and compete against coal and natural gas and other sources (oil), and let utilities make real-time market decisions on those types of things as opposed to being propped up by tax incentives and other types of credits that occur, both in the federal level and state level," said EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaking at a recent Kentucky Farm Bureau event.

    Editor's Note In broad strokes, it may be worth noting that fossil fuels -- coal, natural gas and oil -- receive approximately $7.40 for every $1.00 in subsidies paid to the renewables -- wind,solar, bioenergy -- sector, according to the U.S Office of Management and Budget. So where's the unfair edge? (Source: Scott Pruitt, Various Media, ZME Science, 10 Oct., 2017)

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    E.On Completes EFR Battery Energy Storage Project (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-10-13
    E.On is confirming completion of an Enhanced Frequency Response (EFR) project following the installation and connection of its 10MW battery at the Blackburn Meadows Biomass Plant last month in Yorkshire, the UK.

    The project will offer sub-second responses to keep the national grid stable, maintain a safe frequency and make more efficient use of renewable energy resources. The Blackburn Meadows batteries will also be used to bid into the capacity market.(Source: E.ON, 9 Oct., 2017) Contact: E.ON, David Topping, +49 2 11 45 79 4170,; BlackburnMeadows Biomass,

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    priMED Centre Scores CaGBC LEED Platinum (Ind. Report)
    priMED Medical Products,CaGBC
    Date: 2017-10-13
    Edmonton, Alberta-headquartered global medical product manufacturer, priMED Medical Products, Inc. (priMED) reports it has been awarded Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum Certification for the priMED Mosaic Centre -- the northernmost net-zero energy commercial building in the world.

    In addition to its water efficiency, material selection and innovative design, the priMED Mosaic Centre includes: multi-media conference rooms, "huddle" spaces, a 12 meter Living Wall, electric vehicle charging stations, an exterior garden and courtyard and other features. (Source: primed, Newswire, 10 Oct., 2017 Contact: priMED Medical Products, David Welsh, President and CEO, (780) 497-7600,; Canada Green Building Council Thomas Mueller, Pres., CEO, (613) 241-1184,

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    CO2 Solutions Announces NRG Carbon XPRIZE Partnerships (Ind. Report)
    CO2 Solutions,Hago Energetics
    Date: 2017-10-13
    Quebec City-based CO2 Solutions Inc. reports that Thousand Oaks, California-based Hago Energetics Inc. and India's Breathe Applied Sciences Pvt Ltd will separately partner with CO2 Solutions in the Carbon XPRIZE. These two new partnerships bring the total number of entries to six for CO2 Solutions in this competition, including CO2 Solutions own two entries converting CO2 into biofuels from respectively coal and natural gas flue gas streams.

    These combined entries will propose CO2 Solutions' carbon capture technology with the partner's CO2 utilization technology. Hago Energetics' technology converts CO2 from power plants into activated carbon, biochar and renewable fuels using energy from biomass. Breathe Applied Sciences' technology converts CO2 into methanol and other value added products. (Source: CO2 Solutions Inc., 10 Oct., 2017) Contact: Carbon XPRIZE,; CO2 Solutions, Jeremie Lavoie,(418)842-3456, ext. 223,,; Hago Energetics,

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    Geneva Airport, Neste Introducing Renewable Jet Fuel (Int'l)
    Date: 2017-10-11
    In Switzerland, the Geneva Airport reports that in collaboration with Finland-based Neste it will introduce renewable jet fuel for aircraft operations, targeting at least 1 pct of annual jet fuel consumption from late 2018.

    The project is the culmination of a 15-month partnership between Geneva Airport, Sir Richard Branson's Carbon War Room, and SkyNRG which developed an Airport Approach model to help airports play a more active role in accelerating the uptake of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). (Source: Geneva Airport, ATW, Oct. 2017)Contact: Carbon War Room,; Neste Corp, Sam Holmberg, VP Marketing & Services, +358 50 458 4078, Paul Paoletta, Neste Aviation Solutions, + 41 79 429 11 39,,; SkyNRG, Merel Laroy, +31 6 30833505,,

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    Austin-Bergstrom Earns Airport Carbon Accreditation (Ind. Report)
    Airport Carbon Accreditation
    Date: 2017-10-11
    In the Lone Star State, The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport reports it has joined the Airports Council International - North America (ACI-NA) Airport Carbon Accreditation program and has been recognized for its efforts to manage and reduce carbon (CO2) emissions. Presently 27 North American airports are recognized by ACI's international carbon accreditation program.

    To receive ACI's Level 1 accreditation the Austin airport: created and published an official environmental policy; calculated the carbon footprint for the airport developing a base year following ACI's methodology; and enlisted a third party to verify the calculations.

    Other carbon reduction initiatives include: using 100 percent Green Choice Energy – Wind power; cutting fossil fuels consumption and converting to electric vehicles; sing Green Seal products such as water based paints and cleaning products; developing recycling and waste management programs; and using energy efficient construction, renovation and engineering designs. Source: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport Oct 5, 2017) Contact: Austin-Bergstrom International Airport,; Airport Carbon Accreditation,

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    Zaluvida's "Mootral" Cuts Cattle Methane Emissions (New Prod & Tach)
    Date: 2017-10-11
    In the UK, researchers funded by the Swiss-led life science group Zaluvida, together with leading European universities have developed "Mootral", a fruit and vegetable-based cattle feed supplement that Zaluvida claims instantly reduces methane emissions from ruminants by at least 30 pct.

    By applying unique bio-active compounds in animal feed, Mootral reduces greenhouse gas emissions by the agricultural sector and enables increased revenues from climate-smart meat and dairy products. (Source: Zaluvida, PressWire, 5 Oct., 2017) Contact: Zaluvida, Christoph Staeuble, CEO,,; Mootral,

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    Moventas Consolidating in Texas (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-10-11
    In the Lone Star State, Big Spring's City Council has agreed to lease Building 9 at the McMahon-Wrinkle Airpark to Moventas, a Finnish company that repairs wind turbine gear boxes. The company is closing facilities elsewhere in the U.S and consolidating operations in Texas. (Source: City of Big Springs, Various Media, 10 Oct., 2017) Contact: Moventas, Arto Lahtela, CEO, +358 20 184 7000,,

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    FINTECC Finances Aversi Pharma Energy Efficiency Upgrades (Int'l)
    Aversi Pharma
    Date: 2017-10-11
    Aversi Pharma, a privately-held pharmaceutical company in the country of Georgia, is reporting receipt of $245,000 in financing from Finance and Technology Transfer Centre for Climate Change (FINTECC) for the installation of energy efficiency upgrades in its hospitals and clinics.

    Energy efficient upgrades include double-glazed windows, high-efficiency chillers and boilers as well as LED lighting and light control. The upgrades are expected to deliver 25 pct energy savings per year.

    FINTECC is part of a global drive towards climate technology transfer for developing countries and countries in transition. FINTECC helps companies in participating European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) countries implement energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency and materials efficiency measures and other climate technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to the company's website. (Source: Aversi Pharma, Energy Manager, 5 Oct. 2017) Contact: FINTECC,; Aversi Pharma,

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    Idaho Governor Honors Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2017-10-11
    In Boise, the Idaho Governor's Office of Energy and Mineral Resources reports Governor C.L. Otter has recognized nine organizations across the state for their implementation of energy efficiency measures and reducing their environmental impact.

    The 2017 State of Idaho Awards for Excellence in Industrial Energy Efficiency and Commercial Energy recognize Idaho organizations that are exceptional leaders in implementing energy efficiency at their facilities. Projects implemented by these nine recipients in 2016 would save enough energy to power more than 1,200 Idaho homes for a year, the news release said.

    Recipients of the Governor's recognition for energy efficiency leadership include: CTI Foods/SSI Foodservice Inc. of Wilder; Brigham Young University; J.R. Simplot Company of Pocatello; Agropur Inc. of Jerome; City of Idaho Falls Wastewater Division; City of Ketchum/Sun Valley Water and Sewer District; Boise Towne Square Mall; Boise State University Foundation, and Ada County Juvenile Probation Services. (Source: Standard Journal, 10 Oct., 2017)

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