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Phoenix Joins DC with LEED Cities Certification (Ind. Report)
Date: 2018-01-05
In August, 2017, the nations Capital became the first city to receive US Green Building Council LEED for Cities platinum certification. Washington was joined by Phoenix, Arizona in December.

The one year-old LEED for Cities program tracks changes in how a city is performing across 14 metrics including energy use, waste management, water, transport and even quality of life. It uses an online platform allowing cities to analyse and compare their progress, focusing on outcomes rather than pledges.

Between 2006 and 2013, Washington DC cut carbon emissions by almost a third, to 11.9 tonnes per capita. Water consumption fell by more than 13 pct in the past five years, and the city now recycles about half of its waste -- more than double New York City's rate. (Source: USGBC, Various Media, The Hindu, 3 Jan., 2018) Contact: USGBC LEED for Cities, (202) 552-1500,,

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NH Legislation Would Divert RGGI Funds (Reg & Leg)
Date: 2018-01-05
In Concorde, the New Hampshire legislature is considering HB 592 which would change the way money raised through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) auctions is allocated. If passed, the bill would re-divert profits from New Hampshire's (RGGI) back to ratepayers is drawing opposition from environmentalists, who say it would undercut investment in clean energy programs in the state.

Under RGGI, New Hampshire and nine other states take part in a market-based program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, The emissions are capped but companies can purchase allowances at state-run auctions, the proceeds from which can be spent as states see fit. New Hampshire uses 15 to 20 pct of the money to fund energy-efficient and energy efficiency projects as determined by the Public Utilities Commission.

House Bill 592, which would direct all money raised at RGGI auctions directly back to ratepayers and end investments in local and municipal clean energy initiatives, is being opposed by the League of Conservation Voters on the grounds that RGGI is intended to reduce carbon emissions in power plants.

Participating RGGI states include Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. To date, the RGGI auctions have raised $2.7 billion that is earmarked for clean-energy and energy efficiency programs. (Source: Various Media, Concord Monitor, 3 Jan., 2018) Contact: RGGI, (212) 417-3179,

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Empire State Unveils $200Mn Energy Storage Plan (Ind. Report)
Energy Storage
Date: 2018-01-05
Following up on our Dec. 8, 2017 coverage, New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo's 2018 State of the State address has re-committed the Empire State to invest $200 million from the New York Green Bank in energy-storage research and to deploy 1.5 GW of energy storage by 2025.

Cuomo claims the commitment to energy storage is the largest per-capita of any state. The investment follows passage of legislation in Albany in December that established an energy storage mandate that will be met by 2030. (Source: Office of Gov, Cuomo, Various Media, PV Mag, 3 Jan., 2018)Contact: Office of Gov. Andrew Cuomo,

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Notable Quotes from Former Aussie PM Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott
Date: 2018-01-05
"The science of human-caused climate change is 'CRAP." -- Tony Abbott, Sept., 2009

"I am confident, based on the science we have, that mankind does make a difference to climate, almost certainly the impact of humans on the planet extends to climate." -- Tony Abbott, May 27, 2010

"There are respectable arguments for an ETS but the one Labor (the then governing party) has in mind could easily be expensive and futile. I am wary of a system which creates new vested interests - which an ETS will do. I suspect that a straight carbon tax or charge could be more transparent and easier to change if conditions change or our understanding of the science changes." -- Tony Abbott, ,July 10, 2009

"We do not believe in artificially imposing a carbon price on consumers. There will be no carbon price on consumers under a (my)Coalition government." Tony Abbott, July 19, 2010

"Now, we do have policy out there. We've had it out there since February. It basically goes -- it involves going to the market and buying abatements through soil carbon, through tree planting, through businesses that are prepared to change their processes to less emitting ones. It will reduce our emissions by five percent by 2020, so we will achieve our targets. Now, that's our commitment. It's doable. It's deliverable." -- Tony Abbott,16 August, 2010

"Yeah, look, I never said it (climate change) was a myth. I once used some colourful language describing the so-called settled science of climate change but look, climate change is real, humanity does make a contribution to it and we've got to take effective action against it. I mean, that's my position and that's always been my position but I've never been in favour of a carbon tax or an emissions trading scheme." -- Tony Abbott, July, 2011

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Colorado School of Mines Funded for Algal Biofuel R&D (R&D, Funding)
Colorado School of Mines
Date: 2018-01-05
The Colorado School of Mines in Golden reports assistant professor of chemical and biological engineering Nanette Boyle will receive $616,000 from the US DOE over the next five years for her part in a project to create a genome-scale metabolic model of the algae -- Chromochloris zofingiensis which will be used to produce renewable biofuel.

In addition to Boyle's work, the team will collect data on a large scale to gain insight into genetic elements that control metabolic shifts responsible for lipid accumulation. This information will then be used to develop synthetic biology tools to enable fast and efficient engineering of the algae's cells. Boyle notes there are two main challenges in developing high-yielding algae strains. "First, our understanding of genetic regulation and cellular physiology lags behind other model organisms like E. coli and yeast." "Second, we don't have sophisticated genetic tools to introduce the desired changes."

The project, Systems analysis and engineering of biofuel production in Chromochloris zofingiensis, an emerging model green alga, is led the University of California, Berkeley,in cooperation with Brookhaven National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, UCLA, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The grant is administered by the Genomic Science Program in the Energy Department's Office of Biological and Environmental Research. (Source: Colorado School of Mines, PR, 3 Jan., 2018) Contact: Colorado School of Mines, Mark Ramirez, Communications and Marketing, (303) 273-3088,, Prof. Nanette Boyle, (303) 273-3720, (303) 273-3730 - fax,,

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Dhaka Approves Bioethanol Production, 5 pct Blending (Int'l)
Date: 2018-01-05
In Dhaka, The government of Bangladesh Energy and Mineral Resources Division reports it has approved the 5 pct blending of bioethanol and petroleum fuel. The initiative is intended to reduce the use of conventional fuel oil, cut carbon emission, and to mitigate environmental pollution .

In December, 2017, the Energy and Mineral Resources Division approved the establishment of bio-ethanol plants. The produced Bio-ethanol must be certified to have met required standards by the Department of Narcotics Control and supplied only to Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) nominated depots. (Source: Bangladesh Energy and Mineral Resources Division, Dhaka Tribune, 3 Jan., 2017) Energy and Mineral Resources Division,

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Former Aussie Prime Minister Still Opposes Carbon Tax (Int'l)
Australia Carbon Tax
Date: 2018-01-05
Australian parliamentarian and former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is perhaps best remembered for his politically incorrect comment "The science of human-caused climate change is CRAP", is reportedly "back on the warpath" in his crusade against low carbon energy and may well sink the current Labour Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's national energy guarantee policy. Abbott has declared he doesn't support plans for overseas carbon credits being made available to Australian businesses on the grounds that it is a carbon tax in sheep's clothing.

The national energy guarantee would involve energy retailers delivering a set level of ready-to-use power in each state to shore up reliability, while also being compelled to meet a lower emissions target. According to acting opposition leader Tanya Plibersek, major business and industry groups support reducing carbon pollution by trading in well-regulated markets.

Abbott was Australia's 28th Prime Minister serving from 18 Sept., 2013 to 15 Sept., 2015. (Source: DailyMail, Australia AP, Others, 2 Jan., 2018) Contact: Tony Abbott,

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China Touting World's Largest Carbon Market Plan (Int'l Report)
National Development and Reform Commission
Date: 2018-01-05
China, one of the world's major carbon dioxide emitters, is unveiling the world's largest carbon market encompassing more than 1,700 companies in the power sector accounting for over 3 billion metric tons of emissions in total, according to the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC).

The market aims to do a cap-and-trade system where companies with larger emissions purchase allocations from companies who emit less. Any company that reaches 26,000 tons of carbon in a year-to-year basis is automatically included in the market. This threshold might be lowered in the future, according to the NDRC.

China aims to cap its emissions by 2030 and greatly reduce its dependence on fossil fuel with the goal of generating 20 pct of their energy from eind, solar and other low-carbon sources, according to the NDRC. (Source: National Development and Reform Commission, BNEF, GineersNow, 4 Jan., 2018) Contact: China National Development and Reform Commission,

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Kontrol Acquiring Energy Analytic Specialist (M&A)
Kontrol Energy,The Target
Date: 2018-01-05
Vaughn, Ontario-based energy efficiency solutions and technology provider Kontrol Energy Corporation reports it has entered into a letter of intent to acquire energy analytics and management software specialist, The Target. The transaction will be structured as an asset purchase valued at $1 million, subject to closing adjustments.

The Target provides real-time operational monitoring and analytics with cloud-based solutions and detailed asset management analytics. The company's technology is currently installed in more than 120 buildings spanning over 12 million square-feet.

Kontrol Energy Corp. is a leader in energy efficiency solutions and technology. Through a disciplined mergers and acquisition strategy, combined with organic growth, Kontrol Energy Corp. provides market-based energy solutions to our customers designed to reduce their overall cost of energy while providing a corresponding reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions., according to the company's website. (Source: Kontrol Energy Corp, PR, 3 Jan., 2018) Contact: Kontrol., Paul Ghezzi, CEO, (905) 766-0400,;

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Noble Americas South Bend Ethanol Sale Finalized (M&A)
NOBLE Group, Noble Americas South Bend Ethanol
Date: 2018-01-03
Following on our 29 Nov., 2017 coverage, Singapore-based commodities trader NOBLE Group on Tuesday reported it had completed the sale of its US-based ethanol producer, Noble Americas South Bend Ethanol (Nasbe) to Mercuria Investments for a total of of $18.1 million, after adjustments. (Source: NOBLE Group, Business Times, Straits times, 2 Jan., 2018) Contact: Noble Group, +852 2861 3511, (713) 244- 0560 -- Houston Office,; Noble Americas South Bend Ethanol, (574) 703-3760,

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LSIS Big Data Analysis Improves Building Energy Efficiency (Int'l)
LS Industrial Systems
Date: 2018-01-03
South Korea-based electric power systems provider LS Industrial Systems Co Ltd (LSIS) reports it has begun "commercializing" its smart energy system. The system optimizes the use of energy with artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and cuts electric power costs.

The company installed its high-capacity energy efficiency and energy storage system intelligent building system (IBS) along with photovoltaics (PV) and smart meters, lighting and heating occupancy detectors, electric blinds controlling natural light and light emitting diodes, which are controlled by BEMS in its R&D headquarters and realized a 70 pct cost savings, according to the company.

LSIS's energy efficiency system analyzes a building's overall electronics, energy consumption and variable energy spending patterns according to the use of renewable energy sources, weather and time. (Source: LS Industrial Systems , Korea Times, 28 Dec., 2017) Contact: LS Industrial Systems , (224) 352-2265 -- US Office,

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Capstone Infrastructure Completes Nova Scotian Wind Farms Acquisitions (M&A)
Capstone Infrastructure
Date: 2018-01-03
Toronto-headquartered Capstone Infrastructure Corporation reports it has acquired the remaining interests in Glen Dhu Wind Energy Limited Partnership and Fitzpatrick Mountain Wind Energy Inc. as well as closed a new corporate credit facility. Capstone acquired the remaining 51 pct interest in Glen Dhu, a 62.1 MW wind facility located near Merigomish, Nova Scotia, and the remaining 50% interest in Fitzpatrick, a 1.6 MW wind facility located near Pictou, Nova Scotia. Both wind farms have long term PPAs and continue to be managed and operated by a subsidiary of Capstone.

Capstone currently owns, operates and develops thermal and renewable power generation facilities in North America with a total installed capacity of net 541 megawatts. (Source: Capstone Infrastructure Corporation, PR, 1 Jan., 2017) Contact: Capstone Infrastructure Corp., Andrew Kennedy, CFO, (416) 649-1300,

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Cyprus Missing Paris Climate Accord, EU Energy Plan (Int'l)
Date: 2018-01-03
In Nicosia, the Cyprus Mail Online reports that despite the Cypriot government's claim that it has a national energy plan to help cut carbon emissions and fight climate change, "Cyprus is at an initial preparatory stage regarding the development of an integrated national energy and climate plan for the years the years 2021 to 2030, and no targets are set yet beyond 2020." The European Commission (EC) expected a draft energy and climate action plan to be submitted by Cyprus, and other EU member states, to be submitted before the end of 2017.

The EC requested each member state to produce and submit a draft integrated National Plan for Energy and Climate covering the period 2021-2030, with binding commitments on carbon emissions reduction, adoption of renewables and energy efficiency. Following review and inclusion of additional measures that may be requested by the EC, the binding plan should be submitted by January 1, 2019. In order to meet the goals of the EU energy roadmaps for 2030 and 2050, national plans are to be updated every five years, with the first update by January 1, 2024, with integrated national energy and climate progress reports to be submitted every two years.

National plans are required to demonstrate how they will contribute to achieving the EU targets of a 40 pct reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 in comparison to 1990, and achieving 27 pct renewable energy mix and a 27 pct increase in overall energy efficiency. (Source: EU, Cyprus Mail Online, 30 Dec., 2017)

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Ireland Reports Climate Change Mitigation Fund Plans (Int'l)
Carbon Emissions
Date: 2018-01-03
In Dublin, the Irish Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) reports that "targeted increases in capital expenditure" will support the delivery of its €100 billion climate change mitigation -- climate action objectives plan to meet its Paris Climate Accord goals and commitments.

The DPER plan calls for emissions credit trading, energy-efficiency grants, near zero-energy building standards, renewable electricity support schemes. The DPER plan also calls for additional capital support for public transport, infrastructure for urban cycling and walking, a renewable heat incentive scheme, and an electric vehicle purchase grant scheme. (Source: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, The Times, 31 Dec., 2017)Contact: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform, +353 1 676 7571, +353 1 678 9936

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Aspen Plans Collaborative Climate Change Action (Ind. Report)

Date: 2018-01-03
In Colorado, the City of Aspen, which adopted a climate action plan in 2007 targeting an 80 pct reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, reports it is stiffening its plan in keeping with Aspen's expansion and growth in population.

According to Chris Menges with the city's climate action department, "Even with a ton of action, 10 years of really driven action in Aspen, with our growth, it only reduced emissions 7 pct. That's only a fraction of the ultimate goal."

The city's new climate action plan incorporates 46 action items including a commitment to work collaboratively with other regional governments, businesses, and utilities. (Source: City of Aspen, Aspen Public Radio, 2 Jan., 2017) Contact: City of Aspen, Chris Menges, (970) 429-1798,

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Carbon Capture Tech Projected at $10 per tonne (New Prod & Tech)
Innovator Energy
Date: 2017-12-22
Innovator Energy LLC is touting a new mechanism to separate CO2 from power plant flue gas. The process requires 75 pct less energy than existing CO2 capture processes. The company's CO2 Evolution™ carbon capture technology is the first entirely powered by discarded, abundant low temperature waste heat with a temperature as low as 28 degrees celsius and has 90 pct lower operating cost than existing CO2 capture processes. The technology could capture carbon dioxide at approximately $10 per metric ton.

The company is seeking $3 million in grant funding from the US DOE and has secured funding from an unnamed investor to construct a pilot plant that will use actual waste gas from a power plant or chemical factory, and capture 1,000 kg per day of carbon emissions. (Source: Innovator Energy LLC, Next Big Future, December, 2017) Contact: Innovator Energy LLC, Ethan Novak, CEO,

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BHP Billiton Ditching WCA Over Climate Policy Differences (Int'l)
BHP Billiton,World Coal Alliance
Date: 2017-12-22
In a press release, Anglo-Australian mining giant BHP Billiton reports it intends to quit the World Coal Alliance (WCA) in March, 2018, over the association's differing stance on climate change. BHP is also considering withdrawing from the United States Chamber of Commerce (USCC), following that body's criticism of the Paris Agreement and its opposition to carbon pricing. The coal giant will , however, retain its membership in the Minerals Council on the condition it stops policy advocacy which runs counter to BHP's own position. BHP Billiton is the WCA's major funder.

In the release, Billiton Chief External Affairs Officer, Geoff Healy noted: "This review makes clear the principles for our ongoing participation in industry bodies. While we won't always agree with our industry associations, we will continue to call out material differences where they exist and we will take action where necessary, as we have done today. Importantly, we will also continue to communicate our own views directly to investors, governments and civil society and will redouble our efforts to engage, clearly and constructively, with our industry associations to positively influence the position they take on matters important to our Company."

According to the International Energy Association (IEA) every country, except India, cut its coal consumption in 2016. (Source: BHP Billiton, PR, Various Media, 19 Dec., 2017) Contact: BHP Billiton, Dr. Fiona Wild, VP Sustainability and Climate Change, +61 3 9609 3333,,; World Coal Alliance,

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Biodiesel Market Hits $64,497.4Mn by 2026, says Report (ind. Report)

Date: 2017-12-22
Biodiesel fuels are fast replacing conventional fossil fuels across the world. The government in different countries is also supporting eco-friendly alternatives such as biodiesel. Moreover, biodiesel is the only fuel that can be used across energy segments such as heat, transportation, electricity, hence, this is also one of the factors contributing towards the rising demand for biodiesel.

The research report on the global biodiesel anticipates the market to witness robust growth. It is estimated to increase to 6.9 pct CAGR between the forecast period 2017 and 2026. The global biodiesel market by the end of 2026 is estimated to reach US$ 64,497.4 million revenue.

The global biodiesel market is divided into the application, feedstock type, and region. Based on the feedstock type, the market segment includes animal fats, yellow grease, canola oil, distillers corn oil, and soybean oil. Among these, soybean oil is expected to witness significant growth in the global biodiesel market during the forecast period 2017-2026.Based on the application, the market is segmented into power generation, agriculture, fuel, and others. Fuel is expected to witness the highest growth in terms of market volume in the global biodiesel market during the forecast period 2017-2026.

Geographically, Europe is expected to be the largest region in the global biodiesel market during the forecast period. Germany and France are the biggest producers of biodiesel in Europe. Europe also consumes more diesel and biodiesel than petrol. Meanwhile, the supply and demand for biodiesel are gradually increasing at the same level. The current energy taxation regime in Europe also supports biodiesel over ethanol.

Report preview and details HERE. (Source: Transparency Market Research, PR, Dec, 2017) Contact: Transparency Market Research, (518) 618-1030,,

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INL Touting New Carbon Capture-to-Syngas Tech. (New Prod & Tech)
Idaho National Lab
Date: 2017-12-22
Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are touting a new, efficient process for converting captured carbon dioxide (CO2) into syngas, a mixture of H2 and CO that can be employed to produce chemicals and fuels.

INL's process uses specialized liquid materials that renders CO2 soluble and allows the carbon capture medium to be directly added into a cell for electrochemical conversion to syngas. When syngas can be created from captured CO2 at substantial current densities, it increases the process chances for industrial application.

The INL researchers have applied for a provisional patent and are in talks with a Boston area company involved in electrochemical technology R&D, according to the INL release. (Source: INL. Dec., 2017) Contact: INL, (866) 495-7440,

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NYC Considers Grading Bldgs. on Energy Efficiency (Ind. Report)
New York Building Energy Efficiency
Date: 2017-12-22
In the Big Apple, city council is considering a measure requiring residential and commercial buildings of 50,000 square-feet or larger to post a federal energy efficiency rating and a simplified A-D letter grade in their lobbies starting in 2020. The requirement would eventually be extended to buildings of 25,000 square-feet or more. The proposal has been criticized Real Estate Board of New York "too simplistic", according to Wall Street Journal coverage. (Source: The Real Deal, WSJ, Various Media, Dec., 2017) Contact: New York City Council,

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Alberta Offering $63Mn Support for Biofuels, Bioenergy (Funding)
Alberta Bioenergy Producers Group
Date: 2017-12-22
In oil-soaked Alberta, the provincial government reports it plans to award $63 million in grant funding over seven years to support ethanol, biodiesel, biomass power generation and other bioenergy projects province-wide. An additional $440 million will support oil sands innovation, $225 million will support new technologies that reduce emissions, $240 million will support industrial energy-efficiency projects, and $400 million in loan guarantees will be available to support investment in efficiency and renewable energy measures to reduce risk for financial institutions and make it easier for companies to invest.

The awards will come from the province's Climate Leadership Plan. (Source: Alberta Environment and Parks, Alberta Bioenergy Producers Group, Biomass Mag., Others, Dec. 20, 2017) Contact: Alberta Environment and Parks,; Alberta Climate Leadership Plan,

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EU Energy Ministers Supports 27 pct Renewables Target (Int'l)
Council of EU Energy Ministers
Date: 2017-12-22
On Monday, the Council of EU Energy Ministers came out in support of the European Commission's proposed renewable energy target of at least 27 pct by 2030. The Council also agreed on a 14 pct renewable fuel target for the transport sector by 2030 for each member state, with a 3 pct sub-target for advanced biofuels, for which double-counting will be possible. The existing 7 pct cap on first-generation biofuels is maintained, the Council said and added that if a member state sets a lower cap, it could reduce its overall target for renewables in transport. (Source: Council of EU Energy Ministers, 19 Dec, 2017)Contact: Council of EU Energy Ministers,

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In Other Recent Billiton News -- Coal Giant Calls for CCS (Int'l)
BHP Billiton
Date: 2017-12-22
Australian mining giant BHP Billiton has called on governments to provide more help to industry in developing carbon capture and storage (CCS) projects as a way to reduce global emissions, meet climate targets and support millions of jobs globally. The company claims more is needed from both governments and industry to promote CCS.

According to BHP's climate change specialist Dr.Fiona Wild, "Although CCS and its component processes have successfully been demonstrated, more needs to be done to make it economically viable for wide deployment. In the nearer term, industry and government must work together to develop pilot projects, demonstration plants and 'first of a kind' commercial scale CCS operations." (Source: BHP Billiton, The Australian, BHP Website, Feb., 2017) Contact: BHP Billiton, Dr. Fiona Wild, VP Sustainability and Climate Change, +61 3 9609 3333,

Notable Quote: "We have knowledge of geology, markets and economics, so there's probably something we can bring to the table here in terms of our understanding around CCS to try to push this technology down the cost curve so it can be more readily available at scale and affordable costs." -- Fiona Wild, BHP VP Sustainability and Climate Change.

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Halo Acquires Former FloDesign Wind Turbine Technology (M&A)
Halo Energy,Ogin,FloDesign Wind Turbine
Date: 2017-12-22
In the Bay State, Summerville-based small-scale wind turbine specialist Halo Energy is reporting acquisition of wind-turbine technology developed by Waltham, Mass.-based Ogin Inc -- fka FloDesign Wind Turbine.

Halo Energy plans to incorporate this technology into its small-scale sub-10-kW turbines for on-site-generation on telecommunications towers, offshore oil & gas rigs, commercial and industrial facilities, and mobile power plants.

Unlike conventional open-bladed 5-kW wind turbines that have rotor diameters greater than five meters, Halo Energy's "hooded" 5-KW turbine will have a 3.5-meter diameter allowing it to be sited where other turbines cannot. (Source: Halo Energy, Windpower, 19 Dec., 2017) Contact: Halo Energy, Vin Loccisano, CEO,; Ogin Inc.,

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Last Bearkat I Wind Turbine Installed (Ind. Report)
Global Wind Service,KranWind LLC
Date: 2017-12-22
Fredericia, Denmark-based Global Wind Service (GWS) reports the installation of the last of the 57 Vestas V126 3.45 MW turbines at Bearkat I wind farm in Glasscock County, Texas. The 197.6-MW wind farm is currently being commissioned by KranWind LLC, the contractor responsible for turbine installation and mechanical completion. (Source: Global Wind Service, Windpower, 19 Dec., 2017) Contact: Global Wind Service, +45 76 20 36 60,; KranWind LLC,

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Aussie GHG Emissions Jump 5 pct in 24 Months (Int'l)
Carbon Emissions
Date: 2017-12-22
The Australian Financial Review is reporting the country's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions have risen from 527 million tonnes in 2015 to 554 million tonnes of CO2 in 2017 -- a 5 pct jump in 24 months. Projections show emissions steady at 551 million tonnes in 2020, and rising 3.5 per cent over the following decade to 570 million tonnes in 2030, if new policies such as the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) and tough vehicle emissions standards are not vigorously implemented.

The farming sector, where emissions are projected to jump 14 pct to 82 million tonnes between now and 2030, and the transportation sector projected to jump 11 pct to 112 million tonnes, are considered the major offenders, followed by emissions from direct combustion by industry.

According to the report, the government will "in principle" allow polluting companies to purchase foreign carbon credits after 2020 to manage liabilities under the NEG's emissions guarantee. (Source: Australian Financial Review, Various Media, 19 Dec.,2017)

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Ontario Launches GreenON Energy Efficiency Rebates (Ind. Report)
Green Ontario Fund
Date: 2017-12-22
At Queens Park, the government of Ontario is touting its Green Ontario Fund tenant and homeowners program in support of low-carbon, energy-efficient renovations. New GreenON Rebates will cover:
  • up to $7,200 off new insulation and a $100 rebate for air sealing;
  • up to $20,000 to install ENERGY STAR certified ground source heat pumps (home geothermal) or up to $4,500 to repair existing heat pump systems;
  • as much as $5,800 off air source heat pumps that are ENERGY STAR certified or meet program requirements
  • up to $5,000 for replacement windows that meet program requirements;
  • a $100 smart thermostat rebate through a partnership with Save on Energy.

    The province is also launching GreenON Support, a free over-the-phone service offering impartial advice from energy experts to help consumers learn how they can save money and reduce their carbon footprint through home upgrades. (Source: Green Ontario Fund, Kenora Online, Dec., 2017) Contact: Green Ontario Fund, (888) 728-8444,

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  • INL Touts New Carbon Capture Technique (New Prod & Tech)
    Idaho National Laboratory
    Date: 2017-12-20
    Researchers at the U.S. DOE Idaho National Laboratory (INL) report they have developed an efficient process for turning captured CO2 into syngas, a mixture of H2 and CO that can be used to make fuels and chemicals.

    Traditional approaches for reusing carbon from CO2 involve a reduction step that requires high temperatures and pressures. The new INL process uses switchable polarity solvents (SPS), liquid materials that can shift polarity when exposed to a chemical agent. The SPS liquid materials make the CO2 more soluble and allow the carbon capture medium to be directly introduced into a cell for electrochemical conversion to syngas.

    In an electrochemical cell, water oxidation occurs on the anode side, releasing O2 gas and hydrogen ions that then migrate through a membrane to the cathode side. There, the hydrogen ions react with bicarbonate (HCO3-, the form in which CO2 is captured in the SPS), allowing the release of CO2 for electrochemical reduction and formation of syngas. Upon the release of CO2, the SPS switches polarity back to a water-insoluble form, allowing for the recovery and reutilization of the carbon capture media.

    The team received Laboratory Directed Research and Development funds in 2017. INL's team has filed a provisional patent and is reported to be discussing the approach with a Boston area company involved in electrochemical technology R&D. (Source: DOE/Idaho National Laboratory, PR, 15 Dec., 2017) Contact: Idaho National Lab.,

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    ACE Urges Cellulosic Biofuel, Biodiesel Tax Credits Extension (Opinions, Editorials and Asides)
    American Coalition for Ethanol
    Date: 2017-12-20
    In a letter to the Chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means Kevin Brady, and Chairman of the Committee on Finance, Orrin Hatch, the American Coalition for Ethanol (ACE) called for an extension of the Cellulosic Biofuel Tax Credit and Biodiesel Tax Credit as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Highlights from the ACE letter follow:

    "Extension of these provisions is critically important and consistent with the stated purposes of the tax bill of 'growing our economy, bringing jobs back to our local communities, increasing paychecks for our workers, and making sure Americans are able to keep more of the money they earn.'"

    "The nation's biofuel sector generates $184.5 billion in annual output, supports 852,000 jobs, pays $46 billion in wages, remits $14.5 billion in taxes, and saves taxpayers about $10 billion per year by reducing the need for farm program payments."

    "One of the most important things the Conference Committee could do to support the existing biofuel sector and help spur its continued growth would be to extend the Cellulosic Biofuel Tax Credit and Biodiesel Tax Credit in the final bill." (Source: American Coalition for Ethanol, Dec., 2017) Contact: American Coalition for Ethanol, Brian Jennings, CEO, (605) 334-3381,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News American Coalition for Ethanol,  Cellulosic,  Ethanol,  Biofuel Tax Credit ,  

    The Complete Guide to the World's Largest Carbon Market -- China -- Report Attached (Int'l)

    Date: 2017-12-20
    "In the lead up to the 2015 Paris climate summit, premier Xi Jinping announced China would launch a carbon market in two years. Today (Dec. 19), Xi delivered on his promise, opening up what will become the world's largest carbon market. If wielded wisely, it could help the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases hit the goals set under the Paris accord and avoid catastrophic climate change."

    Access the report HERE. (Source: Quartz Media, 19 Dec., 2017)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News China Carbon Market,  

    MHI Installs CO2 Capture Unit at Nippon Plant (Int'l Report)
    Kansai Electric Power ,Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
    Date: 2017-12-20
    In Tokyo, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI) reports the installation of a 283 metric tpd carbon dioxide (CO2) capture unit at Nippon Ekitan Corporation's Mizushima Plant in Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture. CO2 captured by the unit will be fed to Nippon Ekitan's new liquefied carbonic acid gas production facility.

    MHI licensed its CO2 capture technology to Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering Corporation, which handles engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the new liquefied carbonic acid gas production facilities. MHI oversaw the basic design of the CO2 capture unit and supplied its core components.

    MHI's CO2 capture technology, which utilizes the KM CDR Process, uses an advanced absorption solvent (KS-1) jointly developed with Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. The carbon capture technology has been adopted at 12 plants worldwide, capturing CO2 from the flue gas of boilers fired by coal or natural gas. (Source: MHI, PR, 18 Dec., 2017) Contact: MHI, +81-(0)3-6716-2168,; Kansai Electric Power,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News CO2,  Carbon Capture,  Kansai Electric Power ,  

    Chattanooga Energy Efficiency Effort Awarded $300,000 (Funding)
    Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund
    Date: 2017-12-20
    In Tennessee, the Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund (SSCF) reports it is investing $1.5 million to support energy efficiency projects and initiatives in six Southeastern Tennessee communities. Th City of Chattanooga will receive $300,000 to implement energy efficiency projects in city neighborhoods through 2019.

    The grant funds will help streamline existing and new energy efficiency programs and work to educate neighborhoods with high energy consumption rates on basic energy efficiency and related construction skills needed to perform simple residential energy efficiency upgrades.

    Chattanooga utility EPB has also announced it plans to extend its Home Energy Upgrade (HEU) pilot as well as undertake a feasibility study for Green and Healthy Homes, a health outcomes based funding mechanism. The utility will also expand its energy efficiency outreach and supporting workforce development and education initiatives which are also being funded by the same grant. (Source: SSCF, Chattanoogan, 18 Dec., 2017) Contact: Southeast Sustainable Communities Fund,; EPB,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  

    Siemens Gov. Tech. Helping US Army Save Energy in Germany (Int'l)
    Siemens Government Technologies
    Date: 2017-12-20
    Siemens Government Technologies Inc. and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have sealed a $9.4 million ESPC contract to install, maintain and operate various energy conservation and efficiency measures at the U.S. Army's Installation Management Command (IMCOM) headquarters in Weisbaden, Germany.

    The measures include installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant, heating distribution plant improvements, numerous solar PV power arrays, and upgrades on lighting to enable new, light-emitting diode (LED) technology.

    The Siemens ESPC energy efficiency contract will be financed in Euros by DZ Bank and United Financial of Illinois. ESPCs provide an alternative financial mechanism which allows federal agencies to reduce their energy intensity and costs by accelerating investment in energy conservation measures at no additional capital cost. This project, combined with U.S. Army ESPC projects already in Germany, is expected to deliver over $46 million in savings. (Source: Siemens Government Technologies, GovCon Wire, 18 Dec., 2017) Contact: Siemens Government Technologies, Inc., Barbara Humpton, Pres., CEO, (703) 483-2000,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Energy Efficiency,  ESPC ,  

    SolAero Announces Johns Hopkins Solar Wing Project (Ind. Report)
    SolAero Technologies
    Date: 2017-12-20
    Albuquerque, New Mexico-based solar cells and composite structural products specialist SolAero Technologies Corp.reports it has received a contract from Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) to develop an integrated solar wing for the AeroVironment Puma Unmanned Aerial System (UAS).

    The solar wing fabricated with SolAero's advanced, high efficiency solar cells integrated onto a composite structure is a direct form, fit, function and mass equivalent to the standard, non-solar wing currently available on the Puma. Flight testing and field validation will be performed in early 2018. SolAero and its subsidiary Alliance Spacesystems (Alliance) developed the prototype solar wing, achieving mass parity with the standard, non-solar Puma wing under a joint Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with APL and a DoD customer. (Source: SolAero Technologies, PR, 19 Dec., 2017) Contact: SolAero Technologies, Maddie Smith, Marketing, (505) 559-2685,; Johns Hopkins/APL,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News SolAero Technologies ,  Solar,  

    Alliance BioEnergy Updates CTS Commercialization Efforts (Ind. Report)
    Alliance BioEnergy, Ek Laboratories,Phoenix Biomaterials Thomaston
    Date: 2017-12-20
    West Palm Beach, Florida-headquartered publicly traded Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc reports its wholly owned subsidiary Ek Laboratories has received a six-figure payment from Duluth, Georgia-based startup Phoenix Biomaterials Thomaston, LLC (Phoenix) upon their completion of due diligence of the dry-mechanical CTS process for feedstock evaluation and preliminary engineering reports related to construction of a CTS plant.

    Phoenix intends to enter into a sub-license agreement with the Company once they finalize the logistics of their initial site based on the reports purchased from the Company. Phoenix intends to build a plant capable of processing 1,000 tpd of agricultural waste to be located in the southeastern U.S.

    The CTS process is a patented, dry mechanical process that converts cellulose material into sugars and other products in a matter of minutes with no liquid acids, no applied heat, pressure or hazardous materials of any kind. The CTS process when used in the production of ethanol is clean, less expensive to build and operate than traditional ethanol plants or other cellulose ethanol technologies and is environmentally friendly. (Source: Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc., PR, Dec., 2017) Contact: Alliance BioEnergy, Inc., Daniel de Liege, President and CEO, (888) 607-3555x1106,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Alliance BioEnergy,  Ek Laboratories,  ,  

    SERIS Launches Screen-Printed MonoPoly Silicon Solar Cell Technology (New Prod & Tech)
    Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore
    Date: 2017-12-18
    In Singapore, the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) reports achieving a new cell efficiency milestone in the development of its low-cost screen-printed bifacial monoPoly silicon solar cell technology with an average cell efficiency of 21.5 pct in pilot-scale production using commercially available large-area Cz-Si wafers.

    SERIS' proprietary monoPoly cell technology, applicable on both p-type and n-type silicon wafers, features homogenous junctions and standard fire-thorough screen-printed metal contacts with grids on both sides,

    SERIS expects to achieve monoPoly cell efficiencies of above 23 pct through implementation of advanced grid designs, material improvements and fine-tuning of processes at our industry partners' production lines. (Source: Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS), , 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: SERIS, Prof. Armin Aberle, CEO, +65 601 1356,, www.nus,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Solar,  Solar Cell,  Solar Cell Efficiency,  

    JA Solar Sets Mono PERC Solar Module World Record (Int'l)
    JA Solar,TUV SUD
    Date: 2017-12-18
    Chinese solar developer JA reports TUV SUD has confirmed it has achieved 326.67 watt (W) power output on a 60-cell module made using mono-si PERC cells. The power output measurement builds upon the incremental increases in power yield possible using PERC. The average power output using mono PERC is around 300 W for a 60-cell module. (Source: JA Solar, Solar Quotes, Various Others 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: JA Solar,; TUV SUD,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News JA Solar,  Sola,  TUV SUD,  

    Fulcrum Bioenergy Performance Insurance Provided by New Energy Risk (Ind. Report)
    Fulcrum Bioenergy
    Date: 2017-12-18
    Menlo Park, Calif., Dec. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Menlo Park, California-headquartered renewable energy insurance specialist New Energy Risk reports it has insured Pleasonton, California-based Fulcrum BioEnergy's Sierra BioFuels Plant. The project, currently under construction outside of Reno, Nevada will process 175,000 tpy of municipal solid waste into more than 10 million gallons of low-carbon synthetic crude oil for conversion into transportation fuel, beginning in early 2020.

    New Energy Risk, an affiliate of global insurance giant XL Catlin, provided performance insurance to support the project's financing. The insurance complemented Fulcrum's patented technology, industry-leading development team and process, as well as feedstock and off-take strategies, in order to increase project attractiveness to investors. Fulcrum's existing investors include US Renewables Group, Rustic Canyon Partners, United Airlines, Waste Management, BP, and Cathay Pacific. (Source: XL Catlin, 12 Dec., 2017) Contact: New Energy Risk, Tom Dickson, CEO,; XLCaitlin,; Fulcrum Bioenergy,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Fulcrum Bioenergy,  

    EU, MEPs Agree on Forest Sector 2030 Carbon Emission Target (Int'l)
    EU,CO2,Carbon Dioxide
    Date: 2017-12-18
    In Brussels, EU member states report they have come to a preliminary agreement with the European Parliament (EP) on the land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) regulation agreeing to set a "zero target" for emissions from this sector. The agreement provides EU-wide accounting rules for LULUCF activities for the 2021-2030 period.

    Along with transport, agriculture, buildings and waste -- which are not covered by the EU's Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) -- the LULUCF sector is required to contribute a 30 pct emissions cut by 2030 compared to 2005 levels, as part of the EU-wide commitment to cut overall emissions by 40 pct by 2030.

    The 2000-2009 period has been set as the reference point for comparing carbon emissions, after MEPs had arbitrarily set this to 2009-2012 under pressure from Sweden, Finnland and other countries with large forestry sectors.

    The lack of linkage between the European accounting from LULUCF and other continents' methods of forest management means that under the current proposal for the post 2020 Renewable Energy Directive, the EU counts burning biomass (pellets and wood) as renewable energy but does not take into account the net increase in emission if this wood is imported. (Source: EURACTV, 14 Dec., 2017)

    More Low-Carbon Energy News EU ETS,  EU,  Carbon Sink,  Forest Carbon,  CO2,  Deforestation,  Reforestaion,  

    U.S. Domestic Airline Fuel Efficiency Ranking 2015 -- 2016 White Paper Attached (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-18
    According to the attached International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) report, aircraft and air travel presently account for about 2.5 pct of global CO2 emissions with U.S. aircraft alone accounting for almost one-third of the global total, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The FFA also projects that aviation activity will increase 2 pct to 3 pct annually through 2037. Recognizing the importance of aviation emissions, the U.S. government set an aspirational goal of capping CO2 emissions from U.S. commercial carriers at 2005 levels from 2020 with aviation biofuels and fuel efficiency playing a crucial role in meeting those goals.

    Access the ICCT U.S. Domestic Airline Fuel Eefficiency Rankink, 2015--2016 White Paper HERE. (Source: International Council on Clean Transportation, Dec., 2017) Contact: The International Council on Clean Transportation,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News FAA,  Fuel,  Alternative Fuel,  Biofuel,  ICCT,  

    Livonia Scores NYSERDA Clean Energy Community Status (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-18
    In the Empire State, the village of Livonia -- pop.7,800 -- reports it has been designated a Clean Energy Community by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). To achieve Clean Energy Community status, Livonia instituted:
  • building energy consumption earmarking to track and report the energy use of the community's municipal buildings;
  • installed an electric vehicle charging station in the village's municipal parking lot;
  • instituted a building and energy code training, best practices, compliance and enforcement program; and
  • adopted the New York State Unified Solar Permit to streamline the approval process for local solar projects.

    With the designation, Livonia is now eligible to apply for up to $50,000 in state grant funding which it will use for the conversion of tradition street lighting to energy efficienct LED models. (Source: NYSERDA, Various Media, ec., 2017) Contact: NYSERDA. Clean Energy Communities,; Livonia,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NYSERDA,  Energy Efficiency,  LED Light,  Energy Benchmarking,  

  • Health Network Wins $1Mn DP&L Energy Efficiency Rebate (Ind. Report)
    Dayton Power and Light,AES Corp
    Date: 2017-12-18
    In the Buckeye State, Dayton Power and Light Company (DP&L), a subsidiary of AES Corporation, reports it has awarded the Kettering Health Network -- the Kettering Medical Center, Grandview Medical Center, Greene Memorial Hospital, Soin Medical Center, Southview Medical Center and Sycamore Medical Center -- a total of $1 million in energy efficiency rebates. Specific programs, rebates and energy savings include:
  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning -- 5,508,872 kWh per year, $600,000 rebates;
  • Lighting -- 3,114,558 kWh per year, $300,000 rebates;
  • New construction, compressors, motors and other programs to achieve the higher energy efficiencies -- 1,117,227 kWh per year, $100,000 rebates.

    As a result of these energy efficiency projects, Kettering Health Network is expected to save approximately 10 million kWh annually which accumulates to a yearly cost savings of $591,486. (Source: Dayton Power and Light, PR, 15 Dec., 2017) Contact: Dayton Power and Light, Mary Ann Kabel, (937) 224-5940, ; ; Kettrering Health,; AES Corp.,; AES Corporation,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Dayton Power and Light,  AES Corp,  Energy Efficiency Rebate,  Energy Efficiency Incentive,  

  • NB Power Considering Biomass Fuel for Belledune Plant (Ind. Report)
    NB POwer
    Date: 2017-12-18
    In Atlantic Canada, the province of New Brunswick's power utility NB Power repors it will eliminate coal from its power mix by 2030 and, to that end, is looking into biomass, natural gas and hydrogen as alternative fuels for its Belledune Generating Station on the Bay of Chaleur.

    According to NB Power, it generates power at 12 hydro, coal, oil and diesel-powered stations which together have an installed net capacity of 2,853 MW. This includes 1,439 MW of thermal, 889 MW of hydro and 525 MW of combustion turbine capacity. The Belledune facility is a baseload unit with 467 MW of capacity. Construction on the facility began in 1991. (Source: NB Power, Various Media, Dec., 2017) Contact: NB Power, Marc Belliveau, Communications, (506) 458-4203,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News NB Power,  Biomass,  

    California's 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)

    Date: 2017-12-18
    The California Air Resources Board's 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan charts a path to shrinking California's statewide emissions from 440.4 million metric tpy in 2015 to 260 million metric tpy by 2030.

    To meet the 40 pct below 1990 levels emissions target, half of the state's electricity must come from renewable energy, and emissions of methane and other short-lived climate pollutants must be slashed by 50 pct. Buildings must be twice as energy efficient, and the state must be well on its way toward electrification of its transportation sector. Measures in the plan also aim to move the state toward its ultimate goal of a low-to-zero carbon economy economy by 2050.

    Download the California 2017 Climate Change Scoping Plan HERE. (Source: California Air Resources Board, Dec., 2017)Contact: CARB, (800) 242-4450,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News California Air Resources Board,  Climate Change,  GHGs,  Greenhouse Gases,  

    Feds Fund Canadian Biomethane Feasibility Studies (Ind. Report)
    City of Lethbridge
    Date: 2017-12-18
    In Ottawa, the Canadian Ministry of Infrastructure and Communities reports the Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is funding landfill gas initiatives in 72 communities Canada-wide. The encourages study of emerging technologies to harvest and store sources of renewable energy to reduce corporate emissions.

    In Alberta, the city of Lethbridge will receive $101,200 for a Landfill Gas Collection System feasibility and landfill gas utilization assessment. Depending upon the study outcome, the city could qualify for federal grants and funding for landfill gas methane capture and utilization systems and infrastructure to capture and produce electricity. The Lethbridge study is expected to get underway in Jan. 2018. (Source: Lethbridge News Now, 17 Dec., 2017) Contact: Canada Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program, target=_blank>Landfill Gas,  

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Biomethane,  Methane,  Landfill Gas,  

    Cdn.Clean Fuel Standard Design Framework Released (Ind. Report)
    Advanced Biofuels Canada,Environment and Climate Change Canada
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Following on our November, 2016 coverage, Environment and Climate Change Canada has released the design framework for the national Clean Fuel Standard (CFS). Key elements of the framework include:
  • The CFS objective is 30 megatonnes of GHG reductions annually by 2030;
  • The current federal Renewable Fuels Standard levels will be maintained, with replacement by the CFS over the longer term;
  • Separate carbon intensity reduction requirements will be established for liquid, gaseous and solid fuels;
  • With transportation fuels comprising 80 pct of liquid fuels, the effective partitioning of fuel types will ensure GHG reductions occur in the transportation sector. Some sub-fuel type grouping may be considered;.
  • Gaseous fuels may see a volumetric requirement or a hybrid approach;
  • Credit exchanges and other flexibilities to enable cross-sector compliance will be considered.

    Advanced Biofuels Canada and other advocates have called on Ottawa to develop a Clean Fuels Strategy to ensure the success of the CFS. This multi-year initiative would support domestic production and distribution of low carbon fuels to allow the economic benefits of clean fuels to be realized by all Canadians. It would also address the effectiveness of complementary measures that, if well designed, will drive growth across the low carbon economy. Carbon pricing and fuel taxation are two areas where legacy policies and emerging rules can inadvertently discourage the production and use of clean fuels in Canada, according to the release.

    Download the Canada Clean Fuel Standards regulatory framework HERE. (Source: Advanced Biofuels Canada, PR, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Advanced Biofuels Canada, Ian Thomson, (604) 947-0040,; Environment and Climate Change Canada,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Clean Fuel,  Biofuel,  Advanced Biofuels Canada,  

  • $250Mn Texas Rattlesnake Wind Farm Underway (Ind. Report)
    Goldwind,Renewable Energy Systems
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In the Lone Star State, the first eight of a total 64 wind turbines in the Rattlesnake Wind Project -- a partnership between Renewable Energy Systems (RES) and China's Xinjiang Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd -- are under construction at Melvin, Texas. The Rattlesnake Wind Project, which will utilize Goldwind 2.5 MW permanent-magnet, direct drive turbines, is RES's 18th wind project in Texas and its largest. When fully operational, the wind farm will have capacity of 160 MW of electricity which will be interconnected to Lower Colorado River Authority's 345kV system located approximately 15 miles north of the wind farm. The total project cost is projected at $250 million. (Source: Renewable Energy Systems, Various Media, live, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Renewable Energy Systems +44 0 1923 299200,; Goldwind Global,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Renewable Energy Systems,  Goldwind,  Ratlesnake Wind,  

    Bidders Selected for Four Alberta Wind Projects (Ind. Report)
    Date: 2017-12-15
    In Calgary, the Government of Alberta reports that due to the enthusiastic response to an auction to pick renewable energy projects it has raised it goal of 400 mw to 600 megawatts of new generation. Three companies will spend about $1 billion to build four wind power projects capable of generating enough power for 255,000 homes. The projects are to open in 2019.

    The winning bids came from Edmonton-based Capital Power with a 201-MW project, Madrid-based EDP Renewables with a 248-MW project and Enel Green Power Canada, a division of a Rome-based global power company, with projects of 115 MW and 31 MW. The province will subsidize the plants if the power price falls below the bid price --if the price is higher, the difference will be paid to the province. (Source: CTV News, Canada Press, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Capital Power,; Enel Green Power NA, Connor Branch, Bus. Dev., (978) 681-1900,; EDF Renewables,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Wind,  Alberta Wind,  Enel Green Power,  EDF Renewables,  

    Cummins Nat. Gas Engines 2018 Emissions Certified (Ind. Report)
    Cummins Westport
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Natural gas engine manufacturer Cummins Westport Inc. (CWI) reports it has received U.S. EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification for its 2018 L9N and B6.7N natural gas engines. Both engines meet CARB optional Low NOx standards, as well as 2017 EPA GHG emission requirements.

    All CWI engines offer the choice of using compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG). (Source: Cummins Westport, PR, NewsWire, 13 Dec., 2017) Contact: Cummins Inc., Rob Neitzke, President of Cummins Westport Jon Mills Director - External Communications, (317) 610-4244, ,; Westport Fuel Systems Inc., Caroline Sawamoto, (604) 718-2046,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Alternative Fuel,  Cummins Westport,  RNG,  LNG,  CNG,  Alternative Fuel,  

    DRAX Urania La. Wood Pellet Plant Back in Action (Ind. Report)
    BRAX Biomass
    Date: 2017-12-15
    Drax Biomass Inc. reports it has begun began wood pellet production at its newest facility, LaSalle BioEnergy in Urania, Louisiana. Drax purchased the plant for $35,4 million through the Chapter 11 bankruptcy process back in April 2017. Louisiana Pellets was previously owned by bankrupted German Pellets.

    LaSalle BioEnergy is the company's third pellet plant, following Morehouse BioEnergy in Bastrop, Louisiana and Amite BioEnergy in Gloster, Mississippi. The wood pellet plant can produce approximately 450,000 metric tpy of wood pellets . (Source: DRAX Biomass, PR, IHB, 15 Dec., 2017) Contact: DRAX Biomass, Pete Madden, Pres., CEO, +44 (0)1757 618381,,

    More Low-Carbon Energy News Woody Biomass,  Wood Pellet,  DRAXBiomass,  DRAX,  

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