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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Carbon Management Firm Closes Private Placement (Funding)

Vancouver, British Columbia-headquartered NatureBank Asset Management Inc. -- formerly Offsetters Climate Solutions Inc. -- reports the closure of the first tranche of its non-brokered private placement for $361,575. On November 6, 2015 the Company announced its intention to raise up to $750,000 of convertible debentures the proceeds of which will be used for project development and general working capital.

NatureBank is an internationally diversified carbon management and agroforestry solutions specialist with offices in Vancouver, British Columbia and Portland Oregon, Bonn Germany and satellite offices in Panama and Vietnam. The company specializes in the origination, development and commercialization of high-quality agroforestry and carbon offset projects, in addition to offering a comprehensive suite of sustainability consultancy services. NatureBank has worked with over 200 leading business organizations including Aimia, Vancity, lululemon athletica, Catalyst Paper, Harbour Air, HSE - Entega, and Shell Canada Limited, according to a company release. (Source: NatureBank, 21 Dec., 2015) Contact: NatureBank, David Rokoss, 778-945-0951.,

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Statkraft, Conservation Fund Initiate GHG Partnership (Ind. Report)

The San Francisco-headquartered not-for-profit Conservation Fund and Oslo-based, Norwegian state-owned Statkraft, Europe's largest generator of renewable energy, are reporting a strategic partnershipaimed at cutting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by purchasing carbon offsets generated under California's cap-and-trade program.

Statkraft's purchase supports an investment in the Big River and Salmon Creek Forests redwood and Douglas fir forests owned by The Conservation Fund in California.

The Big River and Salmon Creek Forests timberlands deliver offsets verified by the California Air Resource Board (CARB) and span 16,300 acres across California's North Coast. The Conservation Fund, which owns and sustainably manages 120 square miles of redwood forest on California's north coast, is one of the earliest and largest producers of forest based carbon reductions under California's pioneering greenhouse gas legislation. (Source: Conservation Fund, 15 Dec., 2015) Contact: Conservation Fund, Larry Selzer, CEO, Chris Kelly,California Program Director, (415) 302-3462 Statkraft, Patrick Pfeiffer, Managing Dir., Statkraft US, (415) 543-7777, Jon Berg, Communications, +47 24 06 70 00,,

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Germany Announced Nitrous Oxide CER Purchase Initiative (Int'l)

The German government is reporting the launch of a €20 million per year initiative to purchase Certified Emissions Reductions (CERs) from nitric acid destruction projects developed under the CDM, but now at risk of closure. The Norwegian Climate Ministry is reportedly considering supporting the German intiative.

Nitrous oxide is almost 300 times as potent as carbon dioxide in its global warming. Nitrous oxide is a byproduct of nitric acid which used in the production of synthetic fertilizers. (Source: Forest Trends, Carbon Pulse, Various Others, Dec., 2015)

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Carbon Pricing Works for Granite State -- Report Attached (Ind. Report)

A new report from Business for a Healthy Climate-New Hampshire says the Granite State can accelerate the growth of clean energy and the state economy by enacting a carbon tax. The tax would stimulate job growth, protect consumers from rate spikes and reduce hazardous pollutants from coal-fired power plants. The tax would also dramatically improve the state's economy by pointing more investment towards renewable sources, which in many cases already provide cheaper energy.

Businesses for a Healthy Climate is a new coalition of businesses and nonprofit organizations, led by the Wind Energy Foundation, focused on educating the public and decision makers about the business imperative of addressing climate change at the national level through carbon pricing. The coalition is the only educational campaign in the nation working to bring together decision makers, community leaders and businesses in their home states to discuss the need for a national price on carbon emissions. The coalition are currently piloting our approach in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Download the Carbon Pricing Works: An Opportunity For New Hampshire To Lead On Clean Energy report HERE. (Source: Business for a Healthy Climate, NH Public Radio, 21 Dec., 2015) Contact: Wind Energy Foundation,; Business for a Healthy Climate,

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Notable Quotes

"While the Paris (COP21) commitments won't deliver all the emissions reductions that are needed, the agreement provides a framework to ratchet up ambition over time: a transparent system for reporting and review, regular assessments of progress, and strengthening of commitments every five years beginning in 2020. The agreement relies on each nation to enact its own policies to reduce emissions while ensuring that their progress can be monitored by all. We look forward to each country's work to both meet and build on their pledges in order to finish the hard work of protecting future generations." -- Fred Krupp, Pres., Environmental Defense Fund, /

"When it comes to forcing real, meaningful action, Paris fails to meet the moment. We have a 1.5-degree wall to climb, but the ladder isn't long enough. To pull us free of fossil fuels we are going to need to mobilize in ever greater numbers. We will push our beautifully simple solution to climate change -- 100 percent renewable energy for all -- and make sure it is heard and embraced." -- Kumi Naidoo, Exec. Dir., Greenpeace International

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SSI Calls for Action on Maritime CO2 Emissions (Ind. Report)

In a Friday press release, the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) said the 2 degrees global warming target agreed at the COP21 conference in Paris will only be achieved if the International Maritime Organization (IMO) takes early action to create a global framework to tackle shipping emissions. According to the SSI, the Marine Environmental Committee Meeting (MEPC 69) in April 2016 would therefore be a "crucial landmark" for International Maritime Organization IMO to "show real leadership" in the development of a progressive international framework for maritime CO2 emissions reductions.

As previously reported, aviation and maritime emissions were NOT included in the final COP21 agreement, and their exclusion could lead to national or regional regulations that could well prove more stringent and costly to aviation and marine interests. (Source: Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Ship & Bunker, Others, 21 Dec., 2015) Contact: Sustainable Shipping Initiative,; International Maritime Organization,

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