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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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Daiwa, Green Thermal Announce Joint ¥4Bn Woody Biomass Investment (Int'l., Ind. Report)

Tokyo-based biomass power projects developer Green Thermal Co Ltd Daiwa Securities Group's PI Partners Co Inc. are reporting they will jointly invest ¥4 billion ($33 million) in a 6.25-MW wood-fired biomass power plant in the city of Yonezawa, Yamagata prefecture in northern Japan.

The facility will process about 80,000 tpy of wood chips annually and generate sufficient electric power for approximately 12,000 homes. Completion of the plant is expected in end-2017. Financial and equity details are not presently available. (Source: Daiwa Securities, 21 Dec., 2015) Contact: Daiwa Securities, Daiwa PI,

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VIASPACE Touts Giant King Grass Electricity Projects (Ind. Report)

Walnut Creek, California based high-yield Giant King Grass grower VIASPACE Inc. has provided the following update on projects being pursued by VIASPACE and partners

Direct Combustion Power Plant Projects:

  • Reino Verde in Nicaragua is a 12.3 MW project co-located with a 2,100 acre Giant King Grass plantation that is part of a larger 10,000 acre rice plantation. This project, which is being developed with Nicaraguan partners, has received a letter of intent from two international development banks for 70 pct debt financing. The Nicaraguan partners will arrange the majority of the equity financing. The boiler technology has been selected and an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contract has been signed. Giant King Grass has been growing in Nicaragua for more than two years.

  • VIASPACE has completed a per-feasibility study for an unidentified customer to essentially reproduce the a fore mentioned Nicaraguan project in Africa. VIASPACE will provide the Giant King Grass and training for the 2,100 acre project.

  • Another Central American customer has contracted for a formal feasibility study for a 35 MW Giant King Grass power plant and 6,400 acre Giant King Grass plantation. A draft feasibility study has been delivered to the customer and the final product will be delivered in January 2016.

    Biogas Power Plant Projects -- Typical anaerobic digestion projects are from 1 MW to 7 MW:

  • Tibbar Energy USVI, LLC is developing an anaerobic digestion (AD), renewable energy facility that will produce a Net of 7MW of base load power to be sold to Virgin Island Water and Power Authority (WAPA) for the next 25 years on the island of St. Croix. The project will provide almost 20 pct of the island's base load power.

  • Clean Energy Solutions Pacific is developing a 2 MW anaerobic digestion power plant in Papua New Guinea. Giant King Grass will be the exclusive fuel. The company has contracted with VIASPACE for a design and engineering study and operations plan of the power plant. These have been completed. The company has a power purchase agreement and is in discussions on the financing of the power plant.

    Proprietary Giant King Grass™ is the highest yielding biomass crop in the world. Bio-electricity, biogas, biofuels, biochemicals, bio plastics, and biomaterials all need biomass as feed-stock, and Giant King Grass is suitable for these applications. Because of its high yield, it is a low-cost feed-stock. Equally important, Giant King Grass provides the reliable and well-characterized feed-stock that is required by banks and investors in order to provide financing for these bioenergy projects, according to the company website. (Source: Viaspace, 21 Dec., 2015) Contact: ViaSpace, Dr. Jan Vandersande, Communications, (800)517-8050,,

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  • UK Bioenergy Power Generation on the Rise (Int'l., Ind. Report)

    Recently release 2Q renewable energy statistics from the U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)show that renewable energy's share of electricity generation was 25.3 pct during the quarter, up 8.6 pct from the same period of the prior year.

    The data indicates that power generation from bioenergy increased by 26 pct when compared to Q2 of 2014, from 5.5 TWh to a record 6.9 TWh. Bioenergy had a 35 pct share of generation during the quarter, with 24 pct from onshore wind, 18 percent from offshore wind and 16 percent from solar. At the end of Q2, bioenergy had 16 pct share of U.K. renewable capacity, while wind was at 31 pct, solar was at 29 pct, and offshore wind was at 18 pct. (Source: UK DECC, Dec., 2015) Contact: UK DECC,

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    Christmas Holidays Publishing Schedule

    In Celebration of the Holiday Season, LC Energy Reports Ltd. will not be publishing on Friday, 25th December through Friday, 1st January, 2016. We will resume our regular publishing schedule on Monday, 4th January, 2016.

    We wish all of readers the best Compliments of the Season and a prosperous and Happy New Year.

    Solenis Completes Quimatec Produtos QuĂ­micos Acquisition (M&A)

    Wilmington, Delaware-based Solenis LLC, a global producer of specialty chemicals for the pulp, paper, biorefining and other markets through its Brazilian subsidiary Solenis do Brasil Quimicas Ltda, is reporting the acquisition of all shares of Quimatec Produtos Quimicos Ltda, a Brazilian manufacturer of specialty chemicals for the sugar and ethanol processing industry. The acquisition is part of Solenis' plan to broaden its process chemical and industrial water treatment offerings in the bioethanol market worldwide.

    Solenis plans to leverage Quimatec's sales channel to bring Solenis' water treatment offerings to Brazil's sugar and ethanol producers, while taking Quimatec's process chemistries and applications technology to Solenis' global heavy industry markets. (Source: Solenis, 23 Dec., 2015) Contact: Solenis, John Panichella, Pres, CEO, Catherine Abernathy, Media, (904) 256-0333,,

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